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  • Which One: Would You Rather 4.2

    Which One: Would You Rather

    Which One is a choice selection game with over 1000 questions to try your brain on.

    ★ FEATURES ★
    ✔ Real time user choice statistics which update and show upon selection
    ✔ Unique logos attached with every question choice
    ✔ Your choice matters! Every time you click it adds to the real time data
    ✔ 8 unique categories (Mixed, Classic, Movies, Sport, Music, Famous, Brands & Food)
    ✔ Choose the amount of questions you'd like to play
    ✔ See a report and summary of your choices
    ✔ Cool, grunge modern design

    Which One is a great time waster, enjoyable and very addictive!!!

    Come and join the fun...
  • Guess the country! - Quiz of capitals and flags 4.6

    Guess the country! - Quiz of capitals and flags

    Test yourself in this quiz! Prove that you are the best geographer! Just remember - it's not easy! Compete with your friends and win!

    The quiz has several game modes:
    ★ Competitive mode - think fast, time is limited
    ★ Up to 3 errors - great for diving into the world of quiz
    ★ Hardcore - no room for error

    Progress is saved in the statistics, which can be viewed at any time.
    Also, in case you suddenly do not know the answer to the test, the application has reference information. Intuitively simple design that will not leave you indifferent.
    Compete with your friends on your knowledge, or refresh their, together with this wonderful quiz.
    Setting a record that nobody can beat. Explore the world with us!
  • Euchre 3D 4.6

    Euchre 3D

    The top-ranked free Euchre card game with:
    Achievements • Statistics • Game options • Smart AI • Frequent updates • Lots of happy players • Join now!

    Euchre 3D is the premier free Euchre card game for smart phones and tablets and is now available on Android! Euchre 3D has been in development for years by a dedicated team and has seen countless new features, improvements, and bug fixes. It's fast, stable, always improving, and above all fun!

    Top Features include:
    * Smart AI partners and opponents to keep you challenged
    * Live online multiplayer!
    * Fast, smooth playing with different game speeds
    * Realistic graphics - it feels just like sitting at a table!
    * Achievements
    * Statistics
    * Game options, including Canadian Loner, Stick the Dealer, and more
    * In-app help and feedback menu (let us know how we can improve)
    * Frequent updates, improvements, and bug fixes
  • My anime girl Haku 4.0

    My anime girl Haku

    My anime girl is a game in which you need to speak with your girlfriend and develop relationships with her. A unique visual component of the game will bring you a lot of pleasure.
    The game contains beautiful FullHD image and 3d animations!

    We are constantly improving the interaction with the girl, you can: stroke her on the head, press on the body, talk.
    The reaction of a girl depends on the level of your relationship. We are constantly working on the dialogue component of the game.
  • Atomic Cow Simulator 3D 4

    Atomic Cow Simulator 3D

    It was a calm and peaceful summer day. Everyone was going about their business. Birds were happily chirping on the sun. Horses and goats were quietly grazing on the farm. Trains, cars and trucks were going from place to please, delivering important for the town goods. People were walking on the streets, suspecting absolutely nothing.

    And only one cow was up to no good...

    That dark-minded cow was plotting to create its own social order. Destruction, disorder, panic and chaos were main components of that new order. Armed with explosive and deadly poo, the cow went on the mission of its life...

    --Control a funny 3D Cow
    --Huge 3D Farm map with plenty of space to rome

    Help the cow with its wicked, evil plans. Guide it to a successful creation of chaos!

    Out of all 3D animal simulator games this is a truly explosive one! Navigate a bulky, clumsy cow into all the corners of the town while dropping stinky bombs on everything that moves and not. Use your strong and sharp horns to bump into walls, fences, cars and people, making everything crush, break and fall.

    You are just an invincible cow that one day woke up mad!

    Roam around the town creating your own rules. There is nothing that can stay untouched under your mighty power.

    Want to be covered by the darkness of night to fulfill your malicious plans? Unlock the night level and no one will ever learn who ruined a perfectly predictable and stable life in town.
  • Gloria's Secret 3.8

    Gloria's Secret

    Style up the girl, and let her become the most beautiful one!

    Have you ever wanted to be a make up artist? Well now your can be with Make-Up Touch. Create endless make up combinations with the touch of your finger.

    Spend hours of fun and fashion with so many different beautiful looks.

    Use your creative talents to apply the models' make up using beauty products and accessories in this easy to use touch-based application.


    • Easy tap and drag gameplay
    • Superb makeup and makeover options
    • Apply foundation
    • Choose eyeshades, colors, blush on & lipstick etc.
    • Apply hair style, clip & wear her jewelry you like.
    • Share on Facebook or Save in your Device.
    • Kids friendly content.
  • Dash Up! 3.7

    Dash Up!

