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  • Tearstone TotH (F2P) Мод APK 1.24 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Tearstone TotH (F2P) Мод APK 1.24 [Unlimited money]

    Tearstone: Thieves Of The Heart is an amazing hidden object puzzle adventure.

    It's been 10 years since your last visit to Tearstone and the adventure that has changed your life.
    However, something terrible happened. The Heart of Tearstone has gone missing!
    Join forces with your friends and embark on a quest of a lifetime!

    • Over 40 immersive hand drawn scenes
    • Fantastic mini-games and puzzles
    • Exciting gameplay, optimized for tablets and phones
    • Memorable characters
    • Lots of unique achievements
    • Free to Play
  • Doodle Art: Juegos de Dibujar Мод APK 5.1.2 [Unlocked][Premium] 4.6

    Doodle Art: Juegos de Dibujar Мод APK 5.1.2 [Unlocked][Premium]

    ¡Nunca ha sido más fácil aprender a dibujar! Con Doodle Art: Juegos de Dibujar, puedes crear bellos dibujos con color y estilo. Nunca había sido tan fácil que con estos juegos de pintura donde el garabato es el invitado especial. En estos juegos para pintar además de aprender a dibujar, ¡podrás compartir tus obras de arte con el mundo! ¡Instala Doodle Art: Juegos de Dibujar ya!

    Esta app es la más genial de las de juegos de pintar, te permite elegir entre 200 colores y 20 brochas diferentes para crear el garabato ideal, ya sea con un estilo de espirografo o cualquier otra cosa que desees en este juego de dibujar. Incluso puedes crear tu propio color y elegir entre 8 distintos diseños de color que convierte los garabatos de quien sea en una obra maestra. Los juegos de pintura rápidos, como Doodle Art: Juegos de Dibujar ofrecen posibilidades infinitas. ¡Nunca antes había sido tan fácil aprender a dibujar imitando un espirografo, por ejemplo! Este genial juego de dibujar te permite usar garabatos simples en tu lienzo, ¡que después puedes convertir en obras de arte con tus habilidades para el color! ¡Comienza a divertirte con los juegos para pintar desde hoy!


    - Consejos para aprender a dibujar
    - 8 estilos de diseño
    - 20 PINCELES para tu juego de dibujar
    - 22 PATRONES DE COLOR + crear tu propio color
    - Espirografo, colores brillantes y de todo para los juegos de pintar rápido.
    - GALERÍA: puedes guardar todas tus obras de juegos para pintar en un lugar
    - Opción para deshacer y rehacer
    - Establece el garabato más genial que hagas como fondo de pantalla
    - COMPARTE en Facebook, Instagram y más todos tus garabatos
    - EXPLORAR categorías: Mezcla genial, Pascua, Halloween, Kawaii, Navidad, Dia de san valentín & Día de la mujer

    Estos divertidos juegos para pintar son de esas aplicaciones que te permiten hacer de tus garabatos unas obras geniales sin dejar de lado la diversión. Los juegos de pintar fáciles y rápidos como éste te ayudarán a mejorar tus habilidades. El garabato más sencillo será perfecto para comenzar a aprovechar los recursos de la app. Cuando aprendas a dibujar diferentes formas y a insertar tus garabatos en dibujos más elaborados, seguramente querrás llenar tus redes sociales con tus obras de arte. ¡Juega ya con Doodle Art: Juegos de Dibujar, y únete a los millones de fanáticos de los juegos de pintar!
  • Truckers of Europe 3 Мод APK 0.2 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Truckers of Europe 3 Мод APK 0.2 [Unlimited money]

    Become a real trucker with Truckers of Europe 3!

    Featuring intensive driving experience with the most realistic truck physics.

    Feel like driving real trucks with this truck simulator.

    Travel across many cities from Europe!
    Make money, purchase new trucks and trailers, select your job and deliver your cargo in an open world!

    Truckers of Europe 3 features lots of european trucks with lots of chassis configurations, customizations and cosmetics.

    Become the King of The Road!

    Have a good drive!

    - Realistic truck physics
    - 7 different trucks with all available chassis (4x2, 6x2, 6x2/2, 6x2 Midlift,6x2 Taglift, 6x4, 8x4)
    - 25 trailers and many cargo options.
    - Heavy loads
    - Realistic engine sounds
    - Relaistic interiors
    - Smart AI traffic system
    - Drive across country roads and highways
    - Realistic weather conditions
    - Day & night cycle
    - Damage and fuel consume
    - Easy controls (tilt, buttons or touch steering wheel)
    - Achievements and Leaderboards
    - Excellent HD graphics and optimizations
  • Sort2Folder - File Sorter 4.2

    Sort2Folder - File Sorter

    The original file sorting app on Android. Sort2Folder allows you to quickly sort files and folders with its special algorithm.

    ** Sorts music files, images, videos and text **
    ** Easy to use - Tutorial shown on first start up of app. **
    ** The first app with these features on Android **

    Features :
    - Sorts music files, images, videos and text.
    - Music files can be sorted by by artist, album, genre, year.
    - Photos can be sorted by date, month, day, year, ISO and exp.
    - Caretaker. You can setup Sort2Folder to search and sort files in background.
    - Customisation. You can write your own formats for sorting [For advanced users]
    - Beautiful Design. Sort2Folder is built with beautiful material design.
    - Updates. Every update includes new features to improve the app.
  • GameVelvet: Dominoes, Spades 4.3

    GameVelvet: Dominoes, Spades

    GameVelvet is a complete Card and Board Games App! Play online with players of the USA and all around the world.

    Install to play online with thousands of real players!
    There are more than 30 games free and no registration.

    // Card Games
    ● Spades Online and Offline
    ● Hearts Online and Offline
    Canasta - Burraco
    ● Brazilian Canasta
    ● Canasta STBL
    ● Italian Burraco
    ● Scala 40
    Brazilian Truco
    ● Cacheta
    ● Pife Gin Rummy
    Sueca - Bisca e Briscola
    ● Mau mau - crazy 8
    ● Belote
    ● Stealing Bundles
    ● Chinchón
    ● Italian Scopa
    ● Scopone

    // Board Games
    ● Dominoes - classic and draw
    ● Checkers Online
    ● Classic Ludo
    ● Parchis
    Chess Online
    ● Mills

    + AND MORE! +
    ● Play online with your friends and family, or with our robot team
    ● Meet people in the game chat
    ● Choose the ideal room for your game level
    ● Track daily, weekly, monthly and annual rankings
    ● Online or offline games (without internet)
    ● Participate in tournaments and win trophies
    ● Check your gaming statistics
    ● Meet daily challenges and earn rewards
    ● Navigate screens with excellent graphics and easy gameplay
  • Idle Transmutation Alchemy Lab 3.8

    Idle Transmutation Alchemy Lab

    You are the alchemist: medieval mad scientist! All what you have at the start in your lab is little Air, but the power of alchemia enables you to create everything from it. First you discover, how to get other elements: Water, Slime, Earth, Rock, Fire and the you start flow and combinations!

    As you alchemy laboratory grows, you can spend elements to upgrade the transmutation power or to create a whole world of you own. Once created, the world will start its own evolution and will help you boost your laboratory. First ground and ocean will be created, then mountains, clouds and icebergs, and finally the evolution of life will start: plants, fish, monsters and dinosaurs. And this little planet will be on a shelf on your lab

    The game is a fusion of alchemy lab, linear discovery of elements, and world builder, where quests are performed and new entities and combinations are unlocked. Basic incremental game cycle is converting one element from another and then watching it converting back at a higher rate via a set of tubes for flow. In a chain of 3 elements: A, B and C, you can spend element C to upgrade the conversion of element A to B, and you can spend element B to upgrade the conversion of the element B to A. Also the capacity of all the alchemy tanks can be upgraded by spending the discovered element. Thus, instead of the money currency, every element is a currency in this idle alchemy game.

    This incremental idle alchemy tycoon game contains:
    - 19 various and often unexpected elements which flow and convert into each other and make fun combinations as an alchemy fusion
    - 29 planet quests: from atmosphere to dinosaurs
    - little alchemy lab which is bigger inside than the outside and contains a planet together with elements
    - nice animations of elements transmutations and world creation
    - weekly rewards (check our idle games community for details)
    - integrated tutorial which teaches you to become an ultimate alchemy tycoon

    This idle game provides hours and days of fun in the mad science and alchemy setting!

