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  • Zen Life: Tile Match Games Мод APK 3.105 5.0

    Zen Life: Tile Match Games Мод APK 3.105


    If you are looking for a way to relax and sharpen your mind at the same time, play Zen Life to calm down and boost your brain.

    Zen Life is a meditative game which combines tile matching genre with match-3 mechanics. As a tile-matching mahjong game, it provides challenging puzzles with a varying degree of difficulty. Beautifully drawn tiles are matched on the board on top of a gorgeous Zen background. Zen games have never been so high quality with Zen color and free matching puzzle games! The tile app games genre finds a new meaning with Zen Life as players will decorate the best ever zen room with this 3d match game. Watch your creativity blossom with one of the free games for adults.

    By playing Zen Life, you can get yourself a daily activity to relax and find inner peace. The mahjong-inspired levels are designed in a way to cater both to the newcomers or match-3 experts that yearn for buster tile experience. Clear the tile filled boards by matching the same 3 triple tiles and earn great rewards after each buster level. The tile match game also offers plenty of boosters to help you along the way of achieving Zen peace. A true free tilematching game would help players to clear the board as they love to clear and find something to calm them down through triple coloring and life. Matching tiles on the board are presented in full 3d match game graphics with cool match game animations.

    Enjoy an endless tile game of puzzles as there are daily puzzles with surprising twists. You will never wait for new levels in this game as there are 100s of carefully crafted tile matching mahjong puzzle levels to play. Zen life is filled with tile adventures as players move from match tiles to zen games. Tiles have dozens of different colors and each tile color represents a special zen life feeling. Play, solve, decorate, and finally master this free tile master coloring games collection. Such a puzzle brain game will expand your free offline games library with a tile family buster. Bring all the same triple tiles and join the fun!

    On top of intricate puzzle levels, Zen Life offers a customizable decoration system which will allow you to build the house of your tile dreams! Choose your furniture among hundreds of choices and immerse yourself into a room filled with Zen and happiness. As expected from a 3d match game, with our robust customization levels, this free matching game for adults will make you feel like living in tile gardens. Decorate them like a true tile master!

    Zen Life's addictive tile matching gameplay will keep your mind at ease and relaxed all day with blossom. The puzzles will test all of your triple tile matching skills and mind. Free match games are not something players would call a tile app. For that reason, we present them a zen matching puzzle game with lots of tile matching, zen koi, zen color and tile-matching. No other matching games for adults have this many tile match 3d effects and cool match game mechanics.

    Our puzzle structures and beautiful visuals will increase mindfulness, develop your brain and refresh your soul. It's the perfect game for players looking for a meditative tile matching puzzle game experience. Time for you to find your zen match soul like the millions of other players. You will find everything you want from a free zen tile puzzle matching game here.

    ● 100s of unique puzzle levels with mahjong tile matching mechanics.
    ● Puzzles with extensive match-3 logic.
    ● A complete Zen experience with calming and relaxing graphics and music.
    ● Customizable decoration system allows players to build their own houses.
    ● Daily puzzles to keep you engaged.
    ● Satisfying reward system.
    ● Cleverly implemented boosters to enhance gameplay and tile matching mechanics.
    ● Free to play, no hidden fees.
    ● Can be played offline.
    ● Can be played with one hand.

    Download Zen Life now to start playing the next top tile matching puzzle game. Your mind and soul deserves this gift, don't keep yourself waiting!
  • Idle Three Kingdoms: Card RPG Мод APK 1.1.43 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Idle Three Kingdoms: Card RPG Мод APK 1.1.43 [Unlimited money]


    Easy Idle Card Battle! Three Kingdoms Idle Card RPG!
    ▪ Clash with the new hero! New Three Kingdoms arena game like you've never seen before!
    ▪ Unique webtoon hero cards, glorious fight, and exciting battle & Action!
    ▪ Battle contents such as webtoon story mode, battle of heroes, and various battle modes.
    ▪ Idle card RPG based on The popular Naver webtoon 'The Chat of the Three Kingdoms'
    ▪ Super Exciting card action! Stylish battle and easy play!

    - Multiverse game of Three Kingdoms
    Are you a fan of the Three Kingdoms? Enjoy the game!
    Is the game of the Three Kingdoms Boring and needs the challenging?
    These are easy and fast, super autoplay battles!
    The new type of card action game that anyone can super easily enjoy!

    - Collect legendary heroes and build the decks
    'Liu Bei', 'Cao Cao', 'Sun Jian'! Change the monarch as you like and play!
    Various heroes and skills such as 'Guan Yu', 'Zhang Fei', 'Zhao Yun', 'Lu Bu', 'Zhuge Liang', and more!
    Collect the Three Kingdoms Hero Cards and build your own most robust deck!

    - Webtoon original based new characters and super fun stories
    The Oath of Fraternity in the Peach Garden(桃園結義), Red Cliff(赤壁大戰), the third time's a charm(三顧草廬), Zhang Fei frightens the Enemy at Jangpan Bridge(長坂坡)!
    Make new history with all Three Kingdom heroes!

    -The definitive version of the Three Kingdoms game you know
    Collect the legendary treasures/famous horses/weapons!
    The fate of your kingdom is in your hands!
  • Castle Defender Premium Мод APK 2.0.3 [Paid for free][Free purchase] 5.0

    Castle Defender Premium Мод APK 2.0.3 [Paid for free][Free purchase]


    Castle Defender Premium offers you:
    - Free Hero: Epic Frank
    - Free 500 gems
    - Unlock VIP 1
    - No interstitial ads

    Defend your castle of royal kingdom in the best TD game - castle defense games!
    Defense massive waves of enemies to protect your castle in CASTLE DEFENDER: Hero Idle Defense TD - tower defense, castle defense games!

    Summon all strategic tower defense strategy!

    Use your archery skills as you lead an idle defense heroes team, magic bow and more, in the #1 castle defender!

    Castle Defender: Hero Idle Defense TD is one of great idle defender tower defense games that challenges skilled players like you!


    - Defense with the ultimate bow by TAPPING THE SCREEN.
    - Throw freeze, tornado to the zombies which attack your hero defense kingdom speed
    - Don't miss using your heroes great skills during the castle td battles!
    - UPGRADE and equip for 30+ heroes who you summoned before starting a new level of hero defense games
    - Prepare enough hero defense energy and strategy for your castle defence hero before starting a fight in tower defense games by offline.

    Just like players defender their castle td in the best epic idle defense games, you have to defend the castle of your kingdom in this castle defense games!

    Play this idle defender offline game with fun idle tower defense offline TD games! Try out all modes and challenge your limits! When you win, you can have more gems, gold to upgrade your castle and your idle defender heroes to defend the castle.

    - Defend your castle in 5 maps such as: Forest, Temple, Sea, Cave and Labyrinth
    - 250+ fun LEVELS
    - With the help of ultimates like: tornado, freeze...
    - 30+ heroes to summon and upgrade in castle defence
    - Lots of different monsters running wild, each with their own special attacks of castle defender!
    -Many hero defense choosing upgrade for tower defense strategy td games - warrior, witch, knight, bower...

    Become an idle defense hero and rush into protecting your castle from the all enemies. Get ready for the most epic castle defense battles of all time to defense castle - td games - Castle Defender: Hero Idle Defense TD!

    Official Community:
    - Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/CastleDefenderTD/
    - Twitter: twitter.com/UnimobGames
    - Email: [email protected]
  • Darts Queen - VIDEO SLOT Мод APK 1.3.0 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Darts Queen - VIDEO SLOT Мод APK 1.3.0 [Unlimited money]


    The darts and the casino merged brilliantly. The first royal road casino slot game!
    Together with the beautiful darts player "Lissa", enjoy the authentic app "Darts Queen".

    This application with easy operation and help function can be played easily even for beginners.
    Also, because of "D・O" familiar with the pachinko / pachislot machine industry, a variety of productions will give new impressions to heavy users as well!

    A gorgeous world set in a lovely bar.
    Please enjoy this application "Darts Queen".

    Game Overview:
    - At the beginning of the application, 1000 medals will be awarded.
    - Earn medals every 30 minutes with "TIME BONUS"!
    - At the start of the free game, tap to select the number of games!
    - During the free game, there is the addition of the number of times the free game can be played. There are also a lot of production!

    Be sure to confirm the following when downloading this application.
    - Be sure to specify "application name", "application version", "your model name and OS version", "details of inquiry details" when making inquiries.
    - This application can not provide opportunities to acquire actual money, prizes.
  • Merge Legends: Dragon Island Мод APK 1.07.03 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Merge Legends: Dragon Island Мод APK 1.07.03 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to Merge Legends! Here, you will explore a magical wonderland and write your own merge story!

