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  • Prison Royale Мод APK 0.2.1 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Prison Royale Мод APK 0.2.1 [Unlocked]


    This is your ONE CHANCE to break out of prison! Fight your way out of this prison Battle Royale using all the weapons you can find! Destroy all the walls and furniture to find even more weapons and enough gold to afford a HELICOPTER!

    Key features:
    - Collect enough Coins to escape with a helicopter!
    - Tons of weapons to collect & shoot your way through!
    - Fully destructible environments!
    - Co-operate or betray your teammates!
    - Vehicles, heroes, weapons, and more to unlock!
  • Idle SCV - Click & Idle Tycoon Мод APK 0.76 [Unlimited money][Unlimited] 3.9

    Idle SCV - Click & Idle Tycoon Мод APK 0.76 [Unlimited money][Unlimited]


    Expand your star space empire, craft robots (SCV) and mine minerals!
    Smart managers will automate your star craft and star ships will deliver robots to planets to Earn as much as you can!
    Travel from planet to planet and dig out them all!
    Free economic strategy games.

    If you enjoy clicker & digging games SCV Miner is perfect for you!
    SCV Miner is an incremental, digging, idle clicker game.

    Download now and start digging for ore in one of the most addicting incremental idle clicker games! Dig out all planets on your way through the stars!

    SCV Miner Click & Idle Tycoon FEATURES

    Idle Clicker Gameplay:
    - Mine: Earn gold coins and hire managers!
    - Builds and upgrade your business
    - Dig minerals, and other recourses

    Idle Mining:
    - Earn minerals and coins offline when you're not playing
    - Hire managers to improve and automate your output!
  • Ski Resort: Idle Snow Tycoon Мод APK 2.0 [Free purchase] 3.5

    Ski Resort: Idle Snow Tycoon Мод APK 2.0 [Free purchase]


    Welcome to Ski Resort Empire, a fun and challenging winter idle tycoon game. Build, manage, and grow your ski resort to become the ultimate ski park tycoon. With intuitive gameplay and beautiful graphics, this winter idle game is perfect for anyone who loves tycoon games.

    Start small and make smart decisions to turn your ski park into a thriving ski resort empire. Upgrade your businesses, such as bars, restaurants, rental shops, and more, to increase your earnings and attract more customers. Manage your park efficiently to keep everything running smoothly.

    As a ski park tycoon, it's important to keep your guests happy and entertained. Collect idle gold, upgrade your businesses, and invite VIP customers to boost your earnings. With offline play available, you can enjoy Ski Resort Empire anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection.

    Key Features:

    ⚒️ Build, manage, and grow your ski resort to become a ski park tycoon.
    Upgrade your businesses to increase your earnings.
    Manage your park efficiently to keep everything running smoothly.
    Attract more customers to your ski resort.
    Collect idle gold to grow your business.
    Invite VIP customers to boost your earnings.
    Intuitive gameplay with beautiful graphics.
    Easy-to-play tycoon game mechanics.
    Offline play available.

    Start your journey as a ski park tycoon today and download Ski Resort Empire. Build your ski empire and become the ultimate winter idle tycoon!
  • Grow ArcherMaster - Idle Arrow Мод APK 1.8.3 [Free purchase] 3.8

    Grow ArcherMaster - Idle Arrow Мод APK 1.8.3 [Free purchase]


    Rpg + Idle + Action + collection

    Pixelstar games idle fantasy game ' Grow ArcherMaster' has arrived!

    Conquer the dungeons through a variety of bows and crafting and

    become the ultimate archermaster

    [Game feature]
    - Fantastic Action
    - Various bows
    - Various Arrows
    - Various Skills
    - Skin systems with different abilities
    - Craft System(weapon, equipment)

    # This game that dont need wifi and play offline without internet.
    # This game is pixelstar game's 2d retro idle rpg game.

    [Samsung Galaxy Crash Issue] Android 12
    - If a problem occurs, use the method below.
  • Travel Match Мод APK 1.8.6 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Travel Match Мод APK 1.8.6 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to Travel Match, where you can solve Match-3 puzzles and travel the world with vlogger Mia! An amazing journey is waiting for you!

    Use your talents to solve exciting puzzles and gain extra props. Let's set off now and visit hundreds of fascinating destinations! Meet Mia's friends, pet, crush and rivals in a story full of twists and turns! Help Mia create more wonderful works and get popular on the Internet!

    - Thousands of innovative levels for both masters and new players!
    - Tons of powerful boosters and explosive combinations!
    - Unlock unique obstacles such as birds, fridges, ducks, and diamonds!
    - Collect unlimited coins and special treasures in bonus levels!
    - Compete with other players in Team Battle, Golden Cup, and other tournaments!
    - Challenge your friends on Facebook and get to the top of the leaderboard!
    - Most importantly, discover interesting locations such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Sydney, Montreal, Beijing and more!

    What are you waiting for? Download Travel Match now and enjoy your adventure!

    Travel Match will be updated with more puzzle levels, areas and chapters regularly! Stay tuned for updates and drop us a review!

    Need some help? Visit our support page in the Travel Match app or send us a message at [email protected].
  • Adventure Bay - Paradise Farm Мод APK 0.48.24 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Adventure Bay - Paradise Farm Мод APK 0.48.24 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to your very own exotic cove! Adventure Bay - Paradise Farm is a tropical island adventure & farming game. Your one tap adventure awaits!

    EXPLORE the wild tropical island and hunt for treasures with Lydia, Henry & their monkey friend Jojo. Will they become heroes or will they tend to their land and hay all day? Find out what exciting adventures await the trio!

    RESTORE Lydia's old, big town; rebuild buildings, produce ingredients, gather resources to CRAFT useful materials that'll aid you on your expeditions to mysterious locations!

    HARVEST crops, raise farm animals, catch fish and cook for yourself. Each farm animal is unique! Build your own FARM and family on a beautiful bay!

    ⛵️ Get on your ship and TRAVEL to exotic cove, help Lydia & Henry solve mysteries, uncover ancient ruins by completing quests! Every journey will be memorable!

    DISCOVER mythic treasures filled with gold and gems and see if the tales are true! Watch out for pirate kings and battle!

    TRADE and deliver orders for amazing rewards and expand your village by crossing the bridge!

    FOLLOW the story to learn more about Lydia, Henry and Jojo's mysterious pasts! Make your own choices, shape their life & meet extraordinary game characters!

    ENJOY a funky & rich story along with breathtaking seaside scenery. Live the Caribbean dream! Adventure Bay will be your tropical second-home!

