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  • Pomodoro Timer Pro Мод APK 2.2.0 [Paid for free][Free purchase] 3.8

    Pomodoro Timer Pro Мод APK 2.2.0 [Paid for free][Free purchase]


    Pomodoro Timer is a great tool that can help you boost your productivity and quality of your work. The Pomodoro Technique® was found in the 80's and it continues to be one of the most popular time management techniques being used today.

    And it's really simple:
    1.) Create a list of things to accomplish
    2.) Pick one task to work on
    3.) Pomodoro will start 25 minute timer
    4.) Work on your task until timer runs out
    5.) Take a short 3-5 minute break, relax your body and mind
    6.) Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break (10-30 minutes)

    One Pomodoro™ lasts only 25 minutes and you should avoid all interruptions during it. Yes, your mails, phone calls and all the other things can wait few more minutes. Taking frequent breaks allow the brain to keep fresh and stay focused. This makes the Pomodoro Technique® a simple and effective method of finishing a task as quickly as possible.

    The Pomodoro Timer Pro is the ultimate weapon in your battle with time. You can add multiple tasks, their estimates, see the history and much more. You can always clearly see how much time you have left. The style of this app was inspired by the original pomodoro "kitchen" timer.

    Pomodoro™ and Pomodoro Technique® are registered trademarks of Francesco Cirillo. This app is not affiliated with Francesco Cirillo.

    This app can be also used for TimeBoxing techniques or as a Productivity Timer.

    If you have any ideas and comments that can help improve this app, feel free to email me.
  • Agenda 2018 pro Мод APK 5.16 [Paid for free][Free purchase] 3.8

    Agenda 2018 pro Мод APK 5.16 [Paid for free][Free purchase]


    I tried make this application as close as possible to a real Daily Planner/Diary (to those of paper so to speak, the one that still we can not abandon ...).
    So no synchronizations, no fields to fill, no events, etc..
    Only 365 pages can not be modified to go to write and find easily and safely what we want.
    Are appreciated suggestions, ideas, and confirmations working on your equipment, and any bugs found, thanks.

    if you want you can share your notes across multiple devices and with google calendar

    Unfortunately, the type and the amount of data present in google calendar are not compatible with the agenda format, there can be no synchronization between information so different.
    Simply the agenda shares its data on google calendar, but not the reverse
    Google calendar is used only to share your agenda data on multiple devices.

    New voice features
    More space for annotations + lines
    Hours customizable with sound Reminder
    personalized timetables and quarter hours
    built-in calculator
    Widgets to the screen (to keep tabs on the events of the day)
    Text search option (to quickly find what interests us)
    You can bar or check off notes
    Reboot immediately (we will not have to wait for the start of the Agenda)
    No advertising ....
    Import of all that you have already written agenda free
    and more .....

    WARNING it is essential to activate at least one widget to work the reminders sound.
    ATTENTION for the proper functioning of the notifications you need to disable the function Optimization App reached in the Battery section of the Control Center Smart Manager, this stops the operation in the background of all applications, the battery life will remain unchanged .

    Supported languages are Italian, English. French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch.

    I remind you that we are the first version of the program and then tell any inaccuracies or errors. I will provide to correct them ...

    Have fun

    This application is provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY either on the functioning that the integrity of the data that may be entered.

    [email protected]

    Copyright 2017 ilpesceweb
  • Foxit MobilePDF Business - Editor & Converter Мод APK [Paid for free][Free purchase] 3.6

    Foxit MobilePDF Business - Editor & Converter Мод APK [Paid for free][Free purchase]

    Want a business-ready PDF reader? Try Foxit MobilePDF Business. This is an easy-to-use PDF reader which allows you to view, annotate, and protect PDF files on Android devices while on the go. Unlike other PDF readers, this app comes with ConnectedPDF, a leading edge technology that powers document intelligence, security, and collaboration services for PDF files.

    Foxit MobilePDF Business provides you with the following capabilities:

    Reliable: 100% compliant with your current PDF ecosystem.
    Lightweight: doesn’t exhaust your device resources.
    Fast: no long waits to open PDFs.
    Secure: powerful file protection features to safeguard sensitive information against unauthorized access.
    Collaborative: full control of your content.
    Multi-Language: 12 languages to meet the demand of worldwide customers.

    What Foxit MobilePDF Business can offer to you:

    View, organize, and edit PDF files
    • Reflow PDF files for easy viewing
    • Support multiple tab view (for tablets only)
    • Rename, move, copy or delete PDF file(s)
    • Annotate, stamp, and sign PDF documents
    • Support to read PDFs out loud
    • Play audios and videos in PDF.
    • Scan, capture, and convert paper documents to PDFs
    • Print PDFs

    Work with ConnectedPDF
    • Convert PDF files to ConnectedPDF format
    • Work with protected cPDFs
    • Participate in Connected reviews
    • Track who reads or edits your PDF document
    • Share comments and discussions on PDF documents
    • Share your PDF file with a file link

    Work on PDF forms
    • Fill out and save PDF forms
    • Import and export form data
    • Submit PDF forms via HTTP, FTP, or Email
    • Generate 2D barcodes for Ultraforms-enabled PDF forms

    Share, store and synchronize PDF files
    • Share PDF files and screenshots from within the application
    • Save, synchronize and access PDF files in Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive Business, Dropbox, Box, and Foxit Drive
    • Share multiple files across your desktop and Android device via Wi-Fi

    Advanced features
    • Protect PDF files with certificates, passwords, and Microsoft Information Protection(MIP)
    • Manage the app and protect corporate data with Microsoft Intune
    • Participate in Share reviews and Email-based reviews
    • Optimize PDF documents
    • Sign PDF documents with an existing digital certificates
    • Save, synchronize and access PDF files in OneDrive Business
    • Create and combine PDF files
    • Convert PDFs to Microsoft Office files, TXT, image, and HTML files
    • Work on XFA forms
    • Organize PDF pages.
    • Edit document properties
    • Add/Edit text and image objects in PDF
    • Insert audio or video to PDF
    • Insert images as signatures during PDF sign

    Have feedback? You can contact us at he following email address: [email protected].

    Follow Foxit on Facebook and Twitter!
  • DroidEdit Pro (code editor) Мод APK 1.23.7 [Paid for free][Free purchase] 4.0

    DroidEdit Pro (code editor) Мод APK 1.23.7 [Paid for free][Free purchase]


    DroidEdit is a text and source code editor for android tablets and phones with the following features:

    ★ Syntax Highlighting for several languages (C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, LaTeX, SQL, ...)
    ★ Several color themes
    ★ Infinite undo & redo
    ★ Search & replace
    ★ Auto & block indentation
    ★ Keep opened files and changes between sessions
    ★ Open files directly from dropbox or a file manager
    ★ Character encoding support
    ★ Keyboard shortcuts (List below)
    ★ Share documents with other services (dropbox, email, ...)
    ★ Preview HTML files in browser
    ★ Bracket matching
    ★ Go to line
    ★ Run Scripts in SL4A directly
    ★ Configurable Shortcuts

    Pro version only features:

    ★ SFTP/FTP support
    ★ Dropbox, Drive, Box support
    ★ Custom themes
    ★ Run external commands through SSH
    ★ Root mode

    Using different character encodings:

    ★ To open a document with a different character encoding than the default: long press the open file button
    ★ To create a new document with a different character encoding than the default: long press the new file button
    ★ You can make this behavior the default in the preference screen

    Long pressing the save document button allows you to save a document with a different filename


    DroidEdit is specially useful for new generation android tablets with external keyboards like the Asus Transformer.

    Try Hacker's Keyboard for a developer friendly virtual keyboard.

    You should try the ad supported DroidEdit Free before buying this app. The ad supported version has exactly the same functionality as the paid version except it doesn't have SFTP support, Dropbox support, Custom themes and root mode.

    Please rate the app in the market. For bug reports, feature requests or any other subject please use the following contacts:

    Mail: droideditapp (at) gmail.com
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/DroidEdit
    Page: http://www.droidedit.com/
    User Support: http://www.droidedit.com/support/
    Facebook: http://facebook.com/droidedit
  • FocusTimer Pro: Habit Changer Мод APK [Paid for free][Free purchase] 4.0

    FocusTimer Pro: Habit Changer Мод APK [Paid for free][Free purchase]

    *** #1 Productivity App for 62 weeks in a row in Korea ***
    *** #1 for Studying, Focus, Timer ***
    *** Featured in Korea, U.S, Japan App Store ***

    You spent 10 hours studying. But what if your actual studying time is ONLY 2 hours?
    Focus Timer enhances your "Real Focus Time."
    FocusTimer is a simple and powerful 'Focus Management Tool.'

    • Easy Measuring
    You can measure your focus very easily. The only thing you need to do is placing your iphone facing down. 
    • Make Focusing a Habit
    You can enhance your focusability and make your focus a habit. Alarm timer will help you to focus more and better.

    • Analyze and Manage
    Chart/statistics on the focus data will help you understand your focus pattern and to manage it efficiently. 

