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  • Mutant Monster Friends Мод APK 1.0.6 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Mutant Monster Friends Мод APK 1.0.6 [Unlimited money]


    Mutant Monster Friends is a genre of Survival Defense Game.

    You will exploring 5 different areas, killing mutant monsters.

    You can be the best hunter.

    Game Features:
    - You can play 4 character type of different abilities.
    - You can use various types of weapons.
    - If you use a variety of items, you can easily hunt.
    - Aboriginal Forest, Ancient Desert, Ghost House, Tiny Swamp, Hunter House.
    - Each areas consists of 24 story stages and 1 boss stage and 1 endless stage.
    - Boss and Endless Mode will continuously challenge.

    With Facebook:
    - You can play with friends.
    - You can earn a plus 20% money in the story mode.
    - You can watch a video for more LIVES or buy a full set of LIVES.
    - If you share on Facebook, will obtain money in game.
  • Super Bird Adv. Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Super Bird Adv. Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlimited money]


    Super Bird Advance is a traditional platformer game. Just keep walking and jumping to clear the levels!

    Our super bird is on vacation with his girlfriend.But a giant evil Kong kidnaps his girlfriend. Super bird needs your help to clear the levels to save his pretty girlfriend!

    +3 forms of super bird.
    +9 special abilities.
    +10 demanding enemies.
    +8 power up items in level,8 assisted items in shop.
    +3 worlds with 32 interesting and challenging levels.
    +More than 30 mechanism and hazards make every level totally different.
    +Free levels in upcoming updates.

    Follow us:
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MgineGames
    Weibo: http://weibo.com/u/1317511460

    Trailer on Youtube:

    Trailer on YouKu:

    If you have any feedback, please email us at [email protected]
  • Dungeon Nightmares Мод APK 1.3 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Dungeon Nightmares Мод APK 1.3 [Unlimited money]


    ***Dungeon Nightmares II NOW OUT!***


    Old devices will take long to load the game on the black message screen. Please allow 1 to 2 minutes to load (tested on iPhone 4). Thank you.

    Warning: This game contains scenes that will scare you


    Dungeon Nightmares has been called the SCARIEST game on mobile by players.

    Every night you go to bed, you find yourself in an endless nightmare that you must escape from.

    The dungeon is littered with items for you to collect, including Candles that help light up your path. But be warned, you will not be alone in there.

    You must survive each night and progress to another to find more clues about this nightmare.

    What do these nightmares mean? Who is that girl? this is something for you to find out...


    - Intense scary atmosphere
    - Combat-less gameplay
    - Difficulty scales with each night you survive
    - Diverse range of "horrors" in the dungeon
    - Dynamic AI for enemies that changes based on how you play
    - Fully 3D level design
    - Rich 3D surround sound (headphones recommended)
    - Graphical special effects (fog, bokeh particles)
    - Traditional dual stick controls
    - Intuitive touch controls for interaction
    - Powered by Unity3D


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  • Adventures in East – Ninja Run Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Adventures in East – Ninja Run Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlimited money]


    Adventures in East – Ninja Run in Garden City is the latest exciting 3D runner game featuring several nimble ninjas breezing through a beautiful city in the East. Your mission is guide the ninja dash and run to escape from the Evil Warrior Hunt. Are you ready for the action?

    Game Play:

    * JUMP to dodge obstables

    * DUCK to avoid being hit

    * SWIPE to turn on corner

    * TILT to collect coins

    * RUN on the wall

    * THROW darts to break barrel

    * RACE as fast as possible


    * Stunning colorful 3D HD graphics with multiple game scenes to run from
    * Choose from many cute ninja characters
    * Complete daily mission for rewards
    * Plenty of power-ups you can upgrade from the collected coins
    * Facebook integration to invite your friends for challenge
  • Piloteer Мод APK 1.0 3.8

    Piloteer Мод APK 1.0


    In Piloteer, a whimsical and serenely challenging physics-based game about learning to fly, a renowned inventor is determined to overcome the stigma associated with flying a jetpack and convince the world that jetpacks should be revered by all.

    Blending elements of both physics and trick-based games, players will need to maneuver their state-of-the-art jetpack through the skies while completing a myriad of increasingly difficult missions to change public perceptions.

    Players will find themselves immersed in a wholly integrated physics simulation, making the beautiful world around them feel dynamic, unpredictable, and alive.

    Ridiculous failure is imminent in Piloteer, making the accomplishments along the way feel all the more rewarding. Put on your jetpack and take to the skies!

    • Increasingly challenging gameplay with sixty different missions
    • Three beautiful environments to fly around in
    • Career and Free Fly modes
    • Custom-composed, serene piano score
    • Silly and ridiculous physics-based ragdoll effects
    • Share replays of your game via Facebook, Email, or Twitter

  • Beetle Adventures Мод APK 1.3.150727 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Beetle Adventures Мод APK 1.3.150727 [Unlocked]


    Beetle Adventures features a full classic 2D platformer on WHEELS!!!

    Drive, flip, and jump across mysterious Ancient Egypt in a Monster Truck Beetle. Travel through the desert where you will encounter Temple ruins, underground chambers, and the Great Pyramid's Labyrinth.

    Journey through the gigantic cave maze and explore deep dark passageways avoiding drops.


    - HD Stunning Graphics
    - Twelve exciting levels filled with action and challenges
    - Side-scrolling adventure driving platformer
    - Awesome music and sound effects
    - Available on Phone and Tablet
    - Physics based driving game
    - Full suspension and shocks

  • Tower Dwellers Gold Мод APK 1.22 3.7

    Tower Dwellers Gold Мод APK 1.22



    So you are here. The legend fulfilled.
    You will lead us to battle, purge the land and rebuild!

    • Choose from powerful HEROES who have come to help you out with defeating all Evil Hordes!

    • Craft many different units and command them in REAL TIME

    • Assist your army with the magic SPELLS

    • Decide which territory to conquer due to NON-LINEAR progression

    • Unlock various UPGRADES

    • Perfect your by staging battles in the encyclopedia SANDBOX mode

    • Complete the hilariously narrated TALE to regain a land once lost
  • Mystic Diary 3 - Hidden Object Мод APK 1.0.25 3.9

    Mystic Diary 3 - Hidden Object Мод APK 1.0.25


    Mystic Diary 3: Missing Pages.

    Stop a wicked magician from becoming immortal thus causing an imbalance and destroying the world. Find cryptic clues. Avoid elaborate traps to find your magician brother hiding deep within a Victorian-era castle. Solve the mystery and prevent him from using the Mystic Diary to build an evil machine to gain eternal life. Embark on an adventure in the world of magic and mystery in this hidden object puzzle adventure!

