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  • Super Planet Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Invincible] 4.6

    Super Planet Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Invincible]

    Lightning Princess GRAND OPEN!

    Claim up to Rubies x66,500 and SS tier 1★ boots x1 by participating in the 7-Day Challenge Event!

    ⚡The Raging Lightning Princess charges for the throne!⚡

    ▪ The electrifying action RPG of the raging Lightning Princess!
    ▪ Smash the Seal Stone! Crush the boss! Overpower and destroy!
    ▪ Breeze past stages relentlessly using lightning skills and special attacks!

    The ""Lightning Princesses"" were granted special abilities from the creator, the lightning god...
    But one day, the lightning god disappeared!?

    Now is the time! Charge for the empty throne!
    Battle against the Lightning Princesses to claim the crown!

    ■ Electrifying battles using lightning! Hack & slash action RPG
    - Charge like lightning to take down the endless fleet of enemies!
    - Annihilate monsters with lightning skills that strike from the skies!
    - Breathtaking sounds, bird's-eye-view battles, cartoon-like 3D graphics! Triple the excitement!

    ■ Freely move around with the easy controls to charge at the enemy!
    - Take control or leave the princess on auto-pilot. Dual play modes to suit your style
    - Gather energy during manual control! Blast it at once to sweep fleets of monsters!
    - When the Lightning Princess is simply unmatched, "overpower" the stage to clear it at once!
    - Auto hunt and rage modes for convenient battles!

    ■ Enhance your Lightning Princess to become the strongest!
    - Become more powerful with shiny accessories and relics
    - Purchase in sets to enhance your abilities! Costumes make you stronger!
    - Black Stones and abilities that add to the princess' rage!
    - Even get super-cute pets! Give them snacks to upgrade!

    ■ The blood, sweat, and tears of the Lightning Princess' efforts to claim the throne!
    - Arena: Battle against the other Lightning Princesses! The princess PvP!
    - Promotion: Assess your powers! Seize incredible rewards with promotions!
    - 6 Types of Dungeons: Collect various resources you need for your Lightning Princess' growth!
    - Tower of Darkness: Defeat the powerful enemy within the time limit to obtain Awakening Stones!
    ▶ Check out the latest news and events for Lightning Princess!
    Official Community: https://discord.gg/PhSJddPXCm
  • Farming Simulator 23 NETFLIX Мод APK [Full] 4.0

    Farming Simulator 23 NETFLIX Мод APK [Full]

    Available exclusively for Netflix members.

    Run a rustic virtual farm your way. Plant crops, tend livestock and manage production until your agricultural empire flourishes in this soothing game.

    Life on a farm isn't easy, but when you're running said farm from the comfort of your couch in this simulator game, it's actually kind of relaxing. Build your farm from the ground up by choosing the crops you want to grow, the animals you want to tend and the products you want to sell — then get to work each in-game day with the help of your growing fleet of tractors and other authentically recreated farm machines.


    • Till, plant, fertilize and harvest a variety of crops, now including grapes and olives.
    • Build a fleet of tractors and more from a catalog of over 100 authentic, licensed vehicles from John Deere, New Holland, Fendt and many more notable manufacturers.
    • Raise and care for livestock: your sheep, cows and now chickens can produce animal products that diversify your farm's offerings.
    • Turn your crops into in-demand merchandise to create complex and profitable supply chains.
    • Choose from two new maps: the classic red barn farm in Amberstone or the sleek European Neubrunn farm, which comes with riverfront fields.
    • Expand into forestry with the new logging skill and equipment.
    • Relax and take a virtual walk or drive through your land whenever you want — it's your farm, your harvest, your tractor and your game!
    • New in Farming Simulator 23: Enjoy a guided tutorial on the Amberstone farm, use AI assistants to complete tasks while you run the farm and try the autoload truck feature to make moving logs and pallets a breeze.

    - Created by Giants Software.
  • Devil Invasion Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money][Free purchase] 4.0

    Devil Invasion Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]

    ◼︎ The Epic Journey of the Mighty Demon King!
    Embark on a journey as the demon king and put those arrogant humans in their place!
    "Why are the demons always under attack?"
    "I can't stand for this any longer!"

    ◼︎ Powerful and Stylish Demons!
    Crush the cozy homes of humans with over 30 stylish demons.
    Create a formidable yet adorable army of attackers!
    No more witnessing their blissful existence!

    ◼︎ Endless Onslaught of Humans!
    Humans keep coming from somewhere, relentlessly attacking!
    Show the demon king's power to protect the demon castle.

    ◼︎ Basic Daily Access Event!
    Get a small and cute demon every day you access the game!

    About Gameplay
    1. Combine various demons, and automatic battles will take place when entering each stage!
    2. Clear stages to conquer and produce gold.
    3. Use the produced gold to summon even more powerful demons.
  • Ball Sort Puzzle Color Sort Мод APK 1.0.615 4.9

    Ball Sort Puzzle Color Sort Мод APK 1.0.615

    Ball Sort Puzzle es un juego de clasificación de colores divertido, relajante y adictivo.
    Ordena las bolas de colores en los tubos hasta que todas las del mismo color se coloquen juntas en el mismo tubo. ¡Un juego desafiante pero relajante para ejercitar tu cerebro! Ordenar las bolas de colores puede aliviar el estrés y distraerte de las preocupaciones diarias.

    - Toca cualquier tubo para mover la bola que está encima del tubo a otro tubo
    - La regla es que solo se pueden colocar bolas del mismo color entre sí para terminar el nivel
    - Apila todas las bolas del mismo color en un solo tubo
    - Si te quedas atascado, siempre puedes reiniciar un nivel o añadir un tubo adicional para que sea más fácil completar el nivel

    - Juega GRATIS a este juego de clasificación de colores
    - Control simple, un toque para clasificar varias bolas al mismo tiempo
    - Sin límites de tiempo
    - Disfruta de miles de puzles sin prisas
    - ¡Gran juego para pasar el tiempo y te hace pensar!
    - ¡Juego fácil y adictivo!