    Thank you for using FocusTimer. 
    Enjoy your focus!

    For whom
    • who study
    • who wants to focus without distractions by a smartphone
    • who works


    • Auto Timer
    Placing the phone screen facing down will trigger the timer to
    start. By turning the phone back up to the original position (facing up) will automatically stop the timer.
    Then, the net time will be recorded on your history.

    This feature will keep you away from distractions and help you focus.

    • Focus Goal Alarm & Break Time Alarm
    Sound, Vibration, LED alarms will support you to make focus a habit.

    • Super Focus Mode
    Focus without getting disturbed by other application alarms

    • Focus Dashboard
    Managing total engagement time, focus time, ratio of focus

    • Charts
    Daily, weekly charts will help you analyze your focus pattern.

    • Aux Clock
    Break time, remaining time until the end of the day

    • History
    Each, daily, weekly, monthly statistics

    • Today Widget

    • Weekly Goal
    Manage your tasks and see them at a glance

    • 9 Themes(items) supported
    Can select colorful theme
  • mydlink+ Мод APK 3.8.8 [Paid for free][Free purchase] 4.0

    mydlink+ Мод APK 3.8.8 [Paid for free][Free purchase]


    Quickly and easily view your live Cloud Camera feeds and manage your Cloud Routers from anywhere using a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. Whether you're at the office, having an evening out, or away on vacation, the mydlink Lite app gives you access to your Cloud Cameras, Cloud Routers and NVR even when you're on-the-go.

    You can also check your Cloud Router's current upload/download bandwidth, or manage your wireless network security and status. Parental controls let you see what sites your children have visited when you were away, and you can even block or unblock network access for individual devices.

    For more information, go to mydlink.com or dlink.com

    - View live video from your Cloud Camera, including a full-screen view. Tablet users may purchase the mydlink+ app for multiple camera viewing.
    - Supports H.264 video streaming for smooth high-quality video (specific models only.)
    - Listen to audio from your camera's microphone (audio-enabled models only)
    - Save snapshots of your camera's video to your phone
    - View the online status of your Cloud Cameras and Cloud Routers
    - Remotely monitor and configure your Cloud Routers
    - Access and view your camera's video feed (without audio) through your NVR.
    - Support remote viewing period of five minutes in relay mode. Helpful 60 second left countdown timer.
    - Touch and drag to move your view around for non-PT cameras. Pinch to zoom in/out.
    - Toggle camera's view modes between Night mode, Day mode, and Automatic mode.
    - After initial settings on the mydlink website, you can enable/disable motion/sound detection from the app for supported cameras.
    -You can talk back with 2-way audio support (for DCS-942L, DCS-5211L, DCS-5222L, DCS-2132L, DCS-2310L, DCS-7010L, DCS-6010L), and cameras will mute their microphones to avoid feedback during two-way audio communication.
    - SD Card Playback
    - Camera firmware upgrade feature
    - Push notifications: Tap to select which device you want to receive push notifications from.
    - Local mode: Allow users to explore and access nearby cameras that are connected to the same LAN network with your phone.
    - Online setup: Users can follow the online setup feature to configure new cameras. This app will lead you to configure your camera from A to Z.
    - White light light-emitting diode feature of DCS-2136L

    Please check https://www.mydlink.com/content/productfamily for supported model list.

    * The mydlink + app is dynamically linked to the FFmpeg shared video decoding library, which is compiled to contain LGPL decoders and splitters only. The repository can be cloned from git://github.com/dlinker/mydlink-Lite---Android.git using the git clone command.
    *For tablet users, we recommend downloading the mydlink+ app.
    * mydlink + is not guaranteed to support Android devices using ""dirty"" linux kernel (e.g. LG P990).
  • MP3 Converter Мод APK 1.0.9 [Unlocked] 3.6

    MP3 Converter Мод APK 1.0.9 [Unlocked]


    Convert your music and videos to MP3, and from MP3 files to various formats, right on your Android device with MP3 Converter. Conversions are very fast and quality is preserved. You can convert files from your phone, or files from your favorite cloud services directly within our app. Files are being converted by our powerful servers, and after conversion is done, result is downloaded to your device and files are being deleted from our servers. MP3 Converter won't burden your processor or RAM, nor it will drain your battery.

    - Free conversions take 1 hour to convert
    - Fast conversions are completed within seconds
    - No limits on the file size or number of converted files.
    - Fast and easy, won't drain battery or resources
    - Your file is deleted from our servers once the conversion is completed
    - We do not give guarantees that we can convert every file

    Here are some of the conversion types that this app offers:

    MP3 to AAC
    MP3 to FLAC
    MP3 to WAV
    MP3 to MP4
    MP3 to OGG
    MP3 to WMA
    FLAC to MP3
    MP4 to MP3
    WAV to MP3
    AMR to MP3
    3GP to MP3
    OGG to MP3
    AAC to MP3
    MOV to MP3
    AVI to MP3
    MKV to MP3
    and others....
  • Contacts Optimizer Мод APK 6.1.3 [Unlocked] 3.8

    Contacts Optimizer Мод APK 6.1.3 [Unlocked]


    * The advanced duplicates removal is the most popular function of the product, so we provide it for FREE, plus contacts editing, allowing moving individual contacts to different accounts. You can try all toolbox functions and purchase PRO if needed.

    Your contacts are the most important data in your phone, right? This application will deeply analyze your contacts and bring it close to perfection. The built-in intelligence will surprise you. Users say this application is so useful it should be included with every phone. It will save you hours of work, quickly paying for itself.

    Contacts optimizer's powerful features and beautifully simple interface puts you in charge of your contacts again:
    • Remove all duplicates and even find similar contacts
    • Every individual optimization function at your fingertips
    • Edit Contacts feature with Move to account function
    • Mass move of selected contacts between accounts
    • Move all contacts - a powerful function for moving contacts between accounts. You can combine your contacts from Phone Memory to Google to have them all synchronized and then find and delete all duplicates.
    • The ability to quickly delete individual contacts you no longer need
    • Correct and nicely format phone numbers
    • Locate potentially incorrect contacts which cannot be dialed
    • Find all incomplete contacts that have an important contact field empty
    • Clean contacts removing empty fields
    • Add international prefixes and country codes where needed
    • Merge contact fragments into one rich contact
    • Locate contacts in your messages and calls that have not yet been saved
    • Digitizing of vanity numbers like 1-800-MY-GOOGLE
    • Edit, Delete, Select all or unselect all contacts at any time, just tap and hold the contact

    Thanks to all paying customers for support of this app!

    We are investing a lot of effort into this application, please rate it or let us know your feedback at [email protected].

    Important note:
    Some manufacturers have different implementation of contacts. If the app is not showing your contacts, please let us know what phone you are using and what accounts you have. We will be happy to support it for you.
  • AutoKiller Memory Optimizer Мод APK 8.7.207 [Unlocked] 3.6

    AutoKiller Memory Optimizer Мод APK 8.7.207 [Unlocked]


    AutoKiller Memory Optimizer boosts your device and defends your battery at the same time!

    Forget task killers! AutoKiller Memory Optimizer is not a regular task manager, it is an award winner memory (minfree) tweaker, it fine tunes android systems inner memory manager to keep your device fast over time. As a side effect it also lowers battery consumption. Also includes a manual process/service manager and a DashClock extension.

    - ROOT REQUIRED to set minfree values, unrooted devices will only have an emulation of this feature
    - if you have questions or you face errors please check home page or write a mail
    - for more details see home page http://andrs.w3pla.net

    PRO key app is available on the play store!

    Donators and PRO users receive additional features:
    - no ads
    - Chuck Norris mode enabled
    - apply kernel tweaks on boot
    - alternate preset (while screen is off)
    - all widgets
    - quick restart
    - memory reclaim
    - low intervals selectable for minfree emulators

    Please be careful, apps with very similar look and name are distributed, they can be malicious.

    -- MobiWIA - a cooperation with EclipSim --
  • Life Reminders Мод APK [Unlocked] 3.5

    Life Reminders Мод APK [Unlocked]

    Welcome to Life Reminders - your personal assistant for a simplified life!

    Do you struggle to remember important calls? Do tasks or deadlines often slip through the cracks? Life Reminders is designed to help you remember, so you can focus on living.

    Here's how Life Reminders supports you:

    Call Reminder: Keep your connections strong and never miss an important call. Our app prompts a convenient popup with a direct call button just when you need it.

    Task Reminder: From daily chores to crucial deadlines, stay on top of your to-do list. Life Reminders ensures you never drop the ball on your tasks.

    Email Reminder: Send emails right from our app, perfect for timely reminders or heartfelt messages. (*Available in the purchased version*)

    Our app also provides three types of tasks for comprehensive coverage:

    - One-shot tasks: Ideal for events or tasks that happen once.
    - Location-based tasks: Get reminders when you're at a specific location.
    - Recurring tasks: Set reminders for tasks repeating at regular intervals.

    Available in over 20 languages, Life Reminders is as diverse as the lives it helps organize.

    We deeply value user feedback. If you have suggestions or face any issues, please send us an email. We're here to help!


