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BBDDi DressRoom Package 2-Hanbok: Korean Traditional Clothes, Korean Dress

Fresh fashion romance is the second app in a dressing room package made by Petite Marchamp. Package 2 consists of a dressing room for coordinating Hanbok by period, with the theme of Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok.
Package2 consists of a total of 36 dressing rooms and the content that you dress each room has more than 70 clothing items.

If you are the first person to purchase Fashion Game Petite Dress Room Package 2, please download the free version of Fashion Game Petite Dress Room Package 2 first and check the product in advance.

Cody method of petit dressing room is carefully chosen clothes and adjust to manually adjust the depth value of the clothes is the way the game Cody model (automatically attached to the position is not the way). Hot - headed personality who will need a lot of patience ^^. Even if it's a bit cumbersome, you can customize it in various ways.

Coordinated approach significantly below.
Choose clothes that you want in Cody> dressing room - the start screen, select Model> style to coordinate in the room -> Save or share a coordinated information
*** How to use ****
★ First run, select one of the 36 models on the intro screen.
★ Press the Start button to move to the dressing room.
★ Move to the dressing room (DressRoom) according to the category (hair, top, bottom, dress, shoes, accessories) and select the clothes you want to coordinate and the clothes are saved as ItemBox. can). You can put a total of 20 clothing items in the box.
★ Go to StyleRoom and click on the clothes in the ItemBox to coordinate them directly to the model.
★ You can fine tune clothes by using the right clothes control button. And you can change the depth value of the clothes.
★ You can change the position and size of the model using the model control button that appears when you select the model.
★ If you want to move or zoom the model easily, use the left lock button to lock the coordination function and then drag the clothes.
★ You can import a photo image into the background by taking a photo directly from the gallery or the camera using Import Background in the menu. You can change the background to a pattern that is provided on the bottom and more .. You can see a total of 36 to change background of a button.
★ You can insert a bubble by clicking the bubble in the model control button.
★ Coordinated contents can be saved using Save Coordination in the menu and loaded through Coordinate Recall.
★ Coordinated content can be shared with Kakao Talk, Band, Facebook, Twitter, Kakao Story, and Mail with Share. (Sharing can also be used in the Coordinate Import screen.)

Other specific features
1. You can choose to expand the item for small items selected in the dressing room (DressRoom). (You can select and then expand finger zoom)
2. You can put your clothes in the dressing room items (DressRoom) to the item box, a total of 20. When you click this box, dressed all items Cancels the selected clothes
3. You can see the change of the background pattern style room (StyleRoom). Click more .. You can call up to 36 provided background.
4. recalled the pictures stored in your gallery, you can set the background. You can also specify the background by taking a picture directly.
5. Enlarge the imported background or shrink, move, and can be edited, such as 90 degrees, alpha (transparency) control.
6. Only models can be hidden. You can take a picture of yourself and look like a model to hide the model and dress your own picture ^^
7. The items will be moved by dragging placed on style room (StyleRoom), but can also move slowly or quickly with the arrow keys.
8. Use forward, backward buttons you can change the depth value of the clothes.
9. If you are in a hard to choose the clothes items coated on the model you select one of coated clothes using the old clothes, or clothes the next button.
10. You can check the five kinds of samples coated on the model tip. You can finger zoom (drag should)
11. provide a model lock. If the model can not be locked choose clothes one by one or move. Model is the model you zoom in or move to drag the lock after
12. provide the balloon functions in the model or the model selection screen lock. Enter the text in the balloon can be placed next to the balloon model. If you drag the edges of the balloon can also adjust the direction of horsetail balloon.
13. You can see close-up the model in the style room (can zoom up to three times)
14. Except in full screen style room with other tools and provide the ability to view only model. When it is full screen, it is automatically processed as the model lock.
15. Sometimes the clothes you can move directly to the previous position hangyeongwoo wrong drag. (Undo function. Comes only once)
16. Provides storage. There is no limit to the number of stores. It is a more coordinated menu - Save to save Cody, you can call at any time to come Cody called.
17. Provide image sharing function. Sign out from the menu by clicking the menu, choose Share My Coordination (My Stylist sharing) you can share on Facebook or Twitter, KakaoTalk or the image I decorated like Gmail
18. hyeotdeon dressed if you have to run back to the app and choose the clothes to remember the location hyeotdeon old mouth has been implemented so that the clothes held in that position.

The coordination title provided in Package 2 is as follows.
1. Beautiful sojeo
2. Thanksgiving
3. Classical scholars who flavored the times
4. The Kingdom of Koguryo acid
5. The seven stars of the North Star
6. Melody of Soul
7. You have the wind (Empress Gi)
8. Hundreds of incense
9. Master of History
10. Harmony between curves and colors
11. The highest, the most beautiful flower pin
12. nokbin you hongan
13. Discrete-seongsongyeon Hanbok
14.Back to the past
15. Like a flame
16. The Moon Embracing the Sun
17. Dress of a courtesan
18. masked month
19. Beyond Destiny
20. Joseon Dynasty courtesan (Hwang)
21. You are coveted
22. Flower of the Court
23. Freshly hidden under Beauty
24. Goddess of Fire
25. Hold your hand
26 women live on love
27. The great lady
28. Winter Hanbok
29. The full moon underneath the moonlight
30. Our clothes love
31. My heart is for you
32.Mini Hanbok
33. Beautiful Hanbok
34. Bride Hanbok Fashion
35.Hanbok Wedding Dress
36. Fantasy in the Hanbok
37.Development of Hanbok

Check out various forms of ornaments and clothes of Hanbok, including martial arts, coats, scrolls, margots, jeogori, skirt jeori, red ginseng, gad, briskets, soothers, hairpins, dragonfly, patch, tortoise, insoles, and garlands.

I think my childhood used to play with paper dolls Costume Play memories and are more sophisticated, try coordinating your fashion style as the Petit dressing room for various functions -

※ You can put your own photo on the background and model face as your photo in the app. It also saves the photos you take to your smartphone storage to save the details you put in the background and model face. If you don't allow access right (camera, save), you can't use the function. The information is not collected or used for any other purpose.

Camera permissions: Change background and model face in the app (optional)
Save permission: Save the picture taken (select)
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