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  • Popular Ringtones 2024 4.8

    Popular Ringtones 2024

    Welcome To Popular Ringtones 2024 - తెలుగు రింగ్‌టోన్‌లు App, your one-stop destination for all your favorite melodies, film songs, instrumentals, and more! Download now and customize your phone's ringtone with the best collection of Ringtones 2024 available.

    From Our App You Can Download Songs Ringtones 2024, Song BGM Ringtone, Superhit Songs Ringtone, Love Ringtones 2024, Latest Songs Ringtone, Movie Songs Ringtone, Devotional Ringtone, Funny Ringtone, Folk Song Ringtone, New Song Ringtone, Classical & Evergreen Songs Ringtone, melody Ringtones 2024, Tollywood ringtone, film Ringtones 2024, love Ringtones 2024, hit songs Ringtones 2024, instrumental Ringtones 2024, devotional Ringtones 2024, folk Ringtones 2024, comedy Ringtones 2024, romantic Ringtones 2024, action Ringtones 2024, hero Ringtones 2024, heroine Ringtones 2024, old songs Ringtones 2024, new songs Ringtones 2024, dialogue Ringtones 2024, movie theme Ringtones 2024, DJ Ringtones 2024, item song Ringtones 2024, patriotic Ringtones 2024.

    The Love Ringtone Android application is a must-have for anyone who loves romantic music in the language. With a wide range of love-themed Ringtones 2024, this app offers the perfect soundtrack for those special moments in your life.

    Download amazing Ringtones 2024 and get an all large collection of Ringtones 2024 like instruments, songs, Ringtones 2024, and all other types of Ringtones 2024. All these Ringtones 2024 are free once you download this application to access all your favorite Ringtones 2024, wallpapers, and all other features into your device you do not need any kind of internet connection.

    Ringtones 2024 android app only contains Ringtones 2024. Enjoy the best Ringtones 2024, notification Ringtones 2024, and alarm Ringtones 2024 on your phone today. In this app, you can listen to a ringtone and then set it as a ringtone any time and anywhere without any internet connection.

    Best Collection Of Our Ringtones 2024
    - Songs Ringtones 2024 Collection
    - Song BGM Ringtone Collection
    - Superhit Songs Ringtone Collection
    - Love Ringtones 2024 Collection
    - Latest Songs Ringtone Collection
    - Movie Songs Ringtone Collection
    - Devotional Ringtone Collection
    - Funny Ringtone Collection
    - Folk Song Ringtone Collection
    - New Song Ringtone Collection
    - Classical & Evergreen Songs Ringtone Collection
    - melody Ringtones 2024
    - Tollywood ringtone
    - film Ringtones 2024
    - love Ringtones 2024
    - hit songs Ringtones 2024
    - instrumental Ringtones 2024
    - devotional Ringtones 2024
    - folk Ringtones 2024
    - comedy Ringtones 2024
    - romantic Ringtones 2024
    - action Ringtones 2024
    - hero Ringtones 2024
    - heroine Ringtones 2024
    - old songs Ringtones 2024
    - new songs Ringtones 2024
    - dialogue Ringtones 2024
    - movie theme Ringtones 2024
    - DJ Ringtones 2024
    - item song Ringtones 2024
    - patriotic Ringtones 2024

    Features That Makes Our App Ever Best
    - Largest Collection Of Best Ringtones 2024
    - Play All Ringtone Without Downloading it.
    - Set As a Caller Ringtone With One Click.
    - Set As a Notification Ringtone With One Click.
    - Set As a SMS Ringtone With One Click.
    - Higher Quality Audio.
    - Fastest Ever Downloading Speed.
    - Search Your Favorite Ringtone Accross The App.

    The content provided in this application is available free in the public domain. We do not own the copyrights of the songs. Copyright of the songs belongs to the owners. If you are the owner of any songs listed in the app and need it to be removed OR or any content that violates your copyrights, trademarks, or intellectual property rights, please just send an email to [email protected] We will remove it within 48 hours.
  • 2024 Eid Al-Adha Countdown 4.0

    2024 Eid Al-Adha Countdown

    2024 Eid Al-Adha Countdown shows you how much time you still have till Eid Al-Adha by Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds so you can celebrate this holy Day and dress in the finest clothing to perform Eid prayer.

    عید الاضحیٰ (Eid al-Adha) also known as Bakra Eid, and Big Eid, falls on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah, it's considered the second of two great Muslim festivals. During Eid al-Adha, chanting the takbir out loud before the Eid prayers on the first day and after prayers, distributing meat amongst the people, all along the four days of Eid, are considered essential parts of this important Islamic festival.
  • Taj Mahal Wallpaper 4.0

    Taj Mahal Wallpaper

    The Taj Mahal is the largest and most beautiful monument erected for love which one of the world's seven wonders. It is located in Agra of India on the banks of the Jamna River. Worked 20 thousand artisans and craftsmen. Precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, and diamonds took part in the construction of the Taj Mahal, which fascinates everyone who visits with its romantic appearance and inspired many famous writers and poets.
    Taj Mahal Wallpaper has a variety of interesting images, This wallpaper you can use on all your devices. Set Taj Mahal Wallpaper Full HD to your android smart phone home. So in this application you will find the best collections of beautiful Taj Mahal Wallpaper with colorful background. All the pictures will be very dear to you.
    So don't delay, just download this Taj Mahal wallpaper and set on your device.
    Features of Taj Mahal wallpaper are given below:---
    * Designed all android devices.
    * This app contains high resolution images.
    * You can share these wallpapers with all your loved ones.
    * You can download these images.
    * easy to use
    * Images are also set to HD quality.
    *Optimized battery usage
  • JumpJumpVPN- Fast & Secure VPN 4.5

    JumpJumpVPN- Fast & Secure VPN

    JumpJumpVPN is a Secure and high-speed VPN proxy application that provides you with a secure, stable and anonymous Internet experience. Whether you are browsing on a public Wi-Fi network or need to access restricted content, JumpJumpVPN is the best choice for you.

    What is a VPN?

    A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an encrypted connection from device to network over the Internet. An encrypted connection helps ensure the secure transmission of sensitive data, prevents unauthorized people from eavesdropping on traffic, and allows users to surf the web securely and anonymously.

    Why choose JumpJumpVPN?

