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  • Beam DE 2.0 : Car Crash Game Мод APK 1.01 4.0

    Beam DE 2.0 : Car Crash Game Мод APK 1.01



    Hello, we done it again. Today WELG can introduce new game!
    Meet Beam Damage Engine 2.0 (BeamDE)!

    In our new game we made:
    - Revolution car crash physics!
    - Realistic graphics!
    - 10 cars on start and more with updates
    - 2 maps on start and more with updates
    - Slowmotion
    - Nitro

    Now you can see how to fly off and crumple of your car. Accelerate using nitro and crashed into a wall at full speed! This is an incredibly spectacular! Exclusively in our game!

    welg.ru - our website
    twitter.com/welgru - our twitter
    vk.com/welgru - our VK.

  • War Tank Racer APK Мод APK 1.2 [Infinite] 4.0

    War Tank Racer APK Мод APK 1.2 [Infinite]


    You like tanks and shoot from cannon, but tired of slow, rusty and sluggish pimped? Then play War Tank Racer and show enemies who's the daddy on the track!Take control of this killing machine and don't confusing a small tank size. He's a beast in the battle!Ready... Steady ... Fire!Here everything is like in serious race. Opponents are waiting for the start, the engines roar and cannons... Of course, there're cannons, it's a game about tanks! Only the skillest players will be able to reach the fiinish! You'll have to shoot enemies, overcome obstacles and treacherous turns, dodge shots and drive forward at breakneck speed. Seize any means at hand - shoot out of cannons, ram enemies, prune them and face the road! Arrange a real massacre for the victory!***FEATURES***Nice 3D graphicsGood control system with using the gyro. Immerse yourself completely in the game!Compete with your opponents in speed, maneuverability and shooting skillPlay in single or multiplayer modeA lot of exciting trails from easiest to very difficultGather all tanks and choose the most suitable for you! Each tank has a unique set of parameters and characteristicsOfficial community of BIK Mobile Games.Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BIKMGamesVk - https://vk.com/bikmgames
  • Cube Race Мод APK 1.03 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    Cube Race Мод APK 1.03 [Unlimited money]


    You have to be fast and agile in order to overcome the hard way.

    -Bring a better time on the tracks and earn stars.
    -Earn and spend coins.
    -Unlock new levels and cars.
    -Find all of the crystals.

    The game features:
    - physics
    - beautiful backgrounds
    - hard levels
    - car selection
    - upgrades
    - traps and obstacles
    - crystals hidden on the way
  • Real Car Road Racing 3D Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Real Car Road Racing 3D Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    Have you ever want to become a racer? Have you ever want to show your skills on Real track? Do you have courage to take risk on international tracks where you can fly your machine like a real hero? Have you ever want to have a trip of different countries like USA, Russia, Turkey, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Nigeria, Australia, Newzeland, China, Germany, Italy, Denmark, United Kingdom and other where ever you want to go. Have you ever want to shake your car on massive real road racing tracks?
    Get yourself ready to sit on the best Racing Cars. You have to show your skills that how good you can drive such an amazing Racing Cars. Let's beat the time and be the first on finish line. Let's show your outstanding performance on road.

    >Best 3D graphics
    >Different & realistic controls
    >Real Road Racing Cars.
    >Realistic Racing tracks.
    >Super AI
    >Real taste of racing.
    >Smooth controls
    >Realistic car effects and damages
  • Trial Extreme 4 Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Trial Extreme 4 Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlimited money]


    Trial Extreme 4 Ultimate is the ultimate Trials game for you mobile phone. It has the most feature trial players are looking for.
    Dive yourself into this game awesome environment, with rich and realistic models, exclusively for a better player immersion.
    Game Features
    2 Different play mode ( Career and Missions )
    4 Scenarios ( City Beach Cave and Dirt)
    5 Bikes ( from trials motocross to quad motorcycle to super biker)
    Over 60 Levels

    Developed by Tiago Serra
  • School Bus Driver: Hill Climb Мод APK 1.3 3.9

    School Bus Driver: Hill Climb Мод APK 1.3


    ARE YOU UP FOR THE MOST EPIC HILL DRIVING GAME EVER!In School Bus Driver: Hill Climb you need to bring students to their destination during their school trip. So drive through the high hill climb mountain roads and take your students on a trip of a lifetime. This is a job with great responsibility driver, so don't get distracted too much. Watch out for rock slides or mountain goats on the roads. Did we say mountain goats, this simulator is full of goats and other crazy events that you can encounter during your hill climb missions. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU ARE DRIVING YOUR SCHOOL BUS IN THIS SIMULATOR GAMEKeep your eyes on the road signs, show your driver skills in this off road driving adventure. Experience the feeling of handling a big school bus on some small mountain roads. Do you think you are up for the task. Driving a bus in the mountains is harder than driving a bus on urban city roads.Drive the off-road tourist bus filled with passengers inside. Being a bus driver on off road mountains and hills is not an easy task. Enjoy hours of non stop bus driving duty with multiple gameplay missions School Bus Driver: Hill Climb - 3D Hill Climb Game Features Drive your school bus with students to their new locationRealistic 3D school bus simulator environments you will not find in other school busr gamesCountless hours of gameplay with 20 unlockable missionsUpgrade the different vehicles with unique upgrades Realistic damage, don't fall asleep behind the wheel take some rest now and then So get ready to face the challenges of this new School Bus Driver: Hill Climb game, with levels full of unique hill climbing environments which you can conquer with different american school buses Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VascoGamesTwitter - https://twitter.com/VascoGamesYouTube - http://goo.gl/HChVVx
  • Racing in Flow Мод APK 1.2.6 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Racing in Flow Мод APK 1.2.6 [Unlimited money]


    Drive your car through traffic and enjoy the fast paced, thrilling arcade racing game. Become a best racer and drive through traffic at crazy speeds. Earn points and buy faster cars and upgrades.

