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  • Scooter FE3D 2 - Freestyle Extreme 3D Мод APK 1.39 [Unlocked] 4.0

    Scooter FE3D 2 - Freestyle Extreme 3D Мод APK 1.39 [Unlocked]


    Get on your scooter and get ready to shred!

    Ride big ramps and get crazy air, or get technical with street skating. Do huge flips and stunts, or chain together awesome combos with manuals, grinds and wallrides.

    The choice is yours with 8 different skate parks made with inspiration from all around the world. You can even create your very own custom skate parks to ride!

    Both your scooter rider, and your stunt scooter itself are fully customizable, with tons of options to make yours absolutely unique!

    Try it now and see why this Freestyle Extreme 3D series' games has been downloaded more than 10 million times!

    - Ride your scooter and do tons of different tricks
    - Customize your character with tons of clothing, hairstyles, etc.
    - Fully customize your scooter with different scooter parts and colors
    - Create your very own custom skate park to ride in
    - Earn coins to level up your character
    - Arcade Mode: Try to beat your best score in 2 and a half minutes
    - S-C-O-O-T Mode: Complete specific tricks and combos
    - Free Run Mode: Skate around the parks with no time limit or purpose other than having fun
    - Great music to enjoy while riding your scooter
    - Nothing is locked behind a paywall, everything can be unlocked just by playing
  • Taps to Riches Мод APK 2.79 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Taps to Riches Мод APK 2.79 [Unlimited money]


    Build your empire one city at a time in this new tap idler sure to make you money hungry! Tap to make money, tap to upgrade your city's business buildings, and tap some more! Unlock, hire, and collect as many Advisors and Bizbots as you can to upgrade your business value, build your cities faster, and earn a stash of cash as you rise from rags to riches! Valuable Adviser bonuses will have you tapping even faster! Can you become a billionaire business tycoon or will you fail as a capitalist?

    From the creators of Coin Dozer and Brick Breaker Hero, Taps to Riches will have you tapping everywhere you go!

    - Expand your empire into multiple cities with unique challenges
    - Hundreds of hilarious Advisers who add valuable business bonuses! Collect them all!
    - Dare to reset your progress and take advantage of Bizbots, a precious resource that give you even more money bonuses per tap!
    - Buy and upgrade your businesses to see them evolve into architectural masterpieces!
    - Tons of Bonuses and Achievements for you to discover with all of your tapping frenzy!
    - More features to come!

    Taps to Riches is a unique city building simulation game with tap and click mechanics. Upgrade businesses in game to make money and earn extra cash as you venture into new cities.

    Start from the bottom as a newly freed villain with big dreams of once again achieving world domination. Tap your way into riches and money by upgrading buildings and investing in your city. The more cash you invest in businesses the more money they produce for you. Hire valuable Advisors to unlock special business bonuses, and use Bizbot resources for even more cash bonuses!

    Taps to Riches is a free game that is supported by the ads we and others display. To do this, we work with a variety of online advertising partners who collect data from users of our games and other games to show you ads that are relevant to your interests. Do not install or launch our games unless you consent to this use and sharing of data, as further explained in our Privacy Policy (http://gamecircus.com/privacy-policy/).
  • FMOVIES : BEST Movies 2019  Мод APK 1.2.0 [Remove ads] 3.8

    FMOVIES : BEST Movies 2019 Мод APK 1.2.0 [Remove ads]



    Fmovies is your must have movies app of 2019.
    If you enjoy movies and want to know what is new in the movies world in 2019 then FMOVIES is what you are looking for.


    Find a whole of new 2019 movies and dicover the latest movies and series that are coming soon to your screens.
    Fmovies is your gate for the movies universe, find new movies, seasons and upcoming dates of the release of your favourite movie.
    Sort movies by the most popular, highest rated movies and the greatest movies of all time. See your favourite actor's upcoming movies, and
    his latest work. Watch trailers and teasers of all of the 2019 movies .

    ???????? FEATURES:
    ???? FMOVIES is a free app
    ???? FMOVIES is made with an intuitive and easy to use interface
    ???? Add movies in FMOVIES app to your favourite list
    ???? Supports movies and tvshows
    ????Search by movies genre
    ???? Latest movies and cast updates
    ???? 123movies and series updates
    ???? Stream movies trailers of your favourite actor's .
    ???? Supports all tv shows seasons
    ????Genre of movies available

    Our fmovies app uses TMDB API
  • 7Fon - Wallpapers 4K Мод APK 5.5.62 [Unlocked] 3.9

    7Fon - Wallpapers 4K Мод APK 5.5.62 [Unlocked]


    120`000 of selected free wallpapers 4K by 7Fon. New best 4K wallpapers every day!
    The application will open for you the world of splendid HD wallpapers for Android phone or tablet. The wallpapers undergo manual checking and sorting before they are included in the catalogue, which guarantees their high quality. New free Android wallpapers HD are added round the clock 24/7/365.

    The application features:
    • More than 120`000 of selected HD wallpapers
    • High quality: 1920x1080 and above (QHD, 4K and UHD)
    • Round the clock catalogue renewal with manual moderation
    • Wallpapers sorting by date, rating and popularity
    • 65 categories with sorting by alphabet and section popularity
    • Wallpapers search be tags and color
    • Support of screens of any resolution
    • Function of adding to favorites
    • Wallpapers downloading for deterred installation
    • Photo saving to SD-card or to the gallery
    • Wallpapers framing before installation
    • Setting up of wallpapers on lock screen
    • Automatic background change with the specified interval
    • Use as a WhatsApp chat background or in other instant messengers
    • Change wallpaper when using any launcher
    • Notifications for the picture of the day and of the week
    • A nice Android 7 styled design
    • Preview of quality settings for traffic saving
    • Consume minimum resources and do not run down the battery
    • The application is compact, takes in minimum memory and is absolutely free

    A picture search
    A smart searching system will help you to select precisely those HD wallpapers, which you want to set up as your desktop pattern. Moreover, an innovative technology of searching by color palette facilitates the search of a picture of the color you want. If you choose black pictures, they are ideal as wallpaper AMOLED screen.

    A convenient side menu consists of 65 sections, which include only HD, QHD, 4K and UHD quality images. After choosing a picture, you can download it, add to your favorites or immediately set up as a background image on your phone or tablet. All the pictures can be set up as lock screen wallpapers.

    High quality wallpapers
    All the photos undergo rigorous selection by quality and picture composition. Only the photos of Full HD resolution and above (4K wallpapers) are allowed. Also we select vivid and lively backgrounds that will look great after framing and setting on home desktop or lock screen. In case we get an wallpaper copy of higher quality, we will substitute it for the new one. Our images look great on AMOLED screen.

    From time to time we exclude those images, which received poor rating and not interesting for our users. Thus, you get premium 4K backgrounds for free.

    The system will select wallpaper resolution, suitable precisely for the screen of your phone or tablet. All the mobile devices are supported, including Ultra HD (UHD) resolution and Retina screens.

    An automatic wallpaper change
    An automatic wallpapers change function is implemented in the application. You can choose the source and interval of changing yourself. Just add backgrounds to the favorites, tick the corresponding settings option and enjoy. You can change the wallpaper when using any launcher. Now, all the 4K Images you like will rotate on your desktop and lock screen!
  • Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard Мод APK 3.5

    Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard Мод APK

    Microsoft SwiftKey is the intelligent keyboard that learns your writing style, so you can type faster.
    Use your personalized keyboard to type and send emoji, GIFs and more just the way you like.

    The Microsoft SwiftKey swipe keyboard is always learning and adapting to match your unique way of typing - including your slang, nicknames and emoji.

    The built-in emoji keyboard has every emoji you'll ever need and more. Microsoft SwiftKey learns your favorite emoji so you can always send your friends the right reactions.

    Microsoft SwiftKey caters to all typing tastes, with free designs and themes to fit any style. The custom keyboard provides autocorrect that actually works. Microsoft SwiftKey provides helpful predictions, so you can get your point across fast, without errors. Type and text any way you like, with swipe-to-type, tap-to-type, predictive emoji and a GIF keyboard.

    Microsoft SwiftKey is the intelligent keyboard that learns your writing style, so you can type faster.
    Use your personalized keyboard to type and send emoji, GIFs and more just the way you like.

    The Microsoft SwiftKey swipe keyboard is always learning and adapting to match your unique way of typing - including your slang, nicknames and emoji.

    The built-in emoji keyboard has every emoji you'll ever need and more. Microsoft SwiftKey learns your favorite emoji so you can always send your friends the right reactions.