    How high can you dash?
    Dash the ball as high as you can to beat your friends score! Be careful of those blocks and don't let it close on you. They are Dangerous!

    Don't be deceived by its simple look.. It's difficult and addictive!! Once you start, you can't stop!

    Tap on "Mode" button to switch between following game modes:
    1. Normal Mode
    2. Stealth Mode: Dash with a Stealth Ball. Can you see the ball ?
    3. Dark Mode: Dash in the Dark!!!
    4. Christmas Mode: Dashing through the snow
    5. Tennis Mode: Spin, Spin, and Spin the ball
    6. Valentine Mode: Love is in the air.
  • Bicycle Racing Stunt Games 3D 3.1

    Bicycle Racing Stunt Games 3D

    Get ready for endless fun by playing stunt bike impossible tracks 3D.
    Ride a bicycle and get joy of gear cycle driving in this impossible bicycle tracks. Try bicycle racing stunt game and perform extreme 3D stunts with style and be a best cycle racing game driver by playing latest bicycle games 2022 in the world and forget other all bicycle games which don't provide multiple modes.

    This cycle racing game 2022 makes your attention more by playing cycle games 2022 in which you will amaze to see realistic city tracks and your goal is to balance your BMX bicycle on impossible tracks of sky and not get fall during driving your BMX cycle 3D, which is placed on sky so use your best skills as a professional bicycle rider in this cycle game. You have to find your parking spot in limited time and reach the finish point in time so you can complete your stunt mission in this bike driving impossible tracks. It contains ramps with jumps to perform dangerous air stunts, bike stunts and remarkable cycle BMX tricks on impossible tracks.

    In this bike offline game, you will ride your modern cycle on the impossible paths and perform cycle stunt to win cycle racing games championship. Control of your gear cycle can help you drive perfectly without causing any injury, and you can easily sustain your balance on tracks by playing bike cycle BMX stunts games. Enjoy breathtaking scene while riding bicycle on impossible tracks.

    Have you ever seen a man driving impossible cycle race on difficult path and you want to try it then don't worry you will play this mission in bicycle racing stunt games 3D on mountains and on downhill racing so beat rivals to win the championship? Play multiple modes of stunt bicycle games and don't worry as we have added multiple levels that you will obviously like. Don't forget that you will have more difficult stunts missions when you get master in this stunt bike games 2022. You have option to modify or customize your bicycle to perform craziest stunts more professionally which is not in other bike cycle BMX stunts games. By playing rooftop bicycle game 3D take your bicycle and jump over the ramps and complete the bicycle parking mission by playing BMX games offline — cycle game. Difficulty will increase as your driving skills improve in tricky bike cycle games.

    Drive to do tricky stunts and fly over the ramps and don't lose control of your tricky bicycle and become a stunt master by playing bicycle racing games offline in this amazing uphill bicycle racing games for boys so what are you waiting for download bicycle racing stunt games 3D with amazing missions and thrilling levels. If you have a craze to do wheelie on bicycle then fill up your fuel tank by playing our BMX games offline — cycle game. Ride fast over tricky ramps and make your dreams fulfil.

    feature of bike driving impossible tracks
    . Challenging missions in this cycle games.
    . Enjoy impossible tracks, ramps, jumps and stunts.
    . Smooth controls in our bicycle driving games 2022.
    . Outstanding 3D graphics and sound effects in our cycle race games.
    . Multiple camera angles.
    . Multiple modes.

    Let's download stunt bike impossible tracks 3D and perform crazy bicycle stunts to win motor bike cycle championship 2022.
  • Poop Flinger 3.2

    Poop Flinger

    In a sudden twist of fate, you must take on the role of a monkey and take down as many tourists as possible with your flying turds! Flick the screen to launch poop at zoo tourists and make them pay for locking you up in an exhibit!

    Is this based on a true story, you ask? But of course! Poop flinging is a fun hobby enjoyed by many animals. Experience what it's like to be a monkey trapped in a zoo... with only his poo!

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: Why did you make this game?
    A: Few people understand the true depravity experienced by monkeys in captivity. I'm here not just to make them understand it, but to experience it for themselves.

    Q: How many types of poop exist?
    A: As long as there is imagination, poop can take on new forms.

    Q: Why are all of the tourists white?
    A: Next question please.

