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  • Fruit Diary 2: Manor Design Мод APK 1.39.0 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Fruit Diary 2: Manor Design Мод APK 1.39.0 [Unlimited money]


    Fruit Diary 2: Manor Design is a brand new match 3 puzzle game for free.

    Blast the fruits, solve matching puzzles, renovate and decorate a huge manor! Enjoy hundreds of fun and addicting puzzles without wifi! Start your exciting adventure now!

    Match 3 and more fruits to create explosive combos and beat levels! Renovate and decorate rooms in the home, receive rewards for completing rooms and discover more hidden areas! Why not take a break, and dive into a relaxing world of home design?


    Home Design Game
    Decorate your home and change its indoor design by swapping and matching juicy fruits!

    Solve Match 3 Puzzles
    Hundreds of unique match 3 puzzles filled with tons of fun, various fruit elements and incredible boosters!

    Lots of Amazing Rewards
    Complete each room's design to earn sweet free rewards including coins, boosters and so on!

    Regular Events
    Participate in regular special events to collect loads of coins and special treasures!

    Explore Different Areas
    New rooms, swimming pool, fascinating garden, and more mysterious areas await you in the manor!

    A Cute Pet
    A loyal fluffy dog is always there to accompany you!

    Fruit Diary 2: Manor Design is a free offline game, combining home decor, renovation, house design and classic fruit matching puzzles. Any questions? Contact us at [email protected]. We value your feedback!

    Your home is ready for its makeovers! Try it now and create the most amazing manor ever!
  • Tank Stars Мод APK 2.2.3 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Tank Stars Мод APK 2.2.3 [Unlimited money]


    Are you ready for an action-packed 2D tank warfare? Welcome to the Tank Stars, one of the best battle tank games that you can play with friends online & offline. Find the right shooting angle and unleash your iron force against your foe's war machines! Make the right shot quickly or you'll lose!


    Your mission is simple, Commander! In this turn-based multiplayer game, you take down another opponent's tanks before they take out yours. Remember, it's all about making the right shot quickly!


    Your arsenal will consist of dozens of deadly rockets and guns. Use nukes, freezing bombs, tasers, railguns, plasma cannons, and many more! Pick the right weapon to eliminate your targets as quickly as possible. Also, you can earn money in this io game, and spend them to upgrade your weapons to burn all the enemy's pocket tanks to the ground more effectively!


    Want to have the coolest tank ever? Win the crazy tank battles, get tons of gold, and collect all the awesome tanks of the past & the future! T-34, Abrams, Tiger, Toxic Tank, Atomic Launcher, and many other deadly machines are waiting for you at your tank io military base. If you love tanks a lot, play Tank Stars right now!


    Command your war machine in multiplayer tank battles with thousands of players from all over the world! Don't get shell-shocked and dominate on the online PvP arena – show the world who is the true tank star here!


    This artillery game is very simple to learn and fun to master. On each turn, you can move a short distance, depending on your tank's fuel level. Find a strategic position on the battlefield, choose the right angle, and launch rockets right at your aim!


    Looking for fun games to play with friends online & offline? You'll definitely love this real star on the list of the best artillery games. Choose war machines and join the offline multiplayer PvP io game. Dive into the world of tanks and have lots of fun battling 1v1 right on your device! 2 player games offline have never been so cool!


    Get prepared for tough PvP tank battles to win extra coins and unique upgrades! In the Tournament mode, you'll meet real challenges and waves of skilled opponents ready to unleash all their war potential to destroy you!


    The pocket tanks' combat will take place in a variety of diverse and unique arenas: mountain warzone, battle bay, deadly grassland, hills of steel, and many more. Learn the io game map and get the upper hand on the ground to defeat enemy tanks as quickly as possible!

    If you like wargames like worms, hills of steel, wot, or shellshock live, our action military game is made for you! Be careful! Once you start playing this tank io game it just won't let you go!.

    Are you ready to have fun? Enter the 2D world of tanks, command heavy armored mad tanks and dominate the battle arena! Join the bustling Tank Stars community and enjoy one of the best tank blitz games! Play for free right now and become a real tank hero!
  • Kick the Buddy-Fun Action Game Мод APK 2.5.1 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Kick the Buddy-Fun Action Game Мод APK 2.5.1 [Unlimited money]


    Kick the Buddy arrives on Google Play!

    Dive into our action game where you can explode, destroy, fire, shoot, smash, freeze and toss the buddy, all without the risk of actually killing him! You now have a virtually limitless arsenal to beat: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, and even a nuclear bomb!

    We present to you Kick the Buddy — it's more than just a fun game. It's a truly cool game. Among all stress relief games, Kick Buddy is a relaxing game where you can slap the doll and forget about your anger. It's a fun game to play when bored.

    Keep cool, play offline without limits, no internet or Wi-Fi required.

    Do you want to beat the boss, or maybe slap and bash the ragdoll?
    Want to smash all around you in this destroying game?
    Want more kicks?


    Even if you're a relatively stress-free person you need to blow off steam at some point or another!
  • Rally One : Race to glory Мод APK 1.41 [Free purchase][Free shopping] 5.0

    Rally One : Race to glory Мод APK 1.41 [Free purchase][Free shopping]


    Rally One is a full-featured racing game for mobile gamers. It features an easy-to-understand interface, a physics system improved based on user feedback, and well-optimized graphics.

    In Rally One, you can participate in championships with powerful cars in exotic locations, race against people from around the world, and test your speed, maneuverability, and drift skills in special events.

    Key features include:

    - Long-lasting career mode
    - Online and offline game modes (Internet connection is still required to keep services active.)
    - Special racing events updated regularly
    - Extra bonus content such as car parts, posters, and special games
    - Group B, WRC, RX, Legends, and Classic car groups
    - Over 40 rally cars
    - Championship, Versus, Rallycross, Endurance, Drift, and Time Attack race types
    - Rainy, snowy, and sunny weather conditions
    - 16 racing locations
    - Customization, repair, and upgrade options for cars
    - Realistic vehicle dynamics with a consistent physics system
    - Optimized, device-scalable graphics and special effects
    - Gamepad support

    Rally One is a well-tested and continuously updated game that is free of errors. Download it today and experience the thrill of rally racing!
  • 怨偶 Мод APK 1.1.3 5.0

    怨偶 Мод APK 1.1.3


  • Shadows Of Truth - Adventure Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Shadows Of Truth - Adventure Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    Embark on a chilling journey into the depths of mystery and intrigue with "Shadows of Truth - A detective Adventure Game". Season one starts with a detective, whose trusted friend, a brilliant scientist, vanishes amidst the groundbreaking chaos of his invention. Amidst swirling rumors, a secret society emerges, aiming to seize control of this revolutionary technology. It's up to you to navigate through a labyrinth of secrets and deception to uncover the truth. Will you unravel the conspiracy and rescue your friend, or will you succumb to the shadows that lurk around every corner?

