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  • Supermarket Store 3D Simulator Мод APK 1.1.0 [Free purchase] 5.0

    Supermarket Store 3D Simulator Мод APK 1.1.0 [Free purchase]


    Supermarket Store 3D Simulator: Master the Art of Retail Management!

    Welcome to Supermarket Store 3D Simulator, the ultimate shop simulator game where you will experience grocery store management and get to know that how to manage your supermarket. Take charge of every detail, from stocking shelves to managing staff and transform your modest grocery store into the town's favorite supermart in this supermarket cashier simulator game.

    Key Features:

    Stock and Organize Shelves: Keep your supermarket well-stocked with a diverse range of products. Organize items efficiently to ensure customers find what they need quickly in this super market game.

    Dynamic Pricing Strategy: Set and adjust prices strategically to attract more customers and maximize profits. Keep an eye on market trends to stay competitive in your supermarket store.

    Expand Your Store: Grow your business by unlocking new sections and upgrading your facilities. Increase your store's capacity and offer a wider variety of products to meet customer demands in this grocery shop simulator game.

    Efficient Checkout System: Enhance customer experience with a fast and efficient checkout process. Manage cash and card payments smoothly and minimize wait times in this supermarket cashier simulator.

    Hire and Train Staff: Improve your store's operations by hiring skilled employees. Train your team to perform various tasks efficiently and keep the store running seamlessly in this supermarket tycoon game.

    Customize Your Store: Personalize your supermarket's layout and design. Choose from a range of themes, colors, and decorations to create a unique shopping environment in your supermarket store simulator.

    Diverse Product Range: Cater to a variety of customer preferences by unlocking and offering a wide range of products. Ensure your supermarket meets all your customers' needs in this grocery store simulator.

    Download Supermarket Store 3D Simulator now and start your journey to becoming a supermarket manager. Manage your store effectively, delight your customers, and watch your business flourish in this immersive and exciting shop simulator game.
  • Car Trader Simulator 2024 Мод APK 3.7 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Car Trader Simulator 2024 Мод APK 3.7 [Unlimited money]


    Get ready to experience the ultimate car trading adventure in the mobile game Car Trader Simulator! Take on the role of a car enthusiast turned entrepreneur as you dive into the thrilling world of buying, selling, and trading cars. Explore a wide variety of car brands, models, and conditions to find the best deals and maximize your profits.

    As a savvy car dealer, your goal is to build a successful car business empire from scratch. Start small by purchasing affordable vehicles, carefully inspecting them, and determining their market value. Negotiate with potential buyers and strive to strike the most lucrative deals. Earn profits to reinvest in expanding your car inventory, upgrading your showroom, and hiring skilled mechanics to enhance the value and appeal of your cars.

    Stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and demand, as well as customer preferences. Keep an eye on the news and adjust your inventory accordingly to attract more buyers. Explore different marketing strategies, advertise your cars effectively, and build a strong reputation in the industry.

    But be prepared for challenges along the way. Compete against other car dealers, participate in auctions, and navigate the dynamic market fluctuations. Make strategic decisions, manage your finances wisely, and take calculated risks to outshine your competitors and become the ultimate car mogul.

    Car Trader Simulator - offers stunning graphics, realistic car models, and immersive gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours. Unlock achievements, earn rewards, and climb the ranks of success as you build your car trading empire.

    So, gear up and get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey in the world of cars. Download Car Trader Simulator now and become the ultimate car trading tycoon!
  • Truck Driver GO Мод APK 0.29 5.0

    Truck Driver GO Мод APK 0.29


    Truck Driver Go offers the ultimate truck-driving experience inspired by the hit game Truck Driver game. Take on the role of David, who sets out to restore his father's legacy and make a mark in trucking history. Embark on an emotional journey as you follow a compelling narrative, while transporting different cargo across a network of roads.

    Drive a variety of trucks and trailers with true-to-life handling, providing an engaging and authentic driving experience. Whether you're navigating tight streets or cruising down endless highways, you'll feel the weight and power of your truck as you haul cargo to its destination.

    Explore a world with varied environments and complete a range of challenging restoration and truck driving missions that will test your ability to adapt to changing weather, different road types, and obstacles.

    Upgrade and customize your trucks and trailers. Choose from a wide range of cargo types, each with unique challenges and rewards. Unlock new trucks as you advance.

    Game Features:

    - Follow an intriguing narrative as you take over the trucking world.

    - Enjoy realistic trucking experience with true-to-life driving physics.

    - Navigate an expansive and diverse map.

    - Face changing weather conditions and realistic day-night cycle.

    - Adapt to different road types and obstacles.

    - Master a variety of trucks, each with unique traits and capabilities.

    - Rise from an amateur driver to a legendary truck driver.

    - Unlock new features and challenges as you progress.

    - Fine tune every aspect of your trucks, from performance upgrades to cosmetic changes, to match your style.

    - Roam freely across the map and explore different locations.

    - Complete 80+ restoration missions.

    - Take on unlimited parking missions.

    - Enjoy unlimited playtime with a never-ending number of missions.

    - Switch between cabin view and truck view at any time.

    Stay tuned for additional features in future updates!
  • Age of War Мод APK 2023.1.10 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Age of War Мод APK 2023.1.10 [Unlimited money]


    The massively popular web game "Age of War" has been remastered for the best mobile experience.

    Take control of 16 different units and 15 different turrets to defend your base and destroy your enemy.

    In this game, you start at the caveman age, then evolve! There are a total of 5 ages, each with its own unique units and turrets. Can you advance faster than your enemy?
  • Guns Мод APK 240718 5.0

    Guns Мод APK 240718


    ★ ★ ★ APP TOP GUN ★ ★ ★
    Guns es un simulador realista y juego en el que usted puede elegir un montón de armas diferentes y mirarlos desde todos los ángulos: Rifles de asalto, rifles de francotirador, lanzacohetes, pistolas, escopetas, ametralladoras, metralletas, etc .

    Trate a cada arma salir y disparar a los diferentes objetos en el entorno del juego como lo sería en el mundo real (Xtreme escena de guerra / campo de batalla). Anotar tantos puntos como puedas.
    Toque la pantalla para disparar y usar el joystick para apuntar a los objetos.

    Diversión en grande! Destruye lo que tú quieras:
    Usted tiene la posibilidad de disparar con todas las armas y destruir el lugar. Puedes destruir cajas, paletas, carros, coches, helicópteros, etc

    ✓ 360 ° View para examinar de cerca cada arma
    ✓ Explotar ambiente (barriles y cajas)
    ✓ Revista de descarga (llenos y vacíos)
    ✓ mecánico de cocción
    ✓ animación Recoil
    ✓ llamas y humo
    ✓ Actualizar animaciones
    ✓ tiempo real clip, calibre y retroalimentación revista
    ✓ Score y el indicador de tiempo
    ✓ grabaciones de sonidos auténticos de todas las acciones

    Armas === ===
    FN TP escopeta
    Winchester acción de la bomba
    GLOCK 17
    GLOCK 19
    GLOCK 35

    Más armas en breve.

    Si te gustan los juegos shooter modernos y para arruinar las cosas fuera, entonces este es exactamente el juego adecuado para usted.

    En este juego no presenta ninguna escena de sangre o de muerte podría ser jugado también por las personas que son más sensibles a la violencia.