    Have questions and suggestions? Contact us at [email protected]
  • Joy Blast: Match 3 Puzzle Game Мод APK 3.0.5 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Joy Blast: Match 3 Puzzle Game Мод APK 3.0.5 [Unlimited money]


    MATCH 3 BLAST PUZZLE GAME WITH A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Blast match three levels and help Joy create her dream story!! Wonderful stories are waiting for you to explore in this unique match three puzzle adventure game with a gravity factor!

    Easy to play, challenging puzzle match 3 blast game!

    Match, blast, and crush three or more groups of similarly colored candy like bubbles with a simple tap and achieve level targets by completing challenging puzzles! In each unique puzzle, combine four or more bubbles to unleash blast and color match boosters for huge explosions! You will have different level targets to achieve, it is challenging but very addictive!

    Correct the Joy's childhood friends' story by collecting stars from each level!

    In Joy Blast, the physics are realistic! Combine & blast the unique set of candy-like bubbles where the colored bubbles fall freely in every dimension - complete a level with limited moves. Help Joy to make fun memories by completing challenging puzzles and collecting stars to correct her story and continue her friends' adventure. Follow book pages solving puzzles and become a master of the color match blast!

    Compete with your friends and other players!
    Compare your progress against your friends and other players to become a color match master! The more puzzles you solve, the more trophies and points you earn. Add your friends to see who is a matching master! Can you solve the puzzles better than them?

    Start solving challenging color match 3 puzzles today! download Joy Blast - combine, match and blast away!

    ✨Simple gameplay: Just tap the matching colored bubbles and blast to achieve your goals! ✨
    Tap a group of 4 or more bubbles to blast and color match boosters!
    Achieve puzzle level targets, collect stars and create memories all over the world!
    Fun events and daily prizes!
    Create a story: Help Joy write her children book!
    Leaderboards: Compete with your friends and players all over the world!
  • Card Guardians: Rogue Deck RPG Мод APK 2.12.0 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Card Guardians: Rogue Deck RPG Мод APK 2.12.0 [Unlocked]


    Welcome to the world of Valentia! Build your deck of cards and prepare for strategic CCG battles against monsters and the Guardians of Chaos.

    Download FREE* Card Guardians: embark on a fantastic roguelike adventure game: win battles against monsters and build a card battle deck.

    The Land of Valentia was at peace for thousands of years until the Day of Chaos came and spread mysterious magic that corrupted the living creatures of all realms.

    ☠️ Choose the hero of your RPG adventure, create CCG battle strategies, and discover various unexplored realms And beware of dangers!

    ✨ Download this card game to have fun in this RPG adventure, and discover a story of the epic war.

    Become the master duel of the deck of card battle, and explore a roguelike world with dangers and epic stories!

    Card Deck Building RPG

    To free Valentia from the Magic of Chaos, you need the best deck of card battle. The more levels you advance, the more cards you get to build your RPG strategy.

    As the hero, you have to build the best CCG card deck, set up battle strategies, and free all enemies overtaken by Magic of Chaos and threatening the peace of Valentia.

    There are dungeons, castles, forests, and deserts that harbor dangerous enemies, with the difficulty of roguelike games.

    ⚔️ RPG Strategy Battles

    Beware the Chaos Guardians! At the end of each kingdom, you will encounter powerful bosses in the style of roguelike games, which will require the best card battle deck.

    Explore your enemies' weaknesses and build the best RPG strategy to achieve victory and unlock the realms.

    A tactical error can spell your doom in this roguelike world. So, be careful to defeat your enemies, and earn new battles.

    ️ Medieval Kingdom Exploration

    The world of Valentia has kingdoms to be discovered. However, these kingdoms have unknown enemy species, dominated by Chaos Magic, and protecting various treasures, card battle, and equipment that will be important in your RPG adventure.

    *Card Guardians: Deck Builder is a free offline CCG game. However, the card game has extra features and additional items that are optional for gameplay.
  • Fishdom Solitaire Мод APK 2.04.0 [Unlimited money][Free purchase] 3.5

    Fishdom Solitaire Мод APK 2.04.0 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]


    Never Fishdomed before? Take a deep breath and dive into an underwater world of card-based craziness with Fishdom Solitaire, an all-new free game!

    Try challenging and fun solitaire gameplay as you decorate aquariums to create cozy homes for lovely, talking fish. Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other. Your finned friends are waiting for you, so dive in now and enjoy this amazing underwater adventure!

    ● Unique gameplay: arrange and eliminate cards, design and decorate aquariums, play with and take care of fish—all in one puzzle game!
    ● Thousands of unique and exciting levels with exclusive card types and boosters
    ● Compete with other players for exclusive rewards
    ● No Wi-Fi or internet connection required to play

    Please note that Fishdom Solitaire is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

    YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVHzsxEEwy6inZlr00uVXiA
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/fishdomsolitaire
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/fishdomsol/
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/FishdomSol

    Terms of Use: https://playrix.com/en/terms/index.html

    Privacy Policy: https://playrix.com/en/privacy/index.html
  • Grow & Conquer Мод APK 2.3.8 [Unlimited money][God Mode] 4.0

    Grow & Conquer Мод APK 2.3.8 [Unlimited money][God Mode]


    Experience the ultimate kingdom-building and base defense game with Grow and Conquer:
    Empire Defense War. Unlike other games, Grow and Conquer offers a thrilling combination of tower defense and real-time strategy gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Upgrade your buildings and units, manage resources, and form alliances with other players
    to strengthen your kingdom and dominate the battlefield. Engage in thrilling multiplayer battles, skill-based combat, and RPG elements that allow you to customize your troops and level up your skills.

    In addition to the tower defense and real-time strategy gameplay, Grow and Conquer offers a thrilling card collecting element that sets it apart from other games. Collect and trade cards with other players to create the ultimate deck and dominate the battlefield. Each card represents a powerful unit that can be used to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

    Build your own kingdom, recruit an army, and defend your land against enemy attacks inepic multiplayer battles. With engaging gameplay, skill-based combat, and RPG elements, you'll need to use all your wits and strategic planning to emerge victorious.

    Customize your troops and level up your skills to defeat enemy forces and form powerful
    alliances with other players. Upgrade your buildings and units to gain an edge on the battlefield, manage your resources carefully, and become the ultimate conqueror.

    With high-quality graphics, addictive gameplay, and challenging levels, Grow and Conquer: Empire Defense War is the perfect game for those who love action-packed combat, fantasy RPGs, and skill-based strategy games. Download the game for free and join the ranks of players who
    have already discovered this thrilling game. In-app purchases are available to help you progress faster, but the game is designed to be enjoyed by all skill levels. Rise to the top and become the greatest conqueror in the land with Grow and Conquer: Empire Defense War.
  • Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D Мод APK 1.72 3.5

    Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D Мод APK 1.72


    Hello to all lovers cars games and racing games! Race off, enter the arena and start drifting!

