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  • Mars Survivors Мод APK 1.5.2 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Mars Survivors Мод APK 1.5.2 [Unlimited money]


    "Mars Survivors" is a bullet-hell action game featuring a large number of mutated monsters that players can mow down and enjoy with their formidable abilities. Players assume the role of a survivor on Mars, fighting and defeating enemies in a dangerous and mysterious environment. Players can choose from multiple hero characters and use over 10 different weapons to combat these monsters. Additionally, there are over 200 skills and chips available for players to freely combine and enhance their abilities, requiring them to constantly collect resources for upgrades. With multiple maps, difficulties, and modes, the game ensures that players experience high levels of freedom and excitement. Moreover, the game also features rich plot settings and hidden elements waiting for players to unlock and explore. In this brutal world, every player has the opportunity to become a true survivor on Mars.

  • Crypto DOGE - Get Token Мод APK 1.5.1 [Mod speed] 5.0

    Crypto DOGE - Get Token Мод APK 1.5.1 [Mod speed]


    Dive Deep into the Ultimate Challenge! Merge, conquer, and master the world with your army of elite Meme Doge warriors.

    Merge and open new cute units, collect and get to know your favorite characters in 156 unique funny doges. Complete daily quests and achievements in Meme DOGE

    Embark on a journey through mysterious worlds exploring new levels. Enjoy the game with cute relaxing sounds, music and funny doge bark .

    Get Coins Online and Offline!
    You receive income when you play and even when you sleep. Earnings stop 24 hours after you quit the doge games.

    Defeat the Doge Boss and Open New Level
    Fight the mighty Meme Doges Bosses and defeat them to move to a new location. Open new levels and make your doge to earn more coins!

    Super Meme Doge
    Use super Meme doges coaches to increase your online income, get more free doge boxes, buy doge units in the shop with a discount, increase the speed of doge on the track.

    How to get more gems

    1️⃣Memberships ⭐️
    Use memberships to increase bonuses. Complete additional daily quests and get more capsules with the rewards. Buy monthly membership or try it for free with every 7 Daily Streak in this Meme DOGE game

    2️⃣Daily Capsules
    Find real treasures and free LIS in the chests every day. Different chests contain different rewards. You can get coin and in-game valuable bonuses.

    3️⃣Daily Quests and Achievements ⚡️
    Complete interesting quests and achievements every day to earn gems in doge!

    4️⃣TOP 5
    Join the weekly challenge to get generous rewards - capsules or gems for free. Compete in groups of 30 your level's players. TOP 5 from your group will get rewards.

    Open capsules and get Bingo cards. Collect doges lines to get generous rewards and try to win the Meme DOGE jackpot.

    Our goal is 100 mln downloads in 5 years and create a mass adoption. Join us!

    While you go through the levels - we are already working on the exciting updates, new Meme DOGE quests, mechanics, doges animation and rewards. Stay tuned for updates and news on our Realis socials:
    Telegram channel: https://t.me/RealisANN
    X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/realisnetwork
  • Survival Hero: Action RPG Game Мод APK 1.0.61 [Mod Menu][God Mode] 5.0

    Survival Hero: Action RPG Game Мод APK 1.0.61 [Mod Menu][God Mode]


    When the Earth is invaded, the evil zombie, monster and vampire are threatening to rule the world, you have no choice but take on the heroic mantle of saving your land. You are an awakened cowboy warrior with unlimited skills and potential, choose your weapons and fight against these dangerous enemies by autofire shooting them down to survive! An exciting action adventure in the palm of your hand.

    Survival Hero: Action RPG Game is an adventure roguelike action game. In the game, you can endlessly shoot the enemies, upgrade your skills, use your heroic strategy to survive as long as possible and create your secret recipe for victory.

    Are you a fan of the Survival games genre? Survival Hero: Action RPG Game is definitely for you. Unlike other RPG games, you are surrounded by numerous enemies, attack them with Move and Shoot without pause, collect the EXP and gold dropped by the enemy to enhance your combat ability. Don't let zombies, monsters and vampires attack your kingdom! Don't survive alone, survive together!

    From a completely basic gun, upgrade your weapon, loot your equipment, combine the best skills to destroy enemies! How long can you survive?

    How to play Survival Hero: Action RPG Game
    - Flexibly control your cowboy warrior by one hand to autofire shoot down the enemies
    - Auto shooting mode is on, you don't need to do a thing
    - Strategically choose your skill combo. Survival depends on your strategic choice!
    - Explore new maps and unlock your battle potential
    - Experience the fun of running & shooting!

    Features in Survival Hero: Action RPG Game:
    - Endless enemies and challenges. Defeat the enemies and challenge yourself to the limit!
    - Supply treasure chest, ability potions make your HP more durable.
    - For survival, you can obtain different random skills and combine them for have countless possibilities
    - Various weapons to autofire shoot and attack zombie, monster and vampire in the battle

    Waves of dangerous zombies and vampires are coming, ready for a battle of heroes? Survive every wave of enemy attacks and become the last hero needed to save the day! Fight alone and survive. A brand new roguelike game adventure, turn on the infinite autofire, control your warrior, pay attention to your HP bar, and look for treasure chests at the right time. The stronger your warrior gets, the more zombies and bosses attack. If you fail, you have to start all over again. What are you waiting for? Download Survival Hero: Action RPG Game now!
  • Nine Realms: Revolt Мод APK 13 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Nine Realms: Revolt Мод APK 13 [Unlimited money]


    Save the Nine Realms in this Deckbuilding Adventure.

    Ragnarok has occurred and destroyed the old gods. As the survivors struggle to rebuild, Revna the fire giant has seized control of Asgard. Embark on an adventure to unite the realms and put a stop to his reign in this unique deckbuilding oddyssey.

    Make alliances, grow powerful, and discover what lies within each battle.

    You play as Fjolnir, a young light elf living on the remains of Alfheim. After his village is burned down by Revna the fire giant, you embark on a journey to put a stop to Revna, but traveling to the different realms and recruiting allies to aid you in your quest. Fight through the hellscape of musphelheim, Wander the forests of Vanaheim, Explore the now flooded midgard aboard a runeship, Escape from the crumbling Hellheim, and topple Revna off his new found throne in Asgard.

    The campaign features:
    - 50 scenarios, each with their own story, dialogue and unique enemy and deck to fight.
    - 135+ cards to unlock, with each faction being recruited as you journey through their realm.
    - Create and save your own decks to use at any point, enabling you to adjust your strategy for each opponent you face.

    A blend of old school card games like mtg and dice mechanics gives Nine Realms Revolt a unique spin on the deckbuilding genre. Craft a deck of at least 40 cards by using 3 of the 5 factions. Gameplay is divided over 3 lanes, each with their own units, banners, traps and die. To win, you must destroy your opponents 3 banners while protecting your own. You must choose when to commit your units to an attack, while also making sure you can defend your own banners.
    Nine Realm Revolt Features:
    5 different Factions, each with their own spells, units and legendary cards. Combine up to 3 different factions to make your Deck
    3 lanes each with a banner. Guard your Banners, and destroy the Enemy's Banners to win.
    Play units to defend your banners. Units can attack any lane, but can only defend their lane. Units can only defend if they haven't attacked that round.
    Use traps to play cards facedown in lanes. Predict the enemies actions, and you can thwart their attempts and set up a devastating next turn.
    Play Spells to immediately swing the battle to your favour.
    Unleash game ending legendaries, whose powers will make you think of how to build your deck around them.

    Draft Mode:
    In this game mode, you will draft a deck of 40 cards by choosing 1 of 3 cards. After you have your deck, Embark on a journey to win 6 battles in a row. Losing at any point will end your run.
  • AI Photo Editor, Collage-Fotor Мод APK [Unlocked][Pro] 5.0

    AI Photo Editor, Collage-Fotor Мод APK [Unlocked][Pro]

    Fotor is a powerful all-in-one ai photo editor app for everyone, including photo editing tools, design maker and photo collage maker. Powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, many tools of Fotor's ai photo editor can meet all your editing photo needs in seconds, such as One-Tap Enhance, AI Magic Remove, AI Retouch, AI Background Remove, Enhance Resolution, Effects, Filters, Design Templates, Collages, Overlay, Colorize, AI Art Effects, Stickers, Crop, HSL, Curve, Text and other features.

    With just one click, automatically adjust the light and tone, balance the light and dark changes, and quickly improve the image quality in no time.

    With Fotor's magic eraser, quickly remove an image's unwanted objects, such as remove text, remove people, erase acne, erase building, and more. Our watermark remover is a good choice for better creation. Automatically remove watermark, and get perfect image in one click without losting image quality.

    One click to have flawless skin, make it natural and delicate, create perfect makeup without effort. There are also beauty features of Fotor's ai photo editor such as Smoothing, Wrinkle Remover, Reshape, Clone, Red-eye Removal, Teeth Whitening, etc. retouch photo easily.

    Try AI background remover to delete background or erase background from all kinds of images to get transparent background in one click. After remove bg, use fotor's photo background editor and photo background eraser to change background easily. Fotor's background remover also offers photo white background, blue background, background images, etc. You can change the photo to white background or any background you like by yourself instead of spending much money to hire white background studio shots.

    Use Fotor's ai photo enhancer to make blurry images clear instantly without quality loss. Whether it's portrait, photography, or products, Fotor's ai photo enhancer uses AI technology to analyze and transform your image into high-definition quickly. Enhancing colors, reducing blur, increasing sharpness, removing haze, highlighting focus, and more photo enhancement.

    With hundreds of professional filters and special-style effects, real analog film, retro filter, fresh, black and white filter, and other classic effects, easy to cope with all kinds of scenes and present various aesthetic styles.

    Various wallpaper, poster, Instagram post, card, logo, and more design templates, update weekly. Suitable for all graphic design occasions.