    Immersive Gameplay:
    "Shadows of Truth" puts you directly into the shoes of a detective. Explore various locations for clues and unravel the mystery behind the scientist's disappearance. With two distinct gameplay modes - VR and Screen mode - choose your preferred method of investigation. In VR, immerse yourself fully with Tap and Gaze options, or opt for the traditional screen controls for a more familiar approach.

    Engaging Storyline: Dive into a narrative rich with twists, turns, and unexpected revelations.

    Daily Rewards: Log in daily to claim rewards, unlocking new incentives to aid in your investigation.

    Various Challenges: Earn valuable rewards by taking on a variety of challenges that test your detective skills.
  • 3D Driving Class 2 Мод APK 1.70 [Free purchase] 5.0

    3D Driving Class 2 Мод APK 1.70 [Free purchase]


    The upgraded Dream Fashion Shop 3 is newly open. What will happen after a series of wonderful adventures? What new stories will the old customers share with you? It seems that the girls in town are not just satisfied with the clothes matching any more and there's a mysterious person who is gonna challenge you. Come and run your fashion boutique, and meet the specified turnover. Then, you can unlock your new journeys. Plenty of new things are waiting for you to explore.

    You are gonna take a hot air balloon to explore the world. As a fashion beauty, your stories are widely circulated in this lively dream town. The simple cute girl, gentle young mother, and even the new superstar are all in your shop to have you design for them. Besides, people all like to share their stories with you, especially the sweet secrets among girls.

  • Merge Farmtown Мод APK 2.2.1 [Free purchase] 5.0

    Merge Farmtown Мод APK 2.2.1 [Free purchase]


    There is a coastal town on the west side of Istell County. Affected by the temperate maritime climate, it's spring all the year round here. It's a livable town with a comfortable climate all the time. The town is currently preparing for the appointment ceremony of the new mayor, and people are full of expectations.
    Our female mayor will bring the townsfolk together to build the town!

    A steward who can remember every citizens' house number;
    A sheriff who looks fierce but warm inside;
    A pastry chef who sweetened the whole town;
    An aunt tailor who got a polished thimble;
    And many lovely townsfolk are waiting for you to meet.

    Game features:

    ⭐Your town, you plan! Drag, organize and merge all the town items as well as buildings the way you want.
    ⭐Merge enough items to know more townsfolk and to visit their homes,and collect their stories too.
    ⭐Hundreds of items in the game, drag, drop and merge them freely! Complete your favorites and fill up your unique town!
    ⭐Every day there are different treasures waiting for you to be discovered, the mysterious magic will help you expand your town!
    ⭐Participate in special events! Complete unique combination challenges to win special theme rewards and surprises.

    Contact us: https://www.facebook.com/lisgametech
    Email: [email protected]
  • Love & Pies - Merge Mystery Мод APK 0.40.1 [Free purchase] 5.0

    Love & Pies - Merge Mystery Мод APK 0.40.1 [Free purchase]


    Are you ready to solve mysteries and unlock exciting family secrets?
    When someone burns down a family Café, everyone's a suspect! Follow the exciting story and keep your ears open for small-town gossip to help Amelia find answers - and maybe even fall crazy in love.

    Decorate, manage and build your own Café and garden into a thriving business! Serve customers, make tasty food and renovate your cafe. Live your best pie life as top baker!

    Merge cakes, cookies and other yummy treats to serve customers and restore the cafe.

    Match and Merge objects unlike anywhere else! Create fun combinations and serve special orders to your customers. This cook and merge game will keep you on your toes as you solve delicious mysteries. Play this irresistible merge adventure now!

    A tasty merge game full of excitement and happy desserts
    Love & Pies is a brand new merge game where you can combine tasty treats to make them even sweeter. Discover something unique, easy to learn and hard to put down. Solve satisfying mysteries as you give Amelia's cafe a fresh makeover!

    You're a pie maker - Create delicious treats
    Merge cute cakes, cookies and coffee to serve hungry customers! Discover endless new recipes and expand your cafe menu to keep giving your customers new kinds of treats.

    ☕ Become Design-Masters: Renovate & design your cafe ☕
    Design your dream cafe from scratch and bring it to life - Become a top decorator by renovating and customizing your own business in this fun merge game! You can choose from a range of fashionable decorations to put your own mark on the place. Every room needs your expert eye. An exciting and amusing merge game that will make you forget about the other home design and garden decoration games.

    Endless drama, love and scandals
    Uncover juicy secrets in every room as Amelia solves mysteries in her family cafe. In a story full of twists and turns, you'll meet flirty strangers, dramatic exes, nasty rivals, eccentric relatives, adorable pets and friendly customers.
    This dreamy merge game is for all kinds of players and represents all kinds of Love & Pies. Join our family, meet new friends and customize your own cozy cafe.

    Would you be happy as a cheated-upon housewife or choose to makeover your life?! Amelia chooses a new start! Join Amelia as she uncovers juicy secrets in every room, falls crazy in love, and solves mysteries in her family cafe.

    If you like merge games then Love & Pies is just for you. Merge tasty treats and serve customers to solve the delicious drama and discover Amelia's love story. On top of this, you will be able to design your dream cafe!

    Don't miss out on regular releases, fun events and new ways to play. We update the game regularly for the best possible playing experience.

    In Love & Pies you'll:
    • MERGE sweet ingredients to make cakes, pies and other treats
    • RELAX as you play a fun and interactive merge game
    • DISCOVER new secrets to the story and new plot twists
    • SOLVE the mysteries of the old cafe
    • MAKEOVER the old rooms and garden with fresh new design
    • JOIN the award winning best casual game 2021!