    Cars Arena is a 3D physics-based PvP off road drifting battle game where you and your racing rivals compete for space on the platform.

    How's that? Every car leaves a trace behind that makes platform tiles disappear. One wrong turn and you're out of the line rider game!

    Control your dynamic ride and drift by moving a finger across the screen. Knock your racing rivals out of the arena to be the last one standing racer.

    Be careful and do not fall! Your dynamic racing opponents are the tricky smashers trying to kick you off the io arena. Ride fast and be first to attack!

    How to jump a racing car? Easy! Tap on the screen to make your car jump and fly over line rider or holes in the hex arena.

    Don't let the difficulties scare you – have fun, race with your enemies and become the coolest master racer in the arena!

    Drifting and aggressive driving are the only ways to win this car racing. Don't hesitate to hit the gas and smash other players. Noone can catch you master ridin' dirty!

    Cars Arena isn't another car parking game, traffic puzzle or taxi simulator, but an exciting racing car game full of racing rivals and fun competition.

    What are you waiting for? Join now and show your opponents who is the drift champion here! Win that off road batttle!

    Drift for the sake of speed and survival! Come on and put your foot down to become a real line rider racing king!
  • Appfy 2D Adventure - Hard one Мод APK 0.9 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Appfy 2D Adventure - Hard one Мод APK 0.9 [Unlocked]


    ⭐️⭐️ Platformer games. ⭐ 2021 ⭐️⭐

    Appfy, 2D Adventure games is an one tap games with some tap and idle mechanics that let you play into a cute platformer with 20 challenging, hard platformer, levels. With a simple one tap to jump mechanic optimized for modern smartphones and tablets touchscreens . If you like platformer games with controls and gameplay adapted to mobiles, Appfy 2D Adventure Games removes virtual controls buttons and other obstacles from platformer games. If you like difficult games, this retro platformer takes you on a cute platformer, but difficult games with very hard platformer on a pixel retro magical world .

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Main Features ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Play offline, play free, play anywhere without wifi or data.
    Intuitive and simple jump one tap games.
    Hard platformer with challenging levels that will feel an impossible game.
    Addictive gameplay.
    Discover hidden secrets and zones.
    Cute platformer with pixel retro art and music.

    Mobile touch control has never been so easy and accurate! Run, jump, and climb on the walls just by one tap anywhere on the character screen. Collect cute apple and coins and run to complete the difficult games levels and reach different super amazing worlds to save your friend Pearl with unique characters and enemies!

    Appfy is an apple ninja hero who wants to explore other lands to collect apple with you. Will you come, super run, and play this hard platformer? This is a great 2D adventure where you can be a ninja hero .

    I recommend you this platformer games if you like categories like: "difficult games", "hard platformer", "impossible game", "apple games", "2D adventure games", "2D platformer", or "retro platformer".

    If you like platform games I really hope you enjoy this one! I enjoyed making this 2D platformer. Any query you can Email me at [email protected]
  • Scary Pipe Head Siren Head 2 Мод APK 2 [Unlocked] 3.9

    Scary Pipe Head Siren Head 2 Мод APK 2 [Unlocked]


    You can get the weapons by killing the small Sirenhead and go ahead to kill the giant Pipe head in the town.
    Pipe Head simulator is a hostile cryptid and urban legend created by artist Trevor Henderson. He's a tall mysterious humanoid creature known for his odd appearance and the various sounds that echo out of his head. As his name suggests, his head is a pair of sirens with mouths that he uses to kill any victim that are unfortunate to come across Pipe Head.

    This game offers an immersive atmosphere, where you can hear Pipe & Siren,Head screeching from
    a distance before catching up to you.

    This game provides an intensive horror experience by adding retro forest-like play1 graphics to the mix.
    You have to find all the puzzle pieces to finish the game, don't let the time run out and Siren Head to catch you.

    - Pipe Head listen to all your movements, but you can hide and deceive him, so he does not see you.
    - Move to different scenarios with the van and discover all its secrets.
    - Solve puzzles to find the truth from the clutches of this horrific enemy. Action is guaranteed!
    - Enjoy a horror game without bloody scenarios, suitable for all audiences!

    The perfect horror & thriller game: tense gameplay, a scary beast, sudden jumpscare, and a chilling atmosphere

    It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience.

    This game isn't in any way shape or form affiliated to the original Pipe Head, any similarities are merly a coincidence.
    this is a standalone game.
  • Infinite Skater Мод APK 2.0.3 [Unlimited money][Free purchase][Infinite] 3.8

    Infinite Skater Мод APK 2.0.3 [Unlimited money][Free purchase][Infinite]


    Begin a psychedelic adventure of spiritual awakening and magical skateboarding.

    Infinite Skater is an unprecedented visual experience, never seen before in a mobile game.

    Glide through stunning landscapes from visionary artist Jona Dinges.

    A ride along to an original custom score and integrated sound palette from artist and producer Sammy Bananas.

    Choose your incarnation, make offerings to spirit animals, ride eagles in the sky, and leap obstacles on a white wolf.

    Inspirations from many of the greatest mystical teachers in history.


    Problems? Questions? Email us at [email protected]

  • Climb Higher - Physics Puzzles Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlocked] 3.9

    Climb Higher - Physics Puzzles Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlocked]


    A challenge lies before you, or rather above you. Can you surpass this vertical puzzle? Can you reach the top? And then what, will you stop and rest, or continue to climb higher.

    Climb Higher is a challenging physics based puzzle platformer where you must slingshot yourself up high, stick to whatever you can, shatter through everything that breaks, grow big, shrink down, become the master of your momentum, and reach even greater heights!

    From the creator of Brain It On! and Shatterbrain. This game shows ads during gameplay, but you can remove them with an in app purchase which supports my work and helps me continue making games. Thank you for playing my games!
  • Infinity Loop: Relaxing Puzzle Мод APK 6.28 [Remove ads][Free purchase][No Ads] 3.6

    Infinity Loop: Relaxing Puzzle Мод APK 6.28 [Remove ads][Free purchase][No Ads]


    Play now one of the most addicting games that will challenge you and is a logic game at the same time.

    Infinity Loop is a fun way of increasing your logic skills.

    It can be considered a puzzle game and logic game, about creating intricate looping patterns, or just the application of using a simple concept: "connecting multiple things" and making fun out of it.

    Loop has endless levels and is a games for anxiety. Also it is a tap and relax game which increases your logic.

    Most people say this game is a good puzzle game and a low storage game but with a great zen mode which also is a games for anxiety. The goal of Infinity Loop is to clear your mind, remove the stress from your daily life without any pressure or tension to solve the levels. It is an Addicting game but when you tap and relax you'll feel good.

