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  • Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG Мод APK 1.38.1 [Free purchase][Free shopping][Endless][Mod Menu][God Mode] 5.0

    Order of Fate - Roguelike RPG Мод APK 1.38.1 [Free purchase][Free shopping][Endless][Mod Menu][God Mode]


    Welcome to the Order of Fate - an RPG adventure game inspired by classic offline RPG games and the best RPG games with character creator all time. Delve deep into the darkest dungeon like a true roguelike dungeon crawler. Fight against Evil in our thrilling PvE strategy games. Discover the darkest secrets in our roguelike platformer. Grow stronger in battles offered by these new games RPG. Enter the dungeon and become the strongest hero of this fantasy world!

    "When ancient evil will arise in the depths, when followers of darkness will come out of hiding, when villages will be terrorized and people will be in danger, you'll have no choice but to fight back!" — the Greatest Hero, ca. 543 of the Darkest Era.

    RPG adventure game based on a roguelike platformer
    • Deep progression
    • Tons of loot and magical equipment
    • Dozens of skills and perks
    • Rich story, characters, and quests
    • Tactical dungeon crawler battles
    • Procedurally generated levels
    • Fully offline dungeon RPG

    Be warned, the Cult will stand in your way, and only by uncovering their mysteries and finding their secret treasure rooms will you be able to prevail. But don't get consumed by your greed for knowledge or treasure: the darkest dungeon is always ready to strike.

    Interesting settings, rich lore, amazing characters, and all mandatory attributes of a great role-playing game. Don't miss it! Choose your own fate in dungeon games — become the hero of lands that will go down in legends or become the nightmare who will bend the darkness itself to his will.

    Death awaits all adventurers… But each death makes you stronger. Overcome fate itself and become a legend in this darkest dungeon crawler!

    Skills, perks, different characteristics, set bonuses, buffs, and lots of other ways to shape a unique character with a godlike build! All the best that dungeon fighter games ever offered!

    Weapons, armor, potions, magic scrolls, and many other items are hidden among the shadows, guarded by monsters, and stored in chests. Collect them all and use them to play your best dungeon RPG games!

    In our PvE strategy games, you will have to fight against numerous monsters. Each one with a unique art style, abilities, tactics, and patterns. There won't be easy fights, just pure challenge and hardcore!

    Take Order of Fate with you wherever you go; it doesn't require an internet connection. Here, you can play your most thrilling RPG role-playing games fully offline!

    Neat visuals, smooth animations, gothic art style, and ambient sound provide the best possible immersion. Live the life of a hero! And enjoy all the best of 2D RPG dungeon games atmosphere.

    Dive into the best roguelike platformer RPG role-playing games! Explore dangerous dungeons, avoid deadly traps, slay horrible monsters – take all the fun that PvE strategy games can offer. Improve, improvise, overcome in our great leveling-up micro RPG games! Be the hero you always wished to be – in our micro RPG games, you can do as much as this! Start your roguelike dungeon crawler adventure now! And enjoy this RPG fantasy!
  • Zombies Vs. Farmer Мод APK [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 5.0

    Zombies Vs. Farmer Мод APK [Unlimited money][Unlocked]

    Game Introduction
    Farmer vs. Zombies - an thrilling multiplayer tower defence game. In the game, players need to run from the pursuit of zombie and find a suitable farmland to escape. Build turrets by developing the economy and planting crops. In the game, players can only build on the empty land in the farmland. After the empty land is clicked, the planting menu will pop up. In the game, players need to selectively planting of crops according to their own economic conditions, so as to expand their advantages step by step.

    In the game, players need to plant defense towers -the corps, to kill the zombie in the farmland. The player can win the game by either eliminating the zombies or defending the farm until the time is up. Accomplishing one of the two conditions will lead to victory.
  • World War 2 Shooter - offline Мод APK 1.1.23 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 5.0

    World War 2 Shooter - offline Мод APK 1.1.23 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Do you like war games in World War setting? This one is exactly for you!
    World War 2 Shooter is a new first person shooter & offline game where you can become a real soldier of World War 2 and fight against enemies! Defeat foes in dynamic battles and be a hero on the battlefield of WW2!

    Vast arsenal of authentic guns will help you in your WW2 combat mission! A lot of sorts of weapons will be available to help you come out on top in war games!

    Choose any of fps war games: FFA battles, Team deathmatch, Capture the Flag.
    Complete special missions and fight for the victory in this offline game!

    World War 2 Shooter (war games) features:
    - Offline game! Battle anytime in World War 2 setting!
    - Combat missions of fps war games: complete them one by one and become a hero of WW2 game!
    - More additional game modes to feel more battle experience and become a hero of World War 2!
    - Critical fights and total action! Participate in battles in exciting war games!
    Use the whole arsenal of WW2 weaponry with historic guns and armor!
    - Simple and intuitive shooting controls. A first person shooter can also be comfortable and easy to play!
    - Different maps with historical surroundings of World War 2. Join battles on legendary WW2 battle zones!

    Use shooting skills, develop tactics and take down the enemies in offline game! Classic first person shooter missions and action battles in shooting modes of fps war games are waiting for you, World War soldier!
  • Sleep Cycle: Sleep Tracker Мод APK [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Sleep Cycle: Sleep Tracker Мод APK [Unlocked][Premium]

    Relax, sleep better and wake up rested. Sleep Cycle is your personal sleep tracker and smart alarm clock with a range of features (incl. snore recorder, sleep calculator, guided meditation) to help you get a good night's rest and wake up easier. You will feel less stressed, more energized and happier during the day.

    ⏰ 5 reasons you'll love Sleep Cycle:

    1. A sleep tracker with a difference: There's no phone under your pillow, you can track sleep by placing your device on the nightstand or close by on the floor.
    2. Gentle wake up: Our smart alarm clock goes off at the ideal time for your body so you never wake up tired.
    3. Tailored advice: Let us track and analyze your sleep, and show you personalized tips to develop lasting habits that will help you sleep better and feel great inside and out.
    4. No more guessing: Do you snore or dream talk? The sleep recorder detects if you snore, talk, cough, or sneeze at night.
    5. Relax and fall asleep faster: Create the perfect bedtime conditions with nature sounds, calming music and guided meditation, including white noise and ASMR.

    Powered by our patented AI technology, Sleep Cycle is an advanced sleep tracker for anyone seeking to prioritize their health and effectively manage everyday stress. Whether you aim to improve your sleep, reach a regular sleep schedule, record your snoring or wake up more refreshed with our smart alarm clock, there's a feature for you. Relax and get that slumber that will do wonders for your health.

    ⭐️ Top Sleep Cycle Features

    √ Its unique design wakes you up at the perfect moment. No more grogginess in the morning
    √ Carefully selected alarm sounds
    √ Customizable wake-up window. From instant (regular alarm clock) up to 90 minutes
    √ Snooze by shaking or double tapping the phone lightly
    √ Wake up mood - see how your sleep affects your mood

    √ Snore recorder and other sounds: Snore tracker function to check how much you really snore and how many breathing disruptions you have during the night. Capture your sleep sounds and view your trends.
    √ Too much noise outside or in your room? The app will also tell you how noises affect your rest.

    √ Instantly see how well you slept with your sleep quality rate from 1 to 100.
    √ Detailed reports: statistics, trends and daily, weekly and yearly graphs.
    √ Sleep notes - monitor how activities such as drinking coffee, stress, working out, or eating late affect your rest.

    √ Library of soundscapes designed by our in-house experts to help you relax and guide you to sleep better.
    √ White noise, ASMR, brown noise, pink noise, and nature sounds included.
    √ Guided meditation to relax and create the perfect conditions to unwind before bed.
    √ Drift off with bedtime stories: Narrations paired with relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep.
    √ Calming music to help you clear your mind.

    √ Learn how to sleep better with exclusive guides made just for you.
    √ Select the program that adapts to your needs and goals: read, listen or watch the collection of the day created by our sleep experts.

    √ Keep your phone on the nightstand and start tracking your sleep from your watch
    √ Gentle vibration on your wrist, without waking anyone else
    √ Quick summary of your last night's sleep
    √ Including tiles and complications for easier use

    √ Sleep Goal - your new sleep calculator and reminder towards a more consistent and restful sleep
    √ Online backup - lets you secure your data online
    √ Integration with Google Fit
    … and much more.

    Get started with Sleep Cycle tonight - Waking up in the morning has never been easier!

    - Ability to charge your phone by the bed.
    - Ability to place your phone near the bed, such as on a nightstand table or on the floor.

    Need help? https://support.sleepcycle.com/hc/en-us
    Terms and Privacy: https://www.sleepcycle.com/privacy-policy/
  • Undead City: Zombie Survivor Мод APK 4.0.3 [Unlimited money][God Mode] 5.0

    Undead City: Zombie Survivor Мод APK 4.0.3 [Unlimited money][God Mode]


    Lots of zombies are attacking and their target is you! Your city is in danger!
    In the role of a brave hero with many special skills, your mission is to destroy all your enemies to take back the city and its inhabitants!
    As a warrior with limitless potential, you and the other survivors will have to take up arms or use skills and fight a whole bunch of zombies!

    There are many characters to choose from with different skills and powers. Choose your favorite character to accompany you in many upcoming survival battles.

    The number of enemies is enormous. Fight while collecting mana to unlock and upgrade your skills. Destroy them by fighting thousands of monsters at once! With just one hand, clear the map!

    You have to go through 5 battles in each level, the boss will appear in the final battle. Many types of zombies and bosses are waiting for you.

    There are 50+ skills that vary in number and strength. Make the right choice of survival skills to kill as many zombies as possible.

    Compete against other players in a 1-1 PVP mode with other players and register on the leaderboard to receive attractive rewards.

    Fight alone and live. Enjoy a brand new survivor game experience with hero system and PVP mode that other games don't have. Why do you hold out? Download Undead City today to join the brave hero in his adventures!

    You need help? Contact us by email: [email protected]
    Visit our Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/undead.city.zombie.survival
    Discord: https://discord.gg/RxBY3PghcP
  • YouCut - Video Editor & Maker Мод APK 1.592.1175 [Unlocked][Pro] 5.0

    YouCut - Video Editor & Maker Мод APK 1.592.1175 [Unlocked][Pro]


    YouCut is free Video Editor, pro Video Maker with music for YouTube and other social media. Full screen video editing experience just for you.