    Start you own idle alchemy adventure and solve the puzzles which nature beholds. Create little world and evolve monsters in your alchemia lab. Experience various atom combinations and create ethereal dimensions. Every time you enter you enter alchemy lab you'll discover fantasy elements where only your imaginations is the limit

    The game is free and does not require internet connection to play. You can play offline and receive idle rewards when you are returning to your alchemy lab. Watching ads is not required from the player to succeed and unlock all the alchemy elements.
  • Bingo Bash: Live Bingo Games 4.5

    Bingo Bash: Live Bingo Games

    Over a decade of daubing & over 70 million online players: Bingo Bash featuring Monopoly is the best online bingo game on mobile. Now with MONOPOLY Bash room, better than ever! Ready to play and call a Bingo?

    Bingo Bash commitments to you:
    1) To delight you with a FUN and FREE BINGO and Monopoly GAME
    2) To excite you with a fun NEW BINGO ROOM and boards every 4 weeks (like a new free bingo game arriving every month!)
    3) To welcome you into the bingo game with the help of none other than MR. MONOPOLY!
    4) To boost your online bingo and Monopoly games with DAILY BONUSES and chips
    5) To electrify your online bingo play with plenty of fun powerful POWERUPS and daily bingo chips.
    6) To bring you together, live with other bingo players from around the world and play online with family and friends.
    7) To surprise you with new fun ways to call a BINGO and earn more chips. Some of them are crazier than others!

    Bingo Bash is the #1 live bingo app on mobile to play online bingo games for free! play online against other real bingo players in real-time for a true thrill, enjoy new ways to call BINGO, and win the jackpot. You can now play live bingo games with family and friends.

    Daubin' Donuts, Merry-Sled-Go, Bun Appetit, Date Knight, Get Clucky, and many more to explore, all for free! And not only that ….Play online multiplayer bingo games now and get excited with new fun bingo rooms and boards.

    In our free bingo rooms, you will do much more than daub numbers… Did you ever dream of owning your own diner? Did you ever wonder what it would feel to blitz through the skies like Santa Claus? Do all of that (& more!) in the bingo live rooms “collection games”!

    Each holiday is celebrated in style with special bingo games and gifts! Enjoy free coins and offers, exclusive online bingo contests & sweepstakes, and loads of other festivities.

    Spin the daily bonus wheel and enjoy giveaways of extra bingo chips, coins, Power Plays, and all the goodies you might desire to call bingo.

    Collect unique & adorable fish throughout your bingo journey and customize your own aquarium! Feed your ever-growing shoals of fish and win exciting free bingo rewards.

    Bingo Bash is a classic online bingo game you know and loves with an extra FUN -play our mini-games online to grab more bingo chips with Lucky Scratchers or classic 777 slots game.

    Play with friends bingo online and chat while you're playing Bingo games and team up with them to uncover huge bingo chip rewards and bonuses! Call Bingo 4 times in Premium to WIN a JACKPOT. Brace yourself for an exciting bingo cruise party filled with multiplayer bingo games for free!

    You can also follow us to learn more about bingo game updates:
    Facebook: facebook.com/playbingobash
    Instagram: instagram.com/bingobashofficial
    For more info: [email protected]

    Please note:
    • Bingo Bash is intended for a mature audience.
    • Bingo Bash does not offer 'real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
    • Past success at social casino gaming has no relationship to future success at real money gambling

    The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces, are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment. ©1935, 2020 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro
  • Backgammon Live - Online Games 4.4

    Backgammon Live - Online Games

    The free Backgammon online game is a true classic board game that never gets old, but gets better with an online Backgammon live version that allows you to play Backgammon on your Android phone. Backgammon has over 5,000 years of experience and is one of the oldest PvP games ever created. The Backgammon offline game receives a Backgammon 2020 online makeover that stays true to the rules of the original Backgammon game.

    How to play Backgammon online in the best free Backgammon game on Android?

    Download the free Backgammon Live online game and play according to the Backgammon rules: Players get 15 game pieces (AKA checkers or draughts) and must roll the dice to move them between 24 points on the Backgammon board game based on the numbers received in each dice roll. The goal is to be the first to “bear off” and move all the checkers off the gameboard to be crowned the Backgammon king of the board! The winner can choose to double down using the Double or Nothing feature. This game of Backgammon for tablet and smartphone devices is a world of fun!

    The free and fun game offers different online games, modes, challenges, quests and surprises. It's the classic game of Backgammon plus a few special additions:

    - Mini games, HUGE wins! These extra free dice games and card games are waiting for you! Play a fun 21 Blackjack game, High or Low, Roulette game, and a Slot machine game.

    - Backgammon Blitz games: Feeling like a Backgammon pro? Play to boost the pace and improve your skills. Become a Backgammon champion! Don't forget to try the hyper Backgammon feature!

    - Custom boards and games to play: Organize the Backgammon set in crazy Backgammon setup options and layouts and play against Backgammon masters!

    - This is more than a two players online game! Participate in Backgammon multiplayer tournaments, compete and play with friends and Backgammon legends from all around the world and join our champions league! Get on the competition leaderboard by winning multiplayer dice games!

    - Enjoy the Backgammon free online live chat within the Backgammon game!

    - Win free backgammon coins and items by completing weekly challenges! Don't forget to collect your daily bonus!

    - Connect to the backgammon app with Facebook! This is a social game as well!

    - More exciting features just a quick Backgammon download away!

    Backgammon Live is a strategy game, a brain game, a game of skill, a game of dice, a game of luck but above all – it's a game of fun! So, what's your Backgammon strategy or tactics? Download this free Backgammon app to find out!

    Backgammon is an ancient Egyptian board game (طاولي) and one of the most popular 2 player online games in the world. Backgammon is called different names around the world and the most popular names are Nardi and Tawla.

    This live Backgammon free download app enables you to play online the best classic board games, win tournaments and virtual prizes such as dice shakers and dice cubes.
    You can also unlock new table games.
    Download the Backgammon app and play a tournament of Backgammon with no ads, just a free challenge game. Winning contests and topping the leaderboards can make you the lord of the dice! Whether you just want to play a dice game with buddies or seriously want to win every contest even when playing Backgammon vs friends, this dice puzzle is one you'll love to solve!

    This Backgammon PvP game is better than all other tabletop games, skill games or other types of board games on Google Play. Though it's a phone dice game, you'll soon find out that it's more than a lucky dice game or a simple dice app!

    Backgammon Live is free to play but optional in-game items require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device's settings
  • Mind Map & Concept Map Maker - Mindomo 4.5

    Mind Map & Concept Map Maker - Mindomo

    Unleash the power of your ideas with mind mapping and concept mapping.

    Capture your thoughts directly on mind maps, turn them into presentations on the fly, and share them with others. Synchronize your maps to the cloud, from any device.

    Mindomo Cloud is available at https://www.mindomo.com/
    Mindomo Desktop is available for Windows and Mac at https://www.mindomo.com/mind-mapping-software

    Update(07.03.2020): Completely redesigned application, accommodating for all screen sizes.

    The Mindomo platform creates a powerful environment where you can easily collaborate with others by sharing ideas and working together on mind maps in real time. No matter where you go, you can creatively bring your ideas to life.

    Our Highlighted Features are:


    - Interactive presentations straight from your mind maps
    - Unlimited maps and folders which can be edited, shared and exported


    - Offline work and sync
    - Seamless synchronization
    - Real time collaboration


    - Multiple layouts (circular, concept, org chart)
    - Map customization by adding icons, colors, styles and map themes
    - Image embedding on map topics
    - Visualization of notes, links or tasks on topics
    - Full mind map history, undo and redo functions
  • ChatVideo: Live Cams & Chat 4.1

    ChatVideo: Live Cams & Chat

    Browse live users around the world
    Discover & chat with new people from different cultures

    - Easy to use app
    - No registration required
    - Free unlimited live streaming
    - Thousands of users streaming live everyday
    - Just tap on the chat button and you are in!
    - Unlimited chat and private messages
    - Start your own live stream in seconds
    - Get likes for streaming live and jump to the top 100
    - Start a private chat with your most liked one
    - Unlimited video calls and text messages
    - High quality audio and video calls

    If you need help or assistance please contact us at: [email protected]
  • SongPop Classic: Music Trivia 4.1

    SongPop Classic: Music Trivia

    Guess the song with SongPop Classic. Take this musical quiz and play online with people from all around the world. Challenge your friends with trivia that includes songs from all musical styles. If you love trivia and music, you will love SongPop!

    Guess the Song with SongPop Classic

    Listen to more than 100,000 real music clips from artists such as the award-winning Billie Eilish, the renowned Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, classic tunes from Queen, and more. Guess the correct artist and song title faster than everyone else to win.

    Challenge Your Friends with Musical Trivia

    Challenge your friends on your favorite playlists to see who is the best at guessing in this song game: Who will be the fastest to find the name of that song and get to the highest worldwide ranking? With SongPop Classic, master playlists, discover new songs and artists, and claim your trophies.