    Q: Why is my game having a problem?
    A: Because it's crap.
  • World Soccer 2018 4.2

    World Soccer 2018

    Play football world games 2018. Play soccer beautiful with a newer, better, and faster free football game experience on mobile!
    Game Features:
    - Very responsive game controls (tap and swipe controls, pass, shoot)
    - Quick Play mode real simulation of this football game.
    - You can Play Tournaments with different teams. It's really fantastic!
    - Realistic sounds and stunning graphics.
    - Smooth and realistic graphics
    - Optimized for Tablets
  • 宇宙天文検定 4


    ☆ love space, I gather like stars! ☆

    It is a test where you can enjoy a quiz game about the universe space exploration, space science, constellations, and stars.
    So that anyone can enjoy, from beginner to advanced because it is divided by difficulty.
    Also, you can compete with their veteran star nationwide test mode can be registered, so the ranking with a score.
    You say I will not lose to anyone Great space, want to learn more about the universe, and the likes of the universe anyway!
    Do not you test your knowledge and see this app once?

    Explanation and
    With this app, you can enjoy the practice mode and test mode.
    Format that will appear on the exam is
    Four selected issues and
    · Multiple problems
    Issues and sorting
    There are four types.

    [Practice Mode]
    Practice mode will appear on the exam is 10 questions.
    Practice mode allows you to choose beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
    There is no time limit in practice mode.
    Please do your best aim to answer all questions in all classes.

    [Test mode]
    In test mode, the 20 questions are questions.
    In test mode, the difficulty is getting progressively harder.
    In the test mode there is a time limit of 20 seconds per question.
    Score is positive and the remaining by the time format and questions to answer.
    Rank is determined by the sum of the scores.
    Please aim for a high score by solving the problem as soon as possible.
    Score can be registered in the ranking.
  • Speed (Card Game) 4.5

    Speed (Card Game)

    Speed is a fast card game of wits and focus also known by the names Spit and Slam. The object of the game is to get rid of all cards in your hand, and cards within your pick-up pile before your opponent.

    This Speed game by AvaByte was built with multiple levels which continually increase in difficulty. This is a great brain training game to stay sharp. See how high you can score, and play again to beat your previous score.


    * HD Graphics
    * Sharp Card Design
    * Unlimited Levels
    * Resume Option
    * Sound and Effect Features
    * No Permissions Required
    * App Works On Older Phones

    Enjoy the latest Speed card game from AvaByte, optimized for both Phones and Tablets.
  • Carrier Joe Fr. Retro cars 3.9

    Carrier Joe Fr. Retro cars

    Merge Economic strategy and one of the best driving simulator 2017.
    Carrier Joe - the most interesting and probably the most realistic business simulator.
    In addition, perhaps the best offroad simulator and truck driver simulation.
    Buy cargo transport. Start with micro-business, go through all the difficulties of small business, build an average, and possibly a large business in the field of transportation.

    Do you think why truck offroad drivers are so harsh?
    Feel the work of transporter Joe.
    Open the business line - trucking.
    Now YOU are a truck driver. Spend long hours while driving.
    Start a business from a car, carry cargo, make money, visit a car dealership, buy your first up hill truck, update a car fleet and cross a rough truck with a heavy truck.
    Earn more money by driving a road train. Watch car and driver magazine. Buy that you want.
    Try to survive in a real business environment.
    Buy auto spiele, repair the suspension.
    Do not forget to refuel with petrol and monitor the technical condition of the car.
    On the road, after the sign of the "Gas Station" slow down, so as not to miss the opportunity to fill a full tank of fuel.
    Use the "Alarm" button to call up a service or fueling service. For this, you have to pay an additional commission.
    The work of a trucker is very difficult. Be able to withstand long trips.

    In the game, you will meet Russian cars similar to:
    Best juegos de camiones!
    1) Izh 2715 - Russian pickup truck
    2) UAZ - 4 * 4 trailer
    3) UAZ Commandos (in development, will be released in the next updates)
    4) Gazelle 3302 - Camion
    5) GAS 53
    6) ZIL 130
    7) ZIL 130 B1 - a huge Russian wagon with a trailer
    8) MAZ - euro truck - 18 Wheeler

    Now it's not just a wagon simulator and a offroad simulator 4x4 - it's also a bus simulator!
    Added immediately 7 new buses.
    1) Uaz 452
    2) Gazelle 322
    3) PAZ 3201
    4) Kavz 685
    5) PAZ 3205
    6) Liaz
    7) Ikarus

    Write in the comments of the model of what cars you would like to see in the game.

    Travel in highway between the cities of the island on offroad 4x4 hill driving, overcome obstacles.
    Enjoy the scenery - mountains, sea, sand, forest, fields, copper mountain.