    - Real dynamic game feeling with endless fun.
    - Beautiful 3D graphics.
    - Easy driving controls.
    - 32 different cars to choose from + truck + tank.
    - Every day 1 car is unlocked.
    - Upgrades: handling, speed, braking.
    - More maps.
    - Bonus points for close overtakes.
    - Two modes: "Simulation" and "Arcade racing games".
    - View from the cockpit.

  • Drift Zone - Truck Simulator Мод APK 1.33 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    Drift Zone - Truck Simulator Мод APK 1.33 [Unlimited money]


    Over 40 different marvel tracks are ready for the ultimate truck car driver to burn tire rubber! Compete for gold in the best android truck racing simulator game. It's free new 2015 game with stunning 3D graphics, unique stylish euro transporter cars with absolute realistic driving mechanic simulation and challenging missions that require both real drifting steering skills and xtreme speed coordination. Game allows for almost unlimited of ways to express your tuning jdm creativity. Max csr burnout on the asphalt! Visit unique free and fun locations like Tokyo city industries, Dubai away parking, europe airport street and more!

    ★ If you are a real enthusiast of drifting and racing games = This is the new best game for You!
    ★ Insane burnout marvel on each challenge = one set of your rubber car tires burned!
    ★ Just One rule = You earn score points only when you are driving sideways.

    ✪ Fun - Insane fun drifting steering mechanic simulation and tons of tuning options
    ✪ Speed - Drive sideways at fast xtreme speed. Overdrive burn on the asphalt!
    ✪ G-force on every turn - Realistic shift drag drift mechanic simulation
    ✪ Shiny rims - Lots of awesome tuning upgrades for your ride, not only rims! Pimp your ride like a King!
    ✪ Stylish graphics - Awesome 3D graphics with xtreme absolute instant classic racing tracks and unique bmw and jdm japanese inspired car rigs
    ✪ 12 different seasons - Hours of drifting fun across changing seasons.
    ✪ 40 diffrent marvel euro levels (Tokyo city industries, Dubai away parking, europe airport and more!)
    ✪ Unlimited car customisation - Tune your jdm ride rig into classic and marvel your friends!
    ✪ Bullet time -> New shiny drag slow motion shift feature helping you tune your drive drifts to perfection
    Leaderboards -> Race against your friends in ultimate carx challenge, perform better than them and become max csr driving King!

    Wide range of realistic euro trucks 2 and lots of stylish classic asphalt race tracks to csr shift drag on will provide you with hours of tire burning craziness... Realistic 3D graphics will provide you with unlimited tuning options to express your jdm creativity - tune your tires, rims, car body and more! Marvel your friends on bmw bimmerforums or on driftworks! Become master of the steering wheel! Hotwire your classic euro drive and become absolute max shift drag road monster! Visit many locations from europe like Tokyo city industries, away Dubai parking and airport street! Pimp your insane vehicle like a King! Just bis! Tons of bmw and jdm japanese inspired visuals! Tune your ride into absolute xtreme transporter vehicle so you can just set away your wheels into the overdrive fire! Chase the vanishing point! Absolute max burnout need on Dubai asphalt! Get in the zone!

    Awesome Industries support safe road driving. We strongly advise you not to shift drag race or perform any type of real underground drift racing if you are not a trained racing wcar driver. This game is intended to remain on you mobile and tablet as car simulator and not to be taken on the streets. It is both illegal and dangerous to perform those csr activities in real life.

    Don't forget to check our other Drift Zone games and check out our awesome fanpage
    and website
    http://driftzonegames.com/ !
    Drift Zone 2 is coming with even better free carx driving mechanic simulation, more vehicle tuning options (rims, rubber tires... almost everything will be max customizable)!
    Visit out Facebook Fanpage for more view on hotwire information! More free stuff coming!
  • Thumb Car Racing APK Мод APK 1.3 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Thumb Car Racing APK Мод APK 1.3 [Unlimited money]


    Discover Thumb Car Racing, the car racing game that can be played with the thumb in portrait mode, entirely free (all extra contents in the game are free)Thumb Car Racing is a stock car game with 120 tracks and 40 cars!Drive on wild tracks, challenge 9 opponents and try to make it to the podium and get virtual Bitcoins!Use this money to buy boosters and unlock new and more powerful cars!If you like full and free racing games, challenges and the smell of the asphalt, Thumb Car Racing is perfect for you! Key functionalities : - Car racing game against AI,- Optimized maneuverability for mobile (playable with 1 thumb in portrait mode),- 120 levels with rewards,- Coins to collect in each level,- 25 cars to unlock,- HD Graphics, sounds and interfaces,- Entirely FREE (no in-app purchase).
  • Racing Riders Мод APK 1.2 [Infinite] 3.8

    Racing Riders Мод APK 1.2 [Infinite]


    In this world of Racing Riders, hop into the buggy and smash your rivals in this amazing go kart race!
    Drive into an action-packed, surprise-filled world of off-road kart racing mayhem.

    Race against a field of rival drivers, and be the first to cross the finish line!
    It's not just a great looking 3D racing game, Racing Rider is an epic racing game with spectacular physics-based engine!

    Compete with your friends on Leaderboards, earn Achievements!
    Explore 3 exciting themes full of unique challenges and sweet ATV racing experience.
    Choose your own favourite character and upgrade to any of the 5 distinctive racing ATV.
    Complete all the exciting levels in Racing Rider for FREE now!

    If you face any problems while installation or while playing the game, please report to us.
    We will resolve it at the earliest.
  • Russian Cars: 99 and 9 in City Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 3.9

    Russian Cars: 99 and 9 in City Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Is a real physics engine game and simulator.
    Ever wanted to try a russian cars simulator and city driving?
    Now you can drive, drift and feel a russian car for free!
    Accurate physics engine that can deliver the most realistic racing fun possible.

    ****GAME FEATURES****
    - Destruction of a vehicle.
    - Real dynamic game feeling with endless fun.
    - Car tuning.
    - New Сity.
    - Easy controller.
    - Realistic acceleration.
    - Beautiful graphics.
    - Accurate physics.
  • Garfield Kart Fast & Furry Мод APK 1.043 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Garfield Kart Fast & Furry Мод APK 1.043 [Unlimited money]


    Join Garfield and his friends in the funniest Fast and Furryous game!

