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  • Hunter Strike: Assassin's Game Мод APK 1.0.8 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Hunter Strike: Assassin's Game Мод APK 1.0.8 [Unlimited money]


    Looking for a new style of shooting game to experience alternative shooting genres other than first-person and third-person? Play Hunter strike: Assassin's game for a new encounter in your gaming
    Step into the battlefield to answer the duty that is called for you.
    Ambush behind the walls and Kill your enemies silently, without getting captured by lasers and cameras.
    Choose your hunter and use your skills, toggle between weaponry to eliminate the opponent's special
    forces. Destroy enemy facilities and rescue the hostages preferably without getting activating alarms.
    Level up your warrior and equipment to vaunt your fighting skills!
    You need to do some tasks and kill all the enemies to pass each level, also you need special equipment
    such as bombs and a wire-cutter to do the tasks. Kill all the enemies, take their equipment do the tasks,
    and pass each level. Earn extra XP by doing monster kills and passing missions.
    Key features of Hunter strike: Assassin's game:
    Amazing Animation and Design
    If you are looking for games with great graphics and designs this game can satisfy you!
    The futuristic designs of the tools, characters, and environments will grab your mind instantly. When you
    are looking for hostages and planting explosives, everything will feel realistic, bringing you more
    pleasure on the battlefield.
    Simple yet Addictive
    The unique gameplay of this Beyond Digital game will keep you going for hours. There are no complex
    actions, just tap between places and toggle between your weapons and kill opponents to pass the
    mission! Upgrade your skills each level to make it to the upper levels but does it get easier each level?
    Special skills
    Use the skill you earn and buy to eliminate your enemies. Your Knife skills, stealth skills, and monster kills
    will help you in upper levels.
    We offer you our special bundles to gain Intels and special skills. Don't spend all your Intels at once.
  • Hole.io Мод APK 2.5 [Remove ads][Unlimited money] 5.0

    Hole.io Мод APK 2.5 [Remove ads][Unlimited money]


    The most addictive black hole game!

    Can you move the black hole to swallow the buildings into the hole like an attacking hole master? The clock is ticking, tik tok, tik tok, will you succeed to swallow?

    Enter the arena and face the other black holes in a fierce battle. Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Choose your favorite black hole skin and go like a hoard master. Show them who is the biggest black hole in town! Play Hole.io now!
  • Hot Potato: Epic Arena Мод APK 0.3.8 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Hot Potato: Epic Arena Мод APK 0.3.8 [Unlimited money]


    "You ready to show your friends who is the Snapchat Bitmoji boss!? Push them around in this fresh new free fall PvP battle royale game to become the champion! Play now and become the best!

    Fight against tons of other player and knock them out of this world to become #1! Do you have what it take? Show us and your friend your skill and play now! Link you Snapchat Bitmoji account and play as yourself!

    How to play:

    Connect to you snapchat account and add your Bitmoji(if you want)!

    Get rid of the water balloon before the timer goes off and explodes! Once you do that you will have another round to knock others off the map! Try not to stumble guys and free fall into the water!

    Dodge the other people or water balloons! Careful not to free fall down and get knocked off!

    When you're done winning and wanna brag, why not show your friends you're the winner on Snapchat with your Bitmoji!

    That is right! Keep those bad guys away! You must LIVE! Push someone else and RUN AWAY from the stumble guys and survive!

    This game will test your SMOOTH MOVES! Dodge get away from the water and make it to the end! Then YOU WILL BE THE WINNER! Beat everyone else in the WORLD! And become victorious! But are you the best Snapchat Bitmoji? Come play now and find out!

    If you have the crash into someone else and get them off the platform or hit them with a water balloon they might free fall into the water! Oh and there's more games! Then don't get hit again! Crash into someone else but watch out for the stumble guys! Survive from the stumble guys to the end of the game and win! BECOME WORLD CHAMPION! Or the Snapchat Bitmoji boss!

    Super wet water!
    Snapchat Bitmoji connect!
    Massive multiplayer!
    Cool Hats!

    Who is this game for?

    People that love to play with their Snapchat Bitmoji characters!

    People that love to play massive multiplayer games online with or against their friends!

    If you love to free fall and play in the water come and join, just watch out for the stumble guys going up and down the stair run games trying to get you wet!


    Run away from the stumble guys and survive!

    Maybe your Snapchat Bitmoji will be so popular that they don't want to hunt you down! LOL

    Trick other players and stumble guys into falling into doing a free fall into the water!

    Link to Terms and Conditions: https://gamejam.com/terms
    Link to Privacy: https://gamejam.com/privacy
    Link to Cookies Policy: https://gamejam.com/cookies-policy"
  • Merge Day – Magic Merge Game Мод APK 1.5.2 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Merge Day – Magic Merge Game Мод APK 1.5.2 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to Merge Day!
    Merge Day is a captivating puzzle game based on everfun merge mechanics.
    Match birds and similar items to build the farm of your dreams!

    Travel to exotic Madagascar, mystic Atlantis and other lands.
    Develop your merging strategy, take part in numerous events, and complete challenging quests! Merge, harvest, design you lands and share with friend!

    Key features:
    MERGE the plants, trees, birds you see. Combine items strategically to make the most of your harvest.
    HATCH helpful birds and receive the needed assistance to restore new parts of farmland.
    SAVE the land from drought by collecting drops of water that appear from plants and turn your farm into a paradise.
    COLLECT your own elements and characters. Unlock new plants and creatures.
    COMPLETE levels and play exciting mini games to get awesome rewards and surprises. They'll help you take your farm to a higher level.
    DESIGN your farm and different locations the way you want. Seize the chance to boost your creativity and become a design guru.
    ️EXPLORE new territories. Clear the fog to unlock them and expand your farm.
    DISCOVER distant locations. Delight in exotic adventures while traveling to Madagascar, Atlantis and other places.
    ✨ENJOY a fascinating game story with charming characters and unique visuals.
    RELAX and immerse yourself in this entertaining and fun merge game!

    Set off on an amazing adventure to the unexplored world full of magic merge and surprises!

    We are constantly working to make our Merge Day better, please, share your feedbacks:
    [email protected]

    Join our Facebook community and enjoy more pics every day:
  • Perfect Sniper 2021 Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Perfect Sniper 2021 Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money]


    Aim through your sniper scope and make your best shot!

    Hold and drag your sniper scope to aim, release to shoot
    When aiming at moving target, time your shot for the best outcome
    Upgrade weapon regularly
    Shoot cars and fuel barel for extra fun

    -Wide range of guns you can buy with earned money. Your budget is increasing after every successful mission. You see, there is still plenty of scope for improvement in your power.

    -There are innocent people who are under the risk of being killed. Do not be confused!

    Stay frosty! Leverage your wits and expertise in sniping to bring them down.
  • HonorBound RPG Мод APK 4.31.27 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    HonorBound RPG Мод APK 4.31.27 [Unlimited money]


    Begin your magical adventure in HonorBound today! Download now and immerse yourself in a mystical world where the likes of dragons, ogres, orcs, and even the undead wander the earth. Evil has taken root in the once peaceful world of HonorBound and it's up to YOU to restore the balance. Are you a warrior? A rogue? A wizard, cleric or a knight? You decide!

    Ally with hundreds of different heroes to create the ultimate squad. Harness one or even all five of the mystical elements - fiery Terra, wild Primal, celestial Lunar, pure Spirit, and unknown Abyss to help defeat all that stands in your path. Recruit magical beasts, battle-tested warriors, and other allies from the world of HonorBound to assist you in your quest. Build your own unique strategy as you collect more allies and customize your squad!

    Battle in epic PVE boss fights and collect rare loot and legendary treasures. Equip these treasures to make your squad even stronger! Team up with your friends and join a clan to find even more allies to accompany you on your adventure. Test your strength in the PVP Arena against thousands of other clans to see which clan rightfully deserves the throne.