    Carry out different types of cargo:
    1) Paper
    2) Household appliances
    3) Fruits,
    4) Vegetables
    5) Drinks
    6) Spare parts
    7) Furniture
    8) Copper
    9) smoked fish and fish oil
    and etc.

    - realistic physics
    - a wide range of cars from cars to trucks
    - large selection of trailers
    - realistic wear of parts
    - Opportunity to open new categories in the driver's license
    - the ability to sell cars in the garage
    - great graphics, realistic mud riding
    - interesting story
    - Trucker simulator
    - truck simulator
    - traffic racer simulator
    - Perhaps the best off road diesel truck games
    - Long and short distance cargo transportation
    We are constantly working to make the business game Carrier Joe bring you more and more fun.
    Keep for updates.
    In the previous update:
    Changed the design of the car dealership. Added cost of replacement and repair of spare parts in a car workshop. The track became even more interesting and picturesque.
    Be attentive. Watch for signs. Off-road cars slowly but surely kill your car.
    Do not forget before the trip to look at the service station and evaluate the life of the engine and shoes. If necessary, repair the car in a timely manner.
    Added sky with beautiful clouds.

    Recommended requirements:
    1 GB of RAM

    Visit our group on Facebook, where we play prizes among fans of the game: https://www.facebook.com/groups/avacorp/
  • Carrier Joe Lite. Retro cars. Peak games. 5

    Carrier Joe Lite. Retro cars. Peak games.

    If your phone does not support ultra-graphics phones, but Truckers Your favorite profession is the game Carrier Joe Lite for you.
    This grand truck simulation is great for you.
    If the game is going well for you, but you want the quality of the graphics better - we recommend downloading the Carrier Joe Premium or Carrier Joe Free.
    In the game, you have to build a career trucker.
    It is really truck simulator pro.
    At the start, you will have a Russian pickup truck - IZH.
    Then you can buy bigger tuck.
    Make long trips, carry loads, drive twisty road, make soil expedition.
    Buy a new car. Buy Heavy Truck. You need big truck driving.
    Visit olio city and copper mountain and change obstacle and overcome obstacles, buy new suspension and other auto spiele.
    Buy big 18 wheeler centipede and win off road games.
    Driving in mud riding and forza horizon.
    You have construction car parking and mountain bus parking.Keep your off-road cargo trucks and mountain bus.
    Then you can choose - to develop in the transport of goods and construction cargo - by choosing ever heavier trucks or to develop in the transport of passengers - by buying more spacious intercity buses.
    Do not forget to maintain car maintenance in a timely manner and of course, refuel with gasoline - offroad truck transporter needs your care.
    Otherwise, the route will have to call for technical assistance.
    Try to comply with the speed limit in order to avoid fines.
    Take extra tasks on the track to earn more money.
    Good luck in the game! You have the best truck simulator usa of all over the world.

    Recommended requirements:
    1 GB of RAM

    Visit our group on Facebook, where we play prizes among fans of the game: https://www.facebook.com/groups/avacorp/
  • GoStop Lite V0.9 for Android 3.6

    GoStop Lite V0.9 for Android

    GoStop is a famous Korean card game using 48 card deck decorated with oriental flowers and natures. Because of it's fast game speed and it's traits provoking people gambler instinct, GoStop game became a unique culture in ordinary Korean society.

    Locale: en_US(default), Korean
    send your feedback to [email protected]
  • Flat Arkanoid 3

    Flat Arkanoid

    Excellent breakout performance in clastic and a new design Flat. We have only just started our game, and hope that you will like the idea of ​​it.
  • Magic Tap 5

    Magic Tap

    Clicker MagicTap - is a game where you have to earn a lot of money. Help the magician to build his business, and myself - to pass the time!


    - Get paid for each click.

    - Buy Buildings and improvements that will make even more money.

    - Use the ability to increase revenue.

    - Earn more money.

    For questions and suggestions:
    (You can improve your game by offering their ideas)
    [email protected]
  • Funny Veggies! Kids games for girls, boys, babies 4

    Funny Veggies! Kids games for girls, boys, babies

    Exciting LEARNING games for kids (girls and boys, toddlers and babies) with funny vegetables will capture your child's ATTENTION and will teach the little one logic, comparison of shapes, colors and various actions with vegetables, all in an easy casual way. Your kid will be happy to play with funny veggies! They teach your toddler or baby some important cognitive skills. 4 free games.

    The kids game is adaptable to your child's age and is suitable for very young children (for babies and toddlers 1, 2, 3, 4 years old). It fosters interest in HEALTHY LIFESTYLE from early childhood. New preschool educational games are added to the package every now and then.