    Various collage templates, covering food, festivals, travel, and other scenes, easily make photos better.

    Turn ordinary photos into artwork with just a few taps. Based on a unique model algorithm and machine learning technique, quickly turn your photo into paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, and other master artists.

    Stickers, frames, fonts, mosaics, stock photos, and massive elements resources. Provide more vitality for creativity and show the personal style.

    The Fotor Pro subscription fee is charged monthly or yearly. The fees for the Fotor Pro plan are paid following purchase confirmation. The subscription will automatically renew on expiry unless the automatic renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the expiry of the current subscription period. Once the subscription is confirmed, your iTunes account will be charged according to the plan you chose. After purchase, you may go to the iTunes Settings to manage your subscription and turn the automatic renewal off. A canceled subscription becomes effective after one month.
    Terms of Service:
    Privacy Policy:
  • Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor Мод APK [Unlocked][VIP] 5.0

    Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor Мод APK [Unlocked][VIP]

    Start editing photos & videos with Facetune, the world's premier photo editor powered by AI! Enhance your entire photo or frame at once using filters or one-tap photo editing, or express your unique vision with precision using manual editing to get the look and feel you want. Add personality into every post & selfie - show the world what makes you one of a kind!

    Love the photo editor but want to enhance your video clips too? Edit & retouch your selfie videos easily with simple yet powerful effects to help you touch up each frame. You'll be amazed at what you can do in just a few taps - edit one frame & apply those changes to the whole video instantly. Apply a glam filter or effects, try on makeup, enhance or smooth your favorite clips before you post to Instagram, and more! Up the saturation, try new filters & effects, and smooth & edit your videos easily.

    - Cover blemishes and let the real you shine through
    - Apply makeup to step up the sass
    - Refresh tired eyes or explore new eye colors
    - Add highlights or darken hair

    - Try on AI clothes: change your clothes in photos with a single tap!
    - Discover AI selfie generator: transform your selfies into stunning & otherworldly versions of you!
    - Use AI photo enhancer: enhance, edit & retouch your photos flawlessly and naturally!
    - Create AI headshots with the AI headshot generator for professional-looking photos

    - Thin or thicken eyebrows, lips, or hair with Reshape
    - Whiten teeth, clothing, and sneakers
    - Airbrush a tan or smooth out skin
    - Even skin tone editing to smooth out skin

    - Quick touch-ups or a full-on makeover for glamour shots
    - Take stunning photos that look like professional headshots
    - Easy selfie retouch or a whole new look
    - Add a little blush or glow to your cheekbones

    - Dial in lighting to keep the attention on you
    - Blur backgrounds or replace them with a new one
    - Ring light eyes for a studio look
    - Remove distractions in a swipe

    - Enhance videos with a face touch up editor
    - Swap in colorful filters & effects
    - Edit your video with colors that brighten your background or your smile, to put you in the spotlight
    - Experiment with filters and video effects

    - Photo editing & filters, from tiny touch-ups to a splashy backdrop
    - AI Enhancer and AI business photo generator tools for upgraded photos in moments
    - Red-eye remover, makeup edits, a selfie camera, & more
    - Photo retouch for quick fixes that enhance your natural beauty
    - Test out a new look with the AI headshot generator, hair color changer & makeup editor

    - Whiten teeth, enlarge the eyes, or fill in your eyebrows or eyelashes
    - Retouch your selfies, create AI headshots with the AI business photo generator, choose from dozens of free filters & makeup effects, and touch up your features using AI enhance tools
    - Add a tan effect or get an even skin tone
    - Edit, retouch, and refine skin tone to make it look naturally

    Facetune is your all-in-one editor for unforgettable results, with both precision features and automated AI enhance tools. Easily whiten teeth, retouch blemishes, add a bit of contour, blur backgrounds, add effects, and so much more – download today and let your natural beauty and glamour glow in every photo & selfie!

    Facetune picture editor is a part of Lightricks' Creative Suite, which comprises a wide range of video and image editing solutions:

    - Videoleap: AI video editor
    - Photoleap: AI photo editor

    Certain features, functions, or other elements shown in the screenshots herein may only be available on specific device models.

    Facetune photo editor terms of use & privacy policy:
    Lightricks Terms of use: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/terms-of-use.html Lightricks Privacy policy: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/privacy-policy.html
  • World War 2: Strategy Games Мод APK 803 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    World War 2: Strategy Games Мод APK 803 [Unlimited money]


    In this war games, you will play as an army commander. You will command your troops to the frontline and witness the most brutal and realest face of the war.

    WW II: Sandbox Strategy is a strategy war games that is set in World War II. The games simulates the real combat environment and brings back the realest warfare of this brutal war in human history. There are hundreds of famous commanders featured in the game. You will rebuild the different well-known units of merit. You can take advantage of the different traits of the commanders and units and utilize a variety of tactics and strategies to rewrite the ending of many famous historic campaigns.

    You are to command in these classic campaigns, can you rewrite history? Join us and conquer the world in this strategy war game!

    The war is coming. Show your unique art of war from the tip of your finger to bring out an impeccable world war. You can command any single army and match your own army groups at your will. You can also lead your allies to join the beach of Normandy or command the Axis forces to defend Atlantic Wall. Pick the nation you desire to join the second world war and decide the fate of the campaign in this World War II strategy game.

    More than 100 famous generals of world war 2 figures such as Guderian, Manstein, Rommel, Button, Zhukov, MacArthur, Montgomery, Eisenhower, will be on the stage in turn. Take advantage of the generals, assess the risk,find out the enemy's weaknesses and defeat them to win the final victory of world war 2

    Real simulation of World War 2, sandbox, strategy, tactics and war games! Army games time!
    Make your own history with your strategy and tactics in turn based ww2 strategy games!

    ✪ Experience real and rich terrain on the ww2 battlefield!
    The right war strategy is the key to win the ultimate victory! 3D terrain brings richer strategy. Plan your army and conquer or destroy connecting bridges, bunkers and roadblocks, to get yourself a tactics advantage! Every tactics you make will determine the outcome of the ww2.

    ✪ Total World War 2! Real historical battles are waiting for you to reinterpret.
    78+ historical ww2 campaigns (3 difficulty levels) and 270 military tasks. Experience these real historical battles from the Axis and Allies in this ww2 strategy sandbox games.
    - Campaigns for Germany: battle of dunkirk, operation barbarossa, romel corps, siege of Tobruk, the battle for Britain.
    - Campaigns for the Allies: Battle of Britain, Invasion of Italy, Normandy Landings, D Day, Battle for France.
    You will accept different tactics missions: capture the target, rescue friendly forces, stand out from the siege, hold on to your position, annihilate the enemy, etc.
    Choose different sides and countries to gain different awards.

    ✪ Variety of ww2 units of special functions such as air defense, airborne, and building.
    German Tiger tank, Soviet Katyusha rocket, Spitfire Fighter, aircraft carriers, Battleships, flamethrower, submarine, command paratroopers, bomber squadrons and other special operations forces!
    More units! More strategy!

    More strategy games advantages:
    - More free rewards
    - WW2 turn based tactics war games
    - Destructible and fixable bridges
    - Radar technology to detect enemy forces
    - Wide range of army vehicles like trucks
    - Variety of battlefields and missions
    - 3d game graphics and epic sounds

    Continuous updates, more ww2 modes:
    - Conqueror model
    - Custom map

    If you're looking for more world war 2 strategy games, and have any questions or suggestions, please follow us:
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/JoyNowSG/
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/joynowsggame/
  • PLAYit-All in One Video Player Мод APK [Unlocked][VIP] 5.0

    PLAYit-All in One Video Player Мод APK [Unlocked][VIP]

    In need of an all-in-one video and music player, game hall, video downloader and transfer, and media manager?
    ✨PLAYit is ready to provide you a feast for eyes and ears!
    Download and enjoy Now

    Best online HD sax video player, gaana music player and downloader 2️0️2️1 with stunning features
    PLAYit supports face-to-face transfer & share now
    You can share any videos and musics without using any traffic data
    Auto detect and manage local media files
    Automatically detect all video files on Android devices and SD card, easily sort and share media files, and clearly display the internal storage space. Easily manage media according to personal needs
    All format videos all format audio supported
    HD sax video player for all format: 4k videos, 1080p videos, MKV videos, FLV videos, 3GP videos, M4V videos, TS videos, MPG videos
    HQ music player for all format: mp3 files, m4a files
    ▶Quick search, play and download online videos/pics
    Bets video downloader. Search any videos and tab the "download" button, videos or photos will directly saved.It could be Facebook video downloader, Twitter video downloader, Instagram video downloader, WhatsApp status video downloader
    Floating play and background play allow multi-tasking
    Turn on floating-play window to chat with other apps while watching videos or listening to music.
    Hide videos to the private folder
    Hide your secret videos to your private folder and protect your privacy.
    Video to audio converter
    One click to convert videos to audios and enjoy audio/music playing.
    Online Subtitle Function
    Search online subtitle and free download to watch movies with English/Hindi/Tamil subtitles. Enjoy Vinashkaal latest hindi movie!
    Smart gesture control during video player videos playing
    Multi-play option and easy gesture control to change playback speed, brightness and volume
    Advanced kernel SW decoder to provide experience
    Software acceleration is applied to all formats. By changing the decoding mode.

    ▶HD Video Player: Play It
    - Browse all your local video files and play status videos, trailers, movies and any other videos stored in your device.
    - Background play function to keep playing the video when switch to other apps or turn off the phone screen
    - Floating play function to adjust the player's floating window and use other apps at the same time
    - Easily use gesture control to adjust playback speed, brightness and volume. video playback continuous from the last position smartly

    ▶HD Video Downloader: Download It
    - Enter the video website or social media site like Facebook, Instagram, and save full hindi movie

    ▶HQ Music Player: Listen to It
    - Locate and manage all audio files from your phone memory and SD card
    - Free choose to play single piece of songs or the whole playlist on PLAYit music player
    - Convert Mp4 to Mp3 with one simple click remaining incredible audio quality

    Game Hall
    Hundreds of popular games covering a variety of genres such as shooting, action, racing, and casual.
    No need to download, just open and play anytime and anywhere.