    Off to the track! Garfield, Jon, Odie, and their friends are back for action-packed kart races.

    Use your best steering techniques to win lots of challenges. Skids, pie throws, bouncy springs, explosive diamonds... your driving skills will be totally tested!

    • Confront Garfield and his friends in over 80 wacky CHALLENGES
    • Several GAME MODES and various challenges (Time trials, duels, races, picking up as many coins as possible, finding puzzle pieces, throwing pies at Jon, and more)
    • ONLINE TIMES - Compare your best times with other players in Time Trials mode
    • Solo and multiplayer CHAMPIONSHIP MODE
    • CUSTOMIZE your characters with several hats and accessories
    • 8 CHARACTERS - Garfield, Odie, Jon, Nermal, Arlene, Liz, Harry, and Squeak.
    • 2 TYPES OF CONTROLS - steer the kart with a gyroscope or with buttons
    • Compare scores with your Facebook friends and follow their progress

    This free application contains ads, and includes in-app purchases paid for by real money. A network connection is required for some of the features.

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  • Racing Game : Truck Racer Мод APK 1.1.2 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Racing Game : Truck Racer Мод APK 1.1.2 [Unlimited money]


    Super American trucks are ready in garage. You will race for the unlocked ones. Drive at extreme speeds without taking damage. Show all the drivers on the road that you are the illegal and limitless truck driver. Don't smash rivals, just overtake to bate them in this freeride illegal truck race.

    Everything you expect from truck racing games and sentidos truck driving games is available in Racing Game : Truck Racer. This is not like the aggressive truck race games where you smash your racing rivals or crash anything on your way. The aim of this game is to overtake cars and trucks. Go distance as much as possible without taking damage and without giving destruction. Just close overtakes bring you scores. See every automobile and vehicle on the road as racers to overtake.

    Keep your speed above 100 km in order to get score. With the coins earned, you can unlock new American trucks and new racing tracks on various boulevard. Besides, you can update braking, acceleration and handling skills of your American trucks to race in extreme. Demolition will not bring coins but distance and close overtakes are to get a high score. When you overtake the vehicles in opposite direction, you get more score! But don't rear end or crush vehicles in this crazy traffic. There is no artery no criminal in this joyful truck race game.

    The truck race modes of the game: endless one way, endless two way, time trial, free ride and daily rewards. If you are unassertive, race in endless one way mode but for more score, endless two way is advantageous. For who just wants to develop his/her skills at truck driving, we recommend free ride mode. Race against time in time trial mode to elevate excitement. Lastly, daily rewards mode is the most challenging one which gives you an ultimate truck race excitement.

    After selecting one of the American trucks and race modes, track selection comes. There are four environments in this extreme truck race game: city, highway, bridge and tube tunnel. Race in 3D environments and enjoy high quality 3D graphics. Be the best among the truckers and truck drivers in this rac simulating a free ride truck race. If you like lorry, cargo, trailers, and euro truck simulator, this truck race is for you. You can change color wheel of lorry or cargo trailer truck. Upgrade handling, accelerations for continuous and limitless.


    - American Truck Racing Game in 3D City environment
    - Various American trucks in garage
    - Changeable truck color and wheels
    - Up-gradable speed, handling, braking
    - Free coins for a video
    - Four truck race environment: city, highway, bridge, tube tunnel
    - Acceleration options: auto and manual
    - Steering options: tilt and touch
    - Game modes: endless one way, endless two way, time trial, free ride and daily rewards
    - Free Ride mode to test speed and performance of the selected truck or to improve your driving skills
  • SouzaSim - Moped Edition Мод APK 1.9.3 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    SouzaSim - Moped Edition Мод APK 1.9.3 [Unlimited money]


    Wheelie as far as you can and beat your friends in the score! And that's not all! You can customize your bike however you like there's a tone of customization ways, like changing you rims, exhausts and many more!.

    Customization Abilities And Game Features:
    Available 4 moped motorcycles, and you can RGB coloring.
    A lot of Rims, with the ability to change either rim's color(RGB) or frame's color(RGB).
    Four different types of exhaust, in each bike.
    A lot of a Skin for the X bike like Special,Fiah,Manster and many more that you can unlock and some unlocked from the begin.
    Changing the light shell to tinted or not, and remove the mudguard or the dragster way.
    Changing Player's clothing and helmet color.
    Customizing your bike's handlings and power!.
    Choosing Automatic or semi-automatic gearbox.

    Simple or Realistic wheelie mode.
    Practice or Endless wheelie.
    Normal Endless or Cop Chase.

    Questions & Answers to common problems:
    1. In case the shadows are not visible that's because you are on mid or lower graphic settings, go to the settings menu and set the graphics to an extreme.
    2. In case after the graphic settings change your game gives you a black screen on startup just relaunch the game if that not gonna work contact us to our email.
    3. In cub and Glx the mudguards are removed from where the apron is.
    4. To set the gearbox to semi-automatic you must tap on the screwdriver icon in the top right corner and then to the "auto" button.
    5. In case the Glx or Cub are not wheeling properly reset the bike settings from the tuning menu.
    6. How I make money in the game to buy something? Just by playing with wifi open you get money in every turn in wheelie game. (in case you bought the paid version you would already have 9999 Cash in-game).
    7. I don't like the XMas ambient how I disable it? the Xmas would be disabled automatically when your calendar hits the first February.

    SouzaSim on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SouzaSim.official/
  • Hyper Cars Мод APK 2.7 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Hyper Cars Мод APK 2.7 [Unlimited money]


    Step on gas and outrun your competitors.

    Win each race in order to be able to advance in the championship. Complete 3 racing modes - circuit, knockout and time attack. The ‘Circuit racing' implies a large number of competitors racing in close proximity to the finish line. In the 'Knockout Race you compete against 4 or 5 other drivers and, in order to stay in the game, you need to finish every lap before at least one other competitor. Last, but not least, in the 'Time Attack' Race you'll be all by yourself on the track but you will have to race against the best time of the other competitors.