    In “Funny Vegetables” you will find the following mini-games for kids:

    1. "Potato": wash and chop the potatoes and put them in a pan.
    2. "Cucumber": eat the cucumber and choose a present for each slice to match its color.
    3. Are these vegetables or not? Tell, which ones are vegetables and which are other products.
    4. "Salad": find matching pairs of whole and sliced vegetables.
    5. "Pumpkin": use vegetables to make a picture of a face.
    6. "Bear cub": feed the bear with the required number of vegetables.
    7. "Shapes": find a shape for each vegetable.
    8. "Colors": vegetables have lost their color, help them to get their colors back! Coloring for kids.
    9. "Memory-game": feed children (game with boy and girl).
    10. "Funny puzzles" for babies!
    11. "Photo of vegetables": find the picture.
    12. Clean, cut vegetables and make salad kids game.
    13. "Tractor" - gather vegetables.
    14. "Pairs" - find couples.
    15. "Pants" - big and small.

    Funny Veggies! Preschool educational games for children and babies: logic, counting, coloring, sums. Development for preschoolers, activities for kids (2, 3, 4, 5 year: babies and toddlers, boys and girls)!

    - Vivid graphics
    - Funny Animation for boys and girls game
    - Different levels of difficulty for kids
    - Natural sounds and cheerful music
    - Learning, training and development of the child
  • Stop 5


    All you have to do is stop a timer at 100, easy right? You'll be surprised

    Go through our single stop levels at multiple speeds, or try and pass the double stop levels. Where you will have to stop two timers of varying speed at 100!

    Customize your own levels to challenge yourself or your friends!

    Go to the leaderboard section to check how many dozens of times you have attempted a level

    Coming Soon

    •Android N multi-window compatibility

    •Some catchy music

    •Play Games leaderboard integration

    •New Levels

    •More customization in custom level

    I am a high school developer hoping to improve my skills in order to develop for Android. If you enjoy what I have created please leave a rating and comment in the section below. If you have a complaint or would like a feature to be added, feel free to shoot me an email. Thanks!
  • Hook Pro 3.9

    Hook Pro

    Test your hooking skills in this free game app!
    Defend the ancient by hooking your enemies. Just tap the screen and the hook will go flying up.
    Features multiple mini games.
    How many can you hook? Are you up to the challenge?

    I am still frequently making additions to the game so sorry if any bugs pop up.
    Any feedback or complaints: [email protected]
  • Antique Weapons Simulator 3.6

    Antique Weapons Simulator

    It is time to go back into history before the modern warfare weapons were invented. Trace back the journey and the flash forward until today's arsenal. Imagine living in that old classic Western America when owning a gun was not a crime and many guns were available at people's disposal.

    Go through a world of weapons of the most unique one's such as the flintlock gun, single action revolvers, caplock guns, lever rifles and the most unfamiliar ones; the old and ancient ones, the ones that sheriff, cowboys and pirates use for their adventures. Through this game that will simulate the reality of gun shots, you will experience a different form of gaming.
    When you see the visual effects of this firearms simulator, we are sure that it will become your favorite simulator app!

    Antique gun simulator offers everything you should expect from such gun simulator games, and it even sets the bar to a higher level by offering realistic effects, authentic weapon mechanics and huge collection of historic guns that you didn't know exist!

    Weapons included:
    - Percussion Lock Deringer pistol
    - Lever Action Model 1873
    - Flintlock Musket
    - 1842 Flintlock Pistol
    - Peacemaker
    and more awaits you in game!

    - Realistic Effects, Smoke, Fire, Sound, Recoil
    - Authentic action
    - Full HD Graphics!
    - Auto-Reload 
    - Vibration
    - All screen supported
    - Slow Motion
    - Realistic 3D Bullets and shells
  • RapidShot: 反射神経・動体視力・集中力トレーニング 3.5

    RapidShot: 反射神経・動体視力・集中力トレーニング

    Simple game of just as much tap the target in 30 seconds.
    Is a training app that can be anywhere for people who want to become stronger in the games and sports.
    Gonna a difference in rival in crowded spear in the free time!

    I of the United States cried in development costs 0 yen ...
    Tsugikomi unimaginable effort to place that moves around the circle line, the total development period is what wonders 260,000 seconds!
    Speck even without the edge that I have devised the brain science
    Brain enhancements for training app!

    But I was addicted to just tap the circle.
    Repeating the simple things just earnestly quickly ...
    While simple and profound, deep darkness!

    Strong people is strong from the original!
    What weak people become strong?
    Effect of training is unknown!