    Microsoft SwiftKey caters to all typing tastes, with free designs and themes to fit any style. The custom keyboard provides autocorrect that actually works. Microsoft SwiftKey provides helpful predictions, so you can get your point across fast, without errors. Type and text any way you like, with swipe-to-type, tap-to-type, predictive emoji and a GIF keyboard.

    SUPPORTS 400+ LANGUAGES: English (US, UK, AU, CA)
    Spanish (ES, LA, US)
    Portuguese (PT, BR)
  • Drone Shadow Strike Мод APK 1.31.113 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Drone Shadow Strike Мод APK 1.31.113 [Unlimited money]


    "One of the best new apps of the week!" - Android Central

    Drone Shadow Strike - Aerial Combat is the best military warfare FPS game that offers an addictive mixture of strategy, fast-paced combat and real action! Operate the world's best UCAVs with an arsenal of weapons and bring the rain!

    Set in the heart of covert aerial warfare, with real-world inspired immersive environments and the original FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) camera, this air strike shooter game puts you in the hot seat of a special ops operator. You must work your way up the chain of command over a series of action-filled covert missions, using ultra high tech equipment and weapons including rockets, missiles, cannons etc.

    Lead with military strategy and FPS skills with superior firepower to lay waste to the enemies of the state!

    Reaper, evade enemy fire and raid enemy bases before they take you out. You are clear to engage!

    Control ultimate military Drones and take them to the battle. Build your arsenal of devastating weapons and slay enemy firebase. Strategize missions, plan each air strike and attack enemy territories with missiles, rockets, and bombs to complete your assigned tasks. Stay alert and keep an eye on incoming attacks. Defend your drones during combat while you dominate the resistance in the best fps action game. Be the Ultimate Combat Commander and make your army proud.

    Explore the Global Events battleground. Participate in the Live Events to compete in global collisions and earn lethal new weapons of mass destruction. Rule the leaderboard and show the resistance how much of a marksman you are.

    The game is completely free to play but some in-game items require an in-app payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases on your device.

    Exclusive Features:
    1) Fly 8 different types of UCAVs, from prototypes to official in-service aircraft!
    2) Defend, Survive, Strike or Escort;
    -- 34 missions in 5 real-world inspired campaigns.
    Cannons, Guided Missiles, Rockets & Bombs;
    -- 4 types of weapons and 25 ways to light ‘em up.
    -- Superior upgrades. Choose to be light & stealthy or loud & proud!--
    -- 7 Additional enhancements. Dominate the battlefield with air strikes, nukes & more!
    3) Play Live Events and rule the Global Leaderboard

    Simple and easy intuitive touch controls, command the battle with just a fingertip!
    Fight alongside friendly AI forces. Provide overwatch and protect them at all costs!
    20 official Ranks. Start as an army Airman Basic and rise up to command as a Master General.
    Over 282 Challenges & 70 Achievements.
    More action campaign episodes are added regularly.

    * Permission:
    STORAGE: for saving the data and progression.

    Visit us: http://www.reliancegames.com
    Like us: http://www.facebook.com/Drone-Shadow-Strike-722019294514216/
    Follow us: http://www.twitter.com/reliancegames
    Watch us: https://www.youtube.com/c/DroneShadowStrike
  • Candy Crush Saga Мод APK 4.0

    Candy Crush Saga Мод APK

    Start playing Candy Crush Saga today – a legendary puzzle game loved by millions of players around the world.

    Switch and match Candies in this tasty puzzle adventure to progress to the next level for that sweet winning feeling! Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded with delicious rainbow-colored cascades and tasty candy combos!

    Plan your moves by matching 3 or more candies in a row, using boosters wisely in order to overcome those extra sticky puzzles! Blast the chocolate and collect sweet candy across thousands of levels, guaranteed to have you craving more!

    Candy Crush Saga features:

    Thousands of the best levels and puzzles in the Candy Kingdom and with more added every 2 weeks your sugar fix is never far away!

    Check back daily and spin the Daily Booster Wheel to receive free tasty rewards, and take part in time limited challenges to earn boosters to help you level up!

    Sweet ways to play: Game modes including Target Score, Clear the Jelly, Collect the Ingredients and Order Mode

    Facebook @CandyCrushSaga
    Twitter @CandyCrushSaga
    Instagram @CandyCrushSaga
    YouTube @CandyCrushOfficial

    Take on this epic saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!

    Easily sync the game between devices and access full game features when connected to the internet.

    Candy Crush Saga is free to play but optional in-game items require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device's settings.

    By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service which can be found at https://king.com/termsAndConditions

    Have fun playing Candy Crush Saga the sweetest match 3 puzzle game around!
    If you enjoy playing Candy Crush Saga, you may also enjoy its sister puzzle games; Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Candy Crush Friends Saga

    Do not sell my data: King shares your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads. Learn more at https://king.com/privacyPolicy. If you wish to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights, you can do so by contacting us via the in game help centre or by going to https://soporto.king.com/contact
  • Heroes Infinity Premium Мод APK 1.36.05 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Heroes Infinity Premium Мод APK 1.36.05 [Unlimited money]


    Premium Reward is only for new account, and have to pass level 5 in campaign.

    A stunning action RPG filled with heroics, adventure, and a diverse assortment of creatures and fiends.
    Dive into the world of Heroes Infinity and begin your epic journey through many lands and cities. Collect & build your epic team of heroes to achieve victory.

    [ Features ]

    - A real-time strategy battle filled with dynamic effects and variety of skill animations.
    - Many heroes are waiting for you to Unlock & Combine them into a powerful team.

    - Power Up, Tier Up, Rank Up, and Gear Up to prepare your heroes in their War for Justice.
    - Summon your heroes wisely to gain Victory in the coming battles.

    - Adventure Mode: Gain Experience & Level Up your heroes by defeating your enemies.
    - Skyscraper: Challenge your epic team by conquering many Levels of increasing difficulty.
    - Star Gates: Collect pieces of all the heroes' shards to Summon the mystery heroes.
    - Training Field: Develop your own skill with heroes in battle to gain victory.
    - Boss Party: Battle with legendary bosses and gain unique rewards.
    - Super Boss: Stay focused when the boss is near. Your epic team have to fight hard.

    DRAMATIC PvP Battles!
    - Prove your team's Strength & Strategy in the 5 vs 5 battle!
    - Compete with other players in the leaderboard and make your way to the top of the PvP.

    - Form a Guild with other players
    - Fight together and earn legendary rewards
    - Make your Guild the most powerful in the world

    Official Page: http://heroesinfinity.com/
  • Counter Knights Мод APK 1.2.36 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Counter Knights Мод APK 1.2.36 [Unlimited money]


    ◈◈ Well-made Growth-based counterattack action RPG!! ◈◈

    ◈ Multilingual translation in progress. If you would like to help with translation, please refer to the following sheet!◈
    ◈ If you write a bug report or update wish list in the review, we will actively fix and reflect it. ◈

    ▶ Simple yet in-depth thrilling counterattack!
    ▶ Counterattack? Guard Break?, Life-stealing? Equip weapons tailored for your play style!
    ▶ Enriched environments with growth factors and collectibles!
    ▶ Elaborative storytelling and relics/weapons for its extensive universe!

    ◈◈ Game Mechanics ◈◈

    ▶ Counterattack system
    - Breath-taking counterattack mechanics!
    - Analyze an enemy's pattern to counterattack at its precise moment!
    - You will be invincible when you counterattack.

    ▶ Sensational Boss Fight
    - Unique attack patterns styled for each of the bosses
    - Analyze their attack patterns with strategies!

    ▶ Rich environment for growth and collectibles
    - Knight Growth: Growth system allows Knight to develop to match the player's style.
    - Artifacts Storage: You can obtain relics upon clearing stage with 3 stars. Collect them to gain permanent buffs and reveal the world's secrets.
    - Weapon Management: There are weapons inside ancient relic boxes! Customize via weapon enhancements and passive skills for your play style!

    ▶ Fight in your style! : Growth and weapon changes
    - Players can develop their character with enhancements that strengthens their play style.
    - Knight will learn passive skills upon certain level-ups after an attribution enhancement.
    - Each weapon comes with a different enhancement bonus and skills. You can equip desired weapons.
    Ex) For stable hunting:
    : Prioritize stamina level up + life-steal weapons
    Ex) A rampage style
    : Utilize weapons that converts basic attack and skills into area attacks
    Ex) To disarm enemies
    : Equip Empire weapons to fill up the enemy's knock-down gage twice faster.