    ▶PLAYit player for PC and iPhone
    To play videos on your laptop/computer/iPhone, please go to our official website www.playit.app to get PLAYit for window and iOS version.

    ⭐We are working hard for your better experience as a stunning HD video player and video downloader!

    If you have any problem during the usage of PLAYit, please direct contact us via [email protected]
  • The Tower - Idle Defense Game Мод APK 0.21.24 [Unlimited money][God Mode] 5.0

    The Tower - Idle Defense Game Мод APK 0.21.24 [Unlimited money][God Mode]


    Build Your Perfect Tower of Defense!
    The Tower – The ultimate game for strategy and incremental gamers.

    The Tower, where the worlds of idle games and defense games seamlessly converge. This is not your typical incremental game; it's an idle defense experience like no other. Dive into the realm of idle defense and watch your tower evolve, showcasing the true essence of incremental games. ⭐

    Experience the thrill of incremental games! Download The Tower - Idle Tower Defense and become a master of idle defense tactics! ✅

    Experience the Ultimate Idle Tower Defense Adventure!

    The Tower is an exciting and addictive idle tower defense game that puts your strategic skills to the test. In this game, you are tasked with building the perfect tower to defend your territory from hordes of enemy invaders. Fight off waves of enemies and defend your tower, making tactical decisions to stand strong against the attackers. Destroy your enemies and be a hero! The Tower is an intense incremental tower defense game with ever-evolving strategies.

    As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock a wide range of powerful upgrades and abilities that will help you to build an even stronger tower. With each wave of enemies, you will need to adjust your strategy and tactics to ensure that you are able to successfully defend your territory. Unlock powerful upgrades to your tower, allowing you to make permanent, game-changing improvements. Choose the best strategies for each battle – Plan and think ahead – See the big picture.

    The Tower – Idle Tower Defense offers more than a classic defense game. Unlock new areas, defeat powerful bosses, and explore a world of tactical possibilities. Idle games are not for everyone - if you want to be the defender of your own tower, you need to have a passion for stratic incremental games! master the art of self defense and win every time!

    4. START TODAY! ▶️
    The game has a very intuitive interface that makes it easy to pick up and play. Whether you are a seasoned tower defense veteran or a newcomer to the genre, The Tower - Idle Tower Defense offers a thrilling and engaging gameplay experience that is sure to keep you coming back for more.

    The Tower – Idle Tower Defense features:

    ✅ Addicting simplistic tower defense gameplay;
    ✅ An insane number of upgrades to choose from;
    ✅ Invest your valuable coins to permanently power up your tower in the workshop;
    ✅ Research new upgrades to unlock new parts of the game;
    ✅ Continue to unlock new research while idle or playing active;
    ✅ Unlock and manage your card collection to provide your tower with massive bonuses;
    ✅ Compete in live tournaments against other players to unlock ultimate weapons.

    Defend, upgrade, and dominate!

    Will your Perfect Tower stand the test of time in this new idle tower defense game?
    If you're looking for a challenging and addictive tower defense game that will put your skills to the test, look no further than The Tower - Idle Tower Defense. Build the ultimate tower, defend your territory, and become a true champion of the battlefield!

    Take on the challenge of conquering the Tower in this unique incremental tower defense game. Build your own perfect tower, upgrade it, and defend it until its destruction. Prove your tactical skills in this intense game! Idle games are fun!
  • Jewel Water World Мод APK 1.31.1 5.0

    Jewel Water World Мод APK 1.31.1


    Jewel Water World

    - What mysterious things will happen to deep underwater cities?
    - Invite us now to the world of high-quality puzzle games with a variety of missions and colorful graphics.

    Move the jewelry and set it in the same shape.
    Find treasure while clearing missions hidden in Undersea cities!
    Experience 3500 different stages!

    [Play Method]
    Move jewelry and match at least three identical colored jewelry.

    [Game Features]
    numerous levels
    - We have 3500 stages with continuous updates.

    Play games without entrance restrictions, but you don't need data!
    - There's no limit to games like life hearts, so you can play as much as you want!
    - Play Offline Without Data (Internet) Connections!
    - Don't worry about Wi-Fi!

    flashy graphics and simple manipulation
    - It's an easy game to play if you can match 3 gems of the same color.
    It's easy to learn, but not easy to master!

    low-capacity game
    - It's a low-capacity game, so you can download it without any pressure.

    1. If in-game does not save, the data will be initialized when the application is deleted.
    The data is also initialized when the device is replaced.
    2. It's a free app, but it includes in-game currency, items, and paid products such as removing advertisements.
    3. Front, banner, and visual advertising.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus Мод APK 1.13.5 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus Мод APK 1.13.5 [Unlimited money]


    Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus is a brand-new turn-based tactical strategy game set in the eternal conflict of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 Universe.

    In Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus, you bring some of the universe's most powerful warriors to lightning-fast tactical skirmishes where you are in full control and only superior tactics can deliver victory. Expand your collection across multiple factions to find new tactical possibilities as you bring your troops to battle and sweep the galaxy clear of all resistance!

    New players and grizzled fans of the Warhammer universe alike will find challenge in Tacticus, as they progress and compete in various game modes, including PvE Campaigns, PvP, live events, Guild Raids and much more.

    It's your task as a collector to build your collection into an elite league of warriors capable of meeting any challenge. Equip your heroes with the ultimate gear, wrestled from the hands of your enemies, to enhance their attacks, armor, and abilities on the battlefield. Not every warrior is ideal for every task, however: Make key strategic choices in who to promote and pick teammates with complimentary abilities to maximize your chances in battle!

    Strategic choice in how to build your squad is only the beginning. Once the enemy closes, you must take advantage of terrain and positioning, as well as deploying your troops' weaponry, specific traits and specialist abilities, to prevail. Martial skill reigns supreme!

    Choose your alliances wisely! Collaborate within your guild in raids against some of the most dangerous beings of the galaxy. You must unleash your guild's entire arsenal of heroes and tactical tricks to outsmart the relentless enemy and establish your guild's dominance on the top of the global leaderboards.

    Learn more:

    Terms of service: https://tacticusgame.com/en/snowprint-studios-terms-of-service/
    Privacy and cookie policy: https://tacticusgame.com/en/snowprint-studios-privacy-policy/
    Copyright : Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2022. Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus the Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus logo, GW, Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, the ‘Aquila' Double-headed Eagle logo, and all associated logos, illustrations, images, names, creatures, races, vehicles, locations, weapons, characters, and the distinctive likeness thereof, are either ® or TM, and/or © Games Workshop Limited, variably registered around the world, and used under licence. All rights reserved to their respective owners. © Copyright Snowprint Studios AB 2022.
  • Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle Мод APK 1.9.14 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Mod speed] 5.0

    Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle Мод APK 1.9.14 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Mod speed]


    Download and play the online mobile hunting sensation! Constantly updated epic experience that puts players into engaging arenas to battle & hunt powerful monsters in a competition against each other. Choose one of a plethora of completely different characters, learn their skills, earn XP, unlock new abilities and dominate on the battleground!

    - 70+ characters to unlock and level up!
    - 5 different game modes, PvE and PvP
    - Dungeons with unique enemies to fight
    - Powerful skills to use and master
    - Unpredictable special events and daily challenges
    - Amusing voxel-based graphics

    With both PvE and PvP modes available, the game has something to offer to every online gaming fan! Each of over 70 completely unique characters comes with their own skills and abilities. While playing matches you level them up and make them stronger for future matches. Keep experimenting, have fun unlocking new skills, try out new builds and use them to win battles and earn trophies!

    This is not only a battle royale and a game of survival - you also have to keep hunting down enemies to get to the highest score and win against other players. Think about your build, hone your skills, become the hero of the arena!

    There are plenty of exciting and varied modes to choose from and find the action that best suits you: Hunt, Co-op, Bounty Hunter, Duel, and Boss Hunt. But that's not all! Rest in tavern between matches, socialize with other players, join and run clans - the fun never ends!

    For a change of pace try a completely new Dungeons mode, geared towards fans of epic action-RPGs. Venture into a number of different, dedicated dungeons with their own equipment to find, valuable loot to gather, and shops to aid you in battle.

    And even that is not all! For another perspective on the gameplay you can try out the Maze mode that introduces rougelike elements into the game. Explore randomly generated, fight
    your way through special rooms, and confront the all-powerful maze boss!

    It's an endless variety - endless fun! You can play however you like. Choose between close combat, range combat, magic, brute force, good, evil and everything in between! To top it off, customize your character with multiple cool, unlockable skins.

    Find your favorite character and use it in awesome combat scenarios introduced regularly in unpredictable events.
  • Dynamons World Мод APK 1.8.93 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Dynamons World Мод APK 1.8.93 [Unlimited money]


    Join the adventure and discover the amazing Dynamons World, loved by millions of RPG players!
    Catch and train the greatest team of Dynamons and challenge your friends in realtime online multiplayer PvP battles. Explore an open world searching for the rarest and strongest monsters. Fight tough Captains and prove your skills to become the best RPG battle master in the Dynamons Kingdom!
    ★ Get ready for the ultimate RPG Dynamons game experience! ★

    Online Battle Arena - Battle your friends and players worldwide in online PvP multiplayer battles!
    ✓ Catch and train dozens of unique Dynamons!
    ✓ Unleash powerful skills and brilliant tactics to defeat even the strongest rivals in Klaude's kingdom!
    ✓ Travel all the way from Dynamons Camp to the Temple Ruins in an addictive and immersive RPG story game!