    If you who read so far,
    Thank you all means Kiyoki 1DL !!!
  • Axis Football Classic 3.7

    Axis Football Classic

    Axis Football is the premier football simulation app, featuring engaging 11 on 11 football with excellent controls. Game modes include: exhibition, franchise mode, coach mode, and AI vs AI. Franchise mode includes deep stat tracking, drafts, and player progressions. Choose between 32 different teams, a wide variety of uniforms, stadiums, and much more!
  • OCA: La Aventura de Beber 4.3

    OCA: La Aventura de Beber

    Drinking games for group play based on the board game of the OCA. You'll find board games, card games, dice duel, coin, heads or tails ... with which you can play party or a simple gathering of friends!
    free download our games to drink to enjoy with the Oca Ocalimocho, the Scandinavian famous teetotaler or even the fun of Pictionary tests, all while drinking a soft drink like calimocho, beer, cubata or some shots.

    To play these games drinking the larger the group you will have more fun. This game is designed for group play, up to 10 friends can have fun chupistico.

    The boards are different from other games of the OCA, these are 3-dimensional and are acclimated to them more attractive.

    These games drinking alcohol can also become games to take anything for two or partner. Not everything has to be drunk.

    You can use water as a drink despite being drinking games for group play, but make sure it's safe, but you sit very badly those "Suck 2" touch you! Glop!

    Warning: Remember that if you drink alcohol, do not drive, for your safety and that of others before using this game to drink or get drunk think about the consequences. Uses a breathalyzer to make the breathalyzer test before taking the car.
  • Maze Simulator 4

    Maze Simulator

    It is a game when you completed a level by level to set a new record to get a stars to open a new kind of levels.

    Use accelerometer or control buttons to manipulate the ball to complete a level.

    New levels will be created someday.
  • Words Chain Classic 2.8

    Words Chain Classic

    Words Chain is a challenging word game where you match two words together. Match seven words together and you complete a chain.

    In multiplayer play against others to show your skills. Don't get the word wrong or it will be your opponent's turn to show their skills!
    Invite your friends to play with you by entering their username.

    Play either in Casual Play, or Challenge Play. Race the clock in Challenge Play and beat the world with your high score in 3 minutes!
  • Maze Ball 3D 4

    Maze Ball 3D


    3D maze ball is game that you try to find the way out from a maze by rolling a ball.
    It is also fun and challenging game with many features:
    -15 Ball skins.
    -3 Control type
    -6 Stages
    -90 Levels
    -30 Achievements
    -3 LeaderBoard
  • 4x4 Off-Road Desert SUV 4.1

    4x4 Off-Road Desert SUV

    One of the best off-road SUV simulator game! Extreme 4x4 driving experience!

    If you like extreme 4x4 off-road simulations, become a SUV driver in the best FREE 4WD offroad simulator!
    Drive your all-terrain car through the desert, pass the checkpoints as fast as you can, collect achievements and compare your results against other players.
    You have to be skilled player to drive your 4x4 car and avoid all the terrain obstacles.

    The goal of this free off road game is to pass all the checkpoints to get your SUV to the next level.
    It's not a drifting game but 4WD simulator. Start your SUV engine and race against the time to become the 4x4 champion!

    Features of 4x4 Off-Road Desert SUV:

    - 3D environment
    - Easy driving controls
    - Many engaging levels
    - Advanced vehicle physics
    - Beautiful graphics
    - Online leaderboards
    - Collecting achievements

    Download NOW FREE 4x4 Off-Road Desert SUV and show your terrain driving skills!
  • A Little War 2 Revenge 2.7

    A Little War 2 Revenge

    There used to be an Epic war which the human started a genocide to us...
    But now, WE ARE BACK!

    This will be another historic war!

    Orcs! Rise your axes, it's time for revenge!
    A Little War Revenge is a distinctive SLG game for you, in the former version, you were on the humans' side, crush the cave of Orc...
    But now, you will be an Orc, start the revenge to human...

    Can you accept the disaster of your homeland? Let's gather your Orc troops,transfer the anger into energy, recapture the honor!

    Note! A Little War Revenge is a Free Game, but you pay for a better experience, if you don't want to use this function, please turn off the iap purchase.