    Esta es una aplicación gratis juego - descarga gratuita de la aplicación cada vez mayor arma de fuego y disfrutar de ella!
  • Deepest Sword Мод APK 0.2.6 5.0

    Deepest Sword Мод APK 0.2.6


    Venture deep into the Cavern of Longing with your trusty yet unwieldy sword. Will your sword be long enough to pierce the dragon's heart? Or will your puny sword be nothing but a laughable object of ridicule in the dragon's eyes?

    You can't jump but you do have a sword, and you're not afraid to use it!
    Marvel at your sword's length. Though if it's too long, it might get in the way...
    Fulfill your deepest desires (like stabbing a dragon with your sword?)

    Originally created in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 48 Jam with the theme, "deeper and deeper".
  • Pin Jam Мод APK 0.15 5.0

    Pin Jam Мод APK 0.15


    Get ready for an unparalleled mechanical odyssey with Pin Jam! Your mission? Untwist every pin from the Glass Bar and delicately drop each, one by one.

    This captivating and addictive puzzle game will challenge your problem-solving prowess as you navigate through a labyrinth of intricate Glass Bar contraptions. With each level, the puzzles evolve, becoming increasingly intricate and satisfyingly complex.

    Exciting Features of Pin Jam :
    Twist, unscrew, and screw pins freely to conquer each challenge.
    ⏰No time constraints—immerse yourself and play at your leisure.
    Infinite levels! Countless strategies await you in the world of Pin Jam.

    Pin Jam is tailor-made for those who:
    Revel in puzzle games like nuts & bolts, wood nuts, bolts puzzles, screw pin puzzles, screws and bolts challenges, screw nut puzzles, screw mastery, and bolts and nuts adventures.
    Seek out fresh challenges and obstacles.
    Have a penchant for tough puzzles and glass-based materials.
    Delight in the ASMR ambiance of tinkling glass.

    Join the adventure today and unlock the secrets of the Glass Bar!
  • Rising Super Chef - Cook Fast Мод APK 8.3.0 [Unlimited money][Free purchase] 5.0

    Rising Super Chef - Cook Fast Мод APK 8.3.0 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]


    Dive into the culinary frenzy of a master chef and experience the cooking madness of serving excited customers, from town to town, city to city, bakery to cafe. Dash to cook tasty burgers and pizza in a crazy kitchen, bake cakes and desserts in the bakery, make all kinds of coffee in the cafe, and serve tasty fast food from all over the world in the fast-paced Rising Super Chef - Crazy Restaurant Cooking Games - a crazy time-management cooking game with over 5,000 levels. It's absolutely the most unmissable free new cooking game in 2023!

    Can you handle the madness and craze of cooking in Rising Super Chef - Crazy Restaurant Cooking Games? After learning a lot of cooking skills from the cooking academy, Emma has set out on her own cooking adventure to write a new story of her cooking journey. But she won't make it without help from someone like the star and master chef Ramsey. Do you want to experience cooking fast food in a food truck all over the world, running a burger shop in the cafe map, completing daily tasks in the cooking diary, scrambling to use all the kitchen equipment and serving all kinds of impatient customers before the food goes bad? Then this is the game for you!

    Game features:
    * More than 36 maps.
    * More than 700 dishes based on real recipes to cook and bake using 200 ingredients.
    * More than 1,000 fun and crazy levels.
    * Hundreds of upgrades for kitchens and outfits.
    * Offline cooking game. You can play offline without Wi-Fi any time anywhere!

    Tasty restaurant recipes:
    - Breakfast & Cafe Cooking Game: king burger, hamburger, coffee, toast, bacon, omelet, fruit salad, pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, muffins, bread
    - British Cuisine Cooking Game: English roast beef, cottage pie, scones, fried fish, British chips, Yorkshire pudding, Cornish pasties, bruschetta
    - Bakery Desserts Cooking Game: brownies, cupcakes, cheesecake, chocolate cake, cranberry cake, blueberry cake, milkshakes, pie, muffins, yogurt bowls, crushed candy
    - Ice Cream Shop: banana frozen yogurt, chocolate ice cream, waffles, fruit sorbets
    - Italian Cuisine Tasty Cooking Game: Caesar salad, beef tomato sauce, fish lasagna, fish pasta, grilled shrimp, grilled fish, mussels, shrimp pasta, seafood soup
    - Mexican Cuisine Tasty Cooking Game: avocado salad and sauce, beef and corn chip bake, green salsa, red salsa, tacos, tortillas
    - Thai Cuisine Tasty Cooking Game: tom yum soup, Thai-style shrimp sashimi, Thai sour chili sauce, Thai crab curry, squid curry, chicken curry, baked squid, tom yum prawn pizza, lemongrass baked chicken, sticky rice, fried rice
    There are also dozens of other themed cooking games, including seafood, Chinese food, Japanese food, Turkish food, BBQ and more. There are too many tasty restaurants and dishes to count, so why not download for free and give it a try now!

    Like us on Facebook:

    Have you caught the bug for fun crazy cooking games, bakery games, restaurant simulators or cafe games? Would you like to keep up with rush hours and get better at time management? And learn how to cook tasty burgers, pizza, coffee, cakes and all kinds of international cuisines? Do you feel like the master chef of cooking games? Then this is the cooking game for you. Don't wait, download it for free now!
  • Shadow War: Idle RPG Survival Мод APK 1.0.29 [Unlimited money][Free purchase] 5.0

    Shadow War: Idle RPG Survival Мод APK 1.0.29 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]


    10000 gems Giftcode: WELCOMESW

    Shadow War: Idle RPG Survival is a dark and atmospheric idle RPG where you battle against hordes of monsters in the Shadow Realm. Choose from a variety of classes, each with its own unique skills and abilities, and embark on a journey to become the ultimate Shadow Slayer.

    ★ Idle gameplay: Progress even when you're not actively playing. Your character will continue to battle monsters and earn rewards, allowing you to reap the rewards of your efforts whenever you return.

    ★ Choose your class: Choose from a variety of classes, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Become a powerful warrior, a cunning rogue, a wise mage, or a fearsome summoner.

    ★ Battle against hordes of monsters: Battle against hordes of monsters in the Shadow Realm. Use your skills and abilities to defeat them and earn rewards.

    ★ Explore the Shadow Realm: Explore the dark and atmospheric Shadow Realm. Discover hidden treasures, defeat powerful bosses, and uncover the secrets of this mysterious realm.

    ★ Level up and become stronger: Level up your character to become stronger and more powerful. Unlock new skills and abilities to defeat even the most challenging enemies.

    ★ Customize your character: Customize your character's appearance and abilities. Choose your weapons, armor, and skills to create the perfect Shadow Slayer.

    ★ Regular updates: New content, including new monsters, locations, and features, are regularly added to keep the game fresh and engaging.
  • Racing Xperience: Online Race Мод APK 3.0 [Paid for free][Unlimited money][Unlocked] 5.0

    Racing Xperience: Online Race Мод APK 3.0 [Paid for free][Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Join the ultimate driving simulator on mobile. Real racing action, build a Drift car, go drag racing, cruising and free walking with your friends in multiplayer, drive formula cars and karts on race track, all of these and many more can be found in Racing Xperience. Download now, it's free to play!