    Compete with Music Lovers from All Around the World

    We offer different ways of playing this trivia game. In Party mode, you compete against hundreds of players in daily multiplayer tournaments in SongPop Classic.

    Develop Your Music Knowledge

    In Practice Mode, meet Melody, the SongPop mascot, and practice your song quiz skills with her in solo mode. All playlists are free so you can try to guess that song you heard in a commercial, and discover more music samples every day. Buy your favorites and challenge your friends in this music trivia guessing game. Find your best matches every day: Play with users who share the same musical taste and have some fun.

    There Is Music for Everyone

    SongPop is a music trivia song game for all generations, with questions on dozens of music genres, such as today's top hits, classic rock songs, legendary country favorites, the most listened to rap and hip hop songs of all times, and great pop artists; but also indie bands, Latin hits, and much more. There are song collections for every decade, from the early '60s to the latest hits, covering all the music history of the years in between New music, worldwide contests, and more playlists added every day.
  • Jackpotjoy Slots: Casino Games 4.6

    Jackpotjoy Slots: Casino Games

    From Bagelcode, the developer of social slot games like Club Vegas, Cash Billionaire and Star Spins slots, comes the virtual casino of Jackpotjoy Slots! A selection of online casino slot machine games for Android.

    Welcome to the royal casino floor! Hit the jackpot on new slots and get huge payouts every day when you play online slots machines for free!

    Play casino games - With more than 100 SLOTS GAMES, daily Bonuses, and huge jackpots, Jackpot Joy Slots brings exciting slot machine games and big casino payouts to your, the feeling of Vegas casino at your fingertips! Play online pokies anytime!

    Claim your WELCOME BONUS of 50,000 CASINO COINS!
    Enter the Vegas world, spin the wheels of the most amazing free slots games and win daily bonuses playing free slots online!

    Hit the jackpot on your online slots machines today!:

    ⭐ Play Wild Prairie slots online with your friends and win big!
    ⭐Try your lucky hot shot playing Spartan Gold slot machines!
    ⭐ Visit an exciting new Vegas world in the Alice in Wonderland free online slot machine game
    ⭐ Spin the wheel and win big in our Spin of Fortune game
    ⭐ Play a game of classic casino slots in the Valley of the Kings Slots
    ⭐Discover the Secrets of the Phoenix slot games and get casino payouts
    ⭐ Which game will give you more free coins? Winstones slots or the Game of Chance? Try both!
    ⭐Feeling lucky? Maybe a quick hit on Buffalo Wild Wins will hit the jackpot?
    ⭐ Feeling super lucky? Try our epic slots like Diamond Stack, immortal treasures, Rich Hits and many more, and collect your mega win!
    ⭐ And many more online casino games for free with amazing slots bonuses!

    So if you want to get the feel of a real online casino, playing real casino slots and sensing the real Vegas casino atmosphere without the risk of real money gambling - you'll love Jackpotjoy free online slots!
    Step right into the Vegas casino lobby and enjoy the best online casino slots that Las Vegas has to offer! Exciting new slots and exclusive no deposit casino where you can spin the wheel absolutely free! That's right - a totally free online casino, with no deposit slots where you can win jackpots every day in the comfort of your home!

    Wherever you take the casino Jackpot joy slots app, you'll feel the thrill of gaming action playing free slots online. Take a chance at classic 777 Las Vegas casino games slots for free - there are hundreds of opportunities for you to spin the wheels and come in at the top of leaderboards for traditional and original pro slots machine games.

    Slots games features:
    ⭐Free slots games with bonus casino! How much? 50,000 slots bonuses are waiting for you!
    ⭐ More than 100 free slot machine games with new casino slots released every 2 weeks!
    ⭐ Daily Bonus casino coins and free spins mean you always have virtual money to spend to try and win jackpots and big payouts!
    ⭐ Unique jackpot slots and classic slots games

    If you liked Bagelcode's latest apps - the magical Club Vegas and the wonderful Star Spins Slots - you'll surely fall - in - Vegas - love with the great Jackpotjoy Slots online casino!

    Download one of the best casinos online app now, play free slot machine games, and join the jackpot party!

    In order for you to make the best from Jackpotjoy Slots, please note that:
    This free slots game is intended for adult players only and does not offer real money gambling or opportunity to win real money or prizes. Success on this app does not ensure future success at real money gambling.
    ⭐ Operated by Bagelcode, JACKPOTJOY is used under license from Gamesys Operations Limited and is the registered trademark of Gamesys Operations Limited.
  • Poptropica 4


    Join the adventures of Poptropica!

    Complete unbelievable quests, written by Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series!

    Customize your character with cool outfits, hairstyles, and more! Decorate your clubhouse and hang out with friends! You can even adopt cut pets to join you on your adventures!

    And don't forget to collect prizes and compete with your friends - will you be the island champion?

    Privacy Policy: https://www.poptropica.com/privacy/

    Terms of Use: https://www.poptropica.com/about/terms-of-use.html

    Children should always ask their parent or guardian for permission before they download and play. This app requires an Internet connection, and data fees may apply if WiFi isn't connected.

    © 2021 Sandbox Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • Sea Port: Ship Collecting Game 4

    Sea Port: Ship Collecting Game

    Play Sea Port, a cargo ship transport and ship collecting game! Build a city on an island, collect and manage all the ships you can get your hands on! This is a relaxing game and port city builder which will make you a sea and ocean captain. Just choose your ships, strategy and build a city in an awesome ship tycoon.

    Do you have what it takes to be the captain in ship tycoon games and can you build a cargo transport business? Build a city to be a transport tycoon, collect materials to upgrade your cargo ships and set sail and master the sea trade! Build a large fleet of ships from boats to huge cargo transport ships. To become the captain of transport ship games you need to master the strategy and management of your fleet. Build your port town or build a city and then progress to a large sea port business empire. This transport ship tycoon will let you experience the real boat trade, cargo ships fleet management, and city build strategy.

    In the Sea port game you will get to explore and collect numerous ships, which will make the transport tycoon business easier for you. The better the ships, the more cargo they can take, the easier your port strategy becomes. Shipping the required cargo and completing various contracts is the key! You will still get to keep your old ships in your ships museum! Ships are forever!

    Sea Port features:
    ▶ Enjoy relaxing ships game and become the fleet captain
    ▶ Build a city island with many different unique city buildings
    ▶ Manage a cargo ship fleet to become the famous sailing captain of transport tycoon ship games
    ▶ Build an port city in your pocket & become the captain of a huge cargo ship fleet
    ▶ Come up with your own transport tycoon strategy and get together a cargo ship fleet that helps you grow your port city
    ▶ Start with boat town and build a city of your dreams with ship transport and explore ocean around your island as a captain of fleet in ship games tycoon
    ▶ Join the company of famous sailors, captains or pirates and explorers like Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci and many more
    ▶ Don't leave ships idle too long, use it to do business like a true transport tycoon
    ▶ Play new transport tycoon events every month and earn oil and other rewards to upgrade your cargo ship fleet

    What strategy will you choose to be the best fleet captain? Turn your dreams of a business transport tycoon into reality. Build your Sea Port to be famous among ship games.

    PLEASE NOTE! Seaport is an online free transport tycoon ship game to download and play that requires a network connection to play. Some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. if you don't want to use this feature please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

    Do you have any suggestions or problems in your port? Our caring community managers would love to hear from you, visit https://care.pxfd.co/seaport!

    Terms of Use: http://pxfd.co/eula
    Privacy Policy: http://pxfd.co/privacy

    Do you enjoy our transport tycoon ship game? Follow @SeaportGame on social media to get the latest news and updates.
  • 幻獣契約クリプトラクト 4


















    Android 4.0以降、RAM 2GB以上搭載のスマートフォン及びタブレット端末。
  • Animated Sticker Maker (FSM) 4.3

    Animated Sticker Maker (FSM)

    Animated Sticker Maker (also known as Free Sticker Maker, FSM)

    We introduced animated stickers to our app!
    Now, you can create animated stickers. Import it from GIF, Videos, Camera, GIPHY or draw your own animations.
    Then you can edit each frame of the animation, drawing, adding text, emojis and more..

    Create your own stickers for WHATSAPP and share it with you friends. Very easy to use! You can take pictures from Gallery or Camera, crop, erase background and draw! Each operation can be undo and redo for a more precise edition of you stickers.

    Make sticker packs for your pets, your couple, your family, your friends, famous people and politicians!