  • PaperBoy:Infinite bicycle ride Мод APK 1.19 3.7

    PaperBoy:Infinite bicycle ride Мод APK 1.19


    A modern take on a classic game, Paper boy lets you re-live the glory days of retro gaming - but this time in 3D! The aim is simple - ride your bmx bike through town delivering newspapers to your subscribers. Make sure not to deliver to the wrong mailboxes- the blue ones are your subscribers and the red ones are not. Try to avoid the hazards and obstacles along the way! Dogs will chase you, cars can knock you off your bike, and road repairs will always make your journey more challenging. Luckily you can improve your chances with the help of power-ups. Collect coins as you go, and keep on riding as far as you can!

    Paperboy game is Infinite runner (rider) game that gets you back in the past; deliver newspapers to the subscribers and avoid all the obstacles. Subscribers have blue mail box, and they are your gold. Deliver newspapers to the blue mail boxes, not the red ones.

    Have fun with many achievements like breaking the windows, getting away from the chasing dog, and of-course riding as far as possible.

    With the help of power ups like precision, magneto, super bike, double coins, armor and more, we hope you would be able to ride more then your friends.

    Pimp up your bike and equipment! Not just visual, but also functional ;)
  • Haunted Manor 2 - Full Мод APK 1.8 [Unlocked][Full] 3.6

    Haunted Manor 2 - Full Мод APK 1.8 [Unlocked][Full]


    Start trembling... now available “Haunted Manor 2 – the Horror Behind the Mystery” FULL VERSION!

    Get ready to experience a horrific night in the Sterling's manor.
    If you want to escape you will need to overcome your fears and a thousand tricks to release the lost soul of Simon.

    redBit games has created a game equal to the best classic horror films where the hero is YOU. The unique environments and engaging atmosphere will leave you breathless. Can you handle the suspense?


    • Explore the Manor
    • Discover hidden objects
    • Solve complicated puzzles
    • Fight against dark forces
    • Keep a cool head


    • Incredible puzzles to solve
    • Compelling and realistic settings
    • Cinematic shots
    • 3D Audio and HDR graphics
    • Enchanting (sometimes chilling) Soundtrack

    "Haunted Manor 2 - The Horror behind the Mystery" is a one of a kind!
    Live the fantastic adventure set in a mysterious and cursed scenario.

    Give your support to help continue the series!
    Please leave a comment and vote it in the App Store!

    Have feedback? It would be great to hear from you! Please send an email to: [email protected]


    ABOUT redBit games

    redBit games s.r.l. is a young mobile games developer and publisher for smartphones and tablet. Founded in 2013 and based in Rome, is now a company whose games had more than 70 million downloads worldwide.

    Are you already a fan? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for latest news:

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/HauntedManorGame; www.facebook.com/redBitgames

    To discover more games from redBit games, visit our website: www.redbitgames.it

    THANK YOU for playing!

    NOTE: This app does not contain third party advertising nor in app purchasing, guaranteeing an intriguing game without interruption.
  • Wayward Souls Мод APK 1.233 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Wayward Souls Мод APK 1.233 [Unlimited money]


    Wayward Souls is an action-adventure game built for quick playthroughs and massive amounts of replay value. It was inspired by our previous game, Mage Gauntlet.

    Procedurally generated random levels mean that every time you play the game, it's a different experience. Control one of six characters, all with their own unique playstyles, abilities, and equipment. Explore and fight for survival, in combat where your tactics, positioning, and timing matter.

    More Features:
    - Fancy control scheme with no virtual buttons or sticks to fumble over.
    - Unlock new areas, for increasingly punishing difficulty.
    - 13 area types, all with different monsters, potential traps, and rare encounters.
    - Each character can find equipment combinations that change their gameplay.
    - Victory is based on your increasing skill as a player, not solely on grinding.
    - Hats.
    - No IAP ever, even for the hats. All content updates will be free for our fans.
    - Unprecedented scope and variety for an action-adventure game on Android, maybe anywhere.

    Second Update Plans: MFI controller support, some sort of save sync, boss health bars, more character tweaks, Rogue buffs, and more! You can reach us on twitter or facebook to give requests or feedback on the game:

    @NoodlecakeGames / facebook.com/noodlecakestudios
    @rocketcatgames / facebook.com/rocketcatgames
  • Lost Souls: Timeless Fables (Full) Мод APK 1.0 [Unlocked][Full] 3.5

    Lost Souls: Timeless Fables (Full) Мод APK 1.0 [Unlocked][Full]


    Plunge into this awe-inspiring sequel to the breathtaking adventure Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings!
    Bella's brother Stan has mysteriously disappeared after finding an ancient artifact. Since then, she has been haunted by a nightmare that wakes her up in the middle of the night shivering. In it, her brother is drawn through a glaring portal in a strange-looking book. Is it just a dream or a trick of the mind? Join Bella and track down her missing brother through the pages of well-known novels and fables. Explore eye-catching locations, meet amazing characters, play tricky mini-games and solve the mystery of Bella's brother disappearance!

    ● 40 astonishing locations to explore
    ● Over 20 challenging mini-games to master
    ● Five enchanted books and nine chapters to leaf through
    ● 39 achievements to earn
    ● In-depth strategy guide
    ● Google Play game services support

    Game available in: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

    COMPATIBILITY NOTES: This game performs best on high-end smartphones and tablets.

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    ▶ Homicide Squad: Hidden Crimes
    ▶ Pirates & Pearls: A Treasure Matching Puzzle
    ▶ The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery
    ▶ Survivors: The Quest


    ▶ Supermarket Mania Journey
    ▶ Farm Clan®: Farm Life Adventure
    ▶ Virtual City Playground: Building Tycoon
    ▶ Stand O'Food® City: Virtual Frenzy
    ▶ The Island Castaway: Lost World®

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    G5 End User License Supplemental Terms: http://www.g5e.com/G5_End_User_License_Supplemental_Terms
  • Javva Juice Мод APK 1.0 3.7

    Javva Juice Мод APK 1.0


    Adventure little wizard named Javva, looking for his Coffee stolen by evil skeleton King.
    Enjoy challenging gameplay - then Javva Juice for you! Here you have to work hard to be like before you go through the next dungeon! Many clever enemies and treacherous traps will prevent you collect treasures, and the flying brains again and again send you to respawn!