    Dynamons World is being updated all the time with even more new Dynamons, quests, battles and MORE!

    Coming from previous Dynamons games? Here's what to expect:
    ✓ New Online PvP Battle Arena - challenge your friends to 1 on 1 online battles
    ✓ Huge new maps, more battles and an amazing and immersive RPG story
    ✓ Level up in battle and defeat Klaude's Kingdom
    ✓ New Dynamons - discover the new Electricity and Dark Dynamon types!
    ✓ Skill Cards - an all new battle mechanic for more tactical battles
    ✓ New Rare Dragon Dynamons to catch
    ✓ Battle in Klaude's Castle and catch the most powerful Dynamon Zenix
    ✓ RPG story game
    ✓ And so much more!

    Facebook - https://fb.me/dynamons.game
  • Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat Мод APK 1.121 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat Мод APK 1.121 [Unlimited money]


    Meet Bubbu, your new virtual pet. He is a cute, emotional and adorable cat who loves to eat tasty food, take selfies, visit friends and dancing. Have fun at Bubbu's home and find out other secrets about your pet's life. He will surprise you for sure! Explore Bubbu's colorful world with many adventurous activities!

    • Bubbu is waiting for you to be fed, dressed, cuddled and bathed. This lovely cat needs your love and attention every day, so take good care of him from morning to midnight. In one word, make sure your kitty is always happy and smiling, but never hungry, sleepy, sick or bored.

    • Take Bubbu to the animal hospital and test your vet skills as a doctor in a modern pet clinic. Visit also spa and beauty salon, there are so many fun jobs you can do! Enjoy beauty and nail salon games like pet manicure, face care and funny bathing, or just go to the cosmetic dentist with your cat. Bring joy to your fluffy pet with stylish makeovers from head to toe in the hair salon where you can become a makeup and hairstyle expert.

    • Take Bubbu to the funky showroom and dress him up stylishly. Also don't forget to make a dream house for your lovely pet. Customize and decorate it with an awesome collection of furniture to make kitty's home beautiful, warm and cozy.

    • Over 30 fun mini-games will provide you with food or with coins to buy items for your virtual cat. Have fun playing Catcher, Cat Connect, Find the Cat, 2048, Paint the Cat, Jump, Pop Balloons, Cheese Builder, Fish Ninja, Cat Sings, Nightmare, Jumping Cat, Diver, Stick Ninja, etc.

    • Spin the wheel of fortune every day, complete daily challenges and explore friends' houses to get some extra rewards. Finishing achievements gives you free diamonds to buy something special for your pet!

    • Bubbu's land offers you tons of activities. Customize Bubbu's house into a lovely cat villa. You can grow organic food in the garden and milk a cow everyday as a real farmer. Pimp your cool car and get ready for a hill ride. Take a walk to the seaside and fish or go diving. You can go to the city or even travel into space by rocket to defend your planet against alien invasion. Play football and basketball, pass across sea rocks or climb up the tree. Try to change between day and night and enjoy listening to the sounds of mother nature.

    So, come on, what is keeping you? Adopt Bubbu and make him the happiest virtual cat ever!

    This game is free to play but certain in-game items and features, also some of those mentioned in game description, may require payment via in-app purchases which cost real money. Please check your device settings for more detailed options regarding in-app purchases.

    Monthly Subscription: This subscription automatically renews every month unless you turn it off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage and cancel your subscription any time via Settings in your Google Play account.

    The game contains advertising for Bubadu's products or some third parties which will redirect users to our or third-party site or app.

    This game is certified compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by FTC approved COPPA safe harbor PRIVO. If you would like to know more about the measures we have in place for protecting child privacy please see our policies here: https://bubadu.com/privacy-policy.shtml .

    Terms of service: https://bubadu.com/tos.shtml
  • Cat Rescue Story: pet game Мод APK 1.7.1 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Cat Rescue Story: pet game Мод APK 1.7.1 [Unlimited money]


    An abandoned cardboard box stands in front of a once beautiful house. A cat needs help and is waiting for you! In Cat Rescue Story, you take in cats, care for and feed them, play with them, treat all the kitties and when the cats are fully cared for, you can find a new pet lover for the cats. At the same time, you renovate and decorate the old house and make room for many new kitties. An exciting cat game with many challenging tasks.

    In the old house there used to live an old lady who took care of all the cats. Now you are in her place and take over all the tasks. Every now and then a cat comes to your front door and wants to be taken in by you. But do you have enough space? Make sure that you have done all the chores in the house, the rooms are tidy and decorated and the treatment room is ready for small examinations. A vet is at your side to help with the cat care.

    In the course of the story, you will not only learn a lot about life in the village, the villagers and the cats, but you will also solve the mystery of your great-aunt's disappearance.

    ★ Many different cat colors
    ★ Beautiful graphics
    ★ Customize, decorate and furnish your house
    ★ Choose between different styles of furniture
    ★ Treatment room for the cats
    ★ Play fun mini-games
    ★ Transform the old mansion into new splendour
    ★ Cat collection
    ★ Use your home grown plants to attract rare cats
    ★ Match the stray cats with a new pet owner

  • Triple Tile: Match Puzzle Game Мод APK 2.38.01 5.0

    Triple Tile: Match Puzzle Game Мод APK 2.38.01


    Meet Triple Tile, the ultimate triple match puzzle game! Immerse yourself in fun & challenging tile matching puzzle gameplay as you match tiles to progress through brainteaser levels. Solve the 3 tiles puzzle levels & become the ultimate tile master. With easy-to-learn mechanics & addictive gameplay, Triple Tile is the perfect match tiles game for match puzzle enthusiasts. Our challenging games, take the classic Mahjong puzzle game & add the stunning graphics of the 21st Century, Triple Tile is the best classic matching games for adults. Match tiles & climb levels to reach the top!

    Play Triple Tile's matching games. As you play the classic matching games for adults, you're tasked with matching 3 or more tiles to clear them from the board. The 3 tiles match game gets harder as you advance. Overcome challenging games, triple match tiles & solve the matching games for adults today!

    Triple Tile 3 Tiles Puzzle Game Features:
    * FIND YOUR ZEN WITH RELAXING PUZZLE GAMES & MATCH TILES: Tap, match tiles & repeat in fun matching games for adults. Enjoy a 3 tile matching puzzle that is pleasing to the mind & eyes with stunning 3D tiles
    * TRIPLE MATCH TILES & SOLVE PUZZLES TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: Each 3 tile game level is a complex matching game. Get in the match game zone while you solve classic puzzle games & match tiles
    * TRAVEL A BEAUTIFUL TRIPLE MATCH GAME WORLD: Track your match game progress & reach new locations as you play progressing 3 tiles games levels - from seasides to rainforests. Our 3 tiles matching games for adults take you to new places every day!
    * 1000's OF RELAXING PUZZLE GAMES, BRAINTEASERS & CLASSIC MATCHING TILE GAMES: Match tiles & relax with challenging games & match puzzles
    * REGULAR TRIPLE MATCH UPDATES: New match puzzle levels are added regularly, so you'll always have more matching games for adults to look forward to

    Start playing Triple Tile's match games today – tap, match tiles & relax with 3 tiles matching puzzles. The Triple Tile 3 tiles matching games for adults bring together relaxing puzzle elements & beautiful 3D tiles for hours of fun as you triple match tiles

    Embark on an epic match game adventure! Triple Tile offers thrilling challenges, brainteaser puzzles, & fun matching games for adults. Test your skills, match 3 tiles, and conquer challenging games!

    Solve 3D tile puzzles crossed with match games inspired by classic matching games. Clear the tile game board by matching 3 tiles & unlock new triple match chapters in fun, challenging games. Visit scenic landscapes & reach the top of the map to become the ultimate tile master in fun puzzles & matching games for adults

    Download the Triple Tile matching games for adults & begin your match games journey. Travel through tiles landscapes & escape reality with the Triple Tile match game. The challenging triple match games will test you every day!

    With 100's of levels & matching games for adults, never run out of new 3 tile puzzles. With new levels added to the brainteaser tile game regularly, our matching game always has new puzzles and challenges

    Try the ultimate 3 tiles matching games for adults today! With addictive gameplay, matching games for adults, & challenging match tiles levels, it's the perfect matching puzzle game to unwind. Whether you're a casual triple match tiles player or hardcore gamer, you'll love the endless hours of fun Triple Tile's matching game for adults offers. Discover why Triple Tile is loved by millions of matching puzzle games enthusiasts!

    Download Triple Tile's matching puzzle game & start matching 3 tiles today in fun brainteasers! Solve the matching games for adults. Whether you're a triple match puzzle pro or new to relaxing puzzle games, the Triple Tile matching puzzle game provides hours of fun. With fun & challenging match tiles gameplay, get hooked on matching 3 tiles!

    Download the Triple Tile matching game for adults today!
  • Bluetooth Codec Changer Мод APK 1.6.5 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Bluetooth Codec Changer Мод APK 1.6.5 [Unlocked][Premium]


    You can optimize your Bluetooth headphones sound quality by controlling their codec. This allows you to improve clarity and delay, making your listening experience even better.


    Auto Switch!
    • When you connect your Bluetooth device, it will automatically switch to the codec you prefer.

    Multiple Bluetooth Device Support!
    • You can easily manage your Bluetooth devices with different codec settings and swap between them without any problems.

    Codec Profiles Support!
    • You'll be able to save and switch between your preferred codec setups with ease.

    App-specific codec setup!
    • Link your codec profiles to your apps, allowing you to apply the best-suited codec configuration to each one of them.

    Easy Widgets!
    • From your home screen, you can switch between codecs or codec profiles.

    Powerful Equalizer!
    • You can control your sound like a pro with EQ settings, Bass Booster, Surround Sound (Virtualizer), Bass Balance (left and right volume), Reverb, and more.