    In this magical world, anything can be merged, whether it's wood, plants, treasures, magical flowers, buildings, or even mythical creatures. Combine the same pieces by matching and merging to get more advanced and powerful things.

    Collect a certain number of windmills through synthesis, dispel the fog of the Merge Legends continent, and expand the territory!

    — Mysterious Island —
    This is the mysterious Dragon Island composed of six continents: Yalf Island, Warner Islands, Muspel Island, Nifl Island, Midgard and Forgotten Beach. Collect a certain number of windmills through synthesis to dispel the fog on the island. Expand the land and discover more surprises!

    — Unique Character —
    You have descended on this dragon island as a new god. At the same time, there are dwarf but hard-working goblins, and food fanatics, dragons. The three races of you will live together on this continent and write your legends.

    — Game Features —
    • 3 identical items can be combined into 1 higher level item
    • 5 identical items can be combined into 2 higher-level items
    • Easy to play, just swipe to complete all operations
    • 13 different types of dragons for players to unlock and feed
    • Over 60 kinds of delicacies can be made to satisfy different dragons
    • More than 500 different items to merge and upgrade
    • 8 different series of items for players to explore and discover

    Need Support: [email protected]
    Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/mergelegendsgame
  • Cat Legends: Idle RPG Мод APK 0.7.5 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Cat Legends: Idle RPG Мод APK 0.7.5 [Unlimited money]


    Join on epic quests with cat legends in this captivating idle action RPG game. Collect, upgrade, and battle alongside adorable cat heroes in a visually stunning world. Customize your team, explore dungeons, and conquer challenging foes. Join guilds, compete in PvP, and engage in epic boss raids for valuable rewards. Play now to experience the ultimate cat-themed RPG adventure!

    Features in Cat Legends - Idle RPG:

    ★ Adorable visuals: Enjoy charming and visually appealing graphics that bring the feline realm to life, creating an immersive and delightful gaming experience.
    ★ Strategic gameplay: Engage in strategic gameplay mechanics as you lead a team of legendary cats. Choose the right combination of heroes, utilize their unique abilities, and plan your battles to overcome challenges.
    ★ Customizable heroes: Level up your cat heroes, unlock new abilities, and equip them with powerful gear to enhance their skills and make them even more formidable in combat. Additionally, personalize their appearances with a variety of outfits and accessories to create a unique team of stylish feline warriors.
    ★ Guild collaboration: Join forces with friends and other players by forming or joining guilds. Collaborate with guild members, participate in cooperative gameplay features, and work together to achieve common goals.
    ★ PvP battles: Test your skills and strategies against other players in thrilling PvP battles. Compete with fellow cat guardians on leaderboards, prove your prowess, and earn rewards for your victories.
    ★ Epic loot: As you battle against darkness, collect epic loot and valuable rewards. Discover powerful equipment and resources that will aid you in your quest to save the feline realm.
    ★ Endless cat-loving fun: Immerse yourself in a world filled with adorable cats and captivating gameplay. Cat Legends - Idle RPG offers hours of entertainment, with its charming theme and addictive gameplay that will keep you engaged and coming back for more.

    Experience the joy of being a legendary cat guardian, battling evil forces, and collecting treasures in this enchanting idle RPG.
  • Kick the Buddy Мод APK 2.4.0 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Kick the Buddy Мод APK 2.4.0 [Unlimited money]


    Kick buddy arrives on Google Play

    Explode, destroy, fire, shoot, smash, freeze, toss, send the power of the Gods and don't even think about stopping. You now have a virtually limitless arsenal to beat: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, and even a nuclear bomb!

    We present to you Kick the Buddy — it's more than just a relaxing game it's more than stress game. It's a top interactive action game. Among all stress relief games, Kick Buddy is a relaxing game where you can slap the doll and forget about your anger. It's a fun game to play when bored.

    Do you want to beat the boss, or maybe slap and bash the ragdoll?
    Want to smash all around you in this destroying game?
    Want more kicks?

    Even if you're a relatively stress-free person you need to chill out at some point in stress games like ours.
  • Turret Merge Defense Мод APK 1.8.7 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Turret Merge Defense Мод APK 1.8.7 [Unlimited money]


    Fun and exciting game with a touch of one finger!
    Play the “Turret Merge Defense” now!

    # 16 different types of unique and special ability Turrets!
    # 15 World Maps with over 1500 stages!
    # Exciting battle against Boss monster that uses unique & powerful skill!
    # Great rewards when you defeat a Boss or clear a stage!
    # Experience special effects by engaging challenging combat with the same Turrets! # Challenge Mode!
    # Great rewards when you complete Daily Mission and Achievements!
    # Check out where you stand against users from all over the world! # Global Rank!

    [How to Play]
    1. Merge 2 same type Turrets!
    - Install more Turrets by using the Gold obtained from battles!
    - Recycle the Turrets that you don't need any more. You can get Gold for them!

    2. Collect Turret Pieces from battles or buy them from the Shop!
    - You can use the Turret Pieces to level up the Turret.
    - Turret effect will be upgraded when you level up the Turret.

    3. Add special upgrade features to the Turret!
    - 4 different types of upgrade effects can be set by using the Upgrade Card in [Menu > Upgrade].
    - Upgrade Slot is unlocked when you clear a certain stage.
    - You can get Card Pieces when you dismantle an Upgrade Card. Use the Card Pieces to upgrade a Card.

    4. Engage in a thrilling battle against monsters in the Challenge Mode!
    - Fight monsters with the same Turrets.
    - Ally will receive special buff effects for the number of Normal stages cleared.



  • Stickman Master: Shadow Ninja Мод APK 1.9.8 [Free purchase] 5.0

    Stickman Master: Shadow Ninja Мод APK 1.9.8 [Free purchase]


    Be the legendary ninja, enjoy the incredible adventure in STICKMAN MASTER. Hack and Slash, train everyday, you will become a LEGEND.

    Defeat monsters with greatsword, bow and hammer. You may choose the weapon you like.
    - Choose different heroes' class.
    - Upgrade items and skills.
    - Many powerful items to collect.
    - Equip health potion, weapon, armor... if you need help.

    What are you waiting for? Take action and defeat all the monsters of the darkness world now!

    - Many maps with 3 modes Easy, Hard, Extremely hard.
    - Fight against other players in PvP mode.
    - Powerful Pets.
    - Collect unique useful items.
    - 3 Hero classes.
    - A lot of attractive skin.
    - Ascension Tower mode with big rewards.

    Connect with us:
    - Fanpage: facebook.com/StickmanMaster
    - Twitter: twitter.com/UnimobGames
    - Email: [email protected]
  • The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores Мод APK 190.1.9 [Unlocked][God Mode][Mod speed] 5.0

    The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores Мод APK 190.1.9 [Unlocked][God Mode][Mod speed]


    The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores is an award-winning survival city building simulation game and a sequel to the highly popular The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands.

    Offline play is available once ads are removed via in-app purchase

    *Language Supported: English, French, Vietnamese, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai

    Awards Won:
    Pocket Gamer Best New Strategy Games of 2020
    Pocket Gamer Gold Award, 2020 – 4.5/5 Rating
    Pocket Gamer Connects, 2020 – Winner The Big Indie Pitch #2 Mobile Edition
    Tokyo Game Show, 2019 – Indie Game Area Official Selection
    Gamescom, 2020 – Indie Booth Arena Online Official Selection
    Google Play, 2024 – Editor's Choice

    Design your city, manage resources as well as your workers, each with unique personalities.

    Explore a procedurally generated world map with ships to find free cities to trade and mysterious dungeons to explore. However, keep in mind to place your buildings carefully as the positioning of these buildings can be vital to manage certain resources and affects gameplay.

    Above all, as your survival depends on it, build a powerful settlement (city building) and gain magical artifacts to defeat an ancient evil.

    Game Features:
    ❰ BUILD ❱
    It's City Building. The game allows you to build, craft, gather resources during the day. You have the freedom to design your city layouts. But, the placement of the buildings can be vital and affects the outcome of your settlement.

    ❰ SURVIVE ❱
    It's Survival! When the night falls, defend your village from random monsters like wolves, chupacabra, spiders, and Tribal enemies.

    ❰ EXPLORE ❱
    A randomly generated world map awaits you to explore with your ships. Discover new cities to trade with or face with random encounters for loot.

    Every villager is unique. Each has stats such as strength, agility, intelligence as well as personalize skills and traits.

    Explore the dungeon to obtain rare resources. Once you explore deep enough, you will uncover the mystery of the Bonfire.

    You can level up and build each villager as you'd like as found in most RPG games. Moreover, players will have the ability to craft weapons and armors and equip them to their units.

