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  • Grand War: War Strategy Games Мод APK 85.0 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Grand War: War Strategy Games Мод APK 85.0 [Unlimited money]


    “I should have conquered the world.” - Napoleon Bonaparte

    Your Excellency, Commander! Welcome to the 18th century, the Age of Napoleon.

    Grand War is the latest grand sandbox strategy games and rapid army tactical war games set during the turbulent period from the Great French Revolution War to the Battle of Waterloo. You will play the role of strategy famous generals for various major countries, Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Blucher, Kutuzov, and other war military geniuses will lead the army follow you to dominate the entire world.

    Relive the flame of famous battles in the Napoleonic era, experience historical moments in the Napoleonic era. Reliving intense historical military battles in World War I. This is a brand new sandbox army simulator games. Commander! Your troops have assembled, start the games now! It is time to use the winning strategy and start your military legendary journey!

    A new empire is coming!

    This is a brand new sandbox army simulator game, adjust tactical targets according to the battlefield situation, Form soldiers, cavalry and artillery units, research science and technology, and develop military forces. Thousands of tactical simulation sandboxes, lead your army and conquer the world!

    - More than 50 levels: experience the massive historical battles in different periods.
    - Famous Generals, they all have unique strength:
    Joachim Murat, Blücher, Davout, Ney, Bismarck, Moltke, Alexander, Wilhelm I
    - Famous legions in history:
    French old Guards, Prussian Heavy Cannons, British Dragoon, as well as Polish Spear Cavalry, Highland Infantry, Breastplate Cavalry.
    - Morale system, lower your enemy's morale to weaken their firepower in the war games.
    - 50+ levels where you can command famous historical battles of different periods to conquer the world.
    - Simulation different seasons and weather changes, this is the real military games.
    - Dozens of different arms, cavalry, artillery and infantry.
    - We optimized the artistic effects of the sandbox war game, a more realistic battlefield environment and exquisite models.

    Conquer the world
    - Mobilize troops, charge into battle, rekindle the battle of history.
    - Each troop has its own characteristics, recruit them into your regiment and build a conqueror troop.
    - Command your army to accomplish strategic objectives in strategy games
    within a limited time.
    - Adjust strategic objectives according to the battlefield in war games, produce military units.
    - Random events like guerrilla movements, landing operations, and voluntary recalls will ensure endless replayability and the uniqueness of each game session. You'll be totally making your own history in the army games.
    - The combination of terrain, generals, weapons, and troops makes each battle unique and gives you the best experience of strategy games.

    - Resource production, town construction, soldier training, use your strategy to conquer the war!
    - Develop your army with resources from conquered territories, upgrade the national technology.
    - Study new technologies and improve the combat effectiveness of all units. Such as Improving firepower coverage, large buildings.

    - The fog of war, beware of enemy ambushes. Meanwhile, you can also use the fog to ambush the enemy
    - Terrain restrictions make the battlefield more complex
    - Challenge operations to test the limit of your commanding skill in strategy games
    - Win the war within the specified conditions, which will test your commanding skills

    Coming Soon
    - New world of Conquer Europe

    Never forget to experiment with new tactics!
    In the end, unpredictability could be the best tactic.
    Make your History!

    We will continue to fix bugs and improve the game version to give you a better war game experience. Please contact us:
  • Black Pie - Icon Pack Мод APK 3.7 [Patched][Full] 3.6

    Black Pie - Icon Pack Мод APK 3.7 [Patched][Full]



    • 3200+ high quality Dark Icons.
    • Wallpapers designed exclusively for the icon pack
    • Frequent Updates.
    • Alternative Icons.
    • Dynamic Calendar support.
    • Icon Request Tool.
    • Icon Search.

    On some launchers you need to enter the launcher settings to activate the icon pack. :)

    If you are using OnePlus launcher just enter the launcher settings: hold your finger on the home screen, then click "Icons" and select the Black Pie.

    • Nova Launcher
    • Apex Launcher
    • OnePlus Launcher
    • Go Launcher
    • ADW2
    • Action Launcher
    • Niagara Launcher
    • ABC Launcher
    • Aviate Launcher
    • Evie Launcher
    • Holo Launcher
    • ICS Holo Launcher
    • Lucid Launcher
    • M launcher
    • Zero launcher
    • V Launcher
    • Smart Launcher
    • One Plus Launcher
    • Mix Launcher
    • Cool Pixel Launcher
    • Lawnchair Launcher
    • Super P Launcher
    • Rootles Launcher
    • Solo Launcher and many more...

    Stay in touch:

    How to Apply Icons with Black Pie - Icon Pack
    1- Open Black Pie - Icon Pack
    2- Navigate to Apply Black Pie
    3- Select Your Launcher
    4- Enjoy Your New Theme :)
  • Flight Pilot: 3D Simulator Мод APK 2.10.15 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][Mod Menu] 3.8

    Flight Pilot: 3D Simulator Мод APK 2.10.15 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][Mod Menu]


    Get yourself the best plane and go HIGHER!

    + Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations
    + Tons of real-life planes: from single engine props to SUPERSONIC JETS, from airliners to military aircraft
    + Fun and challenging missions: emergencies, rescue missions (save children, women and young boys and girls!), rough landings, fires, races
    + Immersive scenario: explore a huge open map with tons of surprises in free flight mode
    + Intuitive mobile controls and an ADDICTING gameplay

    FUN is absolutely guaranteed!

    Not decided yet if you're UP to the CHALLENGE?

    Forget dumb repetitive games. In Flight Pilot Simulator 3D, your duty includes racing against time, control a fire in the middle of the mountains, and land safely on a tiny airstrip (or even on an aircraft carrier warship)

    ● Play it anywhere
    Flight Pilot Simulator 3D does NOT require any internet connection. You can enjoy it in the subway, or while traveling on a real plane, or in the car on the road, or during services in a temple (or maybe even on toilet!)

    ● Limited data usage
    Our free game will not consume tons of data from your mobile plan

    ● Compatibility and support
    We're working hard (and continuously) so that all Android phones and tablets run the game smoothly. Please report any issues you may experience to https://www.fungames-forfree.com/games/flightpilot
  • Magic: Puzzle Quest Мод APK 6.1.0 [Mod Menu][High Damage][Weak enemy] 3.8

    Magic: Puzzle Quest Мод APK 6.1.0 [Mod Menu][High Damage][Weak enemy]


    Magic: Puzzle Quest blends the original match-3 RPG classic with the lore and flavor of Magic: The Gathering. Recruit your favorite Planeswalkers, collect exclusive cards and build powerful decks. Summon the deadliest spells and lethal creatures on the battlefield to defeat your enemies in match-3 battles!

    ★ Join a community of over 2.5 million players worldwide!
    ★ Recruit your favorite Magic: The Gathering Planeswalkers and master its abilities to enhance your strategies.
    ★ Show off your skills on the battlefield and devise your own strategies to defeat opponents around the world in real-time PvP and different new events.
    ★ Quest Journals! Access to daily challenges varying your play style and earn rewards!
    ★ Craft powerful cards to build the perfect deck and battle enemy Planeswalkers in different tournaments.
    ★ Play with your friends! Join a coalition to play with millions of players around the world and win bonus rewards in tournaments.
    ★ Take on epic battles in the Story Mode and complete all Chapters!
    ★ Compete in Standard events with your favorite cards, summon the deadliest spells, and unleash powerful creatures.

    Collect and craft some of Magic: The Gathering's deadliest spells like Ghoulcaller's Harvest and creatures like Tiamat.

    Mana gems are the core of your strength and power. Match-3 or more in a row to collect enough power to cast deadly spells and creatures.

    Enter daily events and Player-vs-Player (PVP) tournaments and show off your skills in the battlefield. Climb the leaderboards and win awesome rewards including mythic and rare cards from the latest sets!

    Find the latest Planeswalkers from Magic: The Gathering, recruit and pair them with your best deck and enter the arena fully prepared to decimate the competition: Make a pact with Liliana to summon an endless, undying horde of minions! Team up with the hotheaded Chandra and burn down the battlefield by casting fire, fire, and more fire! Or scheme darkness plans using spells to manipulate artifacts bringing them to life with the talented artificer Tezzeret. Each Planeswalker comes with unique abilities to activate and enhance your cards or wreak havoc on your opponents. Build up their levels and watch their abilities grow into an unstoppable force!

    ■ Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MagicPuzzleQuest
    ■ Subscribe on YouTube: www.youtube.com/MagicTheGatheringPuzzleQuest
    ■ Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/MtGPuzzleQuest
    ■ Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/MagicPuzzleQuest

    App is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese.

    Developed by Oktagon Games

    Game and Software ©2023 D3 Go! TM & ©2023 Wizards of the Coast LLC
  • Merge Merge : Merge 2 Game Мод APK 1.5.69 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Merge Merge : Merge 2 Game Мод APK 1.5.69 [Unlimited money]


    Renovate the garden and solve challenging puzzles with this relaxing and romantic free merge-2 blast game!

    Help Emily renovate her great-aunt's garden to its former glory and merge flowers to solve challenging blast puzzles. Dig into a romantic love story full of twists and turns as Emily interacts with a cast of colorful characters. Merge flowers & start your garden makeover – play with themed boosters & renovate the areas with dozens of customization options!

    Discover hidden areas and choose among hundreds of flowers for your garden decoration project! Sit down, relax and enjoy this puzzle game enriched with a beautiful romantic story! Start your makeover now!

    Game Features:

    - RENOVATE, decorate and expand your garden with unique locations that tie into the story!

    Get ready to redesign, rebuild and customize things the way you want. In Merge Garden, you will manage the renovation of several parts of your estate: the facade of your home, the fountains, the old lake, beehives and dog houses and much more! Complete the makeover of the whole garden and receive tons of awards!

    - MERGE flowers and solve hundreds of addictive blast puzzle levels!

    To accomplish your design ideas, you will have to use stars. And for that you'll need to play mergeing games of which there are hundreds available in Merge Garden. Some of them can be challenging, but luckily, you will earn rewards throughout the game (like boosters!) which can help you overcome those fun but tricky merge 2 blast puzzles!

    - ENJOY plot twists in the story and uncover hidden secrets and mysteries along the way!