    • Realistic Racing Physics
    • Open World Maps
    • Free Walking
    • Over 195 cars with detailed interior
    • Motorcycles
    • Record Gameplay
    • Game Modes: Street and Circuit Racing, Drag Racing, Drifting, Open World
    • Multiplayer racing with real people
    • Performance Tuning: engine swap, brakes, turbo, supercharger, drivetrain, suspension
    • Visual Customization: paint, dynamic liveries, spoilers, over 100 rims, neon lights
    • Livery share system. Save and load liveries from your device.
    • Formula cars and Karting
    • 4x4 and SUV's
    • Trucks and trailers
    • Different racing drivers
    • Driving and Drifting Challenges
    • Dynamic time and weather
    • Winter and summer seasons
    • Gas stations and pit stops
    • Police cars
    • Fuel system
    • Manual gearbox with clutch
    • Real engine simulation
    • Nitrous
    • Traffic system
    • Drone camera
    • Cloud Saving System

    Note: Please save your game progress by using the Saving Cloud system. The progress is not saved automatically.
    For any bugs or experiencing crashing, please contact us.

    Discord https://discord.gg/gHjEn7nVCQ
    YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGelGTQcR3RWxJI28Hm3J9w
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bmzgames
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bmzgames
    Twitter https://twitter.com/BMZ_Games
    TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@bmzgames
  • Idle Office Tycoon- Money game Мод APK 2.5.8 5.0

    Idle Office Tycoon- Money game Мод APK 2.5.8


    Welcome to Idle Office Tycoon - an idle game for those who love to manage their own office buildings! A life from a poor young man to a wealthy successful business man, can you do it?

    -Idle and clicker gameplay. Easy and relaxing!
    -Real business management simulation with stragety needed!
    -Choose your partners, your car, your house! Customize your lifestyle! Rich life simulation.
    -Introduce various companies to your building. Start the story and chapters here!
    -Upgrade facilities and decorations. Train your employees. Be the REAL tycoon!

    For your world famous property tycoon dream, it's now time to try! With your business and marketing talents, you will be the one to conquer!
  • Rope Hero Мод APK 3.5.6 5.0

    Rope Hero Мод APK 3.5.6


    Dive into Rope Hero, an epic RPG adventure, where you get to play a role of a superhero destined to battle the forces of evil and injustice in an open world city. This gaming app combines the elements of roleplaying games with the excitement of action and adventure of superhero stories. As the protagonist, you have a wide choice of superhuman abilities, including unique rope powers, allowing you to swing like a spider and power to climb walls and the capability to race through the streets at super speed.

    Your journey will be filled with a rich questline that confronts you against gangsters, zombies, and robots in a quest to restore peace and order. Engage in intense battles in the arena, using a diverse arsenal of guns and super weapons to defeat bosses, uphold justice and gain unique rewards. Rope Hero offers a deeply immersive experience, allowing character customization and progression. Upgrade your hero's stamina, car driving skills, and weapon damage as you go through a series of challenging quests and mini-games, each designed to test your powers and strategic skills.

    The game's world is a large and detailed 3D city, with it's busy life, rogue criminals, and even the police, who ally with you in your crusade against crime. Exploration is at the heart of Rope Hero, with every corner of the city offering new challenges and opportunities to enhance your hero's power and abilities. Raid the military base to get a tank, participate in races, weapon challenges or progress through the main quests. Use the power of your rope to swing between buildings, embracing the freedom of the open world and gaining advantage against crime.

    In addition to combat and high-speed chases, the game introduces survival elements where you must outlast waves of zombies in the arena for exclusive rewards. The shop feature provides plenty of customization options, from cosmetic accessories to weapons and vehicles. Choose from a wide range of cars, tanks, helicopters, and even a mech robot, to navigate the city and confront your enemies.

    Rope Hero is not just a gaming app - it's an RPG adventure that puts you in the shoes of a superhero overcoming the ultimate challenge of fighting crime and bringing justice to a city in need. Explore, fight, and race your way to victory, proving that you are the rope hero the city needs
  • Snake.io - Fun Snake .io Games Мод APK 2.1.31 5.0

    Snake.io - Fun Snake .io Games Мод APK 2.1.31


    Slither through a new competitive version of Snake and survive as long as you can! Challenge your friends and try to be the biggest snake in Snake.io!

    Classic arcade Snake.io gets an upgrade for unique online live events play. Slither to the top of the leaderboard in this popular mobile version of the beloved arcade game! Snake.io combines new trendy art with the oldest classic snake game mechanics.

    Start Snake.io as a small snake or worm and try to get bigger by eating your way through each level. Rush your way through fields of food and try to beat other players' scores - how long can you survive?

    Classic arcade games meet online leaderboard competition in this new, addicting free game! Join millions of players and play Snake.io now!

    Snake.io is designed for a smooth, fast performance, with controls designed for every mobile device. Snake has never been this fun or competitive before! Play without wifi for free or newest online mode with live events.

    Best Snake.io Features

    Snake Classic Games
    - Slither through a field of food and eat to make your snake grow
    - A fun io game version of Snake
    - Play old school Snakeio and try to beat your high score

    Multiplayer Games for Free
    - Online leaderboard – see if your snake can beat the rest!
    - Challenge your friends to beat your high score
    - Double player mode – sit next to your friend and compete
    - Watch Snake Games from our fans and join the online community

    Free Addictive Game
    - Play games with fast performance on any device
    - .io game with smooth gameplay and mobile joystick controls ️
    - Snake.io is free, or you can remove ads!
    - Watch online games on YouTube and learn moves from top streamers

    Live Ops Events
    - Battle against other snakes, worms and the boss snake ayo
    - Compete high scores with friends on the leaderboard
    - Fun new events every month with unique skins

    No Wifi Games
    - Offline io games require no internet connection. Play Snake.io whether you're offline or online! Offline is no wifi needed.

    Play Snake games with a new io twist! Download Snake today!

    Your reviews are important for the Snake io team!

    Read/write storage permissions is used for Snake.io screenshots and cache user save files. Record audio permission is used for recording YouTube video for sharing.
    Privacy: https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
  • Bus Simulator Real Мод APK 3.5.9 5.0

    Bus Simulator Real Мод APK 3.5.9


    Bus Simulator Real - 3D Bus Driving Game

    Experience the ultimate realism with Bus Simulator Real, the top-rated bus driving game. Dive into the real bus driving environment with diverse gameplay including city bus driving, village bus driving, hill bus driving, desert bus driving, and snow bus driving. Choose from a variety of buses such as city bus, tourist bus, coach bus, town bus, government bus, and foreign bus for an authentic bus simulator experience.

    Features of Bus Simulator Real:
    - 14 stunning bus models including tourist, government, private, and coach buses
    - Advanced AI traffic system
    - Realistic bus horns
    - Dynamic sky system
    - Interactive rotatable interiors
    - Various camera views
    - Bus driver walking mode
    - Free custom bus liveries
    - Realistic environments: snow, desert, and green landscapes
    - Customizable bus driver appearance
    - Animated wiper system
    - Passenger pick-up and drop-off
    - User-friendly interface
    - Hotel parking and bus water service
    - Customizable bus interiors with photo albums
    - Multiple gameplay modes: free drive, career drive, and time mode
    - High-end graphics for all mobile configurations

    Welcome to Bus Simulator Real, your ultimate 3D bus driving game for 2023. Developed by Shadow Mission Game Soft, this bus simulator brings you a fresh concept of bus, truck, and car games. Don't waste time with other city bus driving games – download this hill, desert, snow, and village-based bus simulator now from the Google Play Store.