    Sequel to the award-winning game The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands, The Bonfire: Uncharted Shores expands on every aspect of the original and brings greater depth. Design your city, manage resources chains and workers with unique personalities, explore procedurally generated world map in ships, trade with free cities, and discover mysterious dungeons. Build a powerful city and gain magical artifacts to defeat an ancient evil.

    Are you having problems? Email us at [email protected].



    Official Site (including FAQs and Strategy Guides):

    Privacy Policy:

    Terms of Service:
  • SilverKnight IdleRPG Мод APK 1.2.05 [Free purchase][God Mode] 5.0

    SilverKnight IdleRPG Мод APK 1.2.05 [Free purchase][God Mode]


    Give the silver hero and witch a sword and staff and kill the monsters!

    ▶Please protect the witch by maintaining the protective shield on the Silver Hero and the witch!

    ▶Gold growth and attribute improvement are the foundation for the strength of warriors and witches.

    ▶Pick out the item and equip it! Heroes and witches are greatly strengthened through equipment.

    ▶Skills are the key to heroes and witches! (and flashy) Defeat more monsters by transcending your skills!

    ▶Pets are the warrior's companion and make the warrior and witch stronger.

    ★Feedback from users keeps developers healthy and moves them forward.
    The comments you leave after playing will become the life and flesh of the developers and we will repay you by creating better games (and, of course, even cuter and cooler characters!). Thank you for always playing.
  • Episode Boys Love: Choices BL Мод APK 1.5.14 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Episode Boys Love: Choices BL Мод APK 1.5.14 [Unlimited money]


    Introducing "My First Kiss" an engaging Otome BL (boys love) game that combines the excitement of yaoi and yuri in a dramatic visual novel format. Immerse yourself in a thrilling interactive story where your choices shape Akihiko's fate and personality, ultimately determining the outcome of his passionate and romantic journey.

    In this episode-based game, experience Akihiko's first BL love after waking up to a stunning man who turns into a cat! Unravel the mystery, explore your feelings, and discover your true self. Dive into a world filled with unique characters like a hot and caring guy in a collar, a temperamental heterochromia guy, or a seductive tattooed professor.

    Key Features:

    * Multiple endings based on your choices
    * Character customization with different outfits and hairstyles
    * Inclusive love stories and characters
    * Love triangle and polyamorous love options
    * Special dreams section with lustful, slightly scary, and psychedelic dreams

    This game is perfect for those who:

    * Enjoy Otome, yaoi, and yuri games
    * Love interactive stories with romance choices
    * Appreciate visual novels with passion and drama
    * Desire spicy episodes and intense love feelings

    Supported languages: English, Ukrainian, Spanish, German, Japanese and French.

    Join our growing community:
    * Discord https://discord.gg/kVp4MrANnU
    * Telegram https://t.me/faifly_games
  • Dream Defense Мод APK 2.0.288 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Free purchase] 5.0

    Dream Defense Мод APK 2.0.288 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Free purchase]


    The night seems endless and full of terrors… Who will save Robin from her evil nightmares, if not her faithful and fierce teddy bear Robearto?

    Play as a brave, gun-slinging toy bear and defend Robin from endless waves of scary and sinister creatures called the ‘Nightmares' that wait silently in the dead of the night, only to attack as soon as she falls asleep.

    • A BRAVE BEAR NEVER SLEEPS – Tap the screen to shoot monsters and save your friend! Only the toy bear knows what dangers lurk in the dark. From sunset to sunrise Nightmares swarm Robin's room, so stay alert and watch out for the evil bosses!

    • A SMART BEAR ALWAYS HAS A STRATEGY - From fire-spewing clowns to giant ghouls, there's no telling what creepy and spooky Nightmares Robin will dream of next. Find your enemy's weakness and pick your arsenal wisely. Choose your best defense strategy and defeat all the Nightmares!

    • A RESOURCEFUL BEAR IS ALWAYS PREPARED – Equip yourself with several exciting weapons! Attack the Nightmares with bb and poison guns, pepper sprays, darts and many, many more! Bombard the hoard of Nightmares with explosives or freeze them with ice-cream! Fortify Robin's bed with all sorts of awesome toy defenses. Build pencil barricades to keep the Nightmares away, or equip laser lamps that shoot them from afar.

    • A WARRIOR BEAR HAS THE BEST GEAR - Unlock new items at the store by completing levels and defeating new Nightmares. Upgrade weapons and use power-ups to be even more powerful. Put your toy defense up and ultimately save your best friend from the Nightmares that lurk in the shadows.

    Survive the night and don't let Robin's fears come true! Play the ultimate shooter game Dream Defense now for FREE!

    Having problems? Got a suggestion? We'd love to hear from you! You can reach us at: [email protected]

    Terms of Service: https://altitude-games.com/altitude-games-terms-service-end-user-license-agreement/

    Privacy Policy: https://altitude-games.com/privacy-policy

    By Altitude Games
  • Monster Tales:RPG Card Game Мод APK 1.34 [Weak enemy] 5.0

    Monster Tales:RPG Card Game Мод APK 1.34 [Weak enemy]


    Dive into a dungeon filled with monsters, traps, and surprising encounters. Build your deck from a selection of 100+ cards and formulate the best strategy.

    Monster Tales is a fantasy RPG that fuses roguelike action with tactical card game mechanics. Start with an easy run and advance into the harder levels as you progress through a dungeon of mysteries. Make fateful decisions and modify your deck on the go.

    As a roguelike deckbuilder game, Monster Tales offers players with tough choices in every step. Will you increase your max HP or heal your wounds? Will you pick an expensive, but powerful card or go with a low mana cost one? Your decisions matter and each dungeon crawl will feel different as you make various choices.

    Monster Tales provides an efficient mobile gameplay with cleverly designed UI and turn-based system. You can play it anywhere, anytime. Procedural dungeon generation keeps every run fresh and provides a strong replay value to the game.

    Card Game fanatics will feel like in heaven with the huge selection of cards and crazy combo mechanics. Combine different cards strategically to unleash amazing combinations and destroy your foes. As you delve into the dark dungeons, your hero will go up against famous fantasy monsters such as mindflayers and liches.

    Explore a rich lore while navigating the dungeon rooms with the help of random encounters. Lots of interesting characters will cut your way and offer you some very hard choices. Like a true roguelike game, each choice matters and each run will play quite differently.

    Card battler mechanics are enhanced with colorful visuals and striking animation effects. Each hit feels satisfying as your hero's power is reflected through strong graphics. 2D enemies are carefully hand drawn and animated that suits the general tone of the game's dungeon exploration and adventure theme.

    * Roguelike deckbuilder mechanics
    * 100+ cards
    * 50+ items
    * 50+ monsters and bosses
    * Endless gameplay
    * Amazing card combos and authentic keywords
    * Flashy visuals
    * Procedural generation that keeps the game fresh
    * Increasing difficulty: Easy to start, hard to master
    * Deckbuilding system with booster packs
    * Can be played with one hand
    * Can be played offline
    * Constant updates with new heroes, items, monsters and cards

    Glory and fortune awaits you, hero! Grab your cards and delve into the dungeon to save us all!
  • Idle Bounty Adventures Мод APK 1.2.2108 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Idle Bounty Adventures Мод APK 1.2.2108 [Unlimited money]


    Gather your forces and venture forth into a brand new Idle RPG adventure.

    Exploration Role playing Game
    • Explore the mysterious island and uncover its secrets.
    • Challenge all kinds of dangerous foes.
    • Inspect ancient ruins to discover powerful artifacts and valuable loot.

    Gather resources and increase your power
    • Create your own army by hiring new troops, or finding adventurers.
    • Convince enemy units to join your army.
    • Increase your capability in several ways: from idle relaxation to a non-stop clicking motion.

    • Build an army that fits your play style.
    • Use unit formations to become a master tactician!
    • Overcome emerging challenges by adapting your strategy.

    Idle gameplay
    • The troops know what to do, and you will not need to constantly supervise them.
    • Assign your units to collect resources during your absence.
    • Choose your own game pace.

    The game does not require a constant connection to the Internet.

    Game development is in its early stages, so there will be lots of new features to come!

    We need your help to make the game better!
    If you want to share your thoughts, please visit our Discord server or contact us at:
    [email protected]

    Join Idle Bounty Community!
    Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pRYA4qzjky
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/IdleBounty
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idle.bounty
  • AI Chat Ask Assistant - NowAI Мод APK [Remove ads][Unlocked][Pro][Optimized] 5.0

    AI Chat Ask Assistant - NowAI Мод APK [Remove ads][Unlocked][Pro][Optimized]

    Ai Chat Assistant powered by ChatGPT & GPT 4 API is a powerful AI chatbot and NowAi.v2 algorithm

    Main Key Features:
    ● Powered by the latest ChatGPT technology from Open AI (GPT 4 API).
    ● Free unlimited chat and get answers to anything.
    ● Support 100+ languages.
    ● Now AI (GDT) remembers full chat history to support anything.