    Merge Garden is not just a decorating and mergeing game, what makes it unique is its exciting story! You'll meet many characters and interact with them, prepare yourself for the most amazing encounters: from a strange (but cute!) neighbor, to new family members and even some four legged friends!

    - EXPLORE the garden with its hidden objects, dozens of flowers and unlock secret areas

    The garden you will be remodelling is large and abounds with secrets and mysteries! As you advance in the game, you will get to explore new areas, come across many surprises and be tasked with solving several enigmas!

    - RELAX and live a romantic story with funny and heartfelt dialogue!

    Besides being a fun and beautifully designed game, Merge Garden is also an excellent way to relax! Take a break from your stressful activities and spend some time diving into a calming world of landscaping and yard decorating. Not only will it be satisfying to revive your old family garden, you will love working alongside Emily and her many human and animal friends. You will also experience a real love story with your neighbor(s) and meet so many quirky characters along the way!

    - SPECIAL EVENTS and REWARDS: Participate in daily special events and earn great rewards! Join tournaments for even bigger wins.

    - MAKE FRIENDS: Join a family to interact and chat with other players and exchange lives and game boosters!

    Flowers are blossoming and Merge garden is ready for its makeover! Are you ready to decorate and renovate this beautiful garden?

    Merge Garden will be updated with more blast puzzles to solve and more romantic chapters regularly! Stay tuned for updates and drop us a review!
  • Wizard Hero Мод APK 2.2.7 [God Mode] 4.0

    Wizard Hero Мод APK 2.2.7 [God Mode]


    Take control of Wizard Hero and fight against hordes of relentless enemies.
    Use your arsenal of spells to drop them down like a blob!
    Destroy waves of unique enemies including all kinds of monsters like dragon, orcs, skeletons and many more!

    • Defeat hundreds of enemies at once
    • Gain new experiences and upgrade your skills
    • Roguelike Progression
    • Customize your wizard

    Grow your character as you play and get stronger after each attempt.
    Learn a new skill or improve one of the ones you have every time you level up.
    At each attempt, create unique spell combinations from thousands of possibilities.
    Do you think you have what it takes to become a survivor ?
  • Tigad Pro Icon Pack Мод APK 3.2.6 [Paid for free][Patched] 3.5

    Tigad Pro Icon Pack Мод APK 3.2.6 [Paid for free][Patched]


    A uniquely designed icon pack in true 3D. Beautiful choice of color palette, You will simply love the artistry in each and every icon.

    Every icon has been meticulously made and you can feel the hard work gone into it's making.

    Enjoy my work and creativity on your device.

    • 16K+ Custom Icons, 4 dynamic calendar icons, icon back, icon mask
    • Compatible with Multi Launcher
    • XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px
    • Vector Graphics, Every Icons made Manually based on Vector
    • Cloud based Wallpaper ( 10 walls with 2 different sizes: FHD (1080x1920) and HD (720x1280)
    • Frequent Updates

    • Apply, 22 Launcher Cards, 13 Direct Apply, 6 Manual
    • See & Search All Icons Included with Icon Name
    • Smart Icon Request
    • Cloud Based Wallpaper Picker
    • Image Picker, Attach Icon from Dashboard App as an Image to Email, Hangouts, etc or Even Use it to Create Zooper Widget
    • Help, Contains FAQs

    • Nova Launcher (Prime): 115%
    • Apex Launcher: 115%
    • Go Launcher: Big

    *** Go Launcher users! Icon Masking isn't supported by Go, So unthemed icons have a circle covering them.
    *** To Fix them : Going to Preferences > Visual Settings > Under Icons, uncheck 'Show Icon Base'

    *** LG Home may working unstable for some device. If you're not sure DON'T PURCHASE! No refund for this reason!

    Support 22 major Launchers:
    Action Pro
    Holo HD
    TSF Shell
    LG Home (read issue for this launcher above)
    CM Theme Engine
    Launchy Widget
    And may be more that have icon pack support

    Special Thanks:
    - Dani Mahardika a.k.a daeva112 who provided the material dashboard

    *** Tigad Icon Pack is using CandyBar dashboard, it is available as open source and free to use https://github.com/danimahardhika/candybar-library/
  • Commando Missions Game offline Мод APK 3.1 [Remove ads][God Mode][Weak enemy] 3.7

    Commando Missions Game offline Мод APK 3.1 [Remove ads][God Mode][Weak enemy]


    Welcome to Commando Missions Game offline of 2022, Duo Play Games are proudly presenting this shooting game of commando action, including unlimited sniper and
    Fps Encounter strikes with critical action and real commando shooting. This Real Commando Secret Mission Encounter Strikes one of the collets Games of 2022
    with a lot of amazing features and its game play. it contains different game missions including Fps encounter mission, Commando strike, legend fire battle, counter terrorist strike and
    critical action. This strategy to play this game is to kill all the Fps First person shooting game and counter attack to Terrorist , this critical action is a response and
    to be done in a critical way wile battling with the enemies. This Fps Real commando war is Full of thrill , adventure and action and one of the best game for boys and best game for girls.
    This Real Army Commando Secret Mission offline strike is especially designed for miltary Commando fans, join this fighting game for battle and Destroy your enemies in the Street fighter game to save yourself and the world.
    Commando Game is totally free to play. In history of Shooting game This Real army commando is Very challenging and hard as real shooter in the game play. USA Army Real Commando For mission In Gun Action Game withe Squad of enemies.
    Features of Real Commando Missions Game offline
    - Thrilling shooting missions
    - Huge Guns collection
    - Offline game- Best shooter game
    - Commando games with multiple locations
    - Amazing game play and control
    - Realistic Graphics
    - Real time sound
    - Nobe to Pro levels
    - Free shooting games
    - Perfectly optimized for al devices

    If you have no internet and you want to play this game , you can lay this game online, absolutely free because it is an offline shootingg game. So quickly download this interesting game of 2021 available
    on Google Play Store for your android smartphones & tablets.
    If you face any issue regarding to this Shooting game for all, kindly email us, our team will work on it ASAP.
  • Epic Heroes War: Zombie update Мод APK [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Epic Heroes War: Zombie update Мод APK [Unlimited money]

    Epic Heroes War is a real-time strategy game, online side-scroller defense combines RPG. Build up a powerful army and slaughter enemy hordes in quests and battles with other players!

    Key features:

    ★ An unique game, not duplicated with other games on the Store
    ★ Lot of heroes with unique skills
    ★ Lot of campaign levels, Online PvP, Domination, Challenge, Heaven & Hell map ...
    ★ Local Bosses
    ★ Nation War
    ★ World Bosses
    ★ Auction
    ★ Boss party
    ★ Guild War
    ★ Arena
    ★ Real-time strategy PvP 1VS1 battle.
  • Panels - sidebar (edge screen) Мод APK 1.380 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.6

    Panels - sidebar (edge screen) Мод APK 1.380 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Panels is the most customizable sidebar (edge screen) on the market!
    Panels is a launcher on the edge of your screen that will change the way you use your phone. Our tool provides a quick access to your favorite apps, shortcuts, contacts and widgets. No more scrolling through the launcher pages, contacts and settings, simply swipe the edge screen. Boost your multitasking and increase productivity!

    And the many ways to multitask is not all. Unlike other sidebar apps our edge screen has many features for you to customize. You can alter sidebar's row and column counts and make the edge screen as big or small as you like. You can also customize colors and position of each and every panel, change icon and text sizes, set individual gestures for any app, contact, panel or tool.

    Panels Features
    • Multitasking and productivity booster
    • Works with any launcher
    • One hand operation
    • Always-on-top launcher on the edge of your screen
    • Quick access to apps and shortcuts
    • Edge screen gestures
    • Folders
    • Website shortcuts
    • Widgets on the edge of your screen
    • Floating widgets
    • A-Z app drawer
    • Contacts
    • Notification badges
    • Accessibility shortcuts
    • System settings shortcuts
    • Adjustable item count
    • Custom colors
    • Position - Left, Right, Bottom
    • Icon pack support
    • Auto-start on boot
    • Blacklist
    • Backup locally or using Drive
    • Automation apps support
    • Dark theme support

    Apps and shortcuts - long press and add any apps or your favorite games to fast access and launch them from any other application and without navigating through your home launcher. Boost your multitasking!

    Widgets - from google calendar to calculators, add any widgets to the sidebar and launch them with a single edge swipe

    Floating widgets - Launch widgets in a separate window on top of other apps, minimize the widget to icon size while browsing your device

    Gestures - use gestures to trigger individual items. Or set a gesture to call any panel

    Folders - group similar apps using built-in folders

    A to Z App Drawer - with only a single tap, A to Z app drawer is the quickest way to launch installed apps

    Contacts - add your favorite contacts to the sidebar and access phone, sms, email apps, Whatsapp and Viber

    Position - place any sidebar panel on the Left, Right or at the Bottom edge of your screen

    Accessibility shortcuts - this includes Home, Back, Recent, Power, Screenshot(Android P+), Lock screen(Android P+) and more

    Notification badges - long press any app icon to preview notifications

    Icon Packs - download any Icon Pack from the Play Store and apply all icons with one click or customize individual icons. You can also turn any photo from your gallery into an icon

    System settings shortcuts - access system preferences with one click and without searching through the settings

    Adjustable item count - change the position, item rows and columns counts and make Panels look and feel the way you like.

    Color schemes - you can customize each and every panel individually or all at once. Ability to load and save sidebar colors.

    Other customization options - you can customize icon and panel size, hide labels, haptic feedback and more

    One hand operation - place your sidebars wherever you like, adjust the size and navigate with a single hand

    Automation and third party apps support - You can launch individual panels using the shortcut from any third party tool

    Use this site if you have issues with the app not staying alive:

    Don't forget to check the tutorial videos!

    Go to Settings - FAQ to find out solutions for some common problems

    Accessibility API
    Accessibility Service is required to determine the current top app when using the blacklist. Accessibility shortcuts also require this service. No user data being used or collected.
  • 8 Ball Clash - Pool Billiard Мод APK 3.5 [Remove ads] 3.9

    8 Ball Clash - Pool Billiard Мод APK 3.5 [Remove ads]


    8 Ball Clash: Billiard Classic is the super fun 8 ball pool game that is the most exciting and realistic billiards simulator in the world of Billiards. Play with your Facebook friends, and enjoy the modern arcade style 3D pool game with global players.