    Do you have questions regarding our game or need support?
    Contact Us: Within the game go to Settings --> Contact Support.
    Privacy Policy: https://www.trailmixgames.com/privacy-policy
    Terms of Services: https://www.trailmixgames.com/terms-of-service

    Follow us on our socials
    Facebook: @loveandpiesmerge
    ▶️ YouTube: @Love & Pies
    Instagram @loveandpiesgame
    TikTok @Loveandpies.game
  • Family Town: Match-3 Makeover Мод APK 20.41 5.0

    Family Town: Match-3 Makeover Мод APK 20.41


    Makeup and clothing stylist Chloe decides to conquer Hollywood with her boyfriend, but events take an unpredictable turn when she finds out about her pregnancy! Find out how her boyfriend reacted to the pregnancy and go through this journey together with Chloe!

    Apply your makeup and styling skills to the people she will meet on her way. Ready for a makeover challenge? Play Family Town and get down to business!

    Take part in the life of a beautiful quiet place and its inhabitants together with her!

    Decorate houses in a small town, improve the appearance of people, add a little beauty to the streets using unique game tools.

    Do you want to contribute to the life of this small town? Try a dream makeover!

    Moving forward Chloe applies her magical makeover skills to surrounding homes. The streets are filled with joy and style as she goes on.

    Chloe proves to be style savvy and can fix one's hair effortlessly! Choose a new haircut or color and go ahead.

    Want to test your makeup artist skills? A small American town is full of ladies looking for a little beauty upgrade.

    Teach locals how to dress up for events and makeover their style. Happy customers will come back again and again. They covet fashion every day now!

    Take part in this exciting fashion makeover integrated into a fun match-3 puzzle game!

    It's a full makeover that includes makeup, hair, clothes, houses and more. You are the one who decides what fits best. Family Town is a cozy fashion designer game with levels that won't make you feel bored. Try different styles and decorate the whole town according to your taste!
  • Idle Food Bar: Idle Games Мод APK 1.23 [Free purchase] 5.0

    Idle Food Bar: Idle Games Мод APK 1.23 [Free purchase]


    The upgraded Dream Fashion Shop 3 is newly open. What will happen after a series of wonderful adventures? What new stories will the old customers share with you? It seems that the girls in town are not just satisfied with the clothes matching any more and there's a mysterious person who is gonna challenge you. Come and run your fashion boutique, and meet the specified turnover. Then, you can unlock your new journeys. Plenty of new things are waiting for you to explore.

    You are gonna take a hot air balloon to explore the world. As a fashion beauty, your stories are widely circulated in this lively dream town. The simple cute girl, gentle young mother, and even the new superstar are all in your shop to have you design for them. Besides, people all like to share their stories with you, especially the sweet secrets among girls.

  • The Touge Мод APK 1.0.6 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    The Touge Мод APK 1.0.6 [Unlimited money]


    Touge - mountain pass which consists of many narrow winding roads.
    Touge racing - a term that came from Japan, means passing a winding section of mountainous terrain in the shortest possible time, drift is often used to reduce cornering time.

    This game is designed to simulate touge drift and racing, the gameplay is as follows, you need to pass the touge config in the min possible time to get the reward and use the drift to get extra profit.

    First, you need to choose a car, each car has 7 variations, stock, 3 drift stages, and 3 racing stages, each stage has its benefits, and you need to choose the one that will be optimal for your driving style, if you like drifting, choose drift stages, if you like max grip, choose the racing stage, racing stages have a good feature, it allows you to take turns in a small drift and not lose stability on the road.

    After choosing your favorite car, you can tune it and go to the touge, training base, or drift school. The game features more than 80 touge configs, by choosing a config you get to the mountainous area where your main goal is, go the way in the min possible time to take first place, passing turns in drift, you get drift points that are equivalent to in-game currency, at the end of the race you get up to 4 rewards, one of three prizes, money for drift points, cash reward for time record and record drift points on the completed touge config.

    Also, you can practice and farm money in the drift school by collecting drift points that are converted into in-game currency, the session in the drift school has no time limits, this is a great place to improve your skills and earn money for new cars, tuning, and locations.

    Ready to be the king of the mountain?
  • SLIME - ISEKAI Memories Мод APK 1.5.71 [God Mode][High Damage][Invincible] 5.0

    SLIME - ISEKAI Memories Мод APK 1.5.71 [God Mode][High Damage][Invincible]


    Enter the world of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime in a new 3D battle RPG!

    A new story supervised by Fuse, author of the original light novels! A mysterious girl named Shinsha appears, claiming to be Rimuru's daughter.

    Relive famous moments from Season 1 of the anime in fully voiced cut scenes!
    The star-studded vocal cast lend their talents to battle voices and interactions in town as well!

    Use the nation-building system to create your ideal version of Tempest!
    Build and position all sorts of buildings and facilities: your citizens' homes, restaurants, the blacksmith shop, the laboratory, magic-enhancing facilities, and more.

    3D command-based battle system!
    The controls are simple: just select the cards for your hand. But there's deep strategic gameplay to enjoy as you learn to effectively use abilities drawn from the original work! Enjoy dazzling finishing move animations that will make you feel like you've stepped into the anime!

    Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Website:

    [1,000 Ryo Chest Monthly Pass][10,000 Ryo Chest Monthly Pass] Each pass is an automatically renewed paid monthly service that gives various items.
    Players can try the service for the first month free of charge.

    ■About Payment, Service Periods, and Renewals
    ・This service automatically renews its expiry period for 1 month after purchase.
    ・Players who do not cancel their subscription to this service 24 hours or more before its expiry period will automatically have their expiry period renewed.
    ・Please be aware that your subscription to this service will not be terminated by deleting the app.
    ■About Cancellation
    ・Players can cancel their subscription to this service using the following steps.
    1. Open Google Play Store
    2. From the menu icon in the top left of the screen - Tap "Regular Purchases"
    3. Find the regular purchase you would like to cancel and tap it
    4. Tap "Cancel Regular Purchase", and follow the instructions displayed on screen
    ・Please be aware that your subscription to this service will not be terminated by deleting the app.
    ・You can continue to enjoy the content of this service until the expiry period even after canceling your subscription.
    ■Other Warnings
    ・Please refrain from closing the app while payment is processing as this can potentially cause issues with your access to this service.