    Ball Sort Puzzle nunca te aburrirá cuando juegues a los rompecabezas de clasificación de colores. Disfrutarás de Ball Sort Puzzle si te gustan los juegos de clasificación de colores.
  • TOKKI Мод APK 1.0 4.0

    TOKKI Мод APK 1.0

    Fun, casual platformer game with beautiful 1 bit pixel art, nice sharp controls and challenging levels.

    In this game you control TOKKI.
    Help him collect all gems in the level and fill the treasure chest to proceed to the next level.

    The game is a combination between the classic '80 - '90 cartridge style games with small modern additions and offers somewhere between 2 and 4 hours of gameplay, regarding of the players agility. Practice makes perfect.

    Combine all game mechanics and abilities to achieve TOKKI's goals.
    Time your jumps and plan ahead, change paths. Each mistake will const you.

    Game design, mechanics and in-game abilities:
    - 30 Levels
    - Beautiful pixel art
    - Engaging chiptune art music
    - Double Jump
    - Coyote Jump
    - Dash Jump
    - Dash Attack
    - Rewind
    - Hint system
    - Respawns with player ghost system
    - Stamina system
    - Autosave at each new level start
    - Continue from the last level played
  • LEGO® Hill Climb Adventures Мод APK 0.10.0 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    LEGO® Hill Climb Adventures Мод APK 0.10.0 [Unlimited money]

    Set off on a grand adventure as you brave the hills in LEGO® Hill Climb Adventures, a single player exploration game combining the vast, unique worlds of LEGO and Hill Climb Racing!

    Select from a variety of Hill Climb Racing and LEGO vehicles and climb the classic Climb Canyon hills! Using the familiar, fun gameplay of Hill Climb Racing, this brand new game adds twists and extra depth to the beloved gameplay formula with the addition of exploration, adventures and stories for you to discover!

    Where will your adventure take you?


    ● Discover Fun Adventures and Amazing Stories
    Meet unique LEGO Hill Climb Adventures characters who will have exciting storylines with a variety of missions for you to undertake and complete.

    ● Vehicles and Gadgets
    With a variety of vehicles for you to drive each with their own active and passive gadgets there's a huge amount of potential combinations to help you on your adventure!

    ● Upgrade and Improve
    Collect coins and bricks scattered throughout the levels to permanently boost the power of your vehicles!

    ● Hidden Paths and Secrets
    Explore each level as they will have multiple paths for you to traverse, along with sneakily hidden secrets for you to discover!

    ● Meet the Minifigures
    LEGO Hill Climb Adventures brings a host of memorable characters from Climb Canyon allowing you to meet a variety of lovable, quirky characters!

    ● Test your skills
    Figure out the best way to complete the missions given to you by the Minifigure residents of the world by selecting your vehicle and equipped gadgets carefully. Some combinations might work better for certain missions!

    Please note that this is an early build of the game and we are working hard on creating new content and fixing any bugs. If you have any issues please get in touch with our support team by emailing us at [email protected] We greatly appreciate your feedback and thank you for playing!

    Follow Us:
    ● Discord: https://discord.com/invite/fingersoft
    ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LEGOHillClimbAdventures
    ● Website: https://www.fingersoft.com
    ● X: https://twitter.com/LEGOHillClimb
    ● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/legohillclimbadventures/

    Terms of Service: https://fingersoft.com/terms-of-service-lego-hill-climb-adventures/
    Privacy Policy: https://fingersoft.com/privacy-policy-lego-hill-climb-adventures/

    LEGO Hill Climb Adventures is free to download and play. Please note that there are in-app purchases using real money within the game to acquire virtual currency and unlock in-game items. Purchases can be restricted by enabling authentication within your Google Play settings. Authentication for real money purchases can be activated by following these steps.

    On your device navigate to the Play Store Home > Settings > Authentication > Require authentication for purchases.

    We strongly recommend that you ensure you have a strong password and keep the authentication on if children or others have access to your device.

    Hill Climb Racing™️ is a registered trademark of Fingersoft Ltd. All rights reserved.

    LEGO, the LEGO logo and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2023 The LEGO Group.
  • College: Perfect Match Мод APK 1.0.0 [Free purchase] 4.7

    College: Perfect Match Мод APK 1.0.0 [Free purchase]

    Become the only male professor at a women's college! Shine your mind, show your charisma, be bold and decisive to win the girls' hearts! Students, activists, teachers and even the college principal - no one will be able to resist your charm!

    Key features of the game:
    Beautiful Girls - Divide your attention equally between students and teachers!
    Unique Stories - Each girl is a true personality, with her own character, habits and preferences, and you have to find an approach to each one!
    Date Simulator - Surprise the girls, show your sense of humor in conversations, impress everyone!
    Tests of Love - Beat the girls in their unique mini-games to win their sympathy!
    Match-3 Levels - Complete a variety of levels to earn money for an elegant courtship!

    Download the game now, play for free and remember - every girl in college can be yours!