    Enjoy the real-time multiplayer game mode everybody's talking about!

    Download 8 Ball Pool Clash and start your 8 ball clash match!

    8 Ball Clash KEY FEATURES:
    ✨ Advanced 3D physics engine: Realistic graphics and sounds effects, authentic pool table game experience
    ✨ Private 1-vs-1 match room: play 1-vs-1 ball games with friends
    ✨ World tournament: Play like a pro and win your trophies against other pool players!
    ✨ 500+ box, exclusive, epic, legendary cues in shop: Customize your cues and table, get advantages to play against your ball opponents
    ✨ Get free coins and hit jackpot every day!
    ✨ Challenge the pool Rankings - to be magic 8 ball superstar!
    ✨ Challenge win streak every day
    ✨ Play tournament with 8 opponents
    ✨ Offline and online game modes

    8 Ball Pool is one of the most fun and engaging sport games around. Now you can sharpen your skills playing offline and tackle digital competitors.
    Play pool game for a challenging and rewarding experience. Try it now!

    Now slide your screen to aim the ball, drag down the power bar to strike, show off skills and concentration to dive into the pool ball game, you are the future billiards master in the world tournament.

    ✨Play with your friends in the fun mini clips 8 ball sports game! Play with Legends.
    ✨ The popular casual classic billiards game that is free to play on your mobile.
    ✨Play with your friends and communicate with billiard lovers all over the world and become a pool hero!

    Come and download for free today. Pocket all the pool balls on the table, prove yourself in the best online pocket billiards, you are the future billiards master in 8 Ball Pool Clash!
  • nzb360 - Sonarr / Radarr / SAB Мод APK 16.2.1 [Paid for free][Unlocked][Pro] 3.7

    nzb360 - Sonarr / Radarr / SAB Мод APK 16.2.1 [Paid for free][Unlocked][Pro]


    nzb360 is a full-featured NZB / torrent manager that focuses on providing the best experience possible for controlling all of your usenet and torrent needs.

    The following services are currently supported:
    •  SABnzbd
    •  NZBget
    •  Deluge
    •  Transmission
    •  µTorrent
    •  qBittorrent
    •  rTorrent/ruTorrent
    •  SickBeard / SickRage
    •  Sonarr
    •  Radarr
    •  Lidarr
    •  Bazarr
    •  Prowlarr
    •  CouchPotato
    •  Headphones
    •  Unlimited Newznab Indexers
    •  Jackett

    nzb360 also supports all kinds of connections, including local/remote addresses, SSL/TLS, HTTP Authentication, URL rewrites, reverse proxies, and more.

    If you have any questions, need support, have an awesome feature idea, or just want to say hi, you can use the built-in feedback mechanism to get in touch to help continuously improve nzb360 over time.

    I truly hope you enjoy nzb360. =)
  • Disposable Camera - OldRoll Мод APK 4.4.0 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.9

    Disposable Camera - OldRoll Мод APK 4.4.0 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Hey guys, here we come!
    The new realistic analog camera is online. The retro texture brings you back to the 80s. Have you ever imagined that all pictures can be as beautiful as movies? With this free pocket video / photo app, you can do it too. We reproduce the style of classic cameras and stunning vintage film.

    #Awesome Analog Camera
    • The Classic M camera is inspired by the Leica M6, which has classic nomo film tones. The magic of filmm is that it can restore light and shadow, time and temperature. This lens brings fine and mellow tones to your photos.
    • The 503 CW is a classic camera. Its color saturation is real and natural, and the dark part description is great, especially under cloudy skies and low illumination.
    • INS P polaroid filter is designed for you to date with your best friends. Take a polaroid zip photo for each other. The aesthetic and artistic tezza photo frames will never go out of style.
    • TOY F is a disposable camera from David and Emma specially created for you. It has the texture of loopsie. Its warm foodie color is suitable for shooting food. It's not inferior to kamon. Take our pocket camera to get instants free prints!
    • The color of ROL 3.5 lens is rich and classic. It uses Lomo retro and kuni vintage style filter with rni film presets, gets you back to the old paris.
    • NK F has a Japanese fresh texture, its photo filter is very artistic, come and receive your gift camera :D
    • The leather cavity camera embodies elegance and sophistication. 120 V brings you the charm of retro filto film.
    • The romantic pink purple of PINK camera gives the picture of a moly fairyland feeling.
    • CHEESE camera is perfect for gourmet food. Enjoy your meal!
    • Inspired by kodak portra 400 filter. TOY K has a special retrica old grain filter.
    • Try our print camera to get photobooth effect!
    • Kira camera has wonderful sparkle glitter effect and shining stars.
    • We also provide half-frame cameras, our fun fish eye camera and double-exposure feature, as well as random photo frames to let you feel the charm of retro cameras

    #Outstanding features
    • It's not a photo editor or a video editor, you don't need to edit or retouch the photo. The most realistic film photography is instantly presented with a single click. Give you a real photo-taking experience by one step.
    • Photos with square film frame and retro scratch effect are convenient to share to Instagram
    • Post office function allows you to send photos straightly to recipient's home screen. Come and share every moment with your friends.
    • Post your dazz cam footage or wonderful ins style photos with stunning film presets to social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Youtube etc.
    • Flash helps you create daze cam d3d blockbusters in low-light situations
    • Custom fun date stamp watermark, you can also freely modify the timestamp on the photo, why not tell your friends that you have been to this place 20 years ago?
    • Flip the lens to take a retro photo and experience the art of selfie!
    • Most trendy effects: We provide light leaks of 1888 or 1998 style. You can enjoy the vhs and glitch effect with retro grain here, print some cinematic lomograph photos and get film3d photos to experience prequel and sequel feeling.
    • Retro texture rarevision different from digital cameras.
    • The photo shooting timer allows you to free your hands to pose.
    • Excellent photo mirror effect allow you to rotate and flip the photos and create a great mirror image.

    We will also bring you camcorders of 8mm & 16mm & 35mm to let you enjoy video shooting soon or later, let's look forward to the video filters and effects for vcr and live 3d photos!
    Come on! Become a super video star! This will be your most chic cam in your phone!
  • Twitter Мод APK 3.8

    Twitter Мод APK

    Join the conversation!

    Expand your social network and stay updated on what's trending now. Retweet, chime in on a thread, go viral, or just scroll through the Twitter timeline to stay on top of what's happening, whether it's social media news or news from around the world.

    Twitter is your ✨ go-to social media app ✨ and the new media source for what's going on around the globe.

    Jump into the conversation with sound!Twitter Spaces is a new way to have live audio conversations that amplify the power of the human voice. Engage authentically with fans and followers, listen and learn about your favorite creators, influential people and activists on their live Spaces. From tweeting to talking, Join, listen, and speak in live audio conversations.

    Explore top trending topics in media, or get to know thought-leaders in the areas that matter to you; whether your interests range from celebrity tweets to politics, news updates, best podcast recommendations or football, you can follow & speak directly to influencers or your friends alike. Every voice can impact the world.

    Follow your interests. ⭐ Tweet, Retweet, Reply to Tweets, Share or Like - Twitter is the #1 social media app for latest news & updates.

    Trending Topics Get ready for a new kind of media. Search hashtags and trending topics to stay in the know. Follow the tweets of your favorite influencers and crime podcast hosts, alongside hundreds of interesting Twitter users, and read their content at a glance.

    Share your opinion Engage your social network with noteworthy links, photos and videos. DM your friends or reply in a thread. Whether you chat privately or go viral, your voice makes a difference.

    Get noticed. Twitter allows you to find interesting people or build a following of people who are interested in you. Beyond chatting with friends, Twitter allows influencers to build a personal connection with their fans. Speak directly to the people who influence you - you may be surprised by how many answer back.

    ✔️ Build your profile:

    *Customize your profile, add a photo, description, location, and background photo
    *Post visual content
    *Use hashtags in your Tweets #️⃣
    *Draw in followers outside of Twitter

    Track What's Trending

    Discover top trending hashtags and breaking news headlines. Follow media topics, Tweet threads & live videos, to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening. Whether you're interested in sports highlights, pop culture memes or politics, Twitter is your source of information.

    Join a community
    Go beyond just the people you know; use social media to expand your social network. Find like-minded friends or explore interests you never knew you had. Get informed on the topics that matter to you, whether your interests are mainstream or niche. You can share content or be a fly on the wall; either way, you'll discover something new each time you open the app.

    Find your voice on social media - download the Twitter app for Android today!

    Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TwitterInc/
    Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/twitter/?hl=en

    Privacy Policy: https://twitter.com/en/privacy
    Terms and Conditions: https://twitter.com/en/tos

    We share device identifying data with some advertising partners which may include app opens that happen prior to signing up. Please see here for more details: https://help.twitter.com/en/safety-and-security/data-through-partnerships
  • Windfinder: Wind & Weather map Мод APK 3.29.0 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.6

    Windfinder: Wind & Weather map Мод APK 3.29.0 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Wind, weather, waves and tides anywhere in the world for sports like kitesurfing, sailing, windsurfing, surfing, wing foiling, fishing, cycling, paragliding, hiking and for all who are interested in detailed wind and weather forecasts and reports.

    Precise and reliable wind and weather forecasts assure that you will always find the location with the best wind, wave and weather conditions. Windfinder also displays the current wind measurements and weather observations for your real time understanding of the weather conditions. Easy to use and free of charge.


