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  • Brain Hole Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money][Free purchase] 3.6

    Brain Hole Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]


    This is a super leisure ,puzzle and solving puzzles game. The rainbow color classification is added to the traditional loop playing method, and accurate mental thinking is required to calculate the step number. It gives a certain effect of thinking training at the same time of relaxation and entertainment. It is simple and interesting. It is leisure and educational. You can buy different skin to meet the color aesthetic needs of different partners in adventure Please, yo, yo, Chuck! Let's experience the joyful perspective Carnival together, become the charming brain burning master in the game!
  • Tokyo 7th シスターズ Мод APK 10.1.4 3.8

    Tokyo 7th シスターズ Мод APK 10.1.4


    [New chapter starts! Songs and episodes added one after another !!]
    ◆ Exhilarating x full-scale rhythm game! ◆
    You can play with more than 100 songs including "Star Glitter" composed by kz (livetune)!
    You can feel the improvement of the rhythm game with the "rate" system that allows you to experience the improvement of your skills!
    ◆ Episode with over 1000 episodes of idols! ◆
    Experience the exciting world of Nanasys with various stories, from the main episode of a profound scenario to the event episode that depicts everyday life with idols!
    ◆ Unique and attractive idols! ◆
    More than 50 idols will appear!
    By interacting with them, you will surely meet your favorite idol!
    "CRIWARE (TM)" of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. is used for this application.
  • Solid Explorer File Manager Мод APK 2.8.32 [Paid for free][Unlocked] 4.0

    Solid Explorer File Manager Мод APK 2.8.32 [Paid for free][Unlocked]


    This is Solid Explorer File and Cloud Manager
    Please note that this is a 14 day trial version
    If you own the Solid Explorer Unlocker you can use the premium version for free!

    New feature!
    Now you can protect your files and folders with a password. If your device has a fingerprint sensor you can use it to open encrypted files without a need to provide the password. The same applies for cloud storages, which can now be accessed with the fingerprint as well.

    Useful links:
    Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/113821567265426173430
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NeatBytes/1516789311908389
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Neat_Bytes
    Share your ideas: https://neatbytes.uservoice.com
    Translation: http://neatbytes.oneskyapp.com

    - Material Design!
    - Two independent panels serving as file browsers
    - Rich customization options: icons sets, color schemes, themes
    - Drag and Drop inside and between panels
    - FTP, SFTP, WebDav, SMB/CIFS clients
    - Ability to read and extract ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR and TAR archives, even encrypted
    - Ability to create password protected ZIP and 7ZIP archives
    - Cloud file manager: Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, Sugarsync, Copy, Mediafire, Owncloud, Yandex
    - Root access makes Solid Explorer a fully functional root explorer
    - Extensibility: more features in separate plugins available in Google Play
    - Indexed search finds your files in a couple of seconds
    - Detailed file information with storage usage statistics
    - Batch rename: change names of multiple files at once using regular expressions and variables
    - Useful tools: hiding unwanted folders, FTP Server (plugin), bookmarks, Chromecast support, media browser

    Looking for a good file explorer with a sleek, modern look and many features? Good to see you here!
    Solid Explorer is the best looking file and cloud manager with two independent panels, which brings to you a new file browsing experience.

    This is the only fully featured file manager with Material Design you can find in the Play Store. It's better, faster and solid when compared to the competition. Apart from the ability to manage files in almost every location, it also gives you many customization options, such as themes, icon sets and color schemes. You can freely adjust the interface to match your taste. Dual pane file browsing with drag and drop greatly increases your productivity.

    Solid Explorer is a great cloud file manager, because it provides you a wide support for cloud storages including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega and Owncloud. This file manager can also connect to your Windows PC and many remote servers working with FTP, SFTP and WebDav. By the way, you will appreciate the ability to create or extract most commonly used archive formats, such as ZIP, RAR and 7ZIP.
    Maybe you're tired of ugly looking root explorer apps? This file manager will meet your needs. It features a root explorer with ability to change system level file properties. You don't need to remember about mounting file systems as read/write. Solid Explorer will do it for you automatically.

    Solid Explorer is also a great file manager for viewing your media. It can arrange your photos, videos and music in one place for easy and quick access. It has a built in music player and image viewer, which even allow you to play remote content stored for example on your PC, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. The most cool thing is that the content can be casted to your Chromecast.

    Just give it a try! You will not be disappointed.

  • Intermittent Fasting GoFasting Мод APK [Unlocked][Pro] 3.7

    Intermittent Fasting GoFasting Мод APK [Unlocked][Pro]

    Are you still looking for an easy way to lose weight?
    Do you want to lose weight without dieting or exercising?
    Are you looking for a good fasting tracker to get fit?

    Then this GoFasting - Intermittent Fasting Free & Fasting Tracker Free is definitely what you want! Start your first fasting journey now.

    Intermittent fasting has been scientifically proven to lead to sustainable weight loss. After a period of fasting, your body goes into ketosis and you need a professional tracker to see how your body is changing.Using IF intermittent fasting, you can easily lose excess fat. GoFasting - Simple Intermittent Fasting Free & Life Fasting Tracker Free is a professional free fasting app and ayuno intermitente gratis app. You can fast like a pro with weight loss.

    Is Intermittent Fasting Healthy?
    Yes. Studies show that giving the body a short break from constant digestion. Intermittent fasting may help with antioxidants, increased DNA repair, decreased insulin levels, improved insulin resistance, improved diabetes, weight loss, improved cognitive function, and even exercise performance. You need to find a free fasting app you can trust to help you get healthy.

    Benefits For Fasting
    - No diet is required to help with weight loss
    - Burns fat reserves in the body
    - Promotes regeneration and detoxification
    - Prevent diseases such as diabetes
    - Promotes health and energy
    - Slows down the aging process
    - Avoid the yo-yo effect and counting calories

    How to Start Fasting?
    1. Define how long your fasting will be.
    2. Choose a plan and follow its eating window duration and its start using a fasting timer.
    3. Start fasting and get notified when your eating window is opened.
    That's all you need to do!
    Try a ​​free fasting app like Go Fasting app in one tap.

    Key Features -
    - Suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced
    - Intermittent fasting tracker
    - Weight loss tracker
    - Popular fasting plans such as 168, 204, 186, 1410

    What makes this free fasting tracker app GoFasting - Simple Intermittent Fasting Free & Fasting Tracker Free stand out in many free fasting apps?

    Popular Fasting Methods
    Any time-restricted eating is supported up to the hour. There are more than 10 fasting plans such as 168, 186, 204, 213, 1410, etc., you can choose the plan based on your own life. Find your plan and a faster way to fat loss.

    Intuitive Fasting Tracker
    GoFasting - Free Intermittent Fasting App & Fasting Tracker & Free Fasting app provides a useful tracker. You can start or stop fasting quickly. Easily track intermittent fasting. Set or adjust your fasting time. A nice life fasting tracker free and intermittent fasting timer in this intermittent fasting free app is necessary.

    Professional Knowledge
    Learn more about health to help you perform better fasting to achieve your best results. Learn about your own body and health knowledge through articles in different categories. With this intermittent fasting free app, you can learn more than you think.

    Track Your Weight
    GoFasting - Free Intermittent Fasting App & Fasting Tracker Free help you track your weight changes, set your weight goals, and do it with fasting. Different charts make your viewing more intuitive. This intermittent fasting free app helps you understand your body.

    With so many free fasting apps and intermittent fasting diet app, it is important to find a suitable simple fasting app fasting tracker. Go Fasting app free provides a nice and easy-to-understand interface. It is a free fasting app fasting tracker that allows beginners to get started 168 quickly. People usually do fasting app for a better life. It's a faster way to fat loss. Try this good 168 intermittent fasting free app to weight loss.

    If GoFasting - Free Intermittent Fasting App & Fasting Tracker Free & Fast Tracker is helpful for you, please rate us 5 stars ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
    If you have any questions, contact us: [email protected]
  • Notification History Мод APK 1.3.8 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.5

    Notification History Мод APK 1.3.8 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Are you bothered by the large number of notifications you receive every day?
    Norg organizes notifications and provides a convenient notification environment.

    - Only important notifications will sound and vibrate.
    - Other notifications are automatically sorted out to keep the notification bar clear.
    - You can review the notifications you have read later.
    - Flexible filter settings allow detailed categorization.

    - Norg manages the history of all notifications
    - Display all unread notifications in one compact notification
    - Notify only important notifications with sound and vibration
    - All other notifications are logged silently in Norg
    - Notification icons show the number of unread notifications
    - Filter settings by application, notification group, or keyword
    - Read notifications without marking them as read
    - Ability to hide notifications in progress
    - Ability to browse past notifications

    ★Paid features
    - Remove ads
    - Feature Enhancements
    - Read all button in notifications
    - Unlimited read notification list
    - Pin unread notifications
    - Dark theme

    - Internet communications are used to collect usage information, such as advertising and crash information.
    - Information contained in notifications is only recorded on the device and is not collected.
    - The Notification Monitoring service runs in the background. To prevent service interruption, exclude it from background restrictions and battery optimization.
    - It interferes with other notification management applications and should not be used in conjunction with them.
    - Sound and vibration of notifications may not be muted on some devices.

    If you like Norg, please give us a rating to encourage us to continue developing it.
    If you have any other problems, please contact the developer's email address.
  • Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer Мод APK 2.1.23 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.6

    Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer Мод APK 2.1.23 [Unlocked][Pro]


    ✔️Do you want Speed Test because you feel that the network is slow, playing games or browsing the web is always laggy?

    ✔️Want to know which wifi has the best network signal to connect with the Wifi Analyzer feature?

    ✔️Speed Test - highly accurate internet speed test and wifi analyzer application, completely free. With just one touch, you can check your upload and download speed quickly, simply and easily.

    Speedtest's main features:

    Fast internet speed test: Test network speed 3G, 4G, wifi when downloading, uploading, ping delay and jitter

    ✅Test wifi analyzer and compare: You can check wifi signal strength and compare which is the strongest signal point with SpeedTest app

    ✅Accurate wifi analyzer: Speedtest shows you detailed speed test information and intuitive, easy-to-understand graphs.