    • Free-to-play fantasy RPG!
    • English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese all supported
    • THOUSANDS of different heroes to capture, evolve, and battle!
    • Unique strategy combat system with different class strengths and weaknesses
    • 100% animated characters – bring them to life on both your phone and tablet!
    • Travel across lush and vibrant worlds, filled with valiant allies, fearful foes and unnamed beings!
    • Thousands of clans for you and your friends to team up with and forge powerful alliances
    • SFX and music scored by Bobby Tahouri
    • Tons of monthly PVE and PVP tournaments with awesome rewards!

    Come play with over 3 million other players who have downloaded HonorBound!

    Support: [email protected]
    Community: https://forum.honorboundgame.com/
    Privacy Policy: http://honorboundgame.com/privacypolicy.html

    Use of this application is governed by the JuiceBox Terms of Use. Collection and use of personal data are subject to JuiceBox's Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at http://honorboundgame.com/tos.html
  • Smoke Name Art Maker Мод APK 1.2.3 [Remove ads][Unlocked][Pro] 5.0

    Smoke Name Art Maker Мод APK 1.2.3 [Remove ads][Unlocked][Pro]


    Design and create awesome love cards, posters, logos, quotes, and colorful name art with fantastic effects. You can decorate and stylize your text with the fantastic Smoke Name Art app.

    Fantastic Smoke Name Art Maker

    Create unique name style
    Design the best Name Style with Smoke Effect easily. You can add it to other photos or your email signature. The Smoke Name Art app allows you to create a creative and artistic name for your signature. Name Art Maker comes with 100's of fonts and styles, 200+ Stickers to decorate your name style. Create Name Art with different stylish text, colors and decorate with aesthetic Picture Stickers.

    Design unique name style with smoke effect!

    Art Creator in your pocket
    Create and design awesome invitation cards, posters, logos, Instagram story highlights, smoky effect cards, and colorful name style with amazing smoke effects. You can decorate and stylize your text with the fantastic Smoke Name Art app. Customize your name style with text, choose your font, color, edit size, drag, rotate, and more. With Smoke Effect Name Art, you can decorate name style with different decorative items such as photo frames, Calligraphy Fonts, typography quotes, art items, color brush, and color filter.

    Use Smoke Effect and create a beautiful art name wallpaper
    Write your name using Smoke Name Art Effect application. Use unique art name style and make yourself unique on different social media platforms. It's the easiest way to add stylish text and create a beautiful art name wallpaper!

    Express yourself with Name Art Maker
    Discover many heart shapes for different moods. Express yourself with stylish text, amazing stickers, and cool effects! Name Art Focus Filter adds the warmth of love into any text you write using the craftily designed heart shapes for you & your loved ones.

    Unique Name Style ✔️
    Focus Filter Maker will make the art name you create look genuine & freshly crafted for someone special you want to impress. Focus Filters will make your art name wallpaper special. Add stylish text to your name style and impress everyone with the art you created! You can use it as Album Cover Maker with cool effects and stylish text!

    Smoke Name Art Effect features:
    - Amazing Colorful, abstract, and smoke effect backgrounds.
    - Customize name style with beautiful text colors.
    - Use Art Creator and apply filters and colorful effects to the backgrounds of your art name wallpaper.
    - Beautiful frames will make your name art with a stylish text standout.
    - Name Art Maker with modern and aesthetic typography and calligraphy fonts.
    - Album cover maker with stylish text and cool smoke effects.
    - 100+ Typography Quotes, Stickers, and Inspirational Sayings.
    - Zoom & rotate stickers.
    - Apply colors, alignment, stroke, and mirror effect to the text.
    - Fantastic filters will allow you to create unique name art.
    - With Smoke Name Art app, you can also add new photos from your gallery to make your name art more lively.
    - Save your name art with stylish text as an image.
    - Share your beautiful name art with your friend anywhere you want without a watermark.

    Use Smoke Name Art app as an album cover maker with stylish text and cool effects! ✔️

    All product names, logos, brands, trademarks and registered trademarks, which are not owned by us, are property of their respective owners.
    All company, product and service names used in this app are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, trademarks and brands does not imply endorsement.
    Smoke Name Art Maker app is owned by us. We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any 3rd party apps or companies.
  • Octopus - Gamepad, Keymapper Мод APK 7.2.0 [Free purchase][Unlocked][Pro] 5.0

    Octopus - Gamepad, Keymapper Мод APK 7.2.0 [Free purchase][Unlocked][Pro]


    Play Android games with Gamepad/Controller, Mouse & Keyboard!

    Map peripherals to touchscreen.
    No root or activator required!

    ※ Octopus is the most professional and easy-use keymapper. ※

    Support almost all apps
    Octopus Gaming Engine supports most apps and games, you can add whatever you want to play.

    Peripherals Compatibility
    Octopus supports gamepads, keyboards & mouses.
    Xbox, PS, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer, Logitech...

    Preset Key Mapping
    Preset key configuration for 30+ featured games. No time wasting on setup.

    Different modes for various Games
    2 basic modes: Gamepad and Keyboard and many special modes for specific games like Advanced Shooting mode for FPS games, Smart Casting mode for MOBA games.

    Highly customizable
    Besides preset keymap, you can define your own keymap. Octopus provides 20+ various control component to power up your gaming experience.

    Gaming Recorder
    Octopus integrated with Screen Recorder, letting you record each of your combat.

    Gamepad Calibration
    For some unstandard gamepad or controller, Octopus provides the Gamepad Calibration feature allowing you to calibrate your device.

    Google Play login (Needed download octopus plugin)
    Suppore Play store account login.Synchronize games data.Needed download octopus plugin.

    Fake Location function
    Support Fake Location function.

    About Permissions
    Due to the working mechanism of Octopus, it requires the same permissions with games you play. In order to cover all games, Octopus needs many permissions to work properly. We guarantee Octopus won't abuse these permissions!

    Octopus Pro
    Support more functions. e.g.

    Draw any path and run it! For games require swipe gestures or pattern drawing. Duration is customizable.

    Hit a position multiple times. Times and duration is customizable.

    Order Key
    Set multiple keys with hit sequence. For example, you have 3 order keys with key value A. When you press A first time, No.1 A will act. Second time for No.2 A and third time for No.3 A, then loops. It's pretty useful for some scenes like open/close bag button on different positions.

    Analog Deadzone
    Deadzone is the area where your analog movement is ignored. For example, set deadzone to 0 to 20 and 70 to 100, that means all displacement less than 20% or greater thant 70% will be invalid, thus when you push your analog to 20% position it will act as 0% and 70% as 100%. Left and right analog can set different deadzone respectively.

    One game with multiple different keymaps for various situation? Profile is what you needed. Under keyboard or gamepad mode, profiles can be created respectively.

    Customizable Virtual Mouse Shortcut
    While play with gamepad, press LS+RS to invoke the virtual mouse and move it with L/R analog and perform click with LT or A. This is quite practical for TV or some situation you don't want to touch your screen. Now, in Pro version, the shortcut for invoking is customizable.

    Pick your gears and start a brand new mobile gaming experience!
    Have fun!
  • Beatstar - Touch Your Music Мод APK 5.0

    Beatstar - Touch Your Music Мод APK

    Experience the next generation of music games with Beatstar, a new type of rhythm game that lets you touch your music.

    Follow the rhythm to your favorite songs! Tap and Swipe to the instruments, vocals or beats to master your favorite songs and experience them in a whole new way. Every beat is yours for the taking, just make sure you can keep up.

    Play to your favorite songs and discover new ones along the way. Imagine the best Coachella lineup ever: That's Beatstar. Play through hits from Doja Cat, Avicii and Lil Nas X, or explore the classics like Lynard Skynard's Sweet Home Alabama. The music is endless with Beatstar.

