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Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon v14.1 Мод [Unlimited money][Unlimited] APK

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Игра / Simulation


Версия: 14.1

Android: Android 5.1 (LOLLIPOP_MR1)

Русский: 82.78 MB

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Информация о моде
Использование бриллиантов не увеличится, а реклама будет вознаграждена.
По умолчанию игра не отображает другие языки. После завершения обучения нажмите на правую шестеренку, чтобы ввести язык настроек, чтобы он отображался в обычном режиме.
Партнерские ссылки
If you like management and idle hospital games, you will enjoy this tycoon. Here you can build your own idle mental hospital, rehabilitate patients and earn money.

As usual in tycoon games, you start small: a few wards and some patients. Your task is to create all the conditions for recovery like in a hospital simulator: take care of your patients and feed them, provide them with clean clothes and a shower, make sure they get enough sleep. Doing all this will not be difficult, because this is an idle games with simple controls. Help to heal and release your patients. The more patients you cure, the more money you get. Don't forget that in idle tycoon games, your main goal is not only to help, but also to get rich.

Manage a hospital like a tycoon: hire cooks, cleaners, orderlies and doctors.
Keep an eye on the level of calm of patients and do not allow the occurrence of mass riot, otherwise your orderlies will have to chase after patients to prevent them from escaping!

Patients will come over and over again, so you need to quickly build hospital and expand it. Add new wards and rooms to accommodate more patients and earn money. Open locations for the construction of new hospitals - in the forest, on an island, in the mountains, or even at an orbital station. Grow your business like in tycoon games and help people like in hospital games at the same time. Become the richest manager in this idle hospital simulator!
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