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  • Food Truck Chef™ Cooking Games Мод APK 8.18 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Food Truck Chef™ Cooking Games Мод APK 8.18 [Unlimited money]


    Love cooking games ? Then join the top chef Emily, on her cooking adventure and cook tons of delicious tacos, falafel, asmr food, sushi, fast food & pizza in Flo & Emily's Restaurant at this Time Management delicious diner restaurant game.

    Bring out your inner crazy chef - cook fast, beat the clock & serve and manage the delicious foods to your customers and decorate your restaurant and food truck in this time management cooking restaurant game.

    Join the Kitchen scramble. Become the Top Chef. Bake it, Cook it, serve it at the krusty cook off. Are you ready to be the top cook ?

    Special features of Food Truck Chef™ My Cafe Restaurant Cooking Games:

    Build Your Cooking Empire : Get a taste of running your own Food Truck empire & start the cook off.

    Cook & Travel : Experience the gameplay with 700 tasty dishes from across the world, 680 fun levels & 17 exotic locations like Pasta street, Pizza street, BBQ street, Waffle Street, Oriental street, Bakers street, Falafel street, Tacos street, Sandwich street, Sushi street, Salad bar, Bacon street, Cafe bar and Tasty town.

    Super Chef : A brand new game mode where you get to experience, fully upgraded kitchens early, with 3 new boosters for Super-Fast & Super Furious Tasty Cooking. Bake it, cook it, serve it.

    Bling your Truck : Decorate your Food Truck to make it look super cool, be Top chef and get more tips!

    Upgrade & Level Up ⏫: Unlock new items to upgrade your food cart, kitchen, kitchenwares and be a best chef in the delicious world in this offline time management cooking game!

    Up Your Game: Chase whacky achievements. be a Top chef.

    Food Game Wars ⚔️: Battle it out against other chefs at the Food Street Carnival.

    Party time : Earn gems by sending The Party Bus out on party gigs.

    To the Stars & Beyond : Collect stars and earn gems in the weekly Star Haul event with new themes every week.

    Enjoy this crazy fun Food Truck Chef™ My Cafe Restaurant Cooking Games for free!

    Become a top chef in this addictive and time-management ⏱️ food truck cooking game! Trump other chefs at a fun Food Truck carnival and become the top gourmet cooking master at your food truck bistro & pizzeria.

    Travel across the delicious world and spread the Food Truck cooking craze, Cook
    eggcellent tacos, falafel, asmr food, fastfood, street food, sushi, shish kebab, dinner kebab Grill succulent sizzling steaks & fry eggplant, crunchy nachos & tacos at Tex Mex, Source and find the ingredients toss oodles of noodles at Oriental Street or prepare a yummy bowl of broth at Ramen Street for dinner. Let's cook.

    Help Flo, Emily & Victoria build their patisserie cafe and trump Peets Coffee as you serve lattes, espressos, coffee, mochas and mojitos and order up. Be the top cook you can.

    From exotic oriental fast food to delicious desserts, this fun Food Truck cooking game has more than 700 new ‘n' tasty dishes a dash of challenge at every turn. This is a fun game among all the cooking games, crazy cooking empire, Taco & falafel kitchen & comida games, diner games, food games, kitchen scramble & kitchen games out there. let's cook.

    If you love restaurant games, cook games, kitchen games, kitchen scramble, cafe games, waitress games, kitchen challenges, dairy games, dash games, diner games or food games then you will love this crazy cooking madness and our Top chef Emily.

    Do a cafe makeover, participate in the culinary fashion and create masterpieces in this awesome kitchen game and become a best chef and join the delicious world. Take part in the cooking craze at your tasty restaurant and spread the cooking fever with Victoria, Flo & Emily with a dash in the chefs' guilds.

    Level Up and Upgrade your kitchen appliances to cook quick and fast & become a MASTER CHEF in this offline cooking game!

    Let's fire up the grill!

    Food Truck Chef™ My Cafe Restaurant Cooking Games is completely free to play game!
  • Survival & Craft: Multiplayer Мод APK 307 3.6

    Survival & Craft: Multiplayer Мод APK 307


    «Hey, survivor! Watch out, shark is here!»

    A terrible plane crash took the lives of all the passengers and crew... except for one. You a survivor and now you are out of civilization. Around the ocean, hot sun and hungry shark. An almost hopeless situation and a huge opportunity to die throw adrenaline into your blood. You have only one thing — craft for survive.

    Survival simulator on the raft will throw you into an epic adventure in the middle of the ocean! Mankind and civilization far, beyond the boundless horizon. The main goal of the game is to hold out as long as possible alive, and for this you need to make crafting and building — gather resources, improve the raft and build a shelter right on the raft. Do not forget that thirst and hunger are not the only danger. Make sure that the shark attack does not destroy your plans for survival!

    Survival Simulator
    Watch for indicators of health, hunger and thirst. Otherwise your adventure on the raft will quickly end!

    Explore the recipe for crafting!
    Catch fish, grow vegetables and get water — do everything to survive! Create building materials, clothes, weapons, chests and other things necessary for survival.

    Play with friends!
    You can play multiplayer with your friends now! Get resources, build your raft and help each other survive in this endless and dangerous ocean. Remember, teamwork is your key to survival!

    Explore the islands!
    Travel to the islands and discover new lands!

    Get resources!
    Use the hook to catch the necessary resources: debris, algae, boxes and others. They will be useful to you for survival!

    Crafting and building!
    Spread, equip and protect the raft. Build a real shelter that will allow you to last as long as possible!

    Raft creative mode!
    A mode for real architects who want to make their dreams come true!

    If you like games in the survival games online multiplayer and crafting games, then our game will surely appeal to you!

    Write your feedback to our groups — we will try to disassemble all appeals and take into account your comments in further updates!

    Our contacts:
    VK: https://vk.com/survival_and_craft
    Discord: https://discord.gg/JFde2t8
    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IOGamesDevelopment/
  • Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 Мод APK 1.6.1 3.7

    Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 Мод APK 1.6.1


    Winner of the "Best Pick Up & Play" award on Google Play for 2021!

    Welcome to Pendle Hill, the top Academy for witches! Tucked away in the little town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, it is home to far more than its students - a dark and magical mystery is stirring that will rock the world of witches to its very core.

    Lydia, an 18-year-old Pendle Hill freshman witch, has disappeared. A conspiracy is brewing and it's up to her friend, Bailey, to get to the bottom of the mystery story. Bailey hopes you can join her in this magical adventure! Using your matching skills, unlock a rich interactive story for adults full of meaningful relationships, secrecy, and match 3 puzzles. In a magical journey where every decision matters, choose your story carefully and lead Bailey down different paths.

    As you puzzle your way through hundreds of spellbinding levels and scary stories, this beautiful graphic novel with exciting chapters unfurls to reveal the truth behind Lydia's tragic disappearance. Cast spells, investigate and uncover clues, collect rewards, and match 3 or more magical gems and crystals to harness the powers of witchcraft in thrilling interactive story-telling.

    In this match 3 adventure set in a 21st-century wizarding world, you'll meet witches with lovable quirks who will become your closest friends… and others who may betray you! It's up to you how your mystery story unfolds.

    In the magical of Switchcraft:

    Encounter the unexpected with Switchcraft's addictive match 3 puzzle game - experience different directional gravities, portals, and spirits in the metaphysical realm!

    Calm the chaotic mind and match 3 or more magical gems and crystals to increase your Magicka, the source of all magic witches.

    By matching 3 or more gems, collect Magicka Crystals to harness your powers of witchcraft and unlock the serialized urban fantasy mystery story in this wizarding world.

    ↔️ Choose your path in this interactive mystery game for adults, rich with meaningful relationships, secrecy, love stories and witch magic.

    Dive deep into interactive story-telling - cast spells, collect clues and solve mystery puzzles. Make sure to make the right decisions if you want to find Lydia! Enjoy the different paths in this magical choices game and get closer and closer to finding the truth as you move forward with the mystic journey of witches.

    Switchcraft: the Magical Match 3 puzzle game is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

    Get in touch with the storymakers at [email protected]

    Visit us at http://wooga.com
    Follow us on https://www.facebook.com/switchcraftofficial/
    Terms of Use: https://www.wooga.com/terms-of-service/
    Privacy Policy: https://www.wooga.com/privacy-policy/
  • Constellation Eleven - space RPG shooter Мод APK 1.46 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    Constellation Eleven - space RPG shooter Мод APK 1.46 [Unlimited money]


    ▶Space arcade shooter
    Get in your battleship and rule the space in top down shooter! Be prepared to fight with a lot of enemies!

    ▶Old school atmosphere
    A fresh look at the old good arcade games of‘90s. You will play as a pilot of a battle spaceship in the open world space filled with dangerous enemies. The game has enjoyable pixel graphics.

    ▶Character development
    Choose your pilot and improve his skills. Search for resources and minerals to unlock new skills, trading and level up.

    ▶Procedural generation space
    Endless space endless space full of asteroids, abandoned space stations and satellites. Fight. Trade. Evolve.

    ▶A lot of loot and customization items
    Find and equip weapons and armor with random characteristics. Choose your own style and follow it.

    This arcade shooter has a classic game mechanics, nice and interesting gameplay, nice graphics and comfortable control. During the game you will face a lot of trials and battles with small ships and heavy cruisers. The level of enemies will grow with each jump into other system.
    The project is in early access. In the game you fill find RPG & roguelike mechanics, nice pixel art graphics and atmospheric soundtrack in space ambient style. The project was inspired by the hack & slash genre and video games such as reassembly, starbound, space rangers and stellaris.

    Constellation Eleven is absolutely free game in russian and english languages. NO ADVERTISING!

    Side quests, space stations, trials, new merchant and currency have been added in the latest updates.
  • Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music Мод APK 7.8.11 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.7

    Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music Мод APK 7.8.11 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Musixmatch is the world's largest collection of song lyrics used by millions of people to get instant time synced lyrics for Youtube, Spotify, Pandora and more.
    You can also now use it to get song translations on the go.


    Musixmatch lets you:

    • Enjoy song lyrics with music from Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music and all your other favourite streaming services
    • Tap on the real- time notification to display the Floating Lyrics widget and get the current track's lyrics
    • Easily learn new languages by displaying the translation of the lyrics, in time with music.
    • Identify and get the lyrics to any song that's playing around you with one tap
    • Search for your favourite song by title, artist and even just using a single line of the lyrics

    *Playback of previews or Spotify songs may be limited for some songs based on country restrictions.