    Touch your music with Beatstar today!

    ● Tap, swipe and touch every note to win
    ● Keep tapping to the beat of every song
    ● Feel every beat pulse through your fingers.
    ● Master songs to unlock new songs.

    ● Discover new songs from your favorite artists.
    ● Hundreds of the best artists today have collaborated to make the ultimate playlist.
    ● Listen to songs you were “meh” on in a whole new way.
    ● Beatstar makes your favorite songs unforgettable.

    ● Share new music with your friends and brag when you beat their score.
    ● Play challenges and climb your way up on the leaderboard.

    Beatstar is completely free to download and play and contains the option to make in-app purchases to supplement your experience. Beatstar includes optional purchases that drop the available items in a randomised order. Information about drop rates can be found by tapping the 'Information' icon and pressing 'Show Me.'

    Please note: a network connection is required.

    Beatstar requests storage permissions so that you can send our support team screenshots of anything you need help with or would like to report to us.

    The rest:
    Need help? https://support.beatstar.com
    Contact us! [email protected]
  • 총검 소녀 키우기 : 방치형 모험 RPG Мод APK 1.5.4 [Mod Menu][God Mode] 5.0

    총검 소녀 키우기 : 방치형 모험 RPG Мод APK 1.5.4 [Mod Menu][God Mode]


    gun? knife? I like both!
    An exciting adventure story of a girl who loves guns and swords
    Embark on an adventure with your companions and become a hero by slaying monsters

    ⚡ Grow to legendary level just by neglecting it
    No more struggling with leveling and item farming.
    Battle and grow quickly even without logging in.
    You'll never get bored with the endless collection of gold and items.

    Combination and connection of various skills
    Make combat more enjoyable from close range, long range, and ultimate skills.
    Feel the thrill of pleasure every time powerful damage explodes.
    Find your own skill combination

    ️ Emotion-filled dot RPG
    Let's take a look at an emotional and dynamic dot action animation.
    The action visuals of the attractive bayonet girl and her colleagues will take your stress away.

    Huge dungeons and powerful bosses
    Magnificent and huge dungeons and breathtaking and powerful bosses
    Adventure through various dungeons and defeat monsters and powerful bosses.
    Quickly solve dungeon problems and conquer it

    ⏲️ Rich rewards every day
    You can go from a beggar to a king in no time with abundant rewards every day!
    If you log in now, you can draw up to 2100 times.
    The girl's adventure never ends. Even if you turn off the game, the adventure continues forever.

    ❕ Precautions
    This product includes free-to-play items and game money payment features.
    Please note that actual charges will be incurred when paying for partially paid items and game money.
    For digital products purchased in games, subscription cancellation may be possible or restricted in accordance with the ‘Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.'.

    ※ Customer Center: [email protected]
  • Helicopter Escape 3D Мод APK 1.17.2 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Helicopter Escape 3D Мод APK 1.17.2 [Unlimited money]


    Get ready for some brutal shooting action!

    Rain down fiery vengeance from above in this fast-paced third-person helicopter shooter where you're on a mission to rescue the hostage from hordes of zombies, gangsters, henchmen, and enemy combatants.

    Keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you, and don't stop shooting till she leaps to safety in this easy-to-play all-action game where only the fastest and the deadliest survive. Hyper-brutal, hyper-entertaining helicopter mayhem that will keep you coming back for more time after time.


    ★ Help the hostage ‍♀️escape by gunning down the endless stream of pursuers behind her. Use explosives and other in-game objects to take out multiple enemies or rely on fancy shooting to eliminate as many bad guys as you can. Hurl down destruction on the enemy, but just make sure you don't hit the hostage by mistake.

    ★ When the going gets tough, the tough go slow-mo. When zombies are breathing down the neck of the hapless hostage at critical moments in the game, time slows down to help you cope. Take your time, smash your enemies, and rescue the hostage!

    ★ Varied and exciting gameplay action: levels alternate between rooftop zombie pursuits and building attacks with multiple armed enemies attempting to take you down. Only the sharpest shooters will survive, so watch your angles and get blasting to destroy floor after floor of bad guys.

    ★ There's a whole exciting range of enemies to destroy, and some of them even shoot back, so shield up before your start to make sure you can survive and save the hostage.

    ★ Complete levels to upgrade your guns, outfit, and helicopter, and advance through the districts of the city to reach awesome boss levels with extra rewards. Try out pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, SMGs, and even rocket launchers to find the gun that helps you put an end to most zombies .

    ★ Extra-special crazy levels offer a riotous alternative to regular gameplay, with guns that shoot cats, sheep, paint, and a whole heap of other weird and wonderful options to brighten up your play.

    ★ Cool graphics, exotic settings, a tension-building soundtrack, and stylish camera angles give the game an exciting, cinematic feel. Keep the enemy hordes at bay and watch the hostage leap to the safety of your helicopter in beautifully satisfying slow motion.


    Looking for fast and casual shooting fun? Helicopter Escape 3D combines the best of exciting action gameplay and easy accessibility. Got five minutes for shooting? How about destroying some zombies and rescuing a damsel in distress?

    Download Helicopter Escape 3D now and revel in endlessly entertaining 3D shooter pandemonium that's guaranteed to dispel boredom and brighten up your day!

    Privacy Policy: https://say.games/privacy-policy
    Terms of Use: https://say.games/terms-of-use
  • Color Wall 3D: Brain Puzzle Мод APK 2.9.14 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Free purchase] 5.0

    Color Wall 3D: Brain Puzzle Мод APK 2.9.14 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Free purchase]


    Unleash your creativity with Color Wall 3D: A Strategic Puzzle Journey! Navigate through falling pieces in a vibrant 3D world, strategically placing them to clear existing blocks. Challenge your instincts and strategy skills with each progressing level. Dive into hours of captivating gameplay and join millions of satisfied gamers worldwide.


    - Mesmerizing 3D graphics that bring your game to life
    - Engaging gameplay inspired by classic puzzles
    - Levels that increase in difficulty to keep you on your toes
    - Intuitive controls for a seamless gaming experience

    Color Wall 3D is more than just a game - it's a test of strategy, a workout for your brain, and a feast for your eyes. Whether you're a casual gamer looking for a fun pastime or a puzzle enthusiast seeking your next challenge, Color Wall 3D has something for you.

    Download now and start your strategic puzzle journey today!
  • Pocket Mine 3 Мод APK 46.16.0 [Mod speed] 5.0

    Pocket Mine 3 Мод APK 46.16.0 [Mod speed]


    Get on a mining adventure in this sequel to the sequel of the addictive hit game! Tap blocks to dig deep and explore all the locations of this exciting world!

    Trigger stunning chain reactions, craft and equip powerful gear, get formidable cards, unlock treasure chests, collect and trade rare artifacts… There's so much to do!

    * Explore dozens and dozens of gorgeous locations with their unique monsters and artifacts
    * Customize your character with powerful gear
    * Build your deck of cards to reach new digging depths
    * Trade with friends to complete artifact collections
    * Enjoy frequent updates and events with fresh content

    Please use the in-game support feature to report any issue and give us feedback.