    Change Bluetooth Headset Codec!
    • You can change between supported codecs in your headset to get the best sound.

    Change Codec Options!
    • You can easily change the sample rate, bits per sample, and channel mode.

    LDAC/LHDC Playback Quality Control!
    • You can easily control the playback quality and get the best audio quality from your Bluetooth device.

    Full Codec Info!
    • You'll be able to access all of your Bluetooth device's supported codecs, as well as the phone's supported codecs. Plus, you'll be able to keep up to date on your current codec & codec options, Bluetooth device battery, and more.

    Easy to use interface (UI)!
    • A simple user interface features a straightforward layout that is easy to navigate, making it easy to find what you're looking for.


    • Support for most phones and Bluetooth devices.
    • Support for every Bluetooth codec.
    • Support for dark mode.
    • Support for several languages.

    Download Bluetooth Codec Changer now and never worry about codec again!

    If you had any technical problems, check the Help Center in the app's settings.
    We appreciate any support or suggestion, please let us know what's in your mind by send us suggestion from setting or send email at: [email protected]
  • Safe Headphones: hear clearly Мод APK 4.0.6 [Unlocked][Pro] 5.0

    Safe Headphones: hear clearly Мод APK 4.0.6 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Enable transparent mode on any Headphones.
    Safe Headphones let you hear your surroundings while wearing your headphones. It will amplify the sound and enables you to hear clearly.

    Note: Audio Recording Permission is required to Capture Background Noises.

    Using this as a spy app to listen to others' conversations may cause you legal trouble. This app is designed only to be used for safety purposes only.

    This app will turn your Headphones into Noise Un-Cancelling Headphones which will allow you to hear background noises and Car Horns while listening to Music. Now you can use your headphones in public places without worrying about safety. This app can also be used as a hearing aid if anyone with hearing loss. This app also works with Bluetooth headphones. Boost your hearing and amplify the sound of the surroundings with ease.

    This app works like Quick Ambient Mode in Galaxy Buds where you can briefly hear your surroundings without turning the music off completely.

    This app also improves your hearing ability to hear audible sounds more clear and loud directly into your ears. All you have to do is to plug headphones to your device and switch on the button. You can put the device closer to the person or audio source you want to listen louder while putting headphones in your ear.

    You can listen to whatever you want to listen to using this app. Even if you want to hear something from a relatively large distance like from another room you can use Bluetooth headphones or earpiece and place the device safely near the place of conversation or audio source. This app can turn your device into a powerful listening device and turn your normal ear into a miracle ear anyone wants to have.

    You can use this app in a number of ways. You can listen to lectures better from back seats. You can listen to TV programs better from a distance. All this app is going to do for you is to collect the sound from the device's microphone and then pass it to the headphones after the sound amplifier in the app amplifies the sound collected from the microphone.

    Key Features:
    * Works with both Bluetooth/wireless headphones and wired headphones

    * Improves your hearing by amplifying sound from surrounding

    * Can hear audible sounds loud and clear

    * Can control the volume of sounds and voices with the volume control at the bottom

    * Can also control the volume of playing sound with the device's volume control buttons

    * Beautiful UI based on Google's Material Design UI
  • 8-Bit Farm Мод APK 1.3.6 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu] 5.0

    8-Bit Farm Мод APK 1.3.6 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu]


    This humble little farm desperately needs a new manager, such as you! Start out by getting some livestock, grow flowers, fruit and vegetables, gradually expanding your fields and increasing the number of staff until you're ready to open for agritourism.

    As your farm's Appeal grows, you will be able to enter a variety of contests. The key to winning is raising the levels of your produce and skillful placement of farm facilities so that they work together as combos. A prize-winning farm is certain to attract even more visitors!

    Receive photos as gifts from happy visitors or for completing achievements, and exchange them at the FarmMart to obtain a wide range of installations for your farm. Photos can also be traded at the Odds&Ends Shop for handy items such as gadgets which influence the weather.

    More fun awaits at festivals, where you can try your skill in minigames like Tug of War, Outdoor Sports or puzzles. Apart from getting monetary prizes for winning these, you can also get cool hats for your staff.

    The end of each year is a thrilling time, as that's when the National Farm Ranking is announced! Challenge yourself and see if you can top all rankings for sales, number of visitors, visitors satisfaction and number of staff!

    * All game progress is stored on your device. Save data cannot be transferred between devices, nor can it be restored after deleting or reinstalling the app.

    Try searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games, or visit us at https://kairopark.jp
    Be sure to check out both our free-to-play and our paid games!
    Kairosoft's pixel art game series continues!

    Follow kairokun2010 on Twitter for the latest Kairosoft news and information:
  • Slime Village Мод APK 0.3.5 [Mod Menu] 5.0

    Slime Village Мод APK 0.3.5 [Mod Menu]


    Dive headfirst into the fantastical realm of Slime Village and unleash a slimetastic hero production extravaganza in your very own slimy factories! Get ready to take on mind-bogglingly powerful bosses and show them who's the boss!

    Dispatch your slimy heroes straight outta those factories and send 'em on an epic slime-hunting spree! Collect more gold than you can shake a stick at and become stinking rich, all while expanding your slimetastic hero production lines to unimaginable heights!

    Gear up your heroes with a jaw-dropping array of slimetastic weapons and helmets! Collect super unique items and discover wicked gear combinations to create a hero style that'll leave everyone green with envy!

    Merge some enchanted slime stones and level up your gear to make it even more epic and mind-blowingly powerful for your heroes! They'll be slimin' their way through enemies like there's no tomorrow!

    Grab all that sweet gold from those slimy monsters and upgrade your hero factories to create an army of unstoppable slimy heroes! These heroes will be so tough, they'll make other heroes quiver in their boots!

    Let your creativity run wild and customize your heroes with slimetastic skins. Merge 'em together to create a united force of slimy goodness that'll make your enemies quiver in their slimy boots!

    Slime Village is the ultimate idle tycoon RPG that'll have you grinning from ear to ear. Manage your heroes and factories like a slimy genius and take on enemies like the slimy boss you are! Upgrade your heroes and factories with enchanted slime stones and gold to create an army so slimetastically powerful, it'll leave your rivals green with envy! Get your slimy adventure started today by downloading for free and create the slimiest heroes and factories the world has ever seen!

    ★ Slime Village Features ★

    * A mind-boggling variety of slimy heroes from different slimy factories!
    Slime Knight, Slime Sorcerer, Slime Archer, Slime Ninja, Slime Warrior, and a whole bunch of other slimetastic heroes!

    * Strategize your way to victory on the slimy battlefield!
    Choose your moves wisely and unleash slimy skills that'll make your enemies green with envy!

    * Manage and upgrade your slimy heroes and factories to the max!
    Take countless vacations to boost your heroes' stats and ramp up factory production. Who said running a slime empire was all work and no play?

    * Brace yourself for an adventure of slimy proportions!
    Embark on an endless journey filled with epic battles alongside your slimy heroes and claim unbelievable rewards that'll make you jump for joy like a slimy kangaroo!
  • DoD - Days of Doomsday Мод APK 2.1.1 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage] 5.0

    DoD - Days of Doomsday Мод APK 2.1.1 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage]


    Monsters from other dimensions are destroying the world!
    Assist the Princess of the fallen Empire to save the world!
    Our only hope is to summon various Heroes from other dimensions!
    Protect our universe with these adorable little interdimensional fighters.

    ▶Experience their heroic adventures firsthand!
    ▶Fight swarms of monsters alongside your comrades and emerge victorious!
    ▶Collect and train various cool Heroes!

    ⁜ Easy, accessible one-handed control scheme
    ⁜ Adorable artwork by celebrated webtoon artist, Diyap(opinew6)
    ⁜ Beautifully written fantasy narrative
    ⁜ An adventure with branching stories! Write your own Otherworld Saga!
    ⁜ Survive using dozens of skills and weapons that require meticulous tactical management!

    * For any questions, requests or inquiries, please use the Support Menu or contact us through the email address below*
    [email protected]
  • Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle Match3 Мод APK 1.5.60 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle Match3 Мод APK 1.5.60 [Unlimited money]


    The best Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle 2023! Beat the addictive & challenging car puzzle match 3 game ever.

    Have a blast with the traffic puzzle! Enjoy beautiful characters and wonderful graphics. unblock the traffic jam, and help the city by playing match 3 puzzles during rush hour. The unique traffic jam cars puzzle games feature vivid cartoon designs with super smooth gameplay and extraordinary sound effects! Explore the traffic puzzle city and unlock new stories, areas, parking jam games, traffic escape, and many amazing features.

    On the car puzzle journey, you will be challenged with addictive traffic jam puzzles. Police cars are chasing the thieves and fire trucks are rushing to emergency rescue missions. Watch out for obstacles on the road! Be ready for more than 6000 levels! Play car traffic games escape, compete with your friends, and enter the top of the traffic puzzle leaderboards!

    Explore the new areas and seasonal events with treasure keys, Easter eggs, parking master 3d, Christmas car puzzle games, and many more. Exciting adventures are waiting for you to discover in traffic jams! Rainbow buses appear on the road! Police cars are the best during rush hour. Collect cars and boosters to blow all the car jam stages and have a blast!

    How to play the Traffic Jam Game: Match 3 cars in a row to unblock cars. If you want a game that is very challenging and fun, this traffic puzzle match 3 game is for you! Let's start your traffic jam cars puzzle journey!

    Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle features:

    You are a hero who supports police, fire trucks, helicopters, ambulances, and traffic puzzle trains to get to their destinations during rush hour. Block jam 3d, traffic escape, and car packing puzzles are tough to handle! Only you can help the citizens to solve the traffic jam parking games!

    The world of imagination is in front of you! Feel the sounds, shapes, outstanding graphics, and beautiful colors while enjoying the fun of solving the car puzzle games.