    The school year has never been so exciting!
  • Battle Alchemist: Element RPG Мод APK 1.1.4 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage] 4.0

    Battle Alchemist: Element RPG Мод APK 1.1.4 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage]

    Are you a fan of action-packed RPG adventure games or engaging in the immersive world of role-playing? Introducing our latest game, Battle Alchemist: a unique blend of various genres that brings excitement and strategy to your fingertips. Whether you're looking to kill time at work or relax at home, Battle Alchemist offers an enthralling gameplay experience. Step into the shoes of a powerful alchemist, explore diverse biomes, and face off against a multitude of enemies!
    In the realm of Battle Alchemist, you're not just any warrior – you're a master of elements, harnessing the power of alchemy to defeat your foes. With dozens of different biomes, each presenting its unique challenges and enemies, your journey will be anything but monotonous. From lush forests to arid deserts, each location brings new adventures and threats.
    The game's core mechanics revolve around collecting and unlocking various elements. These elements are not just collectibles – they are your weapons in the battle against strong enemies. Experiment with different combinations, discover powerful synergies, and tailor your strategy to suit each unique biome and enemy type.
    Key Features of Battle Alchemist include:
    Diverse Biomes: Explore and fight in an array of environments, each with its distinct challenges and enemies.
    Elemental Alchemy: Collect elements and unlock new ones to use in combat, mastering the art of alchemy.
    Strategic Combat: Adapt your strategy to the different enemies and environments, making each battle a unique experience.
    Engrossing RPG Elements: Grow stronger, develop your skills, and become the ultimate Battle Alchemist.
    Immersive Experience: Feel like a true alchemist warrior, harnessing the powers of nature to overcome all challenges.
    Offline Play: Dive into this captivating world anytime, anywhere – no internet connection required.
    Free to Play: Embark on this thrilling adventure without any cost.
    If you're searching for a game that combines the excitement of RPGs, the strategy of elemental combat, and the thrill of exploring diverse worlds, Battle Alchemist is your perfect match. Download now and begin your journey as the ultimate elemental warrior in this unforgettable adventure!
  • СЎЗ ЎЙИНИ - СЎЗНИ ТОПИНГ Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlimited money][Free purchase] 4.0

    СЎЗ ЎЙИНИ - СЎЗНИ ТОПИНГ Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]

    Ушбу қўшади кроссворд ўйинида сўзларни қидиринг ва жумбоқларни ҳал қилинг!

    Ҳарфлардан сўз яратиш ва паролларни қидиришни ёқтирасизми? Ўйин сизга ёқади деган умиддамиз. Чунки ўйинда топишмоқни ечиш учун яширин сўзларни топиш керак.

    Қандай ўйнаш керак:
    - Доскадаги ҳарфларни бог`лаш керак. Агар сиз сўзни тўғри топсангиз, сўз ўйин майдонида пайдо бўлади, агар сиз барча сўзларни тўғри топсангиз, жумбоқ тўлиқ эчилади. Ҳар бир даража кроссвордни эчишни қийинлаштиради.

    Оилангиз билан кроссвордларни ечишдан завқланинг. Ўйин барча ёшдаги одамлар учун. Дам олиш кунларини яхши ўтказинг. Ўйинни интернетсиз ўйнашингиз мумкин. ЎЙИННИ БЕПУЛ ЮКЛАБ ОЛИНГ.

    Сўз топиш ўйини сўз бойлигингизни оширади. Сўзларни топиш учун сиз миянгизни ишлатишингиз керак. Миянгизни яширин сўзларни топишга ўргатинг. Ўйинда бир неча минг сўз ишлатилган. Сизнинг интеллектингизни оширади.

    Агар сиз кўп сўзларни билсангиз, жумбоқни ҳал қилиш осон. Сўз бойлигингизни оширинг. Ҳар бир даража билан сизнинг сўз бойлигингиз ва сўз бойлигингиз ортади.

    Ўйинда бир неча мингдан ортиқ сўз бор.Унутилган сўзларни эслаб қолинг.Миянгизни ёдлашга ўргатинг.
  • Panoramik Pictures LTD Мод APK 37.0.0 [God Mode][High Damage][Invincible][Mod speed] 3.4

    Panoramik Pictures LTD Мод APK 37.0.0 [God Mode][High Damage][Invincible][Mod speed]

    Radiance is a mobile RPG featuring an unparalleled blend of genres and powerful story.

    Explore countless gripping adventures fused with fierce beat 'em up fighting and the many challenges of survival in an otherworldly realm. In Radiance, every decision you make shapes your story.

    Dive deep into a mystic sci-fi adventure with Radiance.


    Embark on a breathtaking journey into a land beyond time, full of mystery, and inhabited by mystic creatures and ancient civilizations. At the heart of the Radiance world, the cyclopean mountain towering over the floating islands beckons you to begin your ascent.

    Here, amid the ruins of a precursor civilization, a war has erupted between factions, vying to reach the Radiance Source atop the mountain and attain unlimited power. Can you beat them to it?


    Following a heist gone bad, six mercenaries end up crash-landed in terra incognita teeming with threats. It's now up to you to guide them to safety, and to help them beat all the enemies on the way.

    You will face off against two powerful factions — the Cult, zealous descendants bent on mutation, and the Legion, a totalitarian paramilitary force, and neither will take kindly to competition.

    Power through the waves of enemies and engage in intense beat ‘em up battles, using the vast arsenal of skills and weapons against the mystic powers of their foes.


    On your epic journey with the legendary heroes of Radiance every ally is a force to be reckoned with.

    Each of the Leviathan crew is a master of their own combat style, hailing from diverse backgrounds and wielding extraordinary abilities. You will manipulate gravity, use Radiance to cause explosions and fires, feel like a berserker and channel the ancient power of the Asuras.

    As you progress, you'll learn to harness their unique fight styles and powerful finishing moves, creating dynamic synergies to build the ultimate team capable of dominating any battle!


    In Radiance, the world around you bursts to life with an outstanding art style, real-time rendering, and meticulously crafted 3D character animations, immersing you deeply in every scene.

    Explore this extraordinary world, where every nuance and texture is designed to enchant your senses.

    Radiance isn't just a game — it's a saga. Every action you take weaves into the overarching narrative, offering endless exploration opportunities and boundless adventures.