    Let's get digging!
  • Commando Adventure Simulator Мод APK 8 [Mod speed] 5.0

    Commando Adventure Simulator Мод APK 8 [Mod speed]


    Commando adventure simulator is a thrilling best commando shooting and commando adventure game with a lot of military mission and adventure. Play the most demanded commando shooting simulator game being a commando and be ready for the real breathtaking war adventure in Fps Shooting game. Face the extreme war adventure while surviving in the deadliest jungles and forests. Use your special gorilla commando skills to cope with all the troubles and show your extreme sniping powers to win all the stealth commando wars. You have to do multiple commando missions being a commando fighter. Just use the stealth movements and avoid any direct conflict with enemy soldiers to complete the commando mission without any trouble.
    Commando adventure simulator is mix of simulator and shooting adventure game which included zombie shooting, dinosaur shooting and other simulation and most of the part of this Fps Shooting game is all about army soldier attacks and commando combat in which you will get experience of shooting to protect your country from their attacks. Simply from start to end of level your commando mission will be to remain alert for enemy strikes and shoot them as soon as possible. There will be different controls in Fps Shooting game to control your army fighter. To achieve your shooting target you, as an army man can run in the war zone and shoot&kill enemy at any time. Automatic radar system is provided to facilitate you trace exact location of your enemies and war area. so you have to follow that Radar to find out enemies. Be careful, enemy army soldiers hidden in jungle can attack and shoot you at any time and your little ignorance can lead you to death.
    Thrilling sound of enemy guns will ultimately keep you active. You can focus on target by using aiming facility. By using aiming facility you would have to set your target and fire. You can also target enemy soldiers sitting in their check posts. Your life is very important to accomplish the military mission because if you die then mission failed. To resume the Fps Shooting game click resume button and To play from start click on Play again button.
    Commando Adventure Simulator Features!
    • First And third person shooting game.
    • Challenging commando missions.
    • Different varieties of modern weapon and army vehicle.
    • Use modern radar to identify enemy location.
    • 3D stunning graphic.
    • It's totally free game and easy to play.
    • Move forward, backward, left or right with joy stick control.
    • Excellent adventure environment.
    • Change controls to Vehicle ,fps and tps
  • Farmdale: farming games & town Мод APK 6.1.8 [Free purchase] 5.0

    Farmdale: farming games & town Мод APK 6.1.8 [Free purchase]


    Farmdale is an addictive magic farm with a wonderful story of friendly and happy farmers living in a dream world. As one of these cheerful citizens you can grow plants, take care of animals, cozy up your part of an incredible world and help your neighbors.

    You can do anything in Farmdale! Expand your farm, explore mysteries of this fantastic world. You may even find a hidden treasure!

    Please note that Farmdale is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.

    The game offers:
    - A magical world with characters who will tell you their exciting stories;
    - Cute animals that will need your care;
    - Hundreds of quests;
    - Dozens of plants and trees;
    - Production objects such as a kitchen, workshop, spinning wheel and many more;
    - Countless recipes;
    - Various buildings and improvements.


    Have a problem or want to ask a question? We will be glad to help!
    You can email us at [email protected] or join our community: https://www.facebook.com/Farmdale.news
    You do not need to have an internet connection to play the game, though being connected does open several additional functions.
  • Hey Beauty: Love & Puzzle Мод APK [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Hey Beauty: Love & Puzzle Мод APK [Unlimited money]

    Hey Beauty,
    Welcome to Love & Puzzle, a match-3 puzzle game with so much to offer. Join us in helping our characters overcome obstacles and take bold steps toward their dreams. Girls help girls! Let's unleash our inner beauty and let it shine for the world to see. Are you ready to start your journey of beauty and empowerment? Join us now and let's make some magic happen!
    Game Features:
    - Dress up: choose from tons of beautiful and fashionable outfits to create your characters' style
    - Makeup: use lots of creative makeup styles and tools to decide on the perfect look
    - Match 3: play thousands of levels with unique boosters to help you overcome obstacles
    - Story: a group of dramatic characters with different personalities are ready to take a giant leap with you!
  • Real Fast Car Racing Game 3D Мод APK 1.5 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Real Fast Car Racing Game 3D Мод APK 1.5 [Unlimited money]


    The ultimate racing game has finally arrived! Real Fast Car Racing takes your same old rally racing games to a whole new level. Start from the city street asphalt roads, and go further than where your imagination can take you - race in futuristic environments you will not be able to experience anywhere else! Will you be able to crash your rivals?

    What are you waiting for? Download Now and may the race begin!

    How to play?
    - Choose your track -5 Different Race Tracks: Three Sports Track and Two unique Concept Car Tracks to play with
    - Choose your weapon out of 15 Sports Cars and 12 Concept Cars
    - Get on a Thrilling Racing Journey Race in stunning locations and rule them.
    - Choose your race type - Duel, Lap Race or Time Challenge
    - Update your cars to progress throughout the game and become #1!

    - Multiple ground surface properties
    - Realistic physics with consistent vehicle behaviours
    - Highly optimized Next-Gen graphics and sounds
    - Now available in 26 new languages - English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, - Indonesian, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Korean, Thai, Malay, Filipino, Romanian, Polish and Kazakh.

    How fast can you go? Will you reach the 1st place? Download Real Fast Car Racing Now and let's find out!

    So you have raced through the traffic on the city street asphalt... How well will you drift on the crazy concept track? Take the challenge and become the best racer - this time, on different terrain! Feel the thrill of racing in futuristic environments that go beyond your wildest dreams - with realistic driving physics!

    Beware, the competition is stiff. Your rivals among the traffic are fast, mean, and furious - they will try to mercilessly crush you, doing everything to stop you from finishing the race. Choose your favorite racing or concept car, race across 2 different tracks and 4 kinds of races, and enjoy next-gen graphics and realistic racing physics and driving controls. The world is your playground!

    Take the challenge and drive. Reach the finish line and get the best times possible. Download Real Fast Car Racing free from Google Play Store now!

    A Rally Race Like Never Before
    The different stages will also have various track properties. They will all provide a different driving feel. Get a proper feel for all of them and make the competition eat your dust! Will you become the best racer of all?

    Variety Of Supercars
    Some of the best cars the world has ever had is now in your garage. Choose 1 out of 12 cars and take it out on a cool, extreme drive like never before!

    Real Tough Competition
    The rivals among the traffic are mean monsters, ready to take you out of the race through different means. Their cars will try their hardest to beat you up - all to take the victory for themselves. Beat them in their own game, or simply try to drift and outrace them all... It's all up to you. How well of a racer will you be?

    When it comes to rally street racing, this game is even better than real life! Download REAL Fast Car Racing free from Google Play Store and make your competitors eat your dust...

    Minimum Requirement :
    1GB RAM | Android 4.0 or later | Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU | GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 is recommended

    Please note that we use Advertising ID for serving better ads and improving the product through Analytics

    Contact us at androi[email protected] for any problems you may have with the game.

    Privacy Policy: https://www.games2win.com/corporate/privacy-policy.asp
  • Dinosaur Games - Dino Zoo Game Мод APK 1.0.1 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Dinosaur Games - Dino Zoo Game Мод APK 1.0.1 [Unlimited money]


    Ultimate Dangerous Dino games - Dinosaur Games & Dinosaur Zoo Games:

    Ultimate Free Dinosaur Games - Dinosaur hunting Games! If you love to play like a dino Dinosaur dominion Games - Zoo games, then you must try this like a dino amazing dino hunter - dinosaur game. Dinosaur survival games are the amazing dominion dino games that have been developed for a long time, dinosaur ark hunting games challenges which adventure games created perhaps make it become a lasting dino ark - dinosaur games forever. Are you a dinosaur hunter in the dinosaur rampage - dinosaur hunting games? Keep loaded the guns & stay ready in this dinosaur park games - adventure games. Survive & save the extinction of dino herbivores from carnivorous dinosaurs in a terrifying dinosaur evolution process. Play & you will discover more about free dinosaur games - dinosaur survival games.
    You are a dino park game - dino hunter surviving dinosaur simulator hero in an incredible huge rainforest adventure zoo games, where your aim is hunting dinosaurs. Only one survives in the exciting dinosaur survival games. Be careful in dinosaur hunting games because in this dinosaur rampage - dino hunting you will face action & danger of adventure games. You are not only a dinosaur hunter in the forest, but you are also being chased by adventure games, dinosaurs. It is primal dinosaur carnage - dino Hunt, a natural environment inhabited by dinosaurs. In dinosaur survival games you have to do dino hunting. Adventure games survival guide is a simple target & kills the dangerous dinosaurs.