    JumpJumpVPN is a user-friendly VPN proxy app with a clean and simple interface design and a very user-friendly experience. All you need to do is open the app and click the Connect button or select any server from the server list. Super fast and secure connection, unlimited bandwidth and VPN servers in different countries, reliable service and protection of your privacy are the reasons why you should choose JumpJumpVPN.

    Key Features:

    Free to use: enjoy high-speed, unlimited traffic VPN service with unlimited traffic to free nodes.
    High-speed connection: JumpJumpVPN has a dedicated server network to ensure that your Internet connection is always high-speed and stable.
    Anonymous Browsing: Hide your real IP address to ensure your online activities are always private and secure.
    Unlock Restrictions: Access restricted websites and applications and enjoy global content.
    Easy to use: Connect with a single click and enjoy VPN protection without the hassle of setup.


    Payment will be deducted from your Google Account upon confirmation of purchase.
    Subscriptions will turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing cycle.
    Your account will be charged for renewals up to 24 hours prior to the expiration of the subscription you have selected.
    You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Google Play Store account settings.
    The unused portion of the trial period (if any) will be canceled when the user purchases a subscription package (if applicable).

    Terms of Service: https://jumpjump.io/#/termsofservice/index
    Privacy Policy: https://jumpjump.io/#/privacyterms/index

    Contact us: [email protected].
  • Go'Rewards - Dice & Events 4.1

    Go'Rewards - Dice & Events

    Collect free dice and rewards for Monopoly Go.

    ✔️ Regular update of rewards and dice.
    ✔️ Links are tested before being published.
    ✔️ View rewards already collected at a glance.
    ✔️ Check the shields of your friends and enemies!
    ✔️ Simple and easy to use interface.
    ✔️ Notification to let you know about new rewards.
    ✔️ Easily share rewards to your friends.

    The app is regularly updated to incorporate new features.
  • Make Money Earn 4.1

    Make Money Earn

    Make Money Earn is revamping how easy you can earn real money by playing free games. There is no purchase necessary. You simply play the free games offered in our app, and you get paid per minute!

    Make Real Money on the go. Play for a few minutes or hours, whenever you like. Our users cashout $10 within their first day of playing. It is the highest paying rewards app, with many new exciting games to choose from.

    Download now, and get paid today. Play games and get your free cash today via Paypal. There is no minimum, and you can cash out any amount.
  • Sport-TV in Belarus 4.0

    Sport-TV in Belarus

    Sport TV was created to show online broadcasts of sports competitions, for both Belarusian and international sports.

    We offer live broadcasts:
    - Football championships of Portugal, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Scotland, Germany and the English League.
    - Matches of hockey teams Extraligi (Championship of Belarus), KHL and NHL.
    - VTB Basketball League.
    - Handball SEHA League.
    - Tennis.
    - Biathlon.
    - Other interesting online broadcasts offered on the channels of our partners.

    Sports TV provides the opportunity to get the latest news, information, results and statistics online for sports such as hockey, soccer, basketball, tennis, handball, biathlon, Formula 1, as well as other sports.
  • Girlfriend Mod MCPE 4

    Girlfriend Mod MCPE

    Modified girlfriend A mod called MCPE makes it possible to find a girlfriend in the world of Minecraft PE. You can ask someone to get married to you and be your devoted wife, and if she accepts, appear in her heart.

    She then becomes your beloved wife and new girlfriend, and she follows you around. You can physically ride your girlfriend by putting your shoulders on hers, but there is nothing sexual about it.

    With this upgrade, you can change all the characters into girls or boys, have them as your girlfriend or boyfriend, and even get married (you need a diamond for this). With this new character, you may embark on a new chapter of your life together.

    Your girlfriend or your lover will always be at your side and will assist you in making the materials you need to survive.

    Villages are where you can find girls spawning (as they replace villagers). It's time to propose to your girlfriend if you've discovered someone you like. Get her a diamond ring—just a regular diamond—and present it to her. You'll notice some red heart shaped particles appear on the screen if she accepts the offer.

    How can you locate her in the game?
    Use a red poppy flower (ID: 38) that you may find in the Minecraft mod. It'll function as a spawn egg and summon the girlfriend.
    She will initially move around silently after being spawned before beginning to speak.

    Reminder: If you leave a world where you've spawned a girlfriend and come back, she will have cow skin on. Using another red poppy flower, you can resurrect her and give her her original skin.

    DISCLAIMER: This mod for Minecraft PE is an unofficial program. In no way is Mojang AB associated with this application. Mojang AB or another deserving owner is the rightful owner of the Name, the Brand, and the Assets. Toutes droits réservés. In accordance with the brand guidelines found at http://account.mojang.com
  • Protein Tracker Pro 4.4

    Protein Tracker Pro

    Our protein tracker app is a thorough tool made to assist people in keeping track of their daily protein intake and achieving their protein objectives. Our app is the ideal solution for anyone wishing to improve their health and fitness via careful protein management because it has a user-friendly layout and a variety of functions.
    Our app's huge database of foods high in protein is one of its most distinctive characteristics. This makes it simple to determine exactly how much protein a person is consuming and to spot places where they might need to make adjustments. Users can quickly input and track the proteins they take throughout the day.
    Our software allows users to establish a target protein consumption and track their progress toward that goal, in addition to tracking their protein intake. For individuals attempting to gain muscle, decrease weight, or simply maintain a balanced diet, this function is especially helpful.
    Along with these and other useful features, our app also lets you make shopping list and preparing meals.
    Overall, our protein tracker software is a crucial resource for anyone wishing to increase their health and fitness through careful protein management. It is the ideal option for anyone wishing to take charge of their diet and achieve their objectives thanks to its user-friendly layout and extensive range of features.
  • Mynas Bird Sounds 4.0

    Mynas Bird Sounds

    Mynas birds are the best mimics on the planet, rivaling parrots in their speaking ability. These stocky birds are native to Asia, but have spread throughout the world as pets. The common myna is a native of India, east and west Pakistan and Burma. It was introduced to many Pacific lands, including New Zealand, usually to combat invertebrate pests. Mynas are large, conspicuous passerines. A shiny black head and shoulder plumage merges into vinous brown for the remainder of the body and a large patch of white is flashed from each wing during flight.

    Mynas are stocky brown birds with a shiny black head and shoulders. They are commonly seen in pairs or in small family groups. Adult primaries are black when new but fade to brown. The base of primaries is white and all upper and lower coverts are also white. The tail is black when new, all feathers tipped in white which abrades off during the breeding season.