    Edit videos like a pro. Whether you want to make photo videos or share moments with friends, YouCut is the best video editing app with all features you need.

    FREE & No Watermark!

    Free Movie Maker and Video Editor
    YouCut it is free and has no banner ads movie maker unlike other video editing apps or video cutter. Multi-layer timeline, chroma key and green screen features to help you make cinematic videos with music for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

    Video Merger & Joiner
    Merge video clips into one video, it is a pro video maker for YouTube, also the professional video cutter and video joiner, helps compress & combine videos without losing quality.

    Video Cutter & Trimmer
    Cut & trim video as you want. Edit video with music, export video in HD quality. Easy-to-use movie maker, the best video cutter & music video editor with stunning transitions.

    Video Splitter & Slicer
    Slice & split video into two separate video clips. Free movie maker and video editor for android.

    Video Speed Control
    Brand new fast/slow motion feature (Adjust video speed from 0.2× to 100×) , Editing video and adjust video speed with video filters and effects.

    Photo Slideshow Maker
    Free music video editor with photos, merge photos to create slideshow.
    Combine videos with photos, edit videos with music like a pro.
    Slideshow maker, helps create slideshow in minutes.

    No Watermark
    As a free music video editor and full screen video maker for YouTube, YouCut never add Watermark to your video.

    No ads when editing videos
    There is no banner ads on the screen, unlike other video editing apps.

    Add Music to Video
    It is a professional TikTok editing app, YouTube intro maker and Instagram story cutter that meets all your needs.
    1. Add free featured music by YouCut.
    2. Edit videos with your music.
    3. Adjust the original video volume.

    Video Filters & FX Effects
    Add beautiful movie style video filters and FX effects to video. Movie maker and film editor without watermark.

    Video Color Adjust
    Adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Custom video filters and effects.

    Change Video Aspect Ratio
    Fit your video in any Aspect Ratios like 1:1, 16:9, 3:2, etc. No crop video maker free and video cutter app.

    Change Video Background
    Best chroma key video editor app & video background changer editor.
    1. Change the background color of your video.
    2. Don't like flat color? You can also blur background.

    Video Compressor & Converter
    1. Choose resolution to compress and convert your video.Best HD video maker free & Tik Tok editor.
    2. YouCut - Pro video maker and mp4 editor supports resolution up to 4K.
    3. YouCut can save more than 90% size without losing much quality.

    Video Cropper
    Crop video to any ratio you want. Zoom in/out your video.

    Share Video
    Add text on video with font and style.
    Use Slow Motion to make your video run in fast/slow motion, share video to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter…to get hundreds of 'likes'!

    Crop Video, Video merger, Cut, Trim, Split, Compress, Blur, Photo Slideshow Maker, Add music, Add text to video, Apply FX video filters, No crop video, Rotate video, Share to YouTube... Fast/Slow motion video editor without losing video quality!

    If you have any question about YouCut (pro video editor free, video cutter & movie maker, photo video maker), please email us at: [email protected]

    For more YouCut news or tutorials, subscribe us on YouTube: https://youtube.com/@YouCutApp

    YouCut is not affiliated, associated, sponsored, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook.
  • Balance: Meditation & Sleep Мод APK 1.94.0 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Balance: Meditation & Sleep Мод APK 1.94.0 [Unlocked][Premium]



    Calm your mind, and reduce your anxiety and stress with the world's first personalized meditation program, now free for your first year.

    Balance is your meditation coach that promotes mindfulness. Using an audio library of thousands of files, Balance assembles a daily meditation that's perfect for you. You'll learn to breathe deeply to reduce anxiety and stress and create a sense of calm. You'll answer daily questions about your meditation experience, goals, and preferences. The more you share over time, the more personalized and effective your meditations become.

    For a limited time, we're offering everyone a free year of Balance, automatically available when you download the app.


    Balance's daily meditations are organized in 10-day Plans that teach fundamental meditation skills geared toward your goals and needs, including reducing anxiety and stress. You'll discover how to bring mindfulness to your day, increase your focus among distractions, improve your sleep, reduce anxiety, and find deep relaxation in moments of stress. You'll learn to breathe mindfully to calm your mind.


    Singles are bite-sized meditations you can use anytime, even on the go, to reduce anxiety and more. Wake up gently with a morning meditation, stretch, and then make your commute less chaotic with a meditation customized to your journey. Clear your mind with animated breathing exercises, lower your stress, find energy, and increase your focus with quick Relax, Energize, and Concentrate meditations—and many more.


    You'll rest easy with our Sleep meditations, Sleep Sounds, and Wind Down activity—a first-of-its-kind interactive that uses bilateral stimulation and controlled breathing to help you relax before bed, overcome anxiety and find more restful sleep.


    Get started with our Foundations Plan, where you'll train your focus and reduce anxiety. Or, if you already meditate often, start with our Advanced Plan, which helps you take your meditation practice to the next level. As a participant in our free-year membership, you'll also have access to our full library of meditations.


    - Personalized guided meditations tailored to your mood, goals, experience, and more
    - 10-day Plans to help you develop and deepen your meditation skills
    - Bite-sized Single meditations you can use to get more out of any moment
    - Research-backed activities to help you relax, reduce stress, overcome anxiety, and prepare for restful sleep
    - Animated breathing exercises for quick calm and relaxation
    - 10 concrete meditation techniques to build your practice: Breath Focus, Body Scan, Labeling, and more

    In meditation, "one-size-fits-all" fits no one. We all have ways of finding relaxation, focus, rest, and happiness. With thousands of possible paths, Balance helps you reach your goals, including developing mindfulness and breathing deeply to reduce anxiety and find calm.


    Your first year on Balance is free. After that, Balance offers two auto-renewing subscriptions at $11.99/month and $69.99/year. These prices are for United States customers, pricing in other countries may vary.

    Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription term unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the term. Subscription renewals cost the same as the original subscription, and your credit card will be charged through your Play account at confirmation of purchase.

    Balance also offers a Lifetime subscription paid for by a one-off upfront payment of $399.99 with unlimited access to the Balance library forever.

    For additional information, please read our Terms of Service (http://www.balanceapp.com/balance-terms.html) and Privacy Policy (http://www.balanceapp.com/balance-privacy.html).
  • Heroes vs. Hordes: Survivor Мод APK 1.15.1 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Heroes vs. Hordes: Survivor Мод APK 1.15.1 [Unlimited money]


    Will you survive waves of enemies?
    Defeat hordes of mighty enemies using powerful weapons and spells. Become the #1 Survivor!

    Take control of legendary heroes, equip the best weapon and defeat the Hordes - vampires, orcs, and skeletons! Will you survive? Or maybe you get overflown with enemies? Experiment with different weapons and power-ups. Level up your character and survive!

    Become the #1 Survivor!

    ★ The enemies will continue to encircle you. You must survive! Use swords, bows, and spells to survive. Collect the treasures and chests. Look out for swarms of monsters and brace yourself for powerful boss fights

    ★ Each level gives you access to new powerful upgrades - would you choose a new weapon or upgrade your inventory? Put your strategic thinking into practice, test the best strategy and survive the Hordes. Enjoy the action game of the year!

    ★Upgrade your talents, collect Mythic armor, and level up the Heroes to guarantee your victory! Which Hero will you choose? Powerful Knight with his goblin-slayer sword, or maybe the Dark Ranger and his hunting bow? Unlock the Mages to discover the powers of the elements. Choose your favorite hero and become top survivor in Heroes vs. Hordes

    ★ Explore new areas and new enemy types. Your journey will take you on an adventure from Haunted Forest, through the sands of the Bone Desert to the most dangerous lands of the Fire Fields and Forgotten Citadel

    Play the horde survival game, Heroes vs. Hordes, and prove you are the mightiest of Heroes! You have what it takes to become the top survivor! Play the game for free.

    Supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action as part of the federal funding for video games.
  • SpellForce: Heroes & Magic Мод APK 1.2.6 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    SpellForce: Heroes & Magic Мод APK 1.2.6 [Unlimited money]



    Time for a new turn on the critically acclaimed SpellForce-Series. The epic fantasy saga is finally available on mobile devices, offering a whole new angle to the franchise. Leaving the story of its PC ancestors untouched and coming indeed 100%-story free, the Premium Game will offer turn-based strategy and tactics instead of real-time.

    Creating an own kingdom turn by turn is the main goal in the 13-mission long adventure mode or the free game, where you are facing your AI-opponents on randomly generated maps. Choose between the Dark Elves, the Orcs or Humans as playable races and ally or fight six neutral factions. Send your troops to conquer cities, to claim mines or farms and to search treasury.

    Your race's hero will lead your army on their search for glory, treasures and valuable resources to exploit. Because your ever-expanding empire needs them to prosper. When you find new cities, you can muster new unique units to command in any battle that lies ahead.

    While your heroes explore the realms, you will meet your opponents on the battlefield and will exterminate them in simultaneously turn-based combats. Played out on hexagons, you'll send Archers, Catapults, Knights or Dark Elf Necromancers against beasts & enemies like Spiders, Shadow Nightmares or Barbarian Berserkers. While you plan your actions, so does your enemy. When you both execute your plans, you'll see who's the better general.

    SpellForce: Heroes & Magic is also a Role Playing Game. Your hero and your soldiers both gain experience and they both can find magical items like swords, armor or other equipment. When you level up, you can learn new skills and of course, seasoned warriors are more valuable on the battlefields than fresh recruits.

    SpellForce: Heroes & Magic follows HandyGames strategy of premium games: Buy once and play as long as you want with every content the game has.

    No microtransactions.
    No loot boxes.
    No Ads.
    No Free2Play mechanics of any kind.
    Just a great game.