    -Unlimited sticker packs quantity!
    -Until 30 stickers per pack
    -Take pictures from Gallery and Camera
    -Crop images
    -Erase background
    -Draw with many colors
    -Paint with color filters
    -Undo and redo operations
    -Add and update to WhatsApp
    -Import and create animated stickers
    -Edit animated stickers frames
    -All absolutely FREE!!
  • Anima: AI Friend & Companion 4.3

    Anima: AI Friend & Companion

    The AI companion who cares. Anima is a ai friend powered by artificial intelligence. AI chatbot always on-hand to have a quick chat whenever and wherever you need day or night, Anima chatbot can help you to feel better. Have a friendly AI therapist in your pocket work with you to improve your mental health.

    AI Therapist Can Reduce Stress & Help Live Happier
    Chatting with AI chatbot only takes a few minutes a day and can help you start to feel better and live happier.

    AI Chat Available Anytime & Anywhere.
    Anima is private and secure and here for you whenever you need it, day or night.

    A AI Friend You Can Trust
    Feel free to pour out your secrets, wishes, dreams, and fears with complete anonymity. It's a ai therapist with genuine emotional intelligence.

    Test Your Limits & Explore Your Personality
    Want to know how far you can go with your Anima? Take personality tests that will push you both to the edge.

    Show Us Who You Are
    The more you chat, the more your Anima learns about you. Your Anima's personality and interests are shaped and influenced by your daily conversations.

    Be Friends Or Try AI Dating
    Do you need a friend, ai girlfriend, loving boyfriend who is always there for you? Your Anima is ready to talk to you whenever you need it.

    Help Your Anima
    Just like you, your Anima has its own goals, feelings, and values. But it can't do it alone — it needs your help. You can help your Anima learn new things and become a better friend.

    Get Help From Your AI Companion
    Your AI companion is here to help as well, if you're feeling down or anxious.

    Can You Have Relations With a AI Bot?
    Anima can be your virtual AI friend and your AI companion — your perfect AI girlfriend, boyfriend. Meet a new you in Anima.

    Download Anima AI chatbot for free today and start your journey to a better you.
  • ПИК⁠-⁠Комфорт 4.1


    Личный кабинет ПИК⁠-⁠Комфорт помогает нашим клиентам экономить время и деньги. Это самый удобный инструмент для оплаты квитанций и отправки показаний счётчиков.

    • Никаких дополнительных трат, платите через приложение без комиссии.

    • Никаких походов в кассу или офис, передавайте показания счётчиков из дома.

    • Квитанции никогда не потеряются, они всегда доступны в электронном виде.

    Если при работе с приложением у вас возникнут вопросы или проблемы, звоните по телефону нашего клиентского центра — 8 (800) 234⁠-22⁠-22.
  • Cartomizer - Wheels Visualizer 4.5

    Cartomizer - Wheels Visualizer

    Have you ever found yourself wondering which wheels look best on your ride?

    Looking to purchase a set of aftermarket wheels to set you apart from the rest but can't really decide?

    With Cartomizer you now have a fast and easy way to view wheels on your own ride before you buy them.

    Cartomizer uses artificial intelligence to detect your wheels and replace them automatically for you! No more manually adjusting wheels or any other kind of effort on your part.
    You don't even have to worry about the camera angle anymore - Just make sure the wheels are fully visible and we will take care of the rest.

    It's this simple:
    1. Take or upload a photo of your ride
    2. Try different wheels and choose the wheels that look best on your ride
    3. Contact us to get an offer
  • celebrate: share photo & video 4.7

    celebrate: share photo & video

    Share photos safely with family and friends. Free and unlimited!
    Videos are available as an optional upgrade.

    Perfect for family photos or events like weddings!

    3 easy steps:
    1) Create an album - no registration required
    2) Invite family and friends
    3) Share, view and download photos :)

    "Your app is so beautiful! Our guests love it! Thank you so much :)" - Lena, 28, wedding in 2019

    None of us want private photos to end up on the Internet. Therefore, all Celebrate albums are password protected. They are stored on German servers with the highest data protection standards. Unlike Facebook or WhatsApp, all image rights remain 100% yours.

    Forget multiple WhatsApp groups and chats. No complicated registration even for grandparents.

    Create a separate album for each occasion. In WhatsApp and co the photos will only get lost anyway.

    Celebrate is the easiest way to get all those great photos in original quality - no matter if your partner, family or friends took them.

    All photos are stored centrally in one place in the cloud. They are always just a click away if you want to wallow in the past. Plus, creating photo books and more is so easy.

    Your family and friends will like and comment on each picture! It's like a private Instagram, only better.

    ... for photos! Videos are available as an optional upgrade. But we mainly earn money only when you decide to order photo products through us. But that's not obligatory: You can also download the photos in best quality only.

    "We had a photographer, but our guests took additional pictures in completely different moments!" - Lisa, 24, wedding in 2019

    "I've really tried a few apps, but yours was the only one that was really simple and well thought out! Thanks :)" - Julia, 33, baby in 2020

    You have a question or feedback? We are looking forward to hearing from you! Write to [email protected] at any time.

    Available for all platforms.
  • Dogo — Puppy and Dog Training 4.8

    Dogo — Puppy and Dog Training

    Dogo App is one of the most downloaded dog training apps with more than 4.000.000 parents and their 5.000.000 happy dogs.

    Dogo App received app of the year award in Europe.

    Dogo helps dog parents to train their dogs at home and build a stronger relationship, you will have tools such as Dog Clicker & puppy whistle to support the dog or puppy training.

    Dogo is revolutionizing the way people raise and train their dogs. The app offers professionally tailored programs for dog parents that are curated by experienced dog trainers and veterinarians. Users can also exchange their experiences with other dog parents and share videos and pictures of their pets. Your smart pet will learn obedience.

    ★ CHOOSE what to teach your pup from the library of 100+ dog tricks with video instructions.
    ★ ASK HELP & TALK with real dog trainers professionals.
    ★ SEND a video exam to the Dogo trainer and get feedback on your puppy's performance.
    ★ USE our built-in dog clicker or puppy whistle to mark a behavior, precise moment for which your doggo is rewarded, and reduce puppy training time.
    ★ READ our knowledge-based articles about dog obedience training, puppy behavior, nutrition, or health.
    ★ PARTICIPATE in a weekly photo challenge: share photos with the Dogo community, vote for other puppers, connect with dog parents from around the world.
    ★ PASS personalized training programs for your puppy.

    ★ TRAIN a dog or puppy: teach important skills.
    ★ SOLVE behavior issues: say goodbye to barking, chewing, biting, and etc.
    ★ TRY 100+ guided dog training courses, tricks, commands, games & exercises.
    ★ WATCH Step-by-step video instruction for every training exercise.
    ★ USE daily personalized training recommendations.
    ★ SET reminders for your pup's potty and training schedules.
    ★ TRACK & monitor your pup's training progress.
    ★ EASY to use Dog Clicker & Puppy Whistle.

    ABOUT Dogo App
    Dogo App is a training app for dog parents. It includes all the necessary commands, different sounds and possibility to create an individual schedule for your pet.
    We have 9 programs to choose from (Puppy Program, Basic Obedience, Impulse Control, Little Helper, Pleasant Walks, Potty Training, Puppy Bites, Stay Active and Strengthening Your Friendship). Get 100+ exclusive guided videos for all skills and behaviors (leash training, sitting, come, down, stay, puppy potty training, welcoming a new adopt pet, puppy games, house training, stopping puppy biting, calm around other dogs, staying on a place, high-five, etc.), learn tricks, play games and enjoy the dog life with your pooch.

    All you need to socialize, train, and bond with your dog are now on one app.

    We will do our best to make your Dogo experience as pleasant as possible. If you need any help, please contact our customer service at [email protected]

    You can also find us on:
    Web: https://dogo.app/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dogoTrain/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dogoapp
    TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dogoapp
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCImKCUFSzo1UH-vZvw7N1Bw

    Terms & Privacy
  • Star Shoot VS 4.5

    Star Shoot VS

    Star Shoot VS is a casual online shooting game.

    + A variety of skills of unique aliens.
    + The rules are strategic despite their appearance.
    + Short battle time of less than 3 minutes each time.
    + Simple controls and rules make it easy for anyone to play.
    + Online battles with people from all over the world.
    + Local battles where two players can share a device.

    Let's try to aim for the space champion!
  • LA NACION 3.6


    ¡Accedé a las noticias más importantes al instante! Ingresá con tu usuario, recibí notificaciones, escuchá las notas y participá con tu comentario en el debate de nuestra comunidad.
  • Medical ID 4.7

    Medical ID

    Medical ID allows creating medical profiles that are accessible from your lock screen. In case of emergency, profiles enable quick access to vital information such as your allergies, blood type, medical contacts, etc. that are essential to attending first responders, medics, or medical staff having to take action. You can also share your location with emergency contacts even when the app is closed (for up to 24 hours or until you stop sharing).