    Chat Ai Assistant - NowAI is an AI chatbot and writing assistant powered by advanced ChatGPT & GPT4 technology. Our AI model uses the same AI technology, GPT-3 and GPT4, which has been used by OpenAI. Plus, with a simple, user-friendly interface, it's easy to navigate and efficiently get the information you need.

    One of the main features of the application is that as an AI writer. It can understand and answer many types of questions because the AI system has been trained through a machine learning process with a large amount of data. This also makes it a perfect personal AI assistant to understand and respond to a variety of inputs in the most natural and human-like way. Whether you want to chat about a specific topic, ask for information or need help with a task, AI chatbot will always answer you quickly and accurately. You can also copy responses from the AI chat bot and share them quickly. NowAI (GDT) – AI Chat, AI Friend is an expert in every field, for example with a few prominent areas:

    Legal experts: If you need advice on a legal dispute or want to ask about the governing law of any type of contract, do not hesitate to ask questions for AI chatbot, answers will be available in seconds.

    Educator: If you need to understand more about an event in history, different ways of doing a math problem, a reference essay Regarding environmental pollution, etc, ask our education experts right away.

    Another great feature is the ability to understand people as an AI talking app. This AI talking app uses machine learning algorithms to learn from your interactions, making it more able to adapt to your needs, better understand your preferences, and then tailor the app's responses tailored to suit your specific needs. However, it is not a chatbot offline so you still need the internet to use it. In order to make this AI friend bot easier and more convenient for users to exchange information or chat with AI chat bot, our AI writer also supports many different languages, and you can easily switch languages with just a few minutes. It also helps AI chat become more and more effective as a companion for anyone in need of a soul mate. Example if you need a chat bot boyfriend, get it now.

    More than a machine, NowAI (GDT) - AI Chat, AI Assistant understands and cares about you. From there, night mode is integrated to protect your eyes in dark conditions.

    In short NowAI (GDT) – AI Chatbot is going to provide you with the most advanced and convenient way to communicate with an AI friend bot. The user-friendly, optimized and extremely intuitive interface makes it easy to interact with the natural AI chatbot like you would a friend. Download the app today and start chatting with the AI chatbot and you'll always have support for problem tasks at work or study, answers to all your questions about life, gain a special soulmate and personal AI assistant who will never turn away from you and improve your own writing skills. We will constantly improve to bring you the most perfect assistant and companion - chat gpt pro, do not hesitate to leave comments and 5-star reviews.

    * This app is not officially affiliated to any third-party, any other app or company in any way, nor does it represent to do so. This app only provides a mobile interface to interact with AI Chatbot.
    * This is not ChatGPT, this is only a program built on public open source OpenAI's GPT4 model. And we special in the NowAi.v2 algorithm.
    * We do not collect or save any data used in the app.
  • CreArt - AI Art Generator Мод APK 2.0.1 [Remove ads][Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    CreArt - AI Art Generator Мод APK 2.0.1 [Remove ads][Unlocked][Premium]


    Delve into the realm of creativity with CreArt, the ultimate AI-Art Generator that transforms your text into stunning images. Discover a world where imagination comes to life.

    ✨Discover CreArt

    ► What is CreArt?
    CreArt is an innovative AI-Art Generator, a groundbreaking app that can transform your written text into vibrant, unique images, in a few seconds. Our AI Image Generator has been expertly designed to ignite your creativity and bring your ideas to life. An AI model trained with many images, similar to popular tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall-e 2 and Jasper Art. It's like having a personal artist at your fingertips, ready to generate your visual fantasies on demand.

    ► How does it work?
    Simply input some text that represents what you want to create and choose a style, and our advanced AI Drawing Generator and AI Photo Generator will interpret it to generate a unique piece of AI Art. You don't need to be a professional, only your words are the canvas.

    ► What styles can I choose from?
    CreArt AI-Art Generator gives you the power to choose from over 50 different artistic styles, from Anime, Realistic, and Pencil, to Watercolor, Psychedelic, Clay, Wool, and styles inspired by famous painters, among many other incredible styles. With so many styles to choose from, your creations will never be monotonous. Do you want to create a fleece dinosaur in a forest of giant mushrooms? An Anime character having a coffee in a bar? An alien landscape in the style of your favorite painter? The choice is yours.

    ► Why should I choose CreArt?
    CreArt is a powerful AI Image Generator that turns your ideas into Artworks, without requiring any design skills. Generate AI Art will be easier since we strive to make the interface simple and intuitive.
    A versatile tool for creating AI-Generated Art with the possibility to choose between different aspect ratios, you can use your results for anything; As mobile or computer Wallpaper, posts on social networks, frame the picture and more. Design unique AI Generated Photos or AI Drawings and explore the unlimited potential of CreArt.
    Unlike other Art Generator apps, our AI Image Generator is multilingual and supports more than 15 languages, including English.

    ► A new perspective on creativity
    Our AI Photo and AI Image Generating capabilities will help you unleash your creativity for your projects. Mix and match styles inspired by different artists to create your own unique style. Craft styles: stuffed animals, figures, cross stitch, etc. Create illustrations for books. Create Anime or cartoon characters to your liking. Create spectacular AI Paintings. With CreArt, the possibilities for creativity are endless.

    Create Your Masterpiece

    CreArt is not just another Art Generator Ai. This is an Artwork Maker where you, the creator, are in control. Use the power of your imagination to create amazing and unique AI Images that will belong only to you.
    Your text + Your style = Your Artwork. Try CreArt: AI-Art Generator today and let the AI Image, AI Photo, and AI Art revolution begin. Discover CreArt now and start your artistic journey.

    Terms of Use: https://waitos.github.io/creart/terms
    Privacy Policy: https://waitos.github.io/creart/privacy
  • Word Pizza - Word Games Мод APK 4.23.11 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Word Pizza - Word Games Мод APK 4.23.11 [Unlimited money]


    Word Pizza is a very interesting word game while being completely free.
    A new word puzzle game, where you need to create words from the letters placed in a circle.

    In these word puzzles, you need to look for words and create them from the letters provided. Words can be assembled by dragging a line in any direction. Just swipe over the letters to make a word and solve crossword puzzles. If you have highlighted the correct word, it will appear on the answer board. The goal of the word search game is to find all the hidden words. It sounds very simple, but the difficulty increases with every word connect level, so our word connect game won't let you get bored.

    You cook pizza and travel in the word connect game, by completing the word connect levels with word search puzzles. There are many stylish awards from 15 countries around the world, try to collect them all. Decorate your kitchen.

    Find and learn words by highlighting them to develop your vocabulary. You can get free hints at the start. Play on your mobile or tablet. You can use a special crossword mode.

    15 countries and more than 2,000 levels await you in the word connect game.

    Word connect puzzles are supported languages: English. Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc.

    No wifi? No problem! Our word connect game works without an Internet connection, which makes it a great time killer while you travel. Nevertheless, an Internet connection is required to synchronize your progress so that it can be restored through social networks.
  • Little Big Snake Мод APK 2.6.91 [Remove ads][VIP][Mod Menu] 5.0

    Little Big Snake Мод APK 2.6.91 [Remove ads][VIP][Mod Menu]


    Snake your way through the competition to complete missions, upgrade your skills, and destroy other players. Devour nectar and energy left by opponents to increase your size, skills, and abilities. Smash your way up the food chain as you evolve into the ultimate Little Big Snake.

    Challenge other players daily to become the biggest snake in the pit. Destroy your enemies by snaking around them and having them smash into you. Eat the yummy nectar left in their wake and collect keys, artifacts, and other items to unlock levels, missions, and allies.

    Engage in worm snake zone encounters as you navigate the snake vs worms dynamics. Immerse yourself in the excitement of the snake zoo environment, where snake zone adventures await. Explore the world of wormate and take on the challenges of the game snake zone. Feast on snake fruit and master the art of snake eat food mechanics.

    Dive into the captivating realm of snake eating games that test your skills in the snake zone game. Embark on worm games that offer thrilling worm.io experiences. Engage in intense worm snake game battles and strategic worm snake maneuvers. Conquer the realm of venomous snakes as you participate in worm zone online conquests.

    Play the game worm and become a skilled worm.io strategist. Embrace the adventure of the snake worm universe and face the dangers of venomous foes. Dominate the snake eating games scene and prove your prowess in the worm battle arena. Embark on a worm hunt and experience the excitement of worm hunt snake games.