  • Jungle Dinosaur Hunting 3D 2 Мод APK 1.0 [Free purchase][Infinite] 3.6

    Jungle Dinosaur Hunting 3D 2 Мод APK 1.0 [Free purchase][Infinite]


    Dino hunting jungle dinosaurs hunting 2- dino hunting adventure experience the thrill of dino hunting free being an real dino shooter in the mountain dino hunting, dino hunting is real dinosaur hunt thrill and fun for hunting players dinosaur hunter dinosaur hunting games dinosaurs had ruled the land in the dinosaurios prehistoric safari mountains dino games period thousand years before hunter hunting dinosaurs were very big jurassic creation thousand years before hunter dinosaurs games jungle dinosaurs hunting 2- dino hunting adventure there were different hunting games dinosaurs some of them were deadly dinosaur games hunt killers, carnivores super dinosaur shooting jurassic games provides a jungle park environment deer hunter to free hunting games find carnivores and hunt different dino with carnivores dinosaur one of the carnivore best assault gun dinosaur hunter with him hunting game dino best dinosaur games drive crazy jeep and dinosaur hunting games enters hunting games dinosaur into jungle to hunt different types of dino with the best dinosaur games shooting gun.
    The challenge dinosaur new game has to be completed within limited given time dinosaurs jungle dinosaurs hunting 2- dino hunting adventure.
    Dinosaur hunting games: dinosaur new games survival in this dangerous hunter dino hunting in breathtaking environment dino hunting free is not easy dino hunting, dinosaur hunt inhabited dinosaur hunter by the dino with dinosaur hunting games each passing dinosaurios level you dino games provided with hunting games a new dinosaurs games potent dinosaur games weapon to hunter. Hunting hunt and look at the dinosaurs jurassic like hunter from small hunt to giant carnivores, jurassic games from free hunting games herbivores to carnivores, carnivores dinosaur in this fabulous dinosaur hunter simulation hunting game dino.
    Best dinosaur games kill them in dinosaur hunting games lush and hunting games dinosaur dangerous environments the best dinosaur games like the dinosaur new game deadly dinosaurs untouched overgrown jungle and park dinosaur hunting games. Dino hunting super dinosaur shooting park dino hunting free contains different dino hunting addictive survival dinosaur hunt, arcade dinosaur hunter and rescue mode dinosaur hunting games, dinosaurios each mode have sub ten levels in dino games full of action dinosaurs games and fun. There dinosaur games is lot of wild dinosaurs hunter you have to hunting or hunt them before they hunt you hunting games and jurassic this is time to hunt show your hunting skills carnivores. In the most jurassic games deadly environment you have to kill carnivores specific amount of dinosaurs with in a carnivores dinosaur limited time carnivore. You have to dinosaur hunter show your hunting skills in hunting game dino every level best dinosaur games otherwise you will dinosaur hunting games be hunt by deadly dino hunting games dinosaur.
    You'll need a the best dinosaur games powerful dinosaur new game and an expert shooter strategy to kill dinosaurs these dino. Shoot like a hunter like dinosaur hunting games a pro with machine gun & dinosaur new games with rifle. Dino hunting they are the deadliest dinosaur hunt creatures on earth dinosaur hunter. They can dinosaur hunting games attack without warning dinosaurios. Watch out dino games for attacking predators dinosaurs games including dinosaur games. This outstanding hunter high-end shooting hunting game gives you the wonderful hunting games to explore jurassic and hunt dive into the carnivores impressive dinosaur jurassic games adventure, hunting games carnivores, full of different carnivores dinosaur, dinosaur species carnivore.
    Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting game features:
    Immersive Environment with Water Lake.
    Awesome and adventure jungle environment.
    Amazing action pack game play.
    Exciting game sound effect
    Daring & most thrilling dino hunting quests.
    First Person Shooter game play.
    Extremely challenging.
  • Batman v Superman Who Will Win Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Batman v Superman Who Will Win Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money]


    Mankind faces a new threat as darkness falls on Gotham and Metropolis. A personal vendetta has been made, side between Batman or Superman to set the record straight.

    Race against time and go the distance. Dodge obstacles, collect power-ups and battle against your opponent.

    Who Will Win is an endless runner and the Official Movie Game for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

    * Choose your character, play as Batman or Superman.
    * Explore your environment within Gotham and Metropolis.
    * Control the Bat mobile, or fly with Superman.
    * Collect free gifts when you go the distance.
    * Stunning graphics and gameplay.
    * Official Movie Sound Track and and awesome sound effects.
    * A variety of power-ups and pickups to upgrade.

    Privacy Policy: http://cloud.wbpapps.com/batmanvsuperman/privacypolicy/

  • Archery Zombies Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Archery Zombies Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money]


    Dive into the world of the undead. Defend yourself and go on a shooting quest to kill all zombies. Your only friends are your weapons-bow and arrow.In this world of horror,terror,shooting and archery you are alone.Kill them all, Show no mercy.Train yourself as an archery and weapons expert and hunter to hit them all and secure all locations. Upgrade your shooting weapons for a better defense and much better kill.Be the master hunter,Launch arrows to hit,kill and save yourself from the zombies!

    Will you make it till the end in this hunt?

    1. Stunning Graphics with Advanced Lighting Effects
    2. Full 3D Ojects & Environments with High Detailing
    3. Optimized for Tablets
    4. Intuitive & Simple Controls
    5. Spectacular Ragdoll Physics
    6. 15 Challenging Levels(and growing!)
    7. Upgrade upto 6 unique Bows and master them
    8. FREE To Play Shooter Game
    9. Compatible with all Devices
    10.Highly Addictive & Polished Gameplay
    11.UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends on GOOGLE PLAY Leader board.
    12.Share your score on Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp

    Drag your finger towards target to release arrow.



    We have made this game compatible & user friendly with all mobile devices & tablets, if you have problem during installation, please email us at customer support for help. Email us at [email protected]
  • Secret of the Pendulum Мод APK [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Secret of the Pendulum Мод APK [Unlimited money]

    Following a series of clues, join our female heroines Lily and Madison. Together you must help solve the murders that transpire in this chilling time-tale mystery. Journey through this thrilling story-driven game navigating the clues that you discover.

    • Uncover hidden objects from beautifully hand crafted scenes.
    • Investigate crimes scenes to bring you closer to the truth.
    • Engaging and secretive characters that have their own agendas.
    • Enjoy playing with all your friends, share gifts, items, help your friends get items they need to move on, and compete with them in the game Leaderboards if you want.
    • Each Episode/Memory brings you closer to unravelling the mystery that lays before you.
    • Challenging puzzles that leads you to discover new clues.
    • Catch the killers and bring them to justice.
    • Adventurous new Episodes/Memories delivered with each major update.