    • Craft your own fantasy empire: Expand, Explore, Exploit and Exterminate. And no, we don't think it's a 4X game – do you?
    • Lead your heroes: Carry the battle to your opponents and defeat them.
    • A world of magic: Heroes and units can cast Lightning Strikes or Fear Spells, can stun foes or heal companions.
    • Simultaneously turn-based combat: Plan your armies' actions while your enemy does and execute them at the same time.
    • Items, level ups, skill trees: Individualize your army with fully fledged RPG mechanics.
    • 3 playable races: Orcs, Humans, Dark Elves & their iconic heroes await your commands.
    • 6 neutral races to ally with or fight against: Gargoyles, Shadows, Elves, Dwarves, Barbarians and Trolls are either loyal companions or fearsome enemies on the battlefield.
    • Over 30 different units to muster and to lead into combat.

    Supported languages: EN, FR, DE, JA, KO, PO, PT, RU, ZH-CN, ES, ZH-TW

    © HandyGames 2019
  • Dream Cruise: Tycoon Idle Game Мод APK 0.1.0 [Unlimited money][Free purchase][Free shopping][Mod Menu] 5.0

    Dream Cruise: Tycoon Idle Game Мод APK 0.1.0 [Unlimited money][Free purchase][Free shopping][Mod Menu]


    Build your own cruise ship conglomerate and become a cruise tycoon!

    Are you ready to become rich by managing a cruise ship conglomerate?

    Start by acquiring your grandfather's cruise ship and work hard to make your business grow. Improve every detail and transform your modest facilities into a five-star vacation destination.

    Expand your cruise ship cabins, add luxurious furniture and eye-catching decorations, enhance all facilities and comfortable amenities, and ensure your guests' satisfaction by offering the best leisure activities.

    Operate various types of cruise ships and strategically use your earnings to grow your empire even bigger. Assemble the perfect cruise ship team and manage increasingly efficient services.

    Become the perfect host to your clients by upgrading facilities, providing delicious cuisine and beverages, expanding swimming pools, maintaining room cleanliness, and constructing competitive suites. Utilize your free time wisely and reinvest your profits with a business-focused approach.

    Take charge of the human resources department and manage your staff effectively: hire lifeguards for the pool, offer drivers or masseurs for VIP clients, employ porters, chefs, or bartenders, and recruit maintenance workers and cleaning services. Make careful business decisions and build a strong workforce in your cruise ship empire.

    Lead leisure activities to entertain your guests during their free time. Organize scuba diving courses, skiing lessons, spa sessions, and guided tours around the ship. Don't forget to enhance the comfort within the ship's walls. Provide excellent room service, tastefully decorate your lounges, improve relaxation areas, offer top-notch dining and buffets, or even provide laundry service to visitors during cleaning times.

    Start with a single cruise ship and expand your business by offering Caribbean routes, Northern Europe routes, Middle East routes, and more. Enjoy various types of accommodations and furnish them with attention to detail, from the reception desk to the bedrooms and suites. Your guests will want to stay forever! Offer them single, double, or luxurious rooms.

    If you enjoy management and leisure games, you'll love Dream Cruise Deluxe! It's a casual and easy-to-play game where strategic decisions must be made to achieve profitable growth in the cruise ship business. Begin with a small and humble establishment and visibly progress within your premises. Transform your modest enterprise into one of the world's finest cruise experiences and attract VIP guests!
  • Premium Camera Мод APK 10.20.77 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Premium Camera Мод APK 10.20.77 [Unlocked][Premium]


    - NO Ads
    - It works across mobile and wearable devices.
    - Calendar Camera
    - Green Screen with Gif background

    ※ Premium Camera is now available on Wear OS
    ※ Premium Camera on Wear OS must be synced with your Premium Camera on mobile.

    Example 1:
    * You can take a series of photos with a timer.
    It will take pictures with number of 30 every 10 sec.

    1. Number of photo: Setting --- Burst --- (30x)
    2. Interval of taking of pictures: Setting --- Burst mode interval --- (10s)
    3. Click the button of camera

    Example 2:
    It take picture each 10 minute between 8.30 AM and 8.30 PM with every day.

    1. Timer (Triger)
    Every day with 8:30 AM
    2. Burst
    It must with Off
    3. Custom Burst
    You can put 72(It will take multiple photos, 72 numbers , 12 hours = 10minutes X 72)
    4. Burst mode interval
    Select 10m(10minutes interval)

    Example 3:
    It will take Video 10 minute at 8:00 AM with every day.

    0. Set button of Camera to Video
    1. Timer (Trigger)
    Every day with 8:00 AM
    2. Setting
    3. Video settings...
    4. Maximum duration of video
    Select 10 minutes

    * Timer option with Clock.
    * Burst mode.
    * Real-time Photo filters.
    * Real-time Video filters.
    * Image to Video(mp4)
    * Video stamp (on Frame Video)
    * Option to auto-stabilize so your pictures are perfectly level no matter what.
    * Zoom via multi-touch gesture and single-touch control.
    * Flash on/off/auto/torch.
    * Choice of focus modes (including macro).
    * Touch to select focus and metering area.
    * Face detection option.
    * Choice of front/back camera.
    * Choose scene modes, color effects, white balance and exposure compensation.
    * Choice of camera and video resolution, and JPEG image quality. Support for all resolutions offered by the camera. Also support for 4K UHD (3840x2160) video on some devices (experimental - may not work on some devices!).
    * Video recording (with optional audio).
    * Burst mode, with configurable delay.
    * Option to silence the shutter.
    * GUI works in any orientation without any pause when changing orientation. Option to optimize for left and right-handed users.
    * Configurable volume keys (to take picture, zoom, or change exposure compensation).
    * Choice of save folder (though note Google have blocked write access to external SD cards in Android 4.4, see http://bit.ly/1eTBWCx ).
    * Configurable on-screen display shows battery, time, remaining device memory, orientation and direction of camera; also option to overlay a choice of grids (including "rule of thirds").
    * Preview aspect ratio can be set either to maximize the preview display size, or match the aspect ratio of the photo/video resolution (so what you see is what is actually recorded).
    * Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) of photos, including compass direction (GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef).
    * Support for external microphones (may not be supported by all devices).
    * Instructions available from http://joeunsemu.com/android/tcp/
    * unlike most Android apps.
    (Some features may not be available on all devices, as they may depend on hardware features, or the Android version.)
    Please contact me if you encounter any problems, or have any suggestions for improvements - either email, or post at http://joeunsemu.com/android/tcp/
    Privacy Policy: Location permission is required for geotagging of photos, but this is disabled by default. If enabled, your location is encoded in the saved image files (and it is only used for this purpose).
  • LG Remote for TV: Smart ThinQ Мод APK 5.4 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    LG Remote for TV: Smart ThinQ Мод APK 5.4 [Unlocked][Premium]


    LG ThinQ TV Remote - the ultimate companion for your LG TV has been designed to give you complete control over your TV, lets you control all your LG TVs from the comfort of your smartphone and help your life be easier and better.

    This LG TV Remote App is compatible with all LG Smart TVs with WebOS systems.

    The Smart Remote for LG ThinQ TV connects to your Smart TVs over WiFi and use as a smart remote controller. Besides turning your LG TVs on and off, changing channels, and controlling the volume, you also can enter text using a real keyboard, use the touchpad to navigate, control all smart TV features, cast your media, and much more.

    Fast Connect and Cast To LG TV and Share Photos & Videos in high-definition from your Gallery directly onto your devices with the tap of a button on the dedicated "Cast" tab. Search effortlessly by using the keyboard, touchpad or Voice-to-text commands.

    Enjoy quick access to your favorite media apps like Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO, Fite, and others with the dedicated "Apps" Tab. This LG Smart TV Remote Controller also helps you use swipe-based gestures on your devices for easier navigation.

    This Universal LG TV Remote app is the prime way for you to watch & cast to ThinQ TV conveniently.

    Upgrade your clunky remote to a powerful app.

    + Switch TV channels up and down, or enter a channel number to jump straight to it.
    + Increase/Decrease the volume of your LG Smart TV from distances.
    + Use as a remote controller with multiple LG TVs from one place.
    + Navigate Smart LG ThinQ TV features.
    + Browse the web with the trackpad in the LG TV Remote app.
    + Use the keyboard in the app to type on your TVs.
    + Quick access to your favorite apps and channels.
    + SmartCast feature: Stream your media directly from the app to show on your LG smart TV.

    LG ThinQ Remote for TV: Smart ThinQ easily converts your smartphone or tablet into a remote control for LG Smart TVs. Controlling your LG ThinQ TV has never been easier with this smart remote controller app.

    *Setup: Please connect both devices to the same WiFi network. Select your LG Smart TV in the app and, when prompted, "Allow" the app. That's it! Simple, quick, and with complete features.

    *DISCLAIMER: This LG Remote For LG application is not affiliated with nor endorsed by LG Electronics, Inc. and is not an official product of it or of its affiliates.

    (Please note that this application cannot turn on your LG TV. Your LG TV is not connected to WiFi when it is OFF, so it can't accept commands.)

    Terms of Use: http://vulcanlabs.co/terms-of-use/
    Privacy Policy: http://vulcanlabs.co/privacy-policy/
  • Kingdom War: TD Offline Games Мод APK 2.1.64 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage] 5.0

    Kingdom War: TD Offline Games Мод APK 2.1.64 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage]


    Are you a fan of RPG and Real-time defense strategy games? If so, Kingdom War TD Offline Games is the game you always find. Kingdom War TD is a 2D cartoon anime tower offline defense game that combines role-playing game features to bring you an interesting challenge defense strategy.

    The game is set in a fantasy continent which is named Fortias. There are many races living together on this continent including humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, goblins, etc. After the Great battle between the alliance of humans, elves, and the Dark Lord hundreds of years ago, the continent's creatures are enjoying a peaceful life. The Dark Lord is destroyed under the sword of the human King, and his army is eliminated. However, evil never really disappears. They are very patient and waiting for the day that darkness will cover this continent once again.
    One day, the Eradel Kingdom is suddenly attacked by the Goblin army, which used to be far away from man's land. In this critical situation, Prince Lucius and his companion had to leave the kingdom of Eradel and seek help from other allied races. On his journey, he will have to overcome countless challenges as well as different enemies and need talented tacticians to help. Let's build powerful towers, train royal soldiers of Eradel, mighty control heroes and destroy the enemies!