    The 16-round championship is contested by the best optimised AI competitors. So, remember, in order to win the competition, you'll have to be the fastest driver in the race.

    Tip: Cross the finish line first to unlock new levels!

    How to Play:
    - Tilt your phone or press the right-left arrows switch directions
    - Use the on-screen brake pedal
    - Try not to crash into other cars
    - Drive as fast as possible and reach the finish line first
    - Choose from different cars

    So, get this game and become the most awarded frontrunner in Hyper Cars Racing Competitions!

    Tip: Change your car from store to have more fun with different types of rides!

    ~ Smooth controls and great game physics
    ~ The possibility to choose from on-screen controls (through right-left arrows) and tilting your device
    ~ 16 Missions to Challenge your driving and racing skills
    ~ 20 High performance rides to choose from
    ~ 3 Types of Races: Circuit, Knockout, Time-Attack
    ~ 3D Graphics for a lifelike racing experience
    ~ Realistic Racing Simulation

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  • Speed Cars Racing 3D Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Speed Cars Racing 3D Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money]


    This is Turbo Speed Cars Racing. The ultimate endless race in the city streets, countryside roads and seashores, featuring amazing vehicles, addictive gameplay and intense traffic competition. Barrel through packed streets, avoid crashes, take down traffic cars, pick up coins and perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts! The game will challenge even the most skilled racing fans.★Features★★★★★★ Real time police chase★★★★★ Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation★★★★★ free & endless gameplay★★★★★ endless mission based gameplay★★★★★ real life traffic situation★★★★★ share with friends on Facebook to get free coins★★★★★ Invite friends to get free coinsDownload best car racing game and enjoy the fun of fast racing adventures.
  • z7am Мод APK 1.43 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    z7am Мод APK 1.43 [Unlimited money]


    z7am is an endless runner game for mobile devices that takes inspiration from the traffic jam of Casablanca city in a crazy and funny spirit. You drive car such as a red taxi or a big bus with the goal to reach the highest distance while avoiding other obstacles and city traps. Also, you have to collect coins on the way to buy plenty of crazy cars available in the garage.

    * Drive a red taxi, a big bus, or other familiar cars in the city of Casablanca, Morocco
    * Swipe left or right to avoid cars and other obstacles
    * Use boost to speed up your car
    * Collect coins to buy new crazy cars
    * Battle against other players through the leaderboard
    * A crazy cartoonish art style

    This game was developed by TheWallGames.

    Install the game and share with us you feedback!
  • Spooky Surfers the Zombie Run Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Spooky Surfers the Zombie Run Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    Dracula is mad, and you must escape! Do you dare to brave Spooky Surfers - the Zombie Run?

    For years, Dracula has trapped you inside of his castle - and now it's your chance to escape!

    Oh no! Dracula has learnt of your daring escape, he has sent his fastest and most loyal guards to hunt you down... and they are right behind you!

    Play as our heroic zombie as he escapes Dracula's evil grasp! Help our courageous zombie escape from his horrible nightmare by running through the foggy streets, trying to avoid Dracula's deadly and dangerous crew!

    Dash through the streets but beware of obstacles that will lead to your demise! Run as fast as you can in the spookiest adventure yet! You have no time to waste, so hold onto your hat, as this zombie will be going places... places far away from Transylvania!

    This daring chase will leave you on the edge of your seat - will you be caught, or will you live to see another day... or night? Collect skulls along the way, and run as fast as your zombie feet can take you!

    Don't worry though: along the way you will find awesome power-ups that will put you one step ahead of Dracula's men!

    Earn points as you run endlessly, but watch out: the pace will pick-up and you will be required to dodge and slide faster than ever before!

    Play everywhere you go - on the subway, in the car or even at 36,000 feet! There are no limit to where Spooky Surfers will take you!

    So - join this spooky adventure and don't look back! Dracula is after you in Spooky Surfers - the Zombie Run!

    - Run through the graveyard, streets and other creepy places!
    - Relive your worst nightmare as Dracula's men chase after you!
    - Play as a brave zombie as he escapes Dracula's evil grasp!
    - Beware of dangerous obstacles and make sure you collect the precious skulls!
    - Gain score multipliers to beat your highscore!
  • Car Transporter 3D Мод APK 2.0 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Car Transporter 3D Мод APK 2.0 [Unlimited money]


    Here comes your favorite game "Car Transporter" in 3D.

    Thank you for the 1000000+ downloads.

    Appszoom: Car Transporter is an addictive casual racing game.

    Download Car Transporter 3D and Play your new "FREE" game on Android!

    In this game you are a Car Transporter and your job is to transport Cars and big trucks from the Truck Parking lot to the showroom garage. You complete this task if you transport all cars without damage to the destination.
    Drag the Racing Cars, Big Trucks, Sports Cars and Mini Motors Cars in your Heavy Trucks to transport to the garage. Change your "Gears" to race and climb the hill to complete each level.

    Game Features:

    *AMAZING graphics and music/sound.
    *UPGRADE your heavy transport trucks.
    *Exciting levels with multiple camera views.
    *SHARE on facebook and Google Plus.
    *Amazing real 3D graphics & environments.
    *FREE game play.

    How to Play:

    Drag the motors in to the Transport Truck.
    Tap to Race and Tilt to control balance.

    Check out our free games previews, game trailers, videos and more free apps in the future.
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    This game is suitable for all kind of genres from kids, girls and boys of all ages.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Install and Play our "new" Racing game for FREE on Android now!
  • Clash of Cars: Death Racing Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    Clash of Cars: Death Racing Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to the game!
    You are waiting for different cars fights with a variety of weapons and locations
    Your task is to win by destroying all enemies and inflicting maximum damage to them.
    In this battle to win only one!