    As vast and captivating as the mystical world itself, immerse yourself in stunning visuals and let the game craft your unique tale in a world filled with wonder and hidden secrets.
  • 修仙秘传-散修模拟器 Мод APK 1.101.1 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    修仙秘传-散修模拟器 Мод APK 1.101.1 [Unlimited money]

    In a mysterious world of cultivating immortals, players will play the role of a fledgling cultivator (casual cultivator) who has no choice but to explore the vast game world to practice powerful techniques and challenge various dangerous monsters. Become a legendary casual cultivator.

    【Pet Introduction】

    Pets are an integral part. There are a variety of pets in the game for players to choose from, including mythical beasts, monster beasts, spirit beasts, etc. Each pet has unique characteristics and abilities, such as increased attack power, defense, speed, PK skills, etc. Players can obtain pets through battles, missions, dungeons, etc., and can improve their pet abilities by upgrading their level and learning new skills.

    [Fight monsters and get treasures]

    Killing monsters is an important way to gain experience and treasures. There are many kinds of monsters in the game, distributed in various maps. Different monsters have different abilities. For example, some monsters can release poisonous mist, and some monsters can escape to the ground. Players need to challenge monsters through combat. After defeating monsters, they can obtain a large amount of experience and treasures, such as spiritual stones, equipment, etc.

    【Hang up and place】

    It's a relaxing and enjoyable way to play. Let the character automatically perform operations such as fighting monsters, upgrading, and learning skills, while players can do what they like in real life. At the same time, there are various activities and tasks in the game. Players can gain more experience and rewards by participating in activities and completing tasks, so that you can become a powerful immortal cultivator in your busy life.

    【Equipment Synthesis】

    Create a variety of powerful equipment through the synthesis system. Equipment can greatly improve your combat capabilities and make you more comfortable in combat. By collecting materials and drawings, you can strengthen and synthesize various equipment to create unique and exclusive equipment.
  • American Farm Simulator 3.7

    American Farm Simulator

    It’s time to get your farming skills to work! Create an exceptionally successful wheat farm now on your mobile device with this super authentic 3D farm simulator.
    Find all the necessary kinds of farming vehicles at your disposal, from all-purpose tractors to specific machines for each type of agricultural works. Drive giant three-dimensional tractors across the picturesque fields of your farm and enjoy the peaceful scenery of USA countryside at day and night. The game’s action takes place in USA, so you will have a chance to dive into the atmosphere of a classic American farm.
    Experience all the stages an agricultural enterprise has to get through on its way to success. Cultivate the soil with ploughing equipment, sow wheat, sitting at the wheel of a sowing tractor, and take care of your field to make the wheat grow strong and healthy. Work hard and soon enough you will harvest the richest crops you have ever seen!
    American Farm Simulator features:

    - 3D Farm Scenes
    - Drive different vehicles: tractor, truck, harvester
    - Plough, grow and harvest wheat
    - Challenging missions

    Ploughing and harvesting your wheat will improve your driving skills for all the machines are authentic copies of real-life tractors, although easier to control. This simulator will give you a full impression about real life of a farmer, only without getting your hands dirty and your back paining – sounds cool, huh?

    More games, your reviews and even more on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mobile-Hero/494845244023623
  • Five Nights At Chuck E Cheese 3.7

    Five Nights At Chuck E Cheese

    Scary chuck e cheese animatronics keeps you locked in her scary house. Now you have to try to get out of her Scary chuck e cheese scary house, but be careful and quiet. Scary five nights at chuck-e-cheese hears everything. If you drop something on the floor,

    You are in the right place « Scary five nights at chuck-e-cheese rebooted «is one of the best reaction games of horror you will enjoy by playing this Escape horror neighborhood game.

    Scary five nights at chuck-e-cheese rebooted game is easy to play you just have to seek and hide as many as you can by avoiding Scary chuck e cheese animatronics on your way to get Exit.

    Let’s start your adventure far from Scary five nights at chuck-e-cheese rebooted Game.

    DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial fan made game mod for fun, I’m not affiliated with the game developers in any way.
  • Poko Cash 3.4

    Poko Cash

    Which is the best money-making app in 2022? Yes, Poko Cash - Taka Income App is one of the best-earning apps in 2022. You can earn money easily by using this app.

    Get free gift cards in minutes from the Poko Cash-Taka Income App. One of the best money-earning apps this year.

    Make money playing scratch, earn real cashby solving math problems, and complete the Sword quiz and get a big bonus. An awesome app for making money online.

    You can withdraw your earned money instantly through PayPal, Paytm, Coinbase (BitCoin), bKash, Rocket, Nagad. You will receive your payment within hours of making the payment request.

    You will be given tasks every 2-4 hours. You can earn real cash by completing the tasks.

    Apps Feature:
    - Daily Check
    - Math Quiz
    - Word Quiz
    - Spin Win
    - Scratch Card
    - Refer & Win
    - 24/7 Support
    - Leaderboard
  • Ninja Legends: Shadowbound 3.6

    Ninja Legends: Shadowbound

    Welcome to the immersive realm of 'Ninja Legends: Shadowbound,' where the art of ancient ninja skills meets thrilling strategic battles. Assemble your ultimate squad of extraordinary warriors, each wielding unique abilities, and set forth on epic adventures that will test your mettle.

    Unleash your inner ninja and challenge fellow players in intense PVP duels. Craft your tactical prowess, harness the essence of the ninja world, and prove your mastery.

    Engage in gripping quests, vanquish formidable foes, and unlock hidden potentials as you progress. Every day brings new challenges, thrilling events, and generous rewards.