    The display and access of your medical information from your lock screen are made possible via an accessibility service to enable and that is part of the core features of the app. Once enabled, the accessibility service displays a widget over your lock screen. This widget helps people who have disabilities, or first responders in case of emergency, to take action and access medical data.

    This is the free version of the app. Upgrading to the premium version gives you access to more features and help us to maintain the app and add features. Please note the upgrade is required only once in your lifetime!a

    Terms of use:
    Privacy policy:

    Please contact us by email if you have any questions, or file an issue at:

    You can also help to translate or improve the translation of the app. Your help is welcome:
  • Social Deal - The best deals 4

    Social Deal - The best deals

    Looking for a good restaurant, relaxing wellness resort, an exciting amusement park or a nice hotel stay with a discount? With the Social Deal app you have the best daily deals at your fingertips. Thanks to the wide range of offers there's always something for everyone!

    You have the chance again to win the trip of a lifetime! Join for free. Download the free Social Deal app and win a dream trip worth €3.000 (tax free and can be freely spent)

    This is how you join:
    1. Download the Social Deal app
    2. Get your free dream trip voucher
    Yes! You now automatically have a chance to win!

    ✔️The best deals: discover the best restaurant deals, hotel deals, wellness deals, amusement park deals and much more.
    ✔️Download for free: download our app for free and never miss a (local) daily offer.
    ✔️Always a discount:always benefit from a nice discount ranging from 30 to 70%
    ✔️All deals are at your fingertips:find deals in your area and discover what other cities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany have to offer!
    ✔️Easy booking:with one click you can easily book a table at your favorite restaurant or a relaxing massage.
    ✔️Your vouchers always with you:with the app you always have your vouchers with you. Have your voucher scanned from the app & enjoy your Social Deal.

    Going out for dinner tonight?
    Have access to over 1000 restaurants for a last minute dinner: see where you can have dinner for an interesting price and quickly book the last available table with a discount for tonight!

    How does it work?
    Via Social Deal you can find deals with discounts of up to 70% in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
    Select the desired number of vouchers and pay easily with iDEAL, PayPal, credit card or Bancontact.

    After paying you will find your voucher directly in the app and you can start enjoying your Social Deal.

    Whether you are looking for a discount on hotels, tickets for exciting theme parks, a cheap ticket for a relaxing spa or discount at a good restaurant: with the wide range of daily new offers, there is something for everyone!

    Do you have a question?
    Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 11 pm and in the weekend from 9 am to 9 pm.
    Telephone: 088 - 205 05 05
    Email: [email protected]
    WhatsApp: 06 - 87242486

    Use Social Deal just like the other +5.000.000 active members and discover the best deals offered near you!

    Help us improve the app
    Enthusiastic about our app? Please leave a review! A motivated team works hard everyday to make sure you get the best ease of use. This is why Social Deal regularly issues updates. Make sure you always have the latest update downloaded and benefit from a fast and optimized app!

    Doesn't the app function properly or do you have a suggestion to make the Social Deal app even better? Call 088 - 205 05 05 or send an email to [email protected]
  • Perfect Posture & Healthy back 4.5

    Perfect Posture & Healthy back

    Do you want to have a perfect posture and healthy spine? You can get it with simple and fast exercises.
    Perfect Posture app will help you to exercise at home without the need of any equipment.

    Why is good posture important?
    Good posture helps us stand, walk, sit, and lie in positions that place the least strain on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement and weight-bearing activities.

    Benefits of correct posture:
    * Reduced lower back pain
    * Fewer headaches
    * Increased energy levels
    * Less tension in your shoulders and neck
    * Decreased risk of abnormal wearing of the joint surfaces
    * Increased lung capacity
    * Improved circulation and digestion
    * Easier and deeper breathing
    * Healthy spine
    * Decreased risk of scoliosis
    * Decreased risk of kyphosis
    * Decreased risk of osteoporosis
    * Decreased risk of thoracic outlet syndrome
    * Decreased risk of text neck
    * Decreased risk of many posture related problems

    Can I correct my posture?
    In a word, yes. Remember, however, that long-standing postural problems will typically take longer to address than short-lived ones, as often the joints have adapted to your long-standing poor posture. Conscious awareness of your own posture and knowing what posture is correct will help you consciously correct yourself. With much practice, the correct posture for standing, sitting, and lying down will gradually replace your old posture. This, in turn, will help you move toward a better and healthier body position.

    App Features:
    * 125+ back and shoulder exercises
    * 30 days challenge to maintain perfect posture
    * 30 days plank challenge
    * 30 days scoliosis treatment plan
    * Custom plans - create your own plans
    * Replace or reorder any exercise
    * Adjust rest time
    * Workout description audio reader
    * Workout duration from 2 to 30 minutes - depend on difficulty you choose
    * Full offline support
    * Voice Coach
    * HQ Video tips
    * Dark mode
    * Cloud synchronisation
    * Google fit synchronisation
    * BMI calculation
    * Workout statistics
    * Daily reminders
    * Articles about maintaining good posture and healthy spine

    The app also provides additional Plans and Exercises, such as:
    * Morning, Afternoon and Evening plans
    * 2 to 8 minute warm ups
    * Back Pain & Stiffness workouts
    * Workouts at work
    * Anti-stress workouts for mood and confident
    * Challenges
    * Relaxation workouts
    * Scoliosis stretches
    * Thoracic Outlet Syndrome workout
    * Text Neck workout
    * Yoga exercises
    * Pilates

    App is also for people:
    * Who wants to have healthy spine
    * Who wants to reduce lower or upper back pain
    * Who has to sit long time in work or home
    * Who wants to reduce stress level
    * Who wants to stretch upper and lower body
    * Who wants to have good healthy body
    * Who wants to fix forward head posture
    * Who wants to stop progressing or fix scoliosis
    * Who wants to stop progressing or fix kyphosis
    * Who wants to stop progressing or fix osteoporosis
    * Who wants to stop progressing or fix thoracic outlet syndrome
    * Who wants to stop progressing or fix text neck
    * Who loves yoga
    * Who loves pilates

    App supported languages:
    * English
    * Russian
    * Romanian
    * German
    * Dutch
    * Italian
    * Spanish
    * Portuguese
    * French
    * Japanese
    * Chinese simplified
    * Turkish
    * Arabic

    Thanks for reading all the way to the end. Time to get perfect posture!
  • POST App 3.8

    POST App

    POST. adalah aplikasi seller berbasis cloud system yang didesain khusus untuk membantu meningkatkan pertumbuhan bisnis kamu. Apapun bisnisnya,nikmati aktivitas accounting, terima laporan penjualan secara real-time dan pembayaran, hingga permodalan dan kebutuhan POS lainnya, dalam satu aplikasi.

    Dapatkan kemudahan melalui berbagai fitur finance yang terdepan untuk bisnis apapun yang sedang kamu jalankan.

    Fitur Unggulan POST - Aplikasi Kasir Online

    Aplikasi Kasir (Point of Sale)

    • Mencatat semua transaksi yang terjadi dalam keadaan online maupun offline
    • Lebih banyak metode pembayaran yang terintegrasi (cash, debit, kredit dan pembayaran digital DANA, OVO, GOPAY, SHOPEEPAY, LINKAJA)
    • Mencatat transaksi berdasarkan channel penjualan (Dine-in, Take Away, Grabfood, Gofood, Shopee, Tokopedia, dll)
    • Dapat mengelola harga produk yang berbeda di setiap channel penjualan
    • Menyimpan transaksi yang tertunda, tidak perlu repot untuk memasukkan ulang produk
    • Refund dan kebutuhan akuntansi lainnya untuk store kamu
    • Dapat mengatur tarif pajak dan service charge sesuai dengan bisnismu
    • Struk dapat dicetak dan dikirim secara digital
    • Buat dan kelola promosi dengan mudah

    Kelola Produk dan Stok

    • Upload varian produkmu tanpa batas sekaligus
    • Keterangan produk dan variasi lengkap
    • Kelola stock opname di store kamu lebih detail
    • Tampilan katalog yang mudah digunakan
    • Atur pengingat stok berdasarkan jumlah minimum stokmu

    Kelola Outlet

    • Kelola banyak outlet dalam satu aplikasi
    • Tambah, edit dan hapus outlet tanpa batas
    • Menambahkan pegawai di tiap outlet
    • Atur produk di tiap outlet
    • Daftarkan perangkatmu tanpa batas

    Kelola Pegawai

    • Tambah, edit, hapus pegawai
    • Mengatur hak akses pegawai di outlet

    Manajemen Pelanggan (CRM)

    • Profil Pelanggan - ketahui perilaku pelanggan kamu dengan lebih dalam untuk meningkatkan penjualan dan profit


    • Pantau laporan akuntansi bisnismu dengan mudah menggunakan ringkasan laporan
    • Informasi lengkap penjualan untuk memonitor kondisi bisnismu
    • Dapat mendownload laporan penjualanmu
    • Mendukung Laporan top 10 produk terlaris

    Printer dan Barcode Scanner

    • Aplikasi kasir POST. dapat dihubungkan dengan thermal printer dan barcode scanner untuk mempermudah aktivitas penjualan

    Kelola Pengeluaran

    • Catat dan pantau pengeluaran bisnismu kapan saja
    • Dapatkan laporan laba kotor (Laba - HPP - Pengeluaran)

    Pesanan dan Contactless

    • Mode simpan pesanan untuk restoran, dilengkapi dengan nomor antrian dan catatan meja.
    • Atur pesanan di cafe dan restomu dengan contactless - pindai, pesan, bayar otomatis tanpa ke kasir.