    ❖ Detailed wind and weather forecasts for more than 160,000 locations worldwide
    ❖ Animated wind map (wind radar) for your regional and global wind overview
    ❖ Displays current wind measurements and weather observations in real-time from 21,000 weather stations worldwide
    ❖ Tide forecasts for high and low tides for over 20,000 locations around the world
    ❖ Wave height, wave period and wave direction
    ❖ Save your favorites: Collect nearby or interesting spots and monitor travel weather for your vacation destinations
    ❖ Small Wind Widgets (current conditions) on your home screen
    ❖ New: Severe weather warnings for the US and Europe
    ❖ Wind speed measurements in knots, Beaufort, mph, km/h and m/s
    ❖ Parameters: Wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, felt temperature, clouds, precipitation, air pressure, wave parameters, tidal water levels and severe weather warnings
    ❖ Webcams worldwide
    ❖ Topographic maps and satellite images serve as a navigational aid (weather routing)
    ❖ Optimized display of forecasts and reports for best readability on any mobile device
    ❖ Optimized data transfer that enables a quicker loading speed, ideal for data usage restrictions
    ❖ Easy to use interface - even with wet or cold hands


    ➜ Kitesurfers, Windsurfers and Wing Foilers – find that next storm or windy conditions next door or at your next vacation
    ➜ Sailing – use marine weather to plan that next sailing trip or ensure safe passage by avoiding bad weather at sea
    ➜ Surfing & wave riders – find the perfect wave and high swell
    ➜ SUP & Kayak – make sure high winds and waves don't risk your trips
    ➜ Dinghy sailors and regatta racers – allows careful preparation for the next regatta
    ➜ Fishing – help ensure a good catch and a safe trip
    ➜ Paragliding – find a good wind right from the launch
    ➜ Cycling, trekking & outdoors – expect a windy adventure?
    ➜ Boat owners & captains – keep a constant eye on the current weather conditions and tides
    ➜ …and anyone who requires exact wind and weather predictions!


    Subscribe to Windfinder Plus to get access to all features:

    Wind alerts: Specify your ideal wind conditions and get notified as soon as windy or calm days are forecasted
    Superforecast: Hourly, high-resolution regional forecast models for Europe, North America, South Africa, Egypt and the Canary Islands
    Wind and Weather Widgets in all sizes (with wind preview)
    Wind preview: A visual overview of the wind forecast of the next ten days
    Ad free: No distractions!
    Fully featured weather maps: Beautifully animated wind forecast maps with temperature, precipitation and snow, satellite images and topographies
    Wind report map: Real-time wind measurements from over 21,000 weather stations directly on your wind map
    many more

    Windfinder Plus is available as an In-App Purchase.


    • Youtube: https://wind.to/Youtube
    • FAQs: www.windfinder.com/help
    • Instagram: instagram.com/windfindercom
    • Facebook: facebook.com/Windfindercom
    • Support: [email protected]
  • Photo Sherlock Search by photo Мод APK 1.98 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.6

    Photo Sherlock Search by photo Мод APK 1.98 [Unlocked][Pro]


    App provides search by image taken from camera or from gallery. Can be used to find information about photo on Internet, for example to detect real owner of photo from social network (check if photo is fake). Contains crop functionality.

    - Reverse image search
    - Custom camera to take photos fast and easily
    - Possibility to choose photo from gallery
    - Search by image with different search engines
    - Possibility to crop image before search to remove unwanted regions
    - Possibility to rotate image before search
    - Image size reduced automatically to provide fast search experience
    - Built-in web browser to conveniently navigate between search results with backward, forward and reload page actions

    Pro version features:
    - Ads are removed
    - Possibility to open search direct link in external browser

    Typical use cases:
    - Search person by photo
    - Detect if photo is fake
    - Search by photo in social networks
    - Search web pages where the photo is used
    - Confirm that person from dating app is real
    - Search original photo
    - Search photo with better quality
    - Recognition by photo
    - Search products by photo
    - Search clothes by photo
    - Search by face
    - Search clones by photo
  • Crazy Cooking - Star Chef Мод APK 2.2.1 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Crazy Cooking - Star Chef Мод APK 2.2.1 [Unlimited money]


    New restaurant is unlocked: 1946 Coffee house is open now! ☕

    Crazy Cooking- Star Chef (Original Burger Master) is a cooking game that allows players to open different genres of restaurants! Run your classic diner to serve serves burger, fries and milkshakes or open a Japanese ramen bar to cook delicious noodles ! Can you act fast enough to deal with tons of orders?

    Flowery Donuts Shop is ready for unlock! Cook brand new food: Donuts with delicious cream! Enjoy cute, pinky and delicate interior design!

    Our brand new kitty ramen bar is open! Would you like to have a bowl or ramen with pork chasu, egg and bone broth? Upgrade your interior to attract cats to your restaurant, customers love these adorable fury things!

    Mexican restaurant provide different classic mexican food! Update your Mexican style interior decorations in the restaurant!

    Also, don't forget to upgrade the American diner! Classic burger or BLT is always a great choice! Want some snacks or treats? Our Fries and Milkshake can satisfy you!

    With the dream to make delicious food and serve hungry customer, let's start with each restaurant, earn coins to upgrade the kitchen and dining room, and expand to the world eventually!

    Upgrade Everything
    Serve each customer as fast as you can, great service will increase tips! Upgrade the ingredient quality and offer cupcakes to make your customer even happier! Don't forget to upgrade the restaurant appliances and ingredient quality, and create a better dining environment to attract more customers! Oh the automatic cooking machine can save you tons of time and make sure nothing is burnt!

    Become a cooking master and star chef!
    Life in restaurant industry is not easy. Prepare the meal ahead of time, turn the milkshake on and fry the Shrimp Tempura constantly. Also, keep an eye on the stove and do not burn the food! Serve the burger or ramen with the right ingredient that your customer asked for. With the increasing demands, you need to act fast just like in real life! You will find out this game is so addictive and time passed so fast at these busy restaurants!

    Will you be able to handle the chaos and high demand? Achieve your goal to become 3 star chef! Download Crazy Cooking today!

    Follow our Facebook developer page to receive newest update info and share your ideas!
  • Legend Of CaoCao Idle RPG Мод APK 1.090 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage] 3.5

    Legend Of CaoCao Idle RPG Мод APK 1.090 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage]


    ◆ Game Introduction ◆

    ■ Raise a neglected type that is easy and quick to nurture!
    Anyone can grow quickly and easily! Access only once in a while to help grow CAOCAO!

    ■ Variety of PVP Content!
    Add real content to the neglect! 1vs1 PVP as well as a battle for a castle! (A major battle to be updated)

    ■ Easy and diverse, infinite growth!
    Develop CAOCAO indefinitely with various growth systems such as equipment, skills, and artifacts! As much as I get stronger, the ranker is mine!

    ■ 100% offline rewards!
    Online and offline rewards without a difference! When you're busy, you can turn it off for a while! CAOCAO will work hard, so please trust him and leave it to him!

    ■ Live Chat
    Talk about various things with users through real-time chat! I kill two birds with one stone! There's no time to be bored!
  • Knock'em All Мод APK 1.31 [Unlocked] 3.8

    Knock'em All Мод APK 1.31 [Unlocked]


    The most impressive game of 2020 so far!
    Jump from building to building and shoot the dummies to destabilize them and make them fall from the top!

    The best players manage to chain sections together by stepping on them in just a few seconds.

    Simple and intuitive controls and addictive gameplay mechanics.
  • K-POP Idol Producer Мод APK 1.82 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    K-POP Idol Producer Мод APK 1.82 [Unlimited money]


    ■ You will become a producer for a new idol group
    and manage the company and produce your idol.

    ■ Select talented trainees and make the idol group.
    You can train them and designate roles like lead singer, rapper, dancer, leader and center.

    ■ Make your idols trendy! From album concept to stage costumes!
    Dress up, produce the album and debut!

    ■ Increase popularity with various schedules and promotions.
    Gaining more popularity will allow you to get more schedules!

    ■ Build and decorate your company.
    Take pictures with idols decorated with hundreds of fashion items!

    ■ Challenge yourself to top the chart!
    Release the album, training the idol and win the year-end award!

    * Visit K-POP Idol Producer community!
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bldupstudio/

    * Please send inquiry related to technical issues or purchase by email!
    Email: [email protected]

    * Essential access permissions
    The game requires your permission to:
    These rights are are not used for any other purpose than video ad, saving the date and screenshots. This game would not use the permissions for any other use than mentioned.
  • Antistress - relaxation toys Мод APK 8.7.3 [Unlocked] 3.7

    Antistress - relaxation toys Мод APK 8.7.3 [Unlocked]


    When you need relaxation, diversion or just a moment of distraction enjoy this collection of toys: hear the sound of a bamboo chime, play with wooden boxes, swipe gently your finger in the water, tap buttons, draw with chalks and so on! Are you waiting for something and you need a diversion? Open Antistress app and start playing with a Newton's cradle! Are you furious with someone? Have some relaxation with the never-old fifteen game! Do you need distraction from study? Open Antistress app and choose one among dozens of toys to play!

    Take your time and live a moment of diversion. This game include also an antistress Bamboo chime, a finger scale and some dirty windows to clean!

    Plus, this stress relief app is constantly updated with new antistress toys every 2 weeks, to help you calm down your anxiety with always fresh contents, like finger spinner, finger cube, slime and a bunch of anxiety free toys.

    Privacy policy : https://www.jindoblu.com/privacy-policy/
  • Magic Fantasy : Tile Match Мод APK 0.230319 [Infinite] 3.5

    Magic Fantasy : Tile Match Мод APK 0.230319 [Infinite]


    Enjoy a relaxing Tile match puzzle and recover your own miniature garden every day with countless buildings and new pets.

    Tile match puzzle with no time limit!
    Match tiles of the same shape within the limit and Use various kinds of 「MAGIC」 spells and blast through hundreds of levels!
    Help the cute pets and let them recover the garden together. If you clear the level together, the pets will level up!

    Adventure with cute pets and help the poor animals who are suffering.
    With every little touch, you can protect the nature of the garden and save the poor animals.
    The helped animals will also work with you to recover the garden.

    Someone may come to your hometree with gifts and letters. Check out what kind of friends are coming to play.

    Mahjong Magic Fantasy features:

    ● Tile match puzzles that solve various puzzle modes within the limited match counts
    ● Various gorgeous 「MAGIC」 that can be used by matching the order of the icons displayed on the magic scroll
    ● Collect pets, grow them, and protect the garden!
    ● Simple and beautiful tile design - Various special tiles that add to the fun
    ● Adorable pets will jump in when you have a hard time! Cute and reliable pets!
    ● Only once a year! 「Monthly event」 where you can get plenty of rewards

    If you change your device or delete or reinstall the game without logging, the previously played level, as well as the purchased Gold Cans and Boosters, may be deleted.