    In 'Ninja Legends: Shadowbound,' you'll experience the heart and soul of the ninja universe. Embark on your journey to become a legendary ninja!
  • GoClean 3.5


    This is an educational game made to educate society on putting rubbish in the right place. This game requires a GPS location from users phone to see the nearest bin located. Once the user successfully place the rubbish into the bin, the user score will updated.
  • American Farming Мод APK 0.4.46 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][Free purchase] 4.5

    American Farming Мод APK 0.4.46 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][Free purchase]

    American Farming gives us what we want in a farming game: Big Equipment, Big Fields, and American Buildings, all based on an American Map! With real-life Brands such as Case IH, Versatile, Unverferth, Brent, Landoll, and many more! And livestock operations, including Cow/Calf Farm, Cattle Feedlot, Farrow to Finish Hogs, and a Big Dairy Farm! All spread across 1,000+ Acres!

    Choose between two different Starter Farms and work up to a Big Farm!

    - Choose from 75+ different vehicles & implements
    - Customize your tractor to your liking with model sizes and tire options
    - Tractors as large as Case QuadTrac 600 & Versatile DeltaTrac 620
    - Big Implements like a Landoll 60ft Field Cultivator, Case IH 36 Row Planter
    - Old Tractors like an International 1206 and International 1066
    - Big Grain Carts such as the Balzer 2850 or Brent 2596
    - ATVS & Dirtbikes to get around on the Farm
    - Lowboy Trailers & Gooseneck trailers to haul equipment

    - Realistic AI Workers
    - Full Controler Support
    - Tilt Control
    - Full Tutorial & Help Menu
    - Full Character Customization with 35+ different clothing options

    - Farrow to Finish Hogs: Start with piglets, raise them to Hogs
    - Cow Calf: Feed the Calves out till they turn into a Yearling, and then finally a Steer
    - Dairy: A complete Dairy farm with Calfs, Heifers, and Cows
    - Liquid Manure can be injected with the Balzer Manure tanker to provide N, P&K
    - Solid Manure can be spread with the H&S Spreader or Meyer Spreader

    - Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat
    - Realistic grain drying at bin sites
    - Crops require fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
    - Multiple forms of Nitrogen such as NH3, 32% UAN, Urea, Manure
    - Realistic fertilizer optimization by rotating crops

    American Farming! Download Now!

    For Privacy Policy Visit- https://squadbuilt.com/privacy-policy/

    For Terms of Service, visit the SquadBuilt FAQ- https://squadbuilt.com/faq/
  • 운빨용사 키우기: 방치형 RPG Мод APK 1.00.05 [Mod Menu][God Mode] 4.0

    운빨용사 키우기: 방치형 RPG Мод APK 1.00.05 [Mod Menu][God Mode]

    My luck is the best in the world!
    Idle RPG ‘Raising a Lucky Warrior' has been released!

    You and the boy, who have already found the lucky pickaxe, are born lucky! Join the amazing adventure of a boy who fell into a hidden cave that no one is looking for and a lucky pickaxe found in the cave!


    ■ The real lucky warrior is you!
    Ganghwa is basically luck!! Strengthening requires luck!!
    How far can it be strengthened??
    Let's sing a legend by strengthening various items such as equipment, skills, pets, etc.!

    ■ Cute battles and graphics with a cave concept!
    Ore monsters keep coming out!
    The main character and cave pets fight against this!
    Will the main character and pets be able to escape from the endless cave?

    ■ Simple training? Now, training is differentiated!
    My lucky hero is different from others!
    Create your own combination of stones and sockets! efficiently!
    Your own build created by combining puzzles and luck!

    ■ Did you just discuss the lucky warrior based on reinforcements??
    Test your luck to the limit through mini games!
    Is this a method you often see somewhere??
    But why am I not successful? Why!!!!!

    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

    Naver Cafe

    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

    Developer contact information:
  • Honor Club 3.2

    Honor Club

    Honor Club is a new game with a number of card games and slot games, perfect for casino game enthusiasts.If you like exciting slot machines with huge odds, if you like multiplayer card duels, if you like easy fishing to get rewards, then Honor Club can give you the game experience you want.

    God of Fortune
    The game God of Fotune is a classic slot game with 243 winning lines.The god of fortune is blessing the world in Lunar New Year. And his gift is of course, fortune! The theme of the game transports you instantly to China where you’ll find yourself surrounded by traditional symbols and accompanied by an Asian soundtrack. The God of Fortune is on your side! Enjoy the richness of the red and gold Chinese setting and make the most of the lucky items on the reels! Showers of gold coins await you, if only you ask!

    Vegas is another great slot machine with 25 winning lines. This is the perfect game for beginners because there are no complicated rules and the structure is easy to understand.The features and prizes is easy to understand may mean that more advanced players find it too simplistic. But despite the entry level set-up, the game is thoroughly entertaining with smooth and flawless play.If you are looking for one of the potentially big payouts, this slot machine is definitely a good fit for you.

    Fishing game is a game with fun and simple mechanics.You don’t need real water or fish to go fishing and you can do it online at here. This fun multiplayer game lets you cast your line with friends and catch a huge variety of fish species. If you want a true multiplayer experience, this is the game for you.You can upgrade your equipment as well as your fort, to gather larger and more lucrative fish out of the ocean. Don't be afraid of any sharks, unless you find yourself on the open sea in the form of a smaller fish like a bass or a salmon. Enjoy our fishing games here.

    Dragon Tiger
    Dragon Tiger is a simple and rapid card qame any casino enthusiast will loveItis very easy to understand and play, yet at the same time stil intriguing and manages to keep players eager to know the outcome
    Sometimes referred to as a two-card game version of Baccarat, Dragon Tiger involves two competing cards which are dealt on a table, one side representing the Tiger and the other representing the Dragon.Players need to place a bet on the side which gets the highest card, or if the outcome will be a tie.
    On the sides of the screen you car see a typical oriental dragon on one side and a tiger on the other.This game is perfect for anyone who wishes to chill and play a simple game. Enjoy an easy-going yet captivating casino game with Honor Club.Play Dragon Tiger now.
  • Cyber Striker Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Cyber Striker Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlimited money]

    Welcome to "Cyber Striker" – where neon lights meet digital mayhem! ✨ Step into a futuristic realm as the guardian of this cyber city. Lead your mighty Stickman squad to smash through enemies and obliterate every monstrous foe in your path!

