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ラストクラウディア v3.11.2 Мод [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage] APK


Игра / Roleplaying


Версия: 3.11.2

Android: Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

Русский: 193.82 MB

Информация о моде
Меню MOD
> режим Бога
> Абсолютный уклонение %
> Неограниченное использование навыков
> Умножатель повреждений (считайте, что это дополнительно
не сработает)
>> Повышенная совместимость. Мод работает в средах, в которых нет оригинального APK.
The bond between humans and monsters will change the world──
A real-time battle RPG with pixel art characters

■ Game Overview
"Last Cloudia" is unique characters
is an RPG that weaves a story with a cinematic production.
In the incandescent real-time battle,
Dot characters run around in 3D space,
A flashy battle with a sense of speed will unfold.

■ Game Features
・ Cinematic production and BGM that color the epic story
Characters with unique personalities
Dot character x 3D background unique
Weave a story with cinematic production and magnificent BGM!

・Battle with both exhilaration and tension
The tension unique to real-time battles,
The sense of speed that is possible because it is a dot character,
Realize a flashy and exhilarating battle!

・ Training system full of replay elements
In addition to collecting many strong characters,
You can grow your favorite character to your heart's content
Adopt training system!
Because you can train yourself,
You can have more attachment to the character!

・ Character voices use gorgeous voice actors
Characters that can be used in battle are
During battle, of course, when strengthening abilities and
You can listen to powerful voices even on the home screen!

■ Prologue
Granzelia is a world where humans and monsters live.

This land was once
It was ruled by the God of Ruin, Logsius.
By Hero Adele and Goddess Lilah
Successfully seal the god of destruction.

Hundreds of years later──
By the Aldana Empire founded by the descendants of heroes
Granzelia is unified
People enjoyed peace.

However, in the meantime
Damage caused by a mysterious monster begins to be reported.
Knight Kyle belonging to the 12th Knight Order
Go to a certain mission with the demon beast Rei.
that rocks the world
Without knowing that it was the beginning of a big battle──

■ Recommended for people like this
・I want to play real-time battles with pixel art characters.
・I like pixel art characters and am interested in dot games and dot RPGs
・ I want to play a real-time RPG / dot game that can be played multiplayer
・ Likes dot games and RPG games
・ I want to play an RPG where dot characters move in real time
・ Interested in dot RPGs where you can train your favorite characters
・I often play RPGs on home video game consoles, so I want to play RPGs on apps as well.
・ I want to play a dot RPG with a retro atmosphere
・I like RPGs with an interesting storyline
・ Interested in RPGs with a high degree of freedom in character development
・I like RPG games with a storyline, especially RPGs in which pixel-art characters move around.
・I often play dot games and retro games
・I want to battle a retro game with pixel art characters
・I want to enjoy the story and play retro games with pixel art characters.
・I like retro games and want to enjoy dot games with dot picture characters.
・I like the story and world view of RPGs, and I especially like dot games that feature pixel art characters.
・Interested in RPGs that allow you to empathize with pixel art characters

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 Basic free (item charge system)

[Required environment]
・ Android 5.0 or higher
・RAM 2GB or more
*Some models may not work even if the environment is met.

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