    Features of Dino games - Dinosaur Games & Dinosaur Survival Games:

    ⭐ Ultimate HD graphics with amazing colors!
    ⭐ Astonishing but realistic dinosaur games sound effects!
    ⭐ Addictive & amazing dinosaur zoo games!
    ⭐ The more you do dino hunting, the bigger the bonus!
    ⭐ This is a very different dinosaur survival games from other adventure games!
    ⭐ Great dinosaur hunting games entertainment for everyone!
    ⭐ Beautiful & amazing dino hunter - dinosaur game characters!
    ⭐ Engaging dinosaur rampage - dinosaur games interface!
    ⭐ Great dino world hunter - dino park game entertainment for everyone!
    ⭐ It's an amazing adventure games, which is loved by both children & adults!
    ⭐ Enhance your adventure games - dinosaur games skills quickly!
    ⭐ Amazing fun filled free dinosaur games - dinosaur hunting games for kids & adults!
    ⭐ Awesome & smooth dinosaur hunter gameplay!
    ⭐ Play dinosaur games offline without wifi!
    ⭐ Exciting experience of dinosaur survival games!
    ⭐ Multilingual supports English, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese etc!

    Challenging Dinosaur Survival Games - Dinosaur Hunting Games Gameplay:

    The simple dinosaur games - dino hunter gameplay, but the dinosaur hunting games challenges are not easy at all. The dinosaur evolution where every dinosaur wants to save their own race. In the dinosaur survival games your mission is a fallen dinosaur evolution & saving eggs from evil dinos. Dinosaurs were created from DNA & now a greater dinosaur evolution is developing. Become a heroic dino hunter, shoot the dinosaur rampage - dinosaur simulator & catch your prey. Dinosaur battle games search for the dinosaurs from small to giant to hunting dinosaurs in free dinosaur games. This is one of the best dinosaur hunting games & dinosaur survival games. Primal dinosaur carnage - dino hunter have large dinosaurs in the forest. You can save your life in free dinosaur games with dinosaur speed races or shoot them. 3D dinosaur survival dino world games - dinosaur simulator there are different adventure games tasks in every level of dinosaur hunting games. Dinosaurs can hear your noise & feel your presence. Enjoy the 3D dinosaur simulator of dinosaur hunting games in the jungle.

    We will update the Dinosaur Game every month!
  • Zombie Labs: Idle Tycoon Мод APK 2.25 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Zombie Labs: Idle Tycoon Мод APK 2.25 [Unlimited money]


    Tap to dig up zombies, collect brains and prepare for Armageddon in this addictive idle tycoon game! Upgrade your undead, summon werewolves, invest in research, release zombie giants and tap tap tap away to create the ultimate zombie army!

    Watch your graveyard grow from weak Zombabies to fully-grown Zombiggies. Activate an apocalypse to release your army and gain Infection Points enabling your zombies to collect even more brains!

    This is an idler, so your zombie army are always collecting brains, even if you're not in the game!

    • Introducing a new type of idle, clicker or tycoon game!
    • Start with a shovel and turn a decrepit graveyard into a monstrous undead army!
    • Unlock FIVE unique zombie classes!
    • Visit new worlds and discover their secrets!
    • Summon 10+ different zombies, each with their own personalities!
    • Hatch the mysterious Big Wiggly Egg and discover what's inside!
    • LIVE CHAT directly to the developers to make suggestions!
    • Constantly earn brains, even if you are offline!
    • Tap and upgrade your way to armageddon!
    • No Internet Connection required to play

    ••• Will your Zombie Army take over the world? •••

    Got any problems or suggestions with our zombie game? Tap the Chat button in Settings to speak with us! Or, even better, join our Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/fumbgames
  • Monster Trainer: Runner 3D Мод APK 1.0.6 [Free purchase][Unlimited money] 5.0

    Monster Trainer: Runner 3D Мод APK 1.0.6 [Free purchase][Unlimited money]


    In a world full of fantastic beasts, cute animals, and legendary monsters, what would you do to become the greatest coach in Monster Trainer: Monster 3D?

    ⚔️ Catch Them All!
    Run, snap, and catch your favorite pet monsters on the road. Collect as much food as especially to power up your monsters. When they already grow enough, they will evolve to be even stronger. By then, nothing will be able to stop you from turning into the strongest of all

    ⚔️ Evolve monsters to defeat all other players to earn champion cups and badges and open the way to lands filled with powerful monsters, you can choose and catch all of them

    ⚔️ This super fun game also features a PVP mode! By defeating opponents, you can catch their powerful pets too, and make them one of your allies. Form a monster dream team that will defeat all other coaches in the epic Monster World Champion. Monster Legends!

    ⚔️ The game features ⚔️
    + Collect food for your team
    + Catch Epic and Scary Monster
    + Evolve and make new Monster
    + Monster Team -up fight
    + PVP! World Monster Championship has now begun!

    What are you even waiting for? Come and join the most epic world of Monster Trainer: Monster 3D
  • Craft Game Lucky Rain Мод APK 275380 [Unlocked] 5.0

    Craft Game Lucky Rain Мод APK 275380 [Unlocked]


    Craft Game Lucky Rain - Sandbox game with mining, crafting and exploration elements. It has a side-view camera, mixing 2D and 3D, with polished pixel graphics!
    Place and break blocks, build a house, a planting farming, an animal farm, chop trees
    Be creative and show off your unique style! Customize your Minecraft game with beautiful and unique buildings and creations. With an ever-expanding catalogue of buildings and other creations, there's no limit to the worlds you can create.
    Decorate your house with your mates ' furniture and your own eyes. Learn more and more, and you will never be able to build massive castles and temples!
  • Bluelight Filter for Eye Care Мод APK 5.5.5 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Bluelight Filter for Eye Care Мод APK 5.5.5 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Automatically adjust screen color according to external light to protect eyes

    Don't be robbed of a good night's sleep!

    Blue light from your smartphone or tablet causes strain on your eyes and prevents you from falling asleep easily at night.
    This app adjusts your screen color to reduce the blue light and helps your eyes to relax, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

    Free Screen Filter App to Protect Your Eyes
    You can reduce the strain on your eyes easily.
    It is simple but effective!
    All you have to do is launch this app.

    Screen Filter with Natural Color
    This app's filter has a natural color so you can read news, emails, and websites clearly.
    This app doesn't dim the screen but adjusts the screen color to reduce blue light which causes strain on your eyes.
    This natural color filter makes your smartphone screen shift to the screen for night.

    Auto mode
    Automatically adjust screen color according to external light to protect eyes.

    Schedule mode
    Turn on/off the screen filter according to the scheduled time.

    Screenshots without screen filter
    Remove screen filters from the screenshots with the image processing AI technology.

    Easy Operation
    It is easy to turn on or off with just one tap.
    You can adjust the opacity of the filter.
    You can choose from 7 different filter colors.

    Turn on or off Quickly and Easily
    You can choose to show or hide a filter icon in the status bar, making it easy to adjust the settings any time

    Startup Automatically
    You can choose to launch this filter on startup.

    Simple App
    This app doesn`t drain your battery except when setting up the filter, since it only adjusts the color temperature. Moreover, memory usage is also low.

    Reliable App
    This app's developer has been registered as an official developer by an independent organization in Japan.

    * This app must have the accessibility permission to apply screen filters.
    This app adjusts the brightness and color of the screen to prevent eye fatigue. It is designed to help people with eye conditions.
    The app will not use this permission for any other reason than mentioned above.

    * If other screen adjustment apps are already running on your smartphone or tablet, it may affect the screen color making it too dark for your eyes.
  • 信長の野望 20XX Мод APK 2.020.000 [Mod Menu] 5.0

    信長の野望 20XX Мод APK 2.020.000 [Mod Menu]


    “Nobunaga's Ambition” revived in modern times
    The latest installment of the long-awaited smartphone series is set in modern times!
    That "Nobunaga's Ambition" will be revived in Japan in 20XX as an RPG!