    ️ Experience electrifying cross-action adventures:
    Dive into the dazzling neon landscapes and face off against mechanical demons. Reclaim the future tainted by dark forces as you unleash the power of your Stickman heroes.

    Game Features:

    Neon Aesthetics: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking glow of neon lights, embracing the digital beauty of the future city.
    Thrilling Action: Engage in unique cross-genre combat, utilizing the strength of your Stickman squad to crush opponents.
    Skill Unleashed: Unlock powerful skills, release destructive energy, and watch enemies crumble before your might.
    Enemy Armada: Confront a variety of mechanical monsters and digitized foes, testing your tactical wit and reflexes.
    Future Warfare: Defend the future from the invasion of dark forces in a world filled with technological fantasies.
    Become the guardian of "Cyber Striker" and let your Stickman squad shine on the digital battlefield of the future! Join this exhilarating battle now, sweep away all foes, and continue the legend of the digital hero in your hands!
  • Buried Survivor Roguelike Мод APK 1.0 4.0

    Buried Survivor Roguelike Мод APK 1.0

    *Play with keyboard and mouse for fully experience!!!*



    Prepare to face the uncountable number of enemies in this rogue-like game. BURIED stances you as Ari - a sorcerer who found herself awake in a vast land mixed with dust and death - as she wishes to unearth the true secret of her lost memory and put a decision to her very own fate.

    Let the source of light from a beloved friend cast aside the shadow when you join Aria on the path decoding her true form of power and self-awareness. Will Aria ever find out what she seeks? Will there be any mystery lurking around her unusual power? By chance, this could not be fathomed by a mere bystander, but you, who are going to lend her your great strength and determination.

    *Key features*

    - Battle fierce monsters and formidable bosses through various areas in the game.
    - Unlock items, skills and magic that bolsters your ground to the deadliest level.
    - Engage in bloodshed alone or team up with background characters on your journey to proceed the main story.
    - Discover and record all fragments through different questlines into a personal journal.
    - Updates and new features ensure replayability through player's choices and builds.

    "It's raining heavily. They're coming to eat you whole… Are you still asleep?"
  • They Breathe Мод APK 1.4 [Full] 4.0

    They Breathe Мод APK 1.4 [Full]

    A lone frog descends into the depths of a forest filled with water, not yet knowing the full extent of its tragedy. To survive in a brutal, oxygen-obsessed ecosystem, you must help it see the patterns and hidden truths that make up the rules of the forest - horrible as they may be.

    They Breathe is a critically acclaimed indie gem, finally available on Android. In thirty short minutes, the game leaves it up to you to figure out every part of its increasingly bizarre universe, in order to survive the onslaught of unexpected creatures and ultimately comprehend their true nature. No matter how your descent to the bottom of the forest takes shape, it is guaranteed to give you the chills.

    Keep your eyes open, for there is darkness beneath the surface. And you're not at the bottom yet.
  • Crush To Win 3

    Crush To Win

    Are you ready to enter a world filled with magic and mystery? Crush To Win invites you on an exhilarating puzzle adventure journey. This game is designed for those seeking fun and challenges, and it will take you into a world brimming with color and joy. Use your intelligence and creativity to unlock each addictive puzzle with a kaleidoscope of patterns!

  • Zombotron Re-Boot Мод APK 1.0.0 4.9

    Zombotron Re-Boot Мод APK 1.0.0

    Fight with zombies, with evil robots and other undead creatures to survive in the crazy world of Zombotron. The action takes place on an unknown one day colonized planet, which over time was abandoned and forgotten by people. Find and rescue survivals to discover the mystery of the mysterious planet together.

    Zombotron Re-Boot is a remaster of the original Zombotron Flash game series, with updated graphics, an improved physics engine and new, incredibly rich effects!

    Key Features:
    — Well-developed destructible physical world;
    — Lots of different weapons;
    — You can destroy enemies using the environment;
    — Various enemies with unique abilities;
    — Use the gamepad and headphones for best experience.

    How to play:
    — Use the left screen stick to control the hero;
    — Use the right screen stick to aim and HOLD a direction to attack;
    — Interact with the environment to activate interactive objects;
    — Discover the levels to find new weapons and keep track of your ammunition;
    — Just take a break for healing - the hero is healed automatically.
  • Two Horns 4

    Two Horns

    Embark on an adrenaline-pumping journey with 'Two Horns', a multiplayer sensation merging action and strategy. Enter a mystical realm where players morph into formidable horned warriors, customizing characters and mastering distinct abilities. Engage in fierce battles, teaming up with friends or facing off against rivals in competitive modes. The game boasts stunning visuals, immersing you in diverse landscapes ripe for exploration and conquest. Whether you crave cooperative quests or high-stakes PvP showdowns, Two Horns delivers an electrifying gaming escapade that demands skill and tactical prowess.