    - 4 types of cars with different characteristics: race car, police car, SUV and minivan.
    - 2 types of weapons: machine gun and rocket launcher
    - 4 game modes: Deathmatch, Time Challenge, Free Style, Survival
    - 5 types of cards: Desert, Arena, Mining, Factory, Aircraft Carrier
    - The ability to choose the number of frags, bots, respawns and time battle.
    - 3 types of control
    - Great music
  • Zombie Race Мод APK 1.01 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Zombie Race Мод APK 1.01 [Unlimited money]


    Cars, Guns, and Zombies. What more could you want?The goal is to survive... but you wont. How far will you go?Zombie Race is the best to try it.Some of the awesome features of this game:- Unique apocalyptic cars- Easy controls- Post-apo environment- A powerful artificial intelligence of opponents - 3 different weapons- Amazing graphics and effectsQuickly upgrade the cars and go to Survive!Follow Us:- https://www.facebook.com/pudlusgames- https://twitter.com/PudlusGames- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgt9EcLgmdqObBN-BD14jiw
  • Bike Racing 2 : Multiplayer Мод APK 1.9 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Bike Racing 2 : Multiplayer Мод APK 1.9 [Unlimited money]


    The best physic-based multiplayer bike racing game is here! You can't stop play this game owing to gorgeus environment with perfect physics and graphics.Get as many coins as you can!

    Don't miss this simulation.Be the boss of the racecourses with your own style.

    The best motorcycle game in the world.

    » Awesome motorcycle physics.
    » Awesome game graphics.
    » Play online with your friends.
    » Quick match (Play friendly match with other people)
    » Tournament(Play game with other people around the world for coins)
    » Play with your friends(Create a room and challange with your friends)
    » Change your motorcycles,clothes and materials.
    » 25 different race and skill courses
    » Hurry up,don't die much for the earn coins and win the game!
    » Real sounds from the motorcycles.
    » Different motorcycles,clothes,whells and rims.
    » Online ranking system.
    » Improve your level.
    » Real and extraordinary areas.
    » A lot of special environment.
    » Trouble-maker missions.

    Show your ability. Join the tournament.
  • Monster Truck Kids 3: Jungle Adventure Race Мод APK 1.10 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 3.8

    Monster Truck Kids 3: Jungle Adventure Race Мод APK 1.10 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Are you ready to perform amazing stunts and explore deep Jungle with one of these Powerful Monster Trucks?Pick the best big Monster Truck car and unleash the power at this wild Race! Monster Trucks are not only powerful and fast in this free game, they also are able to flip and perform great stunts on the run!Kids can play this game with no problems, everything is children friendly but also fun to play for everyone!Sounds and music are designed to lift the mood and keep the excitement while driving these fast cars
  • Angry Gran RadioActive Run Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Angry Gran RadioActive Run Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    Will Angry Gran get out of the radioactive city alive?

    You've escaped the asylum in Angry Gran Run and driven the doctors way past the brink of insanity themselves. They've stepped it up a notch and have gone nuclear! Now it's time to escape the radioactive city before Angry Gran becomes Atomic Gran! Dodge, jump, run and slide your way over the nuclear nasties on the last bridge out of town before it's too late!

    ☢ MODES ☢
    = Infinity Mode =
    - Run to Infinity… and farther! -
    ✓ Compete with your friends for the highest, most biohazardous score!
    ✓ Becomes increasingly difficult the better you are!
    ✓ Creates a different every time for hours of radioactive fun!

    = Random Mode =
    - Can you last through the Granny Gauntlet? -
    ✓ Generates a crazy random level for you to dodge and weave your way through!
    ✓ Retry the same level over and over until you win or you completely meltdown!

    = Mission Mode =
    - 21 BI☣hazardous levels of Radi☢active fun! -

    ✓ 21 intense levels packed with assorted obstacles
    ✓ Challenging for players of all skill levels

    ☢ FEATURES ☢
    ✓ Classy costumes - Unlock awesome costumes to dash over the city in style!
    ✓ Competitive Leaderboards - Show your friends who is the most
    ✓ Social Integration - Brag and boast when you complete levels and shatter high scores to your Facebook and Twitter minions.
    ✓ Crazy Graphics - A myriad of bombs, booths, benches, boxes, boom
    boxes, bins and other things that don't begin with B to dodge.

    Will you get out alive? Find out now for free in Angry Gran Radioactive Runaway!
  • Racing men on town Мод APK 3.0.6 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Racing men on town Мод APK 3.0.6 [Unlimited money]


    Real Competitive e Racing browser STYLE Racing on MOBILE! Win REAL Money!

    This is a prototype. Real Steal Racing offers racing4fuelpoints allows you to race with AI and collect points. Multiplayer mode / Race Hub launching soon where you can use use fuel points to challenge your friends or play with anyone to earn more fuel points.

    Playing competitively is vastly different than playing on the couch with friends or by you. Most gamers who play on public servers are skilled at their games of choice, and have logged hours of training so that they can annihilate you in a moment's notice. Practice

    Features of racing4fuelpoints

    The breakneck speeds and gravity-defying courses combine to offer a player and viewer experience perfectly crafted for the eSports world.
    Customize your Car – We have 8 Cars to choose from and multiple color options to choose from.

    Currently we have 2 beautifully designed Tracks for you.

    Race Down the Mountain – With exotic colors and the liveliness of the Nature, you would love the curvy roads, which requires a lot of Practice and Skill.

    Race through City Street, We have Peaceful Calm of Suburbia, Peaceful Calm of Suburbia and Frantic frenzy of a beach all in Racing Circuit.

    Accelerator: Button
    Brakes: Button
    NOS: Touch
    Missiles: Icon/Symbol
    Modes: Tilt and Touch


    The primary form of Game play is to locate a HIDDEN GOLD treasure surprises all around the Tracks. The GOLD you find are then added to your CyberSavings Account.
    Explore the men ON TOWN. It has LOADS of SURPRISES.



    For HINTS and CLUES… visit www.men-on.com
  • Mean Machines: War Robots Survival Battle Rush! Мод APK 1.2.1 [Unlimited money][Infinite] 3.6

    Mean Machines: War Robots Survival Battle Rush! Мод APK 1.2.1 [Unlimited money][Infinite]


    Mean Machines brings intense, challenging and insanely fun demolition derby action to mobile in a compact and pick-up-and-play format.

