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Android: Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

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Animal Farm Town is a simulation game. Starting from a farmland, you need to grow vegetables and sell them to animals to earn gold coins.

This is a standard farm, with abundant harvests every day: grass, corn, vegetables, fruits, berries. Let the world know that you are the best farmer!

There is a happy countryside next to the farm; here you can cook all kinds of dishes and sell them to the city dwellers on the other side of the river. You can improve your farm: collect resources, make good items, build production; your farm will enjoy prosperity. You can plant beautiful flowers and use them to make bright bouquets. You can also repair the tourist boat, and happy tourists return to the small city. Make them happy, valuable rewards will be waiting for you.

In the game, various fruits and vegetables should be planted according to the needs of animals, harvested on time, and sold when they are fresh. Golden corn, red apples, picking and harvesting, a very healing game.

When the level reaches a certain height, you can open the port and ship the goods overseas, so that you can get gems and gold coins and evaluations.
With the efforts of the owner, a new garden has been built for the forest animals, and there is also a small pond, flying little bees, and picking up sweet honey. In the garden, combine flowers in the garden to get more advanced.

You can't ignore the attack of the gophers in the vegetable field. This time you can hit the gophers fiercely and get rid of all the messing gophers.
The vegetable market also launched mini games. Animals can also get gold coins and diamonds rewards for participating in the activities. The more they fight, the more rewards.

The whole game is cartoon style, lively and sunny, with exquisite design details. The animals carry small baskets to the supermarket to purchase, and prepare your vegetable category to welcome these customers. The game also provides a variety of facilities and props. It is also necessary to expand the facilities according to the size of your supermarket. Earn more coins to run your farm and supermarket.

All of this and more can be found at Animal Farm — a simple yet cozy and cute game that's all yours!

Come open a farm、port、garden and start your story!

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