    Game Feature:
    *War of 100 vs. 100
    *Mystery Cave adventure
    *A War of adventure, adventure for the war
    *Challenge Elite monsters; let them join your troops
    *Card collection, characteristic skills

    How to Play
    *You are the lord of Orc,back with your troops.
    *There are four kinds of troops, they are swordsman, axeman,pikeman and archer(new), and other 6 mystery troops.
    *There are restriction relationship between different troops which can check before the war.
    *Soldiers can be level up, higher level soldiers have better abilities.
    *Orcs' HP, Attack, Defense, Move speed and Amount can be level up, higher level give better power.
    *6 skills are available in the war, need to use magic to cast them.
    *Once the elf escaped from the jail, you need to catch and get the coins back.
    *Over 100 levels.
    *10 Different dungeon with powerful BOSS, mystery troops can be get from them.
    *Over 150 cards can help hero, soldiers and skills to level up.
    *Orc Dark Goddess will give a assist to Orc hero in the war.
  • Lie Detector Simulator 3.9

    Lie Detector Simulator

    Lie Detector Simulator is funny game, which scans your finger and decides if you are telling truth. Ask question and hold finger on the fingerprint scanner until lie detector simulator app scans and calculates the result.

    Attention! The application gives random results and one should not expect a correct assessment of the reliability of the reported information. The Lie Detector Simulator is a prank app - does not really detect if a person lies.
  • BollyHolly 4.4


    Bollyholly fill the joy in your life by reminding your childhood days once again but at the same time It will check your movie knowledge too.
    From a movie name, only vowels, numbers and special characters will be visible, you have to guess the remaining letters, for every wrong choice, a letter from bollywood/Hollywood will be cut and if all the letters cut, then you will loose else you will win.
    What are you waiting for, Let's Play.
  • 서울 2033 4.3

    서울 2033

    Seoul was in ruins after the nuclear war! Collect abilities and items to prepare for various crises. The fate of Seoul will change depending on your choices.
    ★ New expansion pack 『Mi. year. Poetry.” Released!
    ☆ Every Saturday, online Yeouidosaur Raid is in progress!
    ★ New main story released!
    ☆☆☆2019.12.11. 1st place in the indie game that shined this year on Google Play!!!☆☆☆
    2019 indie game festival 3 crowns (TOP10, TOP3, user popularity vote 1st place)
    ☆ Prepare to survive while exploring Seoul, which was ruined after the nuclear war!
    ☆ Build your abilities, collect items, and deal with various crises with strategic decisions!
    ☆ Survive dynamic Seoul with over 340 different stories, updated weekly!
    ☆ Dive deeper into the unique worldview of Seoul 2033 through the expansion pack!
    Seoul 2033 is a text roguelike game depicting an adventure set in Seoul, which was ruined after the nuclear war. You begin your adventure as you step into ruined Seoul to find your family's enemies. The diverse people and unexpected situations you meet in the ruins will ask you to make choices. The outcome of your choice changes depending on your abilities. Some choices may give you new abilities or sweet rewards, while others may only leave scars and stress. Some choices even change the future of the entire ruined Seoul.
    Prepare for crises and collect abilities to survive! Sometimes, take risks and discover new ways. The longer you survive and the more useful you are, the more stories you can meet. Achievements achieved during the game can be viewed in-game, and 130 achievements are currently implemented, including expansion pack achievements.
  • Poker Offline: Texas with Girl 4.1

    Poker Offline: Texas with Girl

    The game has the most beautiful interface for free Offline today, with the beautiful girl division system will make you inspired to play the game as possible.
    Good luck and happiness!

    In our offline poker room, you will find:
    - Free chip, lots of rewards, and you will always have money to play the game.
    - Beautiful girl sharing cards
    - Smart AI.
    - Calculate exact POT.
    - No internet needed.
    - Fair play.

    Poker Offline Free: Texas Holdem with girl, hottest OFFLINE CARD game. Install Poker Offline for free now.

    Test your card playing skills in the biggest tournaments. Prove that you are a true poker king in the ultimate poker game. The poker world will be yours.

    International standard rules Texas Holdem.

    No registration.
    Download the Poker Offline: Texas with Girl , then simply press the play button and you will join the game without delay.
  • inchy 4


    Help the little iguana travel as much as possible. This game is extremely addictive. Play at your own risk!!!!
    The highest we could get was 32 and we made the game?! Good luck, because you will need it!

    We are not responsible for any broken phones. We warned you.
  • Modified Car Driving Simulator 4.1

    Modified Car Driving Simulator

    Modified Car Driving Simulator is a car game with realistic graphics.

    You can customize your car in garage. Car color, window color, headlight color, suspension, wheel, spoiler, exhaust, horn and many more.

    Complete tasks and earn game money to make your car better.