    The traffic puzzle games have the best parking jam companions! Play traffic puzzles and meet interesting characters: nurse, policeman, pilot, and so much more in the traffic jam fever!

    Assist the ambulance, rescue the dog, and play car traffic games. Unlock traffic run and car jam situations to progress the story of the traffic puzzle world.

    Plant more grass and create a green traffic puzzle city. Complete the car puzzle games and daily missions to get all the cars out of the traffic jam 3d parking lot.

    Exclusive car traffic games and awesome features for all traffic escape puzzles will make you feel excited: lucky cards, mini-games, racing challenges, parking jam, traffic run in rush hour, and many more matching puzzle games!

    Play traffic jam 3d and car puzzles with your friends! Join parking games with your family and double the fun!

    Traffic jam fever games are so addictive and fun! If you enjoy traffic games like car puzzle, traffic run, block jam 3d, traffic jam 3d, rush hour 3d, car traffic games, traffic jam cars puzzle 2022, or traffic escape! you will love Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle!

    Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle 2023 is free and requires no Wi-Fi or internet connection! You can play the car traffic jam game offline whenever you have free time! All the levels of the cars puzzle game can be completed for free though some in-game items can be purchased. Enjoy solving the traffic puzzle 2022 match 3 game by clearing the car jam or completing the rescue quest in rush hour with your family. You will have great times with parking jam 3d and traffic puzzle car games!

    Become a traffic puzzle genius to win the parking jam and traffic escape! Beat the challenging car puzzle games and clear the traffic jam - Let's be the Traffic King!

    Privacy Policy: https://gametamin.com/privacy
    Terms of Service: https://gametamin.com/terms
  • Notein: AI Chatbot, NoteTaking Мод APK 1.1.705.0 [Subscribed] 5.0

    Notein: AI Chatbot, NoteTaking Мод APK 1.1.705.0 [Subscribed]


    Welcome to Notein, your ultimate note-taking app designed to fuel your creativity and supercharge your productivity.

    Unlock AI-Powered Productivity with Notein's AI Assistant
    Discover the future of note-taking with Notein's latest AI-powered feature! Our intelligent assistant is here to supercharge your productivity. Instantly generate summaries of your PDF documents and engage in insightful conversations about the content. Elevate your note-taking experience with Notein's AI assistant.

    Infinite Canvas
    Enjoy limitless space for your ideas, sketches, and notes.

    Bidirectional Links
    Seamlessly connect related content for a dynamic note-taking experience.

    File Flexibility
    Support for various formats, including PDFs, PPTs, Docs, and images.

    Personalize your notes with fonts, colors, and formatting options.

    Rich Writing Tools
    Experience low-latency, beautiful brush effects that turn your handwriting into a calligraphic masterpiece.

    Layer Functionality
    Create layers for your writing and drawings, making it easy to revise notes or create professional illustrations.

    Cloud Sync
    Synchronize your notes across multiple devices using Google Drive, ensuring your data is always accessible and up to date.

    PDF Editing and Annotation
    Transform your device into a versatile PDF reader with highlighting, annotation, and even word lookup. Edit outlines and add comments to your PDFs. Split or merge PDFs effortlessly, and automatically generate editable PDFs from your notes.

    With Notein, you're not just taking notes; you're elevating your note-taking game. Zoom in up to 1000% for precision, use customizable brushes for artistic writing, and leverage features like zoom follow and outline view for optimal organization.

    Experience the seamless loading speed and intuitive interface that make Notein a joy to use. Whether you're a student, professional, or creative enthusiast, Notein is your all-in-one note-taking companion.

    Try it today and experience a smarter way to work and study!

    If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]
  • Industry Tycoon Idle Simulator Мод APK 0.2.9 [Free purchase] 5.0

    Industry Tycoon Idle Simulator Мод APK 0.2.9 [Free purchase]


    Build and manage your Industry Empire! Grow your business, earn money and produce amazing products. Become a giga industry empire manager and a billionaire.

    Build your empire tycoon, collect idle cash and hire new workers. You can build many types of factories and upgrade them. Unlock unique buildings to get special bonuses to your idle income.

    Giga Industry Empire: Idle Simulator is easy to play but hard to master idle game where you start with small factory and thanks to your own decisions and fast progression of your business you end up with the biggest industry empire in the whole world!

    Best idle tycoon strategy game of the year! Unique incremental mechanics lets you to play with your own style and grow, manage and invest to your business like never before.

    If you like management and idle tycoon strategy games with some special simulation mechanics and incremental progress Giga Industry Empire: Idle Simulator is for you!

    -22 unique cars to unlock!
    -Hundreds of technologies to develop and upgrade!
    -Many exciting quests to complete!
    -14 different unique buildings to unlock and upgrade!
    -Intuitive gameplay with idle clicker mechanics - very challenging!
    -Boosters to faster progress!
    -Tons of unique content!
    -Offline game - no internet connection needed!
  • Photo Editor Collage: Picsa Мод APK [Unlocked][Pro] 5.0

    Photo Editor Collage: Picsa Мод APK [Unlocked][Pro]

    Photo Editor Collage: Picsa, pic collage maker and picture collage editor is the best collage photo editor pro for you to edit photos, create cool photo collage free or just add grid art, neon spiral and drip effects and filters to your pics! Edit your photos with amazing pic collage maker and neon photo editor collage, add neon stickers, photoshop effects and spiral wings on it with phto editor de fotos! Give it a try to a new drip effect and marvelous dripping effects and filters to increase the fun. With Photo Editor Picsa: Pic Collage Maker and neon stickers, you can try any from a wide selection of side by side phto filters, effects, stickers to retouch your pics on photo collage editor!
    Picsa picture collage editor is the best side by side photo collage maker and photo stickers app, editar fotos, pic collage maker free and edit photo app for your social media accounts. With Picsa Photo Editor 2023: Photo Collage de fotos, spiral neon editor you are going to look like a celebrity on your own using amazing stickers, cute emojis and filters, decorar fotos and free picture collages!

    Be sure that you'll enjoy all the features of the Picsa Photo Editor Collage Maker & Stickers and have fun while editing photos piccollage. Also you can share all of your memories with the help of free picture collages and neon spirals where you show your picmix side by side photo edit skills to your social media followers with this epic neon photo collage editor. You can simply share your artwork or selfie before and after phto compare instantly on your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, TikTok, Snapchat, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, Thread and Pinterest.

    Astonishing Picsa Photo Editor Pro & Picture Collage
    Picsa is an all-in-one photo edit tool which includes live face and selfie camera effects and filters. Decorate with text on photos, fonts, emojis. With Picsa neon grid maker, you can create your own piccollage art from your photos using new spiral Wings, photoshop pictures, photostickers and drip features. Just try any spiral or drip art effects to your picmix photo grid art. You will love these spiral and drip art features.

    Splendid Photo Collage Maker
    You can choose up to 15 photos and turn them into a photo collage pictures with dozens of different photo grid drawing, templates, frames and arrangements.

    ️ Amazing Picsa with Neon Filters, Sketch Effects, Drip & Spiral
    Picsa: Photo Collage Maker free with profound sketch effects, epic drip art effects, spiral effects and neon filters are waiting for you. The sky's the limit with foto editor gratis.

    With the splendid Picsa you can choose ratios suitable for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat. You can freely resize your photoshop pictures with no crop needed by photography editing pictures and using the blur background option.

    Picture Editor with stickers, Special Funny Filters & Photo Effects and filters
    Try glitch, dslr, light leaks effects and filters, and adorn your photos with cartoons for a psychedelic journey! If you like oldies but goldies choose from vintage, retro, sparkle filters and effects. You don't need photo edit, personalize your picture collage free with our phto editor filter and grid maker.

    Mirror Pic Edit
    You can form marvellous reflection for your selfies, add grid drawing and text on photos to make creative images and bind frames to produce a photogrid! You can create an awesome mirror image with the mirror effect feature and then make a great pic collage with leftright, updown or 4 side reflections to stitch mirrored pics together.

    Picsa Photo editor collage creator and pic collage maker app helps you to create your own amazing grid art. Just choose your amazing photos from picollage and create your own picture collages. Share these collage photos with your friends on your socials like SnapChat, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!
  • Kingdom Wars2 Мод APK 5.3.1 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Kingdom Wars2 Мод APK 5.3.1 [Unlimited money]


    Simple game play! Features growth and strategy!
    A new story continued from the Kingdom Wars saga.
    Various characters and stages are available

    Game features
    -Various stages such as infinite mode and scenario mode
    -Over 100 unique units
    -Various skins according to the character's level
    -Get hidden treasures in each stage and activate various bonus options
    -Strategic and unique play using 3 boost items and defense facilities
    -Effective combat through 3 modes such as Attack, Defense and Retreat
  • Strava: Run, Bike, Hike Мод APK 335.9 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Strava: Run, Bike, Hike Мод APK 335.9 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Strava makes fitness tracking social. We house your entire active journey in one spot – and you get to share it with friends. Here's how:

    • Record everything – runs, rides, hikes, yoga and over 30 other sport types. Think of Strava as the homebase of your movement.

    • Discover anywhere – our Routes tool uses de-identified Strava data to intelligently recommend popular routes based on your preferences. You can also build your own.

    • Build a support network – Strava's about celebrating movement. Here you'll find your community and cheer each other on.

    • Train smarter – get data insights to understand your progress and see how you improve. Your Training Log is the record of all your workouts.

    • Move safer – share your real-time location with loved ones while outdoors for an extra layer of safety.

    • Sync your favorite apps and devices – Strava is compatible with thousands of them (Wear OS, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin – you name it). The Strava Wear OS app includes a tile and a complication you can use to quickly launch activities.

    • Join and create challenges – join millions in monthly challenges to chase new goals, collect digital badges and stay accountable.