    - Life Reminders cannot be installed on the SD card.
    - Exclude Life Reminders from your task killer if you have one installed.
    - We can't respond to Play Store comments. Please email us with any problems or suggestions.

    Life Reminders is ad-supported. For an ad-free experience, consider obtaining the Donate version.

    Download Life Reminders today, and let us help you streamline your life and reduce stress. Let's remember to live!
  • Dual Мод APK 0.7.1 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Dual Мод APK 0.7.1 [Unlocked]


    Affordable and easy to use mobile website builder for companies, professionals and mobile creators.

    About the App
    - Built from the ground up to be used on mobile devices.
    - No account required to build and try out.
    - Simple drag & drop items.
    - Edit everything offline.
    - Lightweight and fast.
    - Create your website using only your phone. No desktop computer necessary.
    - No programming skills necessary.
    - No Ads.
    - Affordable.

    Website editor
    - Many templates to start quickly
    - Many types of items available
    - Organize your website with multiple sections and pages
    - Customize style, colors, fonts, and structure
    - Images, icons, and galleries
    - Call-to-action buttons
    - Customizable Forms
    - Maps
    - Put your own logo
    - Menu
    - Embed videos
    - Custom HTML code
    - SEO
    - Preview mode
    - Manage multiple websites
    - Copy website. You can create your own templates.

    Publish your website on the internet
    You can build the website and try all features completely free of charge. No account is necessary. Choose a plan if you like the result and want to publish your site on the internet.

    Publishing the website is very easy and fast. The website created works on any device and compatible with all browsers.

    You can use a Dual subdomain or connect your own domain. SSL included free of charge.

    Mobile creators
    There is a new type of professional on the rise: the Mobile creator. This professional creates websites and other digital assets directly on their customers, using only a mobile device.

    We support this initiative by offering a powerful tool to create and update websites on-the-go.

    - Choose a template from the App or create and copy your own template.
    - The App works completely offline, so you can work even if you or your customer has connectivity problems.
    - Publish instantly so your customer can check the website on their phone or desktop.
    - You can update the website from everywhere just using your phone, or you could offer training to your customer to use the App and update themselves.

    More information
    - No free plan is offered. You are free to build and try out. Choose a plan to publish your site on the internet.
    - There is not a desktop editor, only mobile.
    - Store management is not supported at the moment. It will be available on future releases.

    Contact us for special plans for self-hosting your website and creating an App for your business using your website data.

    Help us improve. Send your feedback to [email protected].

    Feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Thank you for your support!
  • Autorun Manager Мод APK 4.4.104 [Unlocked] 3.9

    Autorun Manager Мод APK 4.4.104 [Unlocked]


    Do you want to have control over automatically starting applications?

    Autorun Manager (formerly Autorun Killer) is an ultimate tool that lets you disable all the autostarting apps you don't need. Unfortunately this app is misunderstood many times so please read help carefully and/or mail the developer if you have questions.

    There are many applications that automatically start when you turn on your device; many of these you don't use or need, they just consume your valuable resources. This app sports a basic mode for the regular users and an advanced mode for power users with rooted devices.

    Autorun Manager in basic mode lets you manage applications that start up when you boot your device. Applications are terminated right after they start, but if the application is programmed to restart itself this can fail. Please note that some applications are written so that they cannot be stopped because of the android system design. These kind of applications are marked as 'self-restarter' and are better to be left enabled.

    In advanced mode you gain control over all the system-wide events and enable-disable application starts. This is the ultimate solution to control what you want to be started, but you also can break apps, so this feature is only for experienced users with rooted devices.

    PRO key app is available on the market!

    Donators and PRO users receive additional features:
    - no ads
    - basic mode's prevent restart feature is selectable
    - can block more than 10 receivers in advanced mode
    - Chuck Norris mode enabled
    - application freezing

    If you have questions or face any problems please write me a mail.

    -- MobiWIA - a cooperation with EclipSim --
  • Jarvis - My Personal Assistant Мод APK 2.0.1 [Unlocked] 3.2

    Jarvis - My Personal Assistant Мод APK 2.0.1 [Unlocked]


    Jarvis is a one of a kind novelty personal assistant app with a cool factor like none other in the store, skyrocketing your phone's coolness factor to a whole new level.

    NOTE: Jarvis currently supports only English language. If you are looking for a full version without In-App purchases, please check out our PRO version.

    But don't get us wrong, Jarvis is more than just a show off, he can be your personal assistant keeping you informed about weather, news, calls, text messages and what more, control your phone settings like turning on WiFi, Flash, Bluetooth to name some, play songs over bluetooth, set reminders based on people.

    Jarvis adds a cool factor to every thing he does making you look awesome!

    Widget support
    Access Jarvis from your lock screen with a single tap. Save notes & access them with Notes widget.

    Wearable support
    Jarvis runs on your Android wearable as well. Ask him to play songs by name, update your phone's background, change phone's settings & the list goes on.

    WakeUp Alarms
    Use Jarvis to set quick wake up alarms, this couldn't get any easier.

    Calls & Messages
    Make calls & send text messages with Jarvis, all you have to do is just tell him.

    CloudVoice Dynamic conversations
    Jarvis is dynamic in conversation. He has a variety of answers for variety of questions & some of them are outright funny. If he doesn't know any, he learns them over time.

    Get voice notifications about weather, news, battery status & power levels.

    Automatic wallpaper update
    Jarvis can update your home screen wallpaper automatically almost every day keeping it refreshed.

    Theme support
    Customize the appearance of the app by selecting from Mark I, Mark II & Mark III themes.

    Device control
    Control your phone settings like Flash, WiFi etc

    People reminder
    A one of a kind reminder which allows you to link reminders to your contacts so you get reminded when you get or make a phone call.

    Media playback
    Play media by name, album, artist. Shuffle the list, play or stop.

    Bluetooth Support beta
    If your device is running JellyBean or up, you can use your bluetooth headset to control Jarvis, play media over it and do tons of other stuffs. This feature is still in beta so don't be alarmed if some bugs pop up.

    General searches
    Ask Jarvis general questions like "Who is the first president of USA", "How many meters are in a kilometer", "Convert 100 cm to inches"

    Office hours & Night mode
    It's always irritating when your phone notifies you something when you are in office or when you are home getting a good sleep. Jarvis understands that and has you covered with two modes, Office Mode & Quiet hours

    Contextually Aware
    Jarvis is contextually aware of time & device settings and he adapts himself based on when you wake him up.

    Easter eggs
    Apart from the regular chores, Jarvis tries his best to keep you entertained. There are some easter eggs hidden inside the app, see if you can uncover them.

    If you encounter any bugs or want to see a feature get implemented, please do write to us before giving a negative review.

    Privacy No contents of your phone ever leave the device to any server (except the speech recognition).

    Please Note: "Jarvis - My Personal Assistant" is in no way associated or endorsed with the actual character. ( Product Code: fd03e2cc6e )

  • File Expert - file manager Мод APK 8.3.0 [Unlocked] 3.6

    File Expert - file manager Мод APK 8.3.0 [Unlocked]


    File Expert file manager / file explorer can fully access and manage files on various locations in sdcard, external sdcard, cloud services, SMB, FTP, WebDAV, HTTP, NAS, USB OTG and system internal flash if working on a rooted phone. You can browse files in classical tree hierarchy or by its categories or via last modified date with fast search enabled. File Expert file manager / file explorer supports all file operations in extremely easy, safe, fast, stable, modern, customized and informative ways.

    ✓ Support sync files between cloud and local, always get your device and cloud synced. Support auto sync and record sync history. Exclusive feature only found in File Expert!
    ✓ full featured local & network file manager for Android, one of the best of its kind and most popular app
    ✓ LAN access for ftp, sftp, ftps, SMB, WebDAV and clouds include Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Yandex, SugarSync, GCloud and many more
    ✓ SQLite Database Editor you can browse, edit, import, export, create, delete, alter, view App database etc…
    * Graphic UI makes interaction easier
    * Support table structure alteration
    * Support field modification of table and auto-alter index and view
    ✓ always build with latest Android technology, brings the most whole Android experience to our users
    ✓ material design and animations on file operation and activity changes
    ✓ multiple tabs file management
    ✓ root access support, modify system files and change file permissions, need rooted phone
    ✓ zip / unzip, zip, rar, 7z, tar, APK, jar and more are coming (compress / decompress)
    ✓ fastest file search performance
    ✓ built-in advanced App manager, install, uninstall, backup, auto backup apps when installing and unstalling
    ✓ support file tag with different names and colors
    ✓ select / unselect batch of files
    ✓ select single file by long tap
    ✓ tap on any other targets after single select for batch select of files
    ✓ file thumbnails, support image video music app, both local & network
    ✓ display count of files and size of each folder
    ✓ properties page for file and dir
    ✓ support private cloud, you can build your own private cloud center in your home or office computer and access it anytime & anywhere, support Windows, MacOS X and Linux operating system
    ✓ built-in video and music player with enhanced network streaming feature. Stream video & MP3 from cloud service or NAS, all network protocol supported like HTTP, FTP, SMB, WebDAV and Chromecast, floating window play supported
    ✓ built-in text editor (txt log conf config INI INF sh xml html htm)
    ✓ recycle bin, recover deleted file
    ✓ batch file rename
    ✓ file shred, shred file to delete permanently and can't recover
    ✓ ftp server
    ✓ share and transfer files via bluetooth or wifi
    ✓ safebox to keep your private file safe
    ✓ App Lock, set unlock pattern to start File Expert
    ✓ file converter, converts Word doc, Excel xls and PowerPoint ppt pptx to PDF
    ✓ wireless printing
    ✓ built-in multi-thread and resumable downloader, also supports offline download to GCloud
    ✓ Chromecast supported, cast your files to big screen
    ✓ light and dark themes
    ✓ support Arabic, Bengali, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Romanian, Polish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese for now

