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  • Kids Educational Game 3 Free 4.1

    Kids Educational Game 3 Free

    This fun application contains 12 games designed for children. With these games children will learn:
    - More than 100 words
    - The animals name and sound
    - The numbers and letters
    - Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese
    - Distinguish shapes
    - Paint & colors
    - Join the dots
    - Improve their memory, logic and concentration

    Moreover, they will enjoy fun games that will improve their motor skills and spatial vision.

    Perfect for preschoolers!
  • Kids Educational Game 6 4

    Kids Educational Game 6

    Best pescAPPs educational game! This fun application contains 12 games designed for kids. In English, Spanish and Portuguese. With three levels of difficulty.

    With this game kids will learn:

    - Animals names and sounds.
    - Improve their memory, logic and concentration.
    - Distinguish shapes.
    - The numbers.
    - Creativity, make photos and paint.
    - The colors.
    - Play the piano.
    - Solve puzzles.
    - Solve mazes (labyrinths).
    - Solve logical patterns.
    - Find objects.
    - Find the differences between two images.
    - Motor skills and spatial vision.

    Perfect for preschoolers, but can play all the family!

    Thank you for download pescAPPs games, with our games children can learn while having fun. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us.
  • Box Topple - Knockdown! 3.7

    Box Topple - Knockdown!


    - Use the cannons to knockdown the boxes and get the key to the next level

    - Can you get three stars on each level?
    - Can you knockdown all the boxes to get bonus points?
    - Can you become a record holder?

    - Sync your progress on all your devices
    - Quick level restart (only one touch)
    - Online ranking for each level
    - Online ranking for each pack
    - Overall worldwide and country ranking
    - Lots of packs and levels available (and more to come)
    - Lots of stuff to topple (boxes, keys, diamonds, etc)
    - Box2D physics engine


    - The box color indicates a unique characteristic, a combination of restitution, friction and density values
    - Each cannon color has a different shot type, which is good for specific box types
    - The value of each box is proportional to its area size
    - The weight is based on the box density and its size
  • Solitaire 3.8


    The best of store Solitaire app!!! Solitaire card games in your smartphone or tablet!
    What can you do in little free or boring time, as time spen in row? Solitaire Free is right answer! You can play many free solitaire in every moments:

    You can play even if you don't know rules: just tap on "i" for generic instructions and on "?" for specific one. For now there are just Italian Solitaire, playable with italian cards (as Scopa/Briscola), but there are also French cards (as Poker)

    You can set many preferences, like speed animation, sounds, vibration, deck type and table background.
    You can decide if playing in mode drag&drop (manual movements of cards through drag&drop) and/or double tap (automatic movements of cards through double click).
    Login with G+ and join the leaderboars!!! Share your records with your Facebook friends i tuoi record and show who is the real Master of Solitaire.

    STAY TUNED: new solitaries with next updates! Send your suggests to [email protected]!
    Have fun!!!
  • Pixel Trenches: WW1 3.5

    Pixel Trenches: WW1

    Fight and take over the enemy trenches with one of the best word war simulator games out there.

    Unlock new campaigns, levels, and units as you take over trenches and defeat your opponents.

    Enjoy smooth controls on a World War 1 simulator.
    The app is integrated with exciting new features to keep you entertained and thrilled for hours.

    How to play Pixel Trenches: WW1:
    ⦁ Download and launch the game
    ⦁ Tap on the play button to start the battle simulator
    ⦁ Cross the enemy lines to take over trenches
    ⦁ Take over all the trenches to become the winner
    ⦁ Create your strategy
    ⦁ Ambush, take over, win
    ⦁ Don't stay idle!

    Features of Pixel Trenches: WW1
    ⦁ Pixel Art Strategy Game
    ⦁ Simple and easy game UI/UX
    ⦁ Trench warfare
    ⦁ Highly responsive battlefield controls
    ⦁ Pixel art enemy lines and trenches
    ⦁ Play by the strategy game rules to become the winner
    ⦁ Take ower enemy trenches to win
    ⦁ Tap on the right/left arrows to swiftly control your unites movements
    ⦁ Interactive and appealing designs along with captivating background music
    ⦁ Unlock new levels, campaigns, and units
    ⦁ One of the best 2021 Games
    ⦁ Difficult and challenging gameplay

    Are you ready to experience the best of WW1 games battlefield gaming with the best battle simulator app out there? If yes, play this pixel art strategy game to have fun.
    Download and play Pixel Trenches: WW1 today!
  • PixNite 2 - Color by number 4.6

    PixNite 2 - Color by number

    Paint the pixel art for a while, compete with friends!

    The art collection is constantly updated!
    If you like the art, you can set it as wallpaper on your phone.
    Additional functions and their disabling in the settings.
    If you have levels loaded, then you can play offline!
    Rest and spend your leisure time
    By playing this game, you can develop reaction speed, spatial orientation, logic and other positive qualities!

    Pictures are rare!
    In PixNte 2, images are divided into 5 types of rarities, they are separated by color.
    ⚪Gray - plain
    Green - unusual
    Blue - rare
    Purple - epic
    Orange - legendary images, such only 5%.

    In the game, 90% of the levels are behind question marks, and they have to be opened, it is very simple to do this, I hope the fantasy already tells you how many interesting things we have prepared for you

    Set and boast about your highscores!
    The game has a unique mechanics painting over time!

    ⏱1.When you fill the image, a stopwatch is displayed at the top, which marks the time when the work is completed, in the main menu you can see your record!
    You can pause and return at any time without losing progress!
    The presence of a stopwatch does not oblige you to rush, because the main goal of the game is to relax and have fun, this is only so that you can monitor your progress and set records for a while.
    ⏳ 2.Pictures for a while - such artworks are marked with an hourglass symbol таThis is a mechanic for true fans of pixel art, you can't do without quick painting skills here. When you choose this level, a countdown begins, and your task is to have time to paint over the image during this time!

    Fill in with a double click, do not waste a lot of time to click on the square with the number each time, just select a color and double-click on the square with the same number to paint over all the touching squares of this number!
    Angular touches also count when used! But if you do not like it, you can disable it in the settings.
  • Dino Squad: TPS Dinosaur Shooter Мод APK 0.20.0 [Unlimited money] 4.5

    Dino Squad: TPS Dinosaur Shooter Мод APK 0.20.0 [Unlimited money]

    Good news, everyone: we have just cancelled the Fifth Extinction! Dinosaurs are real — and they are back in action.
    Dino Squad is a hectic multiplayer PvP shooter with unmatched sense of scale and gameplay variety. Play however you want and prove that you are the cleverest Dino handler around!
    • Striking visuals. Come on, just look at the pictures!
    • 17 — seventeen! — Dinos. They bite, they lash out, they do tail sweeps — and, of course, they shoot. Those mounted weapons are no joke.
    • No Dino is the same. Pick a sneaky velociraptor and hide under everyone's legs, or go full T-Rex if you want EVERYONE to notice you
    • Customization, Jurassic-style. Collect your Dino Squad, select weapons and armor and make your beautiful attack Triceratops truly yours!
    • S-s-skill-based progression! Show your combat prowess — and your Dinos will get stronger along with you
    • Survival of the fittest. Adapt to environment on 6 huge maps. Tall grass, hot lava and unpredictable water flows can become both your friends or foes.
  • Word Collect - Word Games Fun 4.8

    Word Collect - Word Games Fun

    Download the best word games Free in Word Collect!

    Word Collect has exciting word games Free Word Nerds! Word Collect starts as an easy word game and gets harder as you level up!

    === Enjoy Word Gameplay! ===
    - Connect letters in any direction to form the hidden word matches!
    - Find as many words as possible to level up and earn bonus rewards!
    - Fill in every word block jumbles! Earn bonus coins when you discover hidden words!
    - Can't figure out the word jumble? Use coins to get a hint and win the level!