    Lead your war robots into the battle arena and indulge in the ultimate crash racing action that has already made this game a smash hit among players!

    There is an endless variety of levels to participate in—right from battle royale and Thunderball matches to the extreme endurance challenges of the Rampage and Brawler events!

    Progress through the campaign as you drift, skid, crash and eliminate the enemy machines and unlock new and extreme war robots with crazy designs and special capabilities!

    When you feel like unleashing some serious destruction, enter the Carnage Mode and take out endless waves of enemy war machines by using special power-ups. Login with Facebook and put your skills to the test and smash all records by competing against players from around the globe.

    Drift the robot cars around in beautifully designed arenas and witness the crash-racing action as it comes to life with realistic physics and modern combat mechanics. Each robot car has dedicated damage models and sound effects and you can enhance their abilities further by adding special Kits such as battle armor, drift pack and even boosters to allow for gravity-defying jumps!

    The Derby Online mode offers the most addictive demolition derby multiplayer action on mobile! Create an avatar, pick your machine and battle in the most extreme racing matches against competitors from all over the world!

    To add to the thrill, all environments are fully interactive and littered with ridiculous and exciting contraptions—go on a demolition rampage by speeding into explosive boxes or declare all-out war on the enemy machines by pushing them into giant metal cutters.

    The menus, difficulty and controls are optimised through extensive testing to maximise the thrill and challenge your skills at the same time.

    Mean Machines is fast, furious and full of action. Get in there and let the sparks fly!

    › The definitive war-robots crash-racing game for mobile!
    › Season 1 with 30 action-packed levels
    › Extreme racing action spread across 12 unique styles of events
    › Wacky contraptions from metal cutters to electric pistons and much more!
    › Collect power-ups and experience the ultimate clash of robots in the Carnage Mode
    › 10 shiny new, combat-ready war robots and more coming soon
    › Special promo codes to earn free currency and unlock new features for daily top scorers

    We would love to hear your suggestions and feedback. Connect with us at twitter.com/famous_dogg and stay up to date on our latest work.
  • Top Gear : Race the Stig Мод APK 3.4.1 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Top Gear : Race the Stig Мод APK 3.4.1 [Unlimited money]


    The official BBC Top Gear Game! Millions have downloaded Top Gear: Race The StigThink you've got what it takes to Race The Stig and win? Dodge traffic, jump caravans and speed through famous Top Gear locations in an epic race that will push you to your limits as you go head-to-head with The Stig. The white coated Top Gear producers have challenged you to drive against Top Gear's very own tame racing driver. • Race in iconic vehicles from the TV show • Customize yourself with a wide selection of helmets• Soar over the traffic in the Rocket Robin or become invincible with the indestructible pickup• Show off your high scores and challenge your friends via Facebook and TwitterAre you a contender? #racestig,This App contains:- links to selected social media sites- in-app purchases that cost real money- push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content- advertising
  • Desert Motocross Free Мод APK 1.0.6 [Unlocked] 3.8

    Desert Motocross Free Мод APK 1.0.6 [Unlocked]


    Guide your motocross hero through the arid desert in this thrilling dirt bike game.

    Desert Motocross Features:
    ★ Garage for 9 different dirt bikes
    ★ Over 25 challenging motocross tracks
    ★ Combining sleek, realistic graphics with a soundtrack that a mix of heavy metal and gunfire
    ★ No Ads, No Adware, No Banners
    ★ Free Full Version Dirt Bike Game!

    Do you have the need for speed? Do you live to push the pedal to the metal? It's time to choose the fastest bike, rev the engine and max the throttle in this lightning-fast motocross game. But there's nothing ordinary about this dirt bike race. In order to get to the checkered flag, you have to navigate your bike through levels of ravaged and war-torn terrain. Be sure to check those rearview mirrors, because you never know what could be chasing you in this apocalyptic, desert landscape. All you need to do is finish the dirt bike race before the punishing desert heat catches up. Be sure to select your favorite bike color and racer as to look the best at the finishing line!

    This dirt bike racing game will leave you on the edge of your seat. Be a pro motocross racer and play it free today.
  • Car Racing Мод APK 1.5 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Car Racing Мод APK 1.5 [Unlimited money]


    The Ultimate Fast paced Intense Arcade Car Racing game set in streets of Trip Island with 60 Unique Tracks specifically designed for a high Adrenaline rush is finally here!

    Car Racing will challenge even the most skilled racing fans. Play hard and drift your car through the unique Car racing tracks. Fastest cars are going to burn up the streets.

    This amazingly realistic Car Racing game is fully packed with super-fast cars and dynamic racing levels.
    Get ready to drive high performance cars and make them drift at high speed in tracks designed specifically for drift car racing.

    Car Racing has 10 High Speed Cars, take them from Stock to Street Monsters.

    Featuring TRIP ISLAND with more than 60 UNIQUE TRACKS and 2 RACE TYPES to challenge your skills. Extreme Car Racing is here!!

    Upgrade your Engine, make your tires stickier and set up your ride with Nitrous and Suspension upgrades for absolute Street Domination.

    Drift your way to victory in car racing, modding your ride as you drift on.

    Make your statement with custom Body Parts and Visuals to make your ride stand out and leave a lasting impression in the eyes of the losing minions.


    Race with people all around the world! Challenge and compete with them online.

    ❖❖❖❖ Key Features ❖❖❖❖

    ✔✔ Simple, Accessible and Effective controls
    ✔✔ 10 unique cars to choose from
    ✔✔ Upgrade and Customize your Ride going through the Grind
    ✔✔ More than 60 levels with 2 race types
    ✔✔ Online Multiplayer gameplay support

    Conquer the streets with high octane drift racing. Improve your car racing and drifting skills and keep customizing your cars as you get new ones as we update the game.

    If you are a drift addict, then Car Racing is the game for you.
    Race to battle all players online in Car Racing with the available multiplayer options.