    Offroad Desert Bus Simulator Drive - Bus Simulator 2023:
    In this realistic bus driving game, your task is to pick up passengers from the bus station and drop them off at their destinations on time. Experience the thrill of driving in diverse environments like world bus villages, desert, snow, and uphill mountain offroad routes. Enjoy high-quality graphics and an immersive environment in this ultimate 3D bus simulator.

    India Bus Driving Game – Bus Wala Games 3D:
    Bus Simulator Real is one of the best Indian bus driving games for those who love high-end driving challenges on uphills and mountains. Players will enjoy driving modern coach buses and luxury city buses in a realistic 3D city environment.

    Download Bus Simulator Real Today:
    Show off your bus driving skills with Bus Simulator Real. Take on the responsibility of a bus driver, complete challenging missions, and enjoy various gameplay modes. With high-end graphics and a realistic driving experience, this bus simulator game is perfect for all bus driving enthusiasts.

    Key Features:

    #1 Indian bus simulator
    Best bus driving game
    Reality-based 3D bus game
    Desert-based offroad bus simulator
    Village-based Indian bus driving game
    Indian city-based bus driving

    Download and play Bus Simulator Real for a real-time driving experience.

    A beautiful bus game, bus simulator, bus driving game, bus wala game – all in one.


    Image by Freepik
    Image by macrovector_ on Freepik
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    Image by starline_ on Freepik
    Car Wrap Vectors by Vecteezy
    Transportation Vectors by Vecteezy
    Flames Vectors by Vecteezy
    Ancient Vectors by Vecteezy
    Geometric Vectors by Vecteezy
    Free Stock photos by Vecteezy
    Vehicle Vectors by Vecteezy
  • Citampi Stories: Love & Life Мод APK 1.81.012 5.0

    Citampi Stories: Love & Life Мод APK 1.81.012


    You decided to move to the town of Citampi to pay your parent's debt and find your happiness. However, you also found so much more there! You also found a lot of beautiful girls in this pixel art – anime game. You'll feel like you're trapped in a dating sim (not that it's a bad thing though).
    Feast your eyes on ten beautiful girls and win their affection.
    This is more than just a visual novel or farming life in another world. In this open-world RPG game you can also find various quirky jobs, Grow and harvest fruit and vegetable inside farming simulator minigame, find items to scavenge and craft it into something else, adopt an animal as your pet, treasures to found, fishes to catch, cook food for your family in this expanded virtual life games.
    Propose and wed that special anime girl in this anime adventure game.
    A lot of things to do! Find all of the stories and cutscenes for your character and all of Citampi's citizens in this life sims. Discover hand-made life stories and colourful personalities of each character while you get to know and help them in their daily life.
    Have a family! The romance didn't end after the wedding in our dating sim. Do quests to improve your family life. Deliver fish and vegetables for your wife while she's pregnant. Buy various dress-up costumes to keep her happy. Don't forget to pay your utility bills to prevent blackouts.
    Is that not enough? You can also turn your adventure into a fantasy story. Marry a ghost and meet with her supernatural friends. Have a ghostyly child. You can have an easy life or a hard-working, fulfilling work.
    Discover life from single, in a relationship, to family life in this roleplay story. This is more than just a dating simulator.

    Website: http://www.ikanasinproduction.com
  • Spin the bottle. Мод APK 7.4.2 5.0

    Spin the bottle. Мод APK 7.4.2


    Meet the world-famous "Spin the bottle" game, which can help to add to any slack house party fun emotions and make everyone find a common language with each other. Trust us, it will meet your and all your friend's expectations.

    Kiss game
    Everything is like in the usual "Spin the bottle" game. Gather your friends at the house party. During the game, everyone, after meet, is able to get to know each other better and become good friends. Sit in a circle and take turns spinning the bottle in the “Spin the bottle” kissing game. Whoever the bottle points to - he'll get a kiss. And also you can always feel as if you are spin a real bottle, this will help you with a setting without an automatic selection of the player that the bottle will point to, as well as the most realistic sound of a glass spinning. Kiss and meet.

    Truth or dare game
    Choose the difficulty, starting with a set of questions and dares for people under 18 years old and ending with the hottest and most unusual extreme set, with the spiciest and uncomfortable questions and dares for your house party. The main difference from the regular “Truth or Dare” game is that you never know what will happen to whoever the bottle points to. Also, it is able to be as intimate a question as it can be a crazy dare. At any time, you can use only questions or only fun dares.

    Custom mode
    It allows you to create your own set of questions or dares. For this, you always have a convenient editor of questions and dares at hand. And of course, you are able to add any content from the ready-made sets of the “Truth or dare”. After all, you may want to add exactly what you need to your house party.

    “Spin the bottle” game features:
    • Different modes: Kiss, Truth or Dare, Custom.
    • Lots of exciting questions and fun dares.
    • A large number of settings in each of the modes.
    • Multiple languages, switchable.
    • Questions and dares differ depending on the gender of the players.
    • Fully offline game, no internet needed.
    • Sound effects.

    It seems like it's time to start the house party with the “Spin the bottle” game. Who knows, maybe this evening can be fateful for you and you can meet and kiss your love. And if not, then you will at least have fun from the heart.
  • Naxeex Superhero Мод APK 2.5.7 [Remove ads][Mod speed] 5.0

    Naxeex Superhero Мод APK 2.5.7 [Remove ads][Mod speed]


    Naxeex Superhero: Your Adventure Starts Here

    Welcome to Naxeex Superhero, the ultimate simulator game where you get to live your dreams of being a superhero in a vibrant 3D city. This game is your ticket to an adventure filled with action, exploration, and joy of flying across the skyline or racing through the streets. As the hero of the city, you'll face off against crime and injustice, using your superpowers to bring peace to a world.

    Naxeex Superhero is more than just a game - it's a journey into a world where your actions have real consequences. With a city that feels alive and a story that evolves with your decisions, it's your chance to become the superhero you've always wanted to be.

    What Makes Naxeex Superhero Special?

    Be a Superhero in a Realistic 3D Open World: Fly over buildings, use super strength to change the course of your battles, and save the day with powers like telekinesis and laser vision. It's all in a day's work for a superhero.

    Explore a Living, Breathing City:
    The game's open world is your playground. From the hustle of city life to the quiet corners where danger lurks, every inch of this world is waiting for you to discover it.

    Grow Your Powers:
    As you play, you'll find ways to make your hero stronger and faster. Explore the skills menu to choose the powers that match your play style, whether you're all about speed or if you prefer to strategize and plan every move.

    In-Game Shop: Your Arsenal Awaits

    In Naxeex Superhero, the adventure doesn't stop at just heroics, customize your journey with an in-game shop that's as diverse as the city itself. Here, you can buy everything a superhero could need - from fast cars, to helicopters and tanks for when the battle scales up. The shop offers an array of melee weapons for close combat, guns and blasters for long distance combat.