    Mahjong Magic Fantasy is completely free to play, but some optional in-game items will require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device's settings.

    By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service which can be found at http://mahjongmagicfantasy.com/terms.html

    Need help or have questions?
    Click the '?' to send a message or email [email protected]

    The homepage is also open.

    Have fun playing Mahjong Magic Fantasy!!
  • Fotor AI Photo Editor, Collage Мод APK [Unlocked][Pro] 3.9

    Fotor AI Photo Editor, Collage Мод APK [Unlocked][Pro]

    Fotor is a powerful all-in-one photo editor app for everyone, including photo editing tools, design maker and photo collage maker. Powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, many tools of Fotor's photo editor can meet all your editing photo needs in seconds, such as One-Tap Enhance, AI Magic Remove, AI Retouch, AI Background Remove, Enhance Resolution, Effects, Filters, Design Templates, Collages, Overlay, Colorize, AI Art Effects, Stickers, Crop, HSL, Curve, Text and other features.

    With just one click, automatically adjust the light and tone, balance the light and dark changes, and quickly improve the image quality in no time.

    Quickly remove an image's unwanted objects, such as remove watermarks, remove signatures, erase acne, erase building, etc., and blend perfectly with the original image quality with Fotor's magic eraser.

    One click to have flawless skin, make it natural and delicate, create perfect makeup without effort. There are also beauty features of Fotor's photo editor such as Smoothing, Wrinkle Remover, Reshape, Clone, Red-eye Removal, Teeth Whitening, etc. retouch photo easily.

    Try AI background remover to erase people, animals, products, stamps, and other content in the image with one click. After remove bg, come to change the background with a lot of backgrounds and solid-colors. Support custom backgrounds too, choose your favorite picture as the background, and create personalized images.

    Use Fotor's photo enhancer to make blurry images clear instantly without quality loss. Whether it's portrait, photography, or products, Fotor's photo enhancer uses AI technology to analyze and transform your image into high-definition quickly. Enhancing colors, reducing blur, increasing sharpness, removing haze, highlighting focus, and more photo enhancement.

    With hundreds of professional filters and special-style effects, real analog film, retro filter, fresh, black and white filter, and other classic effects, easy to cope with all kinds of scenes and present various aesthetic styles.

    Various wallpaper, poster, Instagram post, Youtube video cover, card, logo, and more design templates, update weekly. Suitable for all graphic design occasions.

    Various collage templates, covering food, clothing, festivals, travel, and other scenes, easily make photos better.

    Turn ordinary photos into artwork with just a few taps. Based on a unique model algorithm and machine learning technique, quickly turn your photo into paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, and other master artists, as well as the trendy art styles "cyberpunk".

    Stickers, frames, fonts, backgrounds, mosaics, stock photos, and massive elements resources. Provide more vitality for creativity and show the personal style.

    Fotor's photo editor still offers more advanced photo-editing features, such as Curve, HSL, Color balance, Dahaze, Denoise, Colorize, etc., to meet the ultimate need of every professional and detailed.

    The Fotor Pro subscription fee is charged monthly or yearly. The fees for the Fotor Pro plan are paid following purchase confirmation. The subscription will automatically renew on expiry unless the automatic renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the expiry of the current subscription period. Once the subscription is confirmed, your iTunes account will be charged according to the plan you chose. After purchase, you may go to the iTunes Settings to manage your subscription and turn the automatic renewal off. A canceled subscription becomes effective after one month.
    Terms of Service:
    Privacy Policy:
  • Skyclock - know sunrise/sunset Мод APK 1.63252666 [Paid for free][Patched] 3.5

    Skyclock - know sunrise/sunset Мод APK 1.63252666 [Paid for free][Patched]


    Skyclock® is the ultimate Sun calculator for sunrise, sunset, and twilight times. Calculates for exactly where you are with patented Pie-Slice Display.

    Pilots, photographers, golfers, hunters, construction managers, those who fish, camp, hike, and organize outdoor recreation and those who organize their lives around sunrise and sunset can all use Skyclock®.

    Skyclock® shows you ‘usable twilight' so you can extend, or plan, your day. Twilight is the time between day and night when there is available light before sunrise, or after sunset. All of these times change every day, and depend on where you are.

    Using an analog clock face (12 or 24 hour mode), and Skyclock's patented ‘slice of pie' display method, you can quickly see and understand all of these times, and optimize your outdoor activities to take advantage of natural lighting conditions.

    With Skyclock® you can get that evening round of golf in before dark. You can finish the landscaping job. You can time your run to end before full dark. You can know when to start or end your fast. You can plan to be at the beach in time to watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset, maybe see the green flash, and enjoy the colors in the sky that are best during twilight. You can know if you will ‘be home before dark'. You can plan your fishing time for when they're biting, and your hiking time to get back to camp in time for the twilight s'mores. And you can do much, much more.

    It's convenience, planning, and safety. It's making the most of your outdoor time, whether it's for recreation, or occupation. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your night.

    For more information on twilight and Skyclock®, visit www.skyclock.com, and www.facebook.com/skyclock.
  • My Little Pony: Magic Princess Мод APK 8.2.0 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    My Little Pony: Magic Princess Мод APK 8.2.0 [Unlimited money]


    Saddle up for fun, friendship and adventure with all of the most popular ponies in Equestria in the free official game based on the phenomenal MLP TV show.

    Only Twilight Sparkle -- the student of Princess Celestia -- and her friends Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and the rest can save the day for every horse in the city as they farm resources, meet cute friends and reach for their dreams.

    · Over 300 characters: Meet a royal prince or princess one day, a cute adventure-seeking horse the next day and who knows what the next. Give them places to stay, nibble on hay and hear what they have to say.
    Explore the Crystal Empire, Canterlot, Sweet Apple Acres farm and more.

    · Make a pretty pony home: Beautify your MLP town and make it better than in any other city builders out there with cute houses, adorable decorations and enough magic for everypony that gallops by.

    · Fantastic quests: Go on adventures based on your favorite stories from the TV show, and confront villains such as Tirek, King Sombra, Nightmare Moon, the Changelings and more.

    · Mini-games: Play Ball Bounce with Twilight Sparkle, Magic Wings with Rainbow Dash, and get down with every horse in town in the Equestria Girls Dance games.

    · Custom fashion: Give cute makeovers to turn any pony into a prince or princess pony with royal dresses and beautiful hairstyles featuring a rainbow of colors.

    · Friendship is magic: Interact with friends and compete in hoof-pounding events.

    · Real pony voices: Enjoy the official voice talent from the show.
    Perfect for fans of city builders, free games or anyone who dreams of lounging on a pile of hay on the farm, surrounded by cute MLP horse friends such as Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, and becoming a royal prince or princess.
    You can download and play this game for free. Please be informed that it also allows you to play using virtual currency, which can be acquired as you progress through the game, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performed using a credit card, or other form of payment associated with your account, and are activated when you input your Google Play account password, without the need to re-enter your credit card number or PIN.
    In-app purchases can be restricted by adjusting the authentication settings within your Play Store settings (Google Play Store Home > Settings > Require authentication for purchases) and setting up a password for each purchase / Every 30 minutes or Never.
    Disabling password protection may result in unauthorized purchases. We strongly encourage you to keep password protection turned on if you have children or if others could have access to your device.
    This game contains advertising for Gameloft's products or some third parties which will redirect you to a third-party site. You can disable your device's ad identifier being used for interest-based advertising in the settings menu of your device. This option can be found in the Settings app > Accounts (Personal) > Google > Ads (Settings and Privacy) > Opt out of interest-based ads.
    Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to the Internet.

    This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site.

    Terms of Use: http://www.gameloft.com/en/conditions-of-use
    Privacy Policy: http://www.gameloft.com/en/privacy-notice
    End-User License Agreement: http://www.gameloft.com/en/eula
  • Chaos Road: Combat Car Racing Мод APK 5.7.0 [Free purchase][High Damage][Weak enemy] 3.7

    Chaos Road: Combat Car Racing Мод APK 5.7.0 [Free purchase][High Damage][Weak enemy]


    Racing Game

    Put your car on the asphalt! In an unheard of action car racing and shooting game that mixes combat, riot, cars, guns and racing, you need to rid the city of chaos by eliminating multiple crime bosses.

    Destroy enemies' champions on the way, launch rockets, dodge bombs on the lane and make use of unique special weapons that raise the level of classic shoot 'em up style. Chaos Road is an action-packed shmup race shooter where you can drive different cars and rid the city of crime with an arsenal of weapons. Take the fast lane in a traffic race, attack and smash cars rivals on the road to revenge the city!


    ⚔️ Chase bosses and gangs to reach the be a top champion and rid the city of riot.

    ⚔️ Make improvements to your car and equipment by adding gun, armor, equipping drones and acquiring unique special race weapons.

    ⚔️ Accelerate your ride through horizon of many different fast lane road: shoot and smash enemies riding car, bike, truck, tank, plane and more.

    ⚔️ Battle for survival the riot and be fast to win this traffic high-speed top racing and shooting free game.

    ⚔️ Challenge the big bosses of criminal gangs traffic, each boss has his own vehicle with challenging gun weapons, every battle is a faster rocket!

    ⚔️ Detonate your enemies with guided missiles, rockets, laser beams, gamma-ray, nuke, bomb and power ups that will help you in the riot.

    Play the action Game of 2021 - Chaos Road Combat Racing is a 2021 free action car shooting games, follow us:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChaosRoadGame
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chaos_road

    Chaos Road is a free to play action shooting game, but some game items can be purchased for real money.
  • AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites Мод APK 6.1.6 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.8

    AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites Мод APK 6.1.6 [Unlocked][Pro]


    AppBlock - Block Websites & Apps: Productivity App is the mobile tracker manager that helps you block annoying apps and websites, track your phone screen time, and set personal reminders to manage your productivity and focus on what is important.

    Set a specific timer or date reminders to block apps and websites, track screen time, or customize your profile to activate an app and website blocker based on a specific wifi connection or your location. This way, you can automatically block websites as soon as you get to work to stay focused and be more productive.