    ▶ Extravagant universe and breath-taking stories!
    - Explore deep into the story as you defeat enemies!
    - A story of the Knight fighting to find out the secret of the universe.
  • PastelLine IconPack Мод APK 1.1 [Paid for free] 3.7

    PastelLine IconPack Мод APK 1.1 [Paid for free]


    PastelLine Iconpack offers a Combination of Pastel Shape With a Line. Live a new experience with these beautiful icons.

    1800+ Beautiful Icons and Growing Weekly.
    20+ Hand made Wallpapers.
    7+ Matching Widgets for KWGT.
    Regular updates with new icons and wallpapers.
    Alternative icons to make customization to the next level.
    Icon preview and search.
    Dynamic Calendar support.
    Support for many launchers.
    Custom app drawer icons.
    Easy Icon Request.
    Help section with search option.

    Still Confuse?
    Undoubtedly, PastelLine Icon Pack is an amazing icon pack in the store. so go for it if you are thinking about purchasing it. and we do offer a 100% refund in case you didn't like it.

    How to use this Icon pack?
    Step 1 : Install supported theme Launcher.
    Step 2 : Open PastelLine Icon Pack and click on Apply.

    Recommended launcher settings
    Icons size set 90% to 100%
    Icon normalization feature disabled

    A supported launcher is required to use this icon pack!
    Help section inside the app which answers a lot of questions you may have.Please read it before you emailing your question.

    If you have any issue with using Icon pack. Just email me at [email protected]

    Contact Me
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArrowWalls
    Gmail: [email protected]
  • SeriesGuide – Show & Movie Manager Мод APK 631 [Premium] 3.5

    SeriesGuide – Show & Movie Manager Мод APK 631 [Premium]


    With SeriesGuide you can find shows and movies to watch, keep track of your watched episodes and movies, get notifications about upcoming episodes and back it up and sync it across devices.

    Discover. Find shows with new episodes, which are popular or are similar to those you are watching. Explore movies currently in cinemas, released digitally or on disc.

    Backup and sync. Sign into SeriesGuide Cloud to backup and sync your shows, lists and movies.

    Integrates with Trakt. Connect your Trakt account to access your watchlist and collection, check in, rate and comment. Sync watched episodes and movies between apps and media centers supported by Trakt.

    Extensions. Add an extension button provided by a third-party app or build your own: https://seriesgui.de/api

    No ads. Open source.

    Get the subscription to unlock all features and support SeriesGuide! You will get more list widget options, notifications for new episodes and more. You also support continued fixes and new features.


    NOTE: You can not watch episodes or movies. For episodes only the release date on the original network is listed.

    This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb. https://www.themoviedb.org/terms-of-use https://www.themoviedb.org/documentation/api/terms-of-use
    This app uses data and images by Trakt. https://trakt.tv/terms

    Example shows by Das Erste/ARD (https://www.ard.de) and ZDF (https://www.zdf.de).
  • Village City: Town Building Мод APK 1.3.0 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Village City: Town Building Мод APK 1.3.0 [Unlimited money]


    This island needs YOU to become the mayor of the city!

    Build a small town, expand to a city, and discover all that this beautiful island sim has to offer!

    Sparkling Society Games returns to bring you a fresh city building game experience set in a looney world with a unique theme and style. If you are familiar with our other citybuilders, you know we have the best mobile casual city builder games out there!

    In our offline game "Village City - Town Building Sim Game", you are the mayor of your city: use your creativity to design your village and towns on a beautiful island and create your own city set in a fun and looney world. Unlock nearly 200 unique and cool buildings; construct and upgrade them. Keep your citizens happy, create jobs and collect cash from your buildings. Build your own town and expand your cities and skylines in an exotic adventure packed with dozens of quests and rewards.

    Key features:
    ★ Collect nearly 200 unique buildings!
    ★ Build your own city in this looney world full of story.
    ★ Free to play: the game can be played without spending money, but we do offer in-app purchases.
    ★ Casual city sim game for everybody; easy to play city simulation and strategy game.
    ★ Build a town on different types of terrain: grass, beach, water, rock, and more.
    ★ Collect daily rewards and achievements.

    Coming soon:
    ★ Fight for glory on the world-wide leaderboard.
  • Text or Die Мод APK 3.2.0928 3.9

    Text or Die Мод APK 3.2.0928


    The longest answer wins! Answer each question with the longest answer you can think of to build your tower and escape the rising waters!

    As long as you can outlast the opponents, you wont get eaten!

  • Merge Inn - Tasty Match Puzzle Мод APK 2.2 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Merge Inn - Tasty Match Puzzle Мод APK 2.2 [Unlimited money]


    Have you visited the cozy Merge Inn? Help Maisie with her dream and serve up delicious meals to townies and visitors!

    Merge Inn is a brand new puzzle game where you combine food items to fill customer orders, discover new cuisine, and upgrade your kitchen to turn Merge Inn from a dusty old diner to a dream café.

    The most casual puzzle game experience
    For fans of match 3 games, Merge Inn offers you something completely new. Instead of extra hard puzzle levels that block your progress, every single move you make takes you one step closer towards your goal!

    Create the perfect meal
    Merge hundreds of sweet and savory food items to create tasty meals from a wild variety of ingredients. Master new recipes and cuisine from all over the world: roll up a burrito, craft candy for kids, bake the perfect birthday cake, and prepare a feast fit for a royal mansion - the options are endless!

    Upgrade your kitchen
    Find the missing components to improve your kitchen features and appliances. Progress in the game to give your menu a total makeover: add a sushi line, build a pizza oven, or access the seafood market. Unlock new options to heat things up and bring your cooking to the next level!

    Complete the collection
    Complete each new Episode and finish the Side Job challenges to uncover every single item, reward and treasure that Merge Inn has to offer! More Episodes, special events and challenges are added periodically, so you will never run out of customers and collectibles.

    If you're new to merge games or a longtime fan, give Merge Inn a try and you'll find an endless source of relaxation and satisfying gameplay. Immerse yourself in the best cooking puzzle game out there, and complete the fantasy cafe of your dreams!

    MERGE - Combine different items into new ones! Hundreds of combinations of tasty food await!
    SERVE - Your cooking will be put to a good use to be enjoyed by your forest friends!
    COLLECT - Discover every item and combination, find special items and treasure!
    RELAX - Slow paced and mind jolting!
    PLAY AS YOU WANT - Play as little or as much as you want. No time pressure here!
  • 7 Billion Zombies - Idle RPG Мод APK 1.3.36 3.9

    7 Billion Zombies - Idle RPG Мод APK 1.3.36


    The whole world is filled with zombies.
    Command the most powerful team in the world,
    who members had special reactions to the virus, to eradicate zombies all across the world.

    ▣ Special Launch Event ▣
    ▶ Event: 210x Open
    Just log in and participate in the Arena 5 times every day!
    Worth 57,000 Diamonds in Total (Equivalent to Hundreds of Dollars)
    Be Sure to Seize This Opportunity!

    1st Week: [Gear Box Ticket] x10 every day = 70 in total
    2nd Week: [Consumables Box Ticket] x 10 every day = 70 in total
    3rd Week: [Advanced Treasure Box Key Card] x 10 every day = 70 in total

    ▣ Event: Special Aid for New Commanders ▣
    ▶ Progress the story and get a lot of free Cash FREE VIP Pass Growth Fund!
    ▶ Log in and get a lot of free Gold! FREE 30day Gold Supply Ticket!
    ▶ Go idle and grow fast! FREE 30-Day 2x Battle Speed Ticket!
    ▶ Check your attendance and get a lot of free Cash! FREE 30-Day Cash Supply Ticket!

    ▣ Game Introduction ▣
    ▶ Top-class AFK idle RPG game
    Relax your hands and mind! Enjoy cool and stylish battles!

    ▶ PvP that shows you new strategies every day
    Do your best to lead your team and reach the highest class in the world!

    ▶ Endless growth and competition
    Grow your team into the best in the world and conquer the highest stage!

    ▶ World Boss that grows with users
    Defeat the infinitely growing World Boss with the users all over the world
    and get your grand reward!
  • Web Video Cast | Browser to TV Мод APK 5.5.3 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.7

    Web Video Cast | Browser to TV Мод APK 5.5.3 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Web Video Caster® allows you to watch on your TV videos from your favorite websites including movies, TV shows, live streams of news, sports, and IPTV. It also lets you cast local videos stored on your phone. Photos and audio files are also supported. Subtitles are detected on the web page, you can also use your own subtitles, or you can use the integrated search of OpenSubtitles.org.


    Web Video Caster® supports the most popular streaming devices, allowing your TV to stream videos directly from the web.