    Terms of Service:
    Privacy Policy:


    Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Website:

    By downloading or installing this app, you agree to the Bandai Namco Entertainment Terms of Service.

    This game contains some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see
    https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1626831?hl=en for more details.

    This application is distributed under the official rights from the license holder.

    © Taiki Kawakami, Fuse, KODANSHA/“Ten-Sura” Project
    © Shiba, Fuse, KODANSHA/“Ten-Sura Diary” Project
    ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
    Developed by WFS
  • Match Tile 3D - Triple Puzzle Мод APK 325.54.0 5.0

    Match Tile 3D - Triple Puzzle Мод APK 325.54.0


    Do you enjoy matching games? Where you do sorting and finding pairs to clear the board and win the level?
    Lion Studios is happy to announce our new triple pair matching 3D Tile Puzzle Game. We are excited to give you Match Tile 3D.
    Match Tile 3D is an easy to learn and fun to play brain puzzle game.
    This Game is perfect for relaxing & calming, but can also test your mind and memory skills. Test your mind and memory, start searching, find hidden objects and clear the board!
    How To Play Match Tile 3D:
    Tap on three tiles that look the same and connect them into triples.
    Keep collecting triple tiles until you clear all tiles from the screen.
    Enjoy relaxing brain puzzles, start new levels and become a 3D puzzle master.
    The Game has many different triple sets of 3D objects that are designed to be easy to memorize, but still can challenge your mind. Start sorting, find hidden objects, clear the board and become a master of triple pair tile matching!
    We have a lot of fabulous levels, including;
    :monkey_face: Cute animals
    :strawberry: Sweet yummy food
    :teddy_bear: Cool toys
    :innocent: Exciting emojis
    :question: Surprising new shiny objects every week, all free.
    :umbrella_on_ground: Relaxing game design & unique 3D objects to connect
    Match Tile 3D is a game designed with your well-being in mind.
    With many fun & cute relaxing 3D objects, each level is more interesting than the one before. In each level, the difficulty of triples and the number of tiles also slightly increases to keep your brain challenged.
    :brain: Well-designed brain trainer levels that help you to challenge yourself
    Match Tile 3D will make it easier for you to memorize objects & details by playing our brain trainer levels. You will start to notice your memorizing abilities becoming better with time and that you master to solve searching puzzles very fast.
    Ready to play?
    Start with the play button and complete the first tutorial level, which takes 10 seconds to teach you how to connect tiles into triples.
    Try then to connect all sets of tiles to pass the first puzzle.
    After completing the level, challenge yourself against the time and improve your matching skills. Over time you will master memorizing 3D tiles and objects while having lots of fun.
    Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;
  • Drift Legends 2: Drifting game Мод APK 1.1.9 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Drift Legends 2: Drifting game Мод APK 1.1.9 [Unlimited money]


    The upgraded Dream Fashion Shop 3 is newly open. What will happen after a series of wonderful adventures? What new stories will the old customers share with you? It seems that the girls in town are not just satisfied with the clothes matching any more and there's a mysterious person who is gonna challenge you. Come and run your fashion boutique, and meet the specified turnover. Then, you can unlock your new journeys. Plenty of new things are waiting for you to explore.

    You are gonna take a hot air balloon to explore the world. As a fashion beauty, your stories are widely circulated in this lively dream town. The simple cute girl, gentle young mother, and even the new superstar are all in your shop to have you design for them. Besides, people all like to share their stories with you, especially the sweet secrets among girls.

  • Chrome Valley Customs Мод APK 5.0

    Chrome Valley Customs Мод APK

    Help save the garage by restoring classic cars to their former glory with a wide range of customization options! Work on your mechanic skills: repair, restore, paint, upholster, and finish the cars in the way you like best. To get the parts you need you'll have to solve puzzles with explosives. What a business model!

    CARS. Cars are cool. And this game has lots of cars. Choose how to make them look cool. Or not if that's your thing. Restoring and customizing cars is pretty much the most fun thing in the world, and this is a game where you do that!

    BUSINESS. This garage could become a thriving empire of incredible automobiles. Huge profits, stock options, a cult of loyal customers. Or it could fail. It's really up to you and how well you can customize cars.

    PUZZLES. Solve satisfying car themed puzzles with bombs and turbos and saws and hammers and rockets. Who knew power-tools and explosives could be so relaxing.

    EXPLOSIONS. That's right, explosions. Lot's of ‘em.

    DREAM JOB. Customizing cars for a living is a pretty sweet gig. In this game, it will be your job. And like all great jobs you don't have to think too much and can get it done in just a few minutes.

    HANG OUT. Work with the best ragtag crew of gearheads in the car business. Big Rig, Donna, Uncle Hank, Angelo, Gabi, and of course Gasket, the goodest pooch around. As a wise man once said, it's all about family. He was talking about cars.


    Need some help?
    Reach out to us in-game by going to Settings > Contact Support or directly email us at [email protected]

    Follow us!
    facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ChromeValleyCustoms
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/chromevalleycustoms
    X - https://twitter.com/chromevalleyc
    TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@chromevalleycustoms
    Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/@chromevalleycustoms

    Join the Chrome Valley Customs Discord Server!
  • Shadow Knight: Ninja Fighting Мод APK 3.24.303 [God Mode][High Damage] 5.0

    Shadow Knight: Ninja Fighting Мод APK 3.24.303 [God Mode][High Damage]


    Hot Sale is here! Hurry up and get the most stunning items and unique skins for free to equip your unique hero and fight to become Shadow Legends.

    The beautiful and brightly world of Harmonia was a land to live of Mortal races including Human, Undead, Orc, Spirit, Dwarf, Beast man, Elf, etc. But then one day, when deep desires arose, a tragedy struck that made everything in vain darkness, irony just because of a Guilty Favor.

    To save the world of Harmonia from the shadow wars, as a Shadow Knight Premium, battle epic monsters, fight evil enemies to defeat the immortals of Darkness and bring back the light to Harmonia. Will you be that forceful Shadow Knight Premium?

    Download and Join the fight now!


    ▶ Extreme Game Feeling
    Experience the action rpg game feeling with hack and slash gameplay in dark fantasy world setting. Explore many types of complex terrain by running, climbing, jumping, there're fascinating mystery points for you to find out!