    With Musixmatch you can also:

    • Use the smart seek to find your favourite lyrics by easily skipping through a song using the progress bar
    • Share your favourite song lyrics on amazing backgrounds with the LyricsCard feature
    • Play Youtube videos in full screen, on landscape mode, to enjoy the FloatingLyrics fully integrated with the video
    • Play, pause, skip track from your lock screen
    • Get notified instantly when new lyrics from your favourite artists are available
    • Quickly and easily find all your favorites on your profile
    • Preview songs or watch their Youtube videos
    • Collect your identified songs in a Spotify playlist
    • Join our Community so you can submit all your favourite lyrics, put them in time with music and even have fun translating them
    • Fetch song info and cover art for your songs.


    • Musixmatch is available on your Android Wear devices
    • Enjoy Musixmatch at home casting local music and lyrics to your TV with Chromecast


    Party mode - sing along to any song with word by word syncing and beautiful themes.
    Offline lyrics - enjoy all the lyrics you have viewed without a connection.
    No ads - get all the lyrics with no ads.
    No commitment - cancel any time you like.


    Not sure where to start?
    Be sure to have enabled the FloatingLyrics and let Musixmatch find lyrics for your songs on Spotify, Pandora, Play music, YouTube, SoundCloud and more.


    Love Musixmatch? Don't miss our updates:

    Musixmatch Blog: https://blog.musixmatch.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/musixmatch
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Musixmatch
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/musixmatch/
    Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/musixmatch


    We love receiving your feedback, they help us to improve Musixmatch.
    Reach us: on Twitter: @musixmatch or via email
    Visit our Support: https://support.musixmatch.com


    Awarded in Android Excellence Apps 2018
    The best Music Player as for AndroidPolice, Android Authority and The Next Web
    "Best Apps 2014 and 2015" selection on Google Play Store
    +50M people enjoying their music with the power of lyrics
    Google Play Editor Choice with +1,2M 5 stars reviews


    *We only ask for the permissions we need for the app to be at its best.
    Musixmatch requests the "Notification access" permission only to listen for music.
  • Triple A Мод APK 4.7 [Remove ads] 3.8

    Triple A Мод APK 4.7 [Remove ads]


    ::: ¿Qué es Triple A? :::

    • Triple A es una aplicación de visualizador de gran complejidad, cinética, e interactivo que es un montaje de otras tres aplicaciones de la técnica digital también hechas por SungLab, Arte de la onda, de las partículas, y el arte de la gravedad.
    • Triple A está diseñado para personas que quieren una experiencia de New Media Art apreciación estética.
    • Triple A crea una diversión y descanso para todo el mundo de todas las edades.
    • Triple A tiene 3 modos de arte con cada modo de arte compuesta por 5 efectos únicos para un total de 15 efectos impresionantes;
    • Los 15 efectos fueron probados por 1.000.000 de usuarios que clasificaron descarga esta aplicación casi 5 estrellas de 5 estrellas. Además de los 15 efectos, también he añadido muchas otras características interesantes que le recordará de un vórtice, flores y hojas, mariposas, arco iris, y muchos más.
    • También podrá ver los fuegos artificiales, Tornado, Nuke, Atom, bomba nuclear, Volt relámpago, de medianoche estrella fugaz, agujero Negro, medidor oscuro, Tsunami, Gravedad, Halo, terremoto, Arma de fuego, hielo, espacio, universo, Aurora, líquido, extranjero, láser, pescado, mosca, cielo azul, Ola, Surf, Júpiter, la Luna, la Tierra, el Sol, Venus, Marte, Mercurio, el cometa, Plutón, Saturno y así sucesivamente.
    • La experiencia de la explosión de 15.000 partícula en su teléfono móvil!

    ::: Caracteristicas :::

    • 5-dedo multi-touch!
    • 5 opciones de música por Ray Aden (Sí / No disponible)!
    • 3 modos de Arte (partícula de arte, Arte Onda, Gravedad Arte)!
    • La velocidad más rápida (60 FPS) emite 15.000 partículas!
    • Personalizar partículas longitud, el número, y tamaño!

    ::: Apoyo :::

    Si tiene problemas, preguntas, inquietudes o ideas relacionadas con esta aplicación, no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo. Realmente me gustaría saber lo que piensa.

    [email protected]

    Se puede clasificar Triple A como uzu, luces láser de juguete, tesla, chispa, por gravedad, gravitarium, fluido de partículas de arte, pero es mucho mejor y ofrece mucho más.
  • Paint by Number Coloring Games Мод APK 2.76.5 [Unlimited money][Unlimited hints] 3.8

    Paint by Number Coloring Games Мод APK 2.76.5 [Unlimited money][Unlimited hints]


    Brighten Days with Paint By Number!

    Paint By Number is an art drawing game to color modern artworks with color by numbers. A number coloring book and coloring puzzle game for everyone. There are so many fascinating coloring pages in the color by number game and new pictures for painting by numbers will be updated every day!
    Dozens of number coloring categories for choosing, such as animals, love, jigsaw, quotes, characters, florals, mandalas and so on. Want to know what masterpiece your fingertips can create? Try to color by numbers! In addition to ordinary coloring pages of solid color, amazing special coloring pages of gradient color and wonderful wallpaper pictures are waiting for you to color by number. Share masterpieces with friends and families, enjoy color by numbers and beautiful artworks together!

    How to color by number in the app? Just choose one image, follow your heart, and tap the corresponding coloring cells according to the coloring numbers of the palette. It's easy to finish an artwork and bring pictures to life in a short time in Paint By Number to color by number. Coloring has never been easier, try it now and draw fantastic coloring pages with painting by numbers!

    Key Features
    - Convenient and fast: paint by numbers anywhere with no pencil or paper needed.
    - Various unique images and new coloring pages update everyday! Come and color by numbers!
    - Great variety of themed categories: cute animals, characters, beautiful flowers, stunning places and many more different themes for you to color by numbers.
    - Easy to color: enjoy the simplicity and ease of painting by numbers and app use, use hints to find tiny hard-to-find cells. Enjoy the happiness when you color by number!
    - Quick sharing: color by numbers and post number coloring artworks on all social networks and share with friends and families.

    Here comes what sort of information is requested by Paint By Number, your mini color by number app, and how the permissions are being used.

    To ensure that you can save and share artworks successfully, we need you to allow Paint By Number to access photos, media and files on your device, and this permission includes reading and writing the contents of your storage. Only with these app permissions can the function of saving and sharing work well. Share the picture you color by numbers with more artists!

    We only request the absolute minimum number of permissions that it needs to support core functionality, so never mind. You can see more details of app permissions in App info of Google Play. Thanks for your understanding and we'll try to bring you a better coloring experience!

    Contact us: [email protected]
    Follow our page: https://www.facebook.com/PaintByNumber.coloringbook/
  • Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Мод APK 2.7.8 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 3.8

    Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Мод APK 2.7.8 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Let's become the world's greatest tag team karate kickboxing fighter. Win the battle against ninja Kung Fu gang in this action-packed game. In tag team karate fighting games & katana Kung Fu master, ninja brook-lee is a martial arts champion that is pro. Earn points for each wining against opponent, compete against powerful rivals, and level up your tag team karate fighting skills to get a top-level remaster. Prove your skills as the powerful master ninja against Kung Fu street fighters. Your rivals use diverse martial arts styles including taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, boxing game, and others. Show your top-level ninja skills to overcome all of the opponents with the power of Kung Fu boxing games. Fight against powerful rivals, win over them and earn points to unlock new ranks of your progression in these offline games. Upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy with new strikes and karate fighting styles getting points for each winning match. Ultimate ninja karate Kung Fu Champion is an exciting arcade action martial arts. It is the adventure arcade kung fu game to enjoy tag team karate fighting & pro-Kung Fu master animations, special 3d effects, thrilling sounds, and real robot styles.

    Play the toughest of real karate games against world pro champions ever. Are you expert enough to control a giant champion in this Kung Fu fighting game? Control, punch boxing, super kick, flip kick with all opponents cleverly and defeat them badly in this real karate fighting battle. Tag team karate games & pro katana Kung Fu master 3d is ready for tag team karate professionals. Opponents are ready for a hard punch and kick show in offline fighting games. Tag team karate lovers will enjoy like rocky 3D martial arts experience. Trophies are for winners of tag team karate champions. Maintain the remaster for tag team karate champion in these real offline games. Quickness is key to win the hand-to-hand contest. Play tag-team boxing & pro-Kung Fu fighting game and learn how to compete hand to hand, unarmed, with your punches and kicks. How to use yourself with amazing skills to block the enemy kicks and punches is also an essential part of martial arts games.

    In Kung Fu fighting games, there are many blockage techniques to defend yourself from enemy attacks. Keep an eye on every move of your enemy like that is a martial arts fighting game with you. Use kicks and punch boxing with accuracy and quickly. Take timely decisions, attack the enemy with punches and kickboxing games at the proper time and block enemy attacks using accuracy and speed in your actions. Use enemy power against himself. In the sense of real self-defense & street battle taekwondo game. Offline Fighting games ring logical action is strong and you are presented with a visual and sensory double enjoyment. Continued passion and blood at the same time. Tag team karate fighting game & pro-Kung Fu master offers superhero fans an adrenaline-pumping world of karate action. Advanced animation and stunning 3d graphics bring the real tag team karate experience to your hand, while intuitive touchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun.

    Tag Team Karate Fighting Game Features:

    • Select and modify your own tag team karate ninja in Kung Fu tiger styles.
    • Get promoted by defeating king warriors tournament legends.
    • Battle against toughest fighters and become world tag team karate champion.
    • Katana Kung Fu do master tag team karate fighting tournaments with big rewards.
    • Unlimited level mode & career mode challenges.
    • Win tag team karate matches & get rewarded points to unlock the next tournament.
    • Background music & sound effects will increase your energy in tag team karate ring.
  • Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino Мод APK [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino Мод APK [Unlimited money]

    Yalla Ludo, an app with voice chat, allows you to play Ludo or Domino with your friends online.

    Real-time voice chat
    Talk with players via voice chat at any time, meet new friends and enjoy the game!

    Various game modes
    Ludo includes two modes: 1 ON 1 mode, 4-Player mode. Each mode has four gameplays: Classic, Master, Quick and Magic.
    Domino: Drew Game and All Five.

    Play with friends easily
    Private rooms and local rooms enable you to play with buddies either online or offline. Come and have fun in games together!

    Group Voice Chat for Gamers
    The chat room allows you to meet more gamers from all over the world and exchange ideas about games with each other. You can also invite friends or anyone else to play Ludo & Domino by this group chat. Let's enjoy the happy time in Yalla Ludo!