    • Chromecast.
    • Roku.
    • DLNA receivers.
    • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.
    • Smart TVs: LG Netcast and WebOS, Samsung, Sony, and others*.
    • PlayStation 4 - by using its web browser.
    • Most web browsers by visiting http://cast2tv.app (PS4, Smart TVs, other consoles and set top boxes).
    • And more.

    *If you experience compatibility issues, contact us and include the brand and model number.


    • HLS live streams in M3U8 format, where supported by your streaming device.
    • Movies and TV shows.
    • MP4 videos.
    • Live news and sports.
    • Any HTML5 videos*.
    • IPTV (M3U8, W3U, RSS).
    • Photos.
    • Audio files including music.

    *Your streaming device must be capable of decoding the video you are playing. Web Video Cast™ does not perform any video/audio decoding or transcoding.


    Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to start streaming:

    1.- Browse the web or the local file explorer to find the video, audio or photo you want to cast to your tv.
    2.- If the video or audio is on a website, try to play the video inside the web page. If it is a photo, you can long press on it to cast it.
    3.- Connect to your streaming device to cast the video, music, or picture.


    • No in-app advertising.
    • Bookmarks.
    • Home page setting.
    • Video history.
    • Queue.
    • Homescreen shortcut.
    • Most visited site.

    **This functionality does not apply universally to all streaming devices.


    As with all apps, there are some limitations we are aware of and want you to know about up front.

    • We are in no way associated with any web media providers and we do not have control over the content they provide.
    • The app does not support tab casting, like the Chromecast extension for the PC web browser.
    • We cannot do anything to fix issues that arise on the server side (media content provider) such as failure to play or buffering, which is especially common during heavy load times and weekends.
    • Refunds are only issued within 24 hours of purchase and you must submit the order number in text, not a screenshot.


    We are committed to open communication with our users. Please contact us first with any questions or support issues before leaving a review. We will respond and address your concerns promptly. Contact us through our user community https://wvc.page.link/c or https://wvc.page.link/f our website contact form.


    • Phone state - To allow the pausing of videos on incoming phone calls.
    • Wi-Fi connection information - Required for streaming devices and for the browser.
    • Photos/Media/Files (storage in general) - Required for the download functionality.
    • In-app purchases - For premium version.
    • Wake-lock - To keep phone awake while routing videos through phone. Should only affect live streams and authenticated videos.
    • Accounts/Identity - Required by Google Play Services (7.5+).
    • Location - This is only requested on devices with Android 6+ so the user gets a chance to decide and it is only requested when the website you are browsing wants to know your location. You can always say deny it, it will not affect anything other than that website.
  • Idle Slayer Мод APK 4.2.0 3.8

    Idle Slayer Мод APK 4.2.0


    Idle Slayer is an incremental game, where you control your character, picking up coins and later on, slaying enemies!

    Go through an adventure starting from nothing and earn coins to upgrade your gear. People will pay you better if you look nice.

    A lot of achievements and new places are ready to be discovered and only you can find what this game holds for you.
  • RAR Мод APK 6.10.103 [Unlocked][Premium] 3.7

    RAR Мод APK 6.10.103 [Unlocked][Premium]


    RARLAB's RAR is an all-in-one, original, free, simple, easy and quick compression program, archiver, backup tool, extractor and even a basic file manager.

    RAR can create RAR and ZIP and unpack RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ archives. List of functions include repair command for damaged ZIP and RAR files, benchmark function compatible with RARLAB's WinRAR benchmark, recovery record, usual and recovery volumes, encryption, solid archives, utilizing multiple CPU cores to compress data.

    Additionally to standard ZIP files, unzip function supports ZIP and ZIPX with BZIP2, LZMA, PPMd and XZ compression also as password protected ZIP. Unrar command is available for all versions of RAR archives including the latest RAR5, password protected and multipart files.

    If you wish to help us translating RAR to your language, please download RAR for Android language files in "RAR extras" section of www.rarlab.com and follow instructions in readme.txt. Thank you.
  • BR Truck Мод APK 1.7 3.7

    BR Truck Мод APK 1.7


    Br Truck is a Brazilian truck game in development!

    In this game you will be able to enjoy different systems and an extensive map with several trucks!

    Systems already implemented in the game:
    freight system
    functional workshop
    Exit vehicle system
    extensive map
    Between others


    2GB RAM
    ANDROID 5.0

    We will always keep the game updated for better gameplay!
  • Run n Gun - AIM Shooting Мод APK 1.0.28 3.5

    Run n Gun - AIM Shooting Мод APK 1.0.28


    Run & Gun – Run ‘em down and shoot ‘em up

    There's no end to the action in this frantic, fast-paced casual shooter that plunges you straight into a world of breakneck speed, non-stop sharpshooting, aerial stunts, and massive explosions . Like parkour, tactical shooting, and classic action movies? Enjoy a synthesis of them all as you run and gun your way to victory after victory in this all-action, edge-of-your-seat rollercoaster of a shooting game that's definitely firing on all cylinders.

    Run till you drop – all the bad guys, that is :)

    ★ Quick on the draw? You'll need to have all your wits about you and pistols at the ready to keep on running and keep on gunning. Enemies appear on all sides, and you have to take them down before they open fire on you to survive. Use explosives, extinguishers, and utility pipes to deal extra damage and take out multiple enemies with a single shot. Just make sure you don't hit the innocent civilians you were sent here to save!

    ★ Going up the wall? Then you've got the right idea for this game. Play all the angles by sliding up and around the scenery to avoid enemy bullets and reach the best position to get a bead on multiple targets as you slip into a slow-motion shooting frenzy. Go down or up with all guns blazing!

    ★ Level-minded? Progress through the game to reach epic boss battles ‍♂️ and earn cash you can spend on new outfits, an awesome arsenal of weapons, and other impressive improvements. The more you win, the more great rewards you'll have access to. Start with simple pistols and move on to SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, and a host of highly destructive guns with ever-more-epic shooting effects.

    ★ Love action? You'll feel right at home in Run & Gun's world of glass-fronted skyscrapers, rooftops, and industrial zones that recall the settings of a thousand classic action movies, not to mention a voiceover that mimics the gruff, epic tones of great trailers. As you leap to the safety of your chopper, you're guaranteed to feel like a real action hero!

    ★ Love the sound of breaking glass? There's plenty of that in Run & Gun, as well as colossal explosions, ️ shattering walls, and all types of gunshots from cracking pistols to booming RPGs, all accompanied by satisfyingly crunchy sound effects, as well as a pumping upbeat soundtrack to keep you pushing to the line.

    Like biathlon, but cooler

    You run and you shoot. That's all you do, but this deceptively simple game mixes up the action and racks up the adrenalin with surprises round every corner to ensure you never get bored. Trigger finger itchy?

    Feel the need for speed? On your marks, get set, and go now to download Run & Gun for a shooter game with action that's faster than bullets, big guns, and even bigger shooting fun.
  • Bid Wars 2: Auction & Business Мод APK 1.50.1 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    Bid Wars 2: Auction & Business Мод APK 1.50.1 [Unlimited money]


    Bidding on storage auctions, specially the ones big enough to be part of tv games, is a very good way to make money. And when your profit game achieves epic proportions, you can start your own business game and then become a city builder.

    Bid Wars Pawn Empire is a garage sales, treasure hunt and storage auctions game where you'll learn the business game principle. This antiques and treasure hunt storage game will make your day.


    - PROFIT and earn cash from your smart deals in storage auctions and unlock new buildings for your collection. Then, expand your city building business and make even more money! Being a business tycoon is really fun! Not even famous tv games reward people with this amount of money! Hey, who knows. Maybe with so much money that you earn you can create your own bargain tv show games and treasure hunt games.

    - OUTBID your competition in edge-of-your-seat storage auctions like no other antiques game can recreate. Choose, analyze and bid faster than your rivals in auctions garage hunt adventures all over the world! You'll feel like you are part of one of those famous tv games as you show the world your rare items collection and talent for bargain and negotiation game dynamics!

    - RUN and build your own pawn shop in this garage sales strategy game, that brings all the tension and excitement of bargain and negotiation tv games and treasure hunt stories, and display the unique rare items you earn and valuable garage hunt acquisitions as you expand your business simulator empire.

    - FOLLOW your quest to turn your rundown family business, a pawn shop, into a city-wide business empire you can build and expand in a bargain and get rich game full of twists!

    - GET KNOWN in the garage sales and negotiation world and be noticed by big millionaire names on the scene with your legendary items collection and your unique master skills and strategy!