    If you're looking for stress relief or a relaxing anxiety type of game, enjoy the loop and this logic game.


    How to Play Infinity Loop?

    Connect all the lines and corners to make perfect connections. It is like killing the chaos and reaching perfection. It is an addictive game but a relaxing one.

    Watch the video to overview how it works. Check on youtube searching for the name "Infinity Loop levels" as well where several people post the solutions and you'll know how to solve the puzzle.

    Nonetheless, we suggest you try to find yourself how the game works and what you are supposed to do.

    How to Play the Infinity Dark Mode?

    The goal of the dark mode is to make disconnections, breaking it all and not leaving a single piece connected.

    How many levels the game has?

    Infinite and with low storage.

    How can I save my game progress?

    Make sure you connect the app with Google Play Games on the settings panel (the button is at the bottom of the gameplay). This way your progress won't be lost. If you face further issues, reach us by e-mail.

    Do I need to pay anything to play Infinity Loop?

    No. The original game is 100% free. There is no need to pay anything for the original game. The game is free for unlimited levels.

    I don't feel the game is challenging. Why?

    The challenge for us would be making the game with increasing difficulty after a certain level while at the same time relaxing and allowing infinity levels. So how could level 100.000 be more difficult than level 10.000? It is hard. So as we cannot have the best in all worlds, we have opted to make it relaxing for now.

    Note: This game is also available on Android Wear and Android Watches. And it's very fun as well!

    You also will like this one - Infinity Loop: HEX: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infinitygames.loophex
  • Idle Tuber - Become the world' Мод APK 1.3.5 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Idle Tuber - Become the world' Мод APK 1.3.5 [Unlimited money]


    Dreaming of becoming a popular Influencer? Followers? Clout? Money? Then Idle Tuber is the game for you!

    Start by creating your character, record videos to gain views, subscribers, and get fans. Unlock new games to record on and earn even more views! Hire an editor and partner up with real YouTubers to help you on your journey.

    Features of Idle Tuber

    ➡️ Create your very own character!
    ➡️ Record videos and gain views
    ➡️ Unlock new games to record on
    ➡️ Hire editors to help you grow
    ➡️ Collect 33 real YouTubers
    ➡️ Gain Subscribers and compete on the global leaderboards
    ➡️ Complete Goals!
    ➡️Play in time limited events and climb up the Tuber leaderboard
    ➡️ Build your own Tuber Empire!

    Collect all the Tubers

    You can collect the following YouTubers in our Idle Tuber game:

    SSundee, Crainer, Smii7y, RageElixir, Leah Ashe, Molt, NickatNyte, MattShea, ZephPlayz, BeckBroJack, McNasty, RussoPlays, Hyper, KryozGaming, JoblessGarrett, Graser, KreekCraft, Starsnipe, Mithzan, NapkinNate, SB737, Cpt Barbell, AshleyTheUnicorn, Shesez, FitMC, Jaayy, NightFoxx, Nexiph, IntelPlayz, Sigils, Snedger

    They will help you get more views and collect more subscribers. Make sure to collect all the Youtubers!

    Become the biggest YouTuber in this Idle Tuber simulator

    Want to become an influencer and collect top YouTube gamers along the way?

    Style your own Tuber and let him become the Influencer that everybody watches and subscribes to! Collect views, earn cash and let that subscriber count grow in this Youtuber Simulator.

    Start by recording, editing and publishing your videos. Gain views, likes and subscribers before going on to amass your own army of genuine tubers such as SSundee or Mini Ladd.

    Enlist Editor's to help you produce content. Start streaming additional games and upgrade the quality of your videos. On top of that, you can collect real Youtubers like SSundee, Leah Ashe and Molt to get more views and grow your subscriber count.

    Simulate how it feels to be a streaming star gaining likes and super likes as you click your way to becoming an influencer tycoon. Emulate the best streamers and follow in the footsteps of SSundee, Leah Ashe, Smii7y, MattShea,Sigils, Cpt Barbell ,Crainer and RageElixir.

    It was never that easy to become a famous YouTuber

    Idle Tuber enables you to follow the footsteps of your favorite influencer in the best tuber simulator available.

    Take part in new events to help your favorite influencers and earn amazing rewards!

    Climb up the Event Leaderboard to earn rewards like Super Likes, collect additional streamers and help out your favorite Tubers.

    Events are a great new way to expand your YouTuber Empire and become a streamer tycoon!

    Got any issues or feedback for us?
    Email us: [email protected]

  • Enigmata: Stellar War Мод APK 1.2.91 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][Weak enemy] 3.9

    Enigmata: Stellar War Мод APK 1.2.91 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][Weak enemy]


    You are the Unit Commander, your job is to explore the galaxy, build a base to defeat swarms of enemies! This is a defense game with no limits to how you can design your base, and extreme customizability. Use real-time skills to fight enemies. Battle your base against other players in the SW Battle Arena! Join the growing Stellar War community on Discord!

    Game Features:
    - Explore over 15 levels
    - Over 25 units you can build
    - Bonus games and missions
    - Soundtrack by Hypnoprism
    - Ad-free

    Bonus Content is a one time purchase which unlocks:
    - Three extra levels
    - New units and features
    - Battle other bases in the SW Battle Arena

    Note: For users with older phones, go to Options/More Options and turn on "Low Res" for better performance and less likelihood of crashing!
  • The alchemist Мод APK 2.3 [Unlimited money][Free purchase] 4.0

    The alchemist Мод APK 2.3 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]


    Explore levels filled with loot and collectables, defeat enemies and find secret rooms, chests and flames!

    Unlock all the achievements and buy all the cards.

    Features :

    - 2 World
    - More than 20 adventure levels
    - Every level have 6 collectables and loot
    - 20 enemies
    - 20 enemies cards
    - Upgrades
    - 10 game cards
    - Portal system
    - 15 achievements

    - Survival mode coming soon
    - New worlds coming soon
    - New levels coming soon
  • Underground Wallpapers HD - Sans & Frisk Мод APK 1.0 4.0

    Underground Wallpapers HD - Sans & Frisk Мод APK 1.0


    This application Underground Wallpapers HD - Sans & Frisk provides collections of wallpaper designs and lock screens backgrounds for you.
    Beautiful app for Graffiti Wallpapers HD offline.
    Here are interesting features that you will definitely like from this application:

    - There are hundreds of the best Underground Wallpapers HD - Sans & Frisk , beautiful, attractive
    - High Quality image HD, FHD, UHD, and 4K resolution
    - All OFFLINE, no need for internet connection
    - Simple and easy to use as wallpaper or lockscreen
    - Does not consume much battery
    - Easy to live croping according to your device's screen size
    - easy to share with other friends

    Most images / wallpapers in this Underground Wallpapers HD - Sans & Frisk app are common to the license and the credit goes to their respective owners. Any request to remove one of the images / wallpapers will be honored. Please email us at [email protected]
  • UndertaleX New Wallpapers Sans & Frisk Wallpapers Мод APK 1.0 3.9

    UndertaleX New Wallpapers Sans & Frisk Wallpapers Мод APK 1.0


    This Undertale Wallpapers app contains a collection of beautiful Wallpapers and Backgrounds for your smartphone or tablet.