    === Features ===
    - Daily bonus coins for free hints!
    - Daily Challenge gives you more free word games, more free bonus coins and more Fun Every Day!
    - Over 900+ Levels to play word games free!
    - Free 500 coins at the first word game login.
    - Easy to play and difficulty increases as you go!
    - Play Offline or Online - anytime, anywhere.
    - Word Collect is the best free word game!
    - For word games free single player mode, download Word Collect Word Game Now!

    Get Word Collect for the best word games free for word game fans, word search addicts, and more!
    Play word games now in Word Collect - it's so addictive!

    The prizes in this word game are not exchangeable for real-world money or prizes. Having an issue with these free word games for android? For immediate support, contact us at [email protected] Thanks!
  • Chicken Hunting Offline Games 3.4

    Chicken Hunting Offline Games

    Rise to your hunting fever, get ready your gun and allow us to take you on adventure games. Let's enjoy the most realistic shooting experience ever. Its is all about precise actions, aiming quickly and shoot at the right time on the right kill. Develop and boost your skills as the best bird hunter by shooting down as many ducks as possible in a limited time. Becomes a shooter expert. Try to make master your kill skills, by becoming a good shooter, by playing which will be one of the best games. If the hunts fever is at the high so grab the gun and go for a killing. Duck Shooting is one of the best shooter games.

    If you love playing animal shooting games then it is free for you as it gives you a chance of shooter wild creatures in the grand exotic forest environment and will let you become the pro hero of 2021. Get the title of an expert bird shooter, as many ducks and scoring as many points as possible. Its a first-person shooting game with efficient weapon control and eye-catching 3D graphics and sound effects.

    Hunt the birds from the passing by the river. Shoot at the flock by using the accurate timing and aiming skills and get multiple kills within a single shot. With consideration of limited time, make a challenge for yourself by hunting the specific number of birds with the limited shoot and ammo to be expert.

    ⁎ Amazing featured scenes and environments.
    ⁎ Simple operation makes it easy for you to play your skills
    ⁎ Addicting game-play.
    ⁎ Realistic &high-quality 3D graphics
    ⁎ Intense missions
    ⁎ Real physical effects, all the side of the real
  • Iron Space: Real-time Spaceship Team Battles 3.5

    Iron Space: Real-time Spaceship Team Battles

    Battle with friends or solo across planets and galaxies. Unlock and upgrade unique spaceships and customize them with powerful modules. Make each battleship your very own and show off your space fleet with your chosen hull skins, color paintings and customizations.


    Some say nobody has what it takes to rule Iron Space. Maybe they just haven't found the right allies. So start a Team Battle and engage in real-time 4v4 encounters. Make yourself a winning team.

    Otherwise, go with Solo Deathmatch as you fight your own way against the rest of the Universe. Defeat them all and the honor is yours.

    And prove your great battle strategies in the brand new Conquest Mode where you claim and defend territories from the opposing team. Chances are you'll find new ways of utilizing your battleship fleet there.

    Surprise yourself with even more battle modes from time to time.


    Start humbly with the approachable Valkyrie, a balanced Assault Battleship wielded with super-fast Doubleshock Cannons and Dual Flak Spread Shots, supported by an Auto-AIM Missile system and equipped with the Weapon Amplifier Super-Tech that would further enhance any damages dealt to enemies.


    You would go on and battle your way through to unlock spaceships more Rare and Epic, with sophisticated technologies and weaponry to suit a vast variety of combat tactics. Ones with an extremely long range of attack, ones with unparalleled agility and stealthiness and even ones with virtually impenetrable armor strength. Master not only those laser, cannon and missile turrets on your ship but also each extreme Super-Tech that comes unique on every single one of them. Cloak your spacecraft into invisibility or propel it to invincibility.


    Further customize each spacecraft with 200+ Bridge, Engine and Armament MODs each boosting certain abilities of the battleship. Mix and match with different MOD combinations and find yourself the winning formula for your preferred battle strategy. Better yet, each MOD is specifically modeled to the corresponding battleship's design outlook; they simply look cool.


    Beyond fleets of space corvettes, frigates, destroyers, cruisers and dreadnoughts in a galaxy on fire comes a whole new definition of real-time multiplayer online space combat war game. Mind you, these are no ordinary warships. These are unique yet customizable space battleships every planet commander has ever hoped for.

    In Iron Space, not even the sky is the limit.


    - Battle against players from around the world in real-time and take their Trophies
    - Customize your battleships with 200+ unique Bridge, Armament and Engine MODs each boosting the ship with different upgrade aspects and also a new outlook
    - Further design your own ship with customized color painting, ship skins and more; make your fleet unique across the galaxy
    - Earn Containers of Reward, collect powerful new battleships and modules and upgrade existing ones
    - Defeat enemies and win battles to earn Epic Mission Rewards
    - Formulate your very own battle tactics with each ship's unique attributes, weapons, modules and Super-Tech
    - Awesome mobile space shooting game & simulation of the sci-fi genre with state-of-the-art 3D graphics
    - Exciting & action-packed space battles that value both skills and tactics
    - Multiplayer PvP space shooter completely FREE to play
    - Daily giveaways including gems, gold, battleship shards, ship MODs & more
    - 2 different battle control systems, pick what you're most comfortable with
    - Enjoy frequent updates on new features and enhancements
    - Help & support channel available in-game under settings / support

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IronSpaceGame
  • Asura Online 3

    Asura Online

    Pada mulanya hanya ada kegelapan.
    Dewi Lucius kemudian bertitah, "Jadilah terang," maka dunia pun lahir.
    Beribu tahun telah berlalu, segala ciptaan telah jauh berubah dari awal mereka dicipta.
    Lalu terbentuklah sebuah siklus yang terus berlanjut hingga sekarang.
    Banyak ras yang tertindas di bawah kekuasaan Sauron, titisan Attram sang Dewi Kegelapan.
    Api perang pun berkobar selama 40 tahun untuk melawan kekuasaan Sauron.
    Seseorang dari ras Human tampil sebagai pahlawan yang menggulingkan kekuasaan kerajaan Orc.
    Mengaku sebagai keturunan para Elf, dia memulai Dinasti Seraphim yang menguasai kerajaan Angelia. Sedangkan Sura, salah satu "dragon", hasil ciptaan 4 dewa yang kemudian oleh Dewi Attram diberikan sebagian dari kekuatannya, menjadi saingan bagi Human ciptaan Dewi Lucius.