    ✅Save results after each use of wifi speed test: All network speed measurement results will be recorded accurately and fully for easy review when needed.

    ✅Share the results with your friends very quickly

    In just 30 seconds, SpeedTest automatically speeds up your network and displays highly accurate results. Fast – accurate is the advantage of wifi speed test

    ⭐NOTE : During the network speed test with Speedtest, make sure that no downloading programs or any phones on the local network (if any) are using the Internet connection to ensure that the measurement result is correct

    If you are stuck with the question “Is my internet fast or slow?” or “what is my internet speed?”…then why wait without downloading the SpeedTest app to test your internet connection for free?

    Speed test is a product in development. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please write to us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • DocSearch+ Search File Content Мод APK 2.12 [Subscribed] 3.6

    DocSearch+ Search File Content Мод APK 2.12 [Subscribed]


    DocSearch+ is a Fulltext Search application to search the filename and files contents on your mobile phone. This application was designed to focus on searching file contents and filename. It doesn't search phone numbers, contacts, apps, etc. So it is very simple and easy to use, and there is no other useless information in the searching results. It's very helpful to someone who only concern about searching for files on the phone.

    When you first use DocSearch+, it requires that you create indexes for your phone. These indexes allow DocSearch+ to quickly look up files by keyword.
    Enter one or more keywords to search for in the text field on the top left and press the search icon on the right side of the text field. The search results will be displayed in the result pane.


    *Support both filename and files contents full-text searching.
    *Immediately view file contents on this app without other apps.
    *After finishing searching, you can view, open, copy, move, delete, sort, filter, share all your result files. You can also view the files in a file explorer.
    *Easily and quickly scroll to the matched words in full-text mode.
    *You can view all brief texts containing keywords in brief-text mode at a time.
    * Support plain text(txt,text,java,php, etc.), Ms Office(docx, xlsx, pptx), pdf
    , ebook (epub), odt, html file formats.
    * Support phase search, range search, regexp search and grep search.
    * Support multi-page search management.
    * We test the following languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Tibetan. And we believe it also works well on searching file of many other languages.

    Purchased version features:

    * The Ads will be removed.
    * In the portrait mode, you can expand the screen panes to max height to have a better viewing experience.
    * Support Sort/Filter search results.
    * View all files content of the search results without limitations.(Users are limited to viewing file contents of top 3 search results in free version.)
  • Snap Search - Private Browser Мод APK 10.3 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.5

    Snap Search - Private Browser Мод APK 10.3 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Experience ultimate online privacy with Snap Search - the best private browser for Android that leaves no trace.

    ✓ FIRST Incognito Browser requesting ZERO permissions
    ✓ Most advanced Ad, Analytics & Tracker Blocker
    ✓ Best VPN included in incognito browser mode
    ✓ Download Videos from popular websites
    ✓ Guest Mode
    ✓ Data Saver Mode
    ✓ Translate any Website into 100+ Languages
    ✓ Floating Incognito Browser
    ✓ 60+ Search Engines for Android
    ✓ Home Screen Widgets
    ✓ And much more...


    • Free Private Browser with ZERO Permissions
    Maximize security by avoiding sensitive permissions like location or accounts - a safer choice than Chrome, DuckDuckGo, Firefox, Brave, etc.

    • No Sign Up Required
    NO Sign Up or Accounts ever - enjoy a FREE private browser experience for everyone!

    • VPN Mode for Ultimate Privacy
    Activate VPN mode and connect to private servers to mask your IP Address, keeping you untraceable - not even by ISPs, networks, governments, or search engines like DuckDuckGo!

    • Website Translation
    Translate websites on Android into over 100 supported languages for the first time ever.

    • Guest Mode
    Worried about handing over your phone to friends or family because they swipe, scroll and tap? Guest mode locks on the current webpage so they can only view what you show them. Now share without any worry!

    • Data Saver Mode
    Save on a lot of data using our superior algorithms by compressing images and websites. You'll be surprised how much even search engines like DuckDuckGo consume your data.

    • Search Engines for Android
    Support for all search engines, including Google, DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Bing, Ecosia, Yandex, and more - the largest collection of top Search Engines for Android. (DuckDuckGo is default but can be changed)

    • Floating Windows
    Casually search DuckDuckGo etc, browse websites, watch videos, stream content, or multitask while using other apps with our unique floating private browser for Android!

    • Incognito Keyboard
    The keyboard neither remembers nor learns the words you type, ensuring a 100% private browsing experience, even hiding your inputs from search engines like DuckDuckGo.

    • Edit Websites
    Edit the content of any website and fool your friends (like edit search results on DuckDuckGo, wikipedia etc)

    • Dark Mode
    Enjoy a beautiful dark mode while browsing any website, for the first time it's inbuilt in any private browser.

    • Reader Mode
    Eliminate distractions and read your content peacefully while keeping your search private and secure.

    • Widgets
    Use home screen widgets for secure, one-tap access to Incognito Browser Mode and search results on DuckDuckGo and other search engines.

    Every time you exit Snap Search, all your activities, including history, cookies, and sessions, are wiped clean. Snap Search always operates in permanent incognito browser mode. Download Snap Search, the best private browser for Android, and take control of your online privacy.
  • Pinterest Video Downloader Мод APK 1.5.0 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.6

    Pinterest Video Downloader Мод APK 1.5.0 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Pinget is a convenient, functional, fast and free pinterest downloader. It differs from other similar applications with a nice and smooth interface. It will never have intrusive full-screen ads after each action, as in other applications. You can easily save pinterest video and also download photo, gif, stories, carousels in the best quality.

    You can download from pinterest video and photo, and then send to any other application.

    Pinterest video downloader allows you to download from Pinterest in two ways:
    1) Open the menu and click "Copy Link" and then go to the Pinget app and click on the "Download" button.
    2) Click the "Share" button, select the Pinget app. Further, to pinterest download video, nothing is required of you, the download of photos and videos will start automatically.

    Pinterest downloader has all the tools for easy viewing of downloaded photos and videos. In addition to media files, a description of the pin and its author are also saved. Therefore, you can use the pinterest video downloader and access the content even when there is no internet.

    You don't need to be logged into your Pinterest account to download videos and photos from Pinterest from public boards. All you have to do is copy the link or share it to the Pinget app. Then the downloaded photo or video will be added to the gallery.

    In order to download a photo or video from Pinterest from secret boards, you need to log in to the application and be a co-author of the board from which you want to download a photo or video. Otherwise, you will not be able to download a video or photo from Pinterest.

    If you need to save pinterest video from a secret board, then you can safely enter your username and password. The Pinget app does not process, store or share this data with third parties. Therefore, you can safely download videos from Pinterest without fear that your account will be stolen.

    Application features:
    1) Save pinterest photo
    2) Save pinterest video
    3) Download album (carousel) from pinterest
    4) Repost photo to any other application
    5) Repost the video to any other app
    6) Download photos from Pinterest from a closed account
    7) Download pinterest video from private account
    8) Download an album (carousel) from pinterest from a closed account
    9) View photos in the application
    10) Watch video in app
    11) Open downloaded Pin in Pinterest
    12) Copy Pin description and hashtags
    13) Download from pinterest stories
    14) Download GIFs from Pinterest

    If you need to save photo or video from Pinterest on your device, then the Pinget app is what you need! Download the pinterest downloader right now and have fun with it! Beautiful, fast, convenient and without intrusive ads! This pinterest video downloader and pinterest photo downloader is the best solution for you.

    The appearance of the application is made in a modern style. Implemented support for various themes. If you like the classic light theme, then at any time you can turn it on in the application settings. Thanks to this, you can download pinterest videos with great pleasure.

    1) Please, before you download a photo or video from Pinterest and repost, get permission from the owner
    2) We are not responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights resulting from the unauthorized transmission of a video or photo
    3) This app is not affiliated with Pinterest
    4) Age limit 12+

    If you can't pinterest video download or pinterest photo download, please let us know at [email protected] and we'll try to fix the problem.
  • Learn Kannada SmartApp Мод APK 4.8.1 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.5

    Learn Kannada SmartApp Мод APK 4.8.1 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Learn Kannada SmartApp es la aplicación de enseñanza de kannada número 1 del mundo y ha sido desarrollada exclusivamente para aquellos que desean aprender el idioma kannada sobre la marcha. La aplicación incluye un curso de 10 días para aprender kannada hablado básico y un curso Flexi para aprender a su propio ritmo. La aplicación también tiene videos tutoriales con teoría de gramática. El asistente de la aplicación te ayuda a encontrar una traducción con un mensaje de audio con solo un clic. La aplicación valida tu pronunciación y te ayuda a marcar una palabra aprendida.
    -------------------------------------------------- ------------
    Descripción detallada:

    1. ¿De qué se trata la aplicación?
    La aplicación tiene como objetivo enseñar kannada hablado a personas que no lo son en tan solo 10 días. La aplicación es lo suficientemente inteligente como para enseñarles la pronunciación de todas y cada una de las palabras y también para probar si la están pronunciando correctamente.

    2. ¿Qué contiene la aplicación?
    Traducción instantánea de palabras: una función a través de la cual un usuario puede decir una palabra en inglés y la aplicación responde la traducción en kannada. La función también tiene un modo para cambiar a "Kannada to English" donde el usuario puede decir una palabra en Kannada y la aplicación responde la palabra en inglés correspondiente.

    Curso de 10 días donde un usuario puede aprender kannada hablado básico con una oración de ejemplo para cada palabra, ¡todo con audio!

    El curso Flexi se divide en "Alfabeto", "Palabras", "Conversación", "Antónimos" y más.

    una. Alfabeto: aprenda la pronunciación del alfabeto kannada y también aprenda a escribirlo. El usuario dispondrá de una pantalla dedicada para practicar la escritura.
    B. Palabras: aprenda palabras en kannada Categorías sabias Ejemplo: conceptos básicos, números, alfabetos, verduras, frutas, etc.
    C. Conversaciones: aprenda las conversaciones básicas necesarias. Ejemplo: conversación con una criada, conversación con el conductor del automóvil, etc.
    D. Magia aleatoria: aprenda verbos y sus tiempos verbales con mensajes de audio.
    mi. Antónimos - ¡Palabras y sus antónimos, todos con escritura y voz! *

    Cuestionarios: 300 preguntas de MCQ para ponerte a prueba.