  • Mahjong Frenzy 3.6

    Mahjong Frenzy

    Mahjong Frenzy is a wonderful and exciting tabletop game played by two players against each other. It is a simplified version of traditional four-player mahjong, but just as much strategy and fun.
    In two-player mahjong, a mahjong deck consisting of 72 tiles is used. Each player is randomly assigned 8 cards at the start and decides their strategy based on the cards in their hand. The goal is to form a legal hand as quickly as possible by combining and eating touch tiles and to get the highest score at the end of the game.
    When the game begins, players can decide whether to draw or grab a card from the pile based on their hand. When a card is drawn, the player has the option of either leaving a card in the hand and placing it in the pile, or combining it with a card in the hand using this newly drawn card. The combination can be a straight (three consecutive cards), a carve (the same three cards) or a pair (the same two cards). When a player completes a legal combination and plays a card, the other player has the option of eating, touching or konging that card.
    Eat means to extend the hand by forming a straight with a card from one's own hand and the played card. A touch is when another player plays a card that is the same as a pong (or kong) in his or her hand, and eats it into his or her set. A kong is when a player already has three identical cards in their hand, and can make up the fourth card with the played card.
    Scoring in the game is based on the number of tiles, combinations and kongs each player has. Typically, there are four suits in a mahjong deck (Wan, Bars, Tubes, and Word tiles), and each suit has a certain number of points. At the end of the game, each player counts the tiles in his hand according to specific rules, and the player with the highest final score wins.
    Mahjong Frenzy is a game that tests players' strategy and luck, and is also a great way to improve communication and entertainment. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, Mahjong for Two can bring you endless fun and challenges. Come and experience this ancient but still popular game with your friends!
  • Winlator 3.3


    Winlator is an emulator for Android that allows you to run x86 and x64 Windows apps and programs via emulation, including PC games. To perform the emulation, Winlator uses Wine, Box86, and Box64.

    After installing the app, Winlator will install all the content from the obb file that comes with the XAPK, so it may take a few seconds until you can use the app. After that, you can create separate containers to run a virtual desktop or run games on Android. To install them, you first need to copy them to the internal memory of your device.

    Winlator allows you to run PC games like Fallout 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mass Effect 2, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as well as other titles and programs. The performance of the games depends on the device you're using, since the games will run more smoothly with a more powerful processor.

    When you run a program or game, you can choose the screen size, the graphics driver, the DX Wrapper version, the graphics card you want to emulate, how many processor cores you want to simulate, and so forth. To enjoy the best emulation, you'll have to experiment with all these settings. For games, it's possible to use a mouse and keyboard, or you can use your screen's touch controls.

    Download the APK of Winlator now to run PC games on your Android.
  • Joy Domino 3.5

    Joy Domino

    Joy Domino, the most interesting local board game in Indonesia. Enjoy our various types of board games, various interesting events and get free prizes every day.
    Are you ready to start your adventure playing local board games? There is a large selection of games waiting for you! Come on, download and play Joy Domino now!

    All your favorite games in one app:

    1. Card Games
    The most popular type of card game is at Joy Domino. Starting from the excitement of classic Rummy, and much more. Delve into a world of diverse sensations at Joy Domino now!

    2. Fish Shooting Game
    Enter the exciting world of ocean adventure with Joy Domino. A fascinating fish shooting game that brings you an unrivaled sensation of underwater adventure! This game invites players to explore colorful marine life, and you can duel with other players to find hidden treasures and action that will get your adrenaline pumping.

    3. Various interesting events
    Follow the excitement of interesting events at Joy Domino! Get tempting additional chip bonuses, and don't miss the special avatars and turrets that will fascinate you even more. Join now!

    Download Joy Domino now! You will enjoy the pleasure of the sensation of winning in every game that is easy to get.

    Enjoy stunning graphics and attractive designs. Play Joy Domino now and win lots of prizes to share with your friends. When else can you enjoy fantastic gameplay like this other than at Joy Domino.

    • Play games every day with the free capital provided
    • Log in with your Facebook account or visitor account to play on multiple devices without losing your game progress.
    • This game is only a game to entertain and fill your free time, this is not gambling just an entertainment game and also does not offer the opportunity to win prizes in the real world.
    • Playing or winning this game does not translate into future success.

    Please note: This game is intended for adults only (Aged 21 and over) and is for entertainment purposes only.
    This game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
  • Criminal Russian Mafia Cars Мод APK 3.2 [Unlimited money] 3.4

    Criminal Russian Mafia Cars Мод APK 3.2 [Unlimited money]

    A russian crime game about cars. In the courtyard of the criminal Russia of the nineties years, you have to drive a LADA 2107 seven series and drive around the criminal city, collecting coins and rare diamonds for tuning. In this car game you have access to 6 hit cars: Zhiguli 2107 Seven, Lada 2115 Samara, VAZ 2108 Eight, Black gelendewagen (Gelik), GAZ Volga and rare GT Chaika. Before you can unlock these cars, you first need to find them in the mafia city and buy them.

    Be a real boss or step on the slippery path of crime and be a gangster - bandit, start driving Russian hit cars such as Zhiguli and Lada and get to the brutal black gelik - a real criminal car!

    Come into your personal garage! Browse the found cars and do tuning - improve engine power, increase top speed, change wheels or repaint your cars!

    Your attention is presented to the criminal gangster city of the 90s, as well as forests, villages, an abandoned building, where you yourself can choose a driving style - calm and safe driving in compliance with traffic rules, or extreme and free driving along the roads of gangster villages .
    Try to drive carefully during the game or repair your car at service stations.

    - Huge realistic crime Russia 3D.
    - A game about Russian cars in gangster Russia of the nineties and zero years.
    - Realistic driving simulator, with changing camera view.
    - Car traffic on the roads of the mafia city: you can meet Gazelle, Lada seven, Lada Granta, VAZ 2108, Lada 2109 and Kalina GT a PAZ bus and many others.
    - Your garage, where you can choose a car and do tuning.
    - Ability to call a tow truck if the car is stuck.
    - View from the 1st and from the 3rd person.
  • Space Intern Мод APK 0.05 4.7

    Space Intern Мод APK 0.05

    Embark on a cosmic internship adventure with Space Intern, a dynamic 2D platformer!