    We will continue to give our best shot to provide you with more fun games which will enrich your daily life.
  • Gauthmath - Math homework solver Мод APK 1.5.1 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    Gauthmath - Math homework solver Мод APK 1.5.1 [Unlimited money]


    Gauthmath is the fastest math problem solver with no cost online real tutors for algebra, graphing, calculus and all other math problems! Simply snap a photo of your question and get step-by-step answers instantly.

    【FREE MATH PROBLEM SOLVER】Gauthmath can help and solve all your math homework, just take a photo or scan your math homework, Gauthmath will instantly get you the math problem answer!

    【MATH ANSWER IN SECONDS】Gauthmath got thousands of helpers and experts, once they got your math problem photo, an answer will be there instantly, and a step-by-step solution will be provided to you if you needed. Just ask them, anywhere, anytime and even 24/7.

    【WORLD'S EASIEST MATH SCANNER】Gauthmath can help you solve all kinds of math problems! Even the hardest types of problems. IB/ A Level/ SAT / ACT / AP / GCSE / HSC math and other advanced mathematics, it covers all kinds of math problems.

    · 100% FREE for all functions!
    · Solve math problems instantly with a math expert! Faster and better!
    · LIVE Math experts available 24/7, NO LIMIT & FREE!
    · Math solutions with step by step explanations!
    · Gauthmath solves word problems for Math no other tools can!
    · Snap a math question, and you will get the problem solved in seconds!

    ·Word problems
    ·Algebra (Real Number; Arithmetic; Set theory; Expression; Logarithm; Complex Number)
    ·Function (Linear; Quadratic; Polynomial; Exponential; Rational; Logarithmic; Inverse Function)
    ·Geometry (Plane & Solid Geometry; Algebra & lines; lines and planes in space; transformation)
    ·Trigonometry (Trigonometric Ratios; Law of Sines; Law of Cosines; Reciprocal Properties)
    ·Calculus (Derivatives; Integrals; Limits; the tangent/area problem)
    ·Statistics and Data Analysis (Probability; data representation; random variables; binomial theorem; Poisson distribution; normal distributions; confidence intervals)
    ·Matrix (matrix algebra; the system of linear equations and matrices)
    ·Logic (reasoning and proof; conditional statements; inductive reasoning; deductive reasoning)

    You just need to use your phone to type in or take a photo of the question, then you can instantly get answers from our math experts. Totally Free!!! Gauthmath is your free portable tutor, always ready to provide you with homework help and improve your learning efficiency! With Gauthmath,you will find math problems like a piece of cake!

    If you have any problems in mathematics, leave it to Gauthmath! Your most reliable math helper will provide the best math answers for your math homework. Our math expert services will prepare high-quality math help for you and make your math homework and exams much easier!

    Gauthmath, your fastest and most trustworthy math helper!

    ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gauthmathofficial
    ►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gauthmath.official/
    ►Youtube: https://bit.ly/GauthmathYT
    ►Discord: https://discord.gg/cy6jtuY9At
    ►Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GauthmathHomeworkHelp/
    ►Website: www.gauthmath.com

    ►Email: [email protected]

    We are more than happy to answer all your questions and solve any issue, so make sure you contact us before leaving your review!
  • YouCut - Video Editor & Maker Мод APK 1.492.2133 [Remove ads][Unlocked][Pro] 3.5

    YouCut - Video Editor & Maker Мод APK 1.492.2133 [Remove ads][Unlocked][Pro]


    YouCut is the best Video Editor, best Video Trimmer and Joiner app for YouTube and other social media.

    Edit videos like a pro. Create your own videos from photos or video clips with YouCut in minutes. No video editing experience needed. Try it Now.

    FREE & No Watermark!

    Free Movie Maker and Video Editor
    YouCut has the most useful features that other top pro video editing apps, or movie maker, video cutter apps have, but it is free and has no banner ads.

    Video Merger & Video Joiner
    Merge video clips into one video, add video to video. It is a pro video maker for YouTube, also the professional video cutter and video joiner, helps compress & combine videos without losing quality.

    Video Trimmer & Video Cutter
    Cut & trim video as you want. Edit video with music, Instagram story cutter. Export video in HD quality. Easy-to-use movie maker, the best video cutter & pro video editor.

    Video Splitter & Video Slicer
    Slice & split video into two separate video clips. Free movie maker and video editor for android.

    Video Speed Control
    Brand new fast/slow motion feature (Adjust video speed from 0.2× to 100×) , Editing video and adjust video speed with video filters and effects.
    Speed up video in a fun way.
    Slow down video for special moments.

    Photo Slideshow Maker
    Free music video editor with photos, professional video combiner app, merge photos to create slideshow.
    Combine videos with photos, edit videos with music like a pro.
    Slideshow maker, helps create slideshow in minutes.

    No Watermark
    As a free music video editor and full screen video maker for YouTube, YouCut never add Watermark to your video.

    No ads when editing videos
    There is no banner ads on the screen, unlike other video editing apps.

    Add Music to Video
    It is a professional Tik Tok editor, YouTube intro maker and Instagram story cutter that meets all your needs.
    1. Add free featured music by YouCut.
    2. Edit videos with your music.
    3. Adjust the original video volume.

    Video Filters & FX Effects
    Add beautiful movie style video filters and FX effects to video. Movie maker and film editor without watermark.

    Video Color Adjust
    Adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Custom video filters and effects. Best movie cutter and video crop app.

    Change Video Aspect Ratio
    Fit your video in any Aspect Ratios like 1:1, 16:9, 3:2, etc. No crop video maker free and video cutter app.

    Change Video Background
    Add different borders and no crop video.
    1. Change the background color of your video.
    2. White background can most assimilate into social media app like Instagram. Perfect Instagram story cutter app.
    3. Black background make your video feel like a professional movie.
    4. Don't like flat color? You can use blur background.

    Video Compressor & Converter
    1. Choose resolution to compress and convert your video.Best HD video maker free & Tik Tok editor.
    2. YouCut - Pro video maker and mp4 editor supports resolution up to 4K.
    3. YouCut use an advanced technology to save more than 90% size without losing much quality.

    Video Cropper
    Crop video to any ratio you want. Zoom in/out your video.

    Share Video
    Add text on video with font and style.
    Use Slow Motion Video Editor to make your video run in fast/slow motion, share video to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter…to get hundreds of 'likes'!

    Crop Video, Video merger, Cut, Trim, Split, Compress, Blur, Photo Slideshow Maker, Add music, Add text to video, Apply FX video filters, No crop video, Rotate video, Share to YouTube... Fast/Slow motion video editor without losing video quality!

    If you have any question about YouCut (pro video editor free, video cutter & movie maker, photo slideshow maker), please email us at: y[email protected]

    YouCut is not affiliated, associated, sponsored, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook.
  • PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor Мод APK 2.4.0 [Remove ads][Unlocked][Pro] 4.0

    PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor Мод APK 2.4.0 [Remove ads][Unlocked][Pro]


    PhotoRoom is the all-in-one app that edits, designs and optimizes great visual content that helps you run your business from your phone. Remove or erase the background of photos, use templates and create your own content.

    No need to be a photographer or design pro anymore: with PhotoRoom, you can turn your photos into pro-quality content in seconds.
    Our magic? The app crops objects and people in your picture, automatically. With one tap, remove the background and create stand-out content that showcases a product or person. Edit the image, add text or a logo, stickers, make collages, or use one of our 1K+ background templates to make it even easier. It's like having a whole photography and design studio in your pocket!

    More than 1 million shop owners, resellers, and creators trust us. Join our mobile-first entrepreneur revolution and download PhotoRoom free today.

    What you can create:
    - Product content for e-commerce & marketplaces like Poshmark, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Facebook marketplace, or Depop.
    - Portrait photography and profile pics for business or social
    - Official photos for your Passport, ID or Driver's License
    - Covers for Youtube, Instagram and Facebook
    - Instagram Stories to promote you or your business
    - Fun collages and stickers

    How to use PhotoRoom:
    1. Take a picture or upload one from your library
    2. Pick from one of our 1000+ available backgrounds or templates
    3. Edit the image and add text. Apply filters, remove the background, modify the contrast, or add quotes easily with our smart photo editor.
    4. Add your logo (with PhotoRoom PRO)
    5. Export your content to your Library, or directly to Whatsapp, Messages, Social Media, or marketplaces like Poshmark, Depop, Vinted, etc.

    PhotoRoom is the Photo Editor for Everyone
    - Use the most accurate and easy background eraser to cut out objects in images & erase their backgrounds, apply a white background, blur the background or cut the background itself
    - Easily crop photos
    - Make your own stickers in a few steps by exporting your pic to Sticker Maker.
    - Use our seasonal templates to create easy, dynamic seasonal content
    - Make photo collages

    PhotoRoom for Resellers
    If you are a reseller on marketplaces like Poshmark, Depop, etc, you can optimize your business with features like the AI background remover, product or person cut out, easy export directly to the marketplaces platform, or batch export mode with our PRO membership.

    PhotoRoom for Small Business
    Create professional images for your website or app in a few seconds. Use PhotoRoom to remove background, add text, or cut out a product or person perfectly. Edit to your liking and easily export. If you're looking for Pixelcut, why not try the original PhotoRoom.

    PhotoRoom for Creators
    Promote you and your business on social by easily creating templates for Youtube or Podcast covers, and Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest content.

    PhotoRoom Pro
    In PhotoRoom Pro, you'll have access to the following features.
    - Remove the PhotoRoom logo
    - Access to 3 Pro cutout options (Standard, Person, Object)
    - Access to the full Pro backdrop & template library
    - Export at higher resolutions
    - Edit and export in batch mode
    - Try PhotoRoom Pro with a free trial - limited to one per Google Play account. Once the trial is over, you'll be charged a subscription fee. Your Pro subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Go to your Google Play account to manage your membership & to turn auto-renew off.

    Love PhotoRoom?
    Follow us on Instagram @photoroom for illustrations and design tips.
    Send your feedback to [email protected]
    With PhotoRoom, you will enjoy the most accurate background eraser. In a few taps, you will add a white background to your pictures, have a perfect pixelcut, or have access to multiple photo editing options.
  • Background Eraser Мод APK 2.8.0 3.6

    Background Eraser Мод APK 2.8.0


    This is an application for cutting pictures and for making a picture's background transparent.

    The resulting images can be used as stamps with other apps to make a photomontage, collage.

    - - - Features - - -

    "Auto" mode
    - Erase similar pixels automatically.

    "Extract" mode
    - Select and erase objects which you want to remove accurately, by using blue & red markers.

    It's very important to make a picture's background transparent accurately
    if you want to superimpose photos and make good composite photos.