    ▶ Adventure Fantasy Story
    You will be immersed in endless dark fantasy shadow battles. Adventure towns, forests, dungeons,... while entering a fantasy world full of monsters, zombies, skeletons, orcs and undead creatures. Defeat ultimate enemies, powerful bosses to change the fate of world!

    ▶ Gear Up In Style
    Collect the best weapon, equipment, rune from hundreds of items, then fully customize your Shadow Knight to stand out from other knights. Join the adventure and create craziest combats 'cause Your Knight, Your Style!

    ▶ Complete Missions Earn Rewards
    A lot of quests to complete, do it all to get many rewards as possible. And don't forget there're always more than 100 achievements to do. Complete quests that bring gem, energy, key,... and receive rewards!

    ▶ Easy In Upgrading
    While you're away, your knights are still being trained and collecting resources to upgrade. When you're back, they will be stronger, gain new levels, learn new skills. Grow and train a powerful team and ready for battles!


    * Follow us on social media for more information and get support:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shadow.knight.rpg
    Email: [email protected]

    * Notice:
    Shadow Knight is an online game and requires a stable internet connection.
  • The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter Мод APK 3.16.2 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter Мод APK 3.16.2 [Unlimited money]


    ZOMBIES!!The world after the zombie apocalypse is a grim place. You were born into it, so you will have to struggle to survive and fight against many kinds of zombies, bandits and dangerous boss monsters. You will go on important story quests and many side quests, level up your skills and perks, sell and buy equipment, and communicate with the (un)lucky survivors in our free mobile FPS/RPG.

    Walking Zombie 2 is a classic FPS game with story, with dozens of quests and a lot of shooting stuff with different weapons - it is also a game you can play offline, without internet connection. Your main enemies are zombies who already control the world. They are everywhere, in many different kinds and - most importantly - in great numbers. You will be using guns with different ammo, grenades or melee weapons to finish them off. Meanwhile, you will be able to heal yourself with medkits and food. As you complete more and more quests, your character will become stronger with better equipment, enhanced skills and gained perks. Are you going to get more hit points, a better chance when lockpicking locks or a lower fuel consumption while driving across the world map? What will you do to limit the effect that the dead have on the world?

    • Classic single player post-apocalyptic FPS
    • Attractive modern polygon graphics style
    • Karma system - good and bad deeds create new options and encounters
    • Dozens of stories and side quests
    • Many weapons, protective gear and other equipment - become your own survival squad
    • Offline survival game - you can play offline
    • Optional crafting and building in open world part of the game
    • Weapon skins
    • A variety of enemies - zombie walkers, bandits, and huge boss mutants
    • Traders in settlements
    • You can complete optional missions for zombie hunter Ace
    • Cars and trucks - it's faster than walking and you can store additional loot from the dead in trunk!
    • Funny mini games

    Can your story end happily after such a tragic beginning? Because of the circumstances surrounding your birth, you are the only one who can save the world. You are immune to the effects of the virus that turns people and animals into zombies. That also makes you a perfect weapon against the undead masters of the planet and the symbol of hope for a better tomorrow. Together with friends that you will make on your path, find out the whole truth about your origin and search for the way to create a cure, despite the dangers lurking behind every corner.

    We are still working hard on new content for the game. Not only more story arcs where you explore this dangerous zombie frontier and try to make world better place for living. We work on new mechanics so you can craft things for your survival like gas and ammo on crafting tables in the houses you purchase. Also, not only dead will be your target as your actions can trigger hatred in some of the survivors - bandits, corrupted politicians, cultists, gangs etc. Zombie age continues but with new tools in your arsenal, you will be able to endure it!
  • Demolition Derby 3 Мод APK 1.1.121 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Demolition Derby 3 Мод APK 1.1.121 [Unlimited money]


    The new "Demolition Derby 3" game features many requests by players from our previous game and many of the same features that helped DD2 reach over 15 million downloads!

    • 100 Vehicles
    • Campaign Mode
    • Multiplayer (Beta)
    • 20+ Tracks and Demolition arenas.
    • Upgrade your car's performance
    • Customize your vehicles
    • Drive in first person mode
    • Daily rewards

    Music composed by Entropy Zero / Maks_SF, Jay Ray, Rob Sampsell and Dedderz:
  • Castle Defender Мод APK 2.0.5 [Free purchase][Mod speed] 5.0

    Castle Defender Мод APK 2.0.5 [Free purchase][Mod speed]


    Defend your castle of the royal kingdom - try this castle defense game now! Fight against massive waves of enemies.

    Use your archery skills as you lead an idle defense heroes team. Make sure your castle is safe.


    - Defend with your ultimate crossbow by TAPPING THE SCREEN.
    - Throw powers like freeze, tornado towards the enemies.
    - Use your heroes' powerful skills.
    - Upgrade and equip ITEMS for your heroes.
    - Summon new heroes with powerful stats.

    - Defend your castle in 5 maps such as Forest, Temple, Sea, Cave, and Labyrinth
    - 250+ fun LEVELS
    - Ultimate skills: tornados, freeze, and many more.
    - 30+ heroes to summon and upgrade.
    - Lots of different monsters running wild, each with their special attacks.
    - Many heroes: Warrior, witch, knight, bower, and many more.

    Official Community:
    - Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/CastleDefenderTD/
    - Twitter: twitter.com/UnimobGames
    - Email: [email protected]
  • Fishing Season :River To Ocean Мод APK 1.12.8 [High Damage][Mod speed] 5.0

    Fishing Season :River To Ocean Мод APK 1.12.8 [High Damage][Mod speed]


    ◎ The realistic 3D fishing game.
    Have the realistic fishing experience in Fishing Season.
    You can learn to catch fish in one minute!

    ☞ From fishing in the Amazon River, to the Pacific Ocean!
    - You can have various fishing experiences, from the famous rivers in the world to the Pacific Ocean.

    ☞ Realistic fishes
    - Fighting with realistic 3D fishes, including from beautiful tropical fishes to sharks!
    - More than 200 kinds of fishes including Giant Bass! Piraruku! Piranha! Mako Shark! Giant White Shark! Small Humpback Whale!

    ☞One-button play that can be easily enjoyed
    - Fighting in a lot of tension!
    - Enjoy fishing like a professional.

    ☞ Realistic aquarium!
    Put Giant Bass! Piraruku! Piranha! Mako Shark! In your aquarium!
    - Unattended gold acquisition system that automatically builds without having to run apps!