    Car Racing is Free! So Download today

    Please rate and give your feedback for Car Racing: High on Fuel for further improving the game:

    For any kind of Car Racing High on Fuel Support, Visit:

  • SUV 4x4 Rally Driving Мод APK 2.0 [Unlocked] 3.6

    SUV 4x4 Rally Driving Мод APK 2.0 [Unlocked]


    Take part in SUV offroad rally!

    Fight with rough offroad terrain!
    Test the power of rally truck. Deep into the offroad SUV driving. Do you like offroad? So, it is time to try our SUV 4x4 Rally Driving. Drive SUV 4x4 to feel the power of truck. Try driving without roads. A great rally for men!

    Features of SUV 4x4 Rally Driving:

    • Powerful truck 4x4

    • Offroad SUV driving

    • 3D graphics

    • SUV upgrades

    • Easy SUV driving controls

    • Difficult missions

    • Free Ride and Career

    Get ready for offroad missions.
    Drive SUV 4x4 to complete tasks and explore offroad terrains with hills and mud. Test your offroad skills with the truck driving. SUV 4x4 is the best SUV ever! Drive a truck and do offroad tasks.

    Enjoy the offroad atmosphere
    If you aren't rally driver, you can drive a truck in the SUV 4x4 Rally Driving. Try the driving across offroad terrain and enjoy the offroad atmosphere. Drive SUV fast, don't lose the control of your truck during the rally. Feel like an offroad SUV driver with our driving game! Drive truck from one rally location to another.

    Complete driving orders. Do it in time, SUV 4x4 truck is very fast. Try the power of a big truck with offroad SUV driving. Be fast, rally is hard. Use a navigation map to find the route. Find new offroad ways to drive your truck in the SUV rally.

    Forget about comfortable driving
    Drive as a professional rally driver with our game, forget about comfortable driving. Jump to the cabin of truck, be in time and don't underestimate 4x4 truck. Drive it and complete all orders in the SUV 4x4 driving.

    It is a great SUV driving game! Learn how to drive truck and be accurate.

    Today is the best day to drive a truck in our SUV rally.

    Try our SUV 4x4 Rally Driving, drive SUV 4x4 with us and face adventures!
  • Crazy Driver Police Duty 3D Мод APK 1.8 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Crazy Driver Police Duty 3D Мод APK 1.8 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome rookie cops to your first day as a law enforcement officer, today you are going to learn everything about chasing down criminal suspects in crazy driver police duty 3D. In this newest extreme car driving simulator you have to chase the outlaws in your police car. So its cops vs bad guys in this police race 3D game. Put on your police scanner, cop lights and chase down the most wanted outlaws over the asphalt. Show your crazy driver skills in different police cars in a great and massive city. In most police chasing thief games you can play a fixed amount of levels, but this newest extreme car simulator 3D never ends. So you will have all the time in the world to clear the city streets in this police racing simulator.

    Crazy Driver Police Duty 3D welcomes you in one of the first police chasing thief games on android, with a big city style open world, where you can wreck, smash and do some real racing on the city streets. Get ready for some extreme traffic chase action , drive fast as you try to takedown different crews of illegal street racers, and other scum that run the streets. Don't let the outlaws outrun your mighty police cars in this police chase car racing game.

    The driving is super realistic, cars have a great sense of weight and momentum on them make do drifts in this police car drifting 3d game! It's cops vs bad guys, takedown the racers and other criminal suspects as fast as possible.Yu build up your nitrous bar by doing things like drifting, taking down suspects, jumping, avading the traffic in the streeds. Yeah you need to watch out for the oncoming traffic as well driver sounds crazy he! Thats why this game is called Crazy Driver Police Duty 3D, in this super extreme car simulator 3d game, you get action after action.

    Crazy Driver Police Duty 3D - racing simulator game features:
    - Hours of core gameplay
    - Day and Night time driving
    - Earn cash and points during police pursuits
    - Show your driving skills and don't get shaking off
    - Build up your own car collection of unique and rare cop cars in this extreme car simulator 3D game
    - Police chase car racing action with one of the best racing physics on google play store today

    Earn access to all the different cars in this awesome cops vs robbers racing game. New cars means more chance to get those outlaws behind bars. This is not only a police chasing bad guy game it more a full real fast racing simulator experience. as you will go through this extreme car driving 3d game you will find it out yourself for sure!

    So turn on your police scanner, turn on your police lights, and don't forget your police siren and start with your duty today. Its all about protecting and serving as a law enforcement officer in Crazy Driver Police Duty 3D, try to end up any police chase with ending up the outlaw suspects into custody.
  • Dare to Speed Мод APK 1.4 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Dare to Speed Мод APK 1.4 [Unlimited money]


    'Dare to Speed' is the top new addictive racing game

    Drive as fast as you can and doge through traffic, road works and clear jumps

    unlock 13 different cars with unique speeds and handling

    collect coins as you speed through the chaotic streets

    * Super Graphics
    * Highly Addictive
    * Share on Facebook
    * Buy new cars
    * Speed through the streets
  • AE 3D MOTOR :Racing Games Free Мод APK 2.2.2 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    AE 3D MOTOR :Racing Games Free Мод APK 2.2.2 [Unlimited money]


    AE 3D Motor - Racing games free, the best racing motorcycle games for Android.

    Thank you all for your downloads:
    *** AE 3D Motor : Racing games free is/has been the No 1. overall free game in Japan for iPhone
    *** AE 3D Motor : Racing games free is/has been the No 1. overall free game in China, Taiwan for iPhone
    *** AE 3D Motor : Racing games free is/has been the No 1. Racing/Action game in India, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, ... for iPhone
    *** AE 3D Motor : Racing games free is/has been the No 1. racing game in Japan for Google Play Store
    *** AE 3D Motor : Racing games free is/has been the No 2. racing game in China, Taiwan for for Google Play Store
    *** AE 3D Motor : Racing games free is/has been the No 1. overall game in US and many other countries for Windows Phone

    Let's Race!!!