    By using this app, you can do it better.
  • Resso - Songs, Lyrics & Radios Мод APK 1.63.0 [Remove ads][Unlocked][Premium] 3.7

    Resso - Songs, Lyrics & Radios Мод APK 1.63.0 [Remove ads][Unlocked][Premium]


    Resso had an incredible year. We hope you had one too ❤
    We are excited about seeing more of you choose to tune in together with us, and especially the growth of the Resso community :)
    We received thousands of pieces of feedback every day from many of you around the world even from those regions we have not launched in yet. It was such a pleasure to see your recognitions and encouragements, and also very motivating to see your suggestions and criticisms. Your feedback continues to help us recognize where Resso needs improvement. For example, when it was found that we often receive requests to add certain songs or artists, we built an express channel to specifically follow up these requests. Our team reviews the feedback regularly, and we give higher priority to contacting the corresponding labels and artists.
    At Resso, we believe that music connects us and brings us closer together. We see this through the many creative comments, touching stories, and iterations with different songs on Resso. It is all of you, our devoted users, who made Resso a vibrant community for music lovers.
    Looking towards the future, we hope you continue to talk to us so that we can continue to evolve together. Please share anything you want with us, like how you felt this year, what you expect for next year. Add #ToResso in your thoughts, and we look forward to seeing you "ressonating" with us anywhere we can reach you!(in-app feedback&help/Appstore/Google Play)
    Happy New Year from the Resso team - see you in 2022!
  • Flower Girls Tamagotchi Anime Мод APK 1.9.46 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Flower Girls Tamagotchi Anime Мод APK 1.9.46 [Unlimited money]


    Grow your Flower Girl!

    This game has elements of tamagotchi and virtual pet and it is a simulator of plant - girl care, designed for a long-term relationship. Currently 6 flowers are available, each with its own unique character, appearance and set of animations. Friendly Begonia, obstinate Rose, tender Violet, mischievous Peony, lovely Nymphea and sleepy Pulsatilla.

    Let these cute creatures become your virtual friend, take care of them: water, communicate, play, fulfill their whims. In exchange flowergirls will give you their love.
    Follow the scale of joy - the higher its level, the happier the flower, which means it will grow faster.

    Flowers have three stages of growing up - childhood, youth and maturity. (The store has a special potion that will stop growing at any stage you like.)

    Play the game while playing the game! Minigames: Mushroom Glade, Magic Cards, Snail Freddy, Morning Dew and Thorny desert.

    Decorate flower pots with various decor items, and the flowers themselves with pretty hats. Many items have animations and sound effects.

    Participate in seasonal events during which unique content is added, decor items that you can collect.

    We are constantly working on new content for our game and listen to the opinion of our players. If you have ideas on how to improve the game, please share with us in the comments on the application or at our social networks.
  • Hawaii Match-3 Mania: Design Мод APK 1.24.2400 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Hawaii Match-3 Mania: Design Мод APK 1.24.2400 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to the tropical island where young Katie Lockwood has returned to her family's beautiful yet damaged mansion! She needs your help to rebuild it after a hurricane and bring it back to its former glory!

    Embark on an adventurous journey: beat match-3 puzzles, decorate rooms according to your taste, restore the mansion's gorgeous beach and enjoy the company of amusing characters. Get to the bottom of family secrets and find out the Lockwoods' mysterious history, which began more than two hundred years ago, when pirates plied the surrounding seas!

    While this game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. You may disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

    PLAY through dynamic match-3 levels and explore picturesque locations around the paradise island
    WIELD incredible boosters and power-up combos 
    LIVE out your home designer dreams with hundreds of exciting and colorful options
    ● CREATE your own unique & stylish tropical manor
    UNCOVER the secrets of Katie's ancestors and reunite the family 
    FOLLOW your friends' progress with the innovative built-in social network
    UNLOCK all of the mansion's areas to renovate, design and develop!

    Hawaii Match-3 Mania® available in: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish

    Compatibility notes: This game performs best on high-end smartphones and tablets.

    G5 Games - World of Adventures™!
    Collect them all! Search for "g5" in Google Play!

    Sign up now for a weekly round-up of the best from G5 Games! www.g5e.com/e-mail

    Visit us: www.g5e.com
    Watch us: www.youtube.com/g5enter
    Find us: www.facebook.com/hawaiimatch3
    Follow us: www.twitter.com/g5games
    Join us: www.instagram.com/hawaiimatch3
    Game FAQs: https://support.g5e.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012077900
    Terms of Service: http://www.g5e.com/termsofservice
    G5 End User License Supplemental Terms: http://www.g5e.com/G5_End_User_License_Supplemental_Terms
  • DROPS Visual Language Learning Мод APK 36.7 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.9

    DROPS Visual Language Learning Мод APK 36.7 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Pick up the essential words of these languages:
    Korean, Japanese, Chinese (both Mandarin Chinese & Cantonese Chinese), Spanish (both Castilian Spanish & Latin-American Spanish), English (both American English & British English), Estonian, Farsi (Persian), French, Finnish, Greek, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese (both European Portuguese & Brazilian Portuguese), Hebrew, Thai, Arabic, Turkish, Tagalog (Filipino language), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Hungarian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Hindi, Maori, Samoan & Esperanto and Hawaiian!

    Drops (a Kahoot! company) takes “boring” out of language learning: useful vocabulary is beamed into your memory via gorgeous minimalist illustrations and fast paced micro-games.
    The fun part? It only takes 5 minutes a day. In fact that's all the time you get! Insane? Yes. Works? Absolutely!

    Cornerstones of Drops (a Kahoot! company):

    Drops is 100% visual: We use pictures to directly connect the meaning to - not to your native language! No middleman. Quicker, better and more fun! :)

    ️ 5 minute session limit: limiting learning time may sound counterintuitive but it makes Drops incredibly addictive which is not a bad thing when we talk about language learning. The barrier of entry is nonexistent. No excuses: you ALWAYS have 5 minutes!

    ️ Effortless practice: We took a good look at why games are so fun and addictive and injected the essence into Drops to create an app that is freakishly immersive but in this case you don't waste your time playing instead you build a valuable asset: knowledge of a new language.

    ⚡Rapid pace: We believe in quick pace and typing on your phone's keyboard is nothing but fast. Say hello to rapid swipes and taps! You'll need those extra seconds to get the most out of your 5 minutes ;)

    Vocabulary focus: No grammar, only curated words with high practical value. Drops focuses on one thing and it does it extremely well. Drops also teaches “alphabet” courses for beginners in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Hindi.

    Forge learning habit: Drops wants to convert you into a language learning addict. No matter how effective your learning tool is, if you don't use it on a daily basis, it doesn't really matter. Drops tricks your mind and you'll be better for it!

    We recently introduced dialects too! Now you can choose between Mandarin Chinese & Cantonese Chinese, Castilian Spanish & Latin-American Spanish, American English & British English and between European Portuguese & Brazilian Portuguese. We are extremely proud to our beautiful word pronunciations recorded by voice actresses and actors!

    Drops (a Kahoot! company) offer a complete package for free for casual learners: 5 minutes of blazingly fast and epic fun learning per day, more than 2400 words in 99 topics. More dedicated language learners can subscribe for premium features to achieve much faster progress and of course provides unlimited learning time.

    Our mission at Drops (a Kahoot! company) is to empower people of the world with the gift of language knowledge via a special tool that uses the universal language we all speak: images.

    I'm sure you'll love Drops (a Kahoot! company) as much as we enjoyed making it. If so, please leave us a review! :)

    Have questions? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]
  • Video Music Player Downloader Мод APK 1.163 [Premium] 4.0

    Video Music Player Downloader Мод APK 1.163 [Premium]


    Download Music with Free MP3 Music Downloader. ⬇ Listen to Free Music with Music Player for YouTube. Download MP3 music free from Creative Commons sites. FM Radio, offline MP3. Discover and listen to 200 million+ free songs! Keep your music playing while using other apps. YouTube music can be streamed but NOT downloaded. This app is NOT a YouTube music downloader.

    Music downloader takes download enabled music offline to play anytime with equalizer, variable speed, bass boost. Download 9 million+ songs with fast MP3 downloader. Listen to offline music, FM Radio even when the screen is off.

    Free Music features
    ⭐ Download CC licensed MP3 music and play it offline (it's not a YouTube music downloader)
    ⭐ Search and listen to millions of songs: find any songs, artists, playlists in an endless
    ⭐ Multitasking with floating player
    ⭐ Listen to local music offline: background playback while the screen is off
    ⭐ Tons of features: shuffle, lyrics, ringtones, sleep-timer, playlists, file browser, and many more
    ⭐ Audio & video formats support
    ⭐ Music recommendation for any mood, activity, and genres Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Classical, R&B, Jazz, Disco, Country, and more

    Free Music Player multitasking experience: listen to YouTube free music with a floating player while texting, chatting, gaming, using maps and any other apps. Player lock mode and battery saver prevent accidental taps and save power. It helps to listen to the music without turning off your phone. (playing online music when the screen is off is not allowed by YouTube - use download or offline or radio tabs for that)

    ⭐ Enjoy free music:
    * Search with suggestions for songs, FM radio stations, playlists, albums, artists, singles, covers, and remixes
    * Listen to other users' playlists or import your own playlists from YouTube
    * Live music / FM radio streaming
    * High-Quality video mode (wifi recommended)
    * Audio Books, Science Fiction, Romance, etc
    * Powerful and tiny, optimized for low system resources usage, uses minimum possible wifi or mobile data
    * Discover best free music by mood, activity, genres, daily updated top charts, weekly top playlists

    ⭐ Playlists
    * YouTube playlists import
    * Personalized playlists: favorites, history, recommend
    * Share playlists and tracks
    * Auto-backup

    ⭐ Music player
    * Minimalistic and stylish design
    * Shuffle/repeat
    * 5 bands equalizer. Presets: Classical, Dance, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Electronic, Small speakers, Flat, Normal
    * Bass boost, virtualizer, reverb effects
    * Local music background playback
    * Rich audio video lossless music format support: MP3, FLAC, AVI, MP4, etc
    * Variable speed playback
    * Lyrics
    * Headset Bluetooth controls
    * Sleep timer
    * Auto add all local music
    * Album art downloader
    * Battery saver with reduced brightness and accidental taps prevention

    This app:
    * provides downloading and streaming for non-commercial use only
    * does not download YouTube videos
    * does not cache YouTube content for offline playback
    * does not play YouTube in the background
    * does not play YouTube when the screen is turned off
  • Cricbuzz - Live Cricket Scores & News Мод APK 5.04.02 [Unlocked][Plus] 3.9

    Cricbuzz - Live Cricket Scores & News Мод APK 5.04.02 [Unlocked][Plus]


    ⚡️ Superfast scores and commentary
    Highly engaging and entertaining ball-by-ball commentary
    Notifications for live matches and breaking news
    Latest cricket news and editorials
    Schedules of upcoming matches
    Exclusive video content
    Rankings, Stats and Records
    Special content for major tournaments like ICC Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy, IPL etc
    Extensive coverage of all International cricket, IPL, BBL, CPL, Natwest T20 Blast and other major cricket tournaments across the world. Tons of domestic cricket coverage too.