    ☞ Strong fishing equipments!
    - Dynamically bending fishing rod! Tight fishing line!
    - Strengthen many types of equipment (fishing rod, line, reel) and items to challenge yourself to bigger fishes.

    ☞ It's always the 'fishing season' with
    - Fishing Season that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.
    - Realistic fishing simulation game

    ☞ From famous lakes and rivers, to faraway Pacific Ocean
    - Realistic fishing game that have exactly replicated famous fishing grounds from all over the world.
    - Have a pleasant fishing experience in beautiful fishing grounds.

    ☞ You don't need to have access to the internet.
    - Fishing simulator that can be enjoyed even without network connection
    - Fishing hobby that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere

    ▣ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nexelonFreeGames ▣

    1. Deleting or switching mobile device will reset the app data
    2. The product contains in-app purchase feature. If you agree to make a purchase, you will be billed.

    ◎ Support for languages: Korean, English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Taiwan, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese
  • Piano Dream: Tap Piano Tiles 3 Мод APK 1.4.68 [Unlocked][VIP] 5.0

    Piano Dream: Tap Piano Tiles 3 Мод APK 1.4.68 [Unlocked][VIP]


    Do you tap along on phantom keys while listening to beautiful piano music? Piano Dream is a fun piano game that makes it simple to play your favorite piano songs!

    Play piano and test your reflexes by tapping all the tiles before they scroll off screen. Tap tiles and make music for as long as you can in this free piano game! Play piano music from different genres - classical pieces, folk songs and more.

    Tap and keep playing to gain experience and unlock more songs to play. Play piano songs and hit 6 milestones in each song - earn up to 3 stars then up to 3 trophies. Make music, test your dexterity and see how long you can keep playing in Endless mode.

    Do you have what it takes to become a piano master?


    Make Music with Piano Tiles:
    - Tap tiles as they appear to play professional melodies
    - Play a variety of classical pieces, folk songs and more
    - Tap all the piano tiles before they scroll of the screen

    Music Game Modes:
    - Play songs to gain experience and unlock more songs to explore and master!
    - Tap tiles in Endless mode where the tiles speed up endlessly for true tile masters
    - Play any game mode offline, no wifi!

    Tap & Play for New High Scores:
    - Perfect your playing and increase your score!
    - Play piano songs and hit 6 milestones in each song: earn up to 3 stars then up to 3 trophies
    - Make music and see how long you can keep playing in the Endless mode

    Download today and begin your musical journey into your piano dreams!
    We are a small team who are all motivated with your comments, reviews and support. Your reviews are important to us! We'd love to hear from you!

    Email us at [email protected]

    Privacy Policy: https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
  • Word Spells: Word Puzzle Game Мод APK 2.14 [Unlimited money][Unlimited hints] 5.0

    Word Spells: Word Puzzle Game Мод APK 2.14 [Unlimited money][Unlimited hints]


    Playing our word game for 10 minutes a day will train your brain.

    Word puzzle game Word Spells tests your vocabulary. Challenging levels and fun wonders are in store for you! Drag your finger across the screen to combine letters into words, and find all the words hidden in each level!


    - It's a beautiful, fun word puzzle game for free
    - We've created over 5,000 incredible crossword puzzles for you
    - The difficulty of word games increases with each level: our word game will keep you entertained
    - Free word games offer a great workout for your brain
    - Solve crossword puzzle and learn new words while you play
    - Enjoy word connect, solve crossword puzzles
    - Innovative word find games that make solving crossword puzzle more fun than ever
    - Evaluate your language skills by guessing word puzzles
    - Explore fun fairy-tale word puzzle locations filled with hundreds of word collect levels
    - Get additional coins for word collect


    Help Amelia, a trainee witch, overcome difficulties with word connect, meet new characters and solve their problems to earn their trust and make friends in word games for free. Amelia is really counting on your help!


    After you try out our fun word puzzles and word games for free, you'll never be bored! Once you start solving our crossword puzzles, you won't be able to stop opening our word games for free.

    Word find games Word Spells are perfect for lovers of free word games, word search games and word anagrams. It combines the best of each! That's not to mention the incredible locations you can visit to relax solving free word games!

    Enjoy captivating word games for free, full of all kinds of word collect levels and word puzzles. Each crossword puzzle and each word connect level with crosswords will bring you a mountain of fun!


    You can play word find games offline, which make it extra-special and, more importantly, good for having fun and finding words on-the-go.

    Word games are available in the following languages:
    • Russian
    • English
    • Deutch
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Portuguese
  • Word Cross: Crossy Word Search Мод APK 1.9.5 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Word Cross: Crossy Word Search Мод APK 1.9.5 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to the Word cross - the challenging letter linking games you will ever face

    The classic Word Search game has been remade, with thousands of levels with ascending difficulty, you will never get bored when playing . It is a perfect combination of word cross game and puzzle. If you are a fan of brain challenges, love brain teasing ✍️, or you just want a moment to relax your mind after a hard working day, this game is the answer you are looking for.

    Slide your finger to connect letter to letter, form different wordcross and complete the mission. Improve your vocabulary and spelling every level with online dictionary support. If the level is too hard to pass, there's always a hint to help you.

    Complete daily challenge to earn more coins and show how good you are.

    Over 1500 levels with ascending difficulty
    Super hard daily challenges
    Smooth connect effects
    Combination of crossword puzzle and link
    Give your mind an amazing workout
    Stress relieve with beautiful backgrounds and calm musics

    And many more are waiting for you to find out.

    This amazing game is the answer for all letter link fans from all over the world. It starts off easy but becomes harder every level play. Once joining this Word Search and you will never be able to put it down.

    Download now!!!
  • Reversal of Deck Мод APK 1.8.9 [Free purchase] 5.0

    Reversal of Deck Мод APK 1.8.9 [Free purchase]


    Enter the Arena! Build your Battle Deck and outsmart the enemy in real-time battles. Start battling against players from around the world!

    Choose unique Cards to your Battle Deck and head to the Arena for Battle!
    Place your Cards right and knock down the opponent in a strategic match.

    Win battles and progress to new Arenas to unlock powerful new Cards to your collection!
    Battle your way to the Arena to match against the best players in the world.
    Compete for glory and rewards!

