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Car Robot Transport Truck Driving Games 2020 v1.2 Мод [Unlocked] APK

Titan Game Productions

Игра / Adventure


Версия: 1.2

Android: Android 4.0、4.0.1、4.0.2 (ICE_CREAM_SANDWICH)

Русский: 49.63 MB

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You might have transported a variety of cars and bikes on a heavy truck on the new york city roads. In this futuristic truck transport game, your duty is to transport cars, bikes, and robots from one point of the city to the other in a given time. Experience an amazing transformation of the car to robot and robot to car. Controlling a futuristic robot inside the city is an amazing experience. Move around the city like a gigantic robot.

The city is big, the distance is long and there is a time restriction to reach the destination. The best part about Robot Car Transport Truck is the transformation of the Robot Car and from robot to car. Now you can transform to bike as well. So fasten your seat belt and get ready for an extreme car, truck driving, and Robot Transform on city road. Drive the big transport truck loaded with the futuristic robot and cars and drop them to the final point carefully and timely. Be the best truck driver of the truck transport story.

This unique robot truck transport game will let you move through the city roads as a giant robot. Transform your robot into cars and upload them on the heavy duty truck then as a skilled and professional truck driver. Take the truck to the final spot without hitting or delaying. Experience this amazing transformation from car to robot and from robot back to the car in this extreme robot car transport truck game.

• Amazing Transformation of Cars into Robots and Robots into Cars!
• Realistic Truck Driving Simulation & Robot Control!
• Amazing 3D City Environment and Engaging Sound Effects!
• Exciting and Challenging Truck Transport Missions!
• High-Quality 3D Graphics and best Animation!
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