    PLEASE NOTE – Secret of the Pendulum is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

    At GamesCafe we worked hard to make Secret of the Pendulum™ the best game possible. We really hope that you enjoy this game and tell your friends and family! :)

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/secretpendulum
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SecretofthePendulum
  • Bash The Bear Мод APK 1.0 4.0

    Bash The Bear Мод APK 1.0


    Hedgehog commandos at the defense of the forest

    Lead the squad of hedgehog commandos in reclaiming the mushrooms stolen by the lazy bear from the forest animals. Work out a plan, put your prickly friends in place, and light the fuze! Teach the old rascal a lesson – show him who is the boss here!

    "Get ready to have real fun! Lead the squad of hedgehog commandos in reclaiming the mushrooms stolen by the lazy bear from the poor forest animals. Work out an elaborate attack plan, put your prickly friends in place, light the fuze – and let the explosive fun begin!

    Use powerful cannons, baseball bats, and everything else you have at hand to right the wrong in your own home. Teach the old rascal a lesson – show him who is the real boss in the forest!"

    "Get ready to have real fun! Lead the squad of hedgehog commandos in reclaiming the mushrooms stolen by the lazy yet ravenous bear from the poor forest animals. Time to restore justice! Work out an elaborate attack plan, put your prickly friends in place, light the fuze – and let the explosive fun begin!

    Unbreakable shields, strong magnets, even bug spray – make every effort to reach the bear! Use powerful cannons, baseball bats, and other cool equipment from the commandos' arsenal to right the wrong in your beloved forest. Keep in mind that a couple of dynamite crates can solve any problem! Teach the old rascal a lesson – show him who is the real boss in the forest!"
  • Surfin' Sam Мод APK 1.03 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Surfin' Sam Мод APK 1.03 [Unlimited money]


    Surf's Up! The weather is perfect, the waves are high, the sun is shining...and
    Yep, just another day for our hero, Surfin' Sam.

    Guide Sam and his dependable side-kick, Flip Flops the beach dog, through more
    than 30 levels of adventure in this unique gaming experience! Together you'll run,
    jump, and surf through daring obstacles in search of Prong, leader of the
    Aqualites, to end his assault on Earth—before it's turned into a giant pond! But
    first you'll have to blast through his malicious army, each enemy wielding his own
    set of skills and a desire to stop Sam at all costs!

    Are you bold enough to confront Prong and give him and his forces a kick back
    into outer space? Sam and Flip Flops need your help! The Earth needs your help!
    So get ready for an exciting and heroic gaming experience as you fight to
    overcome THE AQUALITES!
  • 令人感動的養成遊戲 昭和雜貨店物語 Мод APK 1.0.5 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    令人感動的養成遊戲 昭和雜貨店物語 Мод APK 1.0.5 [Unlimited money]


    平時和藹可親,生氣的時候會兇兇 這樣的婆婆她,獨自一人經營的一家小小的店面。
    (1) 利用「進貨」來增加商品
    (2) 身上握著大把零用錢的小鬼們(客人們)就會不斷的湧進來
    (3) 用手指畫過客人的身體來讓他付錢!
    (4) 當錢越來越多了就可以開始提升「糖果」「玩具」等項目的等級了!
    (5) 雜貨店成長之後就會有新的道具出現在圖鑑裡面了喔!
    ◎◎◎ 進貨商品的數量可以從五個階段中選擇 ◎◎◎
    ◎◎◎ 依照選擇的商品數量不同進貨的時間將會持續15分鐘~8個小時不等 ◎◎◎
    ◎◎◎ 若是進行大量進貨的話商品可以維持較長的時間不會斷貨 不過來雜貨店光顧的小鬼的數量就會變少 ◎◎◎
    ◎◎◎ 若是少量進貨的話雖然商品很快就會沒有 不過小鬼來店裡的機會就會提升 ◎◎◎
  • Bois D'Arc: Bow Shooting Мод APK 1.0 [Full] 3.6

    Bois D'Arc: Bow Shooting Мод APK 1.0 [Full]


    Defend your castle against unimaginable dark forces trying to breach its mighty walls. Pick out one of three kingdoms bow shooter hero's in this super addictive and action packed bow shooting game. Bois D'Arc already has already been played by millions on the many different game websites. Therefore VascoGames is proud to bring you the full mobile version of this bow shooter game, choose your hero and take the forces of evil head on!

    The points you earn can be used to upgrade to maximize your effectiveness with the bow., upgrade your skills and drive back the hordes of pure evil to their lands. Choose your hero that will hold the bow, choose for Wilfred Hazardeus a remarkable archery marksman who specialize multi shooting with deadly poisonous essence in every shot. Or Leonard Wildburn a true genius fire champion who exceeds the previous generations by turning flames to explosions . the last hero of the kingdom is Tobias Arclightning an excellent bowman who combines skill of archery with his magical thunder skills These Bow shooting hero's will save the kingdom

    Bois D'Arc: Bow shooting game features:
    + Three bow shooting heroes to pick -> every one has its own unique bowman's skills nobody can shoot like these archers.
    + Beautiful and colorful arrow shooting games graphics.
    + Upgrades, challenges and achievement on the control of your thumbs and fingers.
    + 16 levels full with enemies -> defend your castle wave after wave in this arrow shooting games.
    + Epic fights -> fight of the hordes of evil, they come over land and through the air.
    + 10 challenges -> show your skills to the kingdom in the king of archery games.

    On the screen you see the following, the health of your castle. Don't let the enemy hit your tower keep the health high otherwise the game is over. Remember the gravity affects the shooting angle and the range of the arrow you relase from your bow. Fill up the power bar to drive back the forces of evil back to their lands. Defend your tower from the hordes of demonic monsters the kingdom counts on you! The land of Sedonia lived in peace for years, the magical tree of life maintained balance to the land. The tree maybe keeps watch on the balance, but forces of evil are lurking at the gates of the kingdom. The power of evil gathered their forces and started emerging mysteriously and terror arrived at the borders of the kingdom. To return balance once again to the land the king ordered to make use of the amazing power of the Bois D'arc. So the bow makers start working to craft the most powerful weapon the kingdom ever saw. The mystical bow holds supreme power as the one who holds it can restore peace once again!

    Please give us some support by rating our game on Google Play or following us on:
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VascoGames
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/VascoGames
    YouTube - http://goo.gl/HChVVx
  • 女子に人気の可愛い暇つぶしができる放置系 集まれおっさん酒場 Мод APK 1.0.17 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    女子に人気の可愛い暇つぶしができる放置系 集まれおっさん酒場 Мод APK 1.0.17 [Unlimited money]


    In this tavern tonight, the bloom of love story ...
    A tavern on the stage, the left system to collect old man appeared!
    "I was able to love people."

    How to play is simple.
    Tap or swipe the uncle to visit over time,
    It is possible to get the sales.
    In pooled sales amount, the development of new menu,
    Change of costume, is trying to store renovations in renovation!