    ***Game Feature:
    ++14 Class yang bisa dipilih dengan bebas++
    Ada 2 tipe Ras dalam Asura yang bisa dipilih Player, yaitu Ras Human dan Ras Sura. Masing-masing Ras memiliki kelebihan masing-masing yang akan membuat PvP dan guild war semakin seru.
    ++Small and Medium Weekly Tournament++
    Turnamen mingguan ini berbentuk battle PvP. Small Tournamen merupakan 1 vs 1 PvP, sementara Medium Tournament merupakan 3 vs 3 PvP. Player akan mendapatkan tambahan Fame Point yang nantinya dapat ditukarkan dengan berbagai item musiman menarik.
    ++Castle War++
    Player yang tergabung dalam asosiasi dapat saling berebut Castle untuk mendapatkan imbalan seperti uang, Woods, maupun Brick. Item-item ini dapat digunakan untuk memperkuat Castle dalam berbagai aspek.
    ++Item Crafting, Collecting, dan Material Processing++
    Player dapat dengan bebas mengumpulkan material dari monster-monster yang berkeliaran di seputar dunia, dan membuat berbagai jenis item. Dari item dan material yang terkumpul, player dapat membuat aneka equipment hingga potion dan masakan yang akan berguna dalam petualangan. Untuk mendukung ini, terdapat Jobs khusus untuk setiap kategori item yang dapat dibuat oleh player.
    ++Status PK++
    Ketika mengaktifkan status PK, Player dapat bertarung dengan player lain meskipun tidak berpartisipasi dalam Castle War. Ini hanya berlaku dalam map-map khusus PK.
    ++Sistem Advent++
    Setelah menyelesaikan seluruh quest dan mencapai level tertinggi, player dapat memilih untuk reinkarnasi dan kembali ke level 1, tentunya dengan membawa beberapa efek dan status khusus.
    ++Sistem Refine dan Fusion Senjata++
    Seperti yang biasa ada dalam dunia MMORPG, player dapat menempa seluruh peralatan perangnya melalui sistem ini. Semakin banyak ditempa, perlengkapan akan menjadi semakin kuat. Player juga dapat menggabungkan dua buah senjata yang sama untuk mendapatkan senjata baru yang lebih digdaya.
    ++Sistem Pet dan Mount++
    Player dapat menyewa atau membeli mount untuk dipakai berkendara di seluruh dunia Asura. Mount memiliki status dan skill buff tertentu yang dapat membantu menambah daya serang tuannya. Selain itu, player juga dapat membeli pet lucu sebagai teman dalam perjalanan. Pet dapat membantu player mengambil jatuhan item dari monster saat melakukan grinding.
    ++Sistem Housing++
    Setelah menjalankan quest dari NPC, player akan mendapatkan house yang dapat didekorasi sesuka hati. Sistem ini akan terbuka setelah player mencapai level tertentu.

    ***official info***

    Asura Online
    Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/asura.indo

    Asura Online
    Website Page : https://asura.playpark.com

    Asura Online
    Support : [email protected]
  • Chinchon Loco: house of cards 4

    Chinchon Loco: house of cards

    Chinchon by Playspace is an online multiplayer game where you can chat with your friends while you challenge them or one of the other thousands of players who make up our community. Become unbeatable with this classic favourite, Chinchon for mobile and tablets. Show the best strategic planning, play your cards right and be victorious.

    Be the best Chinchon online player!

    FEATURES Chinchon by Playspace

    - It's free to play!
    - Chat and play with your friends.
    - Become the best Chinchon player in the Playspace ranking.
    - Play special games: in pairs, turbo and private.
    - Compete to be the best player in our Chinchon Ranking.
    - Get double coins when you win your games with the "Double or Nothing"
    - Unlock achievements and progress through the game getting gifts and coins.

    Remember, you will need to be connect to play.

    Thank you,
    The Playspace Team.
  • Monster Numbers Full Version: Math games for kids 4.5

    Monster Numbers Full Version: Math games for kids

    Math games for kids: Addition, subtraction, mental arithmetic, division, times tables. Learning games of counting numbers and sequence for preschoolers. Perfect for the young children too!

    Monster Numbers is an excellent educational game for learning mathematics for kids: addition and subtraction, times tables, multiplication, sequences and division, mental-math calculations and problem solving for k-12 school.

    A fun edutainment application. Run, jump, count, add, substract, multiply and divide to win. It's an actual game!

    Highly adaptable edutainment design! It is suitable for all ages!


    - Ages: 4-5 (Preschool):
    Children from ages 4 and 5 (kindergarten) will find age appropriate games to match their maturing level in mathematics: counting coins, logical sequence, number recognition, association quantity and numbers, sums of sets of coins (easy addition).

    - Ages: 6-7 (1st and 2nd graders):
    Children ages 6 and 7 (first grade and second grade of elementary school) practice math activities: logical sequences, additions without regrouping, subtractions with coins and subsequently subtraction without regrouping.

    -Ages 8-9 years old (3rd and 4th graders):
    From age 8 to 9 (third grade and fourth grade of elementary school) the math game consists of: mental arithmetic sums of two-digit numbers, mental math subtractions, times tables (learn to multiply), multiplication, and sequences.

    -Ages: 10- 16 years old (5th and 6th graders):
    From age 10 (fifth and sixth grade of elementary school and Middle School) the math game consists of: mental arithmetic additions, mental math subtractions, times tables, multiplication, division, and more complex logical sequences.

    - From ages 16 to 100 :)) (Secundary School and adults) : the game will be a great challenge for this age range as well, increasing the difficulty of the mathematical operations and the rest of the levels.


    Monster Numbers aims to mix fun with learning, therefore, if you use it in school we recommend to let the child play freely through the different levels. The difficulty in the math facts, sums, addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, times tables, sequence and counting of coins, is adjusted automatically and depends on their mistakes and successes. So: don't help! Let them learn math in an autonomous way!!

    Many teachers of k12 school and parents use our educational app as a reward for well-done tasks for their students or children. If they have correctly completed mandatory work in school then they are allowed to play our App.


    The best part is children will engage in learning math without realizing, due to the great adventure they are experiencing with Tob the squirrel. Our squirrel is lost in the world of Monster Numbers and the children: WILL HAVE TO COME TO THE RESCUE!!!!

    To do this they must overcome countless obstacles and try to recover Tob's spacecraft pieces. They can jump, run, slide, fly, shoot, all while doing fun math facts (addition, subtraction, multiply, learn to divide…) that can always be adapted to your level.

    They'll live an exciting adventure all while learning.

    Our videogame can be played by boys and girls ages 4 and up (Preschool, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th graders).

    Designed by DIDACTOONS, specialists in educational VideoGames, fashioned by psychologists and professionals with extensive experience in the educational field.

    With Monster Numbers your child will learn math without realizing it.

    You won't be disappointed!!
  • Ferry Port Trucker Parking Simulator 3.9

    Ferry Port Trucker Parking Simulator

    The Ferry Port welcomes you and challenges you! Drive around realistic looking harbour, explore its nooks and crannies and most of all complete your job quickly and efficiently! You will be scored after each task and the better you do, the faster you progress!

    You will have to complete multiple precision driving mission in diverse and unique vehicles. Each one handles differently and discovering their strong and weak points will be up to you! Park Cars, Trucks, Caravans and Busses on the Ferry deck, and take care of the important driving jobs


    You can choose between a pickup truck, a tourist coach, a freighttruck and a SUV towing a caravan. Each one handles a bit differently. Learn to control all of them and be careful not to crash!


    Harnessing the power of our true physics engine, each car feels different to drive so youon the job 4 Unique Vehicles: Pickup Truck, SUV & Caravan, Tourist Bus & Freight Truck

    A lot of Challenging Missions: 100% Free-to-Play!

    Multiple views: including Drivers Eye view
  • Pocket Aquarium “Pockerium 4.4

    Pocket Aquarium “Pockerium"

    Only one sea of you in the world!

    Collect, raise and be healed.

    About 200 species of sea creatures.
    Can you meet rare fish?

    ■ Features
    1. Training game to play with a little time
    2. Easy operation just to tap
    3. Relaxing flowing healing palm space
    4. Encounter with rare creatures
    5. Many missions
  • PixelBook: pixel art, draw and color by number 4.5

    PixelBook: pixel art, draw and color by number

    PixelBook is a Pixel Art game that will relax you while you're coloring the different images available. Each week, we will upload new images to keep the artistic challenge alive.
    This game is a social network, where you will be able to create and draw your creative ideas and publish them on the app. Thousands of people will be able to color your work and follow your profile in order to receive your work regular. Color by number nonstop!
    Also, each time your images are being colored by number, you will receive rewards.
    In order to publish images, it is requested to sign in using your Facebook or Google account.
    We have different categories to achieve an experience based on your preferences and mood. This Pixel art game will select the images according to the search filters: popularity, size and your followed artist.
    • New images available constantly.
    • Search filter to make easier the new challenges procurement.
    • 9 images categories available
    • Daily reward
    • The colored images can be personalized with the sticker set available. Share them with your family and friends.
    • You can create your images using the draw tool, from your picture collection or take a picture with the camera. Pixel everything!
    • 5 power ups that will make the coloring experience fluent and relaxing.
    • Hint tool to make easy to find those pixels that require color.
    • Players ranking according the amount of pixels colored.
    • More than 50 achievements.
    We hope you enjoy drawing and coloring all the available images!
  • PocoyoHouse 3.6


    Do you feel a little uncomfortable when your kid aged 3 plays with your smartphone with any control?
    Are you annoyed to search for always new learning content good for your child?
    If so, this app is made for you!