    Entretenimiento: aprenda con diversión, vea contenido de entretenimiento seleccionado en la propia aplicación.

    3. ¿Cuándo se lanzó la aplicación?
    La aplicación de la versión beta se lanzó por primera vez el 30 de noviembre de 2017 y actualmente es la aplicación de enseñanza de kannada número uno del mundo.

    4. ¿Quién lo construyó y por qué?
    La aplicación ha sido construida por HithAM Creations, un equipo de solo nosotros dos desarrolladores, Varun y Rohith. Desarrollamos esta aplicación con la ayuda de un amigo más, Pooja HN para voz, todos están trabajando en Bengaluru, Karnataka. Siempre quisimos ayudar a los no kannadigas interesados ​​a aprender kannada y estábamos buscando una manera de ayudar a una audiencia más amplia. Fue entonces cuando comenzamos a desarrollar esta aplicación. Todavía estamos trabajando para agregar nuevas funciones a la aplicación que deberían facilitar el aprendizaje.

    ¿Qué más tenemos además de la aplicación de Android?
    Página de Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/learnkannada.kannadakali/
    Gorjeo: https://twitter.com/LearnKanSmartap
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCizTKN-4GkCI1SrdiNFcweg
    Sitio web: https://hithamcreations.wixsite.com/kannada-kali/

    Para cualquier comentario o informe, puede enviarnos un correo electrónico a [email protected]
  • Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio Мод APK 3.2.0 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.6

    Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio Мод APK 3.2.0 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Like hip-hop? Try being a Rapper yourself.
    Record, Promo & Share tracks w. MILLIONS of fans on Rap Fame
    PRO Music Recording Studio
    Get Audio & Vocal FX
    Sound like a Pro on your phone with the latest Rap Studio.
    Rappers use us to get signed by the World's Biggest Labels!!

    Hip Hop Community
    Collab w. Star Rappers/ Spread Mixtapes/ Win Cash Prizes Rapping!
    Rap Fame is a network where passionate Hip-Hop fans can connect and listen to authentic underground rap music.
    Now ft. revolutionary Judge Studio Sessions:
    Rappers, it's time to get your tracks judged.

    So you're a Beat Maker?
    If you're a Beat Maker go upload custom beats!
    Try rapping over your custom beats with a subscription.
    If you're a Pro Beat Maker, submit beats and you could make it to our official public beat library.

    Download Rap Fame and Win the Rap Game:

    • Choose a Beat from a rich library of FREE beats.
    !!! Get exclusive beats from top beatmakers !!!

      • Rap Recording Studio: ft. Audio effects, Equalizer & Pitch Changer
      • Rap Profile: Showcase music studio tracks, social links & stats
      • Top Charts: Top rappers get more likes, plays and comments
      • HOT Feed: Hand picked rap studio tracks, collabs & videos
      • Rapping Contests: Weekly! Get exposure & win cash prizes for rapping
      • Hip-Hop Community: Chat with friends, fans and other rappers directly
      • Collab with other dope rappers through the rap app

    Rap Recording Studio Designed for the Rapper
    Created for rap makers, rappers and hip-hop lovers.
    Constantly developing new music recording studio features.
    Everything you need to focus on rapping.

    The Ultimate Music Recording Studio
    Lay down raps & freestyle in the Rap Studio w. Audio Effects
    over rap beats from Master rap beat makers.

    Hit the Hip-Hop Music Studio Now
    Spit Raps in Rap Fame's Hip Hop & Rap Music Studio Easily.
    Mix w. Audio effects, equalizer and auto pitch tune.
    Real rap beats made by pro beat makers!
    Start rapping over beats today!

    Step up your rap game! Introducing PREMIUM Vocal FX.
    Set the scale to Auto: Tune your vocals to melodies.
    Sound like Drake, Kanye or T-Pain with our app audio effects.
    Download our music studio and Record Hip-Hop Today!

    Global Rap Fame!
    Our Community has recorded and uploaded more than 6 million songs to date. So, what are you waiting for?

    Start Rapping today!

    Pick up the Phone – Drop the Mic!
  • Colorize Images Мод APK 4.0.41 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.7

    Colorize Images Мод APK 4.0.41 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Bring new life to your old black and white photos with Colorize Images. Our AI-powered app uses advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically add vibrant colors to your grayscale images, giving them a fresh and modern look.

    With a simple and intuitive interface, Colorize Images makes it easy to transform your photos into colorful works of art. Select a photo from your device's gallery or share it from another app, and let our app do the rest. Save your colorized photos to your gallery, or share them with friends and family on social media.

    Colorize Images is free to use, with the option to remove ads and unlock unlimited colorizations by subscribing. Plus, our GPU servers ensure fast, high-quality colorizations without sacrificing your device's performance.

    Try Colorize Images today and experience the magic of automatic photo colorization. Your old photos will thank you!

    Please note: While our machine learning model is trained to colorize photos accurately, the resulting colors may not be historically accurate or necessarily correct. This is because black and white images do not contain any clues about the original colors, and the model does not have access to the context of the photos. If you have any questions or issues, please send us a debug message using the Report Bug feature in the app. Thank you!

    Based on DeOldify project.
  • SnapEdit - AI photo editor Мод APK 4.1.4 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.9

    SnapEdit - AI photo editor Мод APK 4.1.4 [Unlocked][Pro]


    SnapEdit is a one of the best photo editing apps using AI with a mission to make your editing easy, smooth and fun.

    Transform your photos like never before with SnapEdit, the ultimate photo editing app designed to effortlessly remove unwanted objects, enhance image quality, and create stunning visual masterpieces. Download SnapEdit now and unlock a world of possibilities for your photos!


    ONE-TOUCH OBJECT REMOVAL: Say goodbye to photobombers, unwanted elements, or distracting objects in your pictures. With just a single touch, SnapEdit intelligently analyzes your photo and seamlessly removes any undesired elements, leaving behind a clean and polished image.

    IMAGE ENHANCEMENT: Elevate your photo quality with SnapEdit's powerful image enhancement tools. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more to bring out the hidden details and make your images truly captivating. Enhance colors, sharpen edges, and create a professional finish with ease.

    SKY REPLACEMENT: The gloomy weather is just not what you want? Bring the best out of your picture with our sky replacement. Replace the gray, boring sky in your photo with a brand new sky. Choose from clear blue sky, sunny, sunset, storm and even fantasies skies.

    BACKGROUND REMOVAL MADE EASY: Need to change the backdrop of your photo? No problem! SnapEdit offers a seamless background removal feature that allows you to isolate the main subject with incredible precision. Replace the background with a solid color, a custom image, or a transparent background for endless creative possibilities.

    ARTISTIC FILTERS and ANIME EFFECTS: Unleash your artistic side with a wide range of filters and effects. Transform your photos into stunning works of art with a single tap. From vintage to modern, black and white to vibrant colors, SnapEdit offers a plethora of options to suit your unique style.

    EASY-TO-USE: SnapEdit's user-friendly interface ensures a seamless editing experience for both beginners and professionals. Effortlessly navigate through the app's features, apply edits, and instantly preview changes. The intuitive design ensures that editing your photos becomes a breeze.

    HIGH-QUALITY RESULTS: SnapEdit utilizes cutting-edge algorithms to deliver high-quality results without compromising on detail or resolution. Your edited photos will retain their clarity and sharpness, ensuring that every detail shines through.

    SAVE AND SHARE WITH EASE: Once you're satisfied with your masterpiece, save your edited photos in high resolution to your device's gallery. Share your creations directly from the app to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more, and impress your friends and followers with your stunning imagery.

    Unlock the true potential of your photos with SnapEdit. Download now and experience the power of one-touch object removal, image enhancement, background removal, and an array of artistic filters. Create captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression and showcase your unique vision. Get SnapEdit today and start transforming your photos like a pro!

    Terms of use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/
  • Imagine : AI Art Generator Мод APK 2.7.3 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.7

    Imagine : AI Art Generator Мод APK 2.7.3 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Unleash your creativity and transform your imagination into awe-inspiring artwork with our AI-Art Generator. Create beautiful art using the power of words! All you need to do is enter a prompt, pick an art style and let the magic of Imagine.AI generate beautiful wallpapers, images, paintings and digital artwork for you within seconds!

    ✨Key Features

    ► Turn words into art
    Imagine a galaxy shaped like a butterfly or a waterfall made of neon lights. You can turn these imaginative scenarios into stunning works of art. Our AI-art generator is trained using millions of images from the web, allowing you to create unique and captivating art drawings in just seconds. Simply enter your text or upload a picture to start creating AI-generated Art.

    ► Pick from an array of art styles
    Whether you prefer the vivid colours and bold lines of AI manga filters, the intricate details of anime art, or the breathtaking realism of photorealistic images, Imagine.ai allows you to create stunning drawings using AI-generated art.

    ► Fine-Tune Your Masterpiece with Creative Controls!
    Whether you want to make adjustments to your art piece to better suit your original vision or simply experiment with different styles, our AI-art generator gives you the power to do so. With Imagine.ai, you can fine-tune your artwork to create a piece that perfectly captures your imagination.

    ► Stay Ahead of the Curve with the Constantly Evolving Art Library!
    Our app regularly adds new styles for you to try out, providing endless possibilities for discovering new representations of your ideas and artistic needs. With our AI-art generator, you'll always find something new to explore and create.

    ► Transform Your Space with Custom AI-generated Art
    If you're looking for the perfect piece of art to complete your room or home decor, simply tell Imagine.ai what you're looking for, and watch as it intelligently generates a beautiful, personalised art piece that matches your unique style and preferences. Create custom AI-generated art that perfectly fits your surroundings, making your space truly your own.

    ► Generate Wallpapers
    With Imagine.ai, you can create the wallpaper you've always wanted using AI-generated Art. Simply type in your idea, and let our powerful AI-art Generator work its magic.

    ► Discover and Explore similar Art Designs
    Browse through a vast library of art created by other users and the phrases that sparked their imagination. With Imagine.ai's powerful Hyper Real AI Engine, you can explore similar art designs to the one you just created, and see the incredible works of AI-generated Art.