    All our Undertalex wallpapers have been personally selected so you can personalize your device
    Undertale Wallpaper HD 2K 4K 2020 is suitable for use in various types of devices with a variety of screen sizes, this wallpaper application has high quality images that will produce a great display for your device, size HD, full HD, 2K and ultra 4k images.

    This application provides not only Undertale images but also Undertale member and more character images, such as Frisk, Chara, Sans, Papyrus, Gaster, Toriel, Asriel, Mettaton, Undyne, Asgore, Muffet and Temmie

    The most beautiful Undertale Wallpapers, Amazing collections of Sans and Frisk Wallpapers on your phone lock screen, to decorate your phone with stunning Undertale images.

    Enjoy Best Sans backgrounds for your mobile device with Epic Undertale characters.

    undertalex wallpapers and backgrounds sans Best with this application, undertale wallpapers chara with the best quality. Other than that

    undertalex sans Is a free Android wallpaper application that has a large collection of undertalex wallpapers free

    Epic Undertale Wallpaper is a unofficial app made bye fan of Sans where you can enjoy best of Sans and Frisk pictures and art uploaded by fans! of your favorite Undertale character.

    All the wallpapers in this app are under common creative license and the credit goes to their respective owners. These images are not endorsed by any of the prospective owners, and the images are used simply for aesthetic purposes. No copyright infringement is intended, and any request to remove one of the images/logos/names will be honored.


    This APP is made by fans, and it is unofficial. The content in this app is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company. This app is mainly for entertainment and for all fans to enjoy these anime wallpapers. Support download anime live photo with size large

    All contents have copyright and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners
  • Great Alchemy Мод APK 4.0.6 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Great Alchemy Мод APK 4.0.6 [Unlimited money]



    I have prepared for you another installment of the classic game in which you have to discover a lot of unique elements. How does it differ from others? It has implemented a comfortable way of moving around the application, thanks to which it is pleasant to use. I hope you will like it.

    At the beginning you will have to discover 390 elements. As the application develops, I will try to add new ones. And thanks to the tips in case of doubt you will move on.

    You will be able to play "Crazy Wheel" where you will be able to get additional keys to unlock elements. Doesn't it look awesome? :-)

    If you have your own suggestions for new elements or connections write through Contact in the application menu.
  • Mystery Manor Murders Мод APK 0.1.4 [Unlimited money][Unlimited] 3.5

    Mystery Manor Murders Мод APK 0.1.4 [Unlimited money][Unlimited]


    When a detective's investigation doesn't tell the whole story, maybe ghosts will fill in the clues! A police detective has a psychic friend with a special gift: the paranormal ability to see the ghosts at a recent murder scene.

    Help a detective and a medium solve the mystery of a string of murders in a mansion! What could have happened in this luxurious house to nearly every member of this rich family?
  • Family Island™ — Farming game Мод APK 2023144.0.30839 [Mod Menu] 4.0

    Family Island™ — Farming game Мод APK 2023144.0.30839 [Mod Menu]


    Immerse yourself in an unforgettable world of adventure with a modern Stone Age family!

    Imagine what your life would be without modern technology, what would you do? Perhaps you would explore territories, build houses or even entire villages; farm, harvest, or maybe you would conquer new lands.

    You have an opportunity to be on a desert island together with the heroes of the Family Island game and try yourself in different roles: farmer, cook, explorer, trader and many others.

    Interested? Here are some more features of our game:
    Explore wild territories, solve puzzles, find hidden objects and set on a thrilling adventure to new islands.
    Build and improve your little city in the middle of the ocean.
    Start your own family farm! Harvest, grow crops and craft useful goods to trade with other characters.
    Cook healthy and tasty food from the ingredients that you can find on the island.
    Customize your village with beautiful decorations! Choose flowers and plants that match the unusual landscapes of your village.
    Meet unusual animals: island hamsters, wild goats and even a dinosaur are waiting for you!
    Help a family survive on a desert island.

    And that is not all! Family Island is a farm game full of unexpected twists and captivating adventure!

    Subscribe to our social channels to be in the loop about upcoming updates: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/familyislandgame/
  • Escape from Restroom Мод APK 1.3 [Remove ads][Unlimited money] 3.6

    Escape from Restroom Мод APK 1.3 [Remove ads][Unlimited money]


    I found myself in the restroom.

    I have to get out of here. ....

    ------- features-------
    ・This game is a short escape game with only one stage.
    ・All you have to do is tap objects.
    ・Progress is automatically saved, so you can start from the middle of the game at any time.
    ・When you are stuck on how to proceed, you can proceed the story by looking at "hints" and "answers".
    ・Paint notes are available to help you think about solving the puzzles.
    ・You can enjoy the game for free until the end.

    -------How to play-------
    ・Tap the place you are interested in to check it out.
     You may find a puzzle or an item.
    ・Tap the item box to zoom in on the item you have obtained.
    ・Items can be combined with other items or used in the field.
    ・Hints for solving puzzles are hidden in various places. Tap in various places to find clues.
    ・If you don't know how to proceed or how to solve a puzzle, you can use the "Hint" button.
     If you still don't know how to solve a puzzle, there is an "Answer" button to help you find the answer.
    ・If you want to start from the middle of a puzzle, click the "CONTINUE" button on the title screen to continue.

    Various riddles are available in the restroom. Click in various places to find clues to solve the riddles. When you reach the end, you should be able to leave the toilet.
  • Orixo Wormhole Мод APK 2.3.0 3.6

    Orixo Wormhole Мод APK 2.3.0


    The sequel to Orixo is here!
    Orixo Wormhole comes with a new challenging feature: Wormholes.

    Similar to its predecessor, Orixo Wormhole is a relaxing, mind-bending, minimalist puzzle game that offers hundreds of hand-crafted levels to immerse yourself into. A beautifully meditative soundtrack accompanies you in your delightful experience.

    How to play:

    Fill the grid by dragging your finger over cells with a number inside of it. The number represents the number of cells it will fill. It can fill in one of the four cardinal directions. If a cell is already filled, it will fill the next available cell in the direction you chose. During the drag, the cells that are going to be filled will be highlighted.