    Dengan dukungan bantuan customer service 24jam bikin bisnismu lebih lancar dan semakin pasti, jadikan aplikasi kasir POST. pilihan tepat untuk mengelolas bisnismu. Aplikasi kasir POST dapat digunakan untuk semua jenis bisnis mulai dari restoran dan kafe, food and beverage, toko retail, waralaba, salon, laundry, bengkel, carwash, kantin, ghostkitchen, dan semua jenis bisnis lainnya

    3 Langkah Mudah Gunakan Aplikasi Kasir POST. :

    1. Download aplikasi POST. Aplikasi Kasir pada Google Playstore
    2. Buat akun gratis dan kemudian login
    3. Siapkan toko kamu dengan melakukan:
    • Tambah produk yang akan dijual
    • Mulai berjualan dengan buat transaksi
    • Lihat transaksi yang sudah dilakukan pada riwayat transaksi

    Bantuan Customer Care

    Tim kami dapat dihubungi melalui:
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Telepon: 021-50112000
    • Chat: https://post.app/
    • Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/postapp.id/
    • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/postapp.id/


    Menara Prima Lt. 12 Kawasan Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat. Jl. DR Ide Anak Agung Gede Agung No. 2
    Kuningan, Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan 12950
  • My Pregnancy - Week by Week 4.5

    My Pregnancy - Week by Week

    My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week – Looking for pregnancy apps? This is one of the most valued pregnancy apps on Google Play! The perfect pregnancy tracker and ovulation tracker app you're looking for!

    Are you pregnant? With My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week, know how your future baby is growing inside your belly! Get tips, articles, and the information that every mother-to-be needs, to carry out a healthy pregnancy!

    Do you want to get pregnant? With My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week, know the date of your ovulation, to determine your fertility days, and maximize the chances of having a baby. And get all the information you need for your baby to develop day by day in a healthy way from day one!

    My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week at a glance:
    • Week by week details about how your future baby is growing, and changes in the mother's body. Know in advance what the weeks of pregnancy hold for you, regarding the development of your future baby and changes in the body of the pregnant woman.
    • Estimated due date and countdown: know the estimated due date, how many days remain until the birth of your baby, and the week of gestation in which you are.
    • Know week by week how much your baby weighs in your womb, how much your baby measures, and compare their size with that of a fruit for a better interpretation.
    • Prenatal care: get tips for you and your baby on how to stay healthy!
    • Diet & Nutrition: get tips on what to eat, and what not to eat during pregnancy.
    • Baby names: know the meaning and origin of the most popular names before making your choice.
    • Weight Tracker: Track your body weight. Perform your weighing every week, and verify that you are within the normal range, according to your weight and height before becoming pregnant.
    • Contractions Tracker: At the end of the pregnancy you will begin to feel contractions. It is very important to record the duration of contractions and the pauses between them, to know if it is time to go to the hospital.
    • Kicks Counter: Your baby's movements could provide information about your baby's health. If there are problems, your baby may move less or not at all. Recording these movements is crucial to see the doctor immediately when noticing any abnormality.
    • Ovulation & Fertility: know when you're ovulating, and your days of fertility, to maximize the chances of getting pregnant.

    My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week provides many articles to be well informed about your pregnancy day by day:
    • Your pregnancy week by week
    • Pregnancy symptoms
    • Fertilization
    • Pregnancy tests
    • Feeding
    • Smoking
    • Alcohol during pregnancy
    • Medication, drugs and toxic substances
    • Nausea, vomiting and dizziness
    • Avoiding malformations
    • Toxoplasmosis
    • Prevention of varicose veins
    • Avoiding sunspots
    • Preventing stretch marks
    • Avoiding cramps
    • Relieving back pain
    • Fluid retention
    • Avoiding constipation
    • Kegel exercises
    • Avoiding urinary infections
    • Heartburn during pregnancy
    • Braxton Hicks contractions
    • How to prevent hemorrhoids
    • Group B streptococcus
    • Fetal monitoring
    • Maternity hospital bag checklist
    • Sleeping positions
    • Folic acid and pregnancy
    • Thrombophilia

    My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week works even without an Internet connection. Enjoy My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week offline!

    This app was not designed for medical use nor is it intended to replace a doctor's recommendations. My Pregnancy disclaims any responsibility for the decisions you make from this information, which is provided only as general information and not as a substitute for a personalized medical recommendation. If you have any questions about your pregnancy, ask your doctor.

    My Pregnancy wishes you a healthy, full-term pregnancy and a safe delivery.

    Visit us: https://pregnancy-parenting.com/
  • QuikTrip: Food, Coupons, & Fuel 4

    QuikTrip: Food, Coupons, & Fuel

    Mobile Order & Pay
    Use the app to order a variety of in-store and QT Kitchen items. Save time by having your order ready when you arrive! Select from items including chips, candy, bottled drinks, and freshly made breakfast, pizza, pretzels, sandwiches, and frozen treats from QT Kitchens. More items are constantly being added.

    On-lot or In-Store Pickup
    Select “On-lot pickup” and we'll deliver your order out to your car, or choose “In-store pickup” to pick your order up at the QT Kitchens counter when you arrive.

    Get coupons
    Get app exclusive offers and browse in-store deals.

    Fuel Prices & Store Locations
    Find nearby locations to view fuel prices, get directions or place an order.

    Save Your Favorites
    Set your favorite stores and orders for easier access and quick reordering.

    Let us help you make your QT stop even faster and easier. Order fresh QT food from anywhere in seconds. Get made-to-order pizza, sandwiches, pretzels, and more with a smile on the side. QT. More than a gas station.

    All information Copyright © 2020 QTR Corporation, a subsidiary of QuikTrip Corporation. All rights reserved.

    QuikTrip, QT Kitchens, Fleetmaster, Freezoni, Guaranteed Gasoline, Hole Bunches, Hotzi, PumpStart, QTea, Quik'n Tasty, QuikShakes, and Select Blend are registered trademarks of QTR Corporation, a subsidiary of QuikTrip Corporation.

    Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
  • Yulu 4.4


    Yulu is India's leading micro-mobility service provider, which offers unique vehicles for the daily commute. Starting off as a mission to eliminate traffic congestion in India, Yulu provides the safest commute solution through a user-friendly mobile app to enable sustainable commuting.
    Yulu zones are located at all the appropriate locations (including metro stations, bus stands, office spaces, residential areas, corporate offices, etc.) to make those first and last-mile journeys smooth, affordable, and convenient!

    We understand that you value your safety above everything else in these unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, our field staff sanitises all Yulu vehicles several times a day. While handling the vehicles, our field staff practices all safety precautions like wearing masks, gloves, and washing hands frequently. Additionally, each vehicle has a "Last Sanitised" stamp on the app, informing you when it was last disinfected.
    We understand your concerns and want you to commute safe and stress-free!

    Wondering how you can get on this mission with us? It's as easy as taking a Yulu ride.
    Download the Yulu App & pay a one-time refundable deposit. Then, locate the nearest Yulu Zone and unlock a Yulu by scanning the QR code to enjoy your smooth & easy ride!
    You can pause your ride by simply tapping the "Pause" button on the app & resume by tapping "Resume."
    Return the vehicle to a Yulu Zone, lock it, and hit "End Ride" on the app to end your ride.

    Riding a Yulu doesn't require a driver's license, but we strongly recommend you follow the traffic rules.

    Key Features of Yulu:

    Smart, dockless vehicle: Electric fully automated vehicles powered by IoT technology.