    Made for kids… and parents

    We put together several curated educational apps and books made for toddlers and under, together with all the video episodes that you love.

    It's about a single destination to easy up the lives of parents of little kids, who wish to leverage digital for their growth but are also concerned about safety.

    *****More than 5 million families have chosen our House worldwide******

    ***** SMARTIES 2018 Spain Awards Silver winner******

    We ensure first a healthy and 100% safe environment with:

    ● No ads

    ● No in-app purchases

    ● Child area locked by default.

    ● Time limits

    Have fun with you kids

    Watch more than 250 video episodes for children on your smartphone or tablet.

    Set up the Wi-Fi Mode ON to watch them also offline.

    Learn good values

    Our famous friend is a curious, fun loving, and friendly toddler. His adventures teach with a winning blend of humour and learning a lot of nice universal values.
    All the videos are done for kids and educate in a calm, sweet app environment.

    Learn English with us

    What more exciting than listening to our cute friend and his adventures in English and learn with zero effort the first sounds?

    Arts & Craft is an original DIY video series to nourish the manual ability so important for children's cognitive growth.

    You will find lots of nice ideas for playing together with your kids in every season of the year: Hallowing, Christmas. anytime.

    Disco – NEW!

    Listen and dance with DISCO videos. Just pure fun!!

    More fun with the exclusive apps of our House:

    Run & Fun

    And all other popular action games are gathered here!

    Tons of Stickers

    Play with our STICKERS: At the Park, Space Adventures, Beach Time and Let's Party!

    Photo gadgets

    Take lots of pictures with mom and dad with the funny gadgets of “our SELFIES” app.

    Art and Coloring pages

    Paint with virtual brush and color palette with the “ART” app and the “COLORING BOOK”

    Logic games, Numbers and Letters

    Play at MEMO GAME with three difficulty levels, in the company of our friends

    Learn numbers and ABC tracing. Listen to Classic Music.

    Read aloud or listen to our character adventures with enchanting interactive audio books.

    Available in Spanish and English.

    Welcome on board!

    The House team
  • Re:ステージ!プリズムステップ 4









    ・式宮舞菜  (CV:牧野天音)
    ・月坂紗由  (CV:鬼頭明里)
    ・市杵島瑞葉 (CV:田澤茉純)
    ・柊かえ   (CV:立花芽恵夢)
    ・本城香澄  (CV:岩橋由佳)
    ・長谷川みい (CV:空見ゆき)

    ・伊津村紫  (CV:小澤亜李)
    ・伊津村陽花 (CV:嶺内ともみ)

    ・式宮碧音  (CV:高橋未奈美)
    ・一条瑠夏  (CV:諏訪彩花)
    ・岬珊瑚   (CV:田中あいみ)

    ・白鳥天葉  (CV:日岡なつみ)
    ・帆風奏   (CV:阿部里果)
    ・緋村那岐咲 (CV:長妻樹里)

    ・坂東美久龍 (CV:山田奈都美)
    ・西館ハク  (CV:佐藤実季)
    ・南風野朱莉 (CV:高柳知葉)
    ・城北玄刃  (CV:西田望見)



  • Tile Onnect - Matching Puzzle 4.7

    Tile Onnect - Matching Puzzle

    Tile Onnect - Matching Puzzle is a fun, relaxing and addictive pair connect puzzle game!

    Easy to play and addictive matching card game for all ages. Find the matching tiles, connect the pairs with up to three lines, and clear all cards before timeout.

    How to play Tile Onnect Matching Puzzle?
    1. Tap the tiles to select it.
    2. Connect 2 same tiles with up to 3 straight lines where no other tile blocking the line path.
    3. Clear all tile pairs before timeout.
    4. Use HINT props to reveal a connectable pair.
    5. Use SHUFFLE props to rearrange tiles.

    Features of Tile Onnect Matching Puzzle:
    ★ Special Memory Game Mode: watch out the Hidden object.
    ★ Lighting combo to get more scores.
    ★ Over 3000 Well-designed levels & free game props.
    ★ Smooth and delicate animation.
    ★ Various image collections.
    ★ You can play offline anytime for free.
    ★ Designed for tablets & smartphones.

    Tile Onnect - Matching Puzzle is the most fun and addicting game among the FREE PUZZLE GAMES. let's enjoy this new and classic ONET CONNECT game now!
  • Caliper Digital 3.4

    Caliper Digital

    Caliper Digital is app that can be use to learn how to read vernier caliper scale with digital display, to measure the length of an object. This game can be use as virtual laboratory simulation, and give you several task, where every task provide one object to be measure the length. You must try to measure wide of objects and check the result as your own measurement by input it on the answer button. Enjoy learn caliper with this app and have fun!

    Not supported for android devices that less than 1 GB of RAM,
    Not fully supported for Moto G devices.
  • Queen Party Hippo: Music Games 4.7

    Queen Party Hippo: Music Games

    Children love games with music. The game will be twice as popular when it is a musical game with your favorite heroes. Hippo has learned to play the guitar and decided to become a real star. She can do it with her parents. After all, the family of musicians is the best band. Hippos love music. They can play any musical instrument. But boys and girls could also help Hippo. Because only real fans are able to turn Hippo into a celebrity.

    An exciting worldwide tour is waiting for you. This means loud concerts and friendly parties at various stages. And a huge selection of rock celebrity things: guitar and drums, fashionable clothes and trendy hairstyles. VIsitors will have fun at the queen party show, clap loudly and give likes to the small musicians.

    Our garageband plays not only rock songs. There is also pop, disco and even techno. So toddlers will definitely hear their favorite melodies. But the smallest players will not only enjoy famous songs. Rockstar dress up is a fascinating and cheerful process as well. Use sunglasses and spiky hairstyle, sneakers and leather jacket. Do you need anything alse? Our game has all things you need before going to the stage. Dress up games make any concert unique.

    Kids will definitely like bright images. Cool songs will develop good taste from early childhood. Rap is not the only thing that kids like. There is nothing better than a virtuoso instrumental performance and the vibe of live concerts. Download a new free game with Hippo and have fun with other players!
  • Kids Dreamland Adventures 4.5

    Kids Dreamland Adventures

    Every night we fly to the land where dreams live. Everybody has its own unique Dreamland. We see different interesting dreams with adventures and magic until morning comes. Our curious Hippy also sees exciting and sweet dreams, where her friends fairies and unicorn have fun at the Rainbow Clearing. But something is wrong at the Rainbow Clearing today! Where are fairies and unicorn? Who has stolen them? Nightmares and bad dreams did this! Good magic, it is your turn now! Fairy Hippy is here to help! Let's help Dreamland and save our friends!

    As you have already understood, a very special new game from the Educational Games for girls and boys awaits us. This is the funny kids game where Hippy will have fairy adventures and will save friends from nightmares. But you can help Hippy with a good magic! We will go deep into "rabbit-hole " where we will pop balloons and bubbles. During our way we will meet a lot of obstacles and also a lot of surprises. But we will not only pop balloons and soap bubbles. There are bad dreams, nightmares and other dangerous creatures in the Dream Land. But our magic can turn all these into fun and colorful dreams! Every child will like this game, and as a result they get a lot of positive emotions, happiness and laughter.