    Game Features:
    - Unique mechanics in every world, from gravity inversion to playing as a hologram
    - Encounter quirky foes like jumping space snails, explosive frogs, and synchronized jellyfish swimmers
    - Conquer 40 escalating hand-crafted levels, each with increasing difficulty and complexity
    - Face 4 distinct bosses, presenting the final challenge in each world
    - Enjoy witty comedic dialogues with peculiar co-workers throughout the game
    - Customize your character with various skins
    - Immerse yourself in original pixel art graphics that capture the essence of space
    - Groove to original soundtracks tailored for each of the four worlds
    - Unlock original achievements for an extended cosmic thrill
    - Engage in side activities, collecting two hidden stars in each level
    - Gamepad support for enhanced gameplay
    - Available in 9 languages for a global adventure.
  • Zooba Survivors: .io game Мод APK 1.7 4.0

    Zooba Survivors: .io game Мод APK 1.7

    Join the ultimate battle for survival in Zooba Survivors, a thrilling survival roguelike game with mid-core RPG elements! Unleash your strategic skills, collect heroes, and take down hordes of zombies in a heart-pounding adventure.

    Assemble your dream team of heroes from the beloved characters of Zooba and Suspects! Each character brings unique skills and weapons to the table, allowing for endless tactical possibilities. Formulate the perfect strategy and annihilate the undead menace!

    Discover a diverse cast of heroes, each with their own distinct abilities and playstyles. Level them up, equip powerful gear, and unlock epic abilities to enhance your chances of survival. Build an unstoppable team and adapt to any challenge!

    Embrace the depth of mid-core RPG gameplay as Zooba Survivors offers numerous progression paths. Enhance your heroes, unlock new abilities, gather resources, and unlock exciting upgrades. There's always something new to strive for!

    ⚔️ CAN YOU SURVIVE? ⚔️
    Engage in thrilling survival matches where your skills and quick thinking will be put to the ultimate test. Defeat zombies, earn XP, and upgrade your hero's skills temporarily to gain an edge against the relentless undead. Stay on your toes and survive the ever-increasing difficulty!

    Survive, strategize, and become the ultimate survivor in this thrilling roguelike RPG adventure. The undead await your arrival!
  • Offroad Mania Project Мод APK 1.1 4.0

    Offroad Mania Project Мод APK 1.1

    Choose your favorite SUV and pass the levels. Play with 17 different vehicles. Simple controls, obstacles to overcome and awesome cars. For those who love offroad games.

    Offroad mania project features:
    - Challenging obstacles
    - 17 Different vehicles
    - Free ride
    - Snowy map
    - 55 levels set on various maps
  • Yow Ludo Game 3.6

    Yow Ludo Game

    Yow Ludo is the amazing game that you can play with your friends & family. The game has four colors: red, blue, green and yellow. Are your friends kings of Ludo? Bring them all to the classic game played by the Indian emperors
  • Lucky Fly 3.7

    Lucky Fly

    In the depths of virtual reality, an alluring world unfolds through Aviator – a game where you are poised to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of celestial adventures. In the sky, a dramatic spectacle unfolds, as two planes engage in a lively dance heading towards each other.

    The plane soaring confidently at altitude becomes a source of enchanting tokens that gracefully descend like stars, adorning the heavens with their twinkling. And now, on this magical stage, you're presented with the chance to assume the role of the second Aviator plane, boldly embarking on a journey towards these luminous droplets.

    Behind each token lies not only its sparkle and enticing beauty but also a numerical value capable of altering the outcome of your flight. You – a pilot of courage and determination – now hold the fate of the game in your precise manoeuvres. With the use of two buttons, you control the plane of fortune, aiming for each token as if you were a bird, soaring freely in the air.

    Under your skilful mastery, the plane-catcher glides smoothly across the horizon, akin to an actor on the theatre of the sky. Every skilled movement, every calculated manoeuvre, is your response to invisible threads connecting you to the celestial drama. Let the tokens fall like a meteor shower; tirelessly you gather them, as if treasures amidst the clouds.

    The game continues like an endless sunrise in the celestial sea. Your mission is to carry on this captivating flight until your skill and determination carry you afar or until the outcome of your game approaches zero – signalling the conclusion of this celestial journey.

    Rise into the skies, bold aviators, and explore enchanting horizons together with Avia or good adviser. Incredible emotions and unforgettable impressions await you, and only you, the daring traveller, can take flight on the wings of this exhilarating game.

    Please note that the game is intended solely for entertainment and an engaging experience. All winnings, achievements, and rewards obtained within the game remain virtual and are accessible only within the gaming environment.
  • LottoStar Sports 3.8

    LottoStar Sports

    A football-themed quiz that will keep you entertained for a long time. There is only one lottostar photo and four answer choices. The player only needs to correctly identify the athlete's first and last name. There are a total of 10 questions. At the end the statistics are tallied with the number of correct answers.

    The quiz has no timer and there is no time limit. When an answer is chosen, you only have to press the appropriate button to continue. You have to be attentive - you won't be able to go back.

    Simple controls will allow you to quickly pass the quiz. If difficulties arise, it is worth looking at the player's uniform. For example, the colours of FC Porto lottostar are laconic: white and blue. The jersey has wide vertical stripes. The sleeves and shorts are solid blue. Knowing such nuances, it is easier to identify the name and surname of a football player.

    You can find photos of athletes from Spanish, Portuguese and other popular clubs in the world. They are all known to football fans. Therefore, you should not be afraid of having trouble guessing.

    You do not need much lottostar time to pass the quiz. You can play in any environment. Controls are done with a touch of a finger on the screen. So, it's easy to take the quiz in transport or in a queue. Try it with your friends. Find out how well they know football.


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