    - 362 hand-crafted puzzles
    - All levels are free and accessible from the start
    - Hints are available to help you find the solution to some levels
    - Game progress is saved automatically

    Don't hesitate to contact us if you find any issue with the game or if you simply want to send us your feedback, it is greatly appreciated.
  • Wallcandy - Wallpaper & Widget Мод APK 1.10.19 [Free purchase][Unlocked][Premium] 3.5

    Wallcandy - Wallpaper & Widget Мод APK 1.10.19 [Free purchase][Unlocked][Premium]


    WallCandy is an app crafted with love for customising your smartphone. It has unique and handpicked wallpapers for every taste. Wallcandy also contains iOS 15 and Android 14 widgets. It also has a collection custom widgets which will go with almost every setup.

    We believe that wallpapers are to phone as clothes are to humans. The real motive to make this app came from the fact that we ourselves wanted to have unique wallpapers for our phones. Most of the wallpaper app currently in the play store are almost similar and just provide a bunch of stock photographic images. We wanted the wallpapers to have much more.

    So we came up with Wallcandy where most of the wallpapers are artworks created by very talented digital artists. Each wallpaper has its own backstory and speaks for itself.


    Art Works
    - At core we try to only add truly unique artworks to our collections instead of adding thousands of similar stock photos of cars, mountains, flowers.

    Auto Wallpaper Changer
    - Wallcandy will set a unique wallpaper for you every day. You don't need to manually create a playlist for wallpapers to change. Just stay connected to the internet and see the magic.

    - Almost all the wallpapers are of very high resolutions with some of 4k resolutions.

    Device adaptivity
    - All art works will adapted to your device no matter what your screen size is. Be it a tablet or a old android phone or flagships. Yes thats how we have coded it.

    Almost free
    - Most of the wallpapers in the app are free. Some wallpapers requires premium subscription.

    Occasional Ads
    - Wallcandy is almost ad-free. With only 1 ad per day just to cover our server costs.

    Silent Features
    - It has built in search, supports dark mode, wallpaper history and much more.

    All the wallpapers in this app are under common creative license and the credit goes to their respective owners. These images are not endorsed by any of the prospective owners, and the images are used simply for aesthetic purposes. No copyright infringement is intended, and any request to remove one of the images/logos/names will be honoured.

    ● Follow us on Instagram
  • Video Downloader and Stories Мод APK 8.0.3 [Unlocked][Pro] 3.8

    Video Downloader and Stories Мод APK 8.0.3 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Download Videos from Facebook and Instagram & Stories - and Status Saver for Whatsapp. Only in one app.

    It's 100% free, easy and fast, and attractive design. It will always add many features.

    How to use it:

    1 - To download the video from Facebook, copy the video link from Facebook, and a notification will appear for our application to download the video easily. Or open the application and paste the link manually

    2 - To download the video or Photo from Instagram, copy the video or Photo link from Instagram, and a notification will appear for our application to download the video easily. Or open the application and paste the link manually

    3 - To download stories from Facebook, log in with your Facebook account and it will display all stories, choose a story and download it.

    4 - To download stories from Instagram, log in with your Instagram account and it will display all stories, choose a story and download it.

    5 - Download WhatsApp Status, enter the application and in the WhatsApp Status section, choose a case and click the download arrow to save.


    1 - Ease of downloading the video, just copy the link and the video will be downloaded.
    2 - Download videos and photos from Instagram
    3 - Video Downloader for Facebook - Copy the link
    4 - Download stories from Facebook
    5 - Story Saver for Instagram
    6 - Status Saver for WhatsApp
    7 - Download video via the browser if the video is not downloaded directly
    8 - Easy to use design
    All this in one application by copying link. And more in the upcoming updates.

    Note :
    Our application is not affiliated with Facebook in any way. It is only a video download help tool.
    The copyright of their owners is respected. So do not publish the video without the owner's permission.

    To express an opinion and tell us about adding features and fixing the application
    Feel free to contact us
    Email: [email protected]
  • Risky Wars Мод APK 1.0.13 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 3.5

    Risky Wars Мод APK 1.0.13 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Experience the most powerful implementation of the strategy classic!

    Distribute your reinforcements and conquer enemy territories.
    Fortify your sectors and secure bonus units round by round.
    Earn trade cards and use their reinforcement boost to break through enemy lines.
    Fight your way through the epic campaign or prove yourself in exciting custom matches.

    Strategy, tactics and risk determine victory or defeat!


    • Complete great operations consisting of challenging missions
    • Diverse mission objectives require customized strategies
    • Complete all mission objectives to secure maximum rewards
    • Achieve promotions and unlock upgrades
    • Use powerful boosts to your advantage


    • Play on the classic world map or unlock other great maps
    • Adjust the game rules or play according to the classic rules
    • Up to 5 computer opponents with adjustable levels of difficulty
    • Compete against friends (pass and play)
    • The harder the match, the better the rewards


    • Interactive tutorial to all game areas
    • Match statistics (territories, units, reinforcements, dice results, ...)
    • Global game statistics (missions, custom games, dice results, ...)
    • Optional fast forward computer turns
    • Different zoom levels for a better overview
    • Game state synchronizes across all devices and platforms

    Stay tuned for more!

    Subscribe on YouTube: https://youtube.com/VertexArts
    Like us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/RiskyWars
    Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RiskyWars
    Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/RiskyWars

  • ULTRAFLOW Мод APK 2.9.6 [Unlocked][Unlimited] 3.5

    ULTRAFLOW Мод APK 2.9.6 [Unlocked][Unlimited]


    ULTRAFLOW is a minimalist yet complex puzzle game based on your agility.

    You have a limited number of bounces to complete each level.
    No score. No timer. The only challenge is your smoothness.


    ● 99 Levels
    ● Completely free
    ● No Ads
    ● Google Play Games Achievements
    ● Optimized for a wide range of phones and tablets


    ULTRAFLOW was made by a team of five students during six months.
    If you want to support us, don't hesitate to donate.


    Twitter : https://twitter.com/ultraflowGame
    Website : http://ultraflow.net
    Itchio : http://daku.itch.io/ultraflow


    Contact us if there's any problem. Thank you.


  • Aniland: Dream Town Мод APK 0.12.0 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 3.9

    Aniland: Dream Town Мод APK 0.12.0 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Have you “herd” the news about Aniland? It's a whole world of animals--animal cities and quaint animal towns--all for you to explore! Hoof it home with Sarah as she returns to her home town to renovate her parents' purr-fect mansion and garden. Sniff out the mystery of the famous harvest festival and get your paws dirty as you renovate the animal town to its former glory.