    Cricbuzz App may request you permissions for the following

    We need this to locally store some data like images when you are using the app. This helps us minimize data uage and also make the experience fast and fluid.

    We need this to automatically populate your Gmail Id when you try to send us feedback.

    We need this to curate our content and show you the most relevant content on some sections of the App. eg: Matches, videos, news etc on Home screen. We will also use this for advertising purposes.
  • Xender - Share Music Transfer Мод APK 12.0.1 [Remove ads] 3.8

    Xender - Share Music Transfer Мод APK 12.0.1 [Remove ads]


    Xender - best sharing app fulfilling all your transfer needs

    ☆ Share Music, Share Video &Share Photo, Share MV, Share It, Share Me, Share File
    ☆ Transfer All type of files (App, music, pdf, word, excel, zip, Folder..)in any places at any time
    ☆ Absolutely without mobile data usage
    ☆ 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed: Top WiFi File Transfer Master!
    ☆ Cross-Platform Supports: Android, IOS, Tizen, Windows, PC/ Mac
    ☆ No Need for USB connection or additional PC software
    ☆ The choice of 500 Million+ users
    ☆ Over 200 million files successfully transferred daily
    ☆ Play all music and videos right after receive
    ☆ New Feature [toMP3]: Convert Video to Audio
    ☆ Social Media Downloader:Save videos from Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram
    ☆ Game Center –Hundreds of Casual Games available WithOUT install/ Download

    【Main features】

    Transfer files with flash speed
    Imagine sending your party video to friends in Seconds! The highest speed can reach 40Mb/s.

    Send Large Files without limitation (Original Size)
    Sharing photos, music, videos, apps, documents and any other file types of Unlimited file Size.

    Free Network and Data Connection
    No cables, no internet, no data usage! You can transfer files to friends anywhere and anytime.

    Share all kinds of files without restrictions
    Transfer anything you want, from documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps.

    NEW Feature: toMP3 –Convert Video to Audio
    2 Steps to change a video file into audio: change MV to song; change education videos to lectures; change voice record to ringtone; Listen to music without wasting battery on screen displaying…

    Free Download Whatsapp /FaceBook / Instagram Videos
    Whatsapp status saver, Insta saver, Facebook downloader…: Download and share videos and status in ONE App.

    Smart phone replication
    Smart switch mobile data like contacts, SMS, pictures, music, videos, games and any other files from your old phone to the new one in one simple step.

    File manager
    Enables to view, move or delete files you received and even to make a backup copy whenever you need to clean the phone storage.

    Supported languages
    English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese

    Support and stay connected
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/XenderApp
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/XenderApp
    Google+: https://plus.google.com/+AnMobi
    Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/dashboard

    [email protected]
  • Video Maker - Video.Guru Мод APK 1.391.98 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.5

    Video Maker - Video.Guru Мод APK 1.391.98 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Video.Guru is a simple and easy video maker and free video editor app with music for YouTube. It is an all-in-one video editor with powerful video editing features.

    As a full-featured video maker for YouTube, Video.Guru provides you video trim, cut, fast & slow motion, edit video and photos with up-to-date music, effects, filters and fonts etc. Edit video with transition effects, export video without losing quality.

    With Video.Guru, no watermark, easily share to YouTube and other social media like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc.

    All-in-one Video Editor
    ➤ Multi-Layer editing, add music, voice-overs, sound effects, glitch effects, stickers & text.
    ➤ Best video trimmer & video cutter to trim and cut video. Split video into multi clips.
    ➤ Easy to use video maker, merge clips into one with transition effects.
    ➤ 30+ video transition effects to enhance your videos.
    Picture in Picture. Use green screen to overlay videos like Hollywood-level.
    ➤ Extract audio/music from any videos, add marks to the track according to music rhythm.
    ➤ Edit/combine videos with various filters, pro video editor with music and effects.
    ➤ Free Video Editor for YouTube and NO banner ads & watermark.
    ➤ Convert photos to video with music and effects, edit video like pro.
    ➤ Easily share videos to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Likee, Tik Tok etc.

    Pro video maker for YouTube
    * Best vlog maker and intro maker, tons of filters and effects forvideo editing ✏️.
    * Change video speed, create fast/slow motion video, and save video in HD quality.
    * Whether you are a beginner or pro, Video Guru is the best choice for movie & vlog editing .

    Video editor with music and effects
    * Fully licensed music to create Lyrical Photo Status, Birthday Video Status, Magical Video Status, MV Video Status and many other awesome videos.
    * Various BGM, you can also add custom songs on your device.
    * Adjust music volume, fade in/out options supported.
    * Easy-to-use music video maker for YouTube.

    Video Filter & Effects
    * Add stunning movie style video filters and FX effects to video panorama.
    * Merge clips into one with transitions effects.
    * Just a few clicks, you can create an eye-catching video✨ with magic video effects and stylish filters.

    Video Transitions
    * Edit videos with transitions and music, combine videos for YouTube.
    * A variety of video transition effects for editing, such as Glitch, VHS, Noise...

    Video Speed Editing
    * Free video editing app & PRO video editor with music, fast/slow motion.
    * Speed up or slow down video, adjust video speed from 0.2x to 100x.

    Video Background
    * Add multi ratio borders and no crop. Background color and video blur editor.
    * Blur background to fit for social media.

    Video Compressor & Converter
    * Custom resolution to compress and convert your video.
    * HD video maker and video trimmer app✂️, advanced vlog maker and intro maker for beginners.
    * Enhance the video quality, support up to 4K.

    Video Cropper & Ratio
    * Crop video in any ratios, such as 1:1, 16:9, 3:2, etc. HD export, no quality loss.
    * Cinema: standard 16:9 for YouTube video editing✏️. No watermark.
    * Square: 1:1 for Instagram. Pro movie maker & video maker for YouTube, Instagram.

    Video Guru is the best video editor and vlog editor, and it includes the most powerful editing tools as shown above. Try Video Guru now and enjoy your video editing here!

    If you have any concerns or suggestions about Video Guru, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] (or by clicking "Send Feedback" in the app settings page).

    Video.Guru is not affiliated, associated, sponsored, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook.

    Overlays Video Effects by FlixToons: http://www.flixtoons.com/
  • Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio Мод APK 2.86.2 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.7

    Rap Fame - Rap Music Studio Мод APK 2.86.2 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Like hip-hop? Try being a Rapper yourself.
    Record, Promo & Share tracks w. MILLIONS of fans on Rap Fame
    PRO Music Recording Studio
    Get Audio & Vocal FX
    Sound like a Pro on your phone with the latest Rap Studio.
    Rappers use us to get signed by the World's Biggest Labels!!

    Hip Hop Community
    Collab w. Star Rappers/ Spread Mixtapes/ Win Cash Prizes Rapping!
    Rap Fame is a network where passionate Hip-Hop fans can connect and listen to authentic underground rap music.
    Now ft. revolutionary Judge Studio Sessions:
    Rappers, it's time to get your tracks judged.

    So you're a Beat Maker?
    If you're a Beat Maker go upload custom beats!
    Try rapping over your custom beats with a subscription.
    If you're a Pro Beat Maker, submit beats and you could make it to our official public beat library.

    Download Rap Fame and Win the Rap Game:

    • Choose a Beat from a rich library of FREE beats.
    !!! Get exclusive beats from top beatmakers !!!

      • Rap Recording Studio: ft. Audio effects, Equalizer & Pitch Changer
      • Rap Profile: Showcase music studio tracks, social links & stats
      • Top Charts: Top rappers get more likes, plays and comments
      • HOT Feed: Hand picked rap studio tracks, collabs & videos
      • Rapping Contests: Weekly! Get exposure & win cash prizes for rapping
      • Hip-Hop Community: Chat with friends, fans and other rappers directly
      • Collab with other dope rappers through the rap app

    Rap Recording Studio Designed for the Rapper
    Created for rap makers, rappers and hip-hop lovers.
    Constantly developing new music recording studio features.
    Everything you need to focus on rapping.

    The Ultimate Music Recording Studio
    Lay down raps & freestyle in the Rap Studio w. Audio Effects
    over rap beats from Master rap beat makers.

    Hit the Hip-Hop Music Studio Now
    Spit Raps in Rap Fame's Hip Hop & Rap Music Studio Easily.
    Mix w. Audio effects, equalizer and auto pitch tune.
    Real rap beats made by pro beat makers!
    Start rapping over beats today!

    Step up your rap game! Introducing PREMIUM Vocal FX.
    Set the scale to Auto: Tune your vocals to melodies.
    Sound like Drake, Kanye or T-Pain with our app audio effects.
    Download our music studio and Record Hip-Hop Today!

    Global Rap Fame!
    Our Community has recorded and uploaded more than 6 million songs to date. So, what are you waiting for?

    Start Rapping today!

    Pick up the Phone – Drop the Mic!
  • Psiphon Pro - The Internet Freedom VPN Мод APK 342 [Subscribed] 3.9

    Psiphon Pro - The Internet Freedom VPN Мод APK 342 [Subscribed]


    Psiphon Pro gives you unprecedented access to your favourite news broadcast or social media platforms. By its nature, Psiphon Pro also protects you when accessing WiFi hotspots by creating a secure, private tunnel between you and the Internet. Psiphon Pro is the best VPN tool for accessing everything on the Internet.

    • Global network featuring thousands of servers and diverse entry points, keeping you connected at all times
    • No registration required, just download and connect for free
    • Wider selection of protocols than a VPN, offering unparalleled access to everything on the Internet through our global Psiphon server network
    • In-app usage stats
    • Configuration options - make Psiphon your own VPN with customized proxy settings
    • Choose which apps to exclude from the VPN tunnel
    • Open-source, peer-reviewed and trustworthy. Find out more at https://github.com/Psiphon-Inc/psiphon, and read a full audit here - https://psiphon3.net/assets/Psiphon-3-iSEC-Partners-v1.1-08-2014.pdf

    You can pay a subscription fee through Google Play to remove ads and enjoy a further optimized use of Psiphon Pro, the best VPN out there.
  • The Cursed Island Открытый мир Лоуполи Зомби Мод APK 0.7 3.6

    The Cursed Island Открытый мир Лоуполи Зомби Мод APK 0.7


    Version 0.5 12.11.21 Bug fixing and optimization. The game runs stably even on devices with 2 gigs of RAM. Use the graphics settings in the pause menu for a more comfortable game.