    Unique characters who weave, can enjoy back story!

    In the final story, and the ending of shock!
  • 昭和夏祭り物語 ~あの日見た花火を忘れない~ Мод APK 1.0.7 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    昭和夏祭り物語 ~あの日見た花火を忘れない~ Мод APK 1.0.7 [Unlimited money]




    懐かしい! と思わずニンマリしちゃうあの品から、
    ちょっと切なくなる アイテムまで、ノスタルジックな思い出が満載です。










    (1) 「客寄せ」をするとお祭りの会場にお客さんがやってきます。
    (2) お客さんをスワイプすると、ちょうちんの形をした「思い出」が貯まり「親密度」が少し上がります。また、たまに「思い出の品」が出現します。
    (3) 貯めた「思い出」を使って「夜店」を増やしましょう。
    (4) 夜店を増やしたりレベルアップさせると新しいお客さんが来るようになります。
    (5) 「思い出」を使って「イベント」を開催すると特定のお客さんとの「親密度」が上がりやすくなります。
    (6) イベントをレベルアップさせると「思い出の品」が出やすくなります。



    ◎◎◎ 夜店やイベントをレベルアップすると新しいお客さんや思い出の品が出現します。 ◎◎◎
    ◎◎◎ 同じお客さんから思い出を集める度に「親密度」があがり お手紙が届きます。 ◎◎◎
    ◎◎◎ お客さんそれぞれが好きなイベントを開催すると親密度が上がりやすくなります。好きなイベントは図鑑で確認しましょう。 ◎◎◎
  • Terraria Trial Мод APK 1.2.11979 [Paid for free][Unlocked] 3.6

    Terraria Trial Мод APK 1.2.11979 [Paid for free][Unlocked]


    This is the TRIAL version of Terraria for tablet and phone. 

    DIG! FIGHT! EXPLORE! BUILD! Join the community of millions of Terrarians!


    "This is the full version of Terraria, built from the ground up... If you loved it on PC or consoles, you'll love it here.” - Slide To Play

    The very world is at your fingertips as you fight for survival, fortune, and glory. Delve deep into cavernous expanses, seek out ever-greater foes to test your mettle in combat, or construct your own city - In the World of Terraria, the choice is yours!

    We recommend at least 2GB of RAM and a device from 2014 or newer. We support devices running Android 4.3 with 1GB of RAM and compatible graphics, but these devices may experience reduced performance.

    • MULTIPLAYER – Play with up to 7 friends on Local Wifi or Online via device-device Wifi hosted games or through the Mobile Terraria Dedicated Server for PC (available for free on Terraria.org)
    • TERRARIA REIMAGINED FOR MOBILE – Brand new controls and User Interface provide a level of polish and capability not previously possible!
    • New World Sizes – Small/Medium/Large… the same size as on Terraria for PC!
    • Over 300 enemies to combat, defeat, and plunder for loot
    • Over 15 Bosses and Events to truly test the player's skills
    • Endgame Celestial Invasion Event and the Moon Lord final boss encounter
    • Over 20 Biomes and Mini-Biomes to explore, both above and underground – from lush forests to barren deserts to dungeons, the underworld, and even the terrifying Corruption await!
    • New Expert Mode designed to provide new challenges for even the most seasoned Terraria veterans - with the promise of greater rewards
    • Updated crafting with multiple added item options
    • Over 20 NPCs to discover, each providing their own benefits and unique style
    • More than 800 new items to discover – bringing the total item count to more than 3500!
    • In-depth building options that are easy to learn, but allow for amazing feats of architecture in the hands of a master

    In short, every pixel of Terraria has been reimagined and hand crafted for the BEST possible mobile experience!

    Follow us on Twitter @Terraria_Logic and @505_Games

    Join our community on Discord @ http://Discord.GG/Terraria

    Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TerrariaOfficial and https://www.facebook.com/505Games

    Visit us on the web at www.terraria.org

    Join the official Terraria Forums at: https://forums.terraria.org/
  • The Quest Keeper Мод APK 1.71 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    The Quest Keeper Мод APK 1.71 [Unlimited money]


    Help a lowly peasant on his journey to become a powerful dungeon master!

    -10 unique and challenging quests
    -tons of collectable upgrades and items
    -endless dungeon-running fun!

    The game is designed to run on a Samsung Galaxy S2, equivalent, or newer. An optional 'reduce graphics quality' setting is available in the in-game settings menu to players who are experiencing poor framerate on older devices.

  • 3BODI APK Мод APK 1.0.7 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    3BODI APK Мод APK 1.0.7 [Unlimited money]


    3BODI (pronounced Abu-di) is a boy who rescues captured pigeons! Help him escape from the grumpy owner.Set in the beautiful city of Baghdad, the game masterfully offers the thrill of running in the city dodging and dashing from oncoming traffic. You can find amazing monuments such as Liberation tower, Swords of Qādisīyah and many more. The game offers stunning graphics & astounding middle eastern music. What's More ?- Customise your character with more than 25 different sets of clothes and apparels including T-Shirts, Sleeveless Jackets, Jeans pants, Shorts & Shoes- Collect all 20 achievements - Accomplish nearly 60 missions- Reach up to 100 Levels - View your statistics in the stats screen and earn all 4 shiny badges in the game- Challenge your friends every week and be on top of the LeaderboardsKey Features :- Intuitive Controls - Levelling system- Vivid HD graphics- Amazing PowerUps- Beautiful Monuments- Character Customisation- Multiple language supported- Achievements & Leaderboards
  • Winter Craft Survival Sim 3D Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Winter Craft Survival Sim 3D Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    To save your game progress tap «save» button in the pause menu

    Survive the cold winter playing our winter survival simulator! Explore harsh Siberian badlands – snow-cowered taiga, high hills and mountains and total emptiness around. Try to make this place your home playing Winter Craft Survival Sim 3D! Spending time in Siberia is not like relaxing on Tropical Island – it's much harder to hunt, fish or quarry resources than playing usual island survival simulators! Look for weapons and survival tools, build shelters not to get frozen and enjoy ultimate Siberian survival adventure in 3D! Are you afraid of catching a cold? Test your survival and hunting skills fighting for your life with Winter Craft Survival Sim 3D!

    Are you ready for entire winter? Welcome to unusual pixel reality – it's all made of blocks and cubes here! Face difficulties – meet wild animals and blocky predators, learn how to hunt, explore Siberian taiga woods, quarry resources and craft weapons and tools you need. Mind survivor's indicators – health, fullness, water rate and warmth rate! Avoid catching a cold – it's a right way to death! Build cube shelter or make a fireplace (it's also a great way to cook hunted loot!), explore forest badlands, avoid meeting with wild aggressive Siberian predators ready to attack or hunt them to make your next meal. Find pixel weapons and other survival tools or craft it yourself! Get ultimate winter survival experience and get all your hunting and battling skills to work! Tired of relaxing on peaceful tropical islands? Test yourself playing Winter Craft Survival Sim 3D – great survival simulator for those who aren't afraid of cold!