    File Expert file manager / file explorer is shipped with many advanced features which you cannot find in a traditional file explorer. Just give it a try and it will become your daily file manager / file explorer

    Follow Us
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FileExpert/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/filexpert
    Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/110462730651183445511

    If you have any questions, send email to [email protected] or go to Settings to Submit Feedback in the App
  • Flychat Мод APK 1.09.1 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Flychat Мод APK 1.09.1 [Unlocked]


    Flychat offers a revolutionary way to read messages of your favourite messengers. It overlays every other app and you can reply from anywhere you want.

    Sometimes you did not want to quit your current app but also need to read some important messages or reply to them. Thats the point where Flychat will help you.
    By receiving a message Flychat will notify you with a small bubble. By clicking this a full chat window will appear.
    You can read the messages but also reply to them without quiting the current application. Currently Flychat supports main Messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram and Hangouts.
    It is beautiful material designed to get best messaging experiences.
    Try Flychat now for yourself and report some Feedback.

    Supported Apps
    • WhatsApp
    • Telegram
    • Hangouts
    • Line
    • Skype
    • Twitter
    • Threema
    • Textra
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Plus Messenger
    • Google Messenger
    • Slack

    Plus - Custom colors, bubble sizing and removes advertising
    Donates - Support this project with some small donations

    Internet - used for advertisements
    Access network - used to receive advertisements
    System overlay - used for draw over apps
    Billing - used for in app billing products

    For support join this group or contact via mail.

    Also you can help with translations here https://www.localize.im/v/v2
  • Computer Remote Mouse Keyboard Мод APK 1.2 [Unlocked] 3.9

    Computer Remote Mouse Keyboard Мод APK 1.2 [Unlocked]


    The Best & Most Advanced Remote Control for your Computer! It has all the features you would ever want in a Remote! Supports Wireless Mouse, Keyboard, Media Players, Browsers, Presentation, YouTube and much more. Best in class YouTube Remote  browse, search and lot more from the Android device itself. Supports Windows, Mac & Linux

    App is completely FREE!! No limits!

    >>>> Features <<<<

     WiFi Remote Mouse : You can use it as a Trackpad or Touchpad. You can perform touch and move, clicks  right, left as in a Mouse. You can perform other mouse functions like scroll, access remote desktop of your computer, apps on computer. Also you can pinch/zoom with the wireless mouse.
     Wifi Keyboard Remote : Type in Remotely on your Computer with the wireless Keyboard. Use normal keyboard for regular work. In case you have lot of typing to do, you can use the Advance Keyboard. In Advanced mode, it supports the full-fledged computer keyboard for typing. You can type in long documents easily with the advanced keyboard.
     Exclusive Remote Control for YouTube : Browse, Search & Discover your favorite Videos. Browse with YouTube Login OR you can browse without logging in YouTube. Easily manage your playlists. Browse & explore What to watch, Favorite Videos, Liked Videos, Watch later Videos, Your Uploads, Playlist. Watch latest in your Subscribed channels on YouTube. Browse & Watch your favorite YouTube Categories like Music, Entertainment, Sports, News, Comedy and more!
     Presentation Remote Control : Remotely control your Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations on PC. No need to sit in front of computer with your Powerpoints. This is very helpful during office meetings, client presentations etc. It has all the features like  Next Slide, Previous Slide, Slideshow Play/ Pause, Go to Specific Slide Number etc.
     Browsers : Supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Apple Safari Browsers. Supports New Tab, Webpage Scroll up/down, Webpage Print, Access Downloads, Search, Back/forward web pages, Zoom in, Zoom out webpage, History of websites visited and more!
     Media Player : Supports Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, Winamp Media Player. Watch or Listen to your favourite Video and Music on computer. It supports both Video and Audios of various formats. Supports: Automatically Open Media Player, Next/Prev Song, Full-screen Mode, Volume Control, Mute Volume, wirelessly Play Music or Video, Pause / Fast Forward / Backward Audio or Video, Stop Song or Movie.
     Photo Viewer : Enjoy Watching your favourite Photos on PC. Supports : Next Photo, Previous Photos, Zoom In/Zoom Out your pics, Slideshow Play/Pause/Close, Left & Right Image Rotation.
     File Manager : Access, Open all your computer files easily wirelessly. All PC Drives, desktop etc are shown. You can choose the drive & folder which you need. After this you can look for the documents or files which you need. You can also open files. For eg., you can choose a document and it will be opened in Microsoft Word, pdf etc.
     Supports Windows, Linux, Mac computer. Download Windows, Mac, Linux software from http://www.appzcloud.com/pcremote
     Easy and Fast connectivity between your Computer/Laptop (Windows, Linux, Mac) and the Android Phone/Tablet. Connection is done in just one click! Devices needs to be in the same wireless wifi range. All available devices having the app in wi-fi range are auto discovered.

    Get Remote Control for Computer with wireless Remote Mouse with Trackpad, wifi Keyboard, Powerpoint Presentation, remote desktop, Media Players! Enjoy your Videos, Photos, Music in the comfort of your home.
  • C Floating Мод APK [Unlocked] 3.5

    C Floating Мод APK [Unlocked]

    An intuitive multitasking solution which allows you to assign any of your favorite widgets to its individual »Floating Windowpane« along with statistical and monitoring tools such as RAM and battery stats. Each window floats on top of all other applications, allowing interaction with multiple applications at a time. Resize and position each individual floating window to your likings. Keep track of your favorite Shortcuts and Recent Applications and conveniently launch them through the Floating »Sidebars«, on top of any other application.

    ★★★Floating Utilities★★★
    - Monitor system information efficiently
    - Add any 3rd party widget to its own floating windowpane
    - Interact with multiple applications at a time
    - Enjoy a true multitasking experience

    ★★★Regular Features★★★
    - 1x Floating Widget
    - 2x Floating shortcuts entries
    - Floating Block Screen usage
    - Floating Tables usage:
    1. Battery Info
    2. CPU status
    3. Network Data Traffic
    4. RAM info

    ★★★Prime Features (In-App Purchase)★★★
    - More Floating Shortcuts Entries
    - More Floating Widgets
    - Floating Charts:
    1. Battery Info
    2. CPU status
    3. Network Data Traffic
    4. RAM info

    =====Android Permissions Information=====

    =====Special Thanks=====
    Graphic Designer: Matej Jeznik
    Testers: Matej Jeznik, Bruno-Isa, Brandon F
    Translators: Dmitry Gaich (Russian), Wim N (Dutch), Martin Coulon (Dutch)
  • Tayasui Sketches Мод APK 2.0.5 [Unlocked] 3.5

    Tayasui Sketches Мод APK 2.0.5 [Unlocked]


    Stop thinking about the device, enjoy the sensation of drawing on paper with Tayasui Sketches.

    With a wide range of incredibly realistic brushes, the app has been designed to offer you the most realistic sensation of drawing.

    • Features:
    - Pencil
    - Rotring
    - Watercolor Brush
    - Felt Pen
    - Brush Pen
    - Oil Pastel
    - Filling Tool

    • Sketches' interface is beautifully minimalist and hides itself while you draw.
    • Zoom to refine the smallest detail.
    • Share with your community

    +++ Get your Sketches to the next level with the Pro mode :

    - Various sizes and shapes of brushes
    - Brushes editor for opacity and size
    - Blending mode
  • Simple Time & Weather Widget Мод APK 2.9.2 [Unlocked] 3.8

    Simple Time & Weather Widget Мод APK 2.9.2 [Unlocked]


    Simple Time Widget is a resizable time and weather(in-app purchase) widget for Android.

    You can customize the click action on the time and date to start your favourite apps.
    With the dynamic layout you can customize the look and feel of the widget.

    Weather forecast from yr.no, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK
    (NB! you need to resize the widget to at least 4x2 in order to see the weather information.)

    To use the widget:
    - Long press empty space
    - Select Widgets
    - Select Simple Time Widget
    - Configure the widget
    - Resize the widget to preferred size- The weather requires at least a size of 4x2

    If you have any questions or problems please send a message to : [email protected]
  • ClearFocus Мод APK 3.8 [Unlocked] 3.9

    ClearFocus Мод APK 3.8 [Unlocked]


    ClearFocus is a time-management app which makes you more productive. Are you tired of wasting your time on distractions instead of focusing on what really matters? ClearFocus is for you!