    Use mastery to empower your deck. When cornered, unleash your arcane to turn the tide.
    Gather information and counter your opponent in real-time.

    【Contact us】
    Customer Service email:[email protected]
  • Warships Mobile 2 : Open Beta Мод APK 0.0.210 5.0

    Warships Mobile 2 : Open Beta Мод APK 0.0.210


    Ahoy, Captain! Dive into the thrilling world of naval warfare in Warships Mobile 2, the ultimate modern warship game for your mobile device!

    Command a fleet of cutting-edge warships, from nimble destroyers to formidable battleships, and dominate the high seas. Engage in intense naval battles against players from around the globe in real-time PvP combat or test your strategic skills in challenging single-player missions.

    Key Features:

    Build and customize your fleet: Choose from a wide array of modern warships, each with unique strengths and capabilities. Upgrade your vessels to enhance their firepower, armor, and speed.
    Realistic naval combat: Experience adrenaline-pumping battles with stunning 3D graphics and immersive sound effects. Plan your tactics, outmaneuver your opponents, and unleash devastating salvos to secure victory.
    Dynamic PvP battles: Take on players worldwide in thrilling PvP matches. Climb the ranks, earn rewards, and become the ultimate naval commander.
    Engaging single-player campaigns: Embark on epic campaigns across diverse landscapes and challenging missions. Test your skills against AI-controlled adversaries and earn valuable rewards.
    Strategic gameplay: Master the art of naval warfare with strategic positioning, tactical maneuvers, and cunning deception. Adapt to ever-changing battlefield conditions and emerge victorious.
    Clan battles: Join forces with friends and allies to form powerful clans. Coordinate your attacks, share resources, and conquer the seas together.
    Regular updates: Stay tuned for exciting new content, including additional warships, maps, game modes, and events.
    Get ready to set sail and conquer the oceans in Warships Mobile 2. Hoist the anchor, raise the flag, and prepare for battle!
  • Pocket Champs: 3D Racing Games Мод APK 4.6.20 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Free purchase][Free shopping][Unlocked] 5.0

    Pocket Champs: 3D Racing Games Мод APK 4.6.20 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Free purchase][Free shopping][Unlocked]


    Are you ready for an action-packed multiplayer idle racing game? Train your Champ, improve its stats, get him the best gadget and win the race!

    Pocket Champs is a fun multiplayer idle game . Focus your training time on running, flying, or climbing and develop the best strategy before the race. Compete globally against other Champs: who will win the crown?

    Running shoes, fins, or pick? Choose the best gadget to give you an edge during the race! Open new chests every day and unlock some legendary gadgets like the Eagle or the Cheetah!

    Participate to time-limited events in crazy races against hundreds of opponents!

    As you battle and clash for first place, your Champ will have to run, climb and swim to overtake the pack for victory. But be careful, not every race goes as planned as danger waits to throw you off course!

    ‍♀️ Highly competitive races against others.
    Raise and upgrade your special champion.
    ⚡ Unlock legendary gadgets
    ⭐️ Earn unique rewards and more!
    Release your Champ and watch them race!

    Do you have what it takes to win and become the Pocket Champ?

    Having issues? Contact us at [email protected]
    FAQ link : https://madbox.helpshift.com/hc/en/
  • Bunny Haven - Cute Cafe Мод APK 1.012 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Bunny Haven - Cute Cafe Мод APK 1.012 [Unlimited money]


    The upgraded Dream Fashion Shop 3 is newly open. What will happen after a series of wonderful adventures? What new stories will the old customers share with you? It seems that the girls in town are not just satisfied with the clothes matching any more and there's a mysterious person who is gonna challenge you. Come and run your fashion boutique, and meet the specified turnover. Then, you can unlock your new journeys. Plenty of new things are waiting for you to explore.

    You are gonna take a hot air balloon to explore the world. As a fashion beauty, your stories are widely circulated in this lively dream town. The simple cute girl, gentle young mother, and even the new superstar are all in your shop to have you design for them. Besides, people all like to share their stories with you, especially the sweet secrets among girls.

  • Knighthood - RPG Knights Мод APK 1.17.6 [Invincible] 5.0

    Knighthood - RPG Knights Мод APK 1.17.6 [Invincible]


    If you are a medieval knight, this is your RPG game - Join the hood, knight! In this fantasy role-playing game, you are a medieval knight - born to fight. Raid enemies in this fantasy RPG world as you become the most feared and famous knight in the Knighthood.

    Create your knight and join this action-packed RPG adventure.

    • Enter your first RPG trials.
    • Earn your Gauntlet, the powerful relic and symbol of the Knighthood and begin your RPG adventure in Astellan.
    • Collecting legendary items to customize your Knighthood.
    • Recruit and upgrade ancient heroes to improve your battle powers. Raid enemies.
    • Unleash your inner knight! Join Knighthood and dive into an epic RPG adventure.

    Level up your knight and raid goblins, beasts and undead creatures. Choose the best RPG tactics to win gesture-driven combats and become a legend.

    • Raid treasures in hunts and quests to improve your gear.
    • Collect ancient heroes to fight by your side and summon their epic abilities.
    • Choose your RPG strategy: Select your weapons and heroes.
    • Master your RPG combat skills: Create a perfect chain of attacks switching between weapon, gauntlet and hero powers.
    • Defeat fellow knights, and become the hero of the PvP arena.

    Your knight, your style! Create style and power to stand out from the RPG crowd!

    • Fully customise your Knight. Show off your epic style.
    • Collect the best gear and stand tall in the PvP arena.
    • Create a look that fits your RPG personality and raid with style.
    • Don't miss your chance to raid with style. Customize your knight and dominate the PvP arena in Knighthood.

    Join a guild: hone your RPG skills by defeating bosses with your fellow knights.

    • Build your guild: Rally your friends and develop an unstoppable fellowship.
    • Chat with guildmates in real-time to strengthen your bonds and hone your RPG strategy.
    • Fight Epic battles. Together you can build a legacy and live up to the glory of the Knighthood.
    • Forge alliances and create an unstoppable guild! Team up with fellow knights in Knighthood and raid others.