    * Enter the world of Kingdom War TD Offline Games: Hero Legend TD defense strategy, enjoy many challenges in different fantasy environments: the plain of humans, dense forests of elves, the mountain kingdom of dwarves, the dead swamp, frozen mountain, and many more!

    * Show off your talent! Perform your best tactic in each mission with 8 new specialized towers: Barrack tower trains brave warriors of Eradel to help you block the path and destroy the enemies; archer tower deals physical damage and brings useful buffs to nearby towers; the magic tower has high magic damage and ability to debuff the enemies, and last but not least, golem tower, the mighty weapon of the Eradel Kingdom, which can slam the ground and deal massive AoE damage.

    * Various modes of gameplay: besides the campaign missions, players also can enjoy the infinite challenges in endless mode. Let's show the world who is the best tactician by ranking yourself top one on the leaderboard. The endless mode is also a very good one to farm gems.

    * Recruit 5 epic ancient Gods to help you defend in the combat: Jupiter, Glacia, Sol, Nyx, and Asura.

    * Mighty heroes: many valor heroes from different races with powerful skills. You can control 3 heroes at a time to conquer enemies and defend your kingdom.

    * Summon and upgrade Runes to increase power for your hero.

    * Variety of monsters in game: more than 30 types of enemies are waiting for you. Each monster has a unique appearance and some events have abilities that may cause a lot of trouble to every tactician.
    Learn about your enemies and your towers with an in-game encyclopedia.

    Heads up and rush to protect your castle and kingdom from the evil enemies. We're waiting for you in the world of Kingdom War TD!

    Kingdom War TD Offline Games Community
    We'd love to hear your valuable feedback on our game! Join our community channel to participate in open discussions and connect with other players.
    - Official Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/warringkingdomstd
    - Official Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/440243454452237
    - Official Discord: https://discord.gg/BBhZ4a5qEr
  • UTS Мод APK 15.1.18 [Remove ads] 5.0

    UTS Мод APK 15.1.18 [Remove ads]


    UTS on mobile app is an Indian Railways official android mobile ticketing app to book unreserved train tickets.

    Who can use utsonmobile application?
    The service is not available to a person under the age of Seventeen or previously suspended or removed from the services by Indian Railway.

    By accepting the Terms & Conditions or by otherwise using the Service or the website, it would be deemed that the concerned person is at least Seventeen years of age and have not been previously suspended or removed from the Services by Indian Railway. The Person represents and warrants that he has the right, authority, and capacity to enter into this Agreement and to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The person shall not impersonate any other person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent identity, age or affiliation with any other person or entity.

    Pre-requisites to avail the utsonmobile app service: 
    Presently, utsonmobile app is available in Android, Windows & iOS versions. 
    The Smartphone should have good GPRS connectivity. 
    In order to avail paperless mode of tickets, the Smartphone should be GPS enabled.

    Registration Process:
    User Registration for availing the above services can be done through the utsonmobile app or the website (https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in).
    The passenger needs to provide information like Mobile Number, Name, Password, Gender, Date of Birth for the one time registration process.
    The mobile application would send an OTP to the mobile number specified against the USER ID field to ensure the validity of the mobile number. After successful registration, an SMS will be sent informing the user about the successful registration. A zero-balance R-Wallet account would be activated.

    Login Process:
    After the registration, the passenger needs to enter the credentials in the login page for entering into the utsonmobile app.

    Services offered by utsonmobile app:
    1. Book Ticket:
    Normal Booking(Journey and Return tickets)
    Quick Booking (Journey and Return tickets) 
    Platform Ticket 
    Season Ticket 
    QR Booking (Platform Tickets, Journey and Return Tickets)

    2. Cancellation of Ticket :-
    Paper Ticket with booking amount greater then cancellation charges can be cancelled using utsonmobile app before printing of ticket. Cancellation of Paperless Ticket is not allowed.

    3. Booking History

    4. R-Wallet:
    R-Wallet Balance 
    Recharge R-Wallet
    History 
    Surrender R-Wallet

    5. Profile:
    Change city 
    Change Frequent travel Route 
    Change Journey Details 
    Change Password 
    Change Handset Request 
    Change Personal Details 
    Sync Ticket

    6. Show Booked Ticket:
    Using 'show ticket' feature the ticket can be showed to the TTE(Travelling Ticket Examiner) or TC. Off-line mode is also available to show the paperless ticket if Internet connection not available in the mobile.

    Paperless ticket booking(Book and Travel) is not allowed inside train or within station premises to avoid ticket booking just by seeing TTE(Travelling Ticket Examiner) or TC.
    For booking of paperless ticket user should be away from Station premises/Railway track.

    For Paper Ticket(Book and Print) mode of booking, It is mandatory to take printout of the ticket from ATVM/CoTVM kiosks or General Booking counters at station before boarding the Train.
  • Mighty Squad Мод APK 1.0.11 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu] 5.0

    Mighty Squad Мод APK 1.0.11 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu]


    Many years ago, a peaceful village with a life of farming and raising livestock was suddenly attacked by a strange tribe. This invading army emerged from the deep jungle and burned many houses in the village, the cries for help were heard everywhere, making the atmosphere extremely chaotic and scary.

    When everyone tried to flee the village, leaving the deserted landscape behind, the real heroes appeared. These heroes led their armies, armed with unique weapons, entered the jungle to fight the invaders with the aim of regaining peace for the village and their loved ones.

    You, incarnating as ONE OF THESE HEROES, build your own army and collect weapons, ready to go to war to defeat the fierce and vicious enemies.
    What you need to do is to explore the maps deep in the jungle, find the enemies and use weapons and tactics to destroy them.

    The game begins!

    * 5+ unique heroes—a panda priest, an elf mage, a high prince... There is always an option that goes perfectly with your playstyle.
    * Various types of minions, bombers, archers, soldiers, spearmen,... Numerous ways to deal with the pestering hordes on the way!
    * Randomly generated dungeons—dark forests populated by beasts, deep ancient tombs laid numerous undying corpses… Sweep them out of the land of to loot treasures and rescue captured citizens
    * Squad lead mechanism for super tactics control. Traveling, autofight, cast skill— effortlessly with a few moves to blow away enemies. Controller supported.
    * Attractive loot and treasures waiting for you and your army to be strong. Your men are always there for you to lead.
  • Waifu Battle Мод APK 1.0.33 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage] 5.0

    Waifu Battle Мод APK 1.0.33 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage]


    You enter a strange world of girls - where women rule different lands by their power and charm. Each of waifu are lusty, attractive and unique in their way. You could defeat one by one and earn their submission, in order to build the mightiest harem of the world.
    Eri - Greatest swordswoman of Sasaki, undefeated maiden
    Edchidna - Soul Master of Shurin Temple
    Yuuko - Lord of Blackrose
    Kurumi - Angel of Rendella, holy maiden of Great Temple
    Kiana - Queen of Kori, Monarch of frozen plateau

    Features of the game:
    Match 3 to defeat your enemies, better use your wisdom and sharp eyes
    Training your waifus and use them in battle
    Challenge the most powerful waifu of your life, also hers
  • Monster Slayer: Idle RPG Games Мод APK 1.3.13 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][Weak enemy] 5.0

    Monster Slayer: Idle RPG Games Мод APK 1.3.13 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][Weak enemy]


    9999 gems Giftcode: WELCOMEMS

    Fan of Idle RPG War Game? Looking for cool new Fighting games? Monster Slayer: Idle RPG War Game is the right game for you! The game is a perfect combination of Action, RPG, and Idle Gameplay, and should be a must-try for you.

    Monster Slayer: Idle RPG War is an action RPG. It is a role-playing game with both arena and online Idle RPG game elements. This game provides an excellent item system, and hundreds of weapons, and the defenses are divided into several different levels.

    Join the Game, you will be a ranger that is on a mission to protect the beloved Kingdom, fighting evil creatures. Along the journey, you will be facing evil and dark Creatures, Monsters that will be trying to defeat you! Your mission is to power and level up your strengths, by upgrading your power and weapons; also finding a pet company to fight along your side. Use your wise and wisdom to upgrade your strengths and destroy evil monsters.

    Game Features:
    ★ A thrilling, single-player adventure full of mystery
    ★ Idle Auto-Battle
    ★ Endless Battle
    ★ RPG Progression & Strategy
    ★ RPG adventure Battles

    If you are a fan of an idle clicker, level-up games, action RPG, and role-playing games, then don't miss this Monster Slayer: Idle RPG – one of the most epic slime games and it is free. Enjoy the idle adventure time.
  • Duolingo: Language Lessons Мод APK 5.122.0 [Paid for free][Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Duolingo: Language Lessons Мод APK 5.122.0 [Paid for free][Unlocked][Premium]


    Learn a new language with the world's most-downloaded education app! Duolingo is the fun, free app for learning 40+ languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills.

    Designed by language experts and loved by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide, Duolingo helps you prepare for real conversations in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, English, and more.

    Whether you're learning a language for travel, school, career, family and friends, or your brain health, you'll love learning with Duolingo.

    Why Duolingo?

    • Duolingo is fun and effective. Game-like lessons and fun characters help you build solid speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills.

    • Duolingo works. Designed by language experts, Duolingo has a science-based teaching methodology proven to foster long-term language retention.

    • Track your progress. Work toward your language learning goals with playful rewards and achievements when you make practicing a daily habit!

    • Join 300+ million learners. Stay motivated with competitive Leaderboards as you learn alongside our global community.

    • Every language course is free. Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh, Arabic, Latin, Hawaiian, Scottish Gaelic, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, English, and even High Valyrian!

    What the world is saying about Duolingo⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️:

    Editor's Choice and "Best of the Best” —Google Play

    “Far and away the best language-learning app.” —The Wall Street Journal

    “This free app and website is among the most effective language-learning methods I've tried… lessons come in the form of brief challenges — speaking, translating, answering multiple-choice questions — that keep me coming back for more.” —The New York Times

    “Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education.” — TIME Magazine

    “...Duolingo is cheerful, lighthearted and fun…” — Forbes

    If you like Duolingo, try Super Duolingo for 14 days free! Learn a language fast with no ads, and get fun perks like Unlimited Hearts and Monthly Streak Repair.