    Do not hesitate, explore this fantastic sound application, and let us know what you think in comments.

    Mynas Bird Sounds app Features:
    ☆ All Sounds are high quality sounds
    ☆ App can work in the background
    ☆ Auto-play sounds mode available
    ☆ App works offline after download.
    ☆ Free App.
    ☆ Set any Sound as Ringtone, Alarm tone, Notification tone.
  • How to draw mari 4.0

    How to draw mari

    You want to draw mari characters?
    Then How to draw mari is the app you need. We have devolop a very simple drawing app for you. You will be able to draw all the mari characters. To start drawing, take a paper, colored pencils or pens and don't forget to be in a good mood.

    How to draw mari ?
    Funny! Gather your friends together and learn how to draw from scratch in just one day. Our app is great even for the begenners!

    How to draw mari step by step? It's very simple, believe me. Just repeat each step and the result will not keep you waiting. Try it now.

    We have collected for you a large collection of characters from the popular mari - learn to draw on your favorite cartoon

    Download our application "How to draw mari step by step - all characters" and learn for fun.

    + Note:
    - All images found in this app are assumed to be in the "public domain". Our team does not intend to violate intellectual property and copyright laws.
    - All images are of unknown origin. If you are the legal owner of any images used in the application and do not want them to be depicted in it, please contact us in any way convenient for you, and we will immediately correct the situation.
  • ClientEye - Report-A-Call 2

    ClientEye - Report-A-Call

    ClientEye is a 100% anonymous safety app where users can search for or report any number, username or email addresses when they believe the contact is fake, abusive, phising or being problimatic in anyway.

    We improve the safety of our users by bringing them together to share information about any issues they may have faced with a contact, that information is instantly available to our users upon being searched or by receiving communication from them.

    Our app can display how many reports that contact has received making you aware that previous reports exist prior to replying. Collective Knowledge = Collective Safety

    We have extended our in-app search features and now offer our users options to manually search or report usernames and email addresses as we know scammers may try various methods of contact.
    Numbers – Our system can identify previously reported numbers and display on screen notifications upon searching
    Usernames – Can be used to identify social media catfishing accounts or accounts where a user may send inappropriate messages or make inappropriate comments.
    E- Mail Addresses – Identify those email addresses that appear to be scams, attempt phishing or have been abusive in anyway.

    All received reports are displayed anonymously without pre-moderation and are the view and comments of the original reporter.
  • Kiwi VPN: Net Security 4.4

    Kiwi VPN: Net Security

    Welcome to Kiwi VPN, your privacy protector and the ideal choice for navigating the Internet. Our VPN service will provide you with a secure, fast Internet connection so you can enjoy the digital world anytime, anywhere.

    Main features:
    Strong privacy protection: Kiwi VPN ensures that your Internet connection is secure with advanced encryption technology, protecting your personal information from potential threats.
    Super Fast connection: No matter where you are, KiwiVPN provides a fast and stable connection to ensure you can browse the web, stream content or play online without any problems.
    Global servers: We have multiple servers deployed around the world, giving you easy access to global content and unlocking geolocation restrictions.
    Unlimited bandwidth: No more worrying about network speed, Kiwi VPN offers unlimited bandwidth to ensure your Internet experience is always smooth.

    Why choose Kiwi VPN?
    Secure: Kiwi VPN is committed to protecting your privacy and uses advanced encryption to ensure that your online activities are protected.
    Global Tour: Unlock global content, easily fight geographical restrictions, and let you enjoy the Internet.
    Easy to use: One-click connection, no complicated setup, so you instantly experience a secure Internet connection.
  • TopShop Online Shopping 3.6

    TopShop Online Shopping

    The Biggest Online Shopping Festival On Top Shop

    Top Shop is the only online shopping app you need to access all online stores!

    If you want to be online, get Top Shop! Never miss out on any online shopping sale.

    Top Shop is an all in one online shopping app where you can find all the major shopping stores. Top Shop has stores from Fashion, Travel, Groceries, Beauty and Wellness to Mobile Recharge, Home, Kitchen and Furnishing and many others!

    TopShop is the most loved all in one online shopping app for women. The app has top fashion apps, personal care, beauty store apps on the platform. Top Shop is the complete all in one women shopping app.

    This all in one shopping app is 100% safe and secure and the best way to shop online on your favourite shopping sites through this app.

    Now no need to install multiple mobile recharge apps. Top Shop is the best all in one online mobile recharge app.

    With Top Shop all in one online shopping app, you can get the latest coupons, earn rewards, get cashback and find the best deals on the top online stores.

    The stores listed on the Top Shop all in one online shopping app are across major categories such as:

    • Fashion and clothing
    • Train, Flights and Hotels booking
    • Home, kitchen and Furnishing
    • Beauty, wellness and accessories
    • Top Grocery Stores
    • Real estate
    • Baby and kids stores
    • Medical
    • Cars and bikes
    • Food ordering
    • Recharge and bill payments
    • Buy and sell used goods
    • Books and printing
    • Movie tickets
    • Home services
    • Wedding services
    • Gifts and flower stores

    • All the content on the app is third-party content owned by the respective websites. Each website follows their respective terms and conditions and privacy policy. Please read their terms & conditions and privacy policy carefully before use.
  • AR Drawing Anime Sketch Trace 4.5

    AR Drawing Anime Sketch Trace

    Welcome to AR Drawing Anime Sketch Trace, the innovative app that seamlessly blends Augmented Reality (AR) technology with the art of anime sketching! Unleash your creativity and craft unique artwork with a futuristic touch.

    Key Features:
    + AR Drawing Experience: Immerse yourself in the magic of anime drawing with the power of AR. Utilize your phone's camera to view the real world around you and add stunning anime elements to it.

    + Sketch and Trace: With intuitive drawing tools, easily create captivating anime sketches or trace existing images. Produce original artwork or practice drawing by following example images.

    + Color Your Creativity: Choose from a variety of color palettes to bring your anime art to life. Explore different shades and effects to make awe-inspiring drawings.

    + Share Your Creations: Showcase your artistic talents by sharing your anime creations directly from the app to your favorite social media platforms. Let friends and fans marvel at your creativity.

    + Develop Your Skills: With AR Drawing Anime Sketch Trace, enhance your anime drawing skills through continuous practice. Become a better artist and grow within our user community.