    Try our new exciting game! Dream Land, magic and fairies are waiting for you! Follow Hippo and stay tuned. Our free educational games for boys and girls will make you and your children happy!
  • Kids School Bus Adventure 4.2

    Kids School Bus Adventure

    School bus has come to our bus stop. Come in, sit down and feel yourself comfortable. Hippy invites you to the new road adventure! Today you are the driver of our school bus. But don't stay long on this bus stop. Holidays are far away and that means that all the teachers are waiting for their pupils in school. Let's go! Car traffic is not an obstacle. Our school bus goes through the city. Our destination is school!

    Educational games with Hippo are renewed with a new game - kid's car simulator. You will like this game if you are bored with pretty normal kid's racing. Normal kid's racing is monotonous. It is not interesting just to drive a bus, children like adventures. And we will give these adventures to your kids. Hippo school bus is not just kid's simulator. You, like a real bus driver, will catch kids on bus stops and fight rough car traffic. Don't be sad, if the crash happens. It is not difficult to repair a car, we have all the tools and parts for quick and well-qualified repairing work. Broken wheel? No problem! We have tire jack and spare. Motor is out of control? Not a problem too! Open motor hood and change broken details. It is so interesting and exciting to repair a car. If you suddenly have lack of fuel, petrol station will help you. We will help you to refill a gas tank of school bus and pay for it. When we end up with petrol station, we will have a very responsible task. And remember, there are pupils inside. Teachers are waiting for them. School opens its doors to all the happy pupils till the moment when holidays begin. That's why we will have a lot of tasks and road adventures.

    This new game, like all the educational games for boys and girls is absolutely for free. Have a lot of positive emotions together with your kids! Stay tuned and follow Hippo. Our free games for boys and girls will make you and your kids happy!
  • Masha and the Bear: Mini games 4.1

    Masha and the Bear: Mini games

    A NEW GAME! Here we proudly present for your attention free family games Masha and the Bear. Do your kids like cartoons? And are they getting tired of the monotonous gameplay very quickly? And you don't want to waste your time to find a place where to download small games? There is a solution! Free family games Masha and the Bear is a series of great games for kids and adults!

    Everybody likes to watch cartoons about funny adventures of the favorite characters. But now you and your kid have a great opportunity to take part in these adventures by yourself. You will find a large variety of games. Start to solve large and colorful puzzles, which images are the moments of the favorite cartoon. Kids will be surprised to find that our puzzles are different from standard games of this type. Try simple but funny scratching games with images from the cartoon. But if you will be bored with collecting images, start to pop the balloons flying out of the house. And you have to pop the balloons quickly to have time for collecting a series of toys and send them on a fascinating journey in a hot air balloon!

    Both educational and entertaining elements are combined in Puzzles and Memories (Pairs). They develop visual memory and logical thinking. Game Connect the Dots is good for the development of movement coordination. Сonnect the dots and get as the reward a funny character from the cartoon. Kids as well as their parents like scratching games, especially when these scratching games are somehow connected with the favorite cartoons characters. Kids and adults like watching cartoons that's why this game is suitable for all the family! But the biggest surprise for those who love cartoons, is waiting at the play Masha- photographer. Kid has to take a beautiful picture with the heroes of the series Masha and the Bear. But if you are getting tired to photograph, start again to play Spot the Pair, Pop the Balloons, Scratch pictures, jigsaw Puzzles or Connect the Dots with Kids favorite cartoons!

    Go on for an adventure! Bring yourself and your kid a lot of joy. Our family games will surprise you. Play our family games Masha and the Bear absolutely for free!
  • Monkey Tricks: Kids Shooter 4.6

    Monkey Tricks: Kids Shooter

    Free Hippo games are renewed with an exciting shooter for all the family! Mischief Ji with his air balloons went with Uncle Dragon to an abandoned house near a road. There he filled balloons with water and started throwing them at pedestrians! What a disaster! What should we do now?! Who could help us to avoid troubles? Citizens of Hippo town urgently need help!

    As well as you have already understood, our games for boys and girls are renewed with a very interesting new game. A funny shooter! Younger brother of Hippy will throw down the balloons full of water, and we will open umbrellas of pedestrians, to make the balloons fall onto them. There are amusing jokes, funny heroes and very hilarious situations. The game will be much more funnier when hilarious firefighters will join the game. At this moment shooter will be much more interesting! Firefighters will teach mischief a good lesson, they will catch balloons with trampoline and throw them back at Ji and Uncle Dragon. Free family Hippy games will give a good mood and a lot of positive emotions to your child.

    But don't think that our shooter is too easy. Jokes aside, but Ji is getting faster and faster and will be throwing balloons more and more often with every minute. And also there will be more and more pedestrians at the streets. And if at the beginning of the game it is very easy to cope with water bombs, after a minute you will not have a free second! This game, that seems to be very easy, needs a lot of attention, concentration and good reaction from you and your kid. It means, that attention, concentration, reaction and coordination will be developed very fast and with a good quality.

    Try our new game from the series of free educational games for all the family. Curious Hippy is waiting for you! Have a lot of positive emotions with your child! Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free games for boys and girls will make you and your children happy.
  • Pooches: Street Soccer 4.5

    Pooches: Street Soccer

    New Runner based on football! Absolutely Free!
    Do you like runners, sports, football, cartoon Pooches (Barboskiny)?
    Here is the game with your favorite character Max from cartoon Pooches (Barboskiny) in the genres of Kids sports games and football or soccer runner. In this cool street football game, Max should go as far as possible using her masterly ball possession aiming the ball to the different targets. The tasks will become more complicated with your game progress.

    Features of our application:

    - Bright beautiful HD graphics;
    - Real phisics;
    - Your favorite character from Pooches (Barboskiny);
    - Soccer runner;
    - Absolutely Free!!!

    The most popular genres of games for boys are soccer, runners and sports games for kids. For any player from forward to defender and even goalkeeper - precision of strike and pass culture, along with an eye estimation, are most critical skills. And our free app will help raise the skills of the game for boys from 3 years to the boys 7 years old. Yes, and gaming skills of 30 year old boys, this app will not reduce ;)

    If you liked Pooches: Street Soccer, please rate our free sports games and share them to your friends with kids from 3 years to 7 years old.
  • Pooches Supermarket: Shopping 4.3

    Pooches Supermarket: Shopping

    Pooches in supermarket.

    Mom made a list of the goods that need to be bought in the supermarket. Dad and Max took a trolley and went to the supermarket to find items that Mom added to her shopping list. At the top of the screen there is a list of goods you must find. Help Max find all the items mentioned in the list. Look attentive at shop shelves, and when you see a product that you have in the list put it in the trolley. Do not forget to look for the Dad and other family members, they always try to throw in the trolley something

    After Max and Dad get to Tim the cashier and pay for the goods, you will meet with
    Mom, which will check the shopping list. All you have bought. And do not buy something extra. Collect all 5 stars and Mom will be happy!

    The supermarket sells a variety of products that are well known: fruits, vegetables,
    clothes, shoes, garden tools, etc. Players will be happy to look for products and fill the trolley. When Pooches go to the supermarket, it is always a funny adventure and a charge of good mood for the whole family!

    - Funny cartoon characters Pooches
    - Learn while you play
    - Colorful pictures
    - Supermarket with many different products
    - Search for items

    Enjoy new game Pooches in the supermarket!
  • Moonzy: Bedtime Stories 4.5

    Moonzy: Bedtime Stories

    And again, free family games for boys and girls were renewed with a wonderful novelty. This time, we have created a game from the series Bedtime Stories. A lullaby game is a special type of games. Like any bedtime stories, a lullaby game has been created to make kids fall asleep. A slow simple gameplay make the player sleep unobtrusively. A favorite heroes from Moonzy cartoon will relax you before going to bed. You are going to see the sweetest dreams. Our free family games could prove that.