    Version 0.4 11.11.21 Fixed a bug with a respawn point for friendly NPCs

    Version 0.3 10.11.21 what's new:
    New objects on the map. The starting quest has been updated. New door opening mechanics. New display of text from item descriptions. Fixed some bugs.

    Version 0.2 what's new:
    Added a new control controller. (Joysticks are not evil about us).

    Do you like grass? Now there is more of it!

    Little furnishings in the apartments? Now there are even pots with mugs. (The truth is not yet everywhere).

    Labels on items are now rotated ...

    New game menu

    Slightly changed the interface.

    And a bunch of minor fixes.

    The game is in early access, updates every week.

    In the near future, we plan to add updated graphics, new NPCs in the face of bandits and an enemy outpost. Quests, puzzles and if you get multiplayer. But it is not exactly.

    You arrive on a small island of paradise in search of a new serene life. But from the very beginning, things don't go according to plan. Fight for your life, look for other survivors, set up a camp and destroy zombies.

    Unique characters, low poly graphics, open world. A world full of mysteries. Kill zombies, collect a car, strengthen the camp, find new survivors, look for notes with an interesting history of the beginning of the epidemic.

    You can collect a whole squad of survivors, jump into the van and go on a sortie for supplies. Look for food, water, fuel, and more. You are free to do whatever you want. But remember, the fate of the survivors and all of humanity is in your hands.

    My name is Evgeny Efimov I am the author and creator of this game. This is my first time making a game like this, and a long-time dream of making an open world zombie survival game. The game is under development and not all mechanics are fully implemented. Everything is still ahead, and I really hope for your support. The game will receive regular updates.
  • VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Мод APK 253 [Unlocked][Full] 3.5

    VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Мод APK 253 [Unlocked][Full]


    VSCO is a place where expression matters most. We offer creative photo and video editing tools, inspiration, and a place for you to be you. Use our advanced filters, effects, and presets to increase your creativity, improve your pictures and reach your full potential.

    • Take your photography to the next level with 10 free VSCO presets.
    • Use editing tools like Contrast and Saturation to make your photos pop or use Grain and Fade to add texture and mimic analog film effects.
    • Adjust or play around with your photo perspectives with Crop and Skew.
    • Save and recreate your favorite edits with Recipes.
    • Easily apply filters, effects and presets to your pictures.

    • Join VSCO Membership to access VSCO's complete preset library with over 200+ presets.
    • Recreate vintage film looks by Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, and others with Film X.
    • Use advanced photo editing tools like HSL and Split Tone.
    • Frame your images with a touch of color using Borders.
    • Enhance your pictures with impressive effects, filters and presets.

    • Transform your videos on mobile with the same premium VSCO presets, filters, effects and advanced editing tools from our photo editor.
    • Adjust white balance and experiment with color control with HSL.
    • Use smooth slo-mo effect to keep up with the latest trends online.

    • Tell a video story and make a moving collage by layering videos, images, and shapes.
    • Celebrate moments, illustrate a mood, or experiment with photos and videos you already have in your Studio.
    • Adjust the opacity of any media layered in to create an eclectic range of customized gel colors and double exposures.

    • Explore inspiring photos, videos, and editorial in Discover.
    • Find people you know and connect with friends already on VSCO.
    • Try something new with weekly photo Challenges exclusive to your VSCO membership.

    • Share your photos and videos with #VSCO for a chance to be curated by VSCO. We can't wait to see what you create.

    Start your VSCO membership with a free 7-day trial. Once the trial is over, you'll be charged an annual subscription fee. Your VSCO membership will automatically renew unless cancelled before the end of the trial period.

    If you'd like help with any issues, please visit vs.co/help to submit a ticket.

    Read more about our terms and conditions here —

    Read more about our privacy policy here —
  • Photo Editor, Presets - Lumii Мод APK 1.471.97 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.5

    Photo Editor, Presets - Lumii Мод APK 1.471.97 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Lumii, as a powerful photo editor pro, values simplicity and practicality the most. Just simple and fast touches, you can create artistic high quality works without any professional skills.

    This photo editor offers all the advanced tools as other best pic editing apps and amazing preset photo filters and photo effects to edit photos, enhance images. No matter you are a newbie or pro, Lumii will be your best choice as filters editing apps among plenty of similar photo maker and presets photography apps. Apply perfect filters for pictures and fill your aesthetic needs.

    What you can do with Lumii (FREE and All-in-one Photo Editor Pro):

    Customize Photo Filters
    ✦ Exquisitely designed filters for pictures, presets for Instagram, make your photos stand out. Best filters for pictures and Instagram photo editor app.
    ✦ Add custom exclusive photo filters and effects, such as Film, LOMO , Retro, etc.
    ✦ Fine adjustment for photo filters and effects strength.

    Customize Photo Effects
    ✦ Exquisitely designed effects for picture, make your photos stand out. Best photo effects editor app.
    ✦ Add custom exclusive photo effects, such as Glitch, Light Leak, Double Exposure.
    ✦ Fine adjustment for photo effects strength.

    Background eraser
    ✦ Easy to repair or erase unwanted part with background eraser.
    ✦ Mix your cutout photo with preset background templates.
    ✦ Best background editor, just one tap to change background.

    HSL Color Mode
    ✦ Easily control Hue, Saturation, Luminance (HSL), support 8 colors channels, intuitive darkroom effect photo editor app, photo filters and effects presets app.
    ✦Totally FREE and advanced HSL adjustment picture editor app.

    Curves for Photos
    ✦Powerful curves tools, pro level darkroom effect photo editor for Instagram.
    ✦Advanced adjustment with 4 color options.
    ✦Free picture editor, photo filters and effects with curves and colors.
    ✦Undo feature to easily correct photo editing.

    ☀️Professional Double Exposure Blend Editor
    ✦Best blend editor tool, create trendy double exposure effects for pictures, easy & powerful Instagram photo editor app.
    ✦Lots of blend photo editor templates to choose from, edit your photos to perfection.

    Glitch Photo Editor
    ✦ Amazing glitch photo effects to enhance your photos, such as VHS, vaporwave etc. Free and funny glitch photo editor.
    ✦ Easily adjust photo effects value to fit for different scenes. Fastest glitch photo editor.

    Basic Photo Editing Tools
    ✦Adjust brightness, contrast, highlights, warmth, shadows, sharpness, exposure etc.
    ✦Selective options for image enhancement, best picture editor and filters for pictures app.
    ✦Control the strength of all the photo properties.
    ✦User-friendly pic editing apps for Android. Ultimate darkroom photo editor pro. Photo filters and effects app.

    Rotate and Crop Photo
    ✦Crop photo freely (in multi aspect ratios).
    ✦Crop photo to adapt for social media ratios. Best presets app, Instagram photo editor.
    ✦Rotate photo to a perfect angle, horizontal, vertical etc.
    ✦Picture editor with ultra-fast rotate and crop tools.

    ✍️Add text to photos
    ✦Add text on photo, with lots of fonts for selecting.
    ✦Add text on photo, and apply different styles in single text.
    ✦Best pic editor and effects with text.

    Photo Library History
    ✦Import photos from your gallery according to albums.
    ✦Photo editing history supported for free.
    ✦Quickly identify the edited photos in your gallery, picture editor and filter app with multi workspaces.

    A must-have photo editor free with advanced features above, Lumii makes your moment as brilliant as pics art. Follow us on Instagram @lumii.photoeditor to discover more ideas for your photos!

    Lumii is not affiliated, associated, sponsored, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Instagram.
  • Fake Island: Demolish! Мод APK 3.4 3.9

    Fake Island: Demolish! Мод APK 3.4


    Are you ready for the destruction of the world's famous buildings? Just place dynamites properly and fire. Demolition is now more fun!

    Fake Island :Demolish is a building demolition game based on real physics and gravity. You need to place the TNTs in the available slots in the builds. Buildings, skyscrapers, lighthouses, power plants, industrial structures, dilapidated buildings are just some different types of structures in the game. You also get to destroy world-famous landmarks. They are not real landmarks but fakes of the original ones.

    As a result of successful demolitions; You get contract offers from mayors of world cities. Each new 10 stars brings a new contract to demolish a 'fake landmark' on the Fake Island. If you don't want to wait to get enough stars to play Landmarks, you can unlock them with diamonds and play instantly.

    ● Relaxing and satisfying gameplay.
    ● Variety of iconic buildings
    ● Fun for all ages: The best game for family and friends gatherings!
    ● Download this funny game for free.
    ● A great exercise for the brain.
    ● Simple and highly addictive gameplay.
    ● Play without internet.
    ● Play offline.

    Have fun!
  • Dan the Man: Action Platformer Мод APK 1.10.26 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    Dan the Man: Action Platformer Мод APK 1.10.26 [Unlimited money]



    Wait what?! That's right! MULTIPLAYER has finally come to Dan The Man: Action Platformer!

    Our most requested feature of all time comes in the form of a classic "beat up a horde" style coop mode. Grab a friend and relive the glory days of retro coop split screen... online! Don't have any friends? Dan the Man: Action Platformer has you covered. Just search for a quick match and get an instant brawl buddy!

    We are sure you'll agree that two Dans are better than one, as you both co-operative take down an Army of Soldiers, Robots, Bats, and even Epic Bosses to clean up the streets of fury. Just make sure you take all the coins!

    With a cracking funny story, action, an awesome upgradeable fighting skills and an epic arsenal of weapons that will make even the most heroic of heroes envious, Dan The Man's arcade fight fest has enough enemies and boss fights to satisfy every hardcore Action Platformer enthusiast and every indie game lover.


    Campaign Mode: Follow the adventure of Dan in a new stage to this epic series. Get ready to kick foes in one of the most epic retro platformer games to date!
    Endless Survival: Reach the top of the rankings and show the world who is boss fighting in this endless action game mode.
    Adventure Mode: Test yourself in tons of epic challenges and different kinds of games and unlock exclusive skins and prizes!
    Multiplayer Mode: search for a match or play with a friend in this coop format.

    All of them for FREE!


    Upgrade your favorite character to make them the best in this platformer game, unlocking new abilities and longer super epic combos to give your enemies a hard time!


    Customise your own character with all kinds of epic skins and clothing that give you extra advantages in combat. Play your character the way you want!