    Dive Into Diverse Missions:
    Every mission is a new challenge. From chasing down cars to find the mafia lair to big races across the bustling city. Step into the arena, where your courage and strength are put to the ultimate test against waves of zombies, zombie boss or a furious robot boss. Each wave brings more challenging foes, pushing you to use every skill and power at your disposal.
    The zombie arena is where heroes are forged and legends are born, offering not only exciting combat but also unique rewards!

    Drive, Fly, and Fight:

    The game's physics make every action feel real. Fly through the air, race in speedy cars, and face your enemies in battles that will test your skills.
    In Naxeex Superhero, every choice you make shapes the world around you. Your journey as a superhero is in your hands.

    So, are you ready to embrace your powers and start your adventure? Naxeex Superhero is not just a game; it's your chance to become the hero of your own story. Download now and let your superhero journey begin!

    Step into the shoes of a superhero and make your mark on the city with Naxeex Superhero.
  • Mini Legend - Mini 4WD Racing Мод APK 3.8.0 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu] 5.0

    Mini Legend - Mini 4WD Racing Мод APK 3.8.0 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu]


    Welcome to the thrilling world of Mini Legend! Take on the best Mini 4WD, also known as "Mini Yonku" (ミニ四駆) in Japan, racers and customize, modify, and race your cars through elaborate tracks in this exciting mobile simulation game.

    With over 150 different cars and hundreds of performance parts to choose from, you can create the ultimate Mini 4WD slot car. Explore Story Mode, which features a single player RPG campaign with more than 250 unique levels and challenging boss battles. Unlock avatars to use in other modes and become the ultimate Mini 4WD champion.

    Challenge real players in Online PVP Mode, and see how your customized Mini 4WD stacks up against the competition. Compete in special format races, weekly specialty races, and limited edition car races in Online Events. In Daily Time Attack Races, challenge yourself to beat the daily target time and test your skills on daily random tracks.

    Join forces with friends in Team Mode, and create your own race team to compete in the team ranking. Communicate with ease using the team chat system.

    If you're new to Mini 4WD, it's a miniature model within the 1/20 (1:20) to 1/48 (1:48) scale. Experience the excitement of 1/32 (1:32) scaled, AA battery-powered plastic model race cars without remote control. With direct-drive on all four wheels, horizontal side rollers guide the vehicle against the vertical walls of the un-banked track for steering, providing thrilling speeds up to 65 km/h (40 mph) on the track.

    Download Mini Legend now and become the ultimate Mini 4WD champion! Visit our Facebook & Customer Service Page: MiniLegend4WD or email us at [email protected] for more information. Don't miss out on the excitement – get Mini Legend today!
  • Manager Simulator: Supermarket Мод APK 1.0.0 [No Ads][Mod Menu][Unlimited money] 5.0

    Manager Simulator: Supermarket Мод APK 1.0.0 [No Ads][Mod Menu][Unlimited money]


    In Manager Simulator: Supermarket , you're in charge of your supermarket. Start by stocking shelves with a variety of products like snacks, meats, and fresh produce. Manage inventory, set prices, and handle customer service to grow your business.


    Stock management
    Buy products at good prices and arrange them on shelves. Keep track of inventory to meet customer demand.

    Expand your store
    Grow your supermarket and add new products to attract more customers.

    Customer satisfaction
    Listen to customer feedback and provide great service to build a loyal customer base.

    Financial management
    Manage transactions and prevent theft. Upgrade your store with renovations like new decor or lighting.

    Test your management skills with pricing, promotions, and market trends.

    ✨Realistic graphics
    Experience a realistic supermarket environment with 3D graphics.

    Manager Simulator: Supermarket is a fun way to learn about running a supermarket and becoming a successful manager.

  • Bikemap: Cycling Tracker & GPS Мод APK 20.7.0 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Bikemap: Cycling Tracker & GPS Мод APK 20.7.0 [Unlocked][Premium]


    The best route planner for safe cycling with GPS. Discover new bike routes and navigate easily to your destination with the best bike navigator and cycling tracker. Whether you're on a city bike, e-bike or mountain bike, with Bikemap you'll always have a smooth ride through the city and countryside with the help of our turn-by-turn cycling navigation. With millions of cycling routes worldwide, Bikemap offers something for all cyclists.

    Download the app and turn your smartphone into a cycling tracker, bike GPS, route planner and bike navigation! Also available for Wear OS.

    Your Bike Route Planner, Bike Tracker & GPS
    • Personalized route planner, so you always reach your destination safely.
    • Search for your location and filter by route length, bicycle type etc. to find the perfect routes for you and your cycling navigation is only a couple clicks away.
    • Loop Planner: Improve your cycling experience with customized routes - without time-consuming manual planning.
    • You can easily plan your next bicycle tour on your PC via bikemap.net and thanks to the synchronization with the app, you have it directly available on your smartphone.

    Your bike navigator - even without internet
    • Always on the right route with the best bike navigator & GPS. On & offline navigation.
    • Navigate worldwide - even without internet connection. Simply download the map before your bicycle tour and navigate offline.
    • Including an interactive map with important information about your route.
    • Longer battery life in offline mode.

    Your bike route collection
    • Find the most popular bike routes, bicycle paths and MTB trails near you.
    • Discover millions of bike routes, bicycle tours and trails worldwide.
    • Whether you're on a city bike, e-bike, road bike or mountain bike - you're guaranteed to find the right route for you in our large collection of cycling routes.
    • Share your most beautiful bike routes with the global Bikemap community. This makes cycling even more fun!

    This bike computer & map can do more
    • Choose between different map types.
    • Thousands of relevant map content for cyclists such as toilets, bike parking, restaurants and water points.
    • Find important places (POIs) during your bike ride such as bike repair shops, bicycle parking, e-bike charging stations and many more, so you'll always find what your need during your next bike ride.

    Your bike tracker, bike GPS & bike computer
    • Record your routes on every bike ride and turn your smartphone or tablet into a bike computer and cycling tracker (functioning as speedometer / odometer).
    • Try the Wear OS tile to quickly start recording a route and activate the cycling tracker.
    • You always have an overview of your current statistics and navigation while cycling. Speed, distance, duration, altitude and your arrival time. Everything you need as a cyclist.

    Even more functions with Bikemap Premium
    • Turn-by-turn navigation: Never miss a turn again with voice navigation for all routes. Particularly practical for city bikes.
    • Self-Guided navigation: Follow your route based on your location. Perfect for off-road sections.
    • Route planner with offline maps: Download maps and routes for offline use, or download all routes as GPX to export.
    • Bike type-optimized routing: Optimize the navigation for your city bike, e-bike, road bike or mountain bike. Navigate preferably on cycle paths.
    • Special cycling maps: 3D, Night, OpenCycleMap, OpenStreetMap, Satellite, Atlas, Outdoors, Landscape.
    • Individual bicycle tracker: Activate the statistics you want to have in view at all times. Personalized and easy as every cyclist has their own needs.
    • Route export: Download as many routes and MTB trails as you want as GPX or KML files.

    Test all Bikemap Premium benefits now for free! Take the app on your next bike ride and test it out. Your membership can be managed in the Play Store settings.

    Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact [email protected] anytime.
  • They Are Coming Zombie Defense Мод APK 1.23 [Unlimited money][Cracked] 5.0

    They Are Coming Zombie Defense Мод APK 1.23 [Unlimited money][Cracked]


    ⚠️You have to start all over again when the game is over, be a strong survivor!