    Wild animals' attacks are not the biggest problem, outdoor temperature in Siberian woods might be about -30 degrees! Build blocky shelters and make a fire to keep yourself warm! Craft torches and clothes that might be useful too, hunt for wild animals, fish in the lake and battle against predators! Explore unusual pixel environment, feed your character with hunted loot, cut trees to get wood and build a house and stay alive! Don't forget to check survivor's status – don't let it become red! Keep yourself fed, warm and sleep well. It's the only chance to survive in extreme Siberian conditions! Be ready for really cold days playing Winter Craft Survival Sim 3D – great game for those who are tired of usual island survival simulators!

    Winter Craft Survival Sim 3D features:

    - Amazing winter survival simulator in 3D – survive entire Siberian winter hunting, fighting and exploring everything around
    - Cute pixel setting – it's all made of cubes and blocks here! Trees, buildings, weapons, clothes and even YOU!
    - Mind survivor's indicators to stay alive – hunt wild animals to get food, build shelters to hide from freezing cold, craft weapons and tools to make your life easier
    - Unique crafting system – quarry resources to craft anything you need
    - Huge Siberian taiga to explore - swim, fish, hunt, battle or gather

    Are you ready for the greatest survival adventure ever? Or prefer to spend time on tropical survival island? Anyway, try Winter Craft Survival Simulator - great game to overcome the fear of freezing cold! Explore pixel Siberian woods, hunt wild animals, rebuff predators' attacks and build shelter not to freeze to the full! Upgrade your survival skills hunting, gathering and crafting! Dress warmly in new armor made of animal's skin, cut trees and start building your home! Enjoy Winter Craft Survival Simulator in 3D!

    More pixel games, features and fun on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Pixel-Island-149395085435266/
  • Danse Macabre: Deadly Deceptio Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Danse Macabre: Deadly Deceptio Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    Unlock the complete adventure with a single purchase! No in-app purchases!

    The Belfort Hall Academy of Dance is known for turning ballet amateurs into stars, but when a class favorite is found dead, long-hidden secrets come to light. Investigate the crime scene and interrogate suspects to reveal the truth!

    It turns out that the victim isn't who she was claiming to be and now you must find out where the real Marion Ashworth is and why the victim chose to impersonate her!

    Search within immersive hidden object scenes and find significant clues that will help crack the case.

    Collect evidence by solving challenging puzzles and playing exciting mini-games. Careful! Things are not always what they seem.

    Learn a different side to the story in the bonus chapter and also enjoy Collector's Edition exclusives including bonus mini-games and collectible items!

    • Find thousands of hidden objects, plus solve tons of mini games and puzzles!
    • Unlock this incredible Collector's Edition to gain access to all of the amazing bonuses and additional gameplay!

    *** Discover more from Big Fish Games***

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    Check out our entire game library with our Big Fish Games app absolutely FREE here: http://bigfi.sh/BFGAMGoog

    Visit Big Fish Games, a leading developer, producer, and publisher of puzzle, adventure, casual, card & casino games!

    VISIT US: www.bigfishgames.com
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    FOLLOW US: www.twitter.com/bigfishgames
    TALK TO US: www.facebook.com/bigfishgames
  • Cats vs Dragons Мод APK 1.0.2 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Cats vs Dragons Мод APK 1.0.2 [Unlimited money]


    Sharpen your claws and equip your best gear for a dungeon crawl with cute kittens!

    Cats vs Dragons melds classic RPG elements and strategy mechanics in an arcade fantasy game about magic, adorable kitties and evil dragons who want to steal a magic crystal and conquer the world.

    Aid the hero Lynx on his quest to rescue the cat princess from the clutches of the Dragon King! Guide him through the dragons' tower, fighting evil creatures throughout 240 floors. Use and develop powerful hero skills and help save the nine missing crystal bearers who will aid Lynx in his quest. Gather and spend Cat Food to summon allies. Pick up precious Cat Coins found throughout the tower and spend them to improve your party's abilities, and prepare for the fight against the evil Dragon King.

    - Vivid cartoon-like graphics
    - Simple and precise controls
    - Defeat evil creatures throughout the tower's 240 floors
    - 60 levels of increasing difficulty
    - Save the 9 crystal bearers
    - Summon the crystal bearers and their friends as allies
    - Level up and upgrade your abilities
    - Acquire Cat Coins to spend on upgrades
    - Upgrade your party and improve your defenses against the enemies
    - This app supports English,French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Turbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive Мод APK 2.5.2 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Turbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive Мод APK 2.5.2 [Unlimited money]


    Are you looking for a highly entertaining, funny and amazing adventure survival run? Welcome to the miniature world of a Bug´s life. Dive into the adventures that a bug must face in his day to day, and try to sort all the obstacles in this mini madness chaos.

    Find your way in several environments, depending on what kind of bug you are trying to save. If you´re an ant, you'll have to sort wood sticks, leaves, and even water drops when raining to avoid losing your path. Change your tactics and strategy depending on your natural predators. If your character is a caterpillar, then find some good camouflage and hide from birds! Now you are a ladybug? Avoid the kids that are wishing to turn you into a crispy toasted bug! Don´t let them rip off your wings! Improve your reflexes and keep your brain entertained in this incredible endless run adventure filled with tons of adrenaline racing!

    ★★★ Use the Turbo Booster to Improve your Bug Skills! Collect other Power-Up Funny Boosts to achieve multiple side mission goals! Live a Bug´s Life Now, GetTurbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive NOW for Free on Google Play Store!!! ★★★

    Perfect for all, kids and adults can spend hours in this addictive running game! You better rush to collect cherries, stars, and jewels to upgrade your character! Travel as far as you can with the new improved bug, gain extra skills like dash, sprint, and roll to be able to sort the always changing obstacles, gaps, narrow bridges, huge rocks, and all kind of difficulties on one of the top tricky games of all times! Add more excitement and put your reaction and reflexes to test, enter the kindergarten where your worst enemies are a magnifying glass and all the insect smasher teachers! Dodge quickly their attacks with your stored boosters and gain extra rewards to keep your bug´s body in shape. You can also upgrade their natural armors and fight against the Mother Nature!

    Join the Ultimate Bug´s Race Against their Wild Hunt predators!! Help your bug win this survival Dash Running Challenge on: Turbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive for Free NOW on Google Play Store!!!