    Retro pixel art graphics bring back the best of old arcade games filled with action, platforms and lots of fighting.

    What are you waiting for? Join the action! Be legendary! PLAY NOW for FREE!


    Catch up on the story that precedes the game! Watch each stage of the web series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuNyw_z6mVdXCUK05PYmwYQ3Yozs9hsGs


    This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device.

    View our privacy policy at http://halfbrick.com/pp
    Views our terms of service at http://halfbrick.com/tos


    Permissions used in the game:

    - Check your network, WIFI and Internet availability:
    Ensures your game is kept up to date, give you access to online/cloud save options and serve ads where applicable. Game can be played offline.

    - Avoid the device falls asleep:
    This prevents the device from going into a sleep state while the game is active.

    - Allow IAP items purchases:
    This allows you to make purchases from our in-game store.

    - Receive push notifications:
    Gives us authorization to send you messages and notifications for events, features, etc.

    - Bind_Get_Install_Referrer_Service:
    Used to track and measure Dan the Man application installations.
  • Wing Fighter Мод APK 1.7.05 4.0

    Wing Fighter Мод APK 1.7.05


    Wing Fighter is a classic air shooting casual game. With amazing 3D graphics, stunning battle effects and multiple distinctive Bosses & Weapons, it will bring you an unprecedented exciting gaming experience.

    Key Features:

    - Destroy enemies and challenge the ultimate bosses. Claim rewards and unlock new stages;

    - Hundreds of battle skills are at your disposal. Create countless combinations of different skills and combat strategies to help you win;

    - Obtain a variety of epic equipment in the game, including main guns, wing guns, armor and drones. Enrich your collection and optimize personalized fighters freely;

    - The unique talent system with Roguelike gameplay will permanently increase your power;

    - Collect shards and assemble fighters with different performances. Select your favorite and enhance it into a winged tank;

    - Enter the event of Endless Voyage to challenge your limits.


    Find us: https://www.facebook.com/WingFighterOfficial
    Contact us: [email protected]
  • Hero's Quest: Automatic Roguelite RPG Мод APK 0.19.7 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 3.9

    Hero's Quest: Automatic Roguelite RPG Мод APK 0.19.7 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Hero's Quest is an Automatic Roguelite RPG with steady progression. Explore the world and challenge yourself to reach the highest levels within limited energy!

    Your goal is to reach the highest level and get as far as you can with a limited number of battles. You'll start every journey with 20 Energy Points (EP). You can earn lots of gold by defeating your enemies and Bosses. Tons of weapons and equipment to choose from and improve your stats.

    - Diverse world with multiple enemies and maps
    - Infinite progression, the sky is the limit
    - Roguelite, you'll always get stronger every time you start a new adventure
    - Automatic battle
    - Portrait orientation, play anywhere with one hand.

    Music by Aaron Krogh: https://soundcloud.com/aaron-anderson-11
    Character Art by Ækashics: http://www.akashics.moe/
  • Vlinder Doll: Dress up games Мод APK 3.1.0 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Vlinder Doll: Dress up games Мод APK 3.1.0 [Unlocked]


    Vlinder Doll is a fashion dress up games for girls.This style game is different from monster game and chibi game!It has a kawaii homepage and belongs line play or new play game,it is your personal fashion avatar creator & self emoji maker.☃️
    In our fashion games club, you can dress your own stargirl character style avatar facemoji. You can choose many different skin tones, eye colors, hair styles, hair colors and more stylish dresses to make a girl beautiful in Vlinder beauty shop.cocoa!☃️

    【Key Features】

    – Avatar Creator & Memoji Maker

    Create your own characters of barbie cute Dolls or international star girls!
    Decorates cute selfies in Vlinder club game!
    100% free for all game contents and model!
    More than 1000+ dress up items and hairdressing!
    Yes that dress,the fashion styles, you will like them!
    Some clothes and items provide great animation,high definition!
    Decorate your cute dolls using lots of clothes, items, speech bubbles and letters!

    ❄️It's juegos de niñas. The anime dress up game use the animated avatar emoji of your own character to chat with friends. It's also a cute sticker maker for you to edit photos and make a person more cute. As fun as super mariob!cocopa!☃️

    ❄️Share your decorated pretty doll girl with your friends. Of course,when people making design,seeing the dress up girls make people very happy! you can also dressup in different styling of fashion dress to join in a fashion show!The moster beautiful fashionista is you! au2!☃️

    – Emoji & Sticker Maker

    ❄️Can create 30 dolls or more every day, and use the animated avatar emoji of your own character to chat with friends in messenger, imessage or facetime. It's also a cute sticker maker for you to edit photos. Bbratz!☃️

    – Get More Followers

    ❄️Like most super games,u can create more gorgeous photos,fabulous videos about your qncc avatars using other features in Avatar Maker. Share it on fashion apps,such as Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and other social media to get more likes for your post & story and boost all followers.You can be the best super stylist or fashion stylist!☃️

    【Contact Us】
    – FB group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/668368200546796
    – Feedback email:[email protected]
    – Instagram:vlinder__life
    – TikTok:vlindergames_TikTok
    – YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJSrxqzjN0KjfPN_MHsFFtw
  • AutoResponder for WhatsApp Мод APK 2.4.9 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.6

    AutoResponder for WhatsApp Мод APK 2.4.9 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Automatically respond to custom received WhatsApp or WA Business messages with this bot. You have a lot of settings to customize each auto reply for your needs. Download now for free!

    Auto-reply to WhatsApp or WA Business
    Individually customizable
    Many automation tools included
    React to all messages when you're busy
    Send replies to specific messages
    Welcome message for new chats *
    Live answer replacements (time, name...)
    Multiple replies in one rule *
    Works with contacts, groups and unknown numbers
    Ignore and specify contacts and groups
    Automatic scheduler with delay
    AI with Dialogflow.com (formerly api.ai) *
    Working as a Tasker plugin (Tasker is an automation tool) *
    Backup rules for easy recovery
    Personal agent for your business
    Almost everything is possible with this bot!
    Many more features will follow!

    [email protected]

    Download NOW for free - Create the BEST EXPERIENCE for your contacts!

    Tips & tricks: Update WhatsApp messenger to the latest version if the bot doesn't auto reply for you. In case the beta update doesn't work anymore, please contact me. Works with WhatsApp Business.

    Notification access: This tool doesn't directly access WhatsApp, it replies to notifications.

    * Pro required

    Since this tool only uses a native Android API, errors can never be completely ruled out.

    This app is NOT affiliated with WhatsApp.
    WhatsApp is a registered Trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

    Legal notice: autoresponder.ai/legal
  • Candy Charming - Match 3 Games Мод APK 18.6.3051 3.8

    Candy Charming - Match 3 Games Мод APK 18.6.3051


    Play Candy Charming! Enjoy fun match 3 free games! Over 8 million candy charmers are playing our free match 3 games! Candy Charming is a new and free match 3 games full of fun and joy! There're 3000+ challenging match 3 levels waiting for you! And we will regularly add new levels. This fun candy match 3 game won't disappoint you.

    Exploring magical candy kingdoms, challenging different match 3 levels, helping lovely candy fairy to crush candy! Can't wait to try this match 3 game? Get the game for free now! Besides, We update this free game monthly to bring you better experience. Don't miss this match 3 games!

    Bored at home? Play this free game full of hugerewards with your friends and family. This free game is a great tool to help you relax. You can enjoy thousands of candy match 3 games for free. Moreover, we update new and free match 3 games regularly to make sure you never run out of challenging levels to play! Are you looking for a free game without WIFI? Are you looking for a free match 3 game in which you can compete with your friends? Then play Candy Charming now! You can find all you want in this match 3 games!

    Candy Charming Features:
    3,000+ Addictive match 3 levels
    Candy Charming has 3,000+ levels and will add free match 3 levels monthly. Download this free candy match game and begin the journey.
    Lots of in-game events
    Fun in-game events are waiting for you! Global rank, lucky balloon and more in-game events are waiting for you to participate! We will add more interesting events in this free match 3 game.
    Top various gameplays
    Daily Reward, Spin the wheel, Happy Hour, Sweet Mission, Sweet Treats and so on. More gameplays will be added to this sugar & candy crush game.
    FREE to play
    There are daily free rewards and don't forget to spin the wheel to get awesome bonus. Player can enjoy this candy match 3 games for free.
    Sync game data
    Login the game with your Facebook account. Check your Facebook friends' levels and sync your levels between different devices and play this free match 3 games anytime.
    Offline games
    No Wi-Fi or internet connection is required. You can play games for free even if you're offline. This candy crush game is a great time killer when you're boring.
    Relaxing music and Cute graphics
    Different wonderful game maps and delicious jelly & sugar & soda & candy with new designs. Relaxing jazz music brings you a different atmosphere. This 2021 free games is an excellent choice among all free games.
    Powerful boosters
    There are 7 powerful boosters which can help you solve the quests, pass matching levels, crush candy and cookie.

    ●Connect 3 or more similar candies in a line to crush them. We offer hints to help you pass levels. This free games 2021 is designed to relieve stress.
    ●Match 4 puzzle pieces to create a special candy bomb. And crush candy in a row. You can crush candy easily.
    ●Match 5 in T or L to create a magical candy. Then crush candies of the same color with the magical candy. Do not hesitate, try this free match 3 games 2021 now!
    ●Use less moves and more combos of special candies to get more stars in the level.

    Enjoying it? Learn more about this candy match game!
    Follow Candy Charming on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playcandycharming/
    Follow Candy Charming on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/candycharmingfun/
    Follow Candy Charming website for tips: www.candycharming.com

    Candy Charming is completely free to play but some of the in-game items require payment.

    Are you ready to join Candy Charming? Play this free match 3 games in 2021! Try to pass as many levels as you can! You can enjoy this game for free whenever you are. Candy Charming is a match 3 games designed to relieve stress. With cute graphics and soothing music, you can crush candy delightfully. Do not hesitate, begin your journey and play this free games now!
  • Kitchen Diary: Food & Cooking Games for Girls 2021 Мод APK 3.0.0 4.0

    Kitchen Diary: Food & Cooking Games for Girls 2021 Мод APK 3.0.0


    Cooking Games free among all the new Games 2021
    Do you Love free Cooking Games for Girls 2021 and Cooking Simulator?
    Do time management games get you in the madness of cooking games with levels?
    Are you looking for Kitchen games 2021 in Cooking Simulator free?
    If yes, then Join the Kitchen Diary! Prepare, cook, and serve tasty food to earn achievements while you expand your cooking simulation game 2021 and time management games skills to be the best chef in Food games.
    Play this FAST ⏰ FUN Free cooking simulator & cooking games 2021 anywhere, anytime, no internet is needed after the initial install. Simply download Kitchen games and start cooking for 2021!