    ► Share your Creations
    If you've created something you love using Imagine.ai's powerful AI-art generator, you can share your creations directly from the app to other sharing platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more!

    Creating AI-generated art has never been easier. Similar to popular tools like Midjourney, Dall-e, Stable Diffusion and Jasper Art, our AI-art Generator is backed by artificial intelligence to transform your written prompts into art. You don't need a paint brush, pencil, or any art supplies to make beautiful artwork, all you need is an idea. Take a back seat and let Imagine.ai be the paintbrush to your artwork!

    We value your input! If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make Imagine.ai the best AI-art generator, we want to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know how we can improve our app to better meet your needs.
  • Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology Мод APK 4.7.83 [Subscribed] 3.9

    Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology Мод APK 4.7.83 [Subscribed]


    Discover personalized astrology and horoscope, check zodiac compatibility, explore your zodiac sign, get daily zodiac horoscope reading for your zodiac sign in Nebula app, discover birth chart astrology and join astrology community of the best daily zodiac horoscope apps free. Zodiac sign compatibility and daily horoscope 2022 are incredibly accurate in Nebula horoscope astrology!

    Nebula is the ultimate astro service to dive deep into astrology and:
    - Have your full zodiac chart always at hand and never wonder, “What awaits my zodiac sign today?” or “What does my birth chart tell about my astrology compatibility?”. Nebula app provides a daily zodiac sign reading, astrology insights into sign zodiac love match, and zodiac sign horoscope 2022.
    - See zodiac compatibility percentage with any horoscope zodiac sign. Nebula horoscope astrology app helps you zodiac compatibility test and determine zodiac star sign which can be your perfect astrology co partner in our society and which zodiac sign belongs in friend zone.
    - Determine the pattern your zodiac star sign follows and define your zodiac horoscope compatibility with all the zodiac signs. Use astrology and Nebula app to discover your most compatible zodiacs signs and build a happy relationship in the future.
    - Learn about moon sign astrology and horoscope. Nebula horoscope and astrology explains astrology, and links this to your natal birth chart astrology.
    - Stop thinking of an atrology app as a sanctuary for astrology experts. Instead, view the Nebula app as a practical astrology tool to read zodiac horoscope every day and get the best daily zodiac horoscope apps free to examine your zodiac love compatibility.
    - Check natal chart compatibility with friends and coworkers, not only romantic partners. A helpful daily horoscope app, Nebula is a five star astrology and compatibility zodiac horoscope app, too.

    If you're looking for zodiac daily horoscope and zodiac compatibility to boost astrology knowledge, remember the zodiac app that delivers.

    Nebula app is your star astrology advisor in zodiac astrology and horoscope. Horoscope zodiac signs can enjoy a zodiac horoscope everyday with Nebula, which is among the top daily astrology and horoscope apps for those fond of natal birth chart free astrology and the best horoscope apps free. No need to look too far to find horoscopes for every day, weekly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, or zodiac horoscope 2022.

    If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make our app better, feel free to contact us via http://help.answers-365.com/

    Nebula has an auto-renewing, weekly subscription for $7.99 with a free 3-day trial period, a monthly subscription for $24.99 and a 3-month subscription for $29.99. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription before the end of the free trial period.

    Terms of use: nebulahoroscope.com/terms-of-use
    Privacy Policy: nebulahoroscope.com/privacy-policy
    Contact us: http://help.answers-365.com/

    Enjoy astrology and zodiac compatibility for your daily horoscope zodiac sign in Nebula!
  • QR Code Generator & QR Maker Мод APK [Unlocked][Pro] 3.8

    QR Code Generator & QR Maker Мод APK [Unlocked][Pro]

    Want to generate QR code for website links, contacts, text, Wifi, business card or social accounts?
    Want to have a QR generator that can generate QR codes in your own style and add logos to QR code for attracting more scanners?
    Want to generate QR codes with beautiful templates?
    Want a code generator app that can generate whatsapp QR code, instagram QR code, facebook QR code?
    Then this QR code generator and QR code maker is definitely what you want!

    QR Code Generator - Make QR Code & Create QR Code is a useful QR code generator app. With this QR code generator app, you can easily generate QR codes for website links, text, Wifi, business card, SMS and social media accounts, etc.

    The QR Generator and QR Maker provides the accessibility to customize QR codes by changing QR code colors, eyes, patterns and frames. You can also add logos and texts to make your QR code better looking and attract more scanners. With this QR creator, you can generate QR code very quickly and easily by using the well designed QR templates. Therefore you can easily generate a special and gorgeous whatsapp QR code and facebook QR code. Make your social media more unique.

    Have a try! Use this QR code generator app to generate a beautiful and special QR code!

    All in one QR Code Generator and QR Code Scanner
    Generate QR Code for Website URL, Contacts, text, Wifi, Business card, SMS
    A great QR Code generator app for Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook
    Customize QR Code with different colors, eyes, patterns and frames
    Support using pictures as the QR code colors
    Create QR Code with plentiful templates
    Scan existing QR codes and decorate
    Add generated QR code to a picture or a poster
    ⭐ Manage your generated QR records and scan records
    Save the generated QR Code as a template
    User friendly and easy to use

    How to Use
    Choose the QR Code type that you want to generate
    Input the content and click ‘Create' button
    Customize the QR Code and Save

    All in one QR Code Maker and Scanner
    QR Code Generator - Make QR Code & Create QR Code can generate QR code and scan QR code in one app. A very functional QR Code Generator app

    Support All Kinds of Content
    All QR code types are supported in this QR code generator app. You can generate QR codes for websites, text, Wifi, business card, applications, SMS and whatsapp QR code, instagram QR code, facebook QR code, etc.

    Social media QR code generator
    As a great QR code generator app, QR Code Generator - Make QR Code & Create QR Code can help you generate all kinds of social media QR code like whatsapp QR code, instagram QR code, facebook QR code.

    Highly Customizable QR Code Generator
    The QR Code Creator can customize QR codes by changing colors, eyes, patterns and templates. This QR Generator can help you make unique QR codes for your own and attract more scanners with easy steps

    Add Logos or social portrait to QR Code
    QR Code Creator supports adding your social portrait or company logos into your QR code to personalize it. For example, you can add your own image to generate a whatsapp QR code and facebook QR code

    Various Templates
    The QR Code Maker provides many kinds of QR code templates to help you generate. With the well designed QR code templates, you can generate beautiful QR code in very simple steps.

    Add QR Code to Pictures or Posters Directly
    You can add the generated QR code to your pictures or posters directly with this QR Code Maker and QR code Generator. Save time and have fun!

    History and Favorites
    This QR creator can easily manage the generated QR code and scanned QR code. The record you want to use in the future can be also saved as a template.

    If the QR Generator and QR Maker is helpful for you, please rate us 5 stars ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
    If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected]

    Have a nice day to you :)
  • Video Editor - Vidma Editor Мод APK 1.48.6 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.9

    Video Editor - Vidma Editor Мод APK 1.48.6 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Vidma is an easy-to-use music video editor and video maker, with a wide selection of music and trending video effects that elevate your videos to stand out on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok!

    With this app, you can easily create and edit stunning videos that capture the essence of your life experiences. Add text animations, on-trend video effects, stylish video filters, fancy stickers, smooth transitions, and so much more!

    Free Video Editor & Maker
    - Strong standalone editing apps for videos, easy-to-use video trimmer.
    - Movie maker with transition effects, video maker with music.
    - Edit & crop videos. Powerful video editor for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok etc.

    Add Music to Video
    - Video maker with music, including over 1000 high-quality songs.
    - Extract audio from videos, edit and trim audio clips.
    - Record voice-over audio, add voice effects, etc.
    - Add fade-in/out effects to music and audio.

    Edit Videos Effects & Filters
    - Make your videos look vibrant with the latest filters and effects. Get cool effects like Glitch, Motion Blur, Retro, VHS, 90s, D3D, and more.
    - Cinematic color grading option. Make your film or video footage more cinematic by adjusting saturation, temperature, exposure, brightness, vignette, fade, and contrast.

    Music Video Maker
    - Multi-track video editing app. Add overlay videos, effects, transitions, stickers, and text easily.
    - Precise video editing app. Combine, duplicate, split, and trim your footage.
    - Save drafts anytime and edit them later.
    - Redo/undo your edits as you want.

    Video Background Editor
    - Slideshow maker with various templates.
    - Edit your videos in landscape, portrait or square.
    - Crop, scale, change the dimensions and aspect ratio in one tap.
    - Various backgrounds: Plain color, gradient color, stylish pattern.

    Velocity Edit Maker
    - Preset speed ramp effects.
    - Create speed-up/slow-motion videos easily.
    - Maintain audio pitch while speed ramping.
    - Reverse video clips and sync videos to music beats.

    Professional Video Editing
    - BG Removal. Cut out people from the video background.
    - Keyframes. Bring static images to life by adding motion effects.
    - Chroma Key. Replace any video background with green screens.
    - Video Overlay & Blender. Overlay different footage and blend them together.
    - Freeze Frame. Add a dramatic flair to your videos by halting movement with one tap.

    Movie Maker with Awesome Assets
    - Browse millions of curated, royalty-free images and videos.
    - Use our search bar to search for high quality video footage.

    Share Videos with Razor-sharp Quality
    - Export and save your videos in 4K resolution without quality loss.
    - Resize the video to any social media-friendly size and share anywhere.

    There's no better video maker than Video Editor for YouTube, because it has all the powerful editing features. Everyone can edit videos for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. You can add effects, filters, music, and fonts to your videos using our video trimming and video joining app. Video editing has never been easier.

    Have you enjoyed using Vidma Music Video Editor (video editing & video maker with music)? Connect with us at [email protected]

    There is no official affiliation between Vidma and Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook or any other social media platform (including, but not limited to, affiliation, association, sponsorship, authorization, endorsement).
  • Reddit Мод APK 2023.21.0 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.6

    Reddit Мод APK 2023.21.0 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Welcome to Reddit, the heart of the internet.

    Reddit is a social network with something for everyone: trending topics, diverse discussions, and engaging communities.