    - COLLECT a wide range of unique exotic items in this business simulator and pawn shop game, from rare antiques you can restore to cars and boats you can renovate and sell at an epic garage sales game, just like your favorite container and garage hunt reality tv shows!

    - BUILD and manage your pawn shop business empire with your master skills and collect treasures!

    Embody your inner warehouse business simulator tycoon at auction time and keep your negotiation game eyes on the coin treasure game competition in order to make the best millionaire bid, always. Some of these musty old garages hide treasures beyond your wildest dreams in this negotiation and business simulator game, that are worth tons of cash you can earn, enough to make you a millionaire with your rare items collection in your pawn shop! Try your luck, but never ignore your unique business simulator game instincts at auction time! Always manage to remember the stories of the reality tv show game hosts who lost all their coin cash overnight in bad warehouse auction bids for not having strategy or master skills.

    This coin get rich game gives you the millionaire chance to become a rising warehouse star and build a reputation, swimming in rare items and cash! Expand your horizons and take part in bigger auctions, just like the ones in tv show games. Some big pawn shop moguls who are masters in profit games might not like the competition your business represents. And when this happens, they'll pull the strings to make sure your business simulator game is over in no time! Such problems come with the territory when you take part in the risk heavy world of business simulator games. Watching some reality tv shows full of conflict during auction time may prepare you for these cases.

    Start your own container pawn shop and business simulator tv game and now and get ready to bid, build and travel!

    Please note! This pawn shop game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.
  • Smash Colors 3D: Swing & Dash Мод APK 0.9.3 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][VIP] 3.7

    Smash Colors 3D: Swing & Dash Мод APK 0.9.3 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][VIP]


    Move and drag your finger to smash the circles! Listen to the music, keep your pace with fancy rhythm!

    Sound easy? You wish!!

    【Easy to play】
    ➤ Hold and Drag the ball to crash the circles.
    ➤ Avoid the different Colors!
    ➤ Do not miss the circles!
    ➤ Follow the rhythm of addictive challenges.
    ➤ Impress your friends with your perfect combos.

    【Game features】
    ➤ SIMPLE Game Control Experiences️
    ➤ Amounts of Songs to Satisfy Different Taste (100+ Songs will be updated)
    ➤ A Wide Variety of Scenes and Items for choose

    Your ball smashes like a tank through colorful circles that block its descent, but if you hit a different one, it's all over! Your ball shatters to pieces and you have to start your fall all over again.

    Try it now! Music lovers will definitely love it!

    If any producer or label has an issue with any of the music used in the game, please send email to us and it will be deleted immediately if necessary (this includes the images used).

    Contact us:
    Are you having problems? Send an email to [email protected]
  • Fan of Guns Мод APK 1.0.97 3.9

    Fan of Guns Мод APK 1.0.97


    Play for free with your friends a first-person pixel online shooter. A large number of maps, skins and weapons! Shoot from the tank, AWP, Kalash, multi-barrel, shotgun and other weapons.


    Over 40 types of modern weapons. Choose your tactics for battle: shotguns, machine
    guns or snipers or any other favorite weapon.

    Create your clan and enjoy a team pvp game for up to 10 people in various locations.

    Rise in the ranking and play with more experienced opponents.

    Colorful weapon skins.

    Trades. Share skins with other players.

    Intuitive controls, optimization on weak devices.


    Team fight
    Zombie survival
    Arms race
    Hide and Seek
    Full random
    Capture points
    With a bomb
    Hand-to-hand combat


    Fan of Guns is a multiplayer online shooter game with dynamic team gameplay.

    Bright pixel 3D graphics that don't require excessive performance from your device are combined with simple and intuitive controls. That, of course, is suitable for fans of the FPS genre shooter.
  • Adventure Escape Mysteries Мод APK 18.01 3.6

    Adventure Escape Mysteries Мод APK 18.01


    Experience the unique puzzles and critically-acclaimed stories enjoyed by tens of millions of players. Investigate cryptic clues, unravel a mystery, and solve puzzles in beautifully illustrated adventures!

    Save a fantasy kingdom in Cursed Crown. Play as Princess Nimue in her quest to save her people. Learn magical spells such as the ability to see through walls or super-size plants. Make decisions that influence the outcome of the story on your quest.

    Solve a murder mystery in Trapmaker. Play as Detective Kate Gray and walk in her shoes as you investigate a mysterious murder. Interrogate suspects and use your own cunning to discover everyone's secrets.

    Escape a ruined city and stop a hurricane that threatens the world in Dark Ruins! A team of archaeologists crash-land in the jungle and rediscover a forgotten, cursed city. They're quickly swept into a 500-year-old mystery that threatens to flood the world again. Can our heroes outlast the night and save the world? Will they go mad when science and magic collide? What -- or who -- must they sacrifice to survive?

    Use your observation skills, deductive reasoning, and cunning to solve our puzzles. Collect treasures and tools in your inventory, find clues, and enjoy a brilliant escape room experience from the comfort of your mobile device.

    Play our entire game for free! You can support Haiku by purchasing a hint if you're stuck, but you're never forced to. And no - we don't create impossible puzzles so you're forced to pay. Better yet, we never show ads while you're immersed in the game world.

    Adventure Escape has been played by tens of millions of players and has a >4.5 star average rating. Game critics like AppPicker, TechWiser, AndroidAuthority, and AppUnwrapper have picked Adventure Escape games as the best escape room game.

    We're an indie game studio that loves making games and puzzles. In fact, our team has been to over a hundred escape rooms. At Haiku, we have a game design philosophy we call “satisfying challenge.” We think puzzles should be tough but solvable, so we spend a lot of time designing unique puzzles that we think you'll love!

    Website: www.haikugames.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/adventureescape


    - Play the entire game for FREE!
    - The most ingenious escape room gameplay. Investigate the environment and interpret clues to solve the puzzles!
    - Explore 100+ beautifully illustrated scenes
    - Play unique puzzles that delight the mind
    - Save your progress so you can play on multiple devices!
    - More stories to come!
  • Vikings of Valheim Мод APK 0.3.71 3.9

    Vikings of Valheim Мод APK 0.3.71


    You are a Viking clan leader! Chop lumbers, fight enemies and expand your clan!

    You can chop the trees on the island and use them to upgrade your ship! Gather foods on valheim islands and hire new Vikings to expand your clan!

    Defeat enemies on the island and gain coins! Upgrade your Vikings for coins and chop trees on the island faster. On islands, you can find different types of trees!
  • Tubio - Cast Web Videos to TV, Chromecast, Airplay Мод APK 3.12 [Remove ads] 3.5

    Tubio - Cast Web Videos to TV, Chromecast, Airplay Мод APK 3.12 [Remove ads]


    Cast web videos and music from your phone to your TV wirelessly and for FREE.

    Use this app to browse your favorite web media to discover online video or audio you'd like to enjoy - then simply tap play. Locally stored videos and photos playback is now supported.

    Tubio automatically discovers all connected TVs around (over the same Wi-Fi network) and lets you stream with just your phone.

    *Supported players*

    • All DLNA/UPnP/AllShare enabled smart TVs by Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, Philips, Pioneer and others which support Mpeg4 over DLNA (mainly from 2010 onwards)
    • XBox one, XBox 360
    • Apple TV Airplay
    • Chromecast, Nexus player, Android TV
    • Roku Streaming TV & Media Player
    • Amazon Fire TV

    *Tubio features*

    Use Tubio as your TV remote to control the stream - play, pause, stop or seek. You can also adjust volume using the hardware buttons of your Android device.

    Now you can enjoy videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, music from Soundcloud, Mixcloud etc. straight on your TV with just a tap. And what's more, you can also bookmark other websites you like for a quick access every time you enter the app.

    While streaming, you can continue using your phone as usual without interrupting the current playback.

    *Quick tips to start enjoying Tubio instantly*

    • Make sure your phone and TV are connected over the same Wi-Fi network.
    • Not sure whether your TV is compatible? Look for the DLNA logo on the box or in the user manual of your TV/receiver set, or simply download this app for free.

    *Upgrade to Premium version (available as an in-app purchase)*

    Premium version has no ads. It also offers additional HD playback (where available) and unlimited customer support.

    Let's get in touch: [email protected]

  • Brave Nine - Tactical RPG Мод APK 2.14.7 3.8

    Brave Nine - Tactical RPG Мод APK 2.14.7


    Brave Nine Campaign Part III Episode 3 Update!
    Stories of the Mercenary Army's adventure in the new Sky Island region will start!

    ■ 3 New Legend Mercenaries and 3 New Legend Companions will cross the wall of time to enter the battlefield!
    Together with the members of the Personaz, Uribel / Lincross / Scrime as well as
    their Companions Lithiana / Memoria / Arana find out about the secrets hidden within Time.
    Find out about the new stories of the Temple of Time and more diverse strategies available!