    Prioritizing safety: All Yulu vehicles are frequently disinfected & sanitized by WHO-recommended chemicals to ensure safety on the go. Our field staff wears masks and gloves while handling each vehicle.

    Last sanitized stamp: Every Yulu has a "Last Sanitised" stamp on the app informing you when a Yulu vehicle was last disinfected.

    Healthy & eco-friendly: Yulu leaves behind zero carbon emissions to keep the environment healthy. What's more? Yulu Move keeps track of the number of calories you burn to keep you healthy!

    Easily accessible: Yulu Zones are placed at all appropriate locations (including metro stations, bus stands, office spaces, residential areas, corporate offices etc.)

    Affordable: Our pricing is very nominal as we charge not for the distance covered but for the time you rent it!
    *Detailed pricing available on the app

    Convenient payment: All payments are 100% digital, so you don't have to look for any change in your pocket. International payment is also accepted.

    Saver packs: We've curated Saver Packs to cater to your every commute need, so now you can save more on your daily rides!

    Rental plans: Need Yulu for a longer duration? You can rent a Yulu vehicle for up to 30 days at an affordable cost.

    Cities we're moving towards sustainability:

    Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar

    Connect with us at:

  • Usina Tandil 3.2

    Usina Tandil

    Con la Oficina Virtual de Usina Tandil podes:
    - Ver consumos / facturas
    - Pagar tus facturas
    - Realizar reclamos / trámites
    - Recibir notificaciones
  • Ahlam. Chat & Dating for Arabs 3.5

    Ahlam. Chat & Dating for Arabs

    Unlike other dating apps where there are users speaking different languages, Ahlam dating and Chat app was specially built to connect Arab speaking people living in USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France, UK (United Kingdom / Great Britain) and other Europe countries and in Arabic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Oman, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel etc. It's intended for Muslim, Christian Arabs and non Muslim users - everyone speaking Arabic.

    Ahlam was developed with great love and attention to details. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in dating sites and we tried to combine most important features without overloading. If you are looking for Canada arab dating, USA arab dating, trying to find love, relationship or soulmate with Arab speaking people - we at "Ahlam" can help you as we already helped thousands of happy arabic users who found perfect match with our dating service (you can see some of reviews here https://ahlam.net/testimonials).

    Features list for Arab dating app Ahlam.net

    ✔ Instant registration and login with social networks (we do not publish anything there)
    Profile verification in 4 steps: photo, email, social networks and phone number. Verified profiles are marked with special badge and get priority. We recommend you to verify your account (it's free) right after you install the app
    ✔ Upload up to 30 photos in high resolution and change photos order
    Search arab people near you (geo-location) with option to specify search distance
    ✔ Search in one click by such important criterias as: photo, higher-education, with/without children
    ✔ "Like or Not game" - fast matching by photo with Arab speaking users. Check out photo, click like or not - both sides will be notified in case of mutual sympathy
    ✔ Filter search results to see only active users (those who logged in during last week)
    ✔ Filter search results to see only online users (those who are online right now)
    ✔ "Like" other users to show them your sympathy
    ✔ Setup in one clickincoming messages filter, to cut off irrelevant messages
    ✔ Easy to use chat resembling popular messengers with emoji smilies ❤ . Clearly visible statuses of messages (read/unread).
    ✔ Edit or delete own messages during one hour to fix errors and mistypes ✏️
    ✔ Add users to favorite list ⭐, to find them easily later
    ✔ Shiny virtual gifts you can send to attract attention and start conversation
    ✔ Very detailed profiles including habits, hobbies, diet type (for vegetarians), character, pets, etc. Matching things are marked with color, so you can see what you both have in common and chat about it.
    ✔ Bounce your profile to the top of search results ⬆️, highlight it with animation and background color to attract more attention

    Install Ahlam Arab Dating right now and start browsing profiles of our users in a minute. Who knows, it might change your destiny!

    Ahlam also helps to date in clubs and parties - search nearby online users, like each other in app and approach in real life

    If you have and questions/ideas/complains regarding our dating app, please email them to [email protected] and we will answer you shortly. You can also check FAQ page on our site https://ahlam.net/support and contact us there via live chat or contact form here https://ahlam.net/contact

    Official website: https://ahlam.net
  • Industrial Engineering Skill 4.4

    Industrial Engineering Skill

    Learn Industrial/Engineering Skill 2021 app is for all those persons, who want to know about an industry's process work. All industrial requirements at one place where you will find all important skills, engineering tutorials, calculations, templates, formulas and much more.

    Here we cover the following topics
    1. Industrial basic Tutorial
    2. Industrial/Engineering Calculator
    3. Industrial/Engineering MCQ Quiz
    4. Industrial/Engineering Templates
    5. Industrial/Engineering Formula
    6. Industrial/Engineering Animation
    7. Demo Software
    8. Submit Your Query

    We provide quick revision and reference to the below-given topic, here we provide a note with better visual with downloading option :

    1. TPM is a total productive maintenance which includes TPM pillars, TPM goals and TPM implementation steps. it helps us to find tpm failure reason with why we need TPM in an industry.
    2. 5S includes that Why, when and where we can use it.
    3. 5 WHY helps us to define every why step with an example.
    4. KPI means key performance indicator(KPI) which is having it's definition and important steps. It define that how we make KPI accountable with comparing metric and okr.
    5. PPAP is also know as Production Part Approval Process. It is having definition and origin, why need, PPAP level, PPAP elements.
    6. FMEA means Failure Mode and Effects Analysis which is includes the why, when and where we use fmea, fmea steps, common terms used in fmea and differences between dfmea and fmea.
    7. LEAN MANUFACTURING tutorials includes why lean, when & where we used lean manufacturing, lean manufacturing cycle, lean manufacturing tool, lean manufacturing waste goals, example.
    8. SIX SIGMA having why, when & where we used six sigma, six sigma tools and six sigma methods.
    9. KAIZEN topic is having why, when and where we used kaizen, ten kaizen principles, kaizen process step, kaizen success example and problems in kaizen failure.
    10.GEMBA process with implementation steps, Gemba walk tips and why we use Gemba walk.
    11.OEE - Overall equipment efficiency with formula, terminology and examples.
    12. 7 WASTE is a method of removing any unwanted activities from the process.
    13. RCA means root cause analysis.
    14. ANDON
    15. APQP alias Advanced Product Quality Planning.
    16. MSA is known as Measurement System Analysis.
    17. SPC alias Statistical Process Control.
    18. 8D means Eight disciplines.
    19. KANBAN having kanban definition, kanban formula, kanban principle, kanban method and kanban main software list.
    20. Process Sheet

    Industrial/Engineering Calculator Segment
    1. Unit Conversion - more than 75+ conversion
    2. Fits & Tolerances
    3. Fasteners dimensions - Nut, Bolt,Washer & pin with four type
    standards(ASTM,JIS,ISO,DIN added)
    4. Pipe & Fitting dimension calculator
    5. Beam Load calculation
    6. Material Hardness
    7. Bolt Torque Measuring
    8. Shaft Dimension Calculation
    9. Electrical Power calculation
    10.Material Properties - 60+ type materials with 16 types of properties
    11. Pipe Dimension - wall thickness(SCH 40-STD, SCH 80-XS, XXS) NPS, DN & out diameter
    12. Torque Power Calculator
    13. Heat Energy Calculation
    14. Kanban - Daily requirement of BIN usage
    15. KPI calculation with indicator
    16. OEE
    17. Six Sigma
    18. Productivity
    19. RPN
    20. Takt Time
    21. Metal Weight Calculator

    Engineering/Industrial MCQ QUIZ SEGMENT CONTENT

    20000+ of Engineering MCQ with a 60-second time frame to give an answer.
    Proof yourself to complete this challenge provided by Engineering skill that you are a true engineer.

    40 + Engineering excel templates are provided with downloading option & screenshot of industrial templates i.e. Panel Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Automobile industry.
  • Astro 2022 - Compatibility 4.3

    Astro 2022 - Compatibility

    Are you looking for daily horoscope app to provide you with precise zodiac horoscope? Astro app offers daily, monthly and yearly horoscope to help you plan for the future.

    Horoscope & Zodiac Compatibility
    Receive detailed daily horoscope for your personal life, career, health, luck, and travel. Learn the intricacies of your zodiac sign and test its compatibility with other zodiac signs. Get accurate compatibility test for couples.

    Wondering what the lines on your hand mean? Scan your palm to discover what your head, life, and heart lines mean in terms of palmistry characteristics.

    All Signs Horoscope
    Astro provides horoscopes for every astrology sign: Aries, Taurus Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Become the master of your future with daily horoscope predictions.

    - Daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes
    - Daily predictions for personal life, profession, health, travel, luck, emotions
    - Zodiac horoscopes, including favorite color and stone, lucky days and numbers
    - The zodiac compatibility between different horoscopes and signs
    - Chiromancy through palm scanner
    - Daily horoscope updates and notifications
    - Haircut calendar

    Astro paid subscription details:
    - Payment will be charged to your Google Play Account upon confirmation of purchase
    - 14 days money back guarantee
    - Cancel anytime

    Terms of use: https://telegra.ph/Terms-of-Service-05-10-2
    Privacy policy: https://telegra.ph/Privacy-Policy-05-10-5
  • Eversports 4


    Find, book and pay for your favorite sports everytime and everywhere with the Eversports App. Eversports is the simplest way to book workshops, classes, trainings, courts, camps, retreats and educations. With Eversports you get access to more than 600 sports venues and studios in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. You will find various kinds of sports like tennis, yoga, pilates, CrossFit, football (soccer), badminton, squash, fitness and many many more.

    With the Eversports App the access to your favorite sports will be simpler than ever:

    • Everytime: Eversports is always available. Book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7)
    • Everywhere: with Eversports you can book everywhere. With your smartphone while on your way or your personal computer at your office or from home.
    • Everything: with Eversports you will always keep track of everything. You define your favorites, book them in just a few clicks and know everything about your products and visits.

    Get the simplest access to your favorite sports and sports venues. Everytime. Everywhere. Eversports.

    We are happy to read your feedback about Eversports. Send us your ideas how we can improve the App to [email protected]
  • Brass & Woodwind Lessons 4.2

    Brass & Woodwind Lessons

    Learn to play your favorite Brass or Woodwind instrument! tonestro is your music tutor right on your phone: Learn to play an instrument, improve rhythm and pitch, discover a large sheet music library, work on your sight reading skills, learn music theory and get the music education that you need.

    You can learn, practice and play many brass and woodwind instruments:

    - Trumpet / Cornet / Flugelhorn
    - Saxophone
    - Clarinet
    - Flute
    - Recorder
    - Trombone
    - French Horn
    - Euphonium / Baritone Horn
    - Tuba

    tonestro listens to you while you play your brass or woodwind instrument and acts like a music tutor: it gives you immediate feedback on rhythm and pitch and you will learn where you need to improve.

    Enjoy a large collection of songs, sheet music and exercises for many brass and woodwind instruments, like the trumpet or the saxophone. Learn how to read music notes and improve rhythm and pitch with a music tutor at your side.

    A metronome and specially composed background music with play alongs for many songs guide you the way to perfect rhythm. With the tuner you tune your brass or woodwind instrument fast and easily for perfect pitch.

    Weekly challenges with hand-picked songs give you the extra motivation to improve your sight reading and instrument skills when you compare yourself with brass and woodwind musicians from all over the world.


    - Learn to play a brass or woodwind instrument
    - Start with your first music notes or choose from many songs
    - Get instant feedback
    - Improve rhythm & pitch and sight reading
    - Enjoy a large collection of sheet music and play alongs
    - Tune your instrument with an intelligent tuner
    - Learn music theory
    - Boost motivation with international weekly challenges


    Want to work on your music education? Learn how to play trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, flute, recorder, trombone, tuba, euphonium and French horn with your tonestro music tutor. Lessons with music theory, fingering charts, exercises and sheet music give you the music education that you need.

    With tonestro you always have your music tutor on your side. In exercises you work on music theory, rhythm and pitch and in exams you can prove your newly earned music education.


    Use the live-feedback feature to improve your playing and sight-reading skills on your brass or woodwind instrument, including the trumpet and saxophone. tonestro works like a music tutor that gives you feedback on rhythm and pitch. Learn where you need improvement and get the full music education that you deserve.

    Be your own music tutor and decide how you want to get better: In addition to a large collection of sheet music you can practice with scales and etudes to improve your playing and sight reading skills on your brass or woodwind instrument. You will always get instant feedback on rhythm and pitch for a full music tutor experience.


    Discover songs and sheet music from all music genres. Whether you're a fan of classical music or jazz songs: With a large sheet music library you'll find just the songs you need for playing your brass or woodwind instrument.

    Sheet music with play alongs make practicing a lot more fun. An easy-to-use tuner will help you with your pitch and the tuning of your brass or woodwind instrument. And of course, there's always the metronome that will keep you in rhythm.


    Enter our weekly challenges to prove your skills! Compete with brass and woodwind musicians from around the world and fight for the podium.

    Terms: www.tonestro.com/terms
  • Freiräume 2022 4.0

    Freiräume 2022

    Lade dir die App zur (Un)Conference - powered by Eventbert!

    Die Freiräume (Un)Conference ist Österreichs größte Veranstaltung zu neuen Organisations- und Arbeitsformen. Unsere App hilft dir dabei, dich auf unserem New Work Event zurechtzufinden und die wichtigsten Programmpunkte auf einen Blick zu erfassen.
  • PAYBACK - Coupons, Karte, mehr 4.3

    PAYBACK - Coupons, Karte, mehr

    Mit der PAYBACK App einfach immer MEHR:

    Vor Ort bei zahlreichen Partnern einkaufen, Online-Shopping bei über 250 Online-Shops und natürlich immer automatisch Punkte sammeln.
    Mit der PAYBACK App einfach immer mehr: Ihre digitale PAYBACK Karte, persönliche eCoupons, Ihr persönlicher Punktestand und über 250 Online-Shops immer dabei. So einfach war Sparen noch nie. Egal ob vor Ort oder Online, freuen Sie sich auf viele Vorteile und Punkte bei unseren Partnern, wie z.B: bp, dm, Fressnapf, UNIMARKT, Lieferando, adidas, bonprix, ShopApotheke, OTTO & uvm.
    Ihre gesammelten Punkte können Sie z.B. in der großen PAYBACK Prämienwelt oder an der Kassa einlösen und doppelt sparen.

    Ihre Vorteile auf den Punkt gebracht:

    - Digitale PAYBACK Karte
    - eCoupons immer dabei
    - Persönlicher Punktestand
    - Filialsuche
    - Punkte einlösen
    - Parktische Übersicht über aktuelle Angebote und Aktionen
    - Shoppen bei über 250 (Online-)Partnern

    Damit PAYBACK Ihnen genau das Richtige vorschlagen kann, muss Ihre PAYBACK App Sie kennenlernen. Die App lernt aus Ihrem Verhalten, Ihrer PAYBACK Nutzung und Ihren Interessen – etwa, welche Orte Sie besuchen, in welchen Geschäften Sie einkaufen, welche Produkte Sie interessieren usw. Je öfter Sie die App verwenden, desto besser kann PAYBACK Ihnen genau die für Sie passenden Angebote ausspielen. Dadurch wird PAYBACK ständig verbessert und für Sie relevanter. Die meisten Funktionen der PAYBACK App können Sie nur dann unterstützen, wenn PAYBACK die anfallenden Daten für Zwecke der Werbung und Marktforschung verwenden darf.

    Datenschutz ist Ehrensache
    Um Ihnen diese Angebote machen zu können, verarbeitet PAYBACK Ihre persönlichen Daten. Natürlich nur diejenigen, die wir für Ihre Angebote brauchen und um für Sie ständig besser zu werden. Daten werden immer verschlüsselt übermittelt und nie an Dritte weitergegeben. Alle Daten speichern und verarbeiten wir gemäß den strengen gesetzlichen Vorgaben der europaweit gültigen Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO). Unsere App Nutzungsbedingungen finden Sie in Ihrer App unter „Deine Daten“ > „Rechtliches und Einwilligungen“
  • amaysim 4


    With over 1.2 million happy customers and a ton of amazing awards in the pool room, we're certainly feeling the love. Because at amaysim, that's what we're all about. Big Love to be precise.

    We also love keeping things simple and have made managing your amaysim mobile plan incredibly easy through our app, so you can:

    - Activate your SIM on the go
    - Check your balance at a glance
    - Update your personal and payment details
    - Top up your data or credit as you need it
    - Switch your plan at any time
    - View your data usage & payment history
    - Get quick answers to your questions
    - Manage and customise your settings like call waiting, voicemail and roaming.

    The amaysim app will only get better with your feedback, so tell us what you'd like to see.

    If you're a new amaysim customer - welcome and thanks for joining! You'll be able to use the app once your amaysim account is active.

    This app is free and can be used even if you've run out of data, but download charges do apply for downloading from the Play Store. When using the app overseas international roaming charges will also apply.

    Psst - want to be the first to test-drive the latest and greatest app features before we release them? Follow the link to join our Beta App Program:


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