    Eye popping beautiful 3D graphics, realistic scenes and motocycles, addictive and crazy gameplay, extremely smooth tilt control, best racing moto with various styles as well as awesome vivid sound, which will give you a real motorcycle racing car games feeling!

    Two angles of view, give you two fantasy driving games feelings. Wow! So thrilling, best games!

    Sunshine bay, cactus desert and gorgeous bridge, three attractive scenes formed first road. And cliff driving, snowmobile, ice age, sunset overdrive... so many best scenes in later road trip: Coastal Highway, Going to the Sun Road, The Road of Fury & Frozen Fantasy.

    Need for speed, be a highway rider... come on to select your own racing moto, crazy taxi, be the traffic racer and hit the road.

    Any feedback please email us. Thanks very much for all your support for our best games free.

    AE 3D Motor, Racing games free -- The best games ever free.

    !!!Ride me, baby!!!
  • Moto Racing Мод APK 1.8 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Moto Racing Мод APK 1.8 [Unlimited money]


    Drive super fast bikes for road and city. In this high velocity game you need to dodge cars and trucks to driver further and make more rings, this rings allow you to buy new racing motos. The control are easy and the incredible sound. Test our Moto racing game and enjoy.
  • Dirty Racing Mafia Drift Мод APK 1.12 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Dirty Racing Mafia Drift Мод APK 1.12 [Unlimited money]


    You have to race with Mafia to earn in this car racing game you must be drift king to beat Mafia as your rivals in this car racing game, you have to be fast and drag your car to make perfect drifts to win these furious races with Mafia. Build your dream ride with an unbelievable range of cars and customizations. Launch yourself between chaos and control as you hit the loud pedal and roll into underground car culture. Win races, up your rep, then kick into more races, more customizations, and more cars. Make your choices and never look back. Pick up your car and trick them out with the hottest customization system within your garage. Your rides are waiting – take them to the stages or streets to go head-to-head versus the competition and prove yourself. Steer onto the streets of Black ridge, driving reckless and juiced as sparks fly. Accelerate over jumps and around debris, into traffic, against walls, and through high-speed Nitro Zones. Flip on the nitrous and thrust yourself into another level of adrenaline-fueled driving and drifting. Around every corner is a fresh race as you clash with local crews and local cops. It's a world full of wannabe drivers – can you stay in front and earn respect? Drive fast and fearless. Never back down as you race anyone crazy enough to take you on, leave them gapped, and increase your rep. Dig, drift, drag, and roll your ride to wins with police on your tail, hitting each inch of the map hard by the time you reach the big end. Burn rubber in lots of challenging and furious races in city with your rivals who are no one else than street mafia. Be notorious, own the streets, and score the world's best cars. Because one ride is never enough! Burn up the street with the fastest and most exhilarating 3D racing action in Fast Racing today! Live your life a quarter mile at a time as you take over the streets in this #1 acclaimed 3D racing game. Fast Racing combines stunning, high fidelity graphics with addictive game play that will have you swerving through oncoming traffic, collecting power-ups, and knocking other racers off the road. With astonishing physics, eye-popping tracks, and awesome cars, Fast Racing creates a new type of racing experience. Fast run through the race allows you to have hope being at the top of the rank. Push the limits rush the traffic and pursuit greatness. Become fast and become furious during race, this will bring you the fortune on the track and worship of the crowds. Participate in fast race and own the competition by effective speed race. Perform car chase by fast racing on asphalt tracks. If you desperately need for speed, you'll be satisfied by features found in this free best racer title. Racing is a fun and exciting sports car racing simulator game. Become the driver of some of the fastest cars on the City streets in a collection of game modes like classic race, countdown, knockdown, and drift. This amazingly realistic racing car driving simulation game is packed full of super cool fast race cars and exciting, dynamic racing levels.

    Beat the cars earn the credit, grab the bonus, and upgrade your cars to beat the other challengers that have more heavy steel than yours. It's up to you that how you are trained to control this piece of metal. You should beat the current challenger to unlock the other.
  • DodgeFall Racing Мод APK 3.2 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    DodgeFall Racing Мод APK 3.2 [Unlimited money]


    Dodgefall is a high-speed racing puzzler which tests your daring reactions to manoeuvre through passing objects in another dimensional world. With a focus on highscores, short game sessions, and a sense of pure fun mingled with nerve-wracking tension. The rule is simple: don't crash, because you can't slow down!

    *********Game Features********

    • Split-screen Multiplayer - A new way to enjoy racing with your friends!
    • A high-speed race to the checkpoint in a puzzled world with obstacles and exhilarating thrills to keep you pumped with adrenaline.
    • Prove your mettle in 3 unique game modes, a solo campaign, split-screen multiplayer & an endless survivor mode.
    • 100 intense and progressive levels to test your reFlexes.
    • 5 mean set of wheels to be unlocked, each having higher armour,
    magnetic Field and score multiplier values to help you go further.
    • A game for everyone. Simple and intuitive controls make it an easy to play; hard to master experience.
  • Raccoon Pizza Rush Мод APK 1.0.8 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Raccoon Pizza Rush Мод APK 1.0.8 [Unlimited money]


    Познакомься с Рокки - невероятно талантливый повар из из маленького городка в северной Италии в поисках новой жизни перебрался в Нью-Йорк и наконец-то встретил того, кто поможет ему начать новый бизнес. Ха-ха, речь о тебе! Готовь и доставляй лучшие в городе пиццу и суши вместе с Рокки!

    Всего один тап и ты бежишь сломя голову по улицам Нью Йорка к очередному клиенту. Пробивайся через поток желтых такси, уворачивайся от скоростных автомобилей, зарабатывай ещё больше денег и никогда не сдавайся!

    Единорог в костюме хот-дога с кебабом наперевес мчится на 32-ю авеню? Тебе не показалось! Ходят слухи, что в этой игре можно увидеть легендарный розовый седан 1950-года, которым управляет сам Элвис.. ну или его двойник!

    Самые невероятные персонажи, головокружительные эффекты и Тиранозавр Рекс на экране твоего смартфона.

    Качай, играй и не забудь поделиться с друзьями! Побежали!


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