    ■ Meet the Guild Mascot!
    The guild system has been renewed! Experience the more convenient guild alongside the cute mascot!

    ■ The truth behind The Day of the Eclipse
    The Battle' where everything is at stake will begin!

    - On that day, I lost two fathers.
    Unfortunate Crown Prince who cannot reveal his identify after losing all of his followers.
    Can Adel prevent the schemes of connecting the path to the 'Night World'?

    - Will 'The Battle' end in a total destruction?

    ■ Your blood smells of death.
    The arrival of the new Dominus Octo Companions!
    Come check out the strengths and stories of these previously unknown Dominus Octos!

    ■ Let's grow once again with the Brand New Jump-Start Quest!
    Get THREE +9 Legend Mercenaries in a row without waiting!
    Get Legend Skill Book, Legend Companion Gift Selection Ticket, and ★5 Companion Selection ticket as well!

    With the Brand New Jump-Start Quest, achieve growth like never before!

    ● Distinguish yourself in the World Arena while battling players from around the globe!
    ● Continue your adventure and flex your chess-like wit with new levels of Evil Castle!
    ● Customize your collection of heroes even further with all-new Companion units!

    ● Battle players from around the world in real-time turn-based combat
    ● Master your tactics with more than 1400 stages and hundreds of unique units
    ● Complete bounties to unlock rewards and collect and upgrade powerful new heroes
    ● Construct your ultimate formation to defeat your opponents
    ● Explore chapters of engaging storyline to reveal a deep fantasy world with every episode
    ● Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top of the leaderboards
    ● Form a Guild to share strategies and build your very own community
    ● Challenge your Guildmates and friends to private duels
    ● Collect upgrade materials with ease using auto-deploy and repeat battles
    ● Learn formations from top players and cheer on your favorites in monthly Tournaments

    [Official Website]
    ● https://www.bravenine.com
    [Official Facebook]
    ● https://www.facebook.com/BraveNineEN
    [Official Instagram]
    ● https://www.instagram.com/brave_nine
    [Official Twitter]
    ● https://twitter.com/BraveNineGlobal
    [Official Discord]
    ● https://discord.gg/BraveNine

    PLEASE NOTE! Brave Nine, the tactical SRPG gacha game from NEOWIZ, is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Brave Nine.

    A network connection is required to play.

    NEED SUPPORT? Are you having problems? Contact us in-game by going to Settings > Customer Center.
  • Difference Find Tour Мод APK 3.1.70 3.8

    Difference Find Tour Мод APK 3.1.70


    Difference Find Tour is not just a puzzle game that asks you to "spot the differences"!
    It is going to be an incredible journey for you!
    Find the different and hidden items while enjoying a collection of charming views from around the world.

    How To Play
    - Spot 5 differences from 2 pictures within the given time.
    - Unlock more stages with higher scores

    -Quality photos.
    - Various themes: animals, buildings, views, objects, and more.
    -Free to play.
    -No internet connection is required.

    Let's enjoy this game of spotting the differences together!
  • Sweet Home : Design & Blast Мод APK 22.0120.00 3.6

    Sweet Home : Design & Blast Мод APK 22.0120.00


    Sweet Home : Design & Blast is an addictive block game that'll keep you entertained for hours!

    Match colorful blocks to collect various props and reach your missions.
    If you need a little help, use special item!
    And decorate people's homes with mission rewards and enjoy a sweet life.
    Are you ready to play?

    • Tap on 2+ adjacent blocks of the same color.
    • Match the blocks in fewer moves to reward higher!
    • Reach your goal by matching every block carefully!

    •Exciting boosters & special items!
    •Daily rewards!
    •500+ unique levels full of prop!
    •No Wifi? Match blocks offline!

    • Sweet Home : Design & Blast contains video ads.
    • Sweet Home : Design & Blastn is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like heart and jewels.
    • Explore Sweet Home : Design & Blast on mobile or tablet!

    [email protected]


    Get ready to match the blocks with various props!
  • Martial Arts Karate Fighting Мод APK 1.2.6 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 3.7

    Martial Arts Karate Fighting Мод APK 1.2.6 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Get ready & wait for the bell ringing, the crowd is shouting & Thai punch boxing lovers from around the world are waiting for your fight against the world boxing champions. Fight against powerful rivals, win over them and earn points to unlock new ranks of your progression. Upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy with new strikes and karate styles, getting points for each winning match. Quickness is essential to win the hand-to-hand fight. Play martial arts games and learn how to fight face to face, unarmed, with your punches and kickboxing. How to use yourself with fantastic karate fighting games skills to block the enemy kicks? The real boxing experience in your hand makes jab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun. Punches are also an essential part of martial arts fighting games. Go toe-to-toe against 30+ bone-crushing boxers from Bangkok, Las Vegas, London, Montreal, and Washington. Use quick reflexes and Kung fu fighting games clever moves, unleash ferocious punches and combos, defeat all rivals and become the king of the boxing ring. Martial arts fighting games are sports that need a competitor to have various skills, including grappling, kickboxing, punching, and defense.

    These martial arts fighting games will teach you a variety of karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, judo, boxing, aikido, and other art forms will give you a wide range of skills and a wide range of lessons. Amazing variants of quick moves can be realistic in a variety of situations in a fight. This game introduces you to these positions and allows you to learn correct practice & techniques. Ultimate martial arts games are very exciting. It is the adventures 3d offline games & world kung fu king play, animations, special 3d effects, thrilling sounds, and actual styles. In martial arts games, earn points for each winning against an opponent, match against powerful rivals, and level up your Kung fu fighting & karate skills to get top-level ranking. Prove your skills as the powerful king wrestler against kung fu karate fighting games. Your rivals use diverse styles to compete, including taekwondo, Muay Thai, boxing, and others. Show your top-level skills to overcome all opponents with the power of kung fu karate tiger claw style.

    In a world-fighting champions & punch boxing pro game, you can select a legendary martial arts battle all over the world and step into the wrestling cage. Try your finest hits to defeat your martial art combat opponents. Use all your games skills like punching, kickboxing, blocking, and superkicks to get your opponent down in the ring. Let's perform awesome and striking martial arts fighting games. Fight with the other remarkable heroes with their different upsets and skills. In this action-packed game, let's become the world's extreme kung fu master battle against kung fu champions & wrestling superstars. Martial arts karate combat & cage offers freestyle fighting to fans an adrenaline-pumping world of karate & boxing action.

    Martial Arts Karate Fighting Features:
    • Fight against the toughest martial arts warriors and become world champions.
    • World professional punch boxers in a fighting tournament.
    • Ultimate world action-packed Muay Thai punch boxing game.
    • Face different karate & kickboxing rivals with pro fighting techniques.
    • Fanatical heavyweight champions fight against your Muay Thai punch boxer.
    • Win fighting matches & get rewarded points to unlock the next tournament.
    • Background music & sound effects will increase your energy in the tag team karate ring.
  • Journey Decor Мод APK 3.2.0 3.6

    Journey Decor Мод APK 3.2.0


    Welcome to the beautiful design journey!

    As a great designer‍, not only need to have professional knowledge, and need to have a broad vision, travel around the world to design different architectural styles of buildings! From Paris to Tokyo, from New York to London, the world is in your design!
    The architectural style within the game can also be reflected in reality, matching different styles of furniture to exercise their design in reality. To get more design inspiration, you need to solve the match-3 puzzles. Trust me, the match-3 part is just as exciting as the building part!

    ●Swap to match 3 or more similar tiles in a line to crush them.
    ●Make a square of four to create the paper plane.
    ●Match 5 or more to create amazing boosters
    ●Find different kinds of powerful combos is the key to solve puzzles and beat the levels.
    ●Beat the levels to get more coins which are the necessary sources to buy decorations

    ●Completely free game to play;
    ●Traveling and designing all over the world;
    ●Various interesting events in every week;
    ●Vivid character and attractive detective story;
    ●Play with friends and share your works;
  • Grim Quest - Old School RPG Мод APK 1.2.0 [Remove ads] 3.8

    Grim Quest - Old School RPG Мод APK 1.2.0 [Remove ads]


    Grim Quest is a classic turn-based RPG / Dungeon Crawler with gothic aesthetics and a retro vibe. It is set in a dark fantasy world with elements of Lovecraftian horror and Freudian psychology, and puts a lot of emphasis on atmosphere and immersion with dark visuals, music and lots of written text. Some roguelike elements are thrown in for good measure. Reminiscent of pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons.