    -------------------------------------------------- ----
    ◆◆Sengoku warlords are doing great work with modern weapons in hand! ◆◆
    Nobunaga Oda shoots his rifle and Magoichi Saiga shoots the enemy with a sniper rifle!
    Use modern weapons to confront the ghosts that suddenly appear!

    ◆◆Enjoy deep battles! 3×3 formation battle◆◆
    Slide the warlords to form a formation and attack the enemy!
    Various skills and combination techniques are activated depending on the placement of the military commander.
    You can also use modern weapons to collapse them all at once!

    ◆◆Get new sponsors and weapons! ◆◆
    Depending on the player's performance, various rewards such as items and modern weapons can be obtained.
    If you leave an excellent track record, special sponsors will also appear!

    -------------------------------------------------- ----
    On that day, a hole opened in Kyoto...
    The strange "ghosts" that overflowed from the hole invaded the surrounding areas one after another.
    The ghost's territory was covered in spatial distortions, making it impossible for people to even step into it.
    And, surprisingly, the interior had transformed into Japan during the Sengoku period...

    In order to bring this unprecedented situation under control, the government has summoned qualified personnel from all over the country.
    A temporary organization, ``Special Territories Liberation Organization,'' was established to take back controlled territories.

    Players who are descendants of Onmyoji will participate in the Special Land Liberation Organization as members of agents.
    He is ordered to take back Kyoto and liberate the demon realms scattered throughout the country.

    During the battle, he came into contact with a certain Sengoku military commander.
    After negotiations, we succeeded in gaining their cooperation, and we have been working together ever since.

    A bizarre joint operation between modern citizens and Sengoku warlords is about to begin.
    Everything is done in order to restore the present and warring states of Japan to what they should be.

    *UMA: Unidentified life form

    -------------------------------------------------- ----
    【Compatible models】
    Android 4.4 or higher (excluding some models)
    *If you are using Android 6.0 or higher, you need to allow "storage usage" from Settings > Apps > "Nobunaga 20XX"

    【Inquiry form】

    1. Please note that we do not provide support for operations on systems other than supported OS versions.
    2. Depending on usage conditions, operation may be unstable even with compatible models.
    3. Regarding compatible OS versions, even if it is stated as "AndroidXXX or higher", it does not necessarily mean that it is compatible with the latest version.

    [Service provider]
    Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.
  • Tropical Merge: Merge game Мод APK 1.356.11 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Tropical Merge: Merge game Мод APK 1.356.11 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to the Tropical Merge! Prepare yourself for the family farm adventure full of mysteries and extraordinary characters. Help locals save their town while renovating the island and growing your merge farm. Go on expeditions to explore other land and solve even more riddles. Don't miss your chance to build a perfect tropical county!

    - Beautiful graphics and stunning landscapes;
    - Tons of objects to see get merged;
    - Daily challenges and awesome rewards;
    - Make your own garden full of plants;
    - Dozens of buildings to make and resources to grow;
    - Commodity exchange with the best rates for your rich harvest;
    - Lots of quests and stories you can't miss;
    - Many fantastic pets to choose from;
    - Ancient indigenous magic to support your mergical experience;
    - Variety of bonus locations from the actual dragon city where you can merge dragons to the atlantis where you can merge sea creatures!

    If you love merge games, begin your journey now and emerge into the world of aboriginal fables! Choose your animal and start enjoying infinite merge fun! ∞

    These and many other features make the Tropical Merge an absolute klondike of adventures and a truly mergical experience! Start enjoying this free mobile adventure game now and create your own tropical kingdom!
  • Pixel Z World Мод APK 35.4.6 [Remove ads][Unlimited money] 5.0

    Pixel Z World Мод APK 35.4.6 [Remove ads][Unlimited money]


    Third person mobile shooting game for enjoying various weapons and free controls!

    Sweep zombies and complete the mission!

    Strike all enemy!

    You will be Block World Hunter!

    Dead or Alive?

    # Another story of Z World has begun.

    The cause for zombie occurrence that is revealed finally

    Become Z hunter to reveal that secret.

    ▣ Easy control
    - Hunt the zombies by automatic shooting and easy control

    ▣ Third person shooting action game
    - Third person shooting game enjoyed by mobile

    ▣ Various missions
    - Enjoy various modes like beating out the boss, survival, exploration mode!

    ▣ Various weapons and equipment
    - Various weapons (gun, riffle, shot gun, bazooka, grenade, and Japanese sword, knife)
    - Various costume characters (Decorate your play in various figures)

    ▣ Mastery system
    - Improve the player's ability by upgrading the mastery!

    ▣ Mine system
    - Harvest the jewelry in the mine by using miners!

    ▣ Various enemies and regions
    - Explore various enemies and various regions!

    # This game that dont need wifi and play offline without internet.

    # This game is pixelstar game's 3d pixel tps game.

    # Not yet online(Real time Multi-play) mode
  • Earn to Die 2 Мод APK 1.4.47 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Earn to Die 2 Мод APK 1.4.47 [Unlimited money]


    Drive your car through a zombie apocalypse in this massive follow-up to the chart-topping hit Earn to Die!

    An evacuation ship is waiting on the other side of the country. The only thing that stands in your way: city after city overrun by zombies . With only a run-down car and a small amount of cash you face a familiar situation... to drive through hordes of zombies in order to survive!

    Earn to Die 2 introduces a massive new Story Mode, five times longer than its predecessor. The game departs its familiar desert setting and delves into the depths of cities infested by zombies.

    Levels are now multi-tiered! Drive across decayed highway overpasses, via underground tunnels, or smash through epic zombie filled factories. Whichever path you choose to take, you won't be able to escape the zombie hordes - your only choice is to smash through them!

    Unlock and upgrade 10 different vehicles, including a sports car, a fire truck, and even an ice-cream van. Each vehicle can be equipped with a range of upgrades, such as armored frames, roof-mounted guns, boosters and more. Those zombies will stand no chance.

    Vehicles are now fully destructible. Hang on for your life as your vehicle gets smashed to smithereens if you aren't too careful.

    What are you waiting for? That rescue ship isn't going to wait forever! Prepare yourself for a wild ride - and seriously, there is nothing like smashing through zombie-filled factories!

    Earn to Die 2 is a bigger and better version of the original web series which includes Earn to Die 2012 and Earn to Die 2: Exodus.

    Earn to Die 2 is free-to-play, however contains 3rd-party advertising and optional in-app purchases.
    For more information on advertising, please see our Privacy Policy: http://www.notdoppler.com/earntodie2/privacypolicy.php

    Required Permissions FAQ:
    WRITE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required to load and display ads in game (Earn to Die 2 is an ad-supported game).
  • PRO Wrestling Fighting Game Мод APK 3.7 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Unlocked] 5.0

    PRO Wrestling Fighting Game Мод APK 3.7 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Do you like fighting games? Then this tag team pro wrestling game is designed for your inner undefeated wrestler.

    Thrilling Wrestling Challenges and Smooth Gameplay:
    PRO wrestling game is the first of its kind where you can select your team and compete with the best wrestlers in the world. Ultimate boxing champion & kick fighting heroes take part in challenging roles in these addictive fighting games. Beat all tag team champion wrestlers in this ultimate world boxing games and become a universal tag team champion. World wrestling & kick fighting games are planned especially for tag team wrestlers from all over the world. It is an action & adventure fight, so do not hesitate to face your challengers.
    Pro wrestling games is also incorporated with boxing game, including punches and defensive moves. Pro fighting game often require wrestlers to carefully time their hits, strikes and dodges, as well as strategize about when to go on the offensive and when to play defensively.