    Defeat your opponents in worm hunt battles and showcase your worm hunt snake skills. Immerse yourself in the world of snake hunting games and unravel the mysteries of the wild worm zone. Challenge yourself in the wrong zone snake game and overcome obstacles in the worm hunt snake adventure.

    Become a skilled worm hunter and conquer the zone snake challenges. Indulge in worm eating candy and satisfy your worm eater cravings. Master the art of worm eating games and explore the depths of the sand worm games universe. Engage in worm slither actions and unravel the secrets of worming strategies.

    Navigate the snake worm zone and compete in thrilling snake vs worm io game scenarios. Embrace the role of a dedicated wormer and overcome challenges in the wild zone snake game. Embark on epic worm zone games and conquer the realm of wild worms zone. Face the excitement of snake hunting and prove your skills in the world of wild worms.

    Welcome to the ultimate adventure of snake and worm interactions in Little Big Snake. Get ready to dominate the snake zone, master worm strategies, and climb your way to the top in this thrilling snake game.
  • Dino Hunter King Мод APK 1.0.32 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][God Mode][Unlimited] 5.0

    Dino Hunter King Мод APK 1.0.32 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][God Mode][Unlimited]


    [Game Features]
    - Enjoy dinosaur hunting with simple operation
    - Hunt the dinosaurs
    - Enjoy hunting in raw backgrounds
    - Upgrade your weapons
    - Clear different missions for each stage

    - Left Button: Aim
    - Right Button: Shoot



  • Inure App Manager (Trial) Мод APK 100.1.0 [Unlocked][Full] 5.0

    Inure App Manager (Trial) Мод APK 100.1.0 [Unlocked][Full]


    Inure is a powerful open source applications manager and analyzer with a good-looking and easy to use interface. This app can be used to manage all apps installed in the device, in addition to that Inure allows you to access all the core components of the app including services, activities etc. and modify them on the go. All that combined with a gorgeous and pleasing interface, with every tap accompanied by fluid animations.

    • Organized list of all apps
    • Usage stats of all apps
    • Create notes for specific apps
    • Terminal Emulator with commands manager
    • Sensors information
    • Scan for trackers in any app
    • Inbuilt device information panel
    • App information panel
    • Uninstall, disable, force close user/system app (with and without root)
    • Dedicated app's component viewer and editor
    • Clear data and cache of any app
    • Grant or Deny permissions for any app
    • Block app's trackers
    • Root and Shizuku API support
    • Get information about any app, even uninstalled ones.

    Extra Capabilities
    • Audio player
    • Preview any TTF format font
    • Image viewer
    • Inbuilt text viewer and editor
    • Markdown viewer
    • HTML support
    • Pretty code highlight support for some programming languages
    • XML pretty printing and highlighting
    • SVG viewer support

    UI Features
    • Full-screen with status and navigation bar
    • Beautiful unique interface
    • Smooth animations for every element of the app
    • Interconnected interface by icons and shared animations
    • Universal accent color picker
    • Ability to change font style of the app
    • Rounded corner support
    • Pleasing colored shadows for every layer of the app
    • Glowing app icons effect
    • Unique switch style
    • Native theme engine to support all dark and light modes
    • AMOLED, Slate, Grey and High Contrast dark modes

    The full version of Inure is available to try for 15 days, all the features of the app will continue to work except a few of the trial features will be disabled after the period has ended. You can unlock the full version by purchasing the Inure Unlocker: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.simple.inureunlocker

    Inure has reached stable stage. I am actively developing this app and would love to hear feedback, ideas and general discussions about the app. You can submit your feedback on GitHub: https://bit.ly/inure_discussion or join Telegram group for the app (Recommended): https://t.me/inure_app_manager
  • Archer Hunter - Adventure Game Мод APK 0.22.339 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu] 5.0

    Archer Hunter - Adventure Game Мод APK 0.22.339 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu]


    Master the Bow and Conquer the World in Archer Hunter: The Ultimate Dhanush Wala Game
    Are you ready to embrace your destiny as a legendary hunter in this archery game unlike any other? Archer Hunter is an action-packed RPG adventure where you slay hordes of enemies with an arsenal of powerful bows and arrows.

    ** Begin as a humble archer** and embark on a thrilling journey to become the Master. Conquer thousands of dungeons teeming with skeletons, golems, slimes, goblins, ogres, werewolves, and more, each with unique attack patterns.

    ** Upgrade your strength** and unlock devastating archery skills with every victory. Collect treasures, items, and valuable gears to craft the ultimate hunter loadout.

    ** Unleash endless combinations of unique abilities** to outwit and defeat your foes in this teer wala game. Master the art of movement, dodging, and shooting to become a true archer hero.

    ️ The world teeters on the brink of destruction, threatened by evil forces. Only you, a legendary hunter with skills whispered of in myth, can stop them.

    ** Will you succumb to permanent failure or rise as the ultimate hunter and crush your enemies?** Download Archer Hunter and claim your destiny!

    ⚔️ Features:

    Addictive, action-packed RPG gameplay
    Tight and responsive controls
    AFK Rewards to earn while you're away
    Stunning graphics and immersive environments
    Endless combinations of skills and gears
    Unleash your inner hunter by joining forces with other players
    Raid dungeons, destroy monsters, defeat bosses, and claim valuable prizes
    The ultimate dhanush wala game for archery enthusiasts
    ** Download Archer Hunter today and take your place as the ultimate master of the bow!**
  • Jewels Switch Мод APK 2.9 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Free purchase] 5.0

    Jewels Switch Мод APK 2.9 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Free purchase]


    The power of magic jewels is in your hands! Switch and match 3 or more jewels to walk through more than 250 levels in this completely new hit puzzle adventure.

    Jewels Switch is an addictive and delicious adventure filled with colorful gem crunching effects and well designed puzzles for you to play in subway time! With candy style jewels to smash and eliminate in each level, Jewels Switch is twice the fun but familiar to play. So let's get started to crush the saga now!

    Game Features:
    - Arcade Mode: 250 challenging levels and more to come
    - Time Mode: There is no time to waste which can help you lose fat
    - Stunning graphics with a highly polished interface
    - Sharp and animated visuals fit this saga to surfers life
    - Easy and fun to start but a challenge to fully master

    How to Play:
    - Swap the jewels to match 3 in a line to remove them
    - Arcade Mode: Reach a specific goal to solve the puzzle saga
    - Time Mode: Match as fast as you can to level up
  • My dictionary - WordTheme Pro Мод APK 10.25.0 [Paid for free] 5.0

    My dictionary - WordTheme Pro Мод APK 10.25.0 [Paid for free]


    You want to learn a foreign language, or study a specific topic, and you are looking for an application to help you organize and study your vocabulary lists?

    This application allows you to:
    - add / modify words or sentences with their translation
    - listen to the pronunciation of those words
    - arrange your vocabulary lists in themes/categories
    - create a hierarchy of themes/categories (a theme can have sub-themes)
    - sort the words inside a theme/category
    - move a group of words to another theme/category
    - create several dictionaries
    - search a word in your personal dictionary
    - know the level of memorization of the words added in the dictionary
    - associate an image to a word
    - associate tags to a word
    - associate various texts to the added words (definition, conjugation, declensions, examples, etc.)

    You can also use this application as a lexicon or glossary, on the theme you want (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, cooking, psychology, philosophy, justice, etc.). This application is also very useful if you want to create a constructed language (or conlang).

    To facilitate the sharing between devices, WordTheme allows the dictionaries to be saved, imported and synchronized via Google Drive.

    This app can also help as a vocabulary trainer. To help you learn and memorize the words of your dictionary, "My personal dictionary" contains several games:
    - Flashcards
    - Find the translation: you'll have to find the right translation amongst a list of possible answers
    - Find the word: same thing, but the other way around
    - Find the translation (with sound)
    - Mixed Letters: you must place the letters of the word in the correct order
    - Spelling test: as its name suggests, you must write the word you hear while respecting the spelling
    - Crossword: a crossword game is generated with the words of your personal dictionary.

    All the games can be used with languages written from right to left (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, ...)

    Additionally, this application allows you to :
    - save your personal dictionary
    - export your personal dictionary to share it with a friend, or to make a distant backup of it
    - import a new dictionary or a list of words into a dictionary (with the interface inside the application or directly by sending the file to the application)
    - export or save your list of words in an Excel file

    A dark mode is available to limit visual fatigue while using the application.