    Download AR Drawing Anime Sketch Trace now and create unforgettable anime drawing experiences. Immerse yourself in a new and inspirational art world with this app!
  • SoccerLyf Live Soccer Scores 4.2

    SoccerLyf Live Soccer Scores

    SoccerLyf Live Soccer Scores app, you can follow your favorite teams and players, get live scores and results from all the matches and competitions as well as the latest All Football sport blog updates all around the world.

    SoccerLyf Live Soccer Score App key features :
    ✔ Add your favorite match and leagues to follow them.
    ✔ Coverage of thousands of leagues and competitions around the world.
    ✔ Never miss a match again.
    ✔ Live scores, H to H Statistics, Professional Stats and so more.
    ✔ Be the first to know who scored a goal.
    ✔ Follow matches with live stats.
    ✔ All of today's match lists and live match lists available for the best user experience.
    ✔ See form and previous match results in back date.

    All fast tv score coverage for the English League(England), Champions League, Europa League, Euro 2022, (Spain), Serie A and Serie B (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany), Eredivisie (Holland) Ligue 1 (France), Portugal Liga Sagres, Argentina Primera Division and Primera B Metropolitana, Brazil Serie A and Serie B, Colombian Primera A, Australian A-League, Denmark SAS Ligaen and 2. Division West/East, Austria Bundesliga, Belgium Jupiler League, Czech Republic Gambrinus Liga, Finland Veikkausliiga, Greece Super Liga, Mexico Primera Division Apertura, Sweden Allsvenskan, Turkey Super Lig, and Norway Eliteserien leagues.

    H2H Stats:
    Study the head-to-head data of two teams, covering wins, draws, and losses, games over goals, both teams to score, and previous head-to-head results, lineups, stats, and player ratings.

    Match Odds Stats:
    Professional odds analysis, all-sided guides, and ways to fortune all on live football fast soccer score.
    Fast Live events and scores updating, You can follow all matches' score changes on live football tv fast soccer score.

    Match Details:
    Live text commentary, team line-ups, match analysis. Follow matches you're interested in and get instant push notifications about goals and all other match events.

    Results for football matches from over 999+ leagues around the world: Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, NPFL, and more!

    All websites featured in the app have gone through a permission process, making sure content is reproduced post-contact via email,
    The telephone is not an official app, affiliate management service, etc. If the websites' owners are to notice any violation of terms & conditions, please bring it to our notice immediately via email.
    We don't own any content that we are using in our app. All rights are reserved by their respective owners. We are only providing a facility to sports lovers and don't have any other means with this app. In case of any problem please contact us directly and we will cooperate with you.
  • Polizeibericht 4.8


    ★ Current police and fire brigade news for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
    ★ Stay informed about accidents, burglaries, thefts, robberies, manhunts and witness calls
    ★ On request, automatic recognition of your current region and assignment of the responsible sources
    ★ Read aloud function and translation of reports
    ★ Optional notification and automatic update
    ★ No social media login or account required
    ★ Many customisation options in the settings

    Important notice:
    This is a privately run project. We are not a public authority and do not act on its behalf, nor do we have any connection with government bodies. We only provide you with press reports from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that are intended for the general public. The source of the report is at the end of each message. See "Open source of report".

    Source reference:




  • Gospel Flix - Christian Movies 4.2

    Gospel Flix - Christian Movies

    Gospel Flix ✝️ brings you all the christian contents in one place for the whole Family. .(No Ads) 

    Get to Enjoy watching Christian Music, Praise and Worship Videos, Sermons from the best Pastors and Evangelists, Live TV channels, Christian Movies, Motivational Videos, Inspirational Testimonies, Podcasts, Christian MP3 Music, stories, live Radio Streaming, Bible Verses, Hymns, Marriage tips, Prayers and praying messages, Daily Devotion messages  and so much more. Listen to your favorite Gospel Artists like Kari Jobe, Toby Mac, Sinach, Lauren Daigle, Nigerian Music, Tasha Cobbs, Matthew West,Don Moen, Maverick City, Zach Williams, Jesus Songs, Contemporary Christian Music, Catholic Music, Christian Country Music, Nonstop Faith based songs And much more. Listen to Music Albums and Sermons Podcasts. Gospel Flix is your Ultimate Christian Platform for your spiritual needs as you listen and experience the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ . We add new content everyday just for you.

    Talk with GraceAssist Christian AI - Your Christian Assistant to assist you in your walk of faith. Chat with AI and explore unlimited possibilities in your spiritual journey.

    Enjoy Watching Faith Based Movies.   Examples of Christian Cinema Movies you can find on Gospel Flix; Breakthrough, God's Not Dead,War Room, Overcomer, God's Compass, Letters to God, Fire Proof, Selfie Dad, The Passion of Christ, Courageous, Risen, Heaven is For Real, Easter and Christmas Shows, Miracle from Heaven, And many others. Enjoy our Pure flix based media. Every week we add a new Shows just for you

    Gospel Flix also enables you to watch over 20 Live Tv Christian channels from all over the world. How amazing is that! Watch your favorite christian TV channel on Gospel Flix. All to the Glory of God. You can enjoy the free videos and content or subscribe to unlock an unlimited Christian Experience. Also Watch Preaching sermons from your favorite preachers like Joel Osteen, Billy Graham, Joyce Mayer, TD Jakes, Victoria Osteen, Pastor Chris, John Hagee, Joseph Prince, Steven Furtick, Robert Madu, Myles Munroe, and many more 

    ➡️Get the best Christian experience today as you grow in grace and in the Knowledge of the Word of God. Watch your favorite preachers on Gospel flix, favorite singers and get to know new artists and new contents everyday. We strive to give you new contents and the best experience. Enjoy

    *********Are you a gospel musician or a pastor and you would like your Christian content to be featured on Gospel Flix? Email us at [email protected]. For any other issue or suggestion kindly email us via the same email address; [email protected]***********

    ✝️{Mark 16:15} He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.✝️

    ✝️{Psalms 27:4 One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.}✝️

    *All for the Gospel, All for Jesus, And all Glory, honor, power and adoration be to our God*

  • Old Time Radio & Shows 4.5

    Old Time Radio & Shows

    Listen to top Old Time Radio & Shows on your android device with the best Free Internet Radio Stations. Get access to the best selections Old Time Radio Stations & Shows for FREE!

    Get classic shows such as Gunsmoke, Dragnet as well as Roswell UFO Radio and many many more!

    over 4000 Podcast Episodes of the Top OTR shows
    How to use Podcast Files:
    You have the choice of either listening via audio streaming from the internet or you can download the files to your device.