    In such games as Bedtime stories, player has to do simple steps to put a character to sleep. This time we will put to sleep not only one character, but the whole group of friends from Moonzy cartoon. You should just put them to bed, cover with a blanket and turn off the light, but some of them need something more to fall asleep. For example, Moonzy would not sleep without a good story. Auntie Motya does not like bedtime stories, but she forgets elementary thing, where is her bedroom, for example. Grandma Capa has some unfinished tasks, and Gen. Sher has almost fallen asleep, but forgot to set the alarm clock. You will need to help all of them. And now we are going to experience new adventures from our games, which have been created especially for you and your kids.

    Experience the novelty from the series of bedtime stories games. Moonzy and his friends are waiting for you. Have a lot of positive emotions together with your kids! Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free family games for boys and girls will make you and your kids happy.
  • The Barkers: Funny adventures 4.2

    The Barkers: Funny adventures

    The Barkers pack their suitcases and backpacks very fast and hurry up to be in time for the plane! What happened? What adventures are waiting for us this time? A new exciting game Sunny Beach is going to reveal all the secrets. We will have fun, play different interesting mini games, such as hidden objects, runner, sticker puzzles, scratch game and so on. Let's start an exciting adventure together with characters from the cartoon the Barkers.

    Daddy is back from the shop, where he got a lottery ticket instead of change. But nobody believed that anything interesting could be won in lottery. Nobody, except Liza and Kid. With great interest they scratched the protection line and found super prize, family trip to the famous resort Sunny Beach! The Barkers are very excited of this news. They go to the sea vacation! Before going to the airport, we need to pack the things we need for the sea vacation. This is the beginning of our interesting interactive kids story. There are various educational games for everybody in this game set. Do you want to have fun running in the apartment together with Liza and Kid? Or do you like to play hidden objects? Help Rosie, Max and Alex to pack their suitcases and backpacks and visit the room of mom and daddy to find the things that are important for every adventure. When we are ready with packing, let's go to the airport, where Tim works. There are a lot of interesting and new things to do there. Are you ready to have fun and play? Then let's go!

    The Barkers invite you to the world full of adventures and interesting educational stories. Sun, sea and a lot of exciting games are waiting at the best sea resort! Get to know a lot of new and interesting facts and have fun playing our educational games together with favorite cartoon characters.
  • Army Bunker Shooting Arena 3.4

    Army Bunker Shooting Arena

    Army Bunker Shooting Arena

    Use all kind of assault guns, sniper rifles and more to save your country in this action game.

    The top secret army base is situated in the dense jungle of north. Only higher military officials know about its existence. It has played a versatile role in every cross battle. This army base is very vital in order of military uses. It contains biggest army training ground which totally replicates the battlegrounds. Hundreds of soldiers and commandos train in this training center of army.
    The enemy is taking notice of our defense strategy and secret base. One day, our soldiers were busy in training suddenly the security alarms rang. It's an ambush and they lead a deadly strike on the military bunker. The attack of terrorists is so intense and unexpected that no one could stand before this deadly strike. The enemy has entered in the compound, killing commandos and occupying our military base.

    The military base is now under the control of terrorist. But there is one under training commando which is remained hide from the eyes of enemy. He is expert in the fighting and shooting range. The best commando conduct here weapon training and testing.

    There was one commando was absence in the training facility when attack was carried out. Now you have to play the role of military commando in order to take the base back from enemy hands.

    The gameplay of this best shooter game is very interesting. The close to reality missions and tasks of commando bunker assault game will definitely amaze you. There are dozens of sniper missions and fps missions in the game. You have to complete one to unlock next mission. The difficulty level also increases as you progress in the game. The tasks are different with different strategies in the war assault game. There is a huge variety of assault guns and sniper rifles to use in the game. Every mission requires different strategy and weapons in this Bunker Army Professional War game. Its one of the best game in all army games.

    The controls of best deadly revenge game are very easy. The intuitive GUI makes this shooting game playable among players of every age. There is a joy pad for movement of the player in the new deadly revenge game. The action buttons include fire, reload and aim buttons in the war. The combination of easy controls with an interesting gameplay make it best Bunker Army Professional War game of all army games

    Best of Luck…!!

    Army Bunker Shooting Arena Features:
    Realistic 3D graphics
    Powerful Assault Rifles
    Different Sub Machine guns
    Different game modes
    Challenging locations
    Real story line

    If you have no wifi, you can play best Army commando bunker assault game absolutely free.
    So quickly download this interesting pvp shooting game of 2018 action game offered by Gamers Pulse Inc. available on Google Play Store on your android smart phones.
  • True Slots - Pure Vegas Slot 4.5

    True Slots - Pure Vegas Slot

    Classic Slot Machines: Pure Vegas introduces you to THE #1 REALISTIC SLOT MACHINES.

    Try your luck and win BIG in these Las Vegas classic slots free machines. With this Free Slots Machines: Pure Vegas you will find a set of vintage retro style slots machines that will amaze and allow you to enjoy a different kind of visuals. More real, more immersive, more engaging. You'll feel like you're in Downtown Las Vegas. All available for playing offline in this pokie slots free game.

    Classic FREE Slot Machines with the BEST graphics!
    Start with a free coins pack and join the party to get Free Spins, Bonuses, Wheel of Fortune spins, Wilds, Scatters...all the Casino Slots features are waiting for you in Free Slots Machines: Pure Vegas.

    If you are looking for a free, easy to play and offline slot machines or pokie slots, Free Slots Machines: Pure Vegas offers you the best experience for you and your friends, with Social Tournaments at any time, 24/7. Accept the challenge putting your whole heart into spinning and be ready to get rich! This Slots free is the funniest way to achieve it!

    Classic Slot Machines: Pure Vegas offers you the following features:
    Exciting visual HD experience with retro style machines. Let yourself be surprised with this slotss free machines.
    Online Tournaments 24/7. HUGE rewards!
    Free offline slot games.
    New Bonus every 2 hours.
    Facebook integration. Play with your friends!
    Max payouts in all machines.
    100% Random and genuine mechanics on all these slots free. No tricks. All depends strictly on your luck :)
    Everyday Bonuses, Double XP Boosts, Discount Offers, etc. Stay tuned to win big and get experience faster.
    Popular slotss machines: High Diamond Slots, Grand Cherry Slots, 6x Pay Times Slots, Pharaoh's Slots, American 777 Slots, Top Money Slots and much more!

    The games are intended for an adult audience. The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling.
  • Word Mind: Crossword puzzle 4.6

    Word Mind: Crossword puzzle

    Improve mindfulness and relieve stress with the brand new crossword game!

    • Swipe the letters to rearrange them into making the words!

    • EASY TO PLAY - It starts easy but gets challenging as it goes on!
    •TONS OF UNIQUE LEVELS - Over 1000+ puzzles are unique and full of fun and amazing challenges!
    • STUNNING GRAPHICS - Soothing sounds and gorgeous visual effects
    • OPTIMIZED ANDROID & GOOGLE PLAY GAMES - Designed for tablets & phone.

    • Word Mind contains ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
    • Word Mind is free to play, but you can purchase In-app items like AD FREE and Hints.

    [email protected]

    Privacy Policy

    App Permissions

    [Required Permissions]
    - none

    [Optional Permissions]
    - Photo / Media / File: required storage access permission to save game data

    [Permission setting and withdrawal method]
    - Android 6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access
    - Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access by deleting the application.
  • Word Search Inspiration 4.5

    Word Search Inspiration

    If you love to find words, try word search games designed to help relieve stress, expand your vocabulary, and bring serenity to your day! Word Search Inspiration is the perfect way to relax while improving your mind with addictive word puzzles. Every puzzle you complete will help you find inspiration and relax!