    Smart mobile tracker manager: Website blocker, app usage timer & productivity reminders
    Set a do-not-disturb timer, a screen time tracker, or a reminder to focus your productivity. Control phone usage by blocking your social media and other distracting apps. Our site & app blocker will help you to stay focused.

    App blocker, goal tracker and screen timer
    Our productivity tracker allows you to track and block sites and apps, customize reminders and time track your app usage limit in order to improve your productivity. We provide stats and reminders to keep track of your goals and focus on enhanced time management to increase offtime.

    AppBlock - Block Websites & Apps: Productivity App will increase your productivity and self-control, set usage reminder alerts. Customize app blockers for all disturbing apps to be more productive and stay focused.

    ✔️ Block apps or sites using the app blocker - block your email too & keep your reminders and notifications off
    ✔️ Set a screen time tracker limit during your offtime and organize your quality time
    ✔️ Activate Strict Mode to lock your profile and thus improve self-control. Always stay productive and focused with our app blocker!
    ✔️ Disable alerts and set usage timer to help you focus and be more productive: Improve your productivity through time management and a phone detox!

    STAY FOCUSED - App manager, time tracker & website blocker:
    ✔️ Screen time tracker to be more productive and customize a timer to limit your mobile usage
    ✔️ Block notifications, alerts, and reminders.
    ✔️ Manage parental control.
    ✔️ Use a timer, plan and track your goals and activate profiles based on your personal stats provided by our mobile tracker
    ✔️ Activate Strict Mode to lock your AppBlock settings

    AppBlock - Block Websites & Apps: Productivity App helps you to stay focused and find peace when you need offtime and:
    ☝️ increase your productivity and self-control
    control your phone addiction (usage reminder and addiction tracker)
    focus on your goals and time management
    reduce screen time (block site manager)
    digital wellbeing and phone detox
    organize your free time and family time (goal tracker)
    learn how to improve your habits and stop procrastinating

    New AppBlock for Google Chrome!
    Download our Chrome extension and block intrusive sites on your computer. Take your productivity to the next level! Read more: https://appblock.app/appblock-for-chrome

    Email: [email protected]
    Web: www.appblock.app

    Privacy Policy

    AppBlock uses Accessibility services to block websites. Don't worry, we do not collect or share any of your browsing data.
  • Cafeland - Restaurant Cooking Мод APK 2.2.97 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Cafeland - Restaurant Cooking Мод APK 2.2.97 [Unlimited money]


    Design your cafe world and join cooking with Chef Eva's restaurant game! Write your own restaurant story in Cafeland today, Chef! Master your cooking and design your 5 star cafe to be the top chef in the world! Run your own restaurant and get carried away in a cooking fever! Home cooked meals and fresh coffee are waiting for the customers. Just say “I'll decorate my cafe and I'll also add a lovely garden!” and your cafe will thrive! FROM A SNACK BAR TO A WORLD FAMOUS CAFE!

    Decorate and design the place of your dreams in this cafe game! Merge delicious desserts and drinks, cook tasty food to keep your customers happy - From the creators who brought you Cafeland, it's a fun-tastic new cooking game!

    In Cafeland, you have dozens of different dishes; desserts, appetizers, fast food and many more which make this the perfect kitchen game! Not to mention that there are hundreds of shiny new items to decorate your place. Are you ready to be the owner of your cafe business? Then start your restaurant game in Cafeland because this place is for you, chef!

    Facing issues while playing Cafeland or have suggestions/feedback? We would love to hear from you!
    Use the Contact button in settings while you are in the game or e-mail us at: [email protected]

    ©2016 Gamegos - All Rights Reserved
  • Good Pizza, Great Pizza Мод APK 4.21.2 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Good Pizza, Great Pizza Мод APK 4.21.2 [Unlimited money]


    Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own Pizza shop? Now you can with TapBlaze's newest cooking game, Good Pizza, Great Pizza! Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from customers while making enough money to keep your restaurant open. Upgrade your restaurant with new toppings, decor and kitchen equipment to compete against your pizza rival, Alicante!


    Featuring Pizza News Network (PNN), the first newscast about all things pizza.
    Over 100 customers with unique pizza orders and personalities.
    Pizza toppings including pepperoni, sausage, onions, and more.
    Equipment upgrades to help you become the master ovenist.
    Simple, fun and challenging cooking game.
    Created by pizza making professionals; the game designer worked in a pizza kitchen for four years!

    Can you become the master ovenist? Only time and your pizza skills will tell!

    Download and start pizza making now!

    Privacy Policy:

    Terms of Service:
  • Hunter Assassin Мод APK 1.85.0 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Hunter Assassin Мод APK 1.85.0 [Unlimited money]


    "Step into the thrilling world of Hunter Assassin” - a fast-paced mobile game for stealthy and strategic players that takes you on a wild adventure as a hunter with a deadly knife. With multiple enemies to kill, challenging missions to complete and rewards to collect, this game will test your skills and keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Discover the Unique Characters of Hunter Assassin!
    You'll have the chance to unlock several unique characters. It's up to you to choose that best fits your play style and strategy. Whether you prefer a fast and agile hunter, or one with more health and endurance, there's a character for everyone in Hunter Assassin. With so many options to choose from, the possibilities for gameplay are endless. Can you unlock the strongest hunter?

    Beware the traps and define your own strategy!
    Whether it's running and hiding you have to play your cards right. Activate laser traps to lure enemies into your trap, then strike with precision and take them all down. With freeze mines and rockets flying towards you, you will need to be quick and cunning to succeed.

    In Hunter Assassin, the themes change as you progress in the game, providing a constantly evolving and exciting experience every time you play.
    You might start off in the cyber cityscape, dodging traps and taking down enemies with your knife. But as you progress, you might find yourself in a laboratory filled with hazards, forcing you to think strategically and use your abilities to your advantage. If you're up for the challenge, try completing all the maps and themes within the game. It's no easy feat, but the rewards are well worth it.

    With each successful kill and completed mission, you'll earn chests filled with gems to unlock new characters. Spin the Wheel! for even more gems and the new hunters with more abilities.

    So, sharpen your knife and experience the supreme thrill of Hunter Assassin today - download now and start your journey to becoming the ultimate hunter assassin!

    Subscription Terms

    VIP Membership offers a weekly subscription, you will have a 3-days FREE trial period, after this period you will be charged $7.99. After buying the subscription, you will unlock the following features: Ninja Assassin character, all ads removing, 5000 gems and permanent +100% level gem earning. This is an Auto-renewable subscription. The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

    For more information, check the links below:

    Policy - http://rubygamestudio.com/privacypolicy.html
    Subscription Terms - http://rubygamestudio.com/subscription-terms-hunterassassin.html
    Terms of Use: http://rubygamestudio.com/termsofuse.html

    The prices are set for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency.

    To cancel your Subscription Please visit: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481

    Contacting Us
    If there are any questions regarding these terms, you may contact us using the information below.

    Ruby Games
    [email protected]
  • 1945 Air Force: Airplane games Мод APK 11.56 3.7

    1945 Air Force: Airplane games Мод APK 11.56


    Take control of a warplane and jump on the battlefield of 1945 Air Force - Airplane Shooting Games in this thrilling combat flight action game.

    In each of the 1945 Air Force campaigns, you will assume a squadron leader of an elite airforce unit, and engage in a team and solo action warfare.

    You will fight on the most famous historical airplanes, from classic fighters to light and heavy bombers like Grumman F6F Hellcat, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Su-5, P-51, P-36 Hawk, Schwalbe ''Swallow", Mitsubishi A6M Zero, B-17 Flying Fortress... to modern generation military aircraft.

    The enemy is coming. War thunder is roaring! Let's spread your steel wings, go on a mission by yourself and rule the sky now!

    - Over 30 legendary WWII battle zones.
    - More than 500 Challenging campaigns.
    - Over 60 historical planes from the USA, Great Britain, USSR, Germany, and Japan Air Forces... with various customization, upgrade, merge to create your own super planes.
    - Shooting challenging arcade game free with many Additional modes from Bombarding, Bosses, Protect, Stealth to Assault.
    - Daily rewards: Play every day to earn free prizes and get daily tasks and tons of free stuff! Complete daily tasks and upgrade your gear!
    - Crisp graphics, amazing lighting, and special effects.
    - Division (Clan): easily team up with like-minded Division Agents to take down tougher enemies.
    - PVP - online shooting games, co-op with friends, gather your squadron team, and mark your name on the global leader board.
    - Offline and Online games mode.
    - Simulator games - Many historical planes you can try.
    - Enjoy events: Special Events, Season Events, and Tournament.

    The game is specially optimized to work on both strong and weaker devices!

    Don't let the enemy conquer your world.
    Pick your airplanes up, shoot for freedom, and be ready to attack right now!
    Good luck, Hero!

    Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1945AirForce
    Join Group to get our support quickly: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1945AirForce
    Subscribe on YouTube:
  • Idle Lumber Empire Мод APK 1.6.8 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Idle Lumber Empire Мод APK 1.6.8 [Unlimited money]


    Build your lumber and house manufacturing business and become a tycoon!

    Welcome to Idle Lumber Empire - a brand new idle clicker game. In this idle simulation game, you start running a small sawmill and working hard to manage, expand your factory to chase big dream: building lumber empire!

    Manage Forests
    In order to harvest trees sustainably, you need to hire tree planters to grow your forests! Purchase more lands to green 'em all! Train your lumberjacks to become skilled workers so they can harvest logs efficiently.

    Build milling lines
    Purchase and upgrade new machines to process log fasters and produce more lumber products. Lots of machines awaiting you to discover.

    Maintain and upgrade vehicles
    Log Trucks, forklifts deliver logs from storage to machines. Upgrade, maintain them well to keep the factory working continuously

    Manage Sales
    Run marketing campaigns to attract new clients, process orders efficiently to earn the most profits.

    Biz Upgrade
    Earn BizPoints from each processed order, spend your hard-earned BizPoints wisely to boost the Factory income permanently.

    Enjoy the new addictive idle logging simulator game!
  • US Conflict — Tank Battles Мод APK 1.16.145 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    US Conflict — Tank Battles Мод APK 1.16.145 [Unlimited money]


    A fictional WWII Real Time Strategy (RTS) game that asks the question; "What if Germany invaded the United States?"