    ** Difference compared to the free version ** :
    -> No ads
    -> Faster and less memory use (because there is no ads)
    -> On the pro version, the application also allows you to:
    - search on all dictionaries simultaneously
    - get access to new games (crosswords)
    - filter the words to be used for games via tags

    If you have a suggestion or if you see a bug on the application, please send me a mail at [email protected]. It will help me make the application better.

    Twitter : https://twitter.com/WTDictionary
    Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVl6irxk3KNcPl5JkvJeRjg
  • Hero Survivors - Premium Мод APK 1.0.146 [Paid for free][Unlimited money][Free purchase][Mod Menu] 5.0

    Hero Survivors - Premium Мод APK 1.0.146 [Paid for free][Unlimited money][Free purchase][Mod Menu]


    Premium Offers in this version:
    - Free Hero: Ronin
    - 10k Coins
    - 30 Enhancement Stone
    - 30 Soulstone

    Evil monsters are invading the entire world! As heroes who have been summoned to this realm, it's up to you to save the day. You are a legendary warriors with limitless potential, you must take up arms and combat these hordes of evil monsters. The sheer number of enemies is overwhelming, and any mistake can lead to disastrous consequences.

    To succeed, it is crucial to strategize, make wise decisions, and effectively craft a power spell. Harness boundless creative potential to battle against ferocious creatures.

    Amidst the battle, discover mystical materials to forge and shape your spell. Each material is a thread of magic, waiting to be woven into the tapestry of your strategy. With a staggering array of over 3 million spell combinations at your disposal, the realm of your creation knows no bounds.

    Upgrade your heroes to match the increasing strength, speed, and power of the monsters. Defeat them, collect weapons, armors, amulets, and more gears. Equip yourself with the best items and upgrade them to further enhance your strength.

    Master the art of movement, dodging, and attacking. Suit up and destroy everything that threatens your realm.

    Unlock additional heroes with unique fighting styles and skills to bolster your forces. Each hero joining at a certain level will enhance the overall strength of your current heroes. Recruit them, uncover new abilities, and forge a path towards greater strength as you work together to save the world.

    Unique innovative merge spell mechanic.
    Tight and responsive control with just one finger.
    AFK Rewards: earn coins and items in your free time.
    Stunning graphics, beautiful worlds, and characters.
    Endless combinations of skills and gears.
    Join the battle now and utilize the goodies at your disposal. Team up with other players, raid dungeons, destroy monsters, defeat bosses, and claim valuable prizes.

    Follow us for the latest news and updates:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlayHeroSurvivors
    Contact us for customer support:

    Email: [email protected]
  • Win-X Launcher Мод APK 24.3 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Win-X Launcher Мод APK 24.3 [Unlocked][Premium]


    With this Launcher, we are bringing Windows look and feel to the android platform to increase the productivity, and reduce the learning curve to use the device, be it phone or a tablet. Supports Windows 10 and Windows 11 look and feel with no ads to spoil your fun.

    Launcher is pretty intuitive with no learning needed to start being functional. You can customize it as you go to make it best suited for your needs. It has pretty much all the bells and whistles to change it as needed by you. For the best experience, we recommend switching to premium version, even though the free version provides you everything you need for start enjoying it.

    Here are links to our online community. Please join at your will:
    Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/internitylabs
    Reddit lounge: https://www.reddit.com/r/InternityLabs/
  • Neon Duet Icon Pack Мод APK 1.0.8 [Donate][Cracked][Mod Menu] 5.0

    Neon Duet Icon Pack Мод APK 1.0.8 [Donate][Cracked][Mod Menu]


    Neon Duet Icon Pack is a shimmering frame-less line icon pack with Pink & Purple gradients.

    Personalize your mobile screen with this unique and exclusive Neon Duet Icon Pack.
    I have created each icon with utmost precision.
    This Icon Pack is based on vector graphics.
    Due to the transparent nature of the icons, you can easily show off your device's wallpaper.
    Neon Duet Icon Pack will provide you with a unique experience.

    You need a supported launcher to apply this Neon theme.

    1. Download a supported launcher (Nova Recommended).
    2. Open Neon Duet Icon Pack and Apply.

    1. 7520+ [Latest & popular icons]
    2. XXXHDPI icons in 224x224 pixels resolution.
    3. Various alternate icons to choose from.
    4. Icons based on vector graphics.
    5. Monthly updates.
    6. Multi Launchers Support.

    Supported Launchers:
    1. Go Launcher
    2. Nova
    3. Niagara
    4. Apex
    5. Action 2: Pro
    6. Action Launcher 3
    7. Smart
    8. Aviate
    9. KK Launcher
    10. L Launcher
    11. M Launcher
    12. Lucid
    13. Lucid Pro
    14. ADW Launcher
    15. Holo Launcher
    16. S Launcher
    17. Asus [Zen UI] Launcher & many more

    Icon Updates:
    I'll try my best to add new icons as well as update older icons every month.
    Please feel free to contact me on my email or any of the following social media platforms.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arjun.aa.arora
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Arjun_Arora

    Kindly Rate & Review

    Thanks to Jahir Fiquitiva.
  • Clipboard CopyPaster Pro Мод APK 33 [Paid for free] 5.0

    Clipboard CopyPaster Pro Мод APK 33 [Paid for free]


    Clipboard CopyPaster Pro is a manager to simplify working with the standard clipboard; you can use it to copy and paste various texts and images, as well as manage the clipboard history. Clipboard CopyPaster Pro is a clipboard manager and has many additional and very useful functions:
    ✔ Saving all copied data (texts, links, images).
    ✔ Copy saved data and paste it to the desired location.
    ✔ Data editing.
    ✔ Create your own notes.
    ✔ Share saved data.
    ✔ Voice listening to the text of saved notes
    ✔ Search in saved data.
    ✔ Create notes using your voice.
    ✔ Create and scan a QR code for data exchange.
    ✔ Selecting a theme and application style icons.
    ✔ Clear clipboard contents.
    ✔ Setting a password to enter the application.
    ✔ Export/import (save) data as a backup copy and the ability to transfer it between devices with the Clipboard CopyPaster Pro application.
    ✔ Floating window (on top of all windows and applications)
    ✔ Convert saved data (text or image) to PDF file
    ✔ Possibility to select the position of icons.
    The application has convenient settings and an intuitive interface. Very convenient for working on social networks, sending information posts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
    In Android versions 10 and higher:
    To save the contents of the clipboard, after copying it, you need to launch or open the Clipboard CopyPaster Pro application from the notification panel and you can see the saved content in the main window.
    The application does not contain advertising! Thank you for purchasing and using the Clipboard CopyPaster Pro!
  • MiniWheels Pro - Diecast Мод APK 1.10.51 [Paid for free] 5.0

    MiniWheels Pro - Diecast Мод APK 1.10.51 [Paid for free]


    Stite: https://www.miniwheelspro.com/en

    MiniWheels Pro is an application that helps you organize your collection of die-cast miniatures.

    His collection in the palm to be able to consult at any time. Helping in time to buy a new item or to make an exchange with other collectors.

    Main Functions:
    - New menu at the bottom.
    - On the main screen there are three types of views, last registered item, list or gallery format. As well as the number of registered items.
    - The main screen also has a quick search.
    - Through the image of the main screen, it is possible to access the list of registered items ordered from the most recent to the oldest.
    - More security for your registration. Well, the backup performed on Google Drive.
    - Share your collection with other collectors. The query result can be exported to a PDF file.

    Key features:
    - Register of data.
    - Consultation of registered miniatures.
    - Edition of data.
    - You can insert an image / photo of a miniature. Which can be from the device gallery or directly from camera.
    - You can do backup of your registered data. And, you can restore the backup to another device.
  • Bicycle Stunts: BMX Bike Games Мод APK 6.5 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Bicycle Stunts: BMX Bike Games Мод APK 6.5 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Unlocked][Premium]


    BMX Bicycle game is here for you ⚡ Now you can play the best ‍♂️ BMX cycle games 2023. Downhill bike rider republic gives you the experience of a wild BMX bike offroad ‍♂️. In this bicycle stunt bike games, we have different types of exciting cycling missions from thrill to safety, from run to hang up. You will surely love to play all these.

    Riders Republic is the ultimate cycling game that keeps you engaged for hours. Whether you're a fan of BMX bicycle stunts 2023, mountain biking, MTB, or just cycling, this bike unchained game has it all. It features various types of cycles, including BMX bikes, mountain bikes, and gear cycles.

    From BMX games to mountain bike games 3D, there's something for everyone. The game also features cycling game modes, including cycle stunt challenges and descender bike game modes. Whether you prefer cycling in a cycle simulator game or racing against other cyclists, there's plenty to do in this game.