    Rearing for a challenge? Try Aniland's beastly match-3 puzzles while you help friendly animals, learn their stories, and re-build their homes and businesses. Build, design, and makeover your bea-ewe-tiful new home and garden in this quirky new world!

    Game Features:
    --Help animal townsfolk renovate their city and decorate it with cute eye-candy by beating addictive puzzle levels in this FREE match-3 game!
    --Unlock the stories of charming animals and friends!
    --Boost your match-3 puzzle wins with daily rewards!
    --Various Resident Quests await! Help animal friends realize their dreams by finishing challenging tasks!
    --Monkey around with unBEARably challenging puzzles, exciting episodes, and engaging stories about the animals in the town!
    --Swap and match colorful puzzle elements to create powerful boosters and blast combos!
    --Design decisions: you choose key decor features that make your world unique!
    --No need to be idle; there's plenty to do! Build your dream mansion, decorate it in your style, and design the perfect garden in the heart of the city!
    --Visit daily for a chance to win FREE limited-edition decorations!
    --Purr-fect your skills to blast through match-3 levels, compete with your friends, and rise up the leaderboards!

    Contact Us:
    Want to learn more about the game?
    Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/AnilandDreamTown/
    Customer Service email: [email protected]
  • 指尖涂色 Мод APK [Free purchase][Unlimited money] 4.0

    指尖涂色 Мод APK [Free purchase][Unlimited money]

    Creative casual coloring game, release pressure, explore creativity, there are three ways to play digital painting, pixel painting and creative painting.
    Digital painting: Each area of ​​the picture has a corresponding color and number prompt. Click on the area according to the color of the number to paint the area. After the painting is completed, the user can share and save the picture. A large number of ancient styles, two-dimensional exquisite pictures.
    Creative paint: You can choose any color, and the app will intelligently fill the image area according to the selected color. A large number of two-dimensional pictures, waiting for you to play.
    Pixel painting: pixel-style pictures, each pixel has a corresponding color and number hint, and there is also a paint bucket and other one-click painting of multiple areas. All the pictures after coloring can be saved or shared.
  • Auto Clicker - Automatic tap Мод APK 2.0.0 [Unlocked][Pro] 4.0

    Auto Clicker - Automatic tap Мод APK 2.0.0 [Unlocked][Pro]


    Auto Clicker helps you do repeated taps at any location with any interval you specify.
    Auto Clicker does NOT require root access.
    Have a floating control panel to start/stop the automatic tap.
    It is great for click games.

    - The friendly user interface, easy to use
    - Support multiple click points, multiple swipes
    - Have a global timer to run for a certain amount of time
    - Can Import/Export automatic scripts

    - Only support Android 7.0 and up.
    - Require Accessibility service to work.

    - Why do we use this permission?
    We use AccessibilityService API to implement core features, such as simulating clicks and wipes on your screen.
    - Do we collect your private data?
    We do not collect your private data through this permission.

    ** Credits: The app icon is made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

    Install Auto Clicker now and you will be free with the automatic tap :-)
  • Idle RPG Adventure Hero Мод APK 1.0.3 [Mod Menu][God Mode] 3.8

    Idle RPG Adventure Hero Мод APK 1.0.3 [Mod Menu][God Mode]


    Idle RPG Adventure Hero is a journey of a great Hero. You against bone monsters is an exciting role-playing game in which you will take on the role of a mighty character to fight against a group of evil bone monsters that are ravaging the world. You will have to go through many adventures and battles with monsters to gain experience and necessary items to enhance the strength of your character.

    The game is designed with fantasy graphics and vivid sound, creating a vast virtual world full of challenges and mysteries for you to explore. You can customize your character with various types of weapons and equipment, creating the most powerful warrior to fight against the bone monsters and protect our world.

    - Beautiful worlds.
    - Many items for summoning.
    - Many power skills.
    - Dungeons are ready to be discovered.

    Get ready to become a hero and face the challenges in this Idle RPG Adventure Hero against bone monsters!
  • Mental Gun 3D: Pixel FPS Shooter Мод APK 0.2.64 [Remove ads][Free purchase][No Ads] 4.0

    Mental Gun 3D: Pixel FPS Shooter Мод APK 0.2.64 [Remove ads][Free purchase][No Ads]


    Do you like pixel FPS shooters in 3D? Want to play shooter? Our game is for you. Come and join the game now by installing on any device. There's a multiplayer in the game, so you can play with your friends.

    Fight with your friends and reach the top of the ranking table in a pixel FPS shooter game. Invite your friends and play with them totally, for free. Kill as many persons as possible utilizing different weapons!

    Enlarge and upgrade your weapon components by completing a mission for more power and better killing.

    Outstanding Advantages of Mental Gun 3D: FPS Shooter involve:

    1. Easy control pixel shooter.
    2. Multiplayer.
    3. Object destructions.
    4. Available different weapons after completing missions.
    5. Special tasks and missions.

    Mental Gun is a FPS shooter, so it contains some cool rifles and will continue to expand. Enlarge and upgrade your weapon components by completing a mission.
  • Jess' Stories - Life Adventure Мод APK 1.2.0 [Free purchase][Premium][Endless][Unlimited money] 4.0

    Jess' Stories - Life Adventure Мод APK 1.2.0 [Free purchase][Premium][Endless][Unlimited money]



    Life isn't going so well for Jess: She's just lost her boyfriend, she's been kicked out of her house, and she's suffering the most epically awful bad hair day in history. But everything in the story is about to change when school friend Eric suddenly invites Jess to a glamorous party✨! Join Jess on her adventure, navigate the drama, and help her make the right life choices to thrive and flourish in this awesome matching and makeover game that's fun to play, packed with entertaining stories, and always full of surprises.

    ‍♀️ Urge to merge?
    Makeovers and home renovations don't come cheap, so if you want to help Jess out, you'll need to earn some money and some stars. To do this, solve the game's fun merging puzzles, create new items, earn tokens, and become a merging legend .

    An outfit for every occasion
    Jess's adventures in the game take her to all sorts of different locations, from glamorous parties to secret spy missions to romantic dates, and she always has to look her best . Buy as many outfits and as much makeup as you can, make the choice of how to combine them most effectively, and ensure that Jess is always the most stylish and beautiful girl in the whole world wherever her story takes her!

    ❤️ Make a date of it
    Help Jess make new friends and find true love ❤️ in the game by going on a series of ever more outlandish dates. Encounters with giant birds, secret bases, TV cooking shows, adventures on an active volcano, and a whole range of other wild stories await Jess on her long and winding journey to find true love.