    *** FEATURES ***
    - immerse in a dark fantasy world with its own history and lore
    - defeat enemies and fight boss battles in a classic turn-based combat system
    - manage your character's sanity or suffer unexpected consequences
    - customize your character with 25 unique spells and 20 active & passive skills
    - select one of 27 character backgrounds that each affect gameplay in a different way
    - experience the game world through a variety of interactive, text-based events
    - acquire weapons, armors, acessories, consumable items and crafting ingredients
    - complete quests, collect bounties and find 60+ pieces of scattered lore
    - manage defences of a besieged city, endure raids and other calamities
    - relax or add suspense with 4 difficulty levels, optional permadeath and other adjustable settings
  • My Home - Design Dreams Мод APK 1.0.457 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    My Home - Design Dreams Мод APK 1.0.457 [Unlimited money]


    Have you ever dreamt of designing and decorating your very own home exactly how you want? Now you can with My Home! Show us your gift for decorating houses! Come design and decorate your dream houses in My Home along with millions of other decorators FOR FREE!

    Become a home makeover and interior designing master! Uncover the in-game heartfelt story and meet lots of lifelike characters! From a quaint living room to a grandiose bedroom, a tiny condo to a luxurious mansion and even a small home shop to your very own fashion showroom, start your home decorating journey and make your home designing dreams come true!

    In the meantime, enjoy beating fun and addictive match-3 puzzle game to win coins! Complete the matching levels to renovate all kinds of rooms and houses including a backyard, a balcony, and even pools! What are you waiting for? Download to decorate your home for free now!

    What makes My Home so special?

    Addictive and enjoyable gameplay:
    ● A combination of match-3 puzzles plus home decorating gameplay brings you an overwhelming fun gaming experience!
    ● Simply tap to decorate your room! Design houses or rooms to make it just like in your dreams!
    ● Tons of exciting match-3 levels await! Thousands of challenging matching levels with awesome blast boosters. More matching challenging means more fun!

    Warm-hearted stories with vivid characters:
    ● Touching storyline: Follow along with the adventure while designing your dream homes! You also can visit different cities and festivals with in-game characters!
    ● Fun and unique characters! Your best friend, your sweet landlord and many more surprises! They will help you decorate along the way!

    Delicate graphic with real designing experience:
    ● Place loads of awesome 3D furniture in the room! You will be in charge of decorating and designing your own room!
    ● Not satisfied with designing and decorating only one house? We have plenty of houses for you to design and decorate! Various rooms for you like a cozy bedroom, a relaxing living room or a quiet study! More houses are coming!

    And there are more features:
    ● Remember to join the weekday and weekend event to enjoy the special homes!
    ● Competing with friends: Top the in-game leaderboard and compete with your friends! Also, don't forget to visit your friends' houses from time to time!

    Take the reins and bring your dream house to life now for free! Design and decorate everything on your device right at your fingertips!

    Want to stay tuned to the latest information? Join our worldwide community on:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyHomeMyDreams
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyHomeMyDreams
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myhome.mydream
  • Zombie Evil Kill 7 - Escape Мод APK 1.6 3.7

    Zombie Evil Kill 7 - Escape Мод APK 1.6


    in several different environments and with sophisticated weapons
    continue the fight against the zombies,monsters,mutants and insects are some of the enemies surrounding atmosphere of the apocalypse


    -modern FPS engine
    -several zombies and monsters to face
    -detailed and well rendered environments
    -HD graphics and high resolution textures
    -supports gamepad
  • Coin Master Мод APK 3.5.580 3.8

    Coin Master Мод APK 3.5.580


    Join your Facebook friends and millions of players around the world in attacks, spins and raids to build your viking village to the top!

    Do you have what it takes to be the next Coin Master? Can you travel through time and magical lands to battle it out to be the best Pirate, Hippie, King, Warrior or VIKING of them of all!

    Spin to earn your loot
    Spin the wheel to fall on your fortune, be it attack time, loot, shields or raids. Win your loot by landing on coins or gold sacks so you can build strong villages through the game and move up in levels. Win shields to guard your village from other vikings trying to attack you. Become the Coin Master with the strongest village and the most loot!

    Attack and Raid fellow vikings!
    Earning coins through the slot machine isn't the only way to get loot, you can steal it too! Attack or raid friend and foe to save enough loot to build your village. No need to break the piggy bank! Fight back and come out victorious against your enemies. Boom! Take revenge on those who have attacked your village and take whats rightfully yours! Bring your Coin Dozer and get rich again! You never know what treasures you can find in someone else's village!

    Collect all the Cards!
    It's not always about the loot, it's about the treasure too! Collect cards to complete sets and move on to the next village. With every village you conquer your wins will be greater

    Play with friends!
    Trade your cards with our online community to collect them all! Join our fast growing interactive Facebook community to meet new viking friends, earn big rewards, and trade treasures!

    ★ Battle your way to be the next Coin Master with your friends by your side.
    ★ Join in millions of players worldwide!
    ★ Coin Master is free on all devices with in-app purchases.

    Follow Coin Master on Facebook for exclusive offers and bonuses!

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/coinmaster

    Are you having problems?
    Please contact us in the game by clicking on the menu > Settings > Support or email us at [email protected]
  • Drone 4: Zombie Strike Мод APK 1.20.151 3.7

    Drone 4: Zombie Strike Мод APK 1.20.151


    The zombies are swarming. And now it's upon highly skilled drone pilots like you to prevent the end of the human race. Take control of combat Drones and hone your Zombie Shooting skills. Gather resources, protect the team on the ground... you are a guardian angel and avenger. Action follows you. No mission is too hot to handle!

    Attack is the only option. Yet, building the right strategy, creating an exit plan, upgrading your arsenal and good timing will help you battle the undead in ways you never have before. Target and eliminate the zombies in this first-person shooter (FPS) zombie shooting game. Do you have what it takes to lead mankind through this crisis? This is your chance to find out.

    Take charge of world-class combat UAVs with the power to change the fate of humanity plunged into this dark era. You're the eyes in the air. Your vision and courage will shape mankind's future. Your exceptional abilities will become legendary. Success requires risk and bravado. Make the right choices on daring missions to protect, defend, gather gold and resources. Do anything necessary to get stronger and survive

    Hone your skills, to defeat the undead and aid allies. Take highly advanced Drones into the battlefield and aim through your crosshairs for precision attacks across Tactical Imminent Threats Missions. Or, test your reflexes through swift and deadly Living Hell Missions. Target unique zombies, including ROAMERS and SPRINTERS. Protect Afterlife Base and escort the on-ground armed forces on various missions in this covert FPS guns-a-blaze gameplay.

    Nothing is ever as it seems. Adapt to the ever-changing environment. Head out for a high-tension hunt. Look out for Zombies, assess the threat, think quick and lock your target. Strike them fast to move onto the next approaching threat. Every decision you take and each moment you spend will have consequences. So get a zombie in your sights, fire, splatter... satisfaction! Follow the undead across nightmarish landscapes and huge maps. Hunt down each zombie in this FPS air-strike game.

    The world's changed and it needs you more than ever. Drone 4: Zombie Strike - FPS Zombie Game proudly boasts highly engaging gameplay and epic story-telling with action driven level design. Guide the on-ground team while they scavenge for supplies. From the neighborhood grocery store to the coffee shop at the corner, or everyone's favorite Pizza joint, protect survivors who call this abandoned ghost town their home from being mauled by a zombie horde. In order to fend off an army of the undead you have to become a highly skilled zombie shooter!

    ★ Control Combat Drones - From prototypes to in-service aircraft!
    ★ Smash hordes of bloodthirsty zombies
    ★ 20 Mission Types including Defend, Survive, Strike, or Escort
    ★ Explore the city to find supplies, recruit survivors and rip zombies to shreds
    ★ Evolving zombie AI demands evolving player strategy
    ★ Rank up through 20 stages of hardening into the fiercest zombie slayer on the planet

    The game is completely free to play but some in-game items require an in-app payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases on your device.

    *Optimized for tablet devices

    Like us: https://www.facebook.com/reliancegames/
    Follow us: https://twitter.com/RelianceGames
    Watch us: http://www.youtube.com/reliancegames
    Visit us: http://www.reliancegames.com
  • Racing Car Simulator Мод APK 1.1.22 3.7

    Racing Car Simulator Мод APK 1.1.22


    Welcome to the best driving simulator game on the market! Enjoy driving and customizing the fastest and most attractive cars in the world, testing your driving skills and speed in races, jumping over radars, and driving with precision in parkour challenges. All this in a huge open world map, where you can go through a variety of areas including a city, a port, an off-road area, and an abandoned industrial area. In addition, with the best possible physics.