    Send any feedback to [email protected]

    Use Duolingo on the Web at https://www.duolingo.com

    Privacy Policy: https://www.duolingo.com/privacy
  • Turbo Driving Racing 3D Мод APK 3.0 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Turbo Driving Racing 3D Мод APK 3.0 [Unlimited money]


    Conquer street and sky in Turbo Driving Racing, a mix of high-octane driving and endless racing. Turbo Driving Racing is one of the best arcade endless racing games with stunning 3D graphics.

    This is Turbo Driving Racing. The ultimate endless race in the city streets, countryside roads and seashores, featuring amazing vehicles, addictive gameplay and intense traffic competition. Barrel through packed streets, avoid crashes, take down traffic cars, pick up coins and perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts! The game will challenge even the most skilled racing fans.

    Game Features:
    - Breathtaking visuals and amazing tracks
    - Earn cash to unlock and upgrade 8 high-performance vehicles
    - Pick your favorite colors with 9 paint choices
    - Customize your cars through 9 different types of wheels
  • Days After: Zombie Survival Мод APK 10.5.0 5.0

    Days After: Zombie Survival Мод APK 10.5.0


    Days After is a zombie survival game in which you have to face the most terrible consequences of the zombie apocalypse: hunger, infection, raiders, and hordes of undead. Stay alive in the dawn of zombies, learn the rules of survival and fight back against the monsters on Doomsday. Get ready for fighting, shooting, building, crafting, and action adventure game. Mist survival is waiting for new heroes!

    - Choose your hero and pump him to the maximum.

    - Try to survive in a fading city: gather resources and subsistence, loot and prey day by day.

    - Build your shelter - infection free zone, and craft weapons and armor. There are lots of weapons at your disposal—from baseball bats to chainsaws—and lots of ammo too.

    - Fight against wild animals, bandits, and hordes of walking dead.

    - Find friends and raise a loyal pet.

    - Explore the post-apocalyptic dead world and write your rules of survival in this zombie survival game.

    Welcome to the world of the zombie apocalypse!

    Humanity's days are gone. The last day on earth is here. The infected ones flooded abandoned cities. You are one of the few who survived a pandemic that turned the world into a dead wasteland. You must fight your way through hordes of zombies, raiders, and disease to find food, water, and a last shelter of the fading city. Live or die in the violent, unforgiving post-apocalyptic world - your choice!

    This is an action-adventure game that aims to bring you the most realistic survival experience possible. Your main goal is to survive at any cost. Accept the challenge and prove to everyone that you can stay alive among the dead. Enjoy the survival simulator in the style of zombie shooting games!

    You have no right to make a mistake because everything in the zombie apocalypse world is hungry for blood and brains. Everyone in this world is in a state of survival!

    You are not the last man on earth on the last day on earth. In addition to fighting off zombies and everyday survival, you can complete quests for allies and receive rewards like new weapons and armor or crafting materials for building your base camp. The bravest will be able to meet their love, but everything is not so simple. You will have to fight for her and make every effort to save her life in these dark days. Save the last of us!

    Life after the dawn of zombies is not easy. In this survival simulator, you will have to deal with hunger, thirst, unthinkable conditions, and a mysterious virus. Various types of zombies will constantly keep you on your toes. Outlive everyone, Die Hard!

    Explore a variety of locations of a radiation city, complete quests, follow the rules of survival, kill zombies, and fight bandits to uncover the story of the infection that led to the zombie apocalypse. You have to go through an abandoned city, wastelands, forests, radioactive zones, radiation islands, and other wilderness areas in search of clues.

    Features of Days After:

    - Open world zombie game with PvE survival gameplay.

    - Post-apocalyptic setting.

    - Massive dead world with several dozen different locations.

    - Zombie hunting and fighting with terrifying bosses like the best survival shooting games.

    - Online mode with chat and item exchange.

    - Character skill system.

    - Extensive multi-level crafting and building system.

    - Exciting quests and helpful allies on your road to survival.

    - Action-adventure competitions and regular events with rewards.

    - Realistic survival game.

    They are coming. It's the end of the world. Join the last survivors in the post-apocalyptic survival game, defeat all the walking dead, and prevent Doomsday. Let's survive the zombie game together!

    Official Site: https://days-after.com/
    Customer Service Email: [email protected]

    Join the global Days After community!
    Discord: https://discord.gg/4e8VhSn5H2
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daysaftergame/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfRP__WLCILvG_ZTPF7Jq5A/featured
  • West Gunfighter Мод APK 1.15 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    West Gunfighter Мод APK 1.15 [Unlimited money]


    Are you ready to take part in the #1 exciting 3D western adventure? Explore the open world in an Old West of kill-or-be-killed frontier as a western cowboy now!

    West Gunfighter is the game where Wild West is as real as it gets. Play as a cowboy or cowgirl, you'll tackle missions, earn rewards, challenge & duel to take out bandits, and find hidden loot. Or you can just ride a horse, drink at saloons and enjoy the land's beauty. It's all your call!

    Game Features:
    - Customizable cowboy characters with dozens of clothes
    - Hundreds of various activities in the game
    - Different horses and weapons to help you on the journey
  • World Cricket Championship 3 Мод APK 1.8.4 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    World Cricket Championship 3 Мод APK 1.8.4 [Unlimited money]


    Are you a cricket fan looking for a realistic and immersive mobile cricket game?
    Look no further than WCC3, the latest offering from World Cricket Championship, the world's most downloaded mobile cricket franchise. With best-in-class features, real-time motion capture of real players, and a range of tournament formats including T20, ODI, and Test match, WCC3 offers the most authentic cricket experience on your mobile.

    Experience the True Spirit of Cricket

    WCC3 features 100s of new full motion-captured cricket actions of batting, bowling, and fielding, along with professional commentary, hand-crafted stadiums, lighting, and pitches, and tournament formats like World Cup, Tri Series, ODIs, Ashes, Test Cricket, and more. With live cricket and real-time matches in-game with Hot Events, dynamic AI that scales according to your skill level, and cricket grounds of different dimensions, WCC3 offers the most realistic and immersive cricket experience available on mobile.

    Build Your Very Own Invincible Team

    With WCC3, you can build your very own invincible team and lead it to victory, or play for your favorite side. The Career Mode offers a chance to progress in your cricket career using all your skills, facing multiple challenges as you play in domestic, league, and international matches. Play over 400 matches, spanning 25 series across 3 brackets, with stunning visual cutscenes narrating your story contextually at every stage. Make tactical decisions in match selection, gear choices, and ability upgrades to achieve your goals and be the architect of your own cricket career.

    NPL & WNPL

    WCC3's National Premier League (NPL) begins with an auction where the best in the game are hand-picked. 10 tough teams share one big dream – to lift the cup. The innovative NPL cinematics, Impact Player, dazzling jerseys, player roster, and ladder format will give you refreshing gaming experience.
    Women's National Premier League (WNPL) is out and out a women-centric mobile cricket game with 5 teams competing for the cup. Designed with advanced technology and world-class graphics, WNPL will have women going all guns blazing!!

    All-Star Team

    Real-life cricketers look incredibly realistic on your mobile! Build and own your All-Star Team of legendary and modern superstars. Pick your all-time favorite cricket stars and form a power-packed team you can boast of.

    Advanced Customization

    With the new, advanced customization engine, you can now take your pick from an ensemble of 150 amazingly realistic cricketers. We have added more realistic faces to make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

    Official West Indies Cricket Team

    WCC3 features the official West Indies Cricket Team. Get to play with the official West Indies roaster, with real player names and real jerseys. Playing with true-to-life faces of the original West Indies cricketers gives you the most realistic gaming experience.

    Road To Glory

    WCC3's Road To Glory (RTG) offers you enriching features for an enhanced and a memorable gaming experience. Unlock exciting cutscenes, crowd scenes, celebrations, dugouts, podiums, stadiums, player cards, and many more! Enjoy a more gratifying gameplay with RTG.
    Professional Commentary

    Listen to world-class commentators commenting on your game! Choose from professional commentary options in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, and Urdu. The distinguished commentary panel includes Matthew Hayden, Isa Guha, Aakash Chopra, Anjum Chopra, Abhinav Mukund, Venkatapathi Raju, Vijay Bharadwaj, Deep Das Gupta, and Tariq Saeed.
    Cricket Multiplayer
    WCC3 – one of the best cricket games in the world – gives you an experience of real cricket rivalry. With your cricket squad,
    take on your friends in real-time multiplayer matches. Compete 1-ON-1 or as multiplayer and battle it out with super-talented gamers.
  • Hunter Assassin 2 Мод APK 1.114.01 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Hunter Assassin 2 Мод APK 1.114.01 [Unlimited money]


    Hunter Assassin 2, the ultimate strategic stealth game that will put your assassination skills to the test! Prepare yourself for an action-packed adventure where every move counts and every decision could mean the difference between success and failure.

    In this thrilling mobile game, you'll embark on challenging missions that will push your limits as a deadly hunter. Take out guards and enemies to complete your missions and earn rewards. But beware, one wrong step and you could find yourself surrounded by vigilant foes!

    Collect hero cards to unlock a diverse roster of heroes, each with their own unique abilities and special powers. Will you choose the hero with the incredible missile launcher, the sneaky drone that follows you and takes down enemies, or perhaps the devastating grenade expert?

    But the excitement doesn't stop there! Utilize your gained experience points to upgrade your hero and enhance their skills. Make them deadlier, faster, and more efficient in executing their deadly moves. Customize your hero's load out to fit your play style and create the perfect assassin.

    In Hunter Assassin 2, strategy is key. Evaluate the situation, consider the strengths and weaknesses of your heroes, and strike at the opportune moment to achieve victory. Boss fights are tougher levels where you must be well-equipped to succeed. Upgrade your hero, master your skills, and prepare for intense battles that will put your abilities to the test.

    Prepare yourself for an addictive and exhilarating gameplay experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Download Hunter Assassin 2 now and become the ultimate hunter in the shadows!
  • 3D Driving Class Мод APK 29.5 [Unlocked] 5.0

    3D Driving Class Мод APK 29.5 [Unlocked]


    The South Korean driver's license test will be changed from December 22, 2021.

    This is a simulation app that you can practice through games.

    You can practice the intestinal functional test and road test.