    * Easy to use app!
    * Turns radio automatically off, when you receive a call!
    * This is one of the most complete App for Old Time Radio Stations and Recordings.

    List of the Old Time Radio available in this radio application:
    20th Century Radio
    Abacus.fm Goon Show
    ACB Treasure Trove
    AM 1580 Rumsey Retro Radio
    American Baseball Radio
    Antiyquity Radio
    Audio Noir
    BBC Radio 4 Extra
    Brando Classic Old-Time Radio
    British Radio
    Bygolly Old Time Radio
    Christian Radio
    Cornucopia Radio
    Crime Radio UK
    Dieselpunk Industries Radio
    Goldradio Old Time Radio
    Gunsmoke And Friends
    Hanks Gumshoe OTR
    Hanks Old Time Radio
    Heat Wave Radio OTR Crime Classics
    Heat Wave Radio OTR Family Classics
    Horror Theatre - Where Something Terrible Always Happens!
    Insomnia Theater
    Laugh-A-Minute Radio
    Memories Live 365
    Moyer Radio KNLDJ Stream
    MPIR Old Time Radio
    Mystery Play Internet Radio
    Old Time Radio 1610
    Old Time Radio AM 600
    Old Time Radio CFRG
    Old Time Radio Crime Fighters
    Old Time Radio Crimetime
    Old Time Radio Fan
    Old Time Radio Revival
    Old Time Radio USA
    Old Valve Radio OTR
    Old-Time Radio 1710 AM
    ORSRADIO Vintage Radio This is how the radio began OLD TIME RADIO
    OTRNow Radio Program
    Oxford Classic Radio - Old Time Radio (OTR) Mystery and Adventur
    Pumpkin FM 4050
    Pumpkin FM Xtra
    Pure Gold Radio
    Quiddity Old Time Radio
    Radio Skylab Network
    Radio Theater Channel
    Relic Radio On The Air
    ROK Classic Radio - Crime and Suspense Channel
    ROK Classic Radio - OTR Gold Channel
    ROK Classic Radio - Science Fiction Channel
    Roswell UFO Radio
    Saturn X Radio -o- Saturn Radio Network
    Sci-Fi Old Time Radio
    Sourdough OTR
    SUSPENSE Radio365
    The 1920s Radio Network Old Time Radio Service
    THE LION 1610 AM
    The Radioscope
    The Vintage Entertainment Network
    Those Were The Days Encore
    Vintage Broadcast
    WNAR 1620 AM
    Yesterday Once More Radio
    Yesterday USA Red

    List of the Old Time Show Podcasts:
    Adventures of Philip Marlowe
    CBS Radio Mystery Theater
    Jack Benny
    Theater Five
    Richard Diamond
    Sherlock Holmes
    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
    Just added:
    Tales Of The Texas Rangers
    Inner Sanctum
    The Black Museum
    Father Knows Best
    Box 13

    All audio files are in public domain. Prior to February 15, 1972, Radio Programs were not covered under Federal Copyright law. All the shows that we use are made for U.S. audiences and were released prior to February 15, 1972.
  • Auto USB Tethering 3.4

    Auto USB Tethering

    [ROOT REQUIRED] Automatically start USB tethering mode and enable Wifi when you plug your phone into your computer. Root access is required to enable tethering without a prompt. Also has the option for non-root users to open up the tethering menu.
  • SereneViewer 3.4


    1 login gets you access to all of your Serene Life camera's from your mobile phone or on the web at http://cloud.serenelifehome.com/

    Features include
    -Remote pan and tilt
    -Access to live or recorded video
    -Adjusting camera image and quality settings
    -Set motion detection, push notifications and recording settings independent for each camera

    Have questions? Check out our online FAQ or contact support at the website below
  • Aroma tv™ 3

    Aroma tv™

    Aroma™ Introducing a new way of entertainment!

    Disclaimer: This App is Stand-alone IP to TV Player with No Internal Streaming to any unauthorized streaming or any copyright contents.

    Please Don't use the app unless u agree the Google Play terms of service and usage & Don't mislead the usage of this app for personal benefits!

    - Single Banner AD , No Notifications or Permissions.
    - Built in Coding M3U Players & External Players.
    - Telegram Channel Updates & App News.
    - App Team Support 24/7 | Live Chat.
    - Movies Series Contents Rating.
    - Radio Stream Station & EPG.
  • 한컴 Toki 3.2

    한컴 Toki

    Fun · Witty · Friendly Toki
    아이들의 놀이친구 홈 서비스 로봇 Toki

    얼굴 인식을 통해 가족을 알아보고,
    먼저 말을 걸기도 하는 Toki는
    아이들과 학습 · 놀이를 함께하며
    일상을 공유하는 다정한 로봇 친구입니다.

    『본 앱은 Toki 로봇과 연결하여 사용하는 Toki 관리앱입니다.』

    1. 우리 가족
    Toki의 가족을 등록해 주세요.
    2. 전화 걸기
    가족과 영상 · 음성 통화를 할 수 있어요.
    3. 원격 제어
    Toki의 손 · 발과 눈을 이용해 집안을 살펴볼 수 있어요.
    4. 보안 경고
    Toki가 수상한 사람을 인식하면 경고를 보내요.
    5. Behavior Coding
    Toki의 행동을 직접 코딩하여 나만의 맞춤 로봇 친구로 만들 수 있어요.
    6. 발표
    Toki가 멋지게 발표를 할 수 있게 프로그래밍을 할 수 있어요.
  • 万能影视HD 3.4


    Universal Video HD is a movie viewing software used by overseas Chinese.

    Built-in a large number of high-quality film and television resources, various short videos, live broadcasts of TV and football games;
    It covers various types of film and television resources such as American dramas, Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, Thai dramas, animations, variety shows, etc., so that you can enjoy popular blockbusters at any time, and all the high-quality resources on the entire network are all in one go.

    The built-in universal browser is convenient for you to browse any website you want to watch online. Help you download conveniently or play the URL with the built-in player to enjoy a better experience.

  • Magic Crystal Ball 4.7

    Magic Crystal Ball

    Are you looking for a magic crystal ball application that allows you to predict your future with the best experience and for free? If so, you have found the best magic ball.

    The Magic Crystal Ball allows you to predict your future and the future of your loved ones in different areas such as love, money, health, destiny and more for free. This will allow you to face the day and life in a more optimistic way thanks to the results of the ball that guesses your real future.