    • Embrace the unfiltered – your feed on Strava is filled with real efforts from real people. That's how we motivate each other.

    • Whether you're a world-class athlete or a total beginner, you belong here. Just record and go.

    Strava includes both a free version and a subscription version with premium features.

    Terms of Service: https://www.strava.com/legal/terms
    Privacy Policy: https://www.strava.com/legal/privacy

    NOTE ON GPS SUPPORT: Strava depends on GPS for recording activities. In some devices, the GPS does not work properly and Strava will not record effectively. If your Strava recordings show poor location estimation behavior, please try to update the operating system to the most recent version. There are some devices which have consistently poor performance with no known remedies. On these devices, we restrict installation of Strava, for example the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 and the Galaxy Express 2.
    See our support site for more information: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216919047-Supported-Android-devices-and-Android-operating-systems
  • Merge Fever: Merge & Design! Мод APK 0.13.0 [Free purchase][Free shopping] 5.0

    Merge Fever: Merge & Design! Мод APK 0.13.0 [Free purchase][Free shopping]


    Merge Fever is a match & merge puzzle games. A merge game where you can merge mansions, cafe and merge cooking items in a tasty merge games where you design your dream restaurants.

    What's Chef Drake's goal? Relax and live this captivating story. Start your fusion adventure now.

    There's gossip on seaside harbor that free merge puzzle for adults have underdog chef Emma is fighting egomaniac masterchef Drake to save his hotel, restaurants and cafes. Merge, cook and serve order in new merge 2 puzzle game with 500+ new objects, fun relaxing merging and matching game.

    Do you like home decoration and design? Be the master designer and show off your Home Design skills in one of the newest Merge games.

    *Merge Food -> Create New Dish -> Serve Order -> Design & Renovate your restaurants & town!*

    Explore Emma's family restaurants in a beautiful town called ‘Valley'. It's your job to reclaim the past glory of the Van Loon family. Van Loons lost its reputation in the food world after the mysterious departure of Henry Van Loon, the GOAT chef. And help the town folks with their unique problem.

    Fight with Evil, egomaniac Chef Drake, and prove that in the end, it's good that always prevails.

    The new merge game is set in Valley town, merge items and serve your customers - decorate & renovate your restaurant and town. Merge Fever gives you self-expression and options for decorations. Be the master designer and show off your Home Design skills in Merge Fever.

    Fever is fresh, beautiful & tasty. It's set in the open world of Chef Merge city ‘Valley'. Play this one of the satisfying free merge games now!

Fun, fast, and addictive merge game.

    Merge: Each merging of 2 items reveals a new discovery, a delicious food item, or a useful kitchen utensil. You can design homes & restaurants. New merge games have a chef and food theme, this is not a story of a grandma and a broken mansion!

    Design & Renovate: Create your unique home design & restaurant designs. Apart from restaurants, Merge and decor Mansion and Inn! Travel town and merge food items.

    Story: Fun Interesting storyline with romantic elements! Some love and pies relationship with your love interest Marques. Beat the Masterchef Drake and his lackeys and restore your family's reputation.

    Merge Fever is a love story of an underdog chef who fights a powerful enemy in her conquest!

    Discover New: There are always new items to discover in these merging games. It's a story of a chef, so merge burgers, merge pizzas, merge chef, merge sushi, and other merge food. Design and decor your restaurants and cafes.

    Addictive Gameplay: It's fun, easy, and addictive gameplay. Merging 2 items and creating a new item is always fun and engaging. Just manage your grid well and you'll have one of the best new merge games experiences! Traveling town in merge 2 games!

    Special Events: Special events have new items and mechanics for merging to keep the game fresh for our players.

    New Boosters: Play this merge & design game with unique new boosters and progress faster.

    One of the best experiences available in the merge puzzle games genre. Design a home, design restaurants, merge mansions, Travel Town, it has some love and eating pies, and play free merge games!
  • Truck Sim Brasil Мод APK 1.7 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Truck Sim Brasil Мод APK 1.7 [Unlimited money]


    Truck Sim Brasil is a truck simulator game that offers a realistic driving experience in Brazil. With a detailed map of Brazil, the player can drive authentic Brazilian trucks and deliver cargo while battling Brazilian car traffic. Also, the player can customize his truck! The game is currently in beta, which means it is still being perfected and there may be bug fixes and new updates.
  • Super Hit Baseball Мод APK 4.8.0 5.0

    Super Hit Baseball Мод APK 4.8.0


    Go for the SUPER HIT & Compete for the Championship! ⚾
    Fun Free online multiplayer PVP Baseball games

    • COLLECT and upgrade 80+ UNIQUE superstar baseball players
    • Simple TAP and HIT arcade gameplay mechanics
    • Match up ONLINE and clash against Friends and real players from around the world!
    • Join a Club with other players and climb the leaderboards!
    • Win trophies and unlock unique world class baseball sports stadiums
    • Compete in the major leagues and climb the leaderboards
    • Easy one tap and flick hitting controls that everyone can play
    • Quick fire games allowing you to play baseball anytime ⚾
    • Pinball style casual arcade sports baseball game
    • Hit a homerun or R.B.I. and go for the Big Win
    • 2 innings instead of 9

    • HOME RUN DERBY - Become a Super star hero! ⚾
    • ELIMINATOR - Win against a ladder of boss opponents
    • 1V1 multiplayer online battles
    • Need some help? Try BATTING PRACTICE to hit Home runs

    Tired of the MLB, being a baseball boy, playing only a home run derby , needing to flick, playing 9 innings instead of 2, needing the perfect inning , becoming a baseball star , or playing real 3D baseball games? Clash with others by tapping with fury in this free quick hit baseball app.

    Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SuperHitBaseball

    Got any problems or suggestions?
    Feel free to send a message to [email protected]
    – we are always happy about our players' feedback!
  • Bitcoin Castaway Мод APK 0.0.25 [Free purchase][Unlocked] 5.0

    Bitcoin Castaway Мод APK 0.0.25 [Free purchase][Unlocked]


    The last thing you remember was your boat sinking... You wake up in the middle of the ocean afloat on a small raft. Long gone is your luxury life in the city, the cars, the apartment, the parties. Now you have to rebuild your life at sea, do you have the survival skills? Do you have the courage to survive and build a new life?

    Build your own island on the raft and show off your awesome craft and survival skills! You have a lot to do to survive on the Raft. Chop trees, build new sections of your raft, catch fish, try and plant and grow fruits and vegetables... Oh and watch out for the shark attacks eating and attacking your raft!!

    But don't worry, you will make new animals friend help you survive and build our your new raft! And watch out for the flying seagulls who can bring you bonus gifts to help you survive!

    So prepare to survive and test your skills in Raft Life. Where will your new adventure in the ocean take you?
  • Stone Story RPG Мод APK 3.50.2 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Stone Story RPG Мод APK 3.50.2 [Unlimited money]


    [Conquer a vast world, filled with monsters, mysteries, and treasure!]
    The Dark World holds many secrets, waiting to be discovered! Embark on your heroic journey to unite 9 magic Soul Stones and restore the light.

    [Master deceptively simple combat to overwhelm your enemies]
    Stone Story RPG is a game that's easy to learn but hard to master. A robust A.I. does all the exploring, combat and looting, leaving you to focus on strategy!

    [Endless hours of wonder await you, Stonehead!]
    Your adventure is just beginning! Play through everything Stone Story RPG has to offer: sidequests, minigames, challenge events, and more!

    [Create your ASCII armory]
    Discover countless unique weapons through Stone Story RPG's engaging crafting system. Mix and match weapons to unlock new, even stronger weapons!

    [Defeat increasingly difficult enemies as you progress through the game]
    An adventurer is only as good as their tools. Collect a variety of unique weapons and upgrade them to unimaginable heights! The power of the gods is in your hands.

    [Get lost in a beautifully crafted ASCII world]
    Every piece of ASCII animation in Stone Story RPG is typed up character by character. Hundreds of frames of animation bring 8 different detailed locations to life.

    [Unlock your true potential with Stonescript]
    For the most hardcore adventurers, Stonescript gives you a blank canvas to create your masterpiece. Craft custom cosmetics, make your own minigames, and achieve superhuman heights by fine-tuning the AI!
  • SHARK GIRLS : IDLE RPG Мод APK 2.2.0 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Invincible] 5.0

    SHARK GIRLS : IDLE RPG Мод APK 2.2.0 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Invincible]


    A Proper IDLE RPG has appeared.
    Try raising a Gangnam Shark!

    ◆ Game Introduction ◆
    ■ Story
    The igloo is collapsing. It needs repairs right away!
    Defeat the evil forces with cute characters and protect the igloo!

    ■ Characters
    Quickly join Ar, Multi, Nia, and Priscilla with the protagonist Bite.
    Embark on an adventure trip with five charming young lady characters.

    ■ Growth Elements
    Say goodbye to complex and stressful growth systems!
    Dive into the ease and joy of leveling up with our user-friendly elements.
    Discover legendary weapons and gear with the golden tuna bazooka, sweeping enemies away in a blast!
    Dive into the adventure with ready-to-use fishing spots, tools, and more!
    Relax, Gangnam Shark and crew got your back, earning you rewards even offline!

    ■ Dungeon
    Level up your character and gather resources in diverse dungeons!
    Jump in now to explore the Crystal Cave, Boss Rush, Rampaging Vehicles, and Monster Farm!

    ■ Competition Arena
    Test your character's growth in clashes with other adventurers!
    As battles progress and your tier increases, so does your character's abilities!

    ■ Guild
    Embark on adventures, not alone but together!
    Attend your guild daily and undertake quests to purchase various rewards.

    ■ World Boss (Update Coming Soon)
    Caught raiding the empty dragon's nest!
    Defeat the enraged dragon and acquire valuable talismans!
    Boost your character's stats dramatically by equipping talismans!