    Three campaigns with 28 missions (4 free to play missions).

    Free to play 4 player co-op multiplayer: choose between 9 playable countries USA, UK, France, Russia, Japan, Germany, Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia.

    Multiplayer modes include, Player versus Player and Player vs A.I.

    Cross Platform multiplayer iOS/Android.

    20 unit types per nation upgradeable for all infantry and vehicles (200 usable upgrades) Tanks, Trucks, Commander Vehicles, stationary guns, and much more.

    Defensive tactics include minefield planting, stationary turrets, and anti-tank assault.

    Powerups, boosters, and airstrike capabilities for offensive special attacks.

    Learning AI that adjusts to the player's skill level.

    Elevated terrains allowing for multiple strategic tactics.

    Mouse and keyboard support. ⌨️️

    Gamepad support.

    Available in English/French/Italian/German/Spanish/Russian/Polish/Vietnamese/Romanian/Turkish/Japanese/Korean/Indonesian/Simplified Chinese/Portuguese/Hungarian/Malay/Thai/Hindi/Ukrainian.

    This app requires internet connection.

    ⌨️ Keyboard control:
    Left/Right/Up/Down = Map scroll
    0...9 = Select group
    Left CTRL + 0...9 = Mark group
    Delete/PageDown/Home/End = Rotate camera
    NumAdd/NumSubtract = Camera zoom
    Space = Rotate building
    Backspace = Clear selection
    Enter = Stop selected units
    C = Toggle unit color display
    H = Toggle unit HP display
    U = Toggle unit class display
    M = Toggle minimap zoom
    T = Toggle acticon camera mode

    ️ For rubber select use right mouse button.

    Audio engine : FMOD Studio by Firelight Technologies
    Support email: [email protected]
    Developer website: http://fourflash.com
  • Stick Shadow Fighter Мод APK 1.2.4 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Weak enemy] 3.5

    Stick Shadow Fighter Мод APK 1.2.4 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Weak enemy]


    Stick Shadow Fighter - Supreme Warriors - The best action games and most popular feature arcade games on Google Play.

    If you love Stick Shadow Fighter - Supreme Warriors fighting type of game then this game is the right choice for you with its great graphics and challenging gameplay.

    Stick Shadow Shadow Fighter - Supreme Warriors promises to do the most exciting games in this genre.
    Join our game Stick Shadow Fighter - Supreme Warriors, feel all skill and combo - which you have just read comic as ki, kamehameha. Join the tournament, be the champion and the god of super heroes.

    Enjoy the ultimate attacks of warriors, such as kemeha, transform into super heroes, energy ball m and death balls, a fighting game is here waiting for you, good luck in the Most Unexceptional pixel z S champion game.

    Stick Warriors has the most basic control ever! you just need to dodge, jump, power your ki, become ultra instinct and Z warriors super Hero fight against invaders. Use ultimate power, ultra shooting ball skill will be kill all invaders in shadow.

    - 4 Game modes: Versus mode, Story mode, Tournament mode and Training mode
    - Versus mode: Face your favorite opponent head-on in an one-on-one battle. The winner will be decided after 3 rounds.
    - Story mode: Go on a life-long adventure to discover your true strength. Travel to all corners of the world and scream your battle cry. Become the hero as you mean to be.
    - Tournament: 16 finest warriors were chosen to fight in the tournament. Defeat any person may come in your way to reach the ultimate glory as the new champion.
    - Training mode: Prepare yourself for a new journey. Here, you can practice fighting skills and try out new characters. There's no limit on time so you can fight with the dummy as long as you want.
    - 46 stickman fighter characters SSJ with unique fight warriors styles.
    - Upgrade and unlock over 46 unique special moves for each fighter.
    - Stick Hero Fighter super hero has the most basic control ever!
    - Ultra instinct characters.
    - Easy and Simple to play.
    - Cool transform into heroes.
    - Collect these kinds of super fighters to become strongest stickman warrior.

    - KI Blast, Counter Skill, Power, Attach, Move, Teleport, Block.
    - Power + Attach: super attach.
    - Power + KI Blast: Ki Beam, Final Flash, Death Beam.
    - Special skill: Energy Ball, Death Ball, Big Bang Attack.

    Download Stick Shadow Fighter - Supreme Warriors game for free and Protect your Earth and Universe from the big villains now. Control your heroes to destroy all enemies, all villains.
    Keep in touch with us if you like our game and do not forget to comment about Stickman Fighting game. We would love to hear from you!

    For additional support, please contact:
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Fan page: https://bit.ly/2MPuUd0
  • Ghost IconPack Мод APK 2.5 [Patched] 3.9

    Ghost IconPack Мод APK 2.5 [Patched]


    Ghost Icon Pack is an icon pack with High Quality icons and Shape styled Inspired by Apple Design.

    In this Iconpack We are focusing on simplicity and perfect shapes with rounded corners, and applying our own creative touch! Every icon is a real masterpiece and crafted with lots of time and attention to smallest details. Ghost Icon Pack have been designed with a Perfect blend of creativity with simplicity enhancing your mobile experience.

    There's always something new:

    Ghost Icon pack is still new with 3000+ Icons . And I can assure you to add lot more icons in every update.

    Why Choose Ghost Icon Pack over other Packs?
    • Frequent Updates with new icons and Updated activities
    • Work on any android device.
    • Lots of alternative icons to make customization to the next level.
    • Amazing Wall collection
    • Material Design with creative touch
    • Suppport Muzei Live Wallpaper
    • Server Base Icon Request
    • Custom folder icons and app drawer icons.
    • Icon preview and search.
    • Dynamic Calendar support.
    • Slick Material Dashboard.

    Still Confuse?
    Undoubtedly, Ghost Material Iconpack Pack is very attractive and unique. and we do offer a 100% refund in case you didn't like it.

    If you have any issue with using Icon pack. Just email me at [email protected]

    How to use Ghost Icon pack?
    Step 1 : Install supported theme Launcher (Recommended NOVA LAUNCHER or Lawnchair).
    Step 2 : Open Icon Pack and click on Apply.

    • A supported launcher is required to use this icon pack!
    • FAQ section inside the app which answers a lot of questions you may have. Please read it before you emailing your question.

    Icon Pack Supported Launchers
    Action Launcher • ADW Launcher • Apex Launcher •Atom Launcher • Aviate Launcher • CM Theme Engine • GO Launcher • Holo Launcher • Holo Launcher HD • LG Home • Lucid Launcher • M Launcher • Mini Launcher • Next Launcher • Nougat Launcher •Nova Launcher(recommended) • Smart Launcher •Solo Launcher •V Launcher • ZenUI Launcher •Zero Launcher • ABC Launcher •Evie Launcher

    Icon Pack Supported Launchers not Included in Apply Section
    Arrow Launcher • ASAP Launcher •Cobo Launcher •Line Launcher •Mesh Launcher •Peek Launcher • Z Launcher • Launch by Quixey Launcher • iTop Launcher • KK Launcher • MN Launcher • New Launcher • S Launcher • Open Launcher • Flick Launcher •

    This icon pack has been tested, and it works with these launchers. However, it may also work with others too. In case you do not found an apply section in dashboard. You can apply icon pack from a theme setting.

    Extra Notes
    • in this Iconpack, every icon does not aim for 100% Material design rules.
    instead, it aims for a creative look by keeping material design in mind.
    • Icon pack needs a launcher in order to work. (Few device support iconpack with their stock launcher like Oxygen OS, Mi Poco)
    • Google Now Launcher and ONE UI do not support any icon packs.
    • Missing an Icon? feel free to send me an icon request and I will try to update this pack with your requests.

    Contact Me
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/justnewdesigns
    Email : [email protected]

    • Jahir Fiquitiva for providing such a great dashboard.
  • Backup and Restore - APP & SMS Мод APK 7.2.6 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.7

    Backup and Restore - APP & SMS Мод APK 7.2.6 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Auto Backup, Restore, and Transfer your Apps and Personal data for FREE.
    App Backup Restore – Transfer is a simple apk assistant.
    App Backup Restore – Transfer CANNOT back up or restore your apps'data, it's a apk assistant that can back-up apk files only.
    Upload & Download backups to Google Drive .
    Never lose your data again!

    App Backup Restore - Transfer can Backup & Restore APK files of apps that are not frequently used to save storage of phone. Easiest Backup & Restore multi versions to avoid unnecessary updates.Backup & Restore Personal data for safety. iCloud Backup & Restore for data security. Transfer & Share APK files between Android devices.

    ★ Editor's Choice
    No.1 in "10 best Android backup apps ... to backup Android, save storage of phone !” - Android Authority
    No.1 Easy Backup & Restore APK assistant in “10 Best Android Backup Apk assistant” - Tom's Guide

    Local / Cloud Backup & Restore
    ✓ APK backup & restoare
    ✓ SMS & Contact Backup
    ✓ Call logs backup & restore
    ✓ Photo Backup & restore

    Transfer & Share in Seconds
    ✓ APK send & receive
    ✓ Call logs send & receive

    • Batch backup, restore, transfer, share
    • Batch Backup & Restore to internal storage of phone by default
    • Batch Backup & Restore to SD card or USB
    • Upload & Download to/from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
    • Easiest Backup & Restore apks, personal data
    • Auto Backup & Send files to the third party platforms
    • Extract & Retrieve APK files
    • Transfer & Share Backups
    • Overwrite, downgrade app versions
    • Auto app-backup tool at all times
    • Set auto backup list to back up apks automatically
    • Transfer & Share by building private Wifi-hotspot
    • Wireless Transfer & Share with dizzying speed
    • Auto backup & update with notifications
    • Google Drive upload/download with notifications
    • Easiest backup & restore system applications
    • Scan APK files stored in your phone
    • Scan virus for more protection
    • Touch & Hold app to check details
    • Manage apps by installed, archived, Drive
    • Apk assistant to sort apps by name, date, size
    • Show backups' size & time & version
    • Show used & total system & file storage
    • Recover phone after factory resetting, Samsung, MicroMax, etc. supported
    • All types of app supported including Game, Tool, Social Media etc.