    Go to the garage to choose and drive the exclusive car models we have for you. You can choose your favorite category: supercars, sports cars, muscle cars, off road cars, classics, ATVs, hot rods, SUVs... Each car has its own physics to make the driving experience as realistic as possible.

    And not only that! In addition, you can customize and give a personalized touch to your car by painting it with the color and texture you prefer, tuning it with vinyls, changing and painting the rims, adding nitro and the nitro color you like or adding a spoiler.


    As you drive around the map you will find all kinds of challenges that will test your driving skills and speed. Try to win all the available races by coming first out of 6 cars, put the pedal to the metal to beat the average target speed in the radar tests or, if you prefer, you can drive skillfully to pass the parkour tests in time. Do not miss the opportunity to test your driving with all categories of cars (supercars, SUVs, muscle cars...).

    As if that wasn't enough, there are many rewards hidden around the map that will help you earn money and unlock cars. You can also perform jumps that will give you money depending on the time you are in the air. Finally, in the city you will find a radar that you must make jump by passing as fast as possible through it. Will you be able to overcome all these tests?


    We are sure that you won't get bored while playing through the largest and most complete open world map on the market. You will be able to enjoy several very varied areas:

    - City: for sure you feel like driving dodging traffic in a beautiful and colorful city where you will find all kinds of parks, buildings, traffic signs, trees, parking lots, highways ... Perform jumps, jump radars with your cars or fly from one end of the city to the other with supercars.
    - Port: if you want to feel the adrenaline rush, go to the port, and make incredible jumps among the containers, hangars, cranes, and ships that you will find there. A perfect area to let your imagination fly where you can have fun without limits.
    - Off Road: if what you like is to drive on land or sand, you can drive to the off-road area and enjoy the beach, the lake, the mountains, or the bridges that you will find in this area. We recommend an ATV or an all-terrain vehicle to leave your mark on the sand.
    - Industry: visit the abandoned industrial zone where you will be free to sow chaos with your drifts and stunts. In this area you will find a factory and an abandoned village, a railroad track, or multiple attractions to do all kinds of stunts: loops, ramps, shuttles, spins...


    In this simulator you will enjoy the most realistic driving on the market. Each car has its own physics that will allow you a varied and realistic driving depending on the car you choose: drive around the map at breakneck speed with supercars, feel the power of a muscle car, or have fun with the wild handling of an SUV.

    Finally and most importantly, we would like to thank you for visiting our Google Play Store page and we hope we have convinced you to download the most fun and realistic racing simulator game, with the best physics and the best map on the market, the game that has come to change the rules of the game!
  • Boom Karts Multiplayer Racing Мод APK 1.12.0 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Boom Karts Multiplayer Racing Мод APK 1.12.0 [Unlocked]


    Race to pole position and become the best karting racer in BOOM KARTS - a real time online multiplayer PVP racing game!


    The races are in real time so you will always be right in the frantic action!

    Perfect driving is not enough - take out the competition with a wide arsenal of bombs, soap bars, chili peppers and other crazy weapons and power-up items!

    Create your own custom lobbies where you can pit your skills against your friends in frantic PVP kart races.

    Customize your racer style by using a combination of outfits, accessories and kart skins. Choose from helmets, hats, t-shirts or a variety of other accessories to make your avatar stand out from the crowd then pick your favourite kart skin and race!

    Master the art of drifting to become a pro racer! Charge up your boost by maintaining a long drift and activate a nitro boost that blasts you ahead of the competition.

    Collect blueprints to unlock new karts to race with! Each kart you unlock has different stats and upgrades.

    Boom Karts is a free-to-play online multiplayer PVP kart racing game. Race your opponents to the podium or tackle the challenges to earn your bragging rights. Challenge your friends in real time multiplayer races with custom lobbies and create the rules of the race. Upgrade and customize your karts and racer with items earned through game play.

    Ready... Set... BOOM!

    If you have any issues or need any assistance with Boom Karts then please email our support team at: [email protected]

    Follow Us:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoomKarts/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoomKarts
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boom.karts/
    Discord: https://discord.com/invite/fingersoft

    Terms of Use: https://fingersoft.com/eula-web/
    Privacy Policy: https://fingersoft.com/privacy-policy/
  • Grand Taxi Simulator: Car Game Мод APK 2.5 [Remove ads] 3.9

    Grand Taxi Simulator: Car Game Мод APK 2.5 [Remove ads]


    Совершенно новый проект от разработчиков теперь готов как грандиозный симулятор такси: современная игра такси 2020. Настоящий симулятор такси - отличный выбор для развлечения. Управляйте желтой кабиной, соблюдая все правила игры-симулятора такси. В играх-симуляторах такси есть много возможностей:
    Особенности grand taxi simulator: modern taxi game 2020:
    качественная ультра 3д графика
    среда большого города в формате Full HD
    диспетчерские звонки
    подробные карты (имитация GPS)
    игровые режимы
    система заправки
    офлайн-игра (без WI-FI или интернета)
    неограниченное количество клиентов
    1) качественная графика ultra HD:
    cab games 2019 имеет графику в формате Ultra HD. В игре использован модифицированный интерьер. Глаза привлекают новые модели автомобилей, которые можно взять с собой в сервисные службы и службу доставки.
    2) Городская среда Full HD:
    Большая и городская среда ultra HS, используемая в игре-симуляторе умного такси. Город полон транспорта и людей. Люди гуляют по большому городу. некоторые ездят на собственном автомобиле, джипе и велосипеде, а некоторые также водят роскошный транспорт. Очень большая и городская среда в этой роскошной игре-симуляторе 2020 года.
    3) Диспетчерские звонки:
    Восход солнца в игре-симуляторе такси 2019 года, ваш долг начинается сейчас. Пассажир сообщит вам о линии службы такси по телефону, и он / она сообщит свое точное местоположение для службы такси. Когда лимузин-такси будет в дороге, ваша обязанность - аккуратно вести лимузин-такси и спасать пассажиров.
    4) Светофоры:
    будьте начеку, управляя умным такси. Следуйте правилам, как водитель городского такси, наш грандиозный симулятор такси похож на американское такси, а вам нравится настоящий водитель симулятора такси в Нью-Йорке. Система светофоров теперь в нашей современной игре такси, если вы переходите дорогу, когда красный свет на сигнале, ваш XP и заработок будут потеряны. Вы должны соблюдать все правила движения автомобилей такси; они будут считать лучшего таксиста города.
    5) Подробные карты: (система моделирования карт)
    Система картографии автомобиля поможет вам найти уже существующее место гонщиков. Отображение всего города показано в классическом автомобиле такси. В гонках на такси и быстром вождении такси в короткие сроки это поможет найти гонщиков.
    6) Режимы игры: (уровни)
    три режима сумасшедшей игры в такси.
    i) Режим гонок на время: уровни сложности в этом режиме игры с желтой кабиной. Я дал вам конкретное время для миссии.
    ii) Карьерный режим: он такой же, как и режим гонок на время, но в режиме карьеры симулятор дает дополнительное время для миссии.
    iii) Свободный режим: ездите бесплатно в городском такси-симуляторе, чтобы у вас было свободное время для работы на такси по городу.
    7) Система заправки:
    В симуляторе такси добавлена ​​функция топливной системы городского такси, когда вы едете на машине на дальние расстояния, проверяете максимальное количество топлива для такси, и случайно вы едете на внедорожном такси, и у вас заканчивается топливо. Лучшая игра симулятора такси предупредила вас о массаже (с низким расходом топлива). Вы можете заплатить деньги за свою потребность в играх в такси.
    8) Автономная игра: (не нужен WI-FI или интернет)
    такси вождение 3d - это гоночная игра в автономном режиме. Вы можете играть в 3D-игру с таксистом в качестве быстрого водителя такси в автономном режиме, эта игра - лучший симулятор такси 2. Не нужно использовать Wi-Fi Интернет для вождения такси игры 2 миссии. Вы можете легко играть и наслаждаться лучшими новыми играми-симуляторами таксистов.
    9) Неограниченное количество клиентов.
    в качестве водителя такси и лучшего гонщика-экстремального гонщика тщательно и полно предупреждений, гонщик / клиенты дадут вам немного больше для ликования. Симулятор вождения автомобиля дал вам дополнительные очки XP, так как игры в такси бесплатные награды
    Если вы хотите такси, лучшие игры по вождению, эта игра лучше всего подходит для вас в качестве симулятора такси для Android.


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