    Room for improvement
    Jess inherited a big house from her eccentric grandpa, but this once beautiful mansion is now in a terrible state ️. Help Jess get through the big clean up and renovate the house, choosing the perfect design and interiors to create a luxurious residence fit for a rising internet star .

    Going viral
    Jess's big plan is to become an online PikPok influencer. But the road to the hearts of internet fans is long, arduous and filled with potential pitfalls. Join Jess as she puzzles out a path to online fame and fortune, records viral videos and challenges, picks up followers and becomes a real internet star.

    ️ IT'S GAME ON!

    Are you looking for a casual game that's packed with adventure stories, romance, drama, fashion, puzzles, makeovers, home improvement and heaps of fun? Download Jess' Stories now, start solving merging puzzles, win levels, earn rewards and help Jess get her life back on track. It's guaranteed to be a blast!

    Privacy Policy: https://say.games/privacy-policy
    Terms of Use: https://say.games/terms-of-use
  • F-Stop Gallery Мод APK 5.5.83 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Unlocked][Pro] 4.0

    F-Stop Gallery Мод APK 5.5.83 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][Unlocked][Pro]


    Replace your clunky stock gallery with a lightweight, fast (even fun) gallery that works with you to organize all the photos and videos on your device. F-Stop is an alternative image gallery that provides you with professional tools and a clean, Material Design interface that makes organizing your photos easy.
    Key Features:
    • Fully optimized for Android 8.0+ including material design
    • Instantly search through all your photos to find results based on file name and metadata (tags, ratings, camera model, etc.)
    • Browse through your photos on a map with an integrated Google maps experience
    • Save tags (keywords) and ratings[1] in XMP format so they stay with the image and can be read by popular programs such as Lightroom, Picasa, Aperture, Windows Live Photo Gallery, digiKam and many more
    • Read metadata directly from your images (EXIF, XMP, IPTC)
    • Custom sort images using drag and drop[1]
    • Choose one of the many themes or choose your own color combinations to make F-Stop look the way you want
    • Nested folders[1] let you browse your media using the folder structure (explorer view) instead of the typical flat view seen in most gallery apps
    • Access your favorite tag, folder or album directly from the navigation drawer with our "Bookmarks" feature
    • Smart Albums allow you set up simple rules like “Tags with the word Family” or “Ratings greater than 4 stars” and then updates automatically as your library grows.
    • Exclude folders easily to prevent album art from showing up in your gallery
    • Easily plays animated GIFs
    • Share and/or edit with popular apps like Snapseed, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok and more
    • Hide images and videos from other apps with password protection
    • Slideshow mode with popular transition types

    [1]These features can be unlocked in the PRO version.
    [2]F-Stop will scan for these file types but viewing is dependent on device support.

    * Please visit our website for a quick tutorial: http://www.fstopapp.com/tutorial/
    * E-mail us at [email protected] if you have any suggestions, bugs to report or just want to say hi.
  • Чат истории Хистори, переписки Мод APK 12.0.4 3.9

    Чат истории Хистори, переписки Мод APK 12.0.4


    Современный и доступный формат историй! У нас переписки оживают!

    Вы любите читать истории? А может, вы вообще не любите читать книги и предпочитаете игры без интернета? В любом случае наша международная социальная сеть любителей чат-историй Хистори – это то, что вам нужно!

    Здесь вас ждут пылкие новеллы и романтические истории про любовь 18 на русском интерактивные леденящие душу страшилки и ужастики, увлекательная фантастика и фанфики (bts, бтс, k-pop, яой) – всё это в легком игровом формате квест чат истории. Принимайте решения и делайте выборы по ходу истории, принимайте звонки или сами станьте главным героем переписки. Хотите найти единомышленников, которые любят читать или писать новеллы и страшилки, обсудить с ними историю и продолжить в личных сообщениях? Присоединяйтесь к нашему самиздат клубу романтики и страшилки!

    Чтобы читать чужие переписки взахлеб без интернета, просто сохраняйте их к себе на устройство и наслаждайтесь интересными переписками без инета в дороге бесплатно!

    Станьте популярным автором!

    А может, вы просто хотите писать истории как в ваттпад и обрести верных поклонников своих фанфиков? Хистори самиздат поможет и в этом. Зарабатывайте на своих историях реальные деньги, участвуя в конкурсах!

    Благодаря удобному редактору писать переписки без интернета истинное удовольствие, а совместное с друзьями написание историй доставит вам кучу веселья! Разнообразьте свои фанфики звуками и музыкой, изображениями, звонками от участников чат переписки или дайте читателю самому сделать выборы при чтении новеллы. Создавайте хистори, в которой читатель будет главным героем Т/И! Пишите свои чат истории про любовь 18+ на русском, страшные истории, страшилки или фанфики, фэнтези.

    Лучшие рассказы попадут в Каталог, где их увидят тысячи читателей. Реализуйте свою мечту автора. Публикуйте увлекательные рассказы и получайте в ответ любовь читателей. Приложение поощряет талантливых авторов, чьи лучшие страшилки смогли попасть в Каталог. Мы перечисляем внутриигровые монеты авторам, когда читатели тратят сторисы в их переписках.

    Читате более 500 000 историй на любой вкус!

    Найдите себе подходящие переписки, которое вас зацепят, чтобы читать самиздат истории бесплатно и без интернета.
    Читайте страшные истории чат, почувствуйте ужасы, пишите непета страшилки, находите страшные уэнсдей переписки с фейками момо, слендермен, гренни, джеффом убийцей (крипипаста), сохраняйте к себе жуткие чат переписки и ужастики.
    Находите смешные рассказы.
    Лайкайте романтические истории любви. Пошлые истории про любовь (любовные истории и новеллы для девочек) заставят вас ощутить новые чувства. Наши игры про любовь - именно то, что вы искали! Читайте новеллы и истории любви 18+ бесплатно.
    Мистические истории про вампиров и оборотней не оставят вас равнодушными, а мистика, фантастика и фэнтези откроют для вас новые горизонты.
    Любите чат-истории по мотивам популярных произведений? У нас есть фанфики на русском по Гарри Поттеру! Интересует k-pop? Тогда у нас вы сможете не только читать, но и писать самиздат фанфики про bts (бтс) и пэйтона, А4. Однозначно, мастрид (mustread)! Выбор переписок из нашего фикбук за вами!

    Получайте монеты в игре и тратьте их на покупку дополнительных возможностей в квест переписках. Читать наши истории бесплатно ты будешь взахлёб!

    Помощь игры без интернета Хистори самиздат: https://rentry.co/historyapp-help
    Правила, как писать страшные истории и читать чужие переписки бесплатно: https://rentry.co/historyapp-rules
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