    How to become the universal Pro wrestling champion?
    Become the universal champion of wrestling games after beating all bodybuilder wrestlers worldwide. Test new striking techniques, like karate kicks and boxing punches or even gymnastic dodging and jumping art of fighting. Excite the crowd with your tag team wrestlers fighting style, improve your fighting skills and be one of the finest wrestlers in the world. Participate in the world fighting game, defeat all your opponent wrestlers and win the summer slam champion's belt, the world's best champion in your way playing wrestling games for all heavy-weight fighting and boxing lovers.

    PRO Wrestling Fighting Game Features:

    Multiple male wrestlers.
    Different fighting styles, including Taekwondo, karate, Kung Fu & Boxing.
    Super & Ultimate tag team champions knockout mode.
    Authentic actions and realistic wrestling moves
    Career Mode to fight with champions wrestlers
    ♫ 3D animations and realistic-quality sound
    Awesome sounds and realistic scenes in this game, including a ring, timer, bell, and clock.
    Experience the Pro fighting game in the world with realistic graphics

    So, what are you waiting for? You will get addicted to this offline, free, and fighting game if you enjoy our fighting arena's other 3D free fighting games like Tag Team Boxing Game, Bodybuilder Gym Fighting Game, Bad Girls Wrestling Game, Martial Arts Karate Fighting, etc.
  • My Recipe Box - RecetteTek Мод APK 7.4.1 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    My Recipe Box - RecetteTek Мод APK 7.4.1 [Unlocked][Premium]



    Want a free recipe keeper and manager where there are also tools like grocery list maker and meal planner?

    Look no further than My Recipe Box – RecetteTek, the all-in-one recipe book app designed to make your cooking journey seamless and delightful.

    With a wide range of powerful features, My Recipe Box is like having a digital cookpad that empowers you to take control of your recipes, streamline meal planning, and unleash your inner chef.


    ️ Unleash your culinary creativity by adding your own unique recipes to My Recipe Box. Create your recipe library and organize recipes with ease. Whether it's a treasured family secret or a newfound cooking triumph, keep all your creations in one place.

    My Recipe Box has a search engine to easily find and import recipes from most cooking websites..

    Personalize your recipes by editing and customizing them to your liking with our recipe generator. Make notes, add cooking tips, and adapt ingredients to suit your taste using the recipe creator.

    Organize your recipes effortlessly by categorizing them using this digital cookbook. Find what you need in seconds with sorting and filtering options that keep your recipe gallery collection tidy and accessible. Thanks to the different filters available (categories such as cake recipes baking recipes etc; ingredients; tags; favorite recipes), you will find recipes in a flash.

    Wondering what to make with the ingredients you have on hand? Use the ingredient search feature to find recipes that match what's in your fridge, helping you reduce food waste and whip up delicious meals on the spot.

    Can't decide which recipe to use from the cook book? Shake your device; our recipes offline app will choose a recipe for you!

    Impress your friends and family by sharing your culinary masterpieces with just a few taps. Spread the joy of cooking! Also, keep your recipes safe with backup and restore options, and sync with Dropbox.

    Simplify grocery shopping by making shopping lists directly from your recipes. No more forgotten ingredients or multiple trips to the store. Also, plan your meals with ease by scheduling recipes for the week ahead. Stay organized and make meal prep a breeze.

    My Recipe Box – RecetteTek, COOKBOOK RECIPES APP FEATURES:

    • Add your own recipes
    • Import recipes from most cooking websites.
    • Edit your recipes & recipe notes
    • Sort and filter your recipes by category
    • Search by ingredients; finish the leftovers from the fridge!
    • Add favorite recipes & manage your own categories
    • Share your recipes by email
    • Backup and restore recipes
    • Create your shopping lists from recipe Ingredients
    • Change the quantities (automatically calculated)
    • Search by tags
    • Plan your recipes week by week
    • Sync with Dropbox

    Premium features :
    • Remove ads and watermarks
    • Export all your recipes in PDF, HTML
    • Sync with Google Drive, pCloud, WebDAV
    • Link your recipes

    Say goodbye to cluttered recipe folders and hello to a world of culinary possibilities at your fingertips.

    Download My Recipe Box for FREE!


    Follow My Recipe Box:


  • Tower of Winter Мод APK [Mod Menu][Weak enemy] 5.0

    Tower of Winter Мод APK [Mod Menu][Weak enemy]

    For decades, the harsh winter persists, forcing people to rely on a blend of magic and steam technology to survive. However, their plight is becoming increasingly desperate. The source of the endless winter is rumored to reside within a tower at the northernmost point of the continent.

    Embark on a epic journey to save the world. Encounter mythical creatures, ancient artifacts, devious traps, and powerful Old Gods as you navigate the treacherous environment of the Tower. Outsmart the shadows of death with wise decisions, your only means of survival.

    Ascend the Tower to unravel the mystery and the final answer. Why does winter never end? Who built this huge tower and what for? And will humanity be saved when your adventure is over?

    ◆ Game Introduction ◆
    ■ Dark, mythical world fraught with perilous threats.
    ■ Thrilling blend of roguelike gameplay and text adventure.
    ■ Turn-based combat system that demands strategic thinking.
    ■ Variety of options to strengthen your hero through special abilities and skills.
    ■ Face a relentless difficulty that will test your mettle.
    ■ Challenging, TRPG-style adventures, optimized for vertical screens.


    Privacy policy: https://ordermadegames.page.link/privacy

    Terms of Service: https://ordermadegames.page.link/service

    Support: [email protected]
  • Imgur: Funny Memes & GIF Maker Мод APK [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Imgur: Funny Memes & GIF Maker Мод APK [Unlocked][Premium]

    Imgur is the easiest way to discover the magic of the Internet, with everything from funny pics of pets, to funny GIFs from movies and TV shows, LOL pics, awe-inspiring science facts, puns, comics, and art, chosen by people like you. Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and make you LOL your pants off - is that an expression? It is now.

    Imgur isn't just the best meme app or GIF viewer on the internet. It's home to all the funny photos and viral videos you could ever want. We have the finest collection of cat videos found anywhere in the known galaxy.

    Memes, glorious memes. Funny memes, vintage memes, trending memes and then just the straight up weird and wonderful ones - we've literally got a meme for every occasion.

    You like funny cats? We got you, fam. You prefer cute cat pictures? We also got you. You like comics about cats? You get the picture. Go ahead, geek out with your pics out. It's hard to know when you've communicated purely through memes for the past ten years.

    Got funny videos on your phone? Perfect, because in a groundbreaking development, the Imgur team is also pleased to announce ‘GIFs With Sound' also known in other quarters of the web as “video”.

    Wow, you really got this far? You deserve a sweet, sweet prize... go ahead and hit “install”.
  • 1Weather Forecasts & Radar Мод APK [Unlocked][Pro] 5.0

    1Weather Forecasts & Radar Мод APK [Unlocked][Pro]

    Hyperlocal weather forecasts to make your life easier. #1 Weather app, trusted by 100 Million+ Android Users.

    ✓ 24x7 local & national weather info
    ✓ Down-to-the-minute & long-range local forecasts
    ✓ NWS & WDT alerts based on custom locations
    ✓ Radar maps to track hazardous weather conditions
    ✓ AQI info to check air quality levels across all locations
    ✓ Hourly, Daily, Weekly weather forecasting
    ✓ Sun & Moon tracker to find sunrise, sunset & phases of the moon


    Accurate Forecast
    Widgets to personalize location with details like temperature, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, cloud coverage, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point and atmospheric pressure. Detailed forecast of rain and snow with minute-by-minute and hourly updates. Accurately predicts the possibility of ice storms, hail, snowfall, rain, thunderstorm, freezing rain and drizzle. Temperatures can be viewed as centigrade or fahrenheit. Let us be your personal forecaster and plan your days for camping, hiking, trekking, etc. with our weekly or 10 Day forecast.