    ClearFocus alternates working sessions with small breaks. This will let you concentrate more easily and boost your productivity. No more distractions, focus on what's important.

    ClearFocus sports an elegant interface designed not to get in your way. It's as easy to use as possible: tap once and start working.

    To keep you focused and let you get the best out of yourself, ClearFocus comes with customizable settings that you can set to fit your style.
  • Note Everything Мод APK 2.6 [Unlocked] 3.7

    Note Everything Мод APK 2.6 [Unlocked]


    Note Everything application is lightweight and User Interface easy uses. It helps you to save everything in your life as work, family plans, appointment with your friends,...

    Current features
    - Pattern lock : Limit permission to access the application or each note.
    - Login facebook : get profile information
    - Categories manager : create/delelte/modified category
    - Note : create note of each category
    - Photo/Camare feature
    - Sketch feature
    - To-do-list
    - Create shortcut of note in order to start quicklier.
    - Setup reminder for each note
    - Widget that helps you see notes on the smartphone screen
    - add reminder feature
    - add themes more
    - add record feature
    - add search feature
    - Import/Export Google Drive
    - Import/Export memory
    - Select/Delete a lot notes from main
    - Setting font size for application
    - Receive sharing data from other apps
    - Add color for category
    - Implementation some small features
    - Sync google drive
    - customer theme of note
    - improve paint feature
    - add contact feature
    - add calculating feature

    If you have a problem, please contact me by email : [email protected]

    @Website: https://note.gokisoft.com/
    @Open source: https://github.com/tranvandiep/note_everything
  • Password Manager Data Vault + Мод APK 6.1.51 [Unlocked] 3.9

    Password Manager Data Vault + Мод APK 6.1.51 [Unlocked]


    The Leading Password Manager for Android Phones & Tablets ◆ AES Encryption ◆ Fingerprint Authentication ◆ Synchronization ◆ Automatic Backups ◆ Password Generator ◆ Flexible Templates ◆ Advanced Security Options

    Secure. Powerful. Simple. Try DataVault Password Manager today!

    "Ascendo doesn't just sit back and rest on its laurels; its recent update to DataVault brings in some pretty cool features." Tre Lawrence, Android Rundown.

    Is your private information safe? Are your passwords secure?

    DataVault Password Manager protects confidential information related to credit cards, bank accounts, logins and more using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the most powerful technology to keep your data secure. DataVault Password Manager includes a unique set of features such as Fingerprint Authentication, automatic backups and advanced security options to protect your most precious information.

    Unrivaled features and ease-of-use have made DataVault the best password manager for Android Phones and Tablets.


    “In a fast moving world of User IDs and Passwords, this App is absolutely essential and handy!” Kristina Winston

    “I have been using DataVault for many years now and have been very happy with both the App and the support from Ascendo.” Harold Gretouce

    “Great app. Syncs easily to my computer. I like not needing internet access to get to my info.” Dany Hinton

    “Best Password Keeper! The auto sync through Dropbox keeps all my devices up to date without fail!” Jim Harmon

    • Encrypts information using AES with PBKDF2 and salting to insure the highest security of any password manager. Nobody can access your data without your master password, not even Ascendo.
    • Login with Fingerprint Authentication (Premium).
    • Set Auto-Lock duration to require login after an inactivity delay.
    • Set Maximum Login Attempts to wipe your data after successive failed login attempts.
    • Set a hint in case you forget your master password.
    • Mask information to shield it from prying eyes.

    • Generate strong passwords with settings for length & types of characters.
    • Use Strength Meter to determine if your passwords are weak, good or strong.
    • Backup your data automatically to insure you never lose your important information (Premium).
    • Synchronize with other devices using Dropbox or Wi-Fi (Premium).

    • View items in list or folder view.
    • Use Templates for common items such as bank accounts, credit cards & logins.
    • Choose from 50 default templates or create your own.
    • Initiate phone calls, emails or web site logins with action fields.
    • Use categories & types to organize items.
    • Duplicate items for faster entry.

    And a whole lot more…
    • Full tablet support with split screen display.
    • 200 icons to personalize your items.
    • Import from Keeper, 1Password, EWallet, SplashID, mSecure, Keepass & other password managers with DataVault desktops (sold separately).
    • Great support.

    Questions? We would love to hear from you! Contact at [email protected].
    Follow Ascendo on http://twitter.com/ascendo or http://facebook.com/ascendo.

    Get peace of mind with the best password manager for Android. Download DataVault Password Manager today!
  • Flyperlink Мод APK 1.41.1 [Unlocked] 3.9

    Flyperlink Мод APK 1.41.1 [Unlocked]


    Flyperlink is a revolutionary web browser optimized for multitasking on mobile devices. Now also includes Chrome Custom Tabs.

    While browsing your favorite apps, they often redirect you to links on the web. Opening these links will destroy your workflow with the current app.
    Flyperlink avoids this by opening links in a floating browser that remains in front of your apps. Flyperlink uses a physical engine with smooth animations to give the best and most seamless user experience.
    If you want to take a deeper look into the link, just tap the bubble and a full standalone browser will appear.
    Flyperlink contains a tab managing system to open many links, and you can switch between tabs by using swipe gestures or the tab manager.
    Bookmarks and history are included so you can easily restore past links or quickly access bookmarked pages.
    Flyperlink allows for extensive customization. Support for adblock, domain and app redirect, and text selection are just a few key features.
    Try Flyperlink for yourself and let me know what you think about it.

    Plus - Enables popup-mode, Bubble sizing and removes advertising
    Donates - Support this project with some small donations

    Internet - used for web browsing
    Access network - used to receive web content
    Write storage - used for downloads
    System overlay - used for draw over apps
    Billing - used for in app billing products

    Join the Google+ community to support this app or get support - https://plus.google.com/b/107564535742744207749/communities/113700509971267866256
  • smartWake - Auto screen On/Off Мод APK 1.30 [Unlocked] 3.8

    smartWake - Auto screen On/Off Мод APK 1.30 [Unlocked]


    With smartWake you can easily wake the screen of your phone without pressing any buttons!
    No need for tap to wake or similar. Just pick it up and look at your phone to wake it!

    • Wake the screen on pickup
    • Face wake, turn the screen on when you look at the phone!
    • Air control, turn the screen on or off by waving your hand over the phone
    • Turn the screen off when the phone is in a pocket
    • Wake the screen on notifications
    • No need for tap to wake the screen anymore!

    • Link: https://plus.google.com/communities/100241188820321255499
    • Please note that not all e-mails can be replied instantly. But I will try to fix every bug asap.

  • RealCalc Plus Мод APK 2.3.1 [Patched] 3.7

    RealCalc Plus Мод APK 2.3.1 [Patched]


    RealCalc Plus is the pro version of RealCalc, one of Android's most popular scientific calculators.

    RealCalc Plus is designed to look and operate exactly like a real hand-held calculator. It has all the standard scientific functions plus fractions, degrees/minutes/seconds, history, memories, customizable unit conversions and constants. You can choose from a number of display styles and formats. It also supports binary, octal and hexadecimal calculations and has an optional RPN mode. RealCalc Plus is easy to use, but has full help included in the app.

    RealCalc Plus includes the following features:
    * Traditional algebraic or RPN operation
    * Fraction calculations and conversion to/from decimal
    * Degrees/minutes/seconds calculations and conversion
    * 12-digit display
    * Extended internal precision (32-digit)
    * User-customizable unit conversions
    * User-customizable constants
    * Percentages
    * Result history
    * 10 memories
    * Binary, octal, and hexadecimal (can be enabled in Settings)
    * Trig functions in degrees, radians or grads
    * Scientific, engineering and fixed-point display modes
    * 7-segment, dot-matrix or standard font display
    * Landscape mode
    * Homescreen widget (now with RPN support)
    * Configurable digit grouping and decimal point
    * Three RPN styles: direct-entry (classic RealCalc mode), buffered-entry, or XYZT rolling stack
    * Multi-window support with drag & drop
    * External keyboard support
    * Full built-in help
  • Habit Tracker Мод APK 1.3.3 [Unlocked] 3.7

    Habit Tracker Мод APK 1.3.3 [Unlocked]


    What is it
    Habit Tracker is a powerful yet easy to use task and routine tracker to help you with tracking your goals.

    How does it work
    Simply create your own habit or select a habit from the online database and get reminded to do it. When you do it, mark it as done. Build up a long chain and try not to break it. The larger the chain, the less likely you are to break it.

    Rather than working against you to achieve your goals, this app works with you. Habits are fully customisable and flexible.

    Add reminders, change the frequency and many other amazing features.

    Attention to detail
    Each feature has been thought out from the grounds up to be simple and pleasurable to use.

    Material Design
    Habit Tracker follows modern Android design guidelines to make sure you have a consistent experience.