    Game Features
    - 15 customization option
    - Manual gear
    - Different horn sounds
    - Traffic ai
    - Cockpit view
    - Taxi mission with animated characters
  • По ту сторону баррикад 3.2

    По ту сторону баррикад

    Fallout 2: On the other side of the barricades.
    This game is an android version of the excellent book-Denis Morozov game: Fallout 2: On the other side of the barricades.
    Genre: RPG text (fanfic on Fallout).
    Features: android version is written by one person in their spare time, so that errors may occur and precision. When I am trying to develop as much as possible to follow the original. Implemented, a large part of the context of the game, quests, items, enemies, etc.
  • Turbo Words 4.6

    Turbo Words

    Welcome to the fast-paced world of Turbo Words, the most addictive and challenging social word game today!

    This game is quite sophisticated however can be played by all ages.
    The rules of the game are simple, simply choose:
    1. a language
    2. a time
    3. a difficulty

    The game starts with a timer and two letters, you have to enter all the words that start and end with the letters required before the timer ends.

    The game can be played online by sending challenges to your facebook friends.

    Several modes are also available for single player:
    - Word Rush
    - Time Attack
    - Insanity
    - Practice
    - Free Play

    This game can be played in Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukranian!
  • Animal and Pet Hair Salon

    Animal and Pet Hair Salon

    Ваш ребенок хочет стать парикмахером в парикмахерской для животных? Ваша маленькая девочка хочет быть лучшим парикмахером?
    Если ваш ребенок хочет играть в парикмахерской для животных и домашних животных, вы нашли правильную образовательную игру!
    Есть много животных, и им нужен лучший парикмахер.
    Пожалуйста, помогите парикмахеру в этой веселой детской игре.

    Это приложение - сложный и интересный способ развить мелкую моторику, зрительное восприятие и координацию рук и глаз в мире парикмахерской для домашних животных. Лучшее приложение, чтобы быть парикмахером и разрабатывать различные прически для ваших волосатых клиентов.

    Парикмахерская для животных и домашних животных проста и увлекательна:
    * Откройте игру и выберите животное
    * выберите из питомцев и самых симпатичных животные
    * чистить, мыть, мыть шампунем и сушить волосы
    * Теперь вы можете стричь, брить, расчесывать, расчесывать, завивать или выпрямлять волосы
    * принимать ванну для удаления всех волосков
    * раскрась волосы своим любимым цветом
    * одень животное в модную одежду
    * выбери множество аксессуаров для завершения макияжа * закончи фотоальбом с лучшими фотографиями
    * поделись изображение с друзьями после завершения укладки

    Запустите свой собственный парикмахерский салон! Эти милые животные ищут новую прическу, и вы тот, кто подстригает их мечты! С этой забавной игрой вы получаете возможность подстригать, завивать, окрашивать и укладывать волосы!
    Вымойте волосы шампунем, душем и полотенцем! Стрижка и стрижка волос с помощью ножничного электрического триммера для волос!
    Стиль полностью зависит от вас!
    Если ваш малыш любит играть в парикмахерскую, это лучшая игра для волос для вашего ребенка.

    Одень свою погладить так, как вы хотите!
    Дайте этим животным завитки, которые они всегда хотели!
    В этой детской игре есть сотни причесок, макияжа, одежды и аксессуаров на выбор!

    Животные и домашние животные Парикмахерская является обязательным приложением для детей. Особенности игры: -Игра для детей младшего возраста и детей в возрасте от 2 до 13 лет. -Оптимизирована для планшетов (Sony, Samsung, Kindle). -Интернет-игра. -Проста в использовании для детей и дошкольники, младенцы, маленькие мальчики и маленькие девочки
    -простой и интуитивно понятный: всего несколько команд для использования
    -Откройте свои мелкие моторики малыша
    -Прикрепляет навыки решения проблем и координации рук и глаз
    -4 красивых персонажа на выбор: собака, кошка, лама, лев
    - множество инструментов для укладки, таких как ножницы, электробритва, расческа, выпрямитель для волос, щипцы для завивки, щипцы, фен
    - персонажи будут иметь различные выражения и звуки, когда вы их стилизируете - великолепные аксессуары для завершения макияжа - дизайн и укладка волос - платье, очки, обувь, шляпа, аксессуары для модного животного

    Помогите своим детям Учитесь и вдохновляйте творчество и воображение вашего малыша в самом забавном парикмахерском салоне города!
    Играйте с лучшим парикмахерским салоном Pets, станьте лучшим парикмахером в мире. rld!
    Бесплатно иметь красивую прическу - это каждая пушистая кошачья мечта в этой парикмахерской для животных бесплатно.
    Теперь вы парикмахер! Давайте создадим самую красивую прическу для щенков.

    Веселитесь вместе с BATOKI! Лучшие приложения для малышей и детей



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