    This is a Roguelike, Endless, Bloody & Hardcore Zombie Game, Various zombies are coming, you not only need good skill, brains, but also strong psychological qualities, because when you die, you have to start all over again! join us, and be a strong survivor!

    You will enjoy this game with:
    - Custom Playground Game Mode
    - Zombie Shooting
    - Zombie Defense
    - Firearms
    - Melee Weapons
    - Traps
    - Ragdoll Physics
    - Bloody Kills
    - Simple Game Mode

    The zombies keep coming, more and more every day, but you can buy some weapons, items, and traps to shoot and defend them, how long can you survive?

    Firearms included:
    Rifle, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Machine Gun even Minigun!

    Melee weapons included:
    Baseball Bat, Axe, Hammer, Japanese Sword, Chainsaw, Lightsaber, and More!

    Traps included:
    Roadblock, Spike Barrier, Claymore Mine, and More!

    If you are a fan of not only zombie games but also bloody shooting and defense games, we got what you need, download and play this roguelike zombie game for free now.
  • My Cooking: Restaurant Game Мод APK 5.0

    My Cooking: Restaurant Game Мод APK

    Are you ready to be the crazy madness cooking chef in My Cooking?‍‍ Get yourself in a real cooking craze. Cook like a mad chef with cooking fever in My Cooking, and prepare delicious dishes for your hungry customers! Let's start this super addictive time-management restaurant cooking game,and open the cooking journey diary NOW!

    My Cooking, a NEW FREE restaurant cooking game! Easy to play & rich in dishes. Fast tap with only ONE finger and you can prepare, cook and serve all dishes! Manage time strategically and operate your own worldwide start-up restaurant chain empire! Dash from restaurant to restaurant on this magical cooking map. You will discover and unlock many cooking towns and cities, as you progress on your cooking adventure. Get the restaurants back to business and attract more and more customers. Let the crazy diner begin!

    Cook Delicacies from All Over the World
    From steak burger to seafood barbecue, from sushi sashimi to dessert cake, all kinds of cuisines could be found in our Magical Recipe Book!
    Each special themed restaurant has prepared fresh ingredients and rich dishes for Madness Chefs, waiting for you to show your excellent cooking skills!

    Open Special Themed Restaurants
    Enjoy spring cherry blossoms in Ramen Canteen , taste Michelin meal in Western Restaurant, and experience the passionate Latin vibe in Mexican restaurant .
    Elegant Café☕️, delicious Sushi Shop , alive Taco Truck , every dreamy and exquisite shop will bring you a whole new experience, not just the tasty food, but also the cultural atmosphere!
    Quickly improve your cooking skills, master the cooking recipes of each type of cuisine, unlock more themed restaurants, and become the real top chef in the cooking city!

    Get proficient in Cooking Techniques & Strategies
    Learn cooking methods: Fry, Bake, Boil, Steam, Simmer & Grill, all ways could be found here.
    Create more combos: Get extra bonus & more achievements, see how many combos you can make once.
    Upgrade ingredients & kitchenware: Increase income & Reduce cooking time, making levels easier to pass.
    ⏰Use powerful boosts: Complete special cooking goals smoothly, feeling too challenging, try some boosts!

    Join in All Kinds of Special Holiday Events
    New Food Challenge: Open restaurants randomly, to meet savory food unexpectedly
    Streak Challenge: Pass levels without any loss, to challenge the highest streak records
    Halloween Restaurant Event: Witch Soup, Pumpkin Pie, all spooky funny meals to be found here
    Christmas Cabin Event: Christmas Turkey, Gingerbread Man Cookies, enjoy Sweet Delicious Christmas Dinner
    And more events are here to be found!

    More Features:
    -Easy to play, one finger to get all completed
    -More than 50 themed restaurants playable
    -800+ ingredients to create over 200 dishes from all over the world
    -Thousands of well-designed levels with 3 kinds of difficulties!
    -Interesting and magical boosts help you pass levels smoothly
    -Hundreds of kitchenware and ingredients waiting for upgrading
    -More special holiday events for you to challenge
    -NO internet needed! Offline supported! Play anytime anywhere
    -Login system available. No worries about data loss, play across devices freely!
    -More restaurants and delicacies coming soon!

    How to Play:
    ⭐ Don't worry! Super easy to play! All steps could be played with only one finger.
    Check customers' dish orders, tap ingredients to cook food in order, and click the finished dishes to serve customers!
    ⭐Too simple for you? Try playing pink levels, and streak challenge!

    What are you waiting for? Let's get My Cooking story start!

    Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/My-Cooking-114689119908044/
    Any question? Please contact us in the game!
  • TestMaker Мод APK 8.7.12 [Unlocked][Pro] 5.0

    TestMaker Мод APK 8.7.12 [Unlocked][Pro]


    This app is an app that can make a collection of questions on their own.

    Since there are two types of problems the form of a question description and selection question, you can solve the question in the quiz sensation.

    Image pasted to the question statement, because there are a variety of options, such as automatic generation of choice in the selection problem, you can customize the question to their liking.

    In addition, since there is also a text file ⇆ problem collection of conversion function, you can edit the problem in the PC, or you can send a collection of problems to a friend.

    ● The main purpose of use
    - Memorization of foreign languages ​​such as English words
    - Archaic memorization
    · Official of memorization
    History memorization
    • Periodic test preparation
    - Junior high school test preparation
    And high school test preparation
    Center Exam
    - Memorize for qualification acquisition
    - Your own memorization book creation

    Sound effects 魔王魂
    Image Material icons
  • Xtreme Motorbikes Мод APK 2 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Xtreme Motorbikes Мод APK 2 [Unlimited money]


    The xtreme motorbikes gives you a real feeling of riding and performing free style
    this game brings awesome bike physics with beautifully free style city,
    The xtreme motorbikes free style experience in the most realistic simulator motorbike game around. If you like motorbike games try it.
    Smooth controls, realistic motorbike physics.
    Test your real freestyle skills.

    Main Features:

    - Realistic physics, simulating every aspect of motorbike behavior
    - Drive more than 20 powerful and exciting, highly detailed sport motorbikes
    - Customize your motorbikes with exclusive paint jobs and rims
    - Realistic engine sounds
    - Turbocharger, gearbox and tires sounds
    - Realistic 3D graphics
    - Drift slow motion
    - Change your rider and passenger

    Game Support:
    Are you having any problems? Contact us on: [email protected]
  • Tower of Winter Мод APK 1.4.1142.170 [Mod Menu][Weak enemy] 5.0

    Tower of Winter Мод APK 1.4.1142.170 [Mod Menu][Weak enemy]


    For decades, the harsh winter persists, forcing people to rely on a blend of magic and steam technology to survive. However, their plight is becoming increasingly desperate. The source of the endless winter is rumored to reside within a tower at the northernmost point of the continent.

    Embark on a epic journey to save the world. Encounter mythical creatures, ancient artifacts, devious traps, and powerful Old Gods as you navigate the treacherous environment of the Tower. Outsmart the shadows of death with wise decisions, your only means of survival.

    Ascend the Tower to unravel the mystery and the final answer. Why does winter never end? Who built this huge tower and what for? And will humanity be saved when your adventure is over?