    The changed contents of the deduction points and the deduction items were actually applied to the game.

    We will keep updating and making it a better app.

    Link to the YouTube channel operated by the 3D driving classroom creator.

    Music from Arc North with the track Oceanside

    Contact: [email protected]
  • Stick War 3 Мод APK 2023.2.2713 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 5.0

    Stick War 3 Мод APK 2023.2.2713 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Real-Time Multiplayer Strategy
    PVP Matches.
    • Take control of any unit at any time!
    • No “Pay for Power”!

    Team up with friends!
    • 2v2 Matches
    • Add your friends and battle it out!

    Single Player Modes:
    • Huge ever expanding campaign!
    • Practice your strategies vs AI's

    Custom Armies
    Build your own Battle Decks
    • Collect and unlock from a growing selection of Army types.
    • Add Upgrades to your deck and research powerful army bonuses.
    • Enhancements such as the “Rune of Reanimation”: will cause any poisoned enemy units to respawn as Zombies! Or as you will know them “Deads!”.
    • Choose from spells such as a giant bubble that blocks incoming projectiles, or “Snow Squall” to freeze entire legions!
    • Generals of each of the major nations are now available to add. Play as “Prince Atreyos” leader of the Speartons or “Princess Kytchu” bowmaster of the Archidons.

    Customize your Battlefield
    • Custom your troops with unique Skins!
    • Custom Statues! Shiny Gold!
    • Custom voice-lines and Emotes.

    Live Replays
    • Watch and share games.
    • Pause, rewind, fast forward replays.
    • Watch games from any of the players' views.

    Massive Growing Campaign *In Development for release early 2022*
    • An expansive campaign with multiple chapters being developed
    • Fully animated comic book, music video style cut scenes.

    Huge Storylines and in-depth world:
    • The Order Empire led by King Zarek and brother, Zilaros the Royal Hand, have finally defeated the Chaos Empire. Together you discover Medusa has been slain. What lay hidden in the depths of her keep will set you on the adventure of a lifetime. Your reward: strategy, and war!

    In a world called Inamorta where weapons are religion the struggle for dominance continues. The classic cast of nations still thrive. The Swordwrath, Speartons, Archidons, Magikill, and the Giants are joined by many other nations, each with their own unique fighting style such as the “Sicklewrath", from simple farmers to deadly splash damage warriors. The Chaos Empires, ranged unit “Eclipsors” are flying bat-like creatures raining arrows from above. “Shadowrath” are ninja assassins and these are only a small taste.
  • Property Brothers Home Design Мод APK 3.2.1 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Property Brothers Home Design Мод APK 3.2.1 [Unlimited money]


    Drew and Jonathan Scott, famously known as the Property Brothers, need you to help clients achieve their home design dreams! With the brothers at your side, you'll demo, renovate, customize, and design spaces with the same charm and style the twins have become known for. Play along to go behind the scenes with the brothers, learn their design tips and tricks, and discover fun facts about TV's favorite design duo. Relaxing, fun puzzles let you earn coins to spend on décor. Exclusive voice-overs from the twins will give you all the encouragement you need to become a design star yourself!


    - Makeover shabby spaces into beautiful places with bold accents, pops of color, and stylish fixtures and finishes.
    - Discover all you've ever wanted to know about the twins with everything from tried-and-true design tips, funny childhood stories, and good, old-fashioned brother vs. brother antics.
    - Renovate a variety of fixer uppers that need your design eye: kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors—and yes, you can add that open floor plan!
    - Re-create your favorite Property Brothers moments!
    - Relax playing puzzles that features hundreds of levels and a variety of game modes.
    - Design and play on the run with offline mode.
  • Soccer Club Management 2024 Мод APK 1.0.6 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Soccer Club Management 2024 Мод APK 1.0.6 [Unlimited money]


    Soccer Club Management 2024 Is the ONLY game that lets you take on the role of a Chairman, Director, Head Coach or Manager!

    Built from the Team who developed the successful Club Soccer Director franchise, FCM24 has now added two NEW major game roles allowing you to be a manager or head coach at a real Soccer club, alongside new 3D art and a host of new features.


    Now you can take on the role of Manager or Head Coach and handle first team training, tactics and selection as you attempt to take your team to the top

    Accurate player, club and staff data from 23/24 season.

    Choose from 820 Soccer clubs in 38 leagues from 14 different countries across the world. Create your legacy and build your own team from scratch including home country, club, stadium name, and kit design and take them to the top!

    Choose to take on a career as a Director, a Soccer Manager, a Head Coach or buy the club and be the Chairman. No other game allows you to manage a club in so many different ways!

    Manage every aspect of your Soccer club's development and how you invest funds. Develop & upgrade your club's facilities, inc the stadium, fitness centre, medical, training ground, & youth Academy. Increase revenues by negotiating sponsorships. Hire & fire your management team and build your dream squad by negotiating transfers & offers with player agents as well as handling contract negotiations with players and staff alike.

    Just like in real life, your decisions affect the attitude of the board, team morale, & even the fans. How you engage with press and media, ticket prices, the quality of your squad & the potential of your Academy prospects all have a bearing.

    Comprehensive live-action stats engine mirrors real-life player behaviour and match outcomes, processing over 1000 decisions per game & generates real-time statistics for both individual players and teams.

    Create your own area for the club & develop your stadium, training ground, academy, facilities, fitness centre & medical facilities.

    FCM24 shows key match highlights during the game so you can see those key goals and misses!

    Buy or loan players from a database of over 30,000 players, each with their own unique play styles, stats, personalities and behaviours. FCM24 continuously generates new players on a regular basis, ensuring you have plenty of talent to choose from whether you've been in the hot seat for 1 season or 10! Player cycles continue beyond the pitch as some retiring players go into staff roles just as they do in real life!

    FCM24 has a Full in-game editor that allows you to edit team names, ground, kits, players avatars, staff avatars and share them with other players

  • Stone Story RPG Мод APK 3.45.1 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][Full][Free purchase] 5.0

    Stone Story RPG Мод APK 3.45.1 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][Full][Free purchase]


    [Conquer a vast world, filled with monsters, mysteries, and treasure!]
    The Dark World holds many secrets, waiting to be discovered! Embark on your heroic journey to unite 9 magic Soul Stones and restore the light.

    [Master deceptively simple combat to overwhelm your enemies]
    Stone Story RPG is a game that's easy to learn but hard to master. A robust A.I. does all the exploring, combat and looting, leaving you to focus on strategy!

    [Endless hours of wonder await you, Stonehead!]
    Your adventure is just beginning! Play through everything Stone Story RPG has to offer: sidequests, minigames, challenge events, and more!

    [Create your ASCII armory]
    Discover countless unique weapons through Stone Story RPG's engaging crafting system. Mix and match weapons to unlock new, even stronger weapons!

    [Defeat increasingly difficult enemies as you progress through the game]
    An adventurer is only as good as their tools. Collect a variety of unique weapons and upgrade them to unimaginable heights! The power of the gods is in your hands.

    [Get lost in a beautifully crafted ASCII world]
    Every piece of ASCII animation in Stone Story RPG is typed up character by character. Hundreds of frames of animation bring 8 different detailed locations to life.

    [Unlock your true potential with Stonescript]
    For the most hardcore adventurers, Stonescript gives you a blank canvas to create your masterpiece. Craft custom cosmetics, make your own minigames, and achieve superhuman heights by fine-tuning the AI!
  • Stickman Legends: Sword Fight Мод APK 2.6 [God Mode] 5.0

    Stickman Legends: Sword Fight Мод APK 2.6 [God Mode]


    Super Stick Fight Epic Battle :
    Enjoy the extreme action-packed combat of shadow war legend fight in the battle fight arena and conquer by defeating the enemies to enjoy the free RHG fighting game adventure. Get the chance of becoming the extreme stickman legends game - stickman sword fight legend of this shadow legends battle game. So, let's choose your favorite stick figure duelist and enjoy customizing the ultimate fight legends and indulge in the stickman legends game - stickman shadow fights with the most powerful weapons in your stickman legends game.

    Ultimate Fighting Weapons & Powerful Skills

    The extreme shadow war duelist stickman game - stickman legends game has lots of Fighting Styles, and battle weapons to give you the chance of becoming the ultimate fighting legend in this sword fight game 2023. Take action and slice your all enemies away to unlock more powerful skills for the upcoming levels of the draw duel shadow legends stick fight game.

    The stickman warrior fight game - stickman legends shadow fight is a fun and crazy mobile fighting game for our sword fight stickman fighters with multiple weapons and Fighting Styles. This draw duel stickman legends shadow fight has realistic physics and hardcore gameplay to give the stick fighters a more challenging experience of super stick fight games. So, let's fight against other stickman warriors and stickman legends shadow fight show them your brawl and survival skills to become the ultimate stick figure legend and win exciting rewards in this stickman legends shadow fight: RHG fighting game.

    This stickman legends game is a free-to-play shadow fight role-playing and multiplayer RHG fighting game. Get into the draw duel shadow legends battle and face the cruel evil enemies. Let's get ready for the stick shadow fight and beat them all in this fun sword fight game 2023. Prepare yourself for an online RPG fighting game that carries on the captivating narrative of the Shadow Fight universe, introducing new characters and fighting styles. Brace for thrilling action, intense battles against formidable opponents, and embark on an exciting global adventure where mystical forces hold sway. Get ready to experience epic brawls and a captivating journey in this action-packed game.

    Most Thrilling stickman legends Fighting Styles with Multiplayer Modes of Extreme Sword Battle:
    Now you can have the chance in this stickman legends - stickman shadow war combat to become the Stick fight stick ninja. So let's challenge ourselves in this stickman legends offline - super stickman warrior RHG fighting with different modes and enjoy the endless fight of this amazing stickman Legends Fighting Styles - stickman shadow legends game 2023.

    Let's put on your axes, download and enjoy the most amazing adventures of this addictive thriller draw stickman legends offline - duel stickman shadow legends sword fight action game.
  • Mochicats Collection Мод APK 1.20230912.0 [Unlimited] 5.0

    Mochicats Collection Мод APK 1.20230912.0 [Unlimited]


    Mochicats are carefree and enjoy eating and playing around.