    Crystal ball clairvoyance has two main modes of consultation. You will get hundreds of personalized results to advise you about personal decisions about life.

    The Lucky Crystal Ball Modes
    Crystal Ball Clairvoyance
    Ball Yes or No

    The Crystal Ball Fortune Teller who sees the future observes vital aspects of your life. It provides advice and phrases to face the day in a more optimistic and even happier way. Don't forget to concentrate before consulting the Seer Ball!

    The Crystal Ball Yes or No gives you a clear and concise answer if you have asked yourself a clear question. Otherwise it will give you a not-so-precise answer. It is important to concentrate before consulting the Yes or No Crystal Ball. The answers it gives are 100% real and that is why we urge you to ask clear questions.

    Advantages of using the Free Crystal Ball Fortune Teller app
    ✓ Unlimited predictions and questions
    ✓ Realistic 3D Crystal Ball
    ✓ Very beautiful and eye-catching visual effects
    ✓ Very easy to use
    ✓ Optimized for all mobiles
    ✓ Free Real Crystal Ball

    If you are tired of using applications that supposedly predict your future of dubious reliability, we want to regain your confidence with our application. This application has been created by expert tarot players and designers to offer you the best guessing experience and completely free.

    3D Crystal Ball
    We have put all our efforts into creating an application that is as real and accurate as possible. The application shows a cozy environment with a table and a real ball of divination that will not leave you indifferent.

    ★ Particles in the magic ball ★
    Magic particles are shown on each roll to help improve concentration and get better predictions from the gypsy crystal ball.

    ★ Relaxing sounds in every prediction ★
    With each of the predictions, relaxing sounds are emitted to focus on divination.
  • Islamic Calendar 2024 Urdu 4.0

    Islamic Calendar 2024 Urdu

    Islamic Calendar 2024 Urdu & Hindi Calendar 2024 Hijrah kalendar 2024 app Arabic calendar app free Islamic

    Fewer Ads on This app "Islamic Calendar 2024 Urdu & Hindi Calendar 2024 ".
    Best Islamic calendar available in the play store, we manually compared it with other apps.
    A Calendar and Reminder for all Wiladat and Shahadat dates. A must-have for all Muslims who care to be reminded about these important dates of our lives. It will help us to connect to GOD and Ahlulbayt even in our day-to-day business.

    The "Islamic Calendar 2024", "Urdu Calendar" app has features:-

    - Islamic calendar 2024 in Islamic - Can easily find the timing and position of Sunrise, Sunset,
    - Urdu Daily Calendar 2024
    - Get All the Festivals, observations, celebrations, etc. dates during a month
    - Users can select any month by clicking the left and right arrow buttons
    - It is Easy and Simple to use
    - Displays the list of festivals in Urdu & Hindi every month.
    - 2024 Islamic Festival, Celebrations details
    - Muslim Holiday List
    - Muslim 2024 festivals List
    - Urdu auspicious days like Ramzan, Eid,
    - Desi calendar
    - Daily Islamic Quote Notification
    - Islamic Quote of the Day - Shows random quotes from 200+ quotes.
    - Muslim Quote Maker - make customized beautiful Islamic images.
    - View a list of Islamic Events, Hijri date converter, Moon phase
    - Beautiful Urdu calendar for the 2024 year
    - Best Urdu calendar for 2024
    - Bank Holidays and Govt Holidays 2024
    - Arabic calendar with Arabic date and Islamic months name
    - 100 Duas from Hisnul Muslim
    - 99 Names of Allah

    There are some benefits to this App:-
    - Islamic messages are added daily
    - Islamic messages can be easily shared on What'sApp, Telegram, Email, etc.
    - The app can be used offline when synchronized.

    Islamic Calendar 2024 consists of 12 months in a year of 355 days, which is mostly used in Muslim countries and western areas where Muslims are alive to celebrate Islamic festivals, offer Hajj, and Ramzan in different months, and Inspect the fast in other Islamic incidents. Hijri calendar year 2024
    Urdu Calendar 2024 is a very useful app for determining the proper days of all Islamic months 2024 for our Islamic and Muslim communities. It includes all Islamic months with specific information.

    There are also the following months:-
    1: Muharram
    2: safar
    3: Rabil-auwal
    4: Rabi-Uthani
    5: Jumadi-Ul-Awal
    6: Jumadi-Uthani
    7: Rajab
    8: Shaban
    9: Ramzan
    10: shawl
    11: Dhul-Qa'dah
    12: Dhul-Hijjah

    Thanks for choosing Islamic Calendar 2024 Urdu!
    This version includes:
    - Stability and performance improvements.
    - Enjoy the latest features
    - Calendar
    - 99 Allah Name
    - 99 Mohammad S.A.W Name
    - Qibla Direction
    - Tasbeeh
    - Name Time Table
    - 40 Darood sharif
    - Darood E Taj
    - Dua
    - Al Quran
    - Quran Online
    - Quran English
    - Quran Audio
    - Aayat Ul Kurshi
    - Lohe Qurani
    - 4 Kul
    - Dua E Qunoot
    - 6 Kalimas
    - Darood E Ibrahim
    - Naad E Ali
    - Islamic Quotes
    - etc.

    What's New:

    Stability and performance improvements.
    Enjoy the latest features, including Qibla Direction, Tasbeeh, and more.
    Thank you for choosing "Islamic Calendar 2024 Urdu & Hindi." Stay connected to your faith and community with this invaluable app.

    Thanks for downloading इस्लामिक उर्दू कैलेंडर 2024. Enjoy using
    Name:- Mohammad Umar Raza
    WebSite:- https://umarsofttech.blogspot.com
    contact:- [email protected]

    Download now and enhance your Islamic journey with our comprehensive calendar app!
  • Mod Bus Bussid 2022 4.3

    Mod Bus Bussid 2022

    Hello guys, lovers of the latest version 3.6 bussid mod. Now comes the latest 2022 bussid mod that we are trying to release for you.
    The latest 2022 bussid bus mod comes with many of the latest bussid mod updates for you. The bussid bus mod itself has various names including: the latest mbois bussid mod 2022, full light bussid mod v3.6., bussid sound wolf mod v3.6, and bussid obb mod v3.6.

    This time in this bussid mod we present a collection of bussid v3.6 mods or a collection of 2022 bussid bus mods planned for you.
    Here are the details.