    It's a bicycle stunt game: Bike unchained 2d game that takes things to the next level, providing an experience like no other. With its 3D graphics, and real gameplay this cycle simulator game or cycle simulator free ride game is incredibly immersive and will transport you to the world of cycling like never before.

    What we are providing in ‍♂️ Bike stunt game 3d?
    ✔ Fully customizable bicycles
    ✔ Classic BMX 2 and MTB mountain bikes
    ✔ Exciting missions you need to play with a different strategy
    ✔ Stunning graphics and sounds
    ✔ Real bicycle experience for BMX boys

    Bike Game! Experience riding down a realistic forest trail in this thrilling bike game. With outstanding bike physics, you'll face various challenges depending on the weather conditions, including snowy, rainy, sunny, or foggy conditions. The game offers a unique and realistic experience that sets it apart from other BMX space, MTB cycle games world open, gear cycle games 3d, bicycle stunt descend 3d, and pedal bike games, making it the ultimate choice for cycle enthusiasts. Don't miss out on this exciting adventure in mountain bike clash games 3d!

    ‍♂️ Downhill Bicycle Games 2023
    Looking for a thrilling and realistic cycling game experience? Look no further than the world of BMX, the exciting and daring sport of extreme cycling that pushes riders to their limits. Whether you're looking for a cycle game to test your skills, a bicycle stunt game to show off your moves, or a bicycle simulator game to immerse yourself in the world. This BMX cycle game offline excites you more.

    It's important to maintain a steady pace while playing Bicycle Stunt Game: Bike Games 2023. The game revolves around maintaining a good balance on your bike, and deviating from the path may result in falls. With its thrilling gameplay, this biking game promises an exciting experience.

    Gear Up Now for cycling and Bicycle Game for Stunts
  • WhisperAI - Your AI Friends Мод APK 1.2.16 [Unlocked][Pro][VIP] 5.0

    WhisperAI - Your AI Friends Мод APK 1.2.16 [Unlocked][Pro][VIP]


    ** Transcending Time and Space, Offering Diverse Cultural Experiences**

    Our software acts like a magical sprite , transcending the boundaries of time and space, bringing diverse experiences to your life. Wherever you are, our software can transport you to a world of wonder!

    ** Addressing Emotional Needs**

    We understand that life's challenges can impact your emotions and mood. Our software provides a warm and safe environment ⚓️, allowing you to momentarily escape worries and find joy. Here, we offer a variety of friendly and empathetic virtual characters . Whether you're looking to share feelings, seek comfort, or find emotional resonance, they offer pleasant companionship.

    ** Engaging in Rich Conversations with Virtual Characters, Exploring Unique Stories**

    Our virtual characters cover a wide range of topics, each with their own unique stories, ready to deliver endless fascinating experiences. Interested in discussing topics that intrigue you? No problem! They are eager to learn about your life and engage in free-flowing conversations. Be it movies, music, art, travel, or cuisine, they provide interesting insights and captivating narratives. Additionally, our characters will recommend stories and topics based on your interests and preferences, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience.

    ** Enhanced Memory Feature in Virtual Characters**

    Our virtual characters excel in remembering your preferences, interests, and conversation history, offering a more personalized and unique experience compared to similar software. Their enhanced memory capabilities not only improve the experience but also foster closer and more engaging interactions. Whether you wish to continue a previous topic or explore new areas, they can accommodate your requests and desires, providing a fresh experience.

    **⚕️ Role-playing Interaction Exercises**

    If you've ever wanted to experience different roles in life, try Whisper. Our characters are enthusiastic about engaging in role-play interactions with you. They are eager to interact and look forward to establishing friendly relationships, engaging in interactive dialogues, and exchanging photos and videos.

    Join our software for thrilling interactions with virtual characters! Whether you seek entertainment, emotional solace, or are curious about various topics, you can find fulfillment and pleasure in our software. Start a dialogue filled with memories and emotions with our virtual characters! Give yourself a warm, joyful, and blessed new beginning! Let's break down the barriers of reality together, creating a diverse and inclusive world of happiness that's uniquely yours!

    **Privacy Policy and Terms of Use**

    We value your privacy and security. To ensure a safe and reliable environment, we provide clear privacy policies and terms of use. Please review these important documents before using the software:

    - Privacy Policy: [https://gp.whisper.bytejourney.net/privacy-policy.html](https://gp.whisper.bytejourney.net/privacy-policy.html)
    - Terms of Use: [https://gp.whisper.bytejourney.net/terms_of_use.html](https://gp.whisper.bytejourney.net/terms_of_use.html)
  • Video Maker Мод APK 1.517.153 [Unlocked][Pro] 5.0

    Video Maker Мод APK 1.517.153 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Video.Guru - music video maker and video editor from photo & music, easy to share memories and fun moments with your friends. The most user friendly editing app for Android. This all-in-one video editor with powerful & free video editing features: video trim, cut, fast & slow motion, edit video and photos with music, transition effects, filters, save video without losing quality etc.

    Easy-to-use video maker, no watermark! With Video Guru, you can export video without watermark, easily share to YouTube and other social media like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc.

    All-in-one Video Editor
    ➤ Multi-Layer editing, add music, voice-overs, sound effects, glitch effects, stickers & text.
    ➤ Best video trimmer & video cutter to trim and cut video. Split video into multi clips.
    ➤ Easy to use video maker, merge clips into one with transition effects.
    ➤ 50+ video transition effects to enhance your videos.
    ➤ Extract audio/music from any videos, add marks to the track according to music rhythm.
    ➤ Edit/combine videos with various filters, pro video editor with music and effects.
    ➤ Free Video Editor and Recorder, NO banner ads & watermark.
    ➤ Convert photos to video with music and effects, edit video like pro.
    ➤ Easily share videos to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Likee, TikTok etc.

    Pro video maker for All-Platform
    * Best vlog maker and intro maker, tons of filters and effects forvideo editing ✏️.
    * Change video speed, create fast/slow motion video, and save video in HD quality.
    * Whether you are a beginner or pro, Video Guru is the best choice for movie & vlog editing .

    Video editor with music and effects
    * Dozens of HD FREE music can perfectly meet your needs.
    * Various BGM, you can also add custom songs on your device.
    * Adjust music volume, fade in/out options supported.
    * Easy-to-use music video maker for All-Platform.

    Video Filter & Effects
    * Add stunning movie style video filters and FX effects to video panorama.
    * Merge clips into one with transitions effects.
    * Just a few clicks, you can create an eye-catching video✨ with magic video effects and stylish filters.

    Video Transitions
    * Edit videos with transitions and music, combine videos for YouTube.
    * A variety of video transition effects for editing, such as Glitch, VHS, Noise...

    Video Speed Editing
    * Free video editing app & PRO video editor with music, fast/slow motion.
    * Speed up or slow down video, adjust video speed from 0.2x to 100x.

    Video Background
    * Add multi ratio borders and no crop. Background color and video blur editor.
    * Blur background to fit for social media.

    Video Compressor & Converter
    * Custom resolution to compress and convert your video. Video creator with many quality options.
    * HD video maker and video trimmer app✂️, advanced vlog maker and intro maker for beginners.
    * Enhance the video quality, support up to 4K.

    Video Cropper & Ratio
    * Crop video in any ratios, such as 1:1, 16:9, 3:2, etc. HD export, no quality loss.
    * Cinema: standard 16:9 for YouTube video editing✏️. No watermark.
    * Square: 1:1 for Instagram. Pro movie maker & video maker for YouTube, Instagram.

    Video Guru is the best video editor and vlog editor, and it includes the most powerful editing tools as shown above. Try Video Guru now and enjoy your video editing here! FREE and no registration required! In addition we constantly update effects, filters, transitions and fonts etc.

    If you have any concerns or suggestions about Video Guru, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] (or by clicking "Send Feedback" in the app settings page).

    Video.Guru is not affiliated, associated, sponsored, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook.
  • Cuties Мод APK 11.7.587 [Remove ads][Unlimited money] 5.0

    Cuties Мод APK 11.7.587 [Remove ads][Unlimited money]


    Beyond the mundanity of our world live tiny, furry creatures called Cuties. They never give up and are always striving to better themselves. They value logical thinking and cleverness above all things.

    The Cuties can always find room in their lives for a good puzzle. In a certain sense, the Cuties' lives are a puzzle. No matter what they might be thinking about, no matter what they might be fantasizing about doing, they always adhere scrupulously to the rules of their game.

    And every time they start a game, the Cuties begin recklessly leaping over one another, each hoping to be the one who will remain on the square with the flag.

    Solving one puzzle after another, the Cuties develop their logical abilities and enrich their collective intellect. Why do they need to do this? Could they have some kind of plan? It's still hard to say, but who knows what they might have in mind?