    They can eat as much dessert as you feed them, like they will never get enough of it!

    They also love making new friends! The cats love those who buy them dessert , of course!

    Come play Mochicats Collection and invite all kinds of mochicats to join you, become friends with them. Let these cute little mochicats soothe you in the hustle and bustle world.

    Game Features
    1. Over 50 distinguishable cats are available for collection.
    2. You can interact with mochicats by poking, feeding and patting them.
    3. You can also pile up the mochicats. The more cats you have, the higher you can pile them up!
    4. A simple game with lots of fun that will soothe and comfort you every day!
    There are many secrets that you can only discover in the game once you join the mochicats!?
  • Video Editor & Maker VideoShow Мод APK [Unlocked][Premium][VIP] 5.0

    Video Editor & Maker VideoShow Мод APK [Unlocked][Premium][VIP]

    VideoShow - Video Editor and Movie Maker
    VideoShow offers excellent video editing features. Provide new material for Valentine's Day. Make romantic love video! With this movie maker, making video with music, animation sticker, cartoon filter and sound effect is easy and fun. Provide exquisite Christmas material! Film makers can edit video with scroll texts, FX, effects, GIFs, trendy transitions or live dubbing in personalized way. Make your own creative vlog, interesting memes and funny videos. Record your precious moments like wedding/birthday/Valentine's Day/Thanksgiving Day/Christmas Eve/Halloween.

    Professional Video Editor & Photo Editor:
    - It's a practical video editing app for both film directors and beginners. You can edit video with simple steps.
    - Audio extractor: Extract clear audio from any video, convert video into music.
    - Ready-Made Templates: All you need to do is choosing tempo and template, then uploading video clips or photos. A trendy video will be made wth simple steps.
    - 4K export, save HD video with no quality loss
    - Use video overlay, display multiple videos in one screen. Make double exposure effect. Add emojis or animated filter
    - Easy-to-use, splice video clips together
    - Fully licensed music
    - Add voice-over, like a recorder, change your voice into robot, monster...
    - There's no watermark/no ads after updating to vip
    - Use special lenses to make original video clip

    All-in-one editor:
    - Use elaborate themes to create music video, slideshow or vlog instantly.
    - Various background music, you can add local songs from your device too. Easy to shoot video or cut movies.
    - Variety of text styles and fonts to create artistic subtitles.
    - Add stunning filters to make your video different.
    - Blurred background, voice enhancement and speed adjustment features available.
    - Multiple music can be added, adjust music volume, use music fade in/ fade out option.
    - Gif export: make your own funny gifs with pictures from your album, make your video leap.

    Powerful video editing tools:
    - You can splice or merge video, convert video into MP3 file, collage and loop video clips easily.
    - Zoom in or out. Let your audience focus on the region you want.
    - Use fast motion/slow motion to adjust the speed of your video clip.
    - Video dubbing. Add your own voice or sound effects to make the video cooler.
    - Doodle on video, draw anything you like on the screen.
    - Use video reverse to make funny video or original vlog.
    - Fantastic Materials Center: Themes/filters/stickers/gif images/memes/emojis/fonts/sound effects/FX and more.

    Share your life story on social networks:
    - Square themes and no crop mode are supported.
    - Compress Video: You can reduce the size of your video in this video creator.
    - Video Trimmer: Turn the soundtrack of your video into mp3 file.

    If you would like to know what people are saying about VideoShow app:
    Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/videoshowapp
    Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/videoshowapp
    Subscribe us on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/videoshowapp
    Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/videoshowapp
  • EPIK - AI Photo Editor Мод APK 4.2.14 [Unlocked][Pro] 5.0

    EPIK - AI Photo Editor Мод APK 4.2.14 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Use professional editing tools and powerful AI technology to easily and conveniently edit photos.

    [AI tool]
    ・ Enhance: Improve clarity and resolution! Create high-quality photos
    ・ AI skin: Perfect your skin by AI correcting blemishes
    ・ Smart AI cutout: Carefully separate figures, objects, and even animals
    ・ Remove: Easily remove unwanted parts
    ・ AI filter: Create your own characters in different styles
    ・ Hairstyle and Expression: Create a new look

    [Professional photo editing tools]
    ・ HSL, Curves, Split Tone, Selective: Precise color adjustments
    ・ Lux, Texture, Grain, Brilliance, Vignette: Create different moods
    ・ Crop, Rotate, Mirror, Flip, Perspective, Adjust resolution: Set the composition you want
    ・ Batch: Edit multiple photos at once
    ・ Patch, Clone: Naturally edit or copy a specific part

    [Perfect portraits]
    ・ Looks: Experience the magic of one-tap beauty with skin retouch, makeup, face tuner, and filters all at once
    ・ Erase wrinkles, AI Skin, Blemishes : Smooth skin without blemishes
    ・ Reshape, 3D Face, Mirror correction Individual Left-Right Adjustment, Preset, Perspective: Natural and detailed face correction
    ・ Style, Paint, Fine tune: Stylish makeup perfect for your face
    ・ Body,Length: Take perfect full-body photos! Create the body you want
    ・ Hair Color, Hairstyle: Transform with different hairstyles

    [Trendy content]
    ・ Filters, Effects, Relight: Create a trendy feel
    ・ Stickers, Text, Paint, Draw shapes: Make your photos more unique
    ・ Time stamp: Record your special moments
    ・ Template: Thousands of customizable templates

    [Creative Tools]
    ・ AI Collage: Create unique collages with different photos
    ・ Spot color: Highlight the color you want
    ・ Mosaic: Try various mosaic and blur effects
    ・ Cutout, Separate: Smart cropping
    ・ Layout: Combine photos in cool arrangements
    ・ Background, Pattern: Create your own unique backgrounds
    ・ Custom stickers, create one-of-a-kind filters

    For inquiries about subscriptions,
    contact [EPIK > Profile > Settings > Contact].
  • Endless Wander - Roguelike RPG Мод APK [Unlimited money][Mod Menu] 5.0

    Endless Wander - Roguelike RPG Мод APK [Unlimited money][Mod Menu]

    "A mysterious Portal sealed for years reopens, offering a chance for Novu to save his sister trapped inside and to rebuild the Wanderer's Guild."

    Endless Wander is an offline roguelike RPG in a pixel art style. It features satisfying and challenging gameplay with infinite replayability and an indie feel.

    Experiment and create the optimal build by combining weapon abilities and magical runes. Unlock unique characters, upgrade them, and explore a mysterious world filled with fierce enemies that offer infinite roguelike replayability.

    Experience intense real-time action combat that puts your skill to the test. The simple and reactive touch controls combined with a smart auto-aim make fighting merciless enemies and bosses even more satisfying.

    Explore a variety of beautifully handcrafted pixel art environments and characters. Get captivated by an original soundtrack that changes seamlessly with the time and gameplay to match the mood.

    No internet connection is required! Play offline anytime or use cloud saves to keep your progress on all your devices.

    Endless Wander brings the soul of PC indie roguelike games in a fresh, unique, and mobile-first experience. Whether you're a roguelike beginner or you've battled through countless pixel dungeons before, Endless Wander is meticulously crafted to provide an exceptional roguelike experience.

    Endless Wander is our first game at First Pick Studios.

    Follow us:
    Discord: https://discord.gg/sjPh7U4b5U
    Twitter: @EndlessWander_
  • Towerlands: Tower Defense TD Мод APK 2.16.1 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Towerlands: Tower Defense TD Мод APK 2.16.1 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to the fantasy world of Towerlands - Tower Defence medieval strategy idle game with role-playing (RPG) elements.

    Orcs, goblins and other evil creatures are about to attack your town. For defence you have a tiny tower. Grow it to the mega fortress and stop the invaders!


    Combine protection and striking strategies to win every battle. Prepare for an epic battle - you will fight more than 8000 waves of enemies! Hire and train new warriors to create a powerful army and avoid destruction of your castle. Place unique heroes and modules on the tower to defend your lands. You can combine and merge them in any order. That is what your luck in TD-game depends on.


    Build military structures in the city to train your army and provide it with high-quality weapons. Boost the gold mine to upgrade the Tower and units. More than 30 types of Towers, 40 combat modules and 50 different characters are available to you. Increase your efficiency by crafting artifacts and using special perks.


    Capture cities, castles and caravans of enemies on a large world map with various points of interest. Beat them all and overflow with wealth!


    Create or join a Clan to play with friends and fight other Clans together. Every week you will have the opportunity to take part in TD Battle of Clans. Players from around the whole world will fight for treasures and glory. Only by working in a team will you succeed!

    Did you like to play? We will be very glad to hear from you!

    If you have troubles with the game, write to:
    - [email protected]
  • Solo Survivor IO Game Мод APK [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage] 5.0

    Solo Survivor IO Game Мод APK [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage]

    Step into a realm like no other in "Solo Survivor IO Game", the ultimate io game experience. Embark on a thrilling journey through magical fantasy worlds where monsters, vampires, zombies, and untold challenges await.

    Become the Legends:
    - In this gripping tale of survival, you are the chosen hero. As you navigate the enchanting realms, craft your legend by conquering menacing monsters, confronting ancient bosses, and mastering the art of survival.

    Choose Your Hero:
    - Select your path to glory as the noble knight, the mystical mage, the swift archer, or the shadowy ninja. Each hero offers a unique playstyle and abilities.

    Fight the Lonely Battle:
    - You may be the last one standing, but you're never truly alone. Rally your strength and face the challenge of a lonely survivor in a world filled with danger.

    Game Features:
    - Roguelike Intensity: Every run is unique, offering fresh challenges and strategies.
    - Vampire and Zombie Showdowns: Face off against the night's darkest denizens.
    - Action Packed: Engage in thrilling battles and master the skills of your chosen hero.
    - Endless Fun: Unleash your inner adventurer in a world filled with surprises.
    - Survive and Thrive: Gather resources, upgrade your gear, and become an unstoppable force.
    - Slay the Monsters: Show no mercy to the relentless hordes that stand in your way.

    Venture forth into the unknown, become the hero you were destined to be, and unravel the secrets of survival in this captivating io game. Face your fears, conquer the darkness, and emerge as the Solo Survivor! Don't bargain your soul to the demon; protect your world at all costs.