    ◆ Game Introduction ◆
    ■ Dark, mythical world fraught with perilous threats.
    ■ Thrilling blend of roguelike gameplay and text adventure.
    ■ Turn-based combat system that demands strategic thinking.
    ■ Variety of options to strengthen your hero through special abilities and skills.
    ■ Face a relentless difficulty that will test your mettle.
    ■ Challenging, TRPG-style adventures, optimized for vertical screens.


    Privacy policy: https://ordermadegames.page.link/privacy

    Terms of Service: https://ordermadegames.page.link/service

    Support: [email protected]
  • Top War: Battle Game Мод APK 1.485.1 [Remove ads][Mod speed] 5.0

    Top War: Battle Game Мод APK 1.485.1 [Remove ads][Mod speed]


    Commander, the Dark Legion is coming!

    These Tyrants rule the world! Constant war, refugees scattered across the land and a world starved of hope. Who will liberate us? Become the strongest Commander and a fearless leader in the struggle against the legion, right alongside the freedom league! Merge to upgrade your power whether it's buildings, skills or units, if you can merge it, you can upgrade it!

    - FEATURES -

    Top War is an innovative strategy game featuring merge to upgrade gameplay, no more long upgrade waiting times, just merge two together and the upgrade will finish instantly! Recruit Legendary Heroes to lead the stationed Land, Navy and Airforce troops to victory! Upgrade heroes and troops with unique skills and equipment to lead all three armies to become immortal!

    Start on a barren, deserted island and build an idyllic base to train your armies, improve your power and liberate the land. Strength doesn't come from just troops, and that's a good thing! Create a stylish yet formidable island with a variety of buildings and decorations at your disposal. Come and show-off your unique style!

    Battle online with players from all over the world in a variety of game modes such as; Server v Server wars, Dark Forces, War Robots and weekly Capital Throne Showdowns all while experiencing the real battles with your alliance. Fight for glory, liberate the oppressed and dominate your enemies!


    Top War: Battle Game is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. Playing requires a network connection.

    - FOLLOW US -

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Topwarbattlegame/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/topwarbattlegameofficial
  • Craftsman: Crafting & Buliding Мод APK 21.1.3 5.0

    Craftsman: Crafting & Buliding Мод APK 21.1.3


    Craftsman Tofu is a crafting and building game with the best graphics and easy to use to build and create with your imagination. Build your minicraft world according to your imagination and creativity.

    Become the best survivor in this latest craftsman game by surviving in survival mode. Create your best miniworld craft in this tofu craftsman game. Building a beautiful vegas city will be a lot of fun with this tofu craftsman game.

    Play your best game. Give the best rating and review.

    - Support Android 10 and latest
    - HD Graphics
    - No Lagging
    - Can Play on Low Memory Device
    - Creative and Survival Mode
    - Enjoy The Game
  • Wizard Legend: Fighting Master Мод APK 2.5.4 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Wizard Legend: Fighting Master Мод APK 2.5.4 [Unlimited money]


    Game Introduction

    Wizard Legend: Fighting Master is a Roguelike action game. There are more than 50 magic skills in the game and 5 magic elements. The different combinations of magic skills will create different battle styles. Besides, the mass amount of artifacts with various effects will make the battle unlimited.

    The favorite food of the little wizard is all kinds of desserts. During the studies of magic, he found that the consumption of magic can be recovered by eating high-sugar desserts. What's more, the little wizard never worries about being fat.
    However, the so-called Dessert Company emerged suddenly and began the Non-Vital Activation Experiments, turning all the desserts into offensive monsters.
    The little wizard was very angry and decided to enter the Dessert Company to eliminate all the mutated desserts and found out the reason for the mutation.

    Game Features

    - Roguelike game with magic skills, start the adventure as a wizard.
    - More than 50 skills with 5 elements, create your unique combination.
    - Find random skills on the floors and keep the best in your magic book.
    - Collect and wait for a great chance to release powerful magic runes.
    - More than 100 magic artifacts with different functions.
    - Challenging boss fight and rank with glory.
    - Collect various magic cloak and magic book to defeat different enemies.
    - Infinite challenge mode, Endless mode and Daily Boss challenge.


    Facebook Fans Page:
    Follow our Brand Facebook:
    Loongcheer Game Twitter:
  • Slime Castle - Idle TD Мод APK 1.1.4 5.0

    Slime Castle - Idle TD Мод APK 1.1.4


    The bad humans are invading the mysterious forest! The slime kingdoms in the forest are facing a tremendous crisis!

    As a slime chosen by the Slime Sage, you can enhance your abilities through battles, collect legendary equipment, utilize powerful skills, defeat waves of terrifying enemies, and safeguard the peace of the forest.

    Once you are defeated, come back stronger!

    Slime Castle - Idle TD is a role-playing idle tower defense game.

    Players could enjoy an excellent role development system, countless powerful weapons, and several impressive battle scenes.

    ==== Game Features ====
    -Auto-battle system with simple idle clicker gameplay. Enjoy a delightful time!
    -Many distinctive maps and different enemies with unique skills. Explore more secrets of this world!.
    -Flexible and diverse upgrade system. Build your exclusive fortress!
    -Collect mighty equipment and level up the adorable slimes. Experience an extraordinary adventure!
    -Abundant free rewards to claim. No need to worry about gold anymore!
    -Set battle strategy by combining fortress, equipments, and control enemies. Find the optimal methods to defeat your enemies!

    Now let‘s start the epic idle adventure and embark on the path to become the greatest Slime Hero!

    Experienced a problem? Got a suggestion? You can reach us at [email protected]
  • Bike Rider Мод APK 5.12.5 [Remove ads][Mod speed] 5.0

    Bike Rider Мод APK 5.12.5 [Remove ads][Mod speed]


    Looking for a heart-pumping racing experience that combines high-speed chases and intense combat? Look no further than Bike Rider: Moto Traffic Combat. This adrenaline-fueled game puts you in the driver's seat of a powerful motorcycle, where you'll race through traffic-packed streets and shoot down enemies.

    As a skilled rider, you'll need to navigate through traffic and dodge obstacles to stay ahead of the competition. But that's not all – with a variety of bike customizations and weapon upgrades, you can make your ride the envy of other racers.

    Get ready to take on even the toughest opponents in this fast-paced game. With thrilling boss battles and challenging gameplay, Bike Rush will keep you on the edge of your seat. And with stunning graphics and realistic physics, you'll feel like you're really racing through the city streets.

    So rev up your motorcycle and get ready to race like never before. Bike Rush: Moto Traffic Rider is the ultimate game for anyone who loves speed, excitement, and high-octane action. Can you become the ultimate rider and come out on top in this intense combat racing game? Play now and find out!
  • Time Of The Dead : Otome game Мод APK 1.7.0 [Free purchase][Premium] 5.0

    Time Of The Dead : Otome game Мод APK 1.7.0 [Free purchase][Premium]


    Stories all depend on your choices in Time Of The Dead!

    In ‘Time of the Dead', you can enjoy an interactive otome fantasy with various endings and full stories!
    Get the hidden episodes by your choices and find a ROMANCE with attractive characters!
    Solve the case with the clues to save my characters and the kingdom.
    What is the ending led by your choices, Love or …?

    Storytaco's first collaborative interactive otome game in the zombie universe!
    Time of the Dead, a fantasy story game with various episodes combining romance and thriller!