    Redditors have authentic and interesting conversations around all sorts of curated content. You'll find gaming communities, bloggers, meme-makers, fandoms, travel enthusiasts, support groups, AI forums, news junkies, artists, and creators of all types.

    Reddit has over 100,000 online communities (forums where members post and comment) dedicated to specific topics. Some of the most popular communities are:
    * r/AskReddit, where users can ask and answer questions
    * r/funny, which is full of humorous content
    * r/science, for scientific discussions and news
    * r/gifs, with funny animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

    On Reddit you'll find:
    * Thousands of community groups
    Breaking news, social media trends, sports highlights, TV fan theories, open AI discussions and personalized content, there's a community for everyone.

    * Loads of laughs
    Find memes, oddly satisfying videos, funny cat videos, and more to help you lose track of time

    * AMAs, or "Ask Me Anything"
    Celebrities, politicians, and experts answer questions from users.

    * The best discussions on any topic
    Reddit's discussion threads are where community members jump in with humor and insights for just about anything; pop culture, sports, entertainment, or financial advice. Discussions on Reddit are so rich it's no surprise they're a top training source for AI models like ChatGPT.

    * Get answers to anonymous questions
    Why ask ChatGPT when all your answers are already here? Ask communities anything you want. Ask questions on relationships, mental health, parenting, career help, fitness plans, and more.

    * Anonymous profiles so you can do YOU
    Connect with people about any topic, join interactive community groups, and chat with other redditors, all anonymously.

    Voting and Karma:

    Instead of likes and hearts, Reddit's social network runs on upvotes or downvotes. Voting on posts and comments increase or decrease the creator's karma, and helps popular and relevant posts rise to the top, while filtering out low-quality or irrelevant posts.

    While karma doesn't directly impact your ability to use Reddit, more karma can increase posts' visibility and help you get noticed. Some communities require karma to post or comment, which helps prevent spam or low-quality content.

    Reddit Premium:

    Purchase Reddit Premium to enjoy an ads-free experience and access to premium avatar gear, r/lounge, custom app icons, and more.

    Payment will be charged on a recurring monthly or annual basis to your Google Play account. Your monthly or annual Premium subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. Cancel anytime in your device's Account Settings. No partial refunds.

    Privacy Policy: https://www.redditinc.com/policies/privacy-policy
    User Agreement: https://www.redditinc.com/policies/user-agreement
    Content Policy: https://www.redditinc.com/policies/content-policy

    If you have any problems with the app, get support at RedditHelp.com
  • Cat Jump Мод APK 1.1.143 [Unlimited money][Free purchase] 3.8

    Cat Jump Мод APK 1.1.143 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]


    Cat Jump is a simple, addictive arcade game that anyone can easily play.
    One Button Triple Jump! Simple but not easy!
    Take control of cute cats and jump higher and higher, avoiding obstacles.

    Game Features
    - Simple controls that can be enjoyed by people of all ages!
    - Competition based solely on your reflexes and skill!
    - The fun of collecting adorable cats!
    - Good for improving focus, reflexes, control, manual dexterity, and vision!
  • Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game Мод APK 2.4.9 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game Мод APK 2.4.9 [Unlimited money]


    PREPARE , COOK and SERVE delicious meals from all over the world in Cooking Madness!

    Become the master chef ‍ you have always wanted to be! This year it's this highly addictive time-management game that'll bring you a better cooking experience!

    Get yourself in a real cooking craze. Cook like you're a MAD CHEF in Cooking Madness! Did the cooking fever caught on and you can't get enough of cooking games? Then this is THE cooking game for you! You'll be serving delicious dishes to hungry customers in amazing restaurants in a ⏩ FAST pace. No challenge that can't be beaten by you.

    Dash from restaurant to restaurant on this magical map. You will discover and unlock many places as you progress on your journey. Get the restaurants back to business and attract more and more customers. Let the Cooking Madness begin!

    Practice your cooking techniques and management skills . Tap as fast as you can while keeping your eye on the time. Making dishes have never been so much fun and exciting! Try all the possible kitchen appliances to improve your cooking abilities. Upgrade dishes and kitchenware for a better gaming experience!

    Love a little bit of a thrill in your cooking game? Keep up with the rush hours, become better at time management . This cooking game offers endless fun levels with challenging missions set up in each level to give you that special experience.

    What more FUN things brings this game?
    - Cook & Travel discover many different new restaurants
    - Get Combos and Earn Huge Tips while showing off your cooking skills
    - Unlock New Restaurants by collecting enough key cards
    - Upgrade your Kitchen and Level Up to become the famous Mad Chef!
    - Tap away in many fun levels
    - Complete special missions and achievements to earn more
    - And keep an eye on many more updates to come!

    Put that Chef Hat on and get cooking! Download for free today and join the Cooking Madness! ♥️

    Follow us on the official fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/cookingmadness.chef
  • Smule: Karaoke Songs & Videos Мод APK 10.8.9 [Unlimited money][Free purchase][Unlocked][VIP] 4.0

    Smule: Karaoke Songs & Videos Мод APK 10.8.9 [Unlimited money][Free purchase][Unlocked][VIP]


    Sing over 10 million of your favorite songs with music & scrolling lyrics! Have fun recording with your camera on or off, and add professional audio effects to sound amazing! Sing your favorite songs solo, have fun creating a duet or group performance with friends, collaborate with other singers from around the world, or sing alongside recordings of today's popular music artists! With millions of songs to choose from, you're sure to find all the music you love. Smule is fun for everyone who likes to sing - all skill levels are welcome!

    Record songs and make music any way you like! Practice & record your singing in private, share music and collaborate with other singers!. Learn how to sing and improve your voice with an on-screen pitch guide and original tutorials! Smule's supportive global community is the perfect place to create music and share your love of singing with music lovers like you. Give live audio-only performances 24/7 with friends & singers from around the globe with Smule LIVE.


    • Sing over 10+ million of your favorite karaoke songs w/ scrolling lyrics! Karaoke anytime, anywhere.
    • Record songs solo, in a duet or group, acapella, or enjoy other singers' performances!
    • Create studio-quality audio & add vocal FX that make you sound amazing!
    • Record songs with your camera off for audio-only performances, or turn it on & get creative with fun video effects & filters!
    • Host or join a live karaoke party! Use Our Sing LIVE feature to give live, audio-only performances 24/7 with friends & music lovers from around the world!
    • Sing side-by-side in recorded duets with top music artists like Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, classic Disney characters, & more!
    • Save your recordings privately as you practice & learn how to sing, or share your performances with the Smule community!
    • Record and share your performances on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, & more!
    • Create your own music videos! Use Smule as a music video editor and record audio & vocals,& then add your own video FX!
    • Freestyle Mode: use our app as a song maker to record original songs & invite others to join you!
    • Join in new Smule challenges & contests monthly to win prizes & get noticed!
    • Record personalized voice messages for family & friends!
    • Practice with an on-screen pitch guide & original tutorials!
    • Search trending hits & join a duet! Sing just your favorite part of the song– like the chorus or verse– with our ‘Moments feature!
    • More than music recording–Record yourself doing voice acting from movie scenes, musicals & more!


    Choose from Pop, a cappella, R&B, rock, rap, hip-hop, country, K-Pop, & more! With new songs added daily, you'll find all your favorite songs & karaoke hits here.

    Is your song missing? Upload songs & trending hits to the songbook:


    We believe music is about more than just listening—it's about creating, sharing, discovering, participating, & connecting. As the original social network, it has the power to break down barriers & bring people together. Join our global community & sing songs that express who you are!

    Get discovered & grow your fanbase! Create & record your own dance moves while you sing. Connect on Facebook to make music with friends or share your singing journey on all your favorite social media platforms!


    All singers can sound great on Smule. Add quality vocal effects & video filters to make your performances pop!

    If you love karaoke, like to sing along to songs, dream of dueting with a pop star, or simply love music, then try Smule for free now!

    FOLLOW US & keep up with new major artists & featured singers on Smule!

    Have questions? http://www.smule.com/support/sing#android
  • FolderSync Мод APK 3.4.7 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.8

    FolderSync Мод APK 3.4.7 [Unlocked][Pro]


    FolderSync permite una simple sincronización con el almacenamiento basado en la nube hacia y desde las carpetas locales en las tarjetas SD del dispositivo. Es compatible con una amplia gama de proveedores de servicios en la nube y protocolos de archivos, y se añade compatibilidad con más plataformas continuamente. Acceso a archivos raíz compatible con dispositivos rooteados.

    Sincroniza tus archivos sin esfuerzo. Respalda tu música, fotos y otros archivos importantes del teléfono a tu almacenamiento en la nube o viceversa. Nunca ha sido tan fácil. La posibilidad de automatización con Tasker y programas similares permite un control detallado de tus sincronizaciones.

    FolderSync contiene un administrador de archivos completo, que te permite administrar tus archivos localmente y en la nube. Copia, mueve y elimina tus archivos en tus cuentas en la nube/remotas. Permite la creación/eliminación de buckets en Amazon S3. Sube y descarga archivos desde el teléfono. Todo es compatible.

    Proveedores de servicios en la nube compatibles
    - Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service
    - Box
    - CloudMe
    - Dropbox
    - Google Drive
    - HiDrive
    - Livedrive Premium
    - luckycloud
    - MEGA
    - MyDrive.ch
    - MyKolab
    - NetDocuments
    - OneDrive
    - OneDrive for Business
    - OwnCloud
    - pCloud
    - Storegate
    - SugarSync
    - WEB.DE
    - Yandex Disk

    Protocolos compatibles
    - FTP
    - FTPS (SSL/TLS implícito)
    - FTPES (SSL/TLS explícito)
    - SFTP (transferencia de archivos SSH)
    - Samba1/CIFS/Windows Share
    - SMB2
    - WebDAV (HTTPS)

    Versión Pro/gratis
    La versión gratuita contiene anuncios. Puedes actualizar a la versión Pro en la aplicación. La versión Pro no tiene limitaciones. En todos los demás aspectos, las versiones Pro y Lite son idénticas.