    Consists of bus names such as:

    Page 1 :

    ️ mod bussid erka steadfast young
    ️ tvidi bus mod
    ️ the latest bussid bus mod v3.6
    ️ Gapuraning Rahayu bus mod
    ️ treasure mountain bussid bus mod
    ️ the latest bussid v3.6 reward bus mod
    ️ mod bussid hr 065 paradise reborn jb3 o500r non facelift
    ️ latest garuda mas bus mod v3.6

    Page 2:

    ️ the latest best premium bussid mod
    ️ the latest handoyo bus mod bussid v3.6
    ️ the latest lantra jaya bus mod 2022
    ️ the latest bussid ray dempo mod bussid update
    ️ the latest bussid mod 2022 dedy jaya

    Consists of bus types such as:

    Page 1:

    ️ the latest bussid dream coach mod
    ️ bussid ecoline bus mod v3.6
    ️ mod bussid bus eurolinear bussid update
    ️ mod bus jb2 watch bussid v3.6
    ️ mod bussid jb2+ setra
    ️ the latest jbs+ shd bussid bus mod 2022
    ️ mod bussid jb3 mhd
    ️ mod bus jb3+ hdd non facelift
    ️ bussid jb3+ erka mod

    Page 2:

    ️ newest bussid rk mod 2022
    ️ mod bussid bus jb3+ mercy o500r
    ️ livery mod bussid jb3+ mercy 0500r md creation middle door stj voyager farid madyawan
    ️ bussid jb3+ mhd bus mod
    ️ bussid bus mod jb3+ latest scania v3.6
    ️ mod bussid jb3+ mhd voyager
    ️ mod bus jb3+ shd update version 3.6
    ️ mod bussid bus jb3+ shd mercy o500r
    ️ mod bus jb3+ shd non facelift
    ️ jb3+ setra bus mod

    Page 3:

    ️ mod bussid jb3+shd voyager
    ️ mod bussid bus jb3+ voyager scania
    ️ the latest tronton bussid voyager mod 2022
    ️ mod bus jbhd update bussid v3.6
    ️ bussid bus mod jbhd setra
    ️ marcopolo bussid bus mod version 3.6
    ️ the latest bussid new face mod hr
    ️ mod bussid new patriot
    ️ the bussid jb3 mod angga sweeptro
    ️ the latest bussid sr2 xhd prime mod 2022
    ️ titanium trisakti bus mod

    For the 2021 bussid bus mod, the bussid v3.6 version itself has many of the latest models, namely the bussid angga Saputro mod, the bussid stj iguazu mod, the bussid traga mod, and the latest bussid jetbus 3+ o500rs mod this time.

    Guys, for this latest release, bussid comes with a variety of the latest feature trends including the presence of the stj draka bus mod, the bussid trailer mod with the addition of a bussid mod truck trailer and a bussid trailer mod truck.

    In this bussid update mod, it comes with the latest bussid route mod for the city of Surabaya plus support for a trailer truck mod that can turn which will definitely make the game even more special.

    For you lovers of the latest bussid mod, get the latest releases of the 2022 bussid mod later such as: bussid bore up mod, bussid jumping mod, bussid bus mod full strobe mediafre, bussid bus mod malaysia, bussid mod bus mini link mediafre, bussid coach bus mod, mod bussid dasep pratama, mod bussid evolander, mod bussid evonext, mod bussid artilux, mod bussid farid madyawan, mod bussid old bus, mod bussid pro, mod bussid patriot, mod bussid bus als 081, mod bussid bus 0500r, mod bussid oscar 029 and also the 1000 km bussid mod.

    The next bussid v3.6 mod that we will update in India and indo mod bussid are: volvoo 9900 9400 9700 9800 bus mod for bussid, livery mod bussid skipper 99, tata se 1613 mod bussid ashok leyland 14 wheeler truck mod bussid, volvoo ak 1j ac bus mod for bussid, tata 1109 mod bussid mediafre, b 11 r mod bussid, 16 wheeler truck mod bussid, tata 1109 mod bussid livery, tata 1623 tipper mod bussid, ashok leyland 14 wheeler truck mod bussid livery, and 18 wheeler truck mod for bussid.

    Next update:

    - bussid 2021 bus mod
    - the latest bussid 2021 mod bus
    - mod bussid 2021 car
    - the latest 2021 bussid mod truck
  • Earn Money: Money Earning Apps 4.6

    Earn Money: Money Earning Apps

    Make Money & EARN CASH for playing games & GET PAID to play games. money earning apps allows you to earn real cash rewards for your everyday habits. EARN MONEY & free gift cards in minutes. MAKE MONEY - money earning apps are playing games, quizes, rewards, & even referral earning. Earn Money - Money Earning Apps from your phone & make everyday Earnrreal cash! The only cash app that pays you REAL MONEY after downloading!

    Earn Money - Money Earning Apps daily on your phone playing free games and explore rewards. Looking for a perfect side cash money app, Earn extra money rewards? A new way to make money & Pocket money on your phone? Earn Money - Money Earning Apps is the top cash rewards app to earn money with! Real Cash! Get paid to play games & Collect Rewards from Instapay Earning apps!

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    Earn Money - Money Earning Apps is the worlds leading money earning apps 2022 in India that allows users to earn free unlimited cash and paytm wallet money very easy and effortlessly. Simply download Smart Money on your android device and start playing games or completing easy tasks to earn free cash and transfer that to paytm money seamlessly. Earning money through this Money Earning Apps is guaranteed. Numerous users have already earned money from Earn Money - Money Earning Apps. Want to know why?

    we provide various Earning apps games and Money Earning Apps, the user can play these games and Money Earning Apps.
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    Why is Money Earning Apps is the best Earn Money - Money Earning Apps that play quiz cash app of all rewards app in 2022?
    Are you looking for 100% Real authentic and genuine Make Money app here is the earning app for you Make Money - Earn Money App is the Money Earning Apps in India 2022.

    NOTE:- All games, app, offers, survey, prizes and rewards
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    All prizes and rewards are not Google products, and do they have any association with Google.
    The offers are sponsored by Money Earning Apps.

    We hope you like this app and if you have any problem regarding this app feel free to contact us at [email protected] , Share Make Money - Earn Money App with your friends and earn
    real cash money Enjoy.
  • Online Dating - Flirt, Meeting 4.3

    Online Dating - Flirt, Meeting

    ¿Are you ready to find the love? The new app Online Dating is the best app for meeting people around the world. The best social network for meeting when you are traveling; the first app 100% free.

