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Версия: 0.7

Android: Android 5.1 (LOLLIPOP_MR1)

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Информация о моде
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Are you wondering how to train your brain? Don't worry, join Troll Pencil now. This brain puzzle game will challenge you to solve exciting, unpredictable tasks.
Exercise every part of your brain

*** Gameplay is very simple ***
- Identify the missing element and draw it into the drawing in this fun puzzle game that will make you think and make you smile over and over again. It's okay if you are not good at drawing, this Pencil Troll game you will easily realize your thoughts to give results
- Just touch the screen and drag your finger to erase part of the drawing and see what lies behind it
Let's find a way out of trouble in each of the Pencil Troll puzzles in each chapter and lead this story to a happy ending!

The mechanics may be easy, but the puzzles will keep your brain guessing!
Discover the unexpected twists hidden behind each image
Impressive, attractive graphics, unique and novel style.
Effects, sounds, animations are guaranteed to keep you entertained.
Provide hours of fun for teenagers, the elderly and anyone who wants to keep their brains sharp!
If you can't find the right answer the first time, keep thinking and keep experimenting until you find a solution. What are you waiting for? Download Troll Pencil - Brain Challenge Game now!
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