    This game was designed with amazing 3D graphics, super crazy environmentally realistic sounds, easy to play to grant an amazing user experience during the game-play, extremely addictive! Your kids, friends, and family will absolutely love it. Dare to change your perspective and enter into a little world adventures! Grab your device and discover the hidden jungle of your garden! Turn your bugs into real insect legend heroes, teach others your fruit treasures and place your name on top of our leaderboards! Be ready to begin your journey!

    ★★★ Don't wait any longer, Download it for FREE, Limited Time Only: Turbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive on Google Play Store!!! ★★★

    Features of the game:

    - Several Bug Characters to Choose
    - Friendly UI
    - 100% Original Themed Endless Runner Game
    - Multiple Power Up Boosters
    - Customize Your Bug with Different Skill Upgrades

    ★ This is your chance to get a unique, funny and addicting game for adults and kids from all ages, totally FREE!!! Continue the adventure saga of our first Turbo Bugs withTurbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive NOW !!!! ★
  • Grapple Guy Мод APK 1.06 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Grapple Guy Мод APK 1.06 [Unlimited money]


    Get in the shoes of a fearless adventurer on his journey to gather coins and diamonds.
    Try to get as far as you possibly can with the help of your grappling hook, combined with a perfect timing. Don't forget that you are a hero with the power to control gravity!

    Use your collected treasures to unlock new heroes, each with their totally unique attributes and environments! Advance to new levels, and open up the possibilitiy to gather even bigger treasures!

    YOU GET:
    ● Gather coins and rare diamonds
    ● Use your timing and skills to get as far as you can
    ● Unlock new, totally unique heroes with their own attributes and environments
    ● Upgrades
    ● Achievements and Quests
    ● Leaderboards

    It's time to get hooked!

    If you discover any bugs or got suggestions to make the game better, please do not hesitate to send us a mail:
    [email protected]
  • Fishing Craft Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Fishing Craft Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlimited money]


    Fishing Craft – fishing sport game for real fisherman, that will let you to enjoy fishing whenever you want.

    Every fisherman or angler knows there is nothing better than come back from work, picking up fishing tackle and heading to the nearest fishing lake or sea for some quality sport fishing. If it's not a fishing season or you don't have your fishing boat, just play our game Fishing Craft . Let's just fish and enjoy fishing trip, holding fishing rod, staring at the water and waiting for your prize.

    REAL SEA, REAL FISH, REAL FUN! That is what you can expect here. Just grab your rob and make the biggest catch.

    Fishing Craft game process:

    Check your map, don't forget about bait for fish and food for yourself.
    Remember, you have limited time.
    Don't be greedy with the fish, otherwise your fishing boat will go down with you.
    From a tiny fish to as big as a whale, use different techniques to catch a variety of fish.
    Larger fish are stronger than the small ones and won't be hauled in easily!
    You have only one enemy here – sharks. Don't catch them!

    Now, let's test all your fishing skills, while you are trying to catch as many fish as you can. Show, that you are a real fisherman!

    Fishing Craft - cast, attract, set the hook and reel your fish in an intense fight!
  • Alice and stiffness Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Alice and stiffness Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlimited money]


    Do you have the courage to do this crazy puppet show until the end?"Girl Alice, had been sick for about cute. "[Story of darkness deeper than the darkness]- [Alice and stiffness ~ Lee fairy tale family] -▼ Overview and characteristics of "Alice and stiffness ~ Lee fairy tale family"· Spine chilling little stiffness ~ Lee forbidden dark fairy tale.· Chopiri taste eerie story "Petit adventure game"- Fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" strange system Gothic story that was themed-Crowded elements plenty of picture book features and adopted the topic multi ending!- Sick cute characters speak out !! voice also features!- Until the end cute dark fairy tale game sick play for free.-Operation very simple! Anyone you can feel free to fun to play.▼ How to Play the "Alice and stiffness ~ Lee fairy tale family"· Let's defeat the doll that comes together at regular time intervals.Once-doll defeated is equal to or greater than the constant out proceed story, in the end it ...▼ "Alice and stiffness ~ Lee fairy tale family" is recommended for such a person.If you like the Gothic and dark fairy tale game- Alice in Wonderland and fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood "fairy tale" system apps like you likeThose who like reading system such as, picture books and novels· Yandere and little sick If you want to try playing with cute characters come out gameDark person atmosphere you like▼ character voice (CV)Katagiri Yurika▼ Sound offer· DOVA-SYNDROME http://dova-s.jp/· Light darkness world http://www.j-rokudo.jp/· MusMus http://musmus.main.jp/- Sound effects lab http://soundeffect-lab.info/-Jellyfish Artificer http://www.kurage-kosho.info/▼ Other Notes• This app restoration of such data does not correspond. Data application management at your own risk.• This app is so who can play in a completely free and we have been raising the operation and development costs by advertising revenue.In order to continue to provide the app with full free future, humbly, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • Dragon Sword Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Dragon Sword Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money]


    Join Ryu as he embarks on an endless adventure. Journey across the forgotten forest and her native wilderness, through the scorching desert, hidden beaches, freezing tundras, and burning isles. Join him in his valiant quest for the search of the true Dragon Sword that will slay and end chaos and evil.

    Along the way you'll avoid traps, leap over spike pits and terrifying chasms and defeat the dungeon dragon – all while braving every challenge the world has to offer. Only those with great skills and great wits will only surpass every obstacles, and outsmart every puzzle and monster that awaits this journey. Be Ryu's ally and take on this cool journey with him.


    • Fluid, fast and exhilarating gameplay

    • Easy to learn, difficult to master swipe based controls

    • Chain together combos to maximize points and speed

    • Test your skills with over 100+ levels

    • Challenge your friends. Compete for the highest damage, most collected runes, and longest combo!

    • Beautifully minimalist and cool design
  • Rolls : Space Run 3D Мод APK 1.0.8 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Rolls : Space Run 3D Мод APK 1.0.8 [Unlimited money]


    Rolls is a game that run and jump through rolled maps in space galaxy.
    The splendid 3D effect scene enables you to experience the imaginary traps and barriers. Now, let's control the ball and conquer the maps in space galaxy by overcoming challenges.
    Swipe to run and jump to avoid obstacles, collect crystals and unlock new balls, and see how far you can run!

    Rolls is the best free 3D running game! If you love PICABU games then you will love this cool FREE running game in space galaxy!