    Now, Ready for the adventure?
    Set off together with Bite!

    ◆ Access Permission Guide ◆
    ■ Camera, Storage Space (Photos and Media)
    Used when photos are required during the use of Naver Lounge and customer center.
  • Among Us Мод APK 2023.11.28 [Unlocked] 5.0

    Among Us Мод APK 2023.11.28 [Unlocked]


    Play online or over local WiFi with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone!

    Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship.

    The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis.
  • 리벤저 사가: 방치형 RPG Мод APK 1.10.0 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Invincible] 5.0

    리벤저 사가: 방치형 RPG Мод APK 1.10.0 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Invincible]


    The war of the gods, the revenge of a hero who lost everything to the gods!

    A thrilling and spectacular battle with a variety of skills.
    Fast growth and story. An idle RPG that grows on its own!
    A god reincarnated as a human. Surpass humans with infinite growth! Become a god again!

    ▶ Come on, come on! I am stronger than yesterday!

    Even if I fall asleep. Even if I turn off the game for a while because of work. My hero grows infinitely! Experience a true idle RPG that puts your hands at ease. Today I am stronger than yesterday!

    ▶ Smart automatic battle system

    You can enjoy maximum efficiency with an intuitive battle system and simple controls. Infinite strategy! Infinite neglect! Infinite growth! A true idle raising RPG that puts your hands at ease!

    ▶ A hero that suits my taste!

    Collect various heroes and costumes that suit your taste. Through a solid background story, feel the chemistry between heroes with their own stories and the friendship that blossoms during their adventures.

    ▶ Grow at the speed of light! A collection of only the essence of idle RPGs!

    Faster and stronger with unique heroes and various strategies! Find fantastic combinations between various unique skills to complete your own skill deck and grow rapidly!

    ▶ Amazing graphics and exciting sounds!

    Excellent graphics, dynamic animation, and immersive sound!

    [Coupon information]
    Enter the coupon in the chat window and press the send (shaped like a paper airplane) button!

    1. Pre-order coupon: “RSGIFT”
    2. Launching commemorative coupon: “OPENRS”
    3. Coupon to help you grow: “RSLOVE”
  • Galaxy Attack: Shooting Game Мод APK 52.7 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Galaxy Attack: Shooting Game Мод APK 52.7 [Unlimited money]


    Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms attack. Your goal will be quite challenging as you will have to save the Universe from its evil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will be facing an increasingly large number of infinity galaxy enemies. As the game progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity.

    * Touch screen to move your space ship and kill all enemies.
    * Collect items to upgrade or change your weapons.

    * Multiplayer mode: 1 vs 1, 1 vs 3
    * High-quality images optimized for tablets and large screens.
    * Ability to use active skills during space battles.
    * The game is packed with 160+ levels on various difficulties.
    * Beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete.
    * Multiple extreme boss battles.
    * Upgrade your guns and lasers.

    Enjoy classic space combat - new arcade shooting game - powered up. Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter now!
    Follow us on Facebook:
    Join Group with us:
    Contact us:
    [email protected]
  • F-Stop Gallery Мод APK 5.5.104 [Unlocked][Pro] 5.0

    F-Stop Gallery Мод APK 5.5.104 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Replace your clunky stock gallery with a lightweight, fast (even fun) gallery that works with you to organize all the photos and videos on your device. F-Stop is an alternative image gallery that provides you with professional tools and a clean, Material Design interface that makes organizing your photos easy.
    Key Features:
    • Fully optimized for Android 8.0+ including material design
    • Instantly search through all your photos to find results based on file name and metadata (tags, ratings, camera model, etc.)
    • Browse through your photos on a map with an integrated Google maps experience
    • Save tags (keywords) and ratings[1] in XMP format so they stay with the image and can be read by popular programs such as Lightroom, Picasa, Aperture, Windows Live Photo Gallery, digiKam and many more
    • Read metadata directly from your images (EXIF, XMP, IPTC)
    • Custom sort images using drag and drop[1]
    • Choose one of the many themes or choose your own color combinations to make F-Stop look the way you want
    • Nested folders[1] let you browse your media using the folder structure (explorer view) instead of the typical flat view seen in most gallery apps
    • Access your favorite tag, folder or album directly from the navigation drawer with our "Bookmarks" feature
    • Smart Albums allow you set up simple rules like “Tags with the word Family” or “Ratings greater than 4 stars” and then updates automatically as your library grows.
    • Exclude folders easily to prevent album art from showing up in your gallery
    • Easily plays animated GIFs
    • Share and/or edit with popular apps like Snapseed, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok and more
    • Hide images and videos from other apps with password protection
    • Slideshow mode with popular transition types

    [1]These features can be unlocked in the PRO version.
    [2]F-Stop will scan for these file types but viewing is dependent on device support.

    * Please visit our website for a quick tutorial: http://www.fstopapp.com/tutorial/
    * E-mail us at [email protected] if you have any suggestions, bugs to report or just want to say hi.
  • X-plore File Manager Мод APK 4.34.05 3.9

    X-plore File Manager Мод APK 4.34.05



    ● Древовидное представление с двумя панелями● Root, FTP, SMB, Sqlite, Zip, Rar, 7zip, проводник DLNA/UPnP● Карта диска — посмотрите, какие файлы занимают больше всего места на вашем диске — http://bit. ly/xp-dmap● Доступ к облачным хранилищам: Google Drive™, Dropbox, Box.net, облачный диск Amazon, Mega.co.nz, OneDrive, Webdav, ОБЛАКО.mail.ru, Яндекс.диск, MediaFire, SugarSync, Dump Truck , Picasa● Передача файлов SSH (SFTP) и оболочка SSH – http://bit.ly/xp-ssh ***● Музыкальный проигрыватель ***● Диспетчер приложений● USB OTG● Средство просмотра PDF (на Android 5.0+)● WiFi совместное использование файлов *** — http://bit.ly/xp-wifi● Управление файлами с помощью веб-браузера ПК *** — http://bit.ly/xp-web● Избранные папки● Встроенные средства просмотра изображений , видео, аудио, текст● Hex-просмотрщик● Быстрый просмотрщик изображений с масштабированием и переходом к предыдущему/следующему изображению● Миниатюры для изображений и видео, а также для различных типов файлов (в зависимости от связанного приложения)● Множественный выбор — всегда доступен, но без помех● Просматривайте APK-файлы в формате ZIP● Делитесь — отправляйте файлы по Bluetooth, электронной почте или любым другим способом, поддерживаемым устройством, из любого места● Настраиваемые кнопки и сочетания клавиш● Полная работа с Zip (как если бы это была обычная папка)

    * ** отмеченные функции являются платными - они требуют пожертвований

    X-plore позволяет вам заглянуть внутрь вашего Android-устройства. А также снаружи.

    Это проводник с двумя панелями, две папки отображаются одновременно, и общие операции, такие как копирование файлов, выполняются из одной панели в другую. И X-plore показывает иерархию папок в виде дерева. для четкой ориентации и быстрого переключения в другое место.

    Вы можете исследовать внутренности устройства, а если вы опытный пользователь и у вас есть root-доступ, вы можете вносить изменения в системные данные - создавать резервные копии файлов, удалять ненужные приложения и т. д. .

    Если вы обычный пользователь, вы можете скрыть внутреннюю память от просмотра и быть уверенным, что не запутаетесь в системе. Вы можете удобно просматривать содержимое массовой памяти на своем устройстве или, возможно, на подключенном USB-накопителе.

    Простой менеджер приложений позволяет просматривать, запускать, копировать, делиться, удалять и дополнительно изучать установленные приложения.

    Обмен файлами по Wi-FiДоступ к файлам на вашем устройстве Android с других устройств Android через Wi-Fi.

    Доступ из веб-браузера ПКУправление файлами на ваше устройство Android с ПК.

    Поддерживается доступ к серверам FTP и FTPS (защищенный FTP). Можно настроить несколько серверов.

    X-plore может отображать общие папки на других компьютерах в локальной сети.

    X- plore может получать доступ к различным «облачным» серверам веб-хранилища и получать доступ к их файлам. Вам необходимо иметь учетную запись в поддерживаемом веб-сервисе, после чего вы сможете получить доступ к своим файлам, хранящимся в Интернете, через X-plore.

    Поддерживается также передача файлов SSH (SFTP). ) и эмулятор оболочки терминала.

    X-plore содержит музыкальный проигрыватель, который может воспроизводить музыкальные треки из любого доступного места.

    Основные операции связаны с управлением файлами и папками — просмотр, копирование, перемещение, удаление, сжатие в Zip, извлечение, переименование, совместное использование и многое другое.

    Просмотрщик базы данных SQLiteX-plore может отображать файлы базы данных SQLite (с расширением .db) в виде расширяемого списка таблиц, каждая таблица содержит список строк и столбцов с записями базы данных.

    Основное взаимодействие осуществляется с помощью сенсорного экрана, щелчка по папкам или файлам, чтобы открыть файлы, или долгого щелчка, чтобы открыть контекстное меню, которое содержит параметры, которые можно выполнить для определенного элемента, по которому щелкнули, или для нескольких выбранных элементов. Множественный выбор позволяет выполнять операции над несколько файлов одновременно. Файлы можно выбрать, установив флажок. Также можно выбрать все файлы в папке или снять выделение, установив флажок родительской папки.

    Открытие файла может означать использование одного из встроенных средств просмотра для наиболее популярных типов файлов: изображений, аудио, видео и text.Или вы можете настроить X-plore для использования системного приложения для открытия файлов, и в этом случае запускается предустановленное системное приложение, которое может открывать определенный файл.

    Архивы (в настоящее время поддерживаются Zip, Rar и 7zip) отображаются как другие папки.

    Дополнительное взаимодействие возможно с помощью панели кнопок, которая находится между двумя панелями и полностью настраивается.



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