    Cambio de registro http://www.tacit.dk/foldersync/changelog


    Preguntas frecuentes


    Optional permission that can be granted if Foldersync should detect SSID name on Android 9 or newer.
    Necesario para determinar el estado actual de la red
    Necesario para acceder a información sobre el estado de la red WiFi actual (SSID, etc.)
    Necesarios para activar y desactivar WiFi
    Necesario para detectar automáticamente servidores WebDAV, SMB, FTP y SFTP utilizando el protocolo Bonjour/UPNP
    Necesario para acceder a la conexión a Internet para enviar y recuperar archivos
    READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Necesario para leer y escribir archivos desde y hacia la tarjeta SD
    Necesario para iniciar automáticamente después de reiniciar el dispositivo, para que las sincronizaciones programadas sigan ejecutándose
    Necesario para mantener el dispositivo ejecutándose durante una sincronización, para que no entre en modo de suspensión
  • Plank Workout 30 Days for ABS Мод APK 1.54 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.8

    Plank Workout 30 Days for ABS Мод APK 1.54 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Many users wonder – how to lose weight fast and lose belly fat at home?
    If you want to get six pack abs, than you need to start sculpting them with the best abs workout at home app for women from “Everything for people”.
    Of course, you should follow the training programs developed by our professional fitness instructors in order to get noticeable results.

    The Plank is one of the best exercises for a strong stomach because it works all the muscles in your core, including deepest abs, your sides, hips and back. Strengthening your entire core is crucial for providing support for your entire body during everyday movements + plank exercises burn more calories than sit-ups and crunches because they recruit muscles in the legs and arms.

    We have created systematic and scientifically-proven training sessions that are suitable for all levels, and you can do them at home! Six pack abs are impressive to look at, and often conjure up images of hours spent in the gym – however, obtaining a flat stomach is surprisingly easy, if you train with our super effective work out app.

    Flat tummy with Plank exercises

    We have combined the most effective plank variations to help you lose belly fat and build abdominals in a relatively short period. Select a training method or exercise mode according to your health, fitness goals and current level of fitness.

    Work out plan according to your aim

    Amazing results will be achieved earlier once you set a clear goal.
    “Everything for people” offers three main training sessions:
    #1 Lose belly fat;
    #2 Flat stomach and hard abdominal muscles;
    #3 Get six pack abs.
    Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can find exercises that are suitable for your aims. Step by step, you will get the flat tummy you have been dreaming of!

    Best Plank workout at home for women

    Why planks?
    - Activate 100% of your abs;
    - Fire up all your core muscle groups;
    - Strengthen your back and reduce back pain;
    - Improve your posture, balance and flexibility;
    - Boost the fat burning process.
    Check our best flat tummy exercises for women and track them onto your usual routine.

    Intuitive video guide

    Learn how to perform exercises using our animations and video guides. No equipment or coach needed – you can easily do the belly workout at home or anywhere!

    7, 21 and 30 days programs

    “Everything for people” helps you set exercise goals and refresh your core routine by providing systematic 7 days, 21 days and 30 days programs. In this section, all exercises are free, and they will help you to lose weight, burn calories, tone your flat stomach and strengthen all your abdominals!

    Why choose belly workout at home from “Everything for people”?
    Main features:
    - Different plank exercises provided.
    - Effective abs workout at home to lose weight and tone your flat stomach.
    - No equipment or coach required – burn belly fat, rock abdominal muscles and work out with your body weight!
    - Easy, Medium and Hard levels of belly workout exercises designed by professional fitness instructors, coaches and experts;
    - Special belly workout sessions for women;
    - Beginner friendly;
    - 7 days, 21 days and 30 days programs;
    - Intuitive animation and video guidance;
    - Track your weight loss progress and burned calories with an installed Tracker;
    - Customize the installed Reminder in order to plan your flat tummy training sessions;
    - Fat burning exercises and weight loss exercises aimed to bring you a flat tummy and a good figure will show you how to lose weight faster;

    How to lose weight? Do not waste your time on useless fitness methods – download best female work out app from “Everything for people” and start building your muscles!

    You will have six pack abs in no time!
  • Smallpdf: PDF Scanner & Editor Мод APK 1.45.0 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.6

    Smallpdf: PDF Scanner & Editor Мод APK 1.45.0 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Get all-in-one PDF tools to read PDF, edit PDF, compress PDF, scan PDF, combine PDF, remove PDF pages, and convert PDF (Word to PDF, PDF to Word, PPT to PDF, PDF to PPT, JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG, Excel to PDF, and PDF to Excel).

    Compress PDF

    • Our file compressor reduces your PDF size and quickly shrinks your documents to an email-friendly format.
    • Use basic compression to reduce file size by 40%.
    • Use strong compression to reduce file size by 75%.

    Convert PDF To Word

    • PDF to Word is easy with our PDF to Word tool.
    • Simply select the right PDF converter and transform your file from PDF to Word.

    Convert PPT To PDF

    • Quick and easy conversion with our PPT to PDF tool.
    • Simply select the right PDF converter and transform your file from PPT to PDF.

    Convert Word To PDF

    • Word to PDF is easy with our Word to PDF tool.
    • Select the right PDF converter and transform your file from Word to PDF.

    Convert JPG To PDF

    • JPG to PDF is quick and easy with our JPG to PDF tool.
    • Simply select the right PDF converter and transform your file from JPG to PDF.

    Convert Excel To PDF

    • Excel to PDF is easy with our Excel to PDF tool.
    • Select the right PDF converter and transform your file from Excel to PDF.

    Edit a PDF

    • Editing your PDF is easy with our Edit PDF tool.
    • Simply select the Edit PDF tool to highlight, draw, or add text to your documents.

    Rotate a PDF

    • Simply open the tool, rotate PDF right, left, or upside down, and save your document.

    Delete Pages From PDF

    • With this tool you can rearrange, rotate or remove one or several pages with ease.

    Merge PDF Files

    • Simply open your document in our Merge PDF tool and combine PDF files—as many as you wish. Hit "save" to permanently merge PDF.

    Sign a PDF

    • Simply open your PDF in our eSign tool, add your signature, and save your signed document.

    Create a Scanned PDF

    • Take a photo of your document or import an existing file or image.
    • Rename, rotate, crop, or adjust the colors of the file.
    • You can scan several documents to a multi-page PDF.

    With the Smallpdf Mobile App, You Can Also:

    View & Read PDFs

    • Seamlessly access the PDF on your other devices.
    • Activate read mode for easier reading.

    File Storage & Integrations

    • Sync scans to the online Smallpdf file storage service.
    • Email or send PDF scans to your other apps, e.g., WhatsApp, Viber, or Gmail.

    Follow Smallpdf on social media:

    Ask a question or report a problem:
    Email: [email protected]

    Visit the homepage:
  • Colorize Photos - AI Enhancer Мод APK 2.1.1 [Unlocked][Pro] 4.0

    Colorize Photos - AI Enhancer Мод APK 2.1.1 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Unlock AI photo editing power.

    Revive your old memories today with Colorize Photos - AI Photo Enhancer app that uses advanced AI to bring your old black-and-white photos to life! With just a few clicks, you can recolor, restore, and enhance your old photos, making them more vivid and clear than ever before. ✅

    Ready to revive your old memories and give them new life? Try Colorize Photos app today and see the difference for yourself!

    Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques, Colorize Photos - Colorize black and white photos app automatically adds color to grayscale images, creating a seamless and natural look that no one will ever guess was artificially added. Colorize easily with black and white to colour photo tool!

    Simple, yet powerful Image Editor.
    You can choose photos that are totally grayscale, sepia-toned, or partially decolored, and our AI-powered technology will colorize photos from scratch. But that's not all! Colorize Photos - AI Photo Enhancer also has the power to restore old, damaged, and low-quality images, making them look brand new.

    Don't wait another day to restore and enhance your old photos! AI Photo Enhancer!

    Our AI-powered technology removes noise from the image, better defines it, and works exceptionally well on people. This means your old photos will be colorful and vivid and restored, defined, and clear, making your memories more alive than ever before. ✅

    Use black and white to colour photo tool!
    Using Colorize Photos - black and white photos to the color app is easy, fast, effective, and free! Select the image you want to colorize or restore from your gallery or take a new one using your camera. The photo is sent to our server, where all the magic happens. Once complete, the result color or restored image is returned to you.

    Rest assured that our privacy policy ensures that your images and results are never saved or shared in any way. If you love using Colorize Photos - black and white photos to the color app, check out our other amazing apps based on artificial intelligence.

    Don't let your precious memories fade away - bring them back to life by using Colorize Photos - black and white photos to the color app. Try it today and see how easy it is to turn your old, black, and white images into stunning, restored, and colorful memories of the best quality! Discover why this is the best black and white to colour photo app!

    Start using Colorize Photos - AI Photo Enhancer and Editor, and start creating beautiful, vivid memories!

  • Transparent - Live Wallpapers Мод APK 1.5 [Remove ads] 3.7

    Transparent - Live Wallpapers Мод APK 1.5 [Remove ads]


    This great Magic Screen - Transparent Screen - Live Wallpapers Free helps you to make your screen transparent by using rear camera, also make your home screen as a mirror by using the front camera, not affecting you to normally use the phone. Transparent Wallpaper App also supports edge lighting
    look to your screen. You can aslo set a personalized video as wallpaper.

    Transparent Wallpaper
    You can operate your phone as usual, at the same time you can watch the things behind your mobile. With this Transparent Wallpaper Simulator you can make your phone one of a kind! The Live Wallpaper 3D uses the camera to create a transparent feel on the phone screen. You just set the live wallpaper and it will never affect you to use the phone normally.

    Mirror Screen
    Same as the transparent backgrounds and wallpapers, set the front camera as your moving wallpapers free, then you can see yourself while using the phone as usual.

    Edge Lighting Cool Wallpapers
    You can set your personalized home screen wallpaper and lock screen live wallpaper, but also can set the screen edge lighting effect to wallpapers and backgrounds. You can also set the border lighting when you receive a message or call. This Live Wallpaper 4K App will give you a cool wallpapers for boys & girls!

    Video Wallpaper
    Lockscreen Video Wallpaper feature supports you to set the videos as your moving wallpapers anime, 3D wallpapers and backgrounds.