    Knighthood is a free to download and play mobile game and some items can be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use these features, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. According to our Terms of Service, Knighthood is allowed for download and play only for persons 16 years or more of age, or with explicit parental consent. You can read more here: https://rpgroleplayinggames.com/ParentsGuide.html

    By accessing or using a RPG RAID ROLEPLAYING GAMES product, you're agreeing to our Terms of Service https://rpgroleplayinggames.com/TermsOfService.html
  • Trash Tycoon: idle simulator Мод APK 0.9.10 [Unlimited money][Free purchase] 5.0

    Trash Tycoon: idle simulator Мод APK 0.9.10 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]


    Welcome to Trash Tycoon idle simulator - a game where you will get rich and build your own Empire! You'll become an idle tycoon and make a lot of cash by selling garbage. Your idle success will make other people reflect on the environmental problems around them — save the world and protect nature, forests, and fields.

    In Trash Tycoon mining simulator you will build objects for reprocessing all types of rubbish. Develop your idle factory, compactors and containers, and construct equipment for compressing trash into garbage cubes for further sale.

    With our crafting idle clicker you'll have an opportunity to clean up all the dirtiest places on our planet: the city of Varanasi, the Mediterranean Sea, the volcano Vesuvius, the Grand Canyon, the Samsun coast, the Rub al Khali desert, the Mendenhall glacier, the Amazon jungle, the savanna of Africa and the forests of Russia. Clearing all these places of trash is such a troublesome business, but you can get rich on it and become a real Trash Tycon.

    ❤️ Trash Tycoon simulator Backstory ❤️
    You inherited an abandoned landfill from your grandpa. At the landfill, you will meet a garbage man: your grandfather's assistant who has been recycling garbage for many years. Start earning your first coins using an old rusty manual compactor. After that, you can make your own success story and become a millionaire tycoon!

    How to play our simulator:
    It's easy to play the Trash Tycoon mining simulator game. To compress your first garbage cube, you just need to use an eco clicker. The faster you click, the more trash you get, and build a Trash Empire! Sell garbage on the stock exchange. Watch the quotes to choose the best moment to salvage a big score.

    Upgrade your equipment and garbage truck, move to a higher level to discover new horizons in eco clicker! And if you get bored, the life simulator has lots of exciting branches. You can carry out archaeological excavations in the mine, research and invent new equipment in the Laboratory, make details to upgrade compactors in the Forge. But the main offshoot is the Racing World — the Garbage Truck Races, to be exact. Collect your first racing garbage truck from trash and race into the elite ranks of this scavenger sports world.

    Features of idle clicker:
    ★ The Trash Tycoon mining simulator does not require a permanent Internet connection.
    ★ You can play this idle building game with one hand.
    ★ Some trash will be collected offline while you're not playing the life simulator game.
    ★ The Trash Tycoon idle clicker game doesn't have any annoying ads (a tapping game should lack obnoxious ads, don't you think? ;)
    ★ For this quality of graphics, our idle simulator game takes up very little space, so you can download it even without Wi-Fi!

    Log in to the Trash Tycoon idle simulator game several times a day to speed up your adventure from trash to cash. That way you'll succeed faster, Empire Tycoon. Forward to the eco-adventure!
  • 熱梗大爆炸 Мод APK 1.6 [Free purchase] 5.0

    熱梗大爆炸 Мод APK 1.6 [Free purchase]


    "Hot Terrier Big Bang" is a fun and casual puzzle-solving game. There are a wealth of challenge levels in the game. Each level has different themes and mission objectives. The gameplay is simple and the content is magical. It integrates the explosive content on the Internet. A variety of interesting jokes and prompt props are provided to develop your smart brain and complete various imaginative challenge levels to gain more fun.

    Game Highlights:
    1. It has rich Internet hot memes elements and adopts a vivid cartoon style.
    2. Bring you a joyful gaming experience and experience the infinite fun of Internet hot memes.
    3. Shows various jokes and funny scenes to make you laugh non-stop.
  • Gang Boxing Arena Мод APK [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Gang Boxing Arena Мод APK [Unlimited money]

    What's waiting for you in Gang Boxing Arena? Lots of fun, amusing ragdoll physics and plenty of opponents in huge online fighting battles!

    You control a stickman warrior, and your task is to defeat anyone who stands in your way. You can beat them in hand-to-hand combat, pick up weapons or chuck exploding barrels at them — anything you want! Just knock them out of the fighting arena! But be careful, your opponents have the same abilities and want to destroy you too!

    Can you survive in this huge battleground? Level by level wins the stick man fight. You'll need to use every ounce of skill to be number one!

    Something is always happening on the screen, so keep moving around to fight and avoid taking damage!

    The game has simple, pleasing graphics and smooth stickman animations sure to catch your eye!

    As always, everything is simple and easy to use with us!

    Diverse locations for the fight: beach, ship, desert… loads of different maps so you never get bored!

    There are items to find on each level you can use as weapons or just throw them at your opponents!

    Fun sounds all throughout the game! Enjoy the stick man battle mayhem.

    So what are you waiting for? Gang Boxing Arena is absolutely free, and you can start playing one of the fighting simulator games right now! Download the two player game and conquer the fighting arena! Become a stick man boxing star!

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/azur_games
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames
  • Stickman Master Archer Мод APK 1.62 3.9

    Stickman Master Archer Мод APK 1.62


    Война близка! Вы последний лучник древнего племени. Поднимите лук своего предка и заставьте своих врагов почувствовать вашу ярость. Как ты можешь это сделать? Лук, заколдованный огнем? С ядом? Или со льдом? Вы можете иметь их все! Вы увидите в своем путешествии. Просто убейте их всех, выполняйте задания и получайте награды. Остальные легенды.
    Игра проста: перетаскивай стрелы. Две стрелки в теле или только одна в голове уничтожат их. Четыре бонуса могут помочь вам в битве: Лечение, Щит, Стрела и Телепорт.
    Будьте осторожны, ваши враги тренируются каждый день, убедитесь, что ваше снаряжение обновлено.
    Особенности игры:
    + Простой, но затягивающий геймплей
    + Режим кампании с 75 уровнями
    + Бесконечный режим: войти - убить - получить награбленное - уйти
    + Локальный режим для двух игроков
    + 30 видов оружия, 20 нарядов, 15 драгоценных камней с различными характеристиками и навыками
    + Изготовление оружия, снаряжения и драгоценных камней
    + Потрясающая графика
    Приходите и играйте с нами!
  • "Лучший загрузчик файлов модов!"