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Car Parking Multiplayer v4.8.6.5 Мод [Unlimited money][Free purchase][Unlocked] APK


Игра / Simulation



Android: Android 6.0 (M)

Русский: 979.68 MB

Информация о моде
1. Free shipping in the store, using money does not reduce it.
2, modify the air interface to click the right arrow: Switch the next vehicle to unlock all vehicles.
3. Get a lot of gold coins after the driver's skin store is unconditionally used.
4. Modify the unlocked payment W16 engine: select the game money to purchase.
5, the vehicle engine is not hurt, the appearance of the car is still damaged.
6, unlimited fuel.
7, become a police car: Click to buy to be successful.
8, unlock color: Click on the purchase to switch the interface to select the color again to see the unlocked.
9, unlock home: Click to buy to be successful.
10. Unlock the pay tire: Click to select usage.
[Note] If you can't connect: Please follow the steps below, do not need the accelerator and VPN to connect 1. When you open the online mode load interface, enter both letters such as ID, wait for a while
Can be online.
(If it is invalid, turn off the game again, then follow this method)
More than just parking: open-world multiplayer mode, car tuning, free walking!
Thousands of players are waiting for you.
Join us!

Multiplayer open world mode
• Free walking.
• Free open world with real gas stations and car services.
• Compete against real players in the multiplayer racing.
• Exchange cars with real players.
• Thousands of real players every day.
• Friend list.
• Voice Chat.
• Police mode

Car customization
• Adjustable suspension, wheel angle and more.
• Engine tuning: swap engine, turbo, gearbox and exhaust.
• Visual auto tungs: Dynamic vynils, car body parts.

High-quality open world
• Highly-detailed environments
• 100 cars with the real interior.
• 16 player skins
• Buildings with interior

Interesting gameplay
•82 real-life parking and driving challenges.
•Different vehicles: Tow truck, pickup, trucks, sport and classic cars.
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