    App Backup Restore - Transfer CANNOT back-up, restore, transfer data or settings of apps, it only batch backup & restore apk files to save storage of phone.
    App Backup Restore - Transfer can only restore app files that have been backed up BEFORE.
    App Backup Restore - Transfer CANNOT auto back up personal data, auto back-up apks only.
    App Backup Restore - Transafer can only auto back-up to RAM & SD card, auto backup to cloud CANNOT be achieved .
    Please back up to sd card or cloud before factory reset, or all backups will be deleted due to system restriction.
    For Android 4.4 and above, Google reserved the permission to write in SD card. It is now granted only to Google and cellphone manufactures.

    Requested Permissions:
    READ WIFI/BLUETOOTH/GPS to enable transfer & share feature
    REQUEST CERTAIN PRIVACY PERMISSIONS to enable virus scan & Google Drive back-up

    Like us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/9Blp5L
    Join our Google+ Community: https://goo.gl/rViSq
    Contact us if you want to help making the app into your language: [email protected]
  • Facer Watch Faces Мод APK 6.1.21102280 [Subscribed] 3.6

    Facer Watch Faces Мод APK 6.1.21102280 [Subscribed]


    Facer Watch Faces is the ultimate watch face customization platform for WearOS & Tizen smartwatches. Facer offers everything you need to customize & personalize your WearOS or Tizen watch, including 300,00 free and premium watch faces from leading brands and independent artists. You can even make your own watch faces and share them with the world using our leading Facer Creator tool. Don't be default, Facer offers everything you'll need to bring your personal style to your smartwatch.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4/Watch4 Classic

  • Samsung Tizen-based smartwatches: Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and older

  • Fossil smartwatches

  • Mobvoi Ticwatch Series

  • Oppo Watch

  • Montblanc Summit Series

  • Asus Gen Watch 1, 2, 3

  • CASIO Series

  • Guess Wear

  • Huawei Watch 2 Classic/Sport

  • Huawei Watch

  • Hublot Big Bang e

  • LG Watch Series

  • Louis Vuitton Smartwatch

  • Moto 360 Series

  • Movado Series

  • New Balance Run IQ

  • Nixon The Mission

  • Polar M600

  • Skagen Falster

  • Sony Smartwatch 3

  • SUUNTO 7

  • TAG Heuer Connected

  • ZTE Quartz

  • Installation tips for Tizen users (Galaxy Watch 3 and older):
  • Download & Install “Facer” app from the Google Play App store
  • Make sure your Samsung watch is connected with your smartphone through the “Galaxy Wearable” app & bluetooth is turned on for both your phone and smartwatch
  • Download & Install “Facer Companion for Samsung Watch” from the Samsung Galaxy App Store
  • Long press on your Samsung smartwatch and scroll to select “Facer” as your chosen watchface. That's it!

  • If you're having any issues using our app & watch faces or are dissatisfied in any way, please give us a chance to fix it for you before expressing dissatisfaction through ratings.
  • You can contact us at https://help.facer.io/hc/en-us/requests/new
  • If you are enjoying our watch faces, we always appreciate a positive review

    100,000 WATCH FACES
    The largest single destination for free and premium faces, there is something for everyone in our vast collection. Explore the newest & most popular watch faces or use the new search feature to discover the perfect watch face for your mood.

    Find hundreds of premium faces from the world's leading brands like Tetris™, Star Trek, Garfield, Ghostbusters, American Dad and more. There are new brands being added all the time so keep an eye out for new watch faces.

    Facer curates collections of original designs from talented watch face designers to bring you the most beautiful and dynamic faces available for your smartwatch.

    Want to create your own watch face designs & publish them through Facer, reaching thousands of smartwatch users? If so, we're looking for talented artists to join our growing community of Facer-certified designers. Find out more by contacting us at [email protected]

    Make your own watch faces with our powerful web-based editor at https://www.facer.io/creator (note: view on your laptop or desktop for full functionality).

    Permissions needed (all optional)
  • Location: Needed to show weather data based on your location
  • Fitness/Health: Needed to show step counter, heart rate, and other health and fitness related information

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/facercommunity/
  • Facer Creator & Community: www.facer.io
  • Instagram: https://instagram.com/getfacer/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/GetFacer
  • Скачать
  • Crispy Icon Pack Мод APK 3.9.5 [Paid for free][Patched] 3.8

    Crispy Icon Pack Мод APK 3.9.5 [Paid for free][Patched]


    Crispy. Shapeless. Unique. Vibrant.

    ▸ 3180 unique shapeless icons
    ▸ Regular Updates
    ▸ Dock icons
    ▸ Alternative icons
    ▸ Custom folders icons
    ▸ Cloud based wallpapers
    ▸ Dynamic Calendar support
    ▸ Icon request tool
    ▸ Material Dashboard
    ▸ Premium icon request support

    Crispy icon pack with unique shapeless icons gives your android device home screen beautiful look and extra special icons let you add your personal touch to your liking.

    How to use this Icon pack?
    ▸ Install the supported Launcher
    ▸ Open Crispy Icon Pack and Go to Apply section and Select Launcher to apply.
    If your launcher is not in the list then apply manually from the launcher settings section.

    Icon pack requires a supported launcher
    App's help section holds FAQ and answers

    ▸ Use NOVA Launcher
    ▸ Set Icon Normalization Off From the Nova Launcher Settings
    ▸ Set Icon Size to 110% - 130%

    Nova Launcher(recommended) Lawnchair Launcher Microsoft Launcher Smart Launcher ADW Launcher Action Launcher Apex Launcher Go Launcher Poco Launcher Evie Launcher
    Next Launcher Solo Launcher Hyperion Launcher Niagara Launcher Total Launcher CM Theme Engine

    This pack may supports other launchers which are not listed in the apply section of the app and supported launchers.


    Any Help?
    Mail me @ [email protected]
  • Caves (Roguelike) Мод APK [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Caves (Roguelike) Мод APK [Unlimited money]

    A classical turn-based roguelike* styled game, with pixel art graphics. The main feature of the game are caves, that you can dig through using your pickaxe. Both magic and high technology go together here.

    *From Wikipedia:
    "Roguelike is a subgenre of RPG games that are characterized by random level generation, turn-based gameplay, tile-based graphics, and permanent death of the player-character."

    Also features:
    - Your own main base
    - A lot of unlockable high-tech armors
    - Different special abilities
    - Find resources and craft unique and powerful items in a Crafting Station on your base
    - Hordes of skeletons, mutants, robots, and other creatures
    - Create your unique character by choosing different stats. Find your playstyle and your tactic.
    - Big, randomly generated areas to explore
    - Many interesting items
    - A huge weapons arsenal, from bows and daggers to plasma guns and energy swords, experimental guns, and magic superweapons
    - Each weapon has its own unique ability
    - Comfortable controls

    The game is in constant development and I am actively working on new content and gameplay elements.
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/36dev_
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/cavesrl/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/Vwv3EPS
  • Candy Crush Soda Saga Мод APK 1.239.5 3.5

    Candy Crush Soda Saga Мод APK 1.239.5


    Загрузите Candy Crush Soda Saga уже сейчас!

    Создатели легендарной Candy Crush Saga представляют вашему вниманию Candy Crush Soda Saga с уникальными конфетами, еще более чудесными комбинациями и сложными игровыми режимами, полными пурпурной газировки и веселья!

    Эта аппетитная приключенческая головоломка мгновенно утолит вашу жажду веселья. Присоединяйтесь к Кимми в увлекательных поисках Тиффи. Переставляйте сладости и составляйте комбинации, открывая все новые измерения в этой волшебной игре. В эту газировочно-восхитительную сагу можно играть самостоятельно или с друзьями, чтобы узнать, кто заработает больше очков!

    Благодаря сезонным обновлениям каждый месяц вас ждут новые уникальные квесты и увлекательные уровни! Проходите задания Сезонного билета, чтобы получить награды и бустеры, которые помогут вам в игре.

    Проявите свои бойцовские качества в гонке по эпизодам! Состязайтесь с другими игроками, чтобы узнать, кто из вас быстрее проходит уровни и прогрессирует в игре. Можно также собрать команду и в режиме «4 в ряд» совместно побороться за восхитительные награды!

    Особенности Candy Crush Soda Saga:

    * Свыше 6000 газировочно-восхитительных уровней

    * Красочная графика с трехмерными персонажами и постоянно меняющимся окружением

    * Ежемесячные обновления сезонов, в которых вас ждут увлекательные задания и сезонный билет со множеством наград

    * Полные веселья игровые режимы с уникальными конфетами:

    «Газировка» — включайте в комбинации бутылки, чтобы они откупоривались, извергая фонтаны фиолетовой газировки, которые помогут спасти мармеладных мишек.

    «Глазурь» — совмещайте конфеты, чтобы разбить лед и освободить мармеладных мишек.

    «Соты» — создавайте конфетные комбинации рядом с сотами, чтобы освободить мармеладных мишек из западни.

    «Варенье» — размажьте варенье по игровому полю.

    * Уникальные конфеты и новые потрясающие сочетания:

    Если составить квадрат из 4 конфет, получится мармеладная рыбка!

    Если совместить 7 конфет — получится конфета-краситель!

    * Исследуйте сочные миры и уровни в компании веселых персонажей!

    * Объединяйтесь с друзьями в режиме «4 в ряд» и получайте вкусные награды!

    * Проходите уровни быстрее всех, чтобы получить сладкие награды в гонке по эпизодам!

    * Легкая и веселая игра со сложными испытаниями для настойщих мастеров.

    * Подключение к Facebook открывает доступ к спискам лидеров, где вы можете соревноваться с друзьями и сравнивать ваши рекорды!

    * Игра легко синхронизируется между устройствами, а при подключении к Интернету открываются все игровые функции.

    Candy Crush Soda Saga — бесплатная игра, но некоторые игровые возможности, вроде дополнительных ходов или жизней, можно купить за деньги.

    Загружая эту игру, вы соглашаетесь с нашими Условиями пользования: https://www.king.com/ru/termsAndConditions

    Facebook @CandyCrushSodaSaga

    Twitter @CandyCrushSoda

    Instagram @CandyCrushSaga

    YouTube @CandyCrushOfficial

    И в заключении мы хотим сказать огромное СПАСИБО всем, кто играет в Candy Crush Soda Saga!


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