    - Track an unlimited number of habits, goals, routines
    - Track an unlimited number of to-do's
    - Create one time tasks
    - Extensive and simple process to add a habit
    - Add popular habits from an online database
    - Backup and restore your data when changing phones
    - Create custom reminders for each routine
    - Specify a frequency for each task (daily, every other day, on select days, weekly, monthly, every certain number of days)
    - Labelling to keep your habits organised
    - Change the number of times you have to do the habit to complete it for each deadline
    - Add notes to habits
    - Different screens to show upcoming habits for today, tomorrow, the next month, all habits, past habits
    - Month view to see deadlines in a more organised fashion
    - Daily customisable reminders
    - Morning, midday and evening reminders to remind you if you haven't yet completed the day's habits
    - Ability to edit habits
    - Streaks: current streak, longest streak, mean streak
    - Number of times you completed the task on time, you were late or you skipped it
    - Graphs for easy visualisation
    - Statistics
    - Widgets for quick access
    - Dark theme (Premium only)
    - Material design
  • Veer contacts widget Мод APK 1.3 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Veer contacts widget Мод APK 1.3 [Unlocked]


    Veer is the app everybody needs to ease their mobile communication activities.

    ▸ Features
    √ Easy and convenient launcher usable with pretty much every app
    √ Completely customizable
    √ Blends with mobile interface seamlessly
    √ Innovative, ergonomic and fun circular interface
    √ Easy on the OS: infinitesimal quantity of RAM is used by the process

    ▸ Veer re-arranges your favorite contacts and actions in the easiest and most ergonomic pattern, a wheel-shaped and easily browsable interface.
    And it's fun too! No frills, no catches, just an app you will use everyday.

    ▸ Veer is a free app and it comes with 5 contact slots and 5 actions.
    You need more?
    You can buy the Slot Pack to add 5 contact slots and unlock all the other available actions (Telegram, Hangouts, Skype, WeChat, Viber and Tango).
    If you want to support the developers and receive all future expansion packs a Lifetime Pass is also available on the store.

    ▸ Press coverage
    • “If you're looking for a quick, easy, and efficient way of accessing your contacts, check out Veer.”
    - AndroidPolice -

    • “Whether it's SMS, phone calls, emails, instant messaging, navigation or websites, Veer simplifies the process to get there with this handy widget.”
    - PhoneDog -

    • “Veer is a revolutionary way to interact with your most popular or important contacts in a breeze.”
    - AndroidGuys -

    • “A great way of calling or sending a quick message without having to go from app-to-app, Veer Contacts Widget is well worth taking a look at to speed up your daily communications.”
    - AndroidHeadlines -
  • Next Alarm Clock Мод APK 1.1.2 [Unlocked] 3.7

    Next Alarm Clock Мод APK 1.1.2 [Unlocked]


    Next Alarm - a new and stylish look with unique clock faces, smart alarms, and highly customizable design.

    - Unique clock faces – Digital, Analog, Dotted, Simple, Stylish
    - Setting an alarm is easy and fast
    - Bedtime alarms
    - Background color and pattern with nearly 100 variations!
    - Customizable widgets
    - World clock and integration with our Weather app
    - Android TV and Daydream screensaver on your TV
    - Rotate for a nightstand clock
    - Changing time zones? All your alarms will auto adjust

    Get in touch with us and follow the latest news regarding our apps:
  • mSecure Password Manager Мод APK [Patched] 4.0

    mSecure Password Manager Мод APK [Patched]

    mSecure 4 is here!
    • The entire UI has been updated to a more modern look and feel
    • mSecure should still feel familiar to existing users, but the graphics are new, and many enhancements have been added to the functionality of the UI
    • Animated action panels have been added throughout the app to help keep each screen as free of clutter as possible
    • You can easily filter your records by Group, Type or Favorites using the new filter bar just above your records in the main view
    • In addition to sorting by Name, Type and the Modified Date for your records, you can now sort by your Groups as well
    • mSecure now has an alpha-scroller, so you can quickly jump to different sections of your records by tapping on a letter in the alpha-scroller to the right of your records
    • Add custom icons to your types and records
    • Save photo attachments to your records
    • Deleted record recovery

    Don't take any chances with your passwords and private information; keep your data safe and secure with mSecure Password manager!

    Imagine your phone is lost or stolen. You can have peace of mind knowing that mSecure has safeguarded your website logins, bank account and credit card information. Your finances, identity and reputation would be protected, safe and secure.

    mSecure is used by nearly a million users worldwide, providing the best time-tested, trusted, convenient and secure solution for storing and syncing your information.

    "...it's everything almost anyone would ever need in a password manager." - Gigaom

    mSecure Password Manager - Security Everywhere, Made Simple

    mSecure uses ultra-secure 256-bit encryption to protect personal information such as account numbers, usernames, and passwords. Security features include:

    • Auto-lock to protect the app from prying eyes
    • Password Generator to create un-guessable passwords
    • Sync Everywhere cloud security architecture, independent of the security provided by the cloud service
    • Auto-backup to SD Card and Email Backup to keep your information safe
    • Optional self-destruct feature in the event that an unauthorized person tries to guess your password
    • Sensitive fields can be masked to protect your sensitive information from prying eyes

    mSecure is made simple for everyday users, providing a native Android look and feel with features like:

    • Nineteen standard templates for fast data entry and the ability to create custom templates with UNLIMITED fields
    • Over 270 icons to personalize your records
    • Integrated search for quick access to any piece of information
    • Groups to categorize your records
    • Mark any record as a favorite for fast access
    • Sort by Name, Group, Type and Modified Date
    • Two panel landscape support for devices with screens larger than 6 inches

    Keep your information in sync on all your devices using Dropbox or Wi-Fi syncing:

    • Dropbox sync for syncing with all platforms over Internet connections
    • Auto-sync for Dropbox keeps your records in sync automatically
    • mSecure browser provides auto-login functionality to your online accounts quickly and securely
    • Auto-capture web logins and fill web form fields with your mSecure data
    • Sync multiple devices with multiple desktops via private Wi-Fi
    • Import data from competitor products directly or via spreadsheet

    If you have any questions or comments, please share them on our support forum: http://forum.msecure.com. You can also email us directly at [email protected].

    ❖ mSecure for Windows and mSecure for Mac are available on our website. Download a 30-day trial of either desktop version at https://msecure.com.

  • Gemini Calendar Мод APK 2.12 [Full] 3.5

    Gemini Calendar Мод APK 2.12 [Full]


    *** If you have any problems, email me ***

    Easy to use calendar application that synchronizes data with Google Calendar.
    * Adding events by voice (voice recognition),
    * Innovative data input method
    * COPY / PASTE event function (clipboard)
    * Adding new events using Voice Recognition
    * Instant and easy event browsing (point-to-see method)
    * Bi-weekly event repetition
    * Every x days/months/years event repetition
    * Many other event repetition parameters
    * Adding events from history log & address book
    * Shortcuts & widgets
    * Many settings can be adjusted in the preferences
    * Two skins (dark and light for registered users)
    * Attendees (guests) displayed, with their state (yes/no/maybe)
    * Month change: swipe left or right over the month name in Month View
    * Day View list of events: double click desired day
    * Translated to many languages

    Current list of features can be found on my site: http://mobilepaprika.com. I specially recommend to read the section Tips & Tricks and see the videos presenting the application's features.

    Free (unregistered) version has ads on some screens, some functionality can be limited. You can purchase the licence and have ad-free and unlimited version - see About menu and http://mobilepaprika.com for other differences between a free and full version.

    If you encounter any problem - send me email. I cannot answer your questions in the Android Market platform. You can write to me in English or Polish.

    Keys for searching in Android Market:
    calendar, agenda, kalendar, kalender, kalendarz, calendario, kalenter, naptár, bi-weekly, recurrent, event, copy/paste, copy paste, kalendář, kalendár, 日曆, 日历, Календарь, Féilire, kalenteri, koledar, calendrier, Kalender, ημερολόγιο, Calendário, voice recognition, voice event
  • Call Notes Мод APK 3.0.2 3.7

    Call Notes Мод APK 3.0.2


    Call notes is for anyone who regularly find the need to note down notes when on call. Call notes would help you take those important in call notes. In times when you look for a pen to write that address or a phone number or a reminder when you are on a call, Call Notes will come to your rescue.

    -> Add a note or record a voice memo (20 seconds limit) while on call
    -> View contact's last note directly from call screen.
    -> Set reminders for contact.
    -> Record voice memo (20 second limit) as its spoken by the other person on call (Due to some device limitations you might need to turn on speaker phone to record a call).
    -> Popup important notes on your screen, which can then float on top of any application.
    -> Share notes with supported applications.
    -> Google Drive Sync and support for multiple devices.

    Coming Soon:
    -> Grouped layout for notes on home screen
    -> Screen to show upcoming reminders.
    -> Better Material Design.
    -> Option to add Image notes.

    I will try to make this application as useful as possible, so please provide me your valuable feedback via email or reviews.

    PS. Usage of recording memo feature is optional and should only be used if its legal to record voice call in your country. The app developer does not take responsibility of your usage of this feature.