    ➡️ TAP and PLAY! Serve customers FAST with a simple tapping Cooking game for free!
    ➡️ Equip your chef with kitchen games skills for customers
    ➡️ Upgrade your kitchen to increase your level & speed of the cooking simulator

    TIME MANAGEMENT MEETS STRATEGY OF free cooking simulator!
    ➡️ Solve special cooking simulation of kitchen game 2021 time challenges & 150+ levels
    ➡️ Earn fantastic customer reviews that will help you become a famous cooking games chef!

    ➡️ Utilize a variety of cooking simulations & time management & kitchen games 2021 as you create a restaurant empire!
    ➡️ From bakeries to restaurants, and burger joints to five-star restaurants - cook and serve 2021 your way to the top of the food chain of free cooking simulator
    ➡️ Earn Golden Comment cards to unlock new restaurants of Cooking games free

    ➡️ Win achievements by completing free cooking games combos, cooking perfect meals & earning big tips.
    ➡️ Complete all difficulty level and earn more stars and coins.

    ➡️ A variety & level of foodies in kitchen games 2021 with different flavor are waiting!
    ➡️ Explore unique cooking games with levels & cuisines, and wow customers of Time Management games
    ➡️ Looking for a free cooking simulator or cooking game 2021 with a large menu? Make hundreds of dishes including burgers, pizza, sandwich and more...

    ➡️ Conquer the food scene around the world in Cooking Games
    ➡️ Satisfy exotic cravings with unique cuisine from kitchen games 2021 each place

    Cooking game 2021 is fun! Crazy Cooking, the popular Cooking Simulator and cooking game from Top Cooking Games, combines a simple tap and play mechanic with exotic cuisine from over the world kitchen games. Master new recipes, play in limited time food challenges and special events.

    We really appreciate it if you can take the time to rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and review for Kitchen Diary: Cooking Games❤️ , one of the best free cooking simulators in Kitchen Games.

    Follow Crazy Cooking simulator Game and Cooking Diary for Chef on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ColorGameEntertainment
  • Slap Kings Мод APK 1.3.8 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Slap Kings Мод APK 1.3.8 [Unlimited money]


    Slap or be slapped: that's the name of the game! This amusing and relaxing game will test your strength and timing skills so your smack generates the most power! Your hits will pack a punch. Watch your opponents fly out of the ring when you hit the knockout blow. How far do you think you can get in this face slapping good time tournament? Can you unlock your special power… the Golden Fire Fist?

    Easy to learn but surprising depth will provide you with hours of entertainment. Fun characters are just asking to get slapped in the face.

    Time to knockout the competition and show them who the true Slap King is!

    Game Features:
    1. Simple but addicting mechanics
    The meter will go back and forth - time it right for maximum power!

    2. Fun Characters
    So many amusing characters challenging you to see who is the best slapper out there

    3. Power boosts
    Stuck on a boss? Power up with limited time boosts! Defense helmets to withstand the hardest blows and your ultimate weapon...

    4. Chill and have fun
    Nice casual, relaxing, smacking good fun. Show them who is the king.

    Whether you want to smack, hit, slap, or fight, this game is for you. Slap Kings is the true slapping champion game.

    Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

    From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

    Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;
  • Magic Tiles 3 Мод APK 8.112.401 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 3.6

    Magic Tiles 3 Мод APK 8.112.401 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    How fun is it to capture the most precious moments of the year with a wink of rhythms? Let's MUSIC your soul with the beat of hit songs 2021.

    With Magic Tiles 3, you can play various types of music: pop, rap, acapella, EDM, jazz, instrumental. Play your favorite song with hit 2021: Blackpink & Bigbang playlist, Pink Sweat, Justin Bieber and thousand of songs is waiting for you.

    Let's explore more to find the rainbow in your mind for free!

    Rule of the game :
    It's similar to other piano games, just tap the black tiles and avoid the white tiles. That's all !

    Game features:
    - Real music feeling when tapping the black tiles
    - Many HOT songs with great vocals are frequently updated
    - Many genres of music: POP, EDM, classical, country, Latin,..

    /b>Access VIP Features now!/b>
    - No Ads. No Disturb.
    - Unlock 5000+ hottest songs
    - Free Revives. Nonstop playing. "

    Do not hesitate to try free piano online! This excellent piano game has more challenges in store for you than you imagine.

    Permission: In order to provide the optimal experience, we ask for "Storage" permission when you download this game

    Become a real pianist today!

    Magic Tiles 3 is from Amanotes, the number one music games publisher in the world, with over one billion downloads. Music lovers can interact with thousand of songs through our different apps. Why just listen to music, if you can also play with it? At Amanotes, we believe that “everyone can music!”.

    Are you having any problems? Send email to: [email protected] or contact us in the game by going to Settings > FAQ and Support.

    Terms of use: https://static.amanotes.com/terms-of-service/
    Privacy Policy: https://static.amanotes.com/privacy-policy/
  • Real Racing 3 Мод APK 10.1.1 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Real Racing 3 Мод APK 10.1.1 [Unlimited money]


    Take on the world-wide motorsports – including Formula 1® - anytime, anywhere! Real cars. Real people. Real motorsports. This is Real Racing 3.
    Read on for important info below!
    Real Racing 3 is the award-winning franchise that sets a new standard for mobile racing games.
    This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings.
    This app may contain content provided by third parties. Electronic Arts is not responsible for such content.
    Boasting over 500 million downloads, Real Racing 3 features officially licensed tracks with 40 circuits at 19 real-world locations, a 43-car grid and over 250 meticulously detailed cars from manufacturers like Porsche, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Aston Martin and Audi. Plus Real-Time Multiplayer, Social Leaderboards, a hub dedicated to Formula 1® Grand Prix™ and Championship events, Time Trials, night racing, and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer™ (TSM) technology, allowing you to race anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    **This is a resource-intensive game featuring extremely high-quality visuals. Please make sure you have at least 2.5GB of free space on your device.**

    Take the wheel of over 300 vehicles from manufacturers like Ford, Aston Martin, McLaren, Koenigsegg and Bugatti.

    Burn rubber on 19 real tracks in multiple configurations from worldwide locations, including Monza, Silverstone, Hockenheimring, Le Mans, Dubai Autodrome, Yas Marina, Circuit of the Americas and many more.

    Take on friends and rivals in global 8-player, cross-platform, real-time racing. Or drop into any race to challenge their AI-controlled versions in Time-Shifted Multiplayer™.

    Compete in over 4,000 events, including Formula 1® Grands Prix™, Cup races, Eliminations and Endurance challenges. View the action from multiple camera angles and fine-tune the HUD and controls to your preference.

    Powered by the remarkable Mint™ 3 Engine, Real Racing 3 features detailed car damage, fully functional rearview mirrors, and dynamic reflections for truly HD racing.
    Terms of Service: http://www.ea.com/terms-of-service
    Game EULA: http://tos.ea.com/legalapp/mobileeula/US/en/GM/
    Visit https://help.ea.com/ for assistance or inquiries.
    EA may retire online features and services after 30 days' notice posted on www.ea.com/1/service-updates

    Important Consumer Information: requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply); requires acceptance of EA's Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA includes in-game advertising; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13.

    By installing this game, you consent to its installation and the installation of any game updates or upgrades released through your platform. You can turn off automatic updates through your device settings, but if you do not update your app, you may experience reduced functionality.

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  • Cooking Voyage: Cook & Travel Мод APK 1.10.2350642 3.8

    Cooking Voyage: Cook & Travel Мод APK 1.10.2350642


    Do you love fast paced crazy cooking and restaurant games?
    Are you crazy about time management games?
    Are you excited about renovating your own yacht and travelling around the world to build your own restaurant empire?

    If you say "YES", the FREE Cooking Voyage - Cook and Travel is your choice of time-management game & food cooking madness. Download & Play the free cook game for you now! ✨Serve up the hungry customers in the restaurant, decorate your own unique yacht an go on a voyage! You can't miss it!

    Cook delicious dishes like a chef with the cooking talent! Show your cooking passion all the time, cook and serve delicious cuisines in each exotic restaurants all over the world to build your own restaurant empire. Sharpening your cooking skills is not enough, master your time-management skills and spend your earnings on upgrades for food and appliances for your restaurant to be a five-star restaurant! Serve the hungry customers around the world and become the best chef in the world! You are destined for fabulous chef mega fame, just like famous chef Ramsey!

    Have we mentioned that you will a yacht? Renivate your own megayacht to begin the worldwide journey! Visit famous cities and unlock the most famous landmarks! Discover different food cultures and cook various cuisines: burgers, baking dishes, sushi, salds, pizzas, pastas, and other delicious dishes. You will never be bored in this journey! Cook, progress and give your megayacht a complete makeover✨! Decorate and renovate your bedroom, kitchen, hall and design other rooms in the way you want! Explore your creativity with hundreds of design options and design your dream megayacht while playing this engaging crazy all in one game: cooking game, restaurant game, kitchen game, rennovation game, design game, time management game and travelling game!


    COOK massive tasty cuisines and recipes with hundreds of ingredients
    EXPAND your restaurant empire with distinct restaurants in different cities‍
    RENOVATE and DESIGN your own megayacht
    TRAVEL to explore unique food cuisines around the world
    DISCOVER new rooms and minigames
    BUILD LANDMARKS in each city with your progression
    UPGRADE your kitchen and ingredients for more premium dishes☕
    TAP to PLAY over 1000+ levels and more to come
    CREATE COMBOS to earn extra coins
    MAKE HAPPY your customers
    Download app for FREE and play the frenzy Cooking Voyage!

    Enjoying Cooking Voyage? Learn more about the game! https://www.facebook.com/cookingvoyage/

    Questions? Contact our Tech Support by sending an email to [email protected]
  • Infinite Stairs Мод APK 1.3.95 4.0

    Infinite Stairs Мод APK 1.3.95


    Аркадная игра, которую любят во всём мире! Уже 12 миллионов загрузок!
    Infinite Stairs — это очень увлекательная игра. Вы и опомниться не успеете, как она вас затянет!
    Поставьте новые рекорды благодаря своей ловкости!
    Кто самый быстрый? Вы или ваш друг?!

    Особенности игры:
    - Простое управление.
    - Поставьте новые рекорды благодаря быстроте и ловкости рук!
    - Интересные персонажи и ретро-графика, как в старые добрые времена.
    - Соревнование с друзьями или любыми игроками со всего мира в реальном времени.

    Вы готовы поставить новый рекорд?


Скачать 100% рабочие моды