    Find words on the board & connect letters to solve tons of puzzles. Relaxation is easy! Simply find words, solve puzzles & refresh your mind! Enjoy beautiful nature backgrounds and calming music. Take each puzzle one step at a time, and confidently overcome each challenge in the game.

    • EASY GAME PLAY! Just swipe letters to find words!
    • CLUES FOR EVERY PUZZLE! Use clues to help you search for & find all the words!
    • Search for and find all the words! The word search puzzles may seem easy, but they get challenging!

    If you like to relax with a crossword puzzle or scrabble, you'll love Word Search Inspiration! These puzzle games may seem easy, but they can be surprisingly challenging! Join the makers of Word Cookies for a brand new crossword game!

    [email protected]

    • Privacy Policy: https://www.bitmango.com/privacy-policy/
    • Terms of Service: https://www.bitmango.com/terms-of-service/

    Come relax with the best word search games & puzzles! Inspiration & serenity await!
  • Word Architect - Crosswords 4.2

    Word Architect - Crosswords

    Welcome to the Word Architect game!

    You will have to build some words to solve every crossword puzzle level.
    Just swipe your finger from the first letter to the next letters that make up the word. Drag your finger from the first to the last letter to select the word.
    If you can't find a word, don't worry, you can use the "Hint" button, that will show you the first letters of each word.
    You can also use the "Shuffle" option to change the order of the letters.

    ✔ Minimalist, simple and fun game, suitable for all audiences
    ✔ Full game is free, with very few ads (no ads while playing)
    ✔ Exercise your brain and relax!
    ✔ Beautiful and simple user interface
    ✔ Compatible with all devices including tablets
    ✔ Includes sounds (can be disabled) and images in HD
    ✔ Includes 400 levels (soon more to come)
    ✔ Learn new vocabulary in english or spanish.
    ✔ Light weighted app with offline game.
    ✔ No intrusive permissions

    You can customize some features of the game (from the settings option):
    * Play or mute the sounds.
    * Color theme
    * Language: English or Spanish
    * Device orientation.

    Just one more thing...
    ENJOY !!!

    Any suggestion or bug report is welcome. Please, before writing a bad review contact us by email at [email protected] THANKS.
  • Choker™ - Chess & Poker 3.6

    Choker™ - Chess & Poker

    Choker combines two of the world's favourite card and board games for the ultimate challenge. Chess + Poker = CHOKER™

    Ready for high stakes chess? For the poker phase, you'll need cunning and cool calculation. In chess, you'll need strategy and brilliance. To win the pot, you need it all.


    Each game has a betting, placement and chess round. The aim is to win your opponents chips.

    o BETTING:
    Start with just a King and a Pawn on the chessboard! Then bet on the five cards depicting your additional chess pieces. This is the time to keep cool and outwit your rival. (Classic mode, betting is the same as Poker: Raise, Call, Check and Fold. For Hijack, players immediately go all-in)

    Place your chess pieces in special drop zones on the chessboard. You'll need a winning game strategy. Defend your King, but be ready to strike.

    o CHESS:
    Once all your pieces are on the chessboard – it's real chess! Outplay your opponent and win the pot before the time's up!


    o PLAY THE TABLES - Play against real players with the stakes you want, whenever you want, wherever you want!

    o NEW HIJACK MODE - A fast, high stakes format. Players immediately go all in, Privileges allow you to improve your chances with The Peek (See your opponent's cards), The Swap (Swap with your opponent) and The Drop (Discard cards) phases.

    o AI BATTLE - Defeat an uprising army of evil robots who have disguised themselves as humans. Each time you defeat one, their disguise will slowly fade away. Defeat them enough times and win that robots avatar. Defeat all robots and win the exclusive Choker Robot Pieces.

    o BRAND NEW COLLECTABLES - There's a shiny new shop and a brand new vault to store your items. New custom styles are available for the first time! Unlock board themes, new piece sets, card backs and so much more!

    o FREE CHIPS - Get a FREE chip stack as a welcome bonus the first time you register! Get additional free chips every day!

    o PLAY WITH CHOKER CHESS FRIENDS - Connect and play with friends. You get FREE chips when friends sign up and your very own Friends' League Table to see who is No 1 in your friendship group.

    o GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS - ELO points show how you rank against tens of thousands of Choker Players worldwide. Can you reach the top and become a Choker Champion?

    o NEWS INBOX - Keep up-to-date with the latest and most exciting news from the world of CHOKER™. Receive secret insights from the world's greatest chess Grandmasters! Hear first about the LIVE Choker Clashes between Chess Grandmasters and Poker stars on TwitchTV and YouTube.


    PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/ChokerHowTo


    FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/ChokerFB

    INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/ChokerIG

    TWITTER: http://bit.ly/ChokerTW

    YOUTUBE: http://bit.ly/ChokerYT

    WEBSITE: https://chokergame.com

    Terms and Conditions: https://chokergame.com/terms-and-conditions/

    Privacy Policy: https://chokergame.com/privacy-policy/

    Please note:
    CHOKER™ is intended for an adult audience. It does not offer any real money gambling but is F2P (free-to-play). However, there are in-app purchases available for additional content. Learn to play chess at chess.com and lichess.org and chess24.com
  • Toddler games for 2-3 year old 4

    Toddler games for 2-3 year old

    Educational toddler games for pre-kindergarten kids. Our app has 16 pre-k activities for toddlers that will help your kid or baby develop basic skills like hand eye coordination, fine motor, logical thinking and visual perception. These games will suit both girls and boys and can be a part of pre-kindergarten & preschool education for toddlers.

    The game is perfect for the entire family!

    Size game: Sorting inventory into correct boxes.
    Puzzle game: A simple puzzle for kids to improve hand eye coordination.
    Logic game: Develop memory and logic with cute shapes.
    Color games: Sort items by color.
    Shape games: Sort items by shape to develop visual perception and hand eye coordination.
    Pattern game: Develop visual perception by sorting items with different patterns.
    Memory game: Choose correct object that was shown earlier and fits others by its type.
    Attention game: Develop attention and fine motor skills in a simple but very entertaining game.

    - Learn to recognize geometric shapes: square, circle, rectangle, triangle, pentagon and diamond
    - Resolve educational puzzles about different geometric shapes and numbers.

    Toddler games are perfect for pre-k and kindergarten children who want to learn by playing.

    Ages: 2-3 years old pre-kindergarten or kindergarten children.

    You will never find annoying ads inside our app. We are always glad to receive your feedback and suggestions.

    So don't miss it and download the free educational games: Toddler Games!
    Parents can try out the game for free. We recommend purchasing the full version for children.
  • Preschool Games For Kids 4.1

    Preschool Games For Kids

    How to Reinforce Your Child's Learning at home

    Preschool Games for Kids Homeschool Distance Learning was developed as a tool for parents eager to help their children learn new skills while playing in order to develop new skills for kinder including Math Games. Multiple studies show that the quickest and most effective way to learn new abilities is through hands-on play. Different homeschooling educational games systems including Montessori and Waldorf will agree that play and imagination are a fundamental part of the learning process. As a mother, I understand that our kids imitate our example. Even though we would like to sometimes isolate them from technology, it's nearly impossible when we spend many hours a day in front of a computer or mobile devices. It is for this reason that instead of avoiding the elephant in the room, my husband and I developed games that will work as a learning tool that will stimulate our children's curiosity. Perfect for Montessori Preschool Educational Games and Montessori Education for kids Homeschool Distance Learning.

    Develop New Skills

    Preschool Games for Kids is a great place for kids to play while being constantly challenged to learn new skills for kinder with educational games. Kids need variety while training their new skills. These Toddler games for 2-5 year old offer exactly that. We have tested all our kids games with our son and he absolutely loves them! This gives us confidence that your kids will also love these entertaining and mind challenging puzzles.