    Are you ready to take on the challenge and be the last one standing in "Solo Survivor IO Game"?
  • Photo Mate R3 Мод APK 3.7.4 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Photo Mate R3 Мод APK 3.7.4 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Starting with version 3.2, a lot of features can be used for free!
    The app still provides in-app purchases for unlocking all features and an ad-free experience!

    This is the latest version of Photo Mate, an image organizer, library and non-destructive raw-editor for android.

    Organize your images!
    Photo Mate offers a photo library where you can filter and sort all your files based on metadata like camera, aperture or ISO as well as custom ratings, labels and keywords.
    The library can handle jpg as well as almost any camera-raw format.
    You can rate, label and keyword your images and Photo Mate generates universal XMP-Sidefiles which are also compatible with desktop programs. You can also edit IPTC-Information like Title and Description.

    View your images!
    Photo Mate offers a solution to view your images along with all important exif-information like exposure, aperture or ISO. Furthermore, you can view and rate images side-by-side so you can pick the best images from your selection.
    The app supports all common formats like jpg, png, psd as well as Canon Raw (cr2, crw), Nikon Raw (nef), Sony raw (arw), Adobe DNG, Panasonic Raw (rw2), Olympus raw (orf) and a lot more!

    Develop and edit your images!
    Photo Mate offers a non-destructive editing solution. You can decode and edit raw-files like cr2, nef, arw, rw2 and more to have full control over whitebalance and exposure, as well as post-process any jpg images.
    You may use all common editing tools like Exposure, Contrast, Lights, Shadows, Clarity, Vibrance or even Lens-Based adjustments. Photo Mate also comes with a Lens-Collection so you can auto-correct distortion, vignetting or chromatic aberration.
    If you want to fine-tune your image, you may use Curves or Layer-Based adjustments like Gradient, Brush, Lasso or even Threshold-Based!

    ...and even more!
    Like printing images, importing images from your camera, accessing your network, stacking or combining images or batch-conversion and editing of images.

    Learn more about Photo Mate!

    General: www.photo-mate.com/R3
    Sample images: www.photo-mate.com/images
    Manual: www.photo-mate.com/manual
    Supported Raw-Formats: www.photo-mate.com/cameras
    Community: www.photo-mate.com/community
  • File Manager Мод APK 3.2.1 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    File Manager Мод APK 3.2.1 [Unlocked][Premium]


    File Manager + is an easy and powerful file explorer for Android devices. It's free, fast and full-featured. Because of its simple UI, it's extremely easy to use. You can easily manage storages on your device, NAS(Network-attached storage), and cloud storages. What's more, you can find how many files & apps you have on your device at a glance immediately after opening the app.

    It supports every file management action (open, search, navigate directory, copy and paste, cut, delete, rename, compress, decompress, transfer, download, bookmark, and organize) for various file formats including media and apk.

    Major locations and functions of File Manager Plus are as following:

    • Main Storage / SD card / USB OTG : You can manage all files and folders on both your internal storage and external storage.

    • Downloads / New files / Images / Audio / Videos / Documents : Your files and folders are automatically sorted by their types and characteristics so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

    • Apps : You can see and manage all applications installed on your local device.

    • Cloud / Remote : You can access your cloud storage and also remote/shared storage like NAS and FTP server. (Cloud storage: Google Drive™, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and Yandex)

    • Access from PC : You can access your android device storage from PC using FTP(File Transfer Protocol).

    • Storage analysis : You can analyze local storages to clean up useless files. You can find out which files and apps take up the most space.

    • Internal image viewer / Internal music player/ Internal text editor : You can choose to use built-in utilities for faster and better performance.

    • Supported devices : Android TV, phone and tablet
  • Empire Takeover Мод APK 2.4.0 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Mod speed] 5.0

    Empire Takeover Мод APK 2.4.0 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Mod speed]


    ● Fight: Connect all your buildings together to grow them taller and then take over the enemy's buildings.

    ● Control: Simple drag controls from one building to another.

    ● Build: Build your empire, occupy more territory, and crush your opponents.

    ● Heroes: Recruit legendary heroes, and take over the empire!

    ● Special art style: Lowpoly Style Game.

    ● 3 Special Mode:

    #1 Stage Maker Mode: design levels by yourself and share them with your family, your friends, or all the worldwide players.

    #2 Peace Mode: stay away from the empire war.

    #3 Mini Game Center: Run, jump, run... so many amazing mini-games.

    Just try it!

    Good luck, I wish you will like !

    Discord: https://discord.gg/RJq8n3Qx9r
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/empiretakeoverpage
  • The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores Мод APK 189.0.1 [Unlocked][Mod Menu][God Mode] 5.0

    The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores Мод APK 189.0.1 [Unlocked][Mod Menu][God Mode]


    The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores is an award-winning survival city building simulation game and a sequel to the highly popular The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands.

    Offline play is available once ads are removed via in-app purchase

    *Language Supported: English, French, Vietnamese, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai

    Awards Won:
    Pocket Gamer Best New Strategy Games of 2020
    Pocket Gamer Gold Award, 2020 – 4.5/5 Rating
    Pocket Gamer Connects, 2020 – Winner The Big Indie Pitch #2 Mobile Edition
    Tokyo Game Show, 2019 – Indie Game Area Official Selection
    Gamescom, 2020 – Indie Booth Arena Online Official Selection

    Design your city, manage resources as well as your workers, each with unique personalities.

    Explore a procedurally generated world map with ships to find free cities to trade and mysterious dungeons to explore. However, keep in mind to place your buildings carefully as the positioning of these buildings can be vital to manage certain resources and affects gameplay.

    Above all, as your survival depends on it, build a powerful settlement (city building) and gain magical artifacts to defeat an ancient evil.

    Game Features:
    ❰ BUILD ❱
    It's City Building. The game allows you to build, craft, gather resources during the day. You have the freedom to design your city layouts. But, the placement of the buildings can be vital and affects the outcome of your settlement.

    ❰ SURVIVE ❱
    It's Survival! When the night falls, defend your village from random monsters like wolves, chupacabra, spiders, and Tribal enemies.

    ❰ EXPLORE ❱
    A randomly generated world map awaits you to explore with your ships. Discover new cities to trade with or face with random encounters for loot.

    Every villager is unique. Each has stats such as strength, agility, intelligence as well as personalize skills and traits.

    Explore the dungeon to obtain rare resources. Once you explore deep enough, you will uncover the mystery of the Bonfire.

    You can level up and build each villager as you'd like as found in most RPG games. Moreover, players will have the ability to craft weapons and armors and equip them to their units.

    Sequel to the award-winning game The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands, The Bonfire: Uncharted Shores expands on every aspect of the original and brings greater depth. Design your city, manage resources chains and workers with unique personalities, explore procedurally generated world map in ships, trade with free cities, and discover mysterious dungeons. Build a powerful city and gain magical artifacts to defeat an ancient evil.

    Are you having problems? Email us at [email protected].



    Official Site (including FAQs and Strategy Guides):

    Privacy Policy:

    Terms of Service:
  • Фермерская лихорадка Мод APK 4.0

    Фермерская лихорадка Мод APK

    Не можете определиться, что любите больше: игры про фермы ‍ или кулинарные игры ‍? Тогда наша увлекательная тайм менеджмент игра специально для Вас! Здесь вы можете стать фермером и поваром в одном лице. Отправьтесь в сельское уединение и устройте кухонную лихорадку прямо на ферме!

    Перед вами симулятор фермы с элементами бизнес игры: здесь вы можете собирать урожай, готовить еду и выполнять заказы посетителей. Пройдите путь от хозяина семейной фермы до владельца самых экзотических производств и кафе:
    ● Садовая ферма: собирайте фрукты и ягоды для сладкой выпечки и джемов и организуйте настоящую пекарню в деревне!
    ● Рыбная ферма: оттачивайте кулинарные навыки в домике у озера — удивите посетителей блюдами из морепродуктов!
    ● Тауншип: занимайтесь разведением животных — вас ждут курочки, овцы и даже пушистые альпаки.
    ● Зеленая ферма: выращивайте редкие цветы и мастерите для них горшочки — из вас получится отличный садовод!
    ● Собирайте урожай в горах или станьте пчеловодом среди цветочных полей — готовка еды и производство товаров еще никогда не были такими увлекательными!

    Наслаждайтесь классическим ТАЙМ МЕНЕДЖМЕНТ геймплеем. Для того, чтобы вырастить урожай или приготовить вкуснейшее блюдо достаточно просто нажать на экран! Попробуйте, это просто и весело!

    Фермерская лихорадка - Тайм менеджмент игра:
    ● Фермерство и кулинария в одной казуальной игре! ‍‍
    ● Атмосфера спокойного сельского уединения — проведите день на солнце в окружении тюков сена. Дачники в восторге!
    ● Не дайте себе расслабиться — вас ждет настоящая кухонная лихорадка в минуты наплыва клиентов!
    ● Готовка еды только из натуральных ингредиентов, используя урожай со своего огорода. Никто не уйдет голодным!
    ● Модернизируйте огород и улучшайте оборудование, чтобы вывести свое сельское хозяйство на топовый уровень и получить еще больше прибыли
    ● Путешествуйте в компании предприимчивой главной героини и открывайте новые фермы по всему миру! Разнообразие локаций на любой вкус: семейная ферма, тауншип и многое другое.
    ● Пробуйте новое — от управления кафе до садоводства и выпечки!
    ● Порадуйте своих посетителей — дачники любят яблоки в карамели!
    ● Играйте в сотни увлекательных уровней в жанре тайм-менеджмент

    Выстраивайте стратегию и добивайтесь победы в уникальном симуляторе фермы. Отправляйтесь в деревню и начинайте свои приключения на ферме прямо сейчас! ‍‍

    Вы можете найти ответы на многие вопросы в руководстве, либо обратиться в нашу службу поддержки внутри игры. А также руководство доступно по ссылке:

    Пишите нам по всем интересующим вас вопросам и предложениям. Мы внимательно читаем все письма!

    Подписывайтесь на нас в социальных сетях, чтобы оставаться в курсе последних новостей, а также узнавать полезные советы по игре:

    С уважением, команда Matryoshka Games


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