    *Set your camera as the transparent wallpaper
    *Optimized Battery Usage
    *See everything behind your phone
    *Unique translucent 3d background wallpaper

    Do you feel bored of the regular Wallpapers? This transparent wallpaper App & 3d wallpapers for free will give you a new experience! All kinds of live wallpaper anime are available in this live wallpapers Free. Download this transparent live wallpaper 3d FOR FREE to have fun.
  • control screen rotation Мод APK 3.0.4 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.5

    control screen rotation Мод APK 3.0.4 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Control your screen orientation very easily from your device notification bar.
    Prevent screen auto rotation and choose the screen orientation that you want with any application
    Available orientations:
    Reverse landscape
    Sensor landscape
    Revers portrait
    Sensor portrait
    Sensor orientation (auto rotation)
    Some screen orientations may not available in some devices
  • ToonArt: Cartoon Yourself Мод APK [Free purchase][Unlocked][Premium][Pro] 3.5

    ToonArt: Cartoon Yourself Мод APK [Free purchase][Unlocked][Premium][Pro]

    Welcome to the astonishing world of ToonArt Cartoon Maker! A powerful cartoon photo editor and photo to cartoon face app that allows you to toon yourself & procreate your digital art pics with one tap cartoon effect!

    Powered by AI technology, this picture to cartoon editor creates your favorite anime filter, caricature maker and cartoonify pics. Easily edit photos using anime camera filters for pictures and become your favorite 3d cartoon or artbreeder avatoon & avatar! All trending effects and filters including; toonify, face child, yellow head, beauty face portrait and +100 more with awesome background options and digital art layout. Use your selfie camera with this face app and super easy avatarify animation maker! You can share your masterpiece pics art on all social media platforms like İnstagram or on Facebook. Imagine you become your favorite cartoon princess or animation character with the amazing cartoonify filters and showing your toon me selfie on Snapchat with toon app comic maker.

    Join the crowd and have lots of fun!

    Photo to Cartoon Editor & Avatar Face App:
    ToonArt photo to cartoon app includes all the picture to cartoon tool to procreate amazing cartoon me selfie! Choose an amazing image from your photo gallery or selfie camera and cartoon yourself from many montage beautify filters and anime face changer. And voila, dollify yourself in seconds using superb cool vector art photo drawing! Cartoonify your astonishing picture and share your snap with your friends. Make beautiful anime art and super funny animate toons by converting imaengine pics into paintings. Share your stunning art piece comics with your friends on Whatsapp. Make some tiktok with this amazing ToonArt profile picture maker.

    Cool Beauty Effect with Cartoon Profile Picture Maker & Funny Toon Filters

    ToonArt easily animates your awesome images into artistic paintings using animated pictures and cartoonify effects. In this superb caricature photo editor, you can find various cartoon effects in addition to beautifying makeup filter and photo drawing.

    Cartoon Yourself & Character Maker
    How do you create amazing cartoon pictures? Once you need to have the toon me cartoon pics app you don't need any other photo editing apps to create memoji and zmoji stickers and ani toons.

    Choose a stunning picture from your photo lab to edit and cartoonize your masterpiece. Explore various oil painting filters and photo effects to get a fabulous profile picture. Facetoon yourself with the toon me art filters for pictures to see yourself as your favourite animation character. Capcut and photo filters are available for you to procreate your piece of art! Transform a photo to cartoon, manga or a comic just in seconds thanks to the most artistic avatar filter app ever. Finalize caricature photo editing app with legendary memoji stickers and dollify emojis.

    Toon Art offers 100+ unique caricature filters within other photo editing apps. Choose a cool pic or take a snap and easily caricaturize a self portrait! Make hilarious avatoon & toon me sweet selfies. Explore superb photo filters and edit pictures like an artbreeder!

    Profile Picture Maker & Caricature Photo Editor:
    Cartoon yourself to procreate wonderful avatar profile pictures with ToonArt avatar creator , stunning bitmoji and one tap emoji maker. You will have access to our - always - enlarging library. Make one last touch to your art piece with fantastic photo edit backgrounds. Voila! You are ready to share your awesome caricature pic or have a new profile picture!

    You can add pencil sketch effects and superb backgrounds to bring even more fun to your caricatures with this photos to cartoon editor. For epic picture editing and photoshop like pics use cartoon portrait editor and fun comic maker. This anime cap cut editor has the perfect AI cartoon filters ever.
  • Coin Dozer: Sweepstakes Мод APK 27.1 [Free purchase] 3.5

    Coin Dozer: Sweepstakes Мод APK 27.1 [Free purchase]


    Download and play Coin Dozer, the original coin pusher game enjoyed by millions of people! Experience the mania of addictive top free games and coin games found at carnivals, the circus, and arcades is now available at your fingertips to collect free coins and prizes! In Coin Dozer, you drop coins, shake the board, and raise the coins wall to collect lots of puzzle pieces and prizes for bonuses and power ups to climb to higher levels! Special coins will spawn along the way to help you win; don't let them get away! Join the party and come push some carnival coins! You can play the game without wifi as well.


    - Addictive 3D gameplay will keep you coming back to drop and push more coins!
    - Realistic physics that mimic your favorite carnival coin pusher; don't forget to shake the board for that extra push!
    - Use the Coin Walls to collect coins, prizes, and puzzle pieces into your bin!
    - Drop a Giant Coin and watch everything on the board splash forward in a frenzy!
    - Lots of other Special Coins and Chips with unique abilities making free coin, prize, and puzzle collection dramatically exciting!
    - Look out for the Mystery Box to drop on the board! Collect it for free prizes!
    - Collect and complete all the many puzzles and prize lines for awesome rewards and game bonuses!
    - All new casino themed “Chip Dozer” unlocks at level 25! A whole new world of puzzles, prizes, and a slot machine jackpot! Spin for your chance to win!
    - Spin the wheel of fortune to try out your luck for jackpots and bumper rewards.

    You'll find yourself playing Coin Dozer everywhere you go; even play without the wifi; much like other Game Circus originals like Prize Claw and Paplinko! Bring your childhood carnival home with you and have a party on your phone or tablet with the top free coin pusher game! Mania will ensue as your mission to complete all the collectibles intensifies! Head over to the casino machine to spin the slots and win the jackpot! Whatever your strategy, it all starts with downloading Coin Dozer and playing today!

    Coin Dozer - Free Prizes is a free game that is supported by the ads we and others display. To do this, we work with a variety of online advertising partners who collect data from users of our games and other games to show you ads that are relevant to your interests. Do not install or launch our games unless you consent to this use and sharing of data, as further explained in our Privacy Policy (http://gamecircus.com/privacy-policy/).
  • Country Balls Io: Battle Arena Мод APK 1.2.09 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Country Balls Io: Battle Arena Мод APK 1.2.09 [Unlimited money]


    Do you like strategy games? Where you can use all of your tactic skills and logic? Well, Country Balls Io is for you!

    In this game, you can play as any country, and the whole world is your arena. You have to gather an army and start your takeover by capturing cities and other countries. Don't forget that you have to defend your own state! Use your logic to win the fight with the best strategy. You have to think and outsmart your enemy to win a war.
    Become a legend by leading massive Countryball armies! Be a hero who can control an unstoppable force and take over the world!

    The game is really simple to play, but hard to master. First of all, you have to wait to gather your army. Once your military force is big enough, you simply have to tap and drag from your base to another, and the giant Country Balls assault will begin. If you have more soldiers than your enemy, you will be able to defeat and take over the enemy state. The captured city will change its color to yours. And now you can select your new target and strike your foes! The battle has only begun! Show your logic and become the perfect leader. Use the best strategy to win the war!
    But that's not it! Your foes are also taking action all over the world. They can capture other cities and even send armies to your keep and defeat it completely. Time your movements well, always look at the bigger picture and prepare your next step in advance - just like playing puzzle or chess - and you will succeed! In this simulator game you have to be wise and youse your logic. Conquer states and territories in the epic clash game! Be the smartest champion to win the war and become king of the world!

    Bring hell to your enemies, defend your state and look cool while doing so!
    By defeating armies and getting through many levels, you will receive tons of gold and coins! You can spend those to customize yourself with tons of epic accessories!
    First of all, you can select your country and play as your favorite Countryball. But you can select lots of decorations as well! Hats, weapons, skins, anything you want! Tons of options - special for you!

    But it's not all about looking cool. It's also about being mighty!
    Once you get through several levels, you will notice that the difficulty starts to increase. But don't be afraid, general! Did you know that you can upgrade your stats with gold coins that you've gathered? It's all that you need - your strength, how many units you have at the very beginning of the round, the speed of your army - choose wisely since you don't have an unlimited budget! Be wise and use your logic to fit upgrades for your strategy. The stronger the army, the easier the war So you have to think while playing the levels, and think while selecting the upgrades! Interesting, right?

    But that's not it! There are also tons of different awesome features in the Country Balls io game that are worth mentioning!

    - Select Your Country and play as your favorite Countryball.
    - Fight all over the world map
    - Defend your state
    - Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
    - Big armies expansion
    - Tactic Puzzles
    - Cool artstyle
    - Awesome graphics
    - Simple controls
    - Intuitive interface
    - Various character customization
    - Build your own Countryball!

    Build your own state, use logic, and win a war with the best possible strategy. Fight all over the world map and be a wise leader for your army! This simulation game is not simple as it looks. Can you get the best of all upgrades and be the pride of your state? And don't forget the customization - you have to look cool like a hero!

    But more importantly, this game is absolutely FREE! So what are you waiting for? Download Country Balls Io: Battle Arena and start to command, capture and takeover! Can you become the legend?