    ◆ 18 Homeschool Distance Learning Preschool Educational Games that range from reading and spelling to drawing and shape recognition.

    Spelling: 30 First words to learn reading and spelling. Fun Kids Games for toddlers.

    Shapes: A drawing tool to introduce children to basic shapes: Circle; rectangle; Square and triangle.

    Coloring / Tracing: Educational games templates. From A to Z.

    A shapes sorting game

    ◆ Preschool Learning Educational Games for Toddler for 2-5 year old in order to develop new skills.

    ◆ Homeschool Distance Learning
    ◆ Ages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 year old.
    ◆ Educational Games for kids at home
    ◆ Perfect for Toddler games for 2-5 year old

    We're always excited to hear from you so if you have any feedback on how we can make this the best Preschool Game in town please send us an email!

    We respect that parents may make different choices about technology for their families. We strongly encourage parents to discuss technology expectations with other families.

    Familiarize yourself with the safety and privacy settings of this or any educational games from our store.

    We encourage to use a parental control tool to help you monitor and limit your child's online activity, on all devices. However, be cautious: no tool provides perfect protection. Nothing can replace your personal attention and monitoring.
  • Quigle - Google Feud + Quiz 3.6

    Quigle - Google Feud + Quiz

    The purpose of Quigle is to try to pick the top search suggestion based on the beginning of a search. Suggestions are pulled directly from Google in real-time. Find out what people in your country are searching for by playing one of the two game modes: Feud and Quiz!

    Is it bad to eat ...
    How old do you have to be to ...
    Why are Americans so ...

    These are just a few of the searches that will come your way in Quigle. You'd be surprised with the suggestions that come up!


    - Fun and original game play
    - Feud & Quiz game modes
    - Heads Up, Survival or Normal game types in Quiz mode
    - Search suggestions directly from Google
    - Suggestions filtered for your country!
    - Up-to-date searches and suggestions
    - Over 500+ total searches with more added every day!
    - Google Play leaderboards & achievements
    - Easily remove ads for a low price
    - Tablet support
    - Completely free!
  • Covens: Tournament of Witchcraft 3.7

    Covens: Tournament of Witchcraft

    Join the Tournament of Witchcraft now.

    ☽ ☾ Savannah Grey is calling on a new generation of witches ☽ ☾

    Covens is a game of magic and witchcraft played in the real world. Join seasonal tournaments of witchcraft as a customizable witch. Play solo or join with friends to create a powerful coven.

    ★ Game Features ★

    ☽ Discover a real-world game board filled with player-witches, spirits both good and wicked, Places of Power and rare items as you compete in seasonal tournaments of witchcraft.

    ☽ Customize your witch with outfits, makeup, hairstyles and hundreds of cosmetics to create a unique look.

    ☽ Cast common spells from your Book of Shadows or learn the signature ingredients that give a common spell extraordinary results; the wrong ingredients and you might turn a coven-mate into a goat.

    ☽ Choose your path carefully: align yourself with White, Grey or Shadow witchcraft or learn every path to become a Master Witch.

    ☽ Build a coven of 13 players or a hive of hundreds. Chat worldwide, within your coven, or shout to nearby players.

    ☽ Discover hundreds of spirits around the world. Defeat these spirits in battle and they become part of your Spirit Deck; once collected you can summon these spirits anywhere in the world.

    ☽ Claim real-world Places of Power and earn rewards for yourself or your coven. Summon up to three spirits to defend your Place of Power, or enter the altar yourself to cast out trespassing witches.

    ☽ An immersive, original storyline drives Covens. Accept your daily blessing of energy from Savannah Grey, the ruling witch of the ancient Grey Hand coven.

    ☽ All original art and sound score. Enjoy the free soundtrack of Covens here: https://www.raincrowstudios.com/music

    ★ We love your feedback! ★

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaincrowStudios

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaincrowStudios

    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/covens

    ★ Press Information ★

  • Bike Stunt Game Bike Racing 3D

    Bike Stunt Game Bike Racing 3D

    Bike Stunt Bike Ramp Simulator Игры Невозможные бесплатные мобильные игры и лучшие бесплатные игры, что миллионы игроков, которые любят быть Мото всадника и велосипед мастер трюк удовольствия от вождения новых трюков игры игра велосипед Ramp 2019 невыполним трюк велосипеда чтобы начать бесплатные игры, чтобы быть хозяином вызовов трюков экстремальных трюков на велосипеде тренажере лучшего шансом стать героем в жестком невозможных трюках мотоцикла и мотоцикле. Bike Stunt Bike Ramp невыполнимы Игры 2020 предлагает трюк симулятор вождения на высоких небесах симулятора гоночных велосипеды и обеспечить удовольствие невозможных трюков на мотоцикле. Велосипед Экстремальный велосипед Stunt вождения Гонки имеют возможность совершать удивительные трюки и неожиданный велосипед и велосипед тренажер. Ведет в играх экстремальных трюков, таких как пилот-Moto, наслаждаться захватывающими часов окончательного сноса и каскадеров велосипед мега рампы. Advance гоночных игр с реальным опытом вождения велосипедов на безумных пандусах антенны высоты для достижения невыполнимой велосипед мотоцикл симулятор вождения. Bike Stunt Bike Ramp невыполнима игры 2020 совершенно разные игры и симуляторы трюк велосипед рампы. Рампа сумасшедшего трюка велосипед гоночной игры Мотоцикл невозможные трюки Игра велосипеды 2019, специально разработанные для тех игроков, которые принимают игру как вызов. Доступно для бесплатной загрузки для экстремальных гонок игры велосипед 2019 пользователя считается, что это невозможно игра трюк на велосипеде. Impossible Bike Stunt Master нужны лучшие Мотоспорт дороги в небе. Опасные треки вы сердитесь как водитель велосипеда в мотоцикле симуляторы. Вы должны иметь навыки вождения на тренажере велосипед игры. Велосипед рампа с реалистичной физикой велосипедных дорожек всегда захватывающие и приключений трюки выбрать ваши любимые игры Stunt велосипедов на новые игры 2019

    ☛ Real Life Bike Stunt вождения Гонки.
    ☛ Вызова вертикальные акробатики мега рампы.
    ☛ полных треков Скорость Действие каскадера.
    уникальные 3D-графика графика и гладкие элементы управления.
    ☛ Stunt Гонки интуитивные и весело гарантировано.
    ☛Evita препятствия на пути углы ☛ выполнить невозможных трюки
    динамической камеры велосипед пандусы рампа
    ☛ невозможно наслаждаться невероятными трюками

    Как играть: ... играть этот симулятор невозможно велосипед рампу велосипед, нажмите кнопку для перемещения дроссельной заслонки на велосипеде. Три кнопки в невозможных трюках игра велосипеде на дорогах неба ускоряться, перерыв, падение кнопки назад. Игра содержит невероятные указательную невозможные трюки на велосипед. Опыт ультра-быстрой 3D игры трюк игры велосипед действий с потрясающей середине среды симулятор велосипеда игры. Bike Stunt Bike Ramp невыполнимы Игры 2020 во время игры улучшает свои навыки вождения и разблокировать невероятные трюки игры авансовых уровней. Ramp Bike Stunt гонки невыполнима 2019es своего рода гоночных игр и симуляторов, но враги и препятствия время фристайла трюк велосипед трюки и смешной велосипед симулятор. Легко играть вождения трюка велосипед недавно невозможный для игрока водителя управляет трюк каскадеры велосипед игра Bike Simulator невозможной в лучшей категории Игры трюки велосипеда 2020. Скачать сейчас Ramp велосипед невыполнима велосипед Stunt игра, чтобы наслаждаться хитрость конец привыкание новых игр 2019
    Примечание: Береги всегда носить шлем во время выполнения невыполнима велосипед трюк.


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