    Flirt, Chat, Dating
    Our app will make very easy meeting new people, finding a couple, getting boyfriend and girlfriend, the fastest way for start a relationship today.

    The first app totally free, no hidden payments, just start meeting girls and guys totally free. Just create your account, fill your profile and start.

    Private and Safe
    You can chat with people you want, if you don't want to continue chatting with someone, you can ban it, report it, etc. You can delete yours conversations, messages, just keep the information you want.

    People around the world
    This dating site is the perfect place to find women and find men from any place you want. Just update your preferences, your age range, distance and all options that we have.

    Start meeting people online, meet singles, meet friends, meet your future wife or husband. If you want to make your profile more attractive upload your best photos, videos, fill all your profile and choose who you like or dislike.

    Find women seeking men or men seeking women. Use our chat online with the right person, send a message, give the best of you and let them know your personality.

    How it works
    You can swipe and choose if you like the person you see. Tap to see their profile, photos, don't waste time, our Like system is very easy to use.

    If you have suggestions please send us a message, we are always improving our app to offer you the best experience.
  • Spellai - AI Art Maker 2.9

    Spellai - AI Art Maker

    Ready to turn your text into stunning AI art in seconds? Discover Spellai, the user-friendly app that effortlessly transforms your words into captivating photos and drawings. Prepare to be awestruck by the exceptional image quality, rivaling custom wallpapers.

    Text to AI Art
    With our powerful AI editor, you can quickly and easily transform your text into unique photos, from anime-inspired drawings to lifelike photos. Without any experience and skill, you can paint your dream and proudly share these AI arts on social media.

    Diverse Styles, Lightning-Fast Photo Drawing
    Spellai provides a variety of style templates ranging from realistic to anime. With our lightning-fast photo generation, you can paint a stunning photo from your text in no time. Spellai is your best AI art editor and enhancer tool.

    Cartoon Yourself and Perfect Your Avatar World
    Tired of the traditional social media profile? Want to create your own cartoon character and cartoon yourself? From anime to realistic style, Spellai is the best photo editor to bring your avatar world to lifelike painting! With the ability to edit detail, you can quickly draw any face and pose you want. Express yourself in avatar world with endless possibilities in more anime-style drawings!

    Unleash your creativity with our pre-made prompts and be amazed by the after-effects. With Spellai, you can transform your text into visually stunning photos that are perfect for social media or even as your device's wallpaper. The possibilities are endless, so join the AI revolution today and see what amazing painting you make with Spellai!

    One click, all set in your customizable avatar world. Join the AI revolution and see what stunning drawings, including anime-style ones, you would be amazed by the after-effects from Spellai. Let's make your AI dream come true!

    • You can subscribe to get access to certain app features.
    • Subscriptions are billed monthly or yearly at the rate selected

    Depending on the subscription plan.
    All personal data is protected in accordance with the Policy.
    Privacy Policy:
    Terms of Use:
  • Jungkook BTS Fake Video Call 4.2

    Jungkook BTS Fake Video Call

    Jungkook BTS Fake Video Call is simulate a fake video calling from Jungkook BTS members to prank or impress your friends and family

    How To Use The App

    1. Select first option Jungkook fake video call prank
    2. In action section choose Video Call or Voice Call
    3. In template section you can choose call from WhatsApp or Facebook
    4. Set timer you want
    5. Close app
    6. Wait for phone to ring and answer
    7. Enjoy Jungkook Fake Video Call Prank App

    - Full of video calls from seven members of BTS
    - Easy to use
    - Update video regurarly
    - Real Interface, Army feels real to talk to BTS

    For XIAOMI Users
    If this app is doesn't work, please go to xiaomi setting and checklist all.

    This app is made by fans for fans just for entertainment and fun purpose.
  • iOS 18 Icon pack & Wallpapers 3.9

    iOS 18 Icon pack & Wallpapers

    Inspired by iOS, these adaptive icons have been created in the style of iOS 18 design. They have a linear icon and different color backgrounds.

    Did you know?

    The average user checks their devices more than 50 times a day. Make every moment a real pleasure with this icon pack.

    There is always something new.

    Why choose the iOS 18 Icon Pack over other packages?

    • Frequent updates
    • Perfect masking system
    • Lots of alternative icons
    • A collection of high-quality and constantly renewed wallpapers

    Recommended personal settings.
    • Launcher: Nova launcher
    • Adjust icon normalization in Nova Launcher settings.
    • Icon size
    If you like small icons, set the size to 85%.
    If you like big icons, set the size to 100%–120%.

    Other Features
    • Icon preview
    • Dynamic calendar
    • Material panel.
    • Custom folder icons
    • Category-based icons
    • Custom app drawer icons.

    How do I use this icon pack?
    The first step is to install the supported launcher.
    Step 2: Open the icon pack, go to the apply section of the icon pack, and select your launcher.
    If your launcher is not on the list, make sure to apply it from the settings of the launcher itself.

    • If you have any problems while using the icon pack, Just email me at [email protected].

    • A supported launcher is required to use this icon pack!
    • FAQ section in the app, which answers a lot of questions you might have. Please read it before emailing your question.

    Supported launchers in the icon pack.
    • Apus • Action Launcher • ADW Launcher • Apex • Atom • Aviate • LineageOS Theme Engine • GO • Holo Launcher • Holo HD • LG Home • Lucid • M Launcher • Mini • Next Launcher • Nougat Launcher • Nova Launcher (recommended) • Smart Launcher (recommended) • Solo Launcher • V Launcher • ZenUI • Zero • ABC Launcher • Evie • L Launcher • Lawnchair (recommended) • XOS Launcher • HiOS Launcher • Poco Launcher

    Supported launchers are included in the icon pack but do not require manual installation.
    • Arrow Launcher; ASAP Launcher; Cobo Launcher; Line Launcher; Mesh Launcher; Peek Launcher; Z Launcher Quixey Launcher • iTop Launcher • KK Launcher • MN Launcher • S Launcher • Open Launcher • Flick Launcher

    This icon pack has been tested and works with these launchers. However, it may also work for others. In case the launcher is not in the application section of the icon pack, You can apply the icon pack in the launcher settings.

    Additional notes
    • The icon pack needs a launcher to work.
    • Icon missing? Feel free to send me an icon request, and I'll try to update this package with your requests.

    • AKBON (Ibrahim Fathelbab)
    • iOS Team


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