    *The game is designed for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to the real world and geopolitical situation are coincidental.*
  • Galaxy Attack: Chicken Shooter Мод APK 18.6 [Unlimited money][Free purchase][Invincible] 3.9

    Galaxy Attack: Chicken Shooter Мод APK 18.6 [Unlimited money][Free purchase][Invincible]


    Strike Galaxy Attack: Shoot 'Em Up war Chicken Shooter is the best chicken gun shooting online games PVP - The best arcade game on all global and promising to create a major earthquake on Google Play. You can play it on all smartphone and tablet. In immense space, there are always dust settle brutal forces with plots to invade Earth: May be air force aliens or animals that is as intelligent as human: venom stickman, black defenders, gravity stellaris, zero gunny bima, fury reavers, shootero genome, wolf hunter, ben cricket, max steel, flying jatt 10, battleclaw robot wala, beyblade oyunlari… They can attack our beautiful earth anytime!
    Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien Space Chicken Shooter free fire game bring you a epic war against chicken invader squadron. They're as galaxiga falcon modern robot fighter - the powerful army arm with advanced technology and the strongest weapons.
    You're last hopeful of Earth, your mission is control Legendary Fighter and join the epic battle to protect Earth from the fever invaders. In the battle, you can change plane fighter and upgrade power of your fighters by collect items, booster to destroy all enemy. Please control your fighter cleverly and smartly and bring the peace for Earth.
    If you want to win, you're must be an experienced player of the top down air combat shooter games, infinity FPS squad games and you also have strategy, don't waste your life and get the failure that was not worth it. Play game with high concentration to become a Hero who be true leader of Earth.

    - Log in Facebook to update leaderboad with your friends.
    - The attractive mission and rocket system.
    - Various aeroplane aircombat, helicopter and their transformers
    - Many mode to play : Campaign, Endless, Raidboss
    - Great graphics, Amazing sounds and music.
    - Many levels with different difficulties, different challenges.
    - Various enemy : chicken fighters, chicken army, Big bosses.
    - Many boosters, many items to collect and upgrade .
    - The attractive daily mission, achievements.
    - Many free coins and booster with lucky wheel .
    Chicken Shooter Shoot em up is much better than shooting games 1942, 1943, 1945
    Don't wait. download Strike Galaxy Attack: Alien Space Chicken Shooter right NOW!!!

    ****************** Contact***************

    Visit our Official site at: http://www.onegame.mobi
    Follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/www.onegame.mobi
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    Email contact: [email protected]
    Feedback: http://en.onegame.mobi/contact
  • Police Truck Robot Transform Мод APK 1.0.4 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Police Truck Robot Transform Мод APK 1.0.4 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to US police truck robot game 2023. Robot games 3d always remain ahead in robot transforming games and robot games for kids. This police dino robot game is a small package of multi robot games & chase robots games . Police truck robot games enclose totally fun based recreation for our users of car robot games 2023 . If you want to play with more than one player in single robot game then this US police truck robot transform game is tailor made for you. Once you take part in this mech robot arena game it will tend you to play it again and again. Participate in the grand robot shooting wars in truck robot games to get experience of futuristic air battle in robot games for kids. If you are true fan of robot games 2023 then this car robot game is just for you. Do not waste your precious time and go for truck robot game 3d. This game is a combination of multiples games such as, chase robot,shark robot,robots games,optimus prime games,robot simulator,robot, autobots,flying robot,car robot game.


    When we think about robot games 3d and US police truck simulation games, one thing is sure that it should have variety of aspects to enjoy. Luckily this multi robot game consists of multi super power robots. Main idea behind this air jet robot game is to fulfill the desires of our audience who want to accomplish challenging missions of car robot games.

    Modes of Dinosaur Robot Game 3d

    There are interesting modes and Story lines in this robot game. US police truck robot game offers you to choose your favorite transforming robot to make your gameplay more exciting and thrilling. Transform your dinosaur robot into multi power police truck and unleash havoc on the rival robots of car robot shooting game 3d. As a mech robot warrior you can destroy anything which is going against you. Get ready to land into the intense situation of robot shooting war. Shoot your evil opponents with machine guns of your gigantic dinosaur robot and police truck. In this jet robot transform game you can shoot all the vicious enemies with transforming truck and shooting cars.

    Exclusive Features of this Robot Game 2022

    • Smooth and perfect controls of all players.
    • multiple transformations to play with.
    • Extreme quality graphics & beautiful 3d environment.
    • Interesting gameplay and heart touching missions.

    Please give us your valuable suggestions to help us improve the game.
    [email protected] Thanks.

    Our Privacy Policy:

    Our Website:
  • Zen Match Мод APK 220000.1.56 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Zen Match Мод APK 220000.1.56 [Unlimited money]


    Playing Zen Match for 10 minutes a day sharpens your mind and prepares you for your daily life and challenges!

    Enjoy this tile-matching mahjong puzzle, and have a moment of peace throughout your day to calm your mind and boost your brain. Sharpen & train your mind with a series of tile-matching levels that gradually increase puzzle difficulty. Relax, enjoy beautiful background sceneries, and use your creativity to decorate your own Zen room to relax!

    Challenge yourself with this addictive mahjong-inspired game where your goal is to match 3 tiles and clear the board. If you love Match 3 puzzles or mahjong, you will love the challenge and relaxing effect of Zen Match. Match tiles, clear the board, decorate, and color your own relaxing room and find your peace in Zen Match!

    Come back to it every day, as there are always new daily tile-matching mahjong puzzles to explore, which allows you to care for your very own house plant and become a mahjong master!

    Our new-generation mahjong game will have you addicted to solving tile-matching puzzles, coloring beautiful Zen rooms, reaching new levels, and becoming the match master. There's never a dull moment when you play our unique tile-matching puzzle game!

    ► Match Tiles - Challenge your brain with this matching puzzle game for adults through thousands of mahjong puzzles. Puzzles start with low difficulty and become challenging fast!
    ► Create a Calm Experience - Solve addictive yet always evolving tile-matching mahjong puzzles in a unique and calm experience then color unique Zen rooms.
    ► Relax and Have Fun - Take your time to solve the puzzles and clear the board. They are simply for your entertainment and will help you to train your brain while feeling relaxed.
    ► Create Your Own Designs - Decorate your own relaxing Zen space to escape and find your balance.
    ► Explore - Discover unique and relaxing sceneries displayed in the background while you master matching tiles.
    ► Make Unique Collections – Collect glorious rewards, coloring beautiful Zen places, relaxing rooms, stunning backgrounds, and various Zen tiles.
    ► Care for Plants - Solve daily puzzle challenges which allow you to care by coloring for your very own house plant.

    Zen Match is a modern mahjong tile match puzzle game that has a user base of over 35+ million people! It is the highest-rated tile-matching game for puzzle lovers. If you are the master of games like match-3, blast, jigsaw, crossword, swipe, or other tile-matching puzzles, and love coloring then you'll love Zen Match.

    Increase mindfulness, exercise your brain, and take control of your daily life through meditative puzzle games and a world of Zen design. Start your Zen journey today!
  • How to Draw Sans Мод APK 1.1 3.7

    How to Draw Sans Мод APK 1.1


    The Unofficial Fan App for undertale drawing - made by fans for all of the fans out there.
    Now you can draw your favorite undertale characters.
    Express yourself with awesome undertale drawing tutorial that are always up to date.

    How to Draw Sans is a app where even non professional can learn to draw Sans with our step by step guide. Each Characters has 5 to 15 steps to complete. you can also use tools to draw characters within app, tools like pencil,eraser,move,zoom,color and more.

    This application helps users to draw different kinds of Sans Characters. The program shows step by step drawing for each image. You don't need any special skills it's self-teaching.

    How to Draw Sans is a free Drawing Book for everyone, that provides image to show you detailed steps of Characters drawings, which help you learn to draw easily like you are watching a real artist drawing easy drawings, who is step by step drawing stuffs in an Art Class, enabling the most immersive painting experience possible.

    Do you want to learn how to draw Sans from undertale using basic, easy-to-learn techniques? Here is an easy Sans Characters drawing tutorial, A drawing board and pencil is all you need.

    - Stunning UI Design
    - Step by step guide for all Sans Characters
    - Display with GRID style: be able to see lots of characters on one screen
    - Zoom In/Out: essential functionality for drawing
    - Collected a lot of various characters lessons
  • iScanner - PDF Scanner App Мод APK 5.7.7 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.9

    iScanner - PDF Scanner App Мод APK 5.7.7 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Looking for portable scanner?

    iScanner is a #1 advanced scanning tool to create ideal-looking documents by scanning on the go fast. iScanner allows for working and studying anywhere effortlessly, even if you don't have access to a laptop or a scanner.

    Ad-free and secure!

    Our smart scanner app is a must-have for those who work remotely or on the go and anyone starting their business or studying. Digitize the files you need – contracts, tax forms, tickets, receipts, handwritten notes, assignments – and export them as the most common file formats with our PDF scanner!

    – Sync items and folders in real time
    – Transfer and view files from any platform or web browser
    – Use one subscription for all your devices

    – Get document borders detected and adjusted automatically with our powerful scanner
    – Recognize text in 20+ languages

    – Edit scans using color correction
    – Sign the scans manually or add a signature from an image
    – Cover or blur text you don't need to be seen and mark up documents
    – Add text over the forms or autofill documents using custom templates
    – Use the scanner file manager with folders and drag & drop
    – Protect confidential scans by locking folders and files with PIN
    – Merge several documents into one or split a file by pages
    – Add watermarks right in the scanner app

    • DOCUMENTS – scan multipage PDF documents on the go
    • ID-CARD & PASSPORT – create scans of personal documents
    • AREA – measure object length and calculate its area
    • MATH – solve math problems and complex equations
    • COUNT – count similar objects automatically
    • QR CODE – read any QR code with the scanner camera

    iScanner: Making your documents better than they are!


    We'd love to hear from you! Please help us make our PDF scanner app even better. You can also get in touch with us at http://iscannerapp.com/scanner/support.
  • Dungeon Circus : Platformer Мод APK 1.0.12 3.8

    Dungeon Circus : Platformer Мод APK 1.0.12


    ■ Более миллиона объединенных подземелий!
    ■ Разнообразные ловушки и монстры!
    ■ 36 достижений!

    Наслаждайтесь платформером в двух режимах!

    ▶ Challenge
    - Бросьте вызов случайно созданным подземельям!
    - Копируйте и делитесь кодами карт и бросайте вызов подземельям со своими друзьями!
    - Пройдем все 3 уровня сложности!

    ▶ Daily Run
    - Бросайте вызов новым подземельям каждый день!
    - Соревнуйтесь с людьми со всего мира!

    Наслаждайтесь платформером в более чем миллионе подземелий!


Скачать 100% рабочие моды