    ▣ Time Of The Dead Story ▣

    The dead came out of their graves and attacked the innocent people!
    Some were terrified, and some tried not to believe.
    Joseon kingdom was immersed in a strange incident that it had never seen before.

    "There's definitely a cause for all this..."

    ▣ Attractive Characters ▣

    Yeob, a Wanderer with the sad past but warm-hearted
    Ryu, The trustfull leader of the evacuation group
    Gyeom, a Scholar who enjoys life and is kind to everyone
    Bok, a scared, tactless but super CUTE boy

    ▣ Introduction ▣

    An otome visual novel game with historical drama!
    Follow the stories with choices!
    Solve the mystery with the clues!
    Seize your love with a Target Character!

    Enjoy a realistic Joseon period description and fantasy stories!

    ▣ Time of the Dead is for those who...▣

    ♥ Want to play an interactive otome game but not so common!
    ♥ Are looking for a brand new survival story game with choices in zombie historical background!
    ♥ Want to collect all the endings with special episodes!
    ♥ Are interested in fateful love in desperate situations!
    ♥ Have played Dangerous Fellows and wanna experience the similar episodes!
    ♥ Want to try an otome roleplay game by their own choices!
    ♥ Love to play an otome interactive game with zombie fantasy stories!
    ♥ Want to experience how to survive in zombie land with various episodes!
    ♥ Like watching anime or novels about love stories!

    ◆Notice about phone permissions◆

    The following services will need additional permissions when using the app.
    [Optional Permissions]
    - Storage (Pictures, Media, Files) : For saving illustrations on your device
    [Retracting Permissions]
    Options > Privacy > Choose permission > Choose app > Allow or Deny Permission

    Contact :: [email protected]
  • Unciv Мод APK 4.12.122 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Unciv Мод APK 4.12.122 [Unlimited money]


    An open-source reimplementation of the most famous civilization-building game ever - fast, small, no ads, free forever!

    Build your civilization, research technologies, expand your cities and defeat your foes!

    Requests? Bugs? Want to help development? Todo list for the application is https://github.com/yairm210/Unciv/issues

    Questions? Comments? Join us on discord at https://discord.gg/bjrB4Xw ;)

    Want to help translating the game into your language? See https://yairm210.github.io/Unciv/Other/Translating/

    The world awaits! Will you build your civilization into an empire that will stand the test of time?

    * Internet permissions required for Multiplayer
  • Doomsday: Last Survivors Мод APK 1.32.5 [Remove ads][Mod speed] 5.0

    Doomsday: Last Survivors Мод APK 1.32.5 [Remove ads][Mod speed]


    Doomsday: Last Survivors is a zombie survival game with multiplayer online competition and real-time strategy elements. Set in a near future where zombies have taken over the world, survivors must fight for their lives and humanity's future. As the Commander, you must lead fellow survivors to build their Shelter, explore fog-filled areas, and fight the zombies and rival factions! Are you tired of the usual strategy games and love zombie games? Check out Doomsday: Last Survivors to experience the exciting survival game!

    [Game Highlights]

    New Tower Defense Gameplay
    Find new ways to beat your enemies in one of the coolest strategy games! Skilled survivors will join you to explore this fallen world oozing with the infected. Stay sharp, set up ideal Hero formations, and construct fortifications to survive the zombie invasion!

    Survival of the Fittest
    Lead troops and civilians in your Shelter! Exterminate zombies to survive the apocalypse, or raid other Shelters to sustain your own. You can also form an alliance and fight enemies with your allies in one of the best survival games!

    A Realistic Doomsday Experience
    The crisis continues to loom over us in a cruel world where it's kill or be killed. Want to experience one of the best immersive survival experiences in zombie games? Look no further! Check out the realistic spherical terrain system with convenient zoom controls that enable close-up Shelter views to satellite views. Download Doomsday: Last Survivors today!

    Strategic Battles
    Become the best at survival games by utilizing everything you can find. Train multiple troop types and execute diverse battle strategies with Hero skills and attacks to outlast the zombie hordes.

    Unique Heroes
    Realistic and exciting Hero designs portray survivors from different walks of life. Recruit talented Heroes to help lead your troops, defend your Shelter, and beat one of the best strategy games!

    Commander, are you ready to survive the apocalypse?
    Become the best at zombie games with your strength and wits!

    Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DoomsdayLastSurvivors
    Official Discord: https://discord.gg/bZErQs6CkN
    Customer Service: [email protected]
  • Paint by Number: Coloring Game Мод APK 4.12.1 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Paint by Number: Coloring Game Мод APK 4.12.1 [Unlimited money]


    Paint by Number is a global-renowned coloring and puzzle game with over 100 million users of all ages. PBN is dedicated to creating a gateway that could take you away from the ordinary and uneventful aspects of life and lead you to an imaginative and beautiful world of coloring. Each painting in PBN comes from top artists worldwide who passionately invest themselves in their craft, striving for excellence in every creation. This devotion ensures you'll experience high-quality masterpieces.

    PBN boasts over 30,000 artworks spanning various categories, such as fantasy, nature, animals, and so on. Simply pick an image, follow the number guide, and create a lifelike masterpiece in no time! Coloring has never been easier!

    Looking to relax by coloring and unleashing your creativity? In this game,
    · You will venture with magical creatures in a fantastical world or bask in the pure moments shared with fairytale characters...
    · You will Immerse yourself in the beauty of Pastoral Landscapes, Farm Life, and Natural Scenery by coloring these stunning artworks, feeling the peace and relaxation deep in your soul.
    · You will discover inner calm and harmony by coloring Mandalas and Geometric Patterns, allowing you to maintain focus and enrichment.

    Why choose Paint by Number?

    · Top-notch resources: PBN continually gathers highly creative, top-tier artists from around the globe, who are passionate and fully committed to their craft. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, they ensure you'll encounter unique, high-quality masterpieces that fuel your limitless creativity.
    · Diverse styles: Featuring artworks across various artistic genres, themes, and styles, PBN offers you a unique collection of pieces that capture diverse cultural backgrounds and distinct aesthetics!

    · Picture Book Story: Combining coloring with stories, allowing color to infuse characters with vitality. Immerse in the world of the story, sharing the joy and insights of growth.
    · Collection events: Complete picture-searching tasks while unlocking more precious works. Experience the fun of searching for pictures and enjoy the satisfaction of the collection's success.

    · Easy coloring: Simply touch the screen, and colors will flow at your fingertips, creating masterpieces in minutes.
    · Immersive coloring experience: An utterly immersive coloring experience that allows you to focus on the color-filled process and feel the tranquility and relaxation of coloring.
    · User-friendly: Industry-leading app stability, excellent data security, and a user-friendly interface.

    Enter PBN's artistic Odyssey, and with each stroke, bring color to life and release your creativity. Enjoy peaceful relaxation and awe-inspiring moments that inspire and soothe the mind.

    Start PBN's coloring game now to embark on a magical artistic journey. Ignite your inner inspiration and enjoy serene, pleasing, and joyful times.
    Your privacy on Android
    PBN app requests access to your pictures when you use Setting-Feedback-Upload pictures, and uploads the pictures you choose to our server, so that your feedback can be resolved faster.
    We do not sell any personal information you provide us, nor do we share your private information without your consent.

    Contact us: [email protected]
    Follow our page: https://www.facebook.com/PaintByNumber.coloringbook/
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