    PS. This is not a call recording application. This only allows to record call for a few seconds which is enough to take notes likes phone number or an address. This can although change in future. Please don't rate poor on this basis, a lot of effort is being put into this app.

    PS. This app does not has any sort of analytics, thus your notes are completely offline and not uploaded to any of developers server. This means that the developer would not in any way have access to your notes. So feel safe and secure. The google drive sync backup sends notes to your google drive in a hidden folder.

    This app is totally free to use, but if you would like to support the development of this application, you can do so by purchasing an in app purchase item from within the application.

    Please leave your feedback/suggestion/bug reports using the in app menu "Feedback".

    --- Version Updates ---

    As per user feedback, these features have been added to this version

    -> Add Note reminder after call ends, this is customisable in settings.
    -> Ability to assign a contact to note/recording
    -> Fixed issue with recording playback loop.
    -> More intelligent search
    -> Minor other fixes.


    As per user feedback, these features have been added to this version

    -> Now last note added for a contact popup's when making/receiving call to that contact.
    -> Voice recognition issue fixed where it was not able to detect languages other than English.
    -> Minor other fixes.


    -> Fixes an issue with last update where adding note while on call crashed the application.
    -> Now you can view last note for a contact as soon as the phone rings. (Previously it was only visible after picking up the call)

    v2.7Beta Pro
    -> Fixed some issues with Marshmallow.
    -> Google Drive Sync - Backup your notes and recordings on google drive. Supports Multiple devices (Experimental, please report bugs if found).
    -> Play recordings in background and stop from notification tray.
    -> Removed vibration at end of call.

    v2.8Beta Pro
    -> Added settings to disable/enable Contact notes popup on call.
    -> While viewing notes when on call, now you can choose to see notes for the caller only or all notes.
    -> Some changes to the theme.
  • Flexpansion Keyboard Мод APK 2.164 [Pro] 3.7

    Flexpansion Keyboard Мод APK 2.164 [Pro]


    All Pro features are now unlocked!


    *** Nov 2023 update: Save & Restore Personal Dictionary ***
    Currently disabled, as Android has changed access to file storage. We are looking urgently into a fix .

    Flexpansion's advanced word prediction dramatically increases typing speed in ALL apps. Use 'txt msg spk' abbreviations, and it automatically expands into full, correctly-spelled text.

    Flexpansion provides everything you'd expect from a predictive text system, including fully-adaptive word completion, next word prediction, editable user dictionary and autocorrect. But also, our unique "Abbreviation expansion" mode understands all common styles. For example:
    * wd → would
    * xprc → experience
    * tfon → telephone
    * 2mrw → tomorrow

    No need to memorize or pre-define anything. Our Flexible Text Expansion engine deals with whatever you type and learns rapidly from use.

    NEW - choose empty base language, then learn from text, to type in ONLY your own words. Add Shakespeare, technical writing, or another language.

    Flexpansion …
    * … has an advanced predictive text engine which learns your personal style and continuously improves.
    * … is compatible with phones, tablets, and hardware keyboards.
    * … is easily personalized by adding your own abbreviations, words and even whole phrases. For instance set 'qq' (or anything you like) to insert your signature, phone number, or another frequently-typed block.
    * … is derived from the founder's PhD research at Edinburgh University.
    * … as well as helping you type faster, may even improve your spelling!

    Other features:
    * Split 'thumb' keyboard for wider screens
    * Arrow keys
    * Long-press and swipe for punctuation, numbers, or accented letters
    * Long-press Enter for smileys
    * Long-press Space to enter input unaltered and learn it
     * Long-press ?123 for speech (if supported by device, needs internet)
    * Switchable visual themes or skins: Donut, Gingerbread, Festive, Typewriter, Computer, Red, Blue, Green, Pink.
    * Switchable sound themes: Android, Festive, Mechanical, Electric, Model M, Drums, Beep.

    * Swipe left on the keyboard to undo an expansion, or delete the previous word. Swipe right to redo.
    * Swipe down to disable prediction, up to force-enable.
    * Swipe down again to hide the keyboard, tap a text box to bring it back.
    * Caps Lock, then swipe to move up/down/left/right in text.
     * Option to remove keypress popups.

    * Learn from ANYTHING pasted in.

    Try out the sounds - turn your phone into an old-fashioned typewriter complete with dinging carriage return, play party sounds, or a drum kit!

    Available languages:
    * English (US or UK)
    * German (QWERTZ layout option)
    * Spanish (prediction only, no UI)
    * French (beta)

    A system message on installation states this app could collect personal data. Rest assured your data is only stored on your device, and never leaves (you can back up/transfer it yourself). We never record typing in password boxes. We are a responsible company, with academic and government support, which you can verify by searching for "Flexpansion Edinburgh University".

    After activating Flexpansion, to switch between it and other input methods, long-press any text box (Android 2), or swipe down the status bar (Android 3+), then choose "Select Input Method".

    We think you will love how rapidly Flexpansion adapts to your writing style - check out our great reviews. Please rate us!


    Known issues, which we are working on:
    * We don't learn the first word in a sentence.
    * We removed Learn From Gmail as Google blocked access for almost all apps.
    * Still learning some junk , e.g. typos & too many capitals.
    * Some apps block prediction, and won't let us over-ride. Please contact us AND them!
    * Miss some keystrokes on some devices.
    * We know the visual designs need updating! We've focused on functionality.

    If you have any problems or feature requests, please contact us via our website.

    We're a small company and will do our best. Thanks for your patience!
  • Installer - Install APK Мод APK 3.3.1 [Unlocked] 4.4

    Installer - Install APK Мод APK 3.3.1 [Unlocked]


    Full featured installer with tiny size, user friendly design and high performance. Scan and install market and non-market apps easily from your SD card.

    * Install and delete applications from SD card.
    * Auto-scan all APK files from SD card. Use built-in cache mechanism to improve performance, avoid scan over and over again.
    * Support batch mode for multiple APK install and delete.
    * Show full application information including name, version, path, size and date.
    * Instantly search applications by name.
    * Share application to friends through multiple ways such as Gmail, Bluetooth, etc.
    * Search application information directly from android market.
    * Show installation status of each APK file:
    - Installed: This APK application has been installed on your device.
    - Update: This APK application version is newer than current one on your device.
    - Not Installed: This APK application has not been installed on your device.

    Usage Guide:
    This application is very straight forward. For first launch it will search all APK files which stored on your SD card and display them for you to install. For other launches it will load application information automatically from cache to save plenty of time. Click refresh button in option menu to rebuild the cache if SD card content changed when necessary.

    Any comment is welcomed and appreciated, please send to [email protected].

    Enjoy it.
  • MobisleNotes - Notepad Мод APK 3.3.10 [Unlocked] 3.8

    MobisleNotes - Notepad Мод APK 3.3.10 [Unlocked]


    ☆ The dead-simple way to do notes and to-do's ☆

    Have you tried other note or to-do apps for your phone but think there's just too much going on getting in the way of the actual note-taking? Tags, due-dates, categories, projects, font-styling, notes on the notes, and what-not. Note-taking shouldn't be work, it should be a simple unloading of your brain to save for later.

    With MobisleNotes, we're going back to basics. It's the actual digital equivalent of your trusty old notepad. Just write down whatever is on your mind. Done with it? Just check it off. Simple as that. Notes and checklists.

    Well, ok. There's a liiitle bit more:

    Writing down ideas, or making a to-do list? Doesn't matter. Just write, and switch whenever you feel like it.

    What you need to stay organized and keep your notes safe.

    Where did I put that cake recipe? Never fear, global search is here!

    Co-work on notes with your friends or better half. Make plans together, share a shopping list or write a novel together.

    iPhone, iPad, Macs or PCs, edit your notes wherever you want and your notes stay synced and backed up.

    Share notes with anyone using a simple URL, keeping them updated as you edit them.

    Keywords : Notebook, NotePad, Notes, Shopping List, ToDo List, Task, Memo, Post It, notes, notepad, gtd, , 记事本, 메모장, Mobisle notes, блокнот,
  • AIO Remote Мод APK [Unlocked] 3.9

    AIO Remote Мод APK [Unlocked]

    You need a Desktop app on your computer to allow Aio Remote to work:

    AIO Remote stands for All In One Remote,
    You can control any application ever on your computer through WIFI , Bluetooth by creating your own fully customized custom remote controls.

    Windows, Linux and Mac are supported.

    There is a predefined set of remotes to control mouse, keyboard, slide show, file manager and media players

    صنع بايدى عربية مصرية

    Aio Remote is downloaded more than 900 000 times.