    Get 13 different balls that have fantastic designs.
    You can use double jump, rocket jump, long jump skills.
    Watch out for breakable tiles and moving cube obstacles!
    Explorer 100 variety of maps using explorer run mode.
    See how far you can get and climb the leader boards through the Infinite Mode!
  • Winter Island CRAFTING GAME 3D Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Winter Island CRAFTING GAME 3D Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    Survive at coldest place! Explore big winter island in game Winter Island CRAFTING GAME 3D!
    Find food to stay alive! Collect different items to craft new instruments or weapons like pick, axe or bow.
    This is cool winter survival simulator! There are many hungry animals, try to defeat predators and survive at night!
    + Cool 3d graphics with amazing visual effects
    + Big open world - do what you like
    + Different resources and items
    + Instruments and weapons
    + You can make own house
    + Level up your survival skills
    + Simple tutorial on staring game
    + Amazing sounds and music

    Try to survive! Hold on the island as long as possible! Play Winter Island CRAFTING GAME 3D survival simulator 3d!
  • Clan of Dilophosaurus Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Clan of Dilophosaurus Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    Clan of Dilophosaurus has arrived!

    Control your very own Dilophosaurus as you race across this highly detailed Jurassic landscape in search of your clan members. This fearsome jurassic dinosaur come with 6 different textures to choose from to make him look the way you want!! Use your clan members to help you battle the huge Dinosaur bosses. Its total Jurassic dinosaur action, all for free!

    HINT : Call your clan members when you are near your enemies. They will come to your rescue.

    This adventure simulator game is packed with all your favorite dinosaurs including: Triceratops , Velociraptor, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus,, Spinosaurus, and of course T-Rex. We even threw in some giant ants for fun.

    One of the relatively well know Jurassic dinosaurs around, the Dilophosaurus is ready to hunt everything in sight. Help him establish his own clan, grow into a giant, and dominate this jurassic world.

    ✓ Customize your Dinosaur by pressing the Edit button on the 'Me' page
    ✓ 6 Different Color and Style Options to Select From

    Other enemy dinosaurs include : Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Raptor, Carnotaurus, and Stegosaurus. Watch out for the giant ants! Race around the huge map and hunt down your enemies. Strike them before they strike you. This game is Part Role Playing, Part Animal Simulator, and Total 3D Dino Action. The ultimate in dinosaur simulation.

    Magic abilities include : Electricity, Invincibility Shield, Healing, and Fireball.

    Top Game Features:
    ✓ Huge 3D Map
    ✓ Realistic dinosaur sound effects and weather effects
    ✓ Action packed, fast faced, 3D Dinosaur Simulator
    ✓ Open World Style game
    ✓ Locate all 6 of your family members
    ✓ Find all the magic books to magic spell abilities
    ✓ Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, T-Rex
    ✓ Part RPG and Part Animal Sim

    Jurassic Map Features Include:
    The feeling of being in a Jurassic world
    Movable tree trunks
    Logs to Smash
    Super High Grass
    Hidden Caves
    Waterfalls and Lava!!

    Game objectives:
    1. Claim your territory
    2. Find all 4 of your own Clan members
    3. Find all the magic spell books
    4. Defeat all 6 Bosses
    5. Defeat all the enemy Dilophosaurus Clan Bosses
    6. Defeat all 6 Super bosses

    We love all the feedback we receive about our games. We try hard to respond to all comments and listen to your suggestions. This app is a result of your feedback. Please check out our just released Clan of Carnotaurus. At Wildfoot, we love 3D animal simulators and our goal is to set the standard of quality for animal simulators. We try to bring you the best animal sims possible, and still keep them free to download. Stay tuned for some epic apps to come soon!

    Please stop by our Facebook page:
https://www.facebook.com/wildfootgames for updates. Have a Wildfoot Day!
  • LandLord 3D: Survival Island Мод APK 1.3 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    LandLord 3D: Survival Island Мод APK 1.3 [Unlimited money]


    Landlord 3D: Survival Island

    The game was released in BETA. They have not been introduced yet most important functionality (they will be added in later updates).

    You are stranded on a mysterious island. Explore the vast island, mountains, forest and smaller islands. Salvage anything that may help you explore the survival island. Use your exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive at all cost.
    LandLord 3D: Survival Island is an open world 3D, and survival game where your objective is to survive, discovering secret places where there are interesting Items, treasure chests and teleports, and thrive in this hostile environment – survival island.

    Explore places on the survival island where you buy different survival tools. They will help you survive. Will you keep from animals get wood and other raw materials. Get survival skills that will help you live on the survival island. Keep in mind that in the mountains ing the most danger - there are a herd of mutant wolves. No one alive has not come back from there. Maybe in the mountains there are some unknown treasures? On the island were once gold deposits.

    Raw materials:
    You can cut the trees and extract stones (you need survival tools). In some places you can also find iron ore and gold ore, which you can then sell for a good price.

    Defend yourself against animals or hunt them. You need food to survive. Increase your survival skills.

    At traders buy survival tools, weapons, sell wood, stones, pearls and diamonds, and many other items. Find all traders.

    On the map are teleports that will take you to various points of interest (other survival islands). To move to another place you need mana to teleport, which can be found in various places on the survival island.

    Treasure chests:
    Treasure chests contain much worth Bonus Items. Boxes are hidden on the survival island in different places - only the strongest will players find them all.

    Upcoming Features in the game Landlord 3D: Survival Island:
    - purchase of warehouses, farms and production buildings
    - add experience points and survival skills
    - more animals and mysterious monsters on the island
    - more items, weapons, survival tools
    - larger island and increase amounts of islands to explore
    - much, much more mysterious places on the island
  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    We're Going on a Bear Hunt Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlimited money]


    Новая и официально выпущенная игра «We're Going on a Bear Hunt» по мотивам удостоенной наград книги Майкла Розена и Хелен Оксенбери, а также мультипликационного фильма студии Lupus Films.

    Пора и тебе повеселиться! Стань Максом или Рози и отправься на поиски медведя: размахивай сачком на лугу, брызгайся в реке и хлюпай по грязи. Не перейти, не обойти. Чтобы все было не зря, придется идти во тьму! Что же тебя ждет в узкой и мрачной пещере?

    Пройдись по лугу и найди в траве кучу букашек. Осмотри мелководье и отыщи подводных обитателей! Наш медведь очень славный и любит играть. Его можно купать, наряжать и даже отгонять от него пчел. А еще можно играть в догонялки по дороге домой.

    Чем можно заняться:
    • Ловить сачком жучков на лугу. Вжик-вжик!
    • Искать крабов на мелководье. Плюх-плюх!
    • Ловить падающие листья и желуди в темном лесу. Не забывай смотреть под ноги!
    • Прокрасться в пещеру к медведю и познакомиться с ним поближе!
    • Бежать следом за напуганными медведем родными через лес, реку и луг, по грязи и снегу. Не забывай смотреть под ноги!

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