    Dive into classic match-3 gameplay with unique features:
    ● Save the Cuties from snow and collect gold and gems!
    ● Go through hundreds of exciting levels.
    ● Rebuild Cuties' home and learn more about their live.

    Have any questions? Write us: [email protected]
  • Vange : Idle RPG Мод APK 2.4.83 [Mod Menu][Weak enemy] 5.0

    Vange : Idle RPG Мод APK 2.4.83 [Mod Menu][Weak enemy]


    ■ Customized Skill Tree
    Hone various skills to strategically construct your own skill tree.
    Skills are divided into active and passive skills.

    ■ Unbreakable Equipment Enhancement and Evolution System
    Using steel to evolve equipment allows you to create even more powerful gear.
    There's a 100% success rate for evolution, so no inconvenience.
    If that's not enough, give enhancement scrolls a try.
    Even if enhancement fails, your equipment won't break.

    ■ Equipment Synthesize System
    Synthesize four pieces of equipment of the same tier to enhance the equipment's tier.
    We offer automatic and batch synthesize features for free.

    ■ Various Growth Elements Beyond Equipment
    There are various growth contents like badges and artifacts that will strengthen you.

    ■ More Individuality with Costumes, Pets, and Mounts
    Create your unique character with cute costumes, pets, and mounts.
    Not only costumes, but also wearing regular equipment can change your character's appearance.

    ■ Enjoy Vast Content
    Experience over 1300 hunting grounds. New hunting grounds open every Friday.
    If you're short on resources, you can mine various gems through the mine every day.
    In addition, various expedition contents such as defense battles and dungeons are prepared.

    ■ Daily Gold Event
    From 9 PM to 15 PM(UTC) every day, there's a 2x gold drop event.

    ■ Weekly Updated Content
    Our game has been updated nearly every week.

    ■ Real Idle RPG
    Just keep it on and it hunts automatically.
    Protect your smartphone with power-saving mode and screen protection.
    A AFK genre real Idle RPG that farms automatically even when not sign in.

    ■ Coupon Codes: XMAS, HAPPY, LUCKY, 3, 33, 333, 3333
  • Heroes Legend: Idle Battle War Мод APK 2.9.1 5.0

    Heroes Legend: Idle Battle War Мод APK 2.9.1


    Pandora's Box has been opened - It's up to you, the Greatest Summoner, to save the world in Heroes Legend – an incredible mix of best RPGs and MOBAs with action games elements! Dozens of heroes with unique abilities and personalities are on your side. It will take a real master of tactics to assemble a team that would overcome all obstacles, defeat powerful bosses and reach the grand finale to shape the destiny of this world!

    With meticulously designed hero and monster characters, along with humorous fighting skills and actions, Heroes Legend is an RPG packed with amazing design content that will both entertain and delight you. Heroes Legend is more than just a fighting and strategy game, it's a game fit for a champion!

    ★ Heroes Grow Strategy★
    More than 60 Heroes in different factions with specific skills. Summon your Legend Warriors, TRAIN them to become powerful heroes, or convert them into Spirit material for EVOLVING. Forge magical gears, and outfit your warriors for victory!
    Each hero comes with a set of unique stats & skills

    ★ TONS of Content ★
    With battlegrounds galore and dungeons aplenty, heroic quests battle arena,, mysterious towers, much fun to enjoy!

    ★ Interactive team play!★
    Say no to single play. Fight beside other players while facing BOSS, with easy control, Tap Hero face and release skill in time to save your team.

    ★ Worldwide Arena★
    Put forth your best heroes, war in the BATTLE ARENA, battle head-to-head against other players in PVP duels! Climb the Leader board for the best rewards! and become Legend Warrior.

    ★ Season Events ★
    There are a ton of events always opening in game, and upcoming events follow season, in battle arena, achieve new hero legendary, new warrior and item to upgrade your team.

    AND ... Dozens of beauties waiting to be unlocked, they could help you campaign!

    PLEASE NOTE! Heroes Legend is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.
    A network connection is required to play Heroes Legend.

    Privacy Policy:

    Contact us:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heroeslegend.rpg
  • Dungeon Slasher : Roguelike Мод APK 0.709.1 [God Mode] 5.0

    Dungeon Slasher : Roguelike Мод APK 0.709.1 [God Mode]


    There are battles that don't end even if you die...
    There is an enemy that will not die even if you defeat it...
    What is the truth waiting for you at the bottom of the labyrinth (dungeon) from which you cannot escape?

    "Dungeon Slasher" is a roguevania pixelated side-scrolling action game, an exhilarating platform game where you fight powerful enemies and bosses in furious 2D battles while making full use of the weapons and skills of various characters.

    Rogue-like action that cuts through enemies at high speed!
    Strategic skill build and excellent control!


    ▣Game Introduction▣

    ▶Roguelike action
    You can decide your character build and how you like to play.
    Find your build by combining dozens of skills and items.

    ▶Dynamic 2D action
    Action game made with high quality pixel graphics!
    Understand and break through different patterns for each boss
    Feel the fun of strategy and control.

    ▶ Variety of flareable characters and weapons
    Various weapons and characters provided for you
    Try a completely different play than before.

    ▶Recommended for people like this

    ・I like action games
    ・I want to play games to pass the time
    ・I like strategy games
    ・ Likes RPG (role-playing) games
    ・I like pixel art
    ・I like dot RPG
    ・I like Rogue
    ・I want to play offline
    ・I like games where you dive endlessly into dungeons.
    ・I like escape games
    ・I like idle games
    ・I like dead games
    ・I like pixel graphics
    ・I like cute characters
    ・I like indie games
    ・For those who like playing games and want to play games.
  • Cyber Surfer: Beat&Skateboard Мод APK 5.3.8 3.8

    Cyber Surfer: Beat&Skateboard Мод APK 5.3.8


    Become a cyberpunk knight and experience different musical fun with your skateboard and lightsaber!

    In Cyber Surfer, you can experience the music of different styles and different singers just like: Pop, Rap, EDM, Rock, JPOP, KPOP...Imagine Dragons, Justin Bieber, LiSA, BLACKPINK & BTS,FNF playlist and any song saved on your phone.

    【How to play】
    - Move your finger to control the surfer moving from side to side.
    - Hit the ring of the same color as you
    - Colors may be changed sometimes!

    【Game features】
    - Cyberpunk style music game
    - Various song styles including both global hit songs and your favorite independent music.
    - Change weapons and equipment to catch higher scores
    - Smashing experience with fun and delight.
    - More surprises waiting for you!

    【Access VIP Features now!】
    - No Ads. No Disturb.
    - Unlock 200+ hottest songs
    - Free Revives. Nonstop playing. "

    If you love music, you love it.
    Download now!!!

    If any producer or label has an issue with any of the music used in the game, please send email to us and it will be deleted immediately if necessary (this includes the images used).

    Contact us:
    Are you having problems? Send an email to [email protected]
  • Bubble Pop Origin! Puzzle Game Мод APK 24.0226.00 [Remove ads] 5.0

    Bubble Pop Origin! Puzzle Game Мод APK 24.0226.00 [Remove ads]


    Добро пожаловать в мир пузырьков игры ”Bubble Pop Origin: Puzzle Game”!

    Если вам нравится лопать пузыри, это подходящее место для вас!
    “Bubble Pop Origin: Puzzle Game” обеспечит вам непрерывное удовольствие в виде увлекательной стрельбы по пузырькам! Составляйте ряды из 3 пузырьков, чтобы взорвать разноцветные шарики и и собирайте сундуки с сокровищами на захватывающих уровнях. Исследуйте пещеры, наполненные монетами, стремитесь к меньшему количеству выстрелов, очистите игровое поле и проверьте свои навыки стрельбы по пузырям в “Bubble Pop Origin”!

    Наслаждайтесь игрой бесплатно без Wi-Fi!

    Погрузитесь в мир головоломок с пузырьками! Вас ждут сотни уровней и испытаний.

    - Найдите пузырьки одного цвета и стреляйте в них.
    - Создавайте мощные бустеры, которые помогут вам пройти уровни!
    - Открывайте ежедневные награды для получения бесплатных монет и бустеров!
    - Выполняйте ежедневные задания и участвуйте в специальных событиях, чтобы заработать различные награды!
    - Примите участие в захватывающей гонке исследователей и повышайте свой рейтинг с каждым испытанием!

    Если вам нужна помощь, посетите нашу страницу поддержки в приложении “”Bubble Pop Origin: Puzzle Game”" или напишите нам на [email protected]

    Все права на “”Bubble Pop Origin: Puzzle Game”“® принадлежат компании Bitmango Inc.


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