    Key Features:
    1- Control PC: Windows, Linux and Mac are supported.
    2- WIFI & Bluetooth are supported.
    3- Advanced custom remote designer lets you create custom remotes to control any app ever. Possibilities are limited only by your imagination!
    4- Share your created remotes with your friends directly or with all users around the world using Online Custom Remotes Gallery.
    5- Remote File Manager: Browse your files remotely and open them on your computer.
    6- Advanced Mouse touchpad control.
    7- Keyboard control.
    8- Powepoint / slide show control.
    9- Game controller with multi-touch support. and ability to design unlimited number of custom gamepads.
    10- You can use up to 4 mobile devices as 4 game pads to play games on your PC remotely with your friends.
    11- Control common media players (windows media player, Media player classic, winamp, VLC, Banshee, Totem )
    12 - Support for Hacker's keyboard to simulate computer ALT,CTRL,Arrows,Function keys,etc
    13- Support for Swype,Go,SwiftKey keyboard
    14- Support voice writing
    15- Aio Remote plugin for Tasker.
    You can send keyboard keystrokes, mouse events, predefined messages to your computer
    check this video for more details:

    Note: make sure that you are connected to PC before running the plugin
    How to use Aio Remote:
    Aio Remote consists of two parts:
    1- the Android application you can download from here.
    2- A desktop application for your computer that you can download from https://goo.gl/sUa6An

    3-Follow instructions mentioned in this great website "crazytechsolutions": http://www.crazytechsolutions.org/how-to-control-pc-with-android/

    4-Video Tutorials:
    Application support:
    1- mail: [email protected]
    2- developer linked-in: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/hisham-bakr/17/111/b7
  • ShareDownloader Мод APK 2.3.23 [Unlocked] 3.7

    ShareDownloader Мод APK 2.3.23 [Unlocked]


    ShareDownloader the Android OCH Downloader.

    ShareDownloader is a new Android app, which combines the various 1-click-hosters in one app. Share Downloader offers among other things, like file-, download- and upload-manager. Further accountinformation can be requested over the app, suchas points, credit, traffic etc. Share Downloader can also decrypt and process DLC - Container. The download manager will resume the downloads after a connection crash automatically or waits as long as WLAN is not available. Of course you can process usual HTTP-downloads with ShareDownloader.
    ShareDownloader supports following hoster: 1Fichier, 4Shared, 180Upload, AllDebrid, Bitshare, Crocko, DepositFiles, DebridItalia, EasyBytez, FileFactory, FileMonkey, FilePost, FileRio, Filer, FileUpload, FireDrive, Free-Way, HipFile, Freakshare, JunoCloud, Keep2Share, Letitbit, LinkSnappy, LuckyShare, LumFile, Mega, MixtureCloud, Movreel, MovShare, Multi-Debrid Netload, NoPremium, NowVideo, OBoom, Premiumize, Premium, Rapidgator, Rapidshare, Real-Debrid, ReHost, SecureUpload, ShareFlare, Share-Online, Simply-Debrid, Simply-Premium, SockShare, SoundCloud, StreamCloud, Tb7, Turbobit, Twitch, TwojLimit, Unrestrict, Uploadable, Uploaded, Uploading, UpToBox, Vip-File, YouTube, Zevera, Zippyshare

    - File Manager
    * Delete and rename files
    * Create, delete, and rename folders
    * Move files

    - Upload Manager
    * Upload files to the respective account

    - Download Manager
    * Parallel Download files
    * Resuming downloads after disconnection
    * Download to network path possible

    - Account Info
    * Information about the account, e.g. credit, traffic, points etc.

    - DLC Decrypter
    * DLC files can be extracted, decrypted and processed
    * Decryption takes place exclusively via the DLC server, not via third-party websites

    - Download History

    - Multi-Account support
    * Multiple accounts of the same type can be created

    - Decypter service
    * It can downloads directly when e.g Share Link.biz links are added

    - Pro-Version
    * Integrated unpacker
    ** zip , rar, 7z, bz2 , tbz2 and tar archives are supported
    * Remote Web Client
    * 9KW Captcha-Solver support
    * Click'n'Load support
    * Chrome and Firefox Remote plugin
    * Download-Widget

    Supported Hoster:
    - 1Fichier.com
    - 4Shared.com
    - 180Upload.com
    - AllDebrid.com
    - Bitshare.com
    - Crocko.com
    - DepositFiles.com
    - DebridItalia.com
    - EasyBytez.com
    - FileFactory.com
    - FileMonkey.in
    - FilePost.com
    - FileRio.in
    - Filer.net
    - FileUpload.net
    - FireDrive.com
    - Free-Way.me
    - HipFile.com
    - Freakshare.com
    - JunoCloud.me
    - Keep2Share.com
    - Letitbit.net
    - LinkSnappy.com
    - LuckyShare.net
    - LumFile.com
    - Mega.co.nz
    - MixtureCloud.com
    - Movreel.com
    - MovShare.net
    - Multi-Debrid.com
    - Netload.in
    - NoPremium.pl
    - NowVideo.sx
    - OBoom.com
    - Premiumize.me
    - Premium.to
    - Rapidgator.net
    - Rapidshare.com
    - Real-Debrid.com
    - ReHost.to
    - SecureUpload.eu
    - ShareFlare.com
    - Share-Online.biz
    - Simply-Debrid.com
    - Simply-Premium.com
    - SockShare.com
    - StreamCloud.eu
    - Tb7.pl
    - Turbobit.net
    - TwojLimit.pl
    - Unrestrict.li
    - Uploadable.ch
    - Uploaded.net
    - Uploading.com
    - UpToBox.com
    - Vip-File.com
    - Zevera.com
    - Zippyshare.com
    Supported Stream-Hoster:
    - HulkShare.com
    - SoundCloud.com
    - Twitch.tv
    - YouTube.com
    Supported Decrypter:
    - Dokujunkies.org
    - Dropbox.com
    - Funxd.in
    - Hoerbuch.in
    - Lesen.to
    - Linkcrypt.ws
    - Linksave.in
    - Ncrypt.in
    - Relink.us
    - Safelinking.net
    - Serienjunkies.org
    - Share-Links.biz
  • Monospace Мод APK 2.7 [Unlocked] 4.0

    Monospace Мод APK 2.7 [Unlocked]


    Monospace is a minimal notes and writing app, built from the ground up with a designed-for-touch UI.

    It get's rid of the standard editing features you'd find in standard writing and notes apps and replaces them with a modern-styled, essentials-only formatting popup.

    Monospace Writer supports Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, Bullet, Quote and a bunch of size related formatting styles.

    Monospace has built in internal sync (Pro package only) that lets you keep all your devices on the latest version's of your notes, and let's you edit anywhere.

    Monospace Writer's hashtags feature replace the classic folder system. Simply add hashtags (which can be nested) to the last line of a file and Monospace will take care of the file/folder organisation for you.

    Monospace Writer allows for exporting via Markdown, meaning it has copy and paste support for a huge amount of services, including Wordpress and Tumblr.

    Help translate Monospace into your native language: https://osban91.oneskyapp.com
  • simpleaf (handwriting) Мод APK 2.1.0 [Patched] 4.0

    simpleaf (handwriting) Мод APK 2.1.0 [Patched]


    Simpleaf is a very simple and surprisingly efficient handwriting memo app.
    For example, when you want to make a note while web browsing or making phone calls, you simply swipe down the status bar and launch Simpleaf.

    You can also make a note, at the same time you are looking at the screen by making Simpleaf translucent.

    Notes can be transmitted to mail-apps, Evernote and so on.
    (Traffic can be saved by specifying an image size and format.)
  • Temporary Contacts Manager Мод APK 2.0 [Unlocked] 3.9

    Temporary Contacts Manager Мод APK 2.0 [Unlocked]


    Incredible App for Managing Temporary Contacts

    Is your contact list getting too lengthy? Do you need to scroll through a long list every now and then to find the desired number? Are there many momentary people viz. plumbers, technicians or temporary customers in your contact list? Your phone contacts could end up having everything from a fellow passenger you once met in a train to the shopkeeper of the store you once visited or anyone else you dont require communicating often. Luckily, now there is an app that will allow you to properly manage temporary contacts.

    This app is perfectly suited to complement the contact related needs of small businesses and those who deal with short term customers. Ideal for contractors, technicians, service providers, contract workers and all those who want an uncluttered contact list on their mobile phone, the app exhibits following features 

     Option for saving a contact for a limited period of time
    You can save a contact for a definite period of time e.g. a few days, a week, a month and so on. The app also allows you to write notes about the contact so that you can know whom it refers to. You also have an option to extend the time the contact needs to be saved. When the deletion date arrives, you get a message asking if the app should delete the contact. You can either approve or snooze.

     The app asks you to save an unsaved number
    The app monitors all the incoming and outgoing calls for unknown numbers and prompts the user to save the unsaved numbers as a temporary contact.

     Settings section with flexible options
    The settings section of the app provides the user flexibility and versatility to choose various options as per convenience. You can set for 
     Automatic contacts deletion / Prompt notification before deletion
     Disable monitoring incoming / outgoing calls
     Schedule a cleaning time (This enables the user to choose a convenient time of the day when the app will start the deletion procedure for an expired contact.)

    This app has been designed meticulously to ease users with respect to handling their contacts.

    Now you can get relieved from messing with the contact list and comfortably place calls to your acquaintances.

    Stay calm and let Temporary Contacts Manager take care of your contact list.
  • "Лучший загрузчик файлов модов!"