    25+ Radar Maps
    Track severe meteorological conditions like hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, typhoons, blizzards, and storms with our live doppler radar detector. Get the exact precipitation fore cast which covers hail, sleet, snow or heavy rain. We use surveillance radar to update the severity of snowstorms, winter storm patterns, flash floods, and heatwaves. Our satellite maps, heat maps, and lightning maps will keep you notified wherever you are. We are constantly monitoring the radar to ensure precise local forecast s for Northeastern, Southeastern, Northwestern, Southwestern, North Central & South Central United States.

    Health Center
    Up-to-date air quality index with detailed information about the pollution level & pollen count for those pesky seasonal allergies. Enjoy the outdoors like never before with data about wind chill, moisture, humidity, air quality, and the environment.

    Weather News
    Receive quick updates on today's weather and weather for tomorrow in 60 words & one-minute videos. We'll send you interesting shorts, facts, insights & videos on topics relevant to you, including interactive whether videos from Praedictix. These include seasonal tips that are useful and important for a better quality of life.

    Customizable Alerts
    Receive the latest alerts and warnings issued for your city by the National Weather Service (NOAA), Dark Sky & WDT. Immediate notification of real-time wearher changes to keep you & your loved ones safe.

    Download the best app for accurate weather updates wherever you go!

    For any queries, feel free to reach us at [email protected].
  • Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live Мод APK 1.72.0 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live Мод APK 1.72.0 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live is an all-in-one weather tracker right on your device.

    Consider Clime your one-stop weather radar app. Keep current with important weather changes using real-time radar images, precipitation and temperature forecasts, customizable weather alerts, accurate weather maps, and more. Concerned about Hurricane Season? Stay ahead of it with the Hurricane Tracker.

    Take advantage of having accurate US radar data, like detected areas of rain, snow, and mixed precipitation, right on your phone. Use the radar map to check precipitation's movement, and make your own predictions based on animated radar images for the last 40 minutes, up to the current time. Switch between the rain radar and other overlays in app settings, or customize the radar map by tweaking opacity of radar images and choosing the most convenient loop speed and background map for your radar.

    - Prepare for rain and snow with the 24-hr precipitation forecast
    - View cloud cover as seen from space
    - Bookmark multiple locations for easier navigation

    - Today's weather and 7-day local weather forecast
    - Current, today's min & max, and "Feels Like" temperatures
    - Pressure, humidity, wind speed & wind direction, visibility weather, dew point
    - Chance of precipitation
    - Sunrise & sunset time

    - Receive push notifications and alerts for bookmarked locations (tornadoes, hurricanes, freeze warnings, storm alerts, and more)
    - Monitor important National Weather Service watches, warnings, and alerts in the form of interactive polygons on the map
    - Need a tornado tracker? Clime delivers tornado warnings and watches to your fingertips

    - Alerts for all saved locations
    - Hurricane & tropical storm tracker
    - Precipitation forecast map for 72 hours
    - Lightning tracker
    - Temperature forecast map
    - Rain alerts
    - Fires & hotspots
    - RainScope
    - Hourly 14-day forecast with weather information
    - Snow depth forecast
    - Pollen data
    - No ads

    Need a real-time weather radar app? Make Clime your go-to storm radar! You'll have storm radar in the palm of your hand! Clime uses radar data provided by the NOAA, so it's like having an advanced weather station right on your smartphone.

    Radar coverage: radar images show the US (the radar is available for the Continental US, Alaska (except northern), Hawaii, Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico), Mexico (northern), Canada (southern), Australia, many European countries, Japan, etc. See the full list of countries with the radar map available on the developer's website.

    Precipitation and temperature, snow depth forecast maps, as well as the satellite map and the weather forecast supported by precipitation alerts are available for most of the world.
    Hurricane tracking, wildfire, and lightning trackers are also available for most of the world.

    NWS watches, warnings: the US only.
    Governmental weather warnings: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK.

    Subscription payments will be charged to your Google Play account at confirmation of your purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew and you will be charged unless auto-renew is turned off or unless you cancel at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription or trial period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. The cost of renewal depends on the Subscription Plan you choose.
    Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase or by contacting Customer Support.

    Clime Weather Service, LLC is a part of the Apalon family of brands. See more at Apalon.com.
    Privacy Policy: https://climeradar.com/privacyPolicy
    Terms: https://climeradar.com/terms
  • Words of Nature: Word Search Мод APK 2.0.5 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Words of Nature: Word Search Мод APK 2.0.5 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to Words of Nature, the ultimate word search style game for nature lovers! In this game, you'll embark on a journey through breathtaking landscapes while searching for words.

    With thousands of levels to play, Words of Nature challenges you to find words by searching through a grid of letters. This game is a combination of the best ideas from Hungarian crossword puzzles, fillword puzzles, word searches.

    Find words by connecting letters together on the game board and enjoy levels of word search puzzles or fillwords set against picturesque natural landscapes.
    Transform words into a game board resembling a jigsaw puzzle - every word on the board seamlessly interlocks with the others for a satisfying word-solving experience!
    Relax while you challenge and strengthen your mind like never before. Once you start playing, you'll find it hard to tear yourself away from this addictive game!

    But Words of Nature isn't just about finding words - it's also about learning. Expand your vocabulary with every level you play.

    Whether you're a crossword enthusiast or a casual gamer, Words of Nature is the perfect game to play anytime, anywhere. So why wait? Start your journey through the natural world! Put your word search skills to the test and play Words of Nature today!
  • Music Tiles - Magic Tiles Мод APK 1.83.0 [Remove ads][Unlimited money] 5.0

    Music Tiles - Magic Tiles Мод APK 1.83.0 [Remove ads][Unlimited money]


    Music Tiles - Magic Tiles is a music piano game. All you need to do is feeling the music and tap the black tiles. With various types of music and relaxing visual design, this game is a good choice for your casual time!

    HOW TO PLAY ※ (Music Tiles - Magic Tiles)
    Feel the music, tap the black tiles
    Remember, don't touch the white tiles!
    For a complete music experience, headphones are recommended

    GAME FEATURES ※ (Music Tiles - Magic Tiles)
    So-easy to learn, difficult to master!
    Various types of wonderful music!
    DIY the game skin as you want!
    Battle with other players!

    Music Tiles - Magic Tiles is an amazing music piano game Download and play it now. Come on, the music lovers!
  • My Cruise Мод APK 1.3.6 3.6

    My Cruise Мод APK 1.3.6


    Это круизный лайнер, который совершит кругосветное плавание! От нескольких обычных кают до роскошных кают со всем необходимым, от скучного пассажирского транспорта до хорошо оборудованных роскошных круизных лайнеров мечты, от пустых до переполненных до труднодоступных билетов , с нуля. Это роскошный круиз мечты, построенный вами! Здесь вы встретите гостей со всего мира, из разных мест, с разными профессиями, разными увлечениями и потребностями. Обновите и усовершенствуйте свой круизный лайнер, предоставьте им лучший сервис, откройте отпуск их мечты и повысьте свою репутацию. Это шумный город в движении!Здесь вы можете строить и улучшать больше, чем просто кабину, предметы для развлечения, рестораны и развлечения, естественно, необходимы! Кинотеатры, рестораны, фреш-бары и, самое главное, туалеты! Разнообразие удобств, все на ваш выбор! Сделайте свой супербольшой круизный лайнер откровением для гостей! Это фантастический торговый центр на море! Здесь вы можете посетить разные места, некоторые из которых похожи, а некоторые очень разные. Ваши гости получают возможность сойти на берег, ваш круизный лайнер получает возможность привлекать новых гостей, и на вашем круизном лайнере происходит мировая беседа! Круизный лайнер вот-вот отправится в плавание, так что приходите и присоединяйтесь!


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