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  • Transport Simulator Bus Game 3.9

    Transport Simulator Bus Game

    Indian Offroad Bac Gari Games. Start playing City Coach Bus India Game Simulator today, a legendary modern bus driving games and simulator real bus parking game loved by euro mobile bus drivers around the world.

    Drive carefully a public transport simulator bus to enjoy our new bus games offline mode and tourist bus parking mode.

    Start the double-decker bus engine and drive Indonesia bus coach as a real bus driver simulator, go towards the city bus station to pick up passengers of realistic bus simulator driving coach games.

    Bus Sim Ultimate Driving mode:

    Pickup passengers like men, women, & children from offroad bus stations, school, offices. Even pickup bus doctors & engineers from their offices in ultimate offline bus simulator India game.

    Public Transporter Bus Simulator:

    Drive coach bus in city highway and village offroad tracks. Enjoy this free bus games 3d with an eye-catching environment of this new bus wala game

    What a wonderful view of the Mountain Hills Driving Bus Game…

    Entertain with zigzag and horrible mountain hilly tracks with raining and snow falling. All roads are slippery with snow and rain. Its amazing to drive double decker bus on river bank with thunderstorm.

    Admiring view of City Bus simulator driving Coach Sim…

    In public coach bus transport simulator game, drive tourist bus & new party bus 3d on 4 lane flyovers & canal bank motorway roads of highway racing traffic racer game.
    Slow down bus race near markets & school bus service roads in offline bus games 3d.

    Mobile Bus or Passenger bus Parking 3d mode:

    Max & More Fun Games give its special bus parking games offline mode to improve the simulator bus driving games skills and make the pro & real master bus driver in our new parking bus game 3d offline games bus.

    American City Bus Parking Simulator:

    Don't try rough driving buss and coach bus racing with cars, heavy bikes and other mini buses. Beware of colliding with obstacles and hurdles in our top bus games simulator: new bus games offline.

    Garage of Public Travel Bus Parker 3d:
    Bus racing games have luxury and modern buses. Select your favorite real sports bus from coach ultimate bus garage and make fun with this free bus parking simulator driving game off road.

    Indian buses with euro India bus drivers.
    Indonesian buses in Indonesia bus race game.
    US American buses in parking bus passenger game
    London double decker bus xtreme for bus long drive game

    Highway Bus Parking and Driving Game Customization:

    Our best bus mission game gives all customization buses. Customize the

    i. 20+ Textures color bus
    ii. 5+ Bus rims
    iii. 4+ Bus horn sound
    iv. 4+ Sticker buss
    v. Indian flag bus euro

    Apply your favorite customization in each level of our free bas game.

    Impossible Bus Coach Driver Game Control:

    Easy and smooth control of all crazy buses in MM bus mobile simulation games with

    Steering control in offroad bus travel game.
    Tilt control of school bus express game.
    Button control with highway driving bus simulator games.

    Bus wali Game 3d Features:

    - Play bus offline games 3d
    - 360 & HD graphics of transport bus coach
    - Ultimate new bus racer game
    - Euro coach bus driver simulator 3d
    - Hard parking missions of buses parking
    - 3d garage with coach bus simulator game 3d
    - Bus India driver mode in cargo bas drive game

    Let’s go to play bus chalane wala game with great fun to pick and drop passengers in our free sleeper bus game - Indian bus drive offroad game.
  • Rage of Demon King 3.9

    Rage of Demon King

    Rage of Demon King game 3D Demon Slayer story: In the distant Heian period ...

    A young man suffering from illness is trying to survive

    Later he became a demon

    Although he had an immortal life span and an indestructible body,

    he had to hunt other people and could never stand up in the sunlight.

    In order to overcome his only weakness, he created many powerful demons through blood curse.

    The evil night has come.

    At times, there are righteous and brave people who practice breathing techniques and follow the Ubuyashiki clan to form a Demon Slayer Squad and fight against the evil spirits.

    Will this save the human world?


    In order to soothe the spirits of those it killed, and to make sure it claims no further victims... I will swing my blade down and lop off the head of any demon without mercy!

    •Recreate masterpiece and we shall hunt demons together

    Relive all the epic and touching scenes of Demon Slayers, together we shall meet new friends and cut through blood curse to write your own legend.

    •Tons of heroes

    All the popular characters are here, collect them and setup your team with different skills accordingly. Lead your squad and achieve victory!

    •Multiple upgrades, tactics gameplay

    Upgrade levels and ascend your heroes to enhance their skills also combat efficiency. Use different setups to face tough battles and overcome your enemy with tactical gameplay

    •Quick upgrade, idle game

    No more hard-farming, say hello to the idle game and its relaxing game experience. A single tap is all you need! Easy to play with

    •Dozens of game modes

    Ore Mine War, Pillar Trials, Secret Books, and etc. More various game environment are waiting for you to explore! Time to discover this unique Demon Slayer world!
  • Dungeon Mutation Мод APK 0.1.10 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Dungeon Mutation Мод APK 0.1.10 [Unlimited money]

    Warriors trapped in the dungeon face challenges in the ever-changing environment of the dungeon
    [Roguelike] action-adventure
    Dungeons will mutate based on player choices
    Up to 300 random attributes to enhance the strength of the warrior
    Charge has a growth attribute, not only has damage, but also has various effects, such as rebounding long-range attacks
    More than 80 kinds of enemies in the game are waiting for challenges
  • Tarisland 3.3


    Tarisland is a non-P2W MMORPG on PC/mobile, featuring raids, diverse classes & builds, and a vast world for exploration. Here, myths are real, ghosts exist, and magic is unquestioned. In this immense, open-world playground, you can choose from various races, each with unique skills and abilities and embark on an epic adventure full of mystery and dangers to overcome.

    Choose from several, fully customizable classes, and tailor your character. With each class offering two types of specialization, each with over 40 talents, you can define a character that best suits your preference and play style.

    Tarisland is a world full of dangers and rewards. Face down monsters and bosses for loot, join with four other allies in the instanced dungeons. Alternatively form a 10 player team to challenge the most powerful Raid BOSS of Tarisland. Just like everything else in Tarisland, your choices will decide your destiny.

    Adventure awaits all who set foot in Tarisland as you uncover mysteries of an ancient and wondrous past. Explore and discover diverse civilizations and different races, each with its unique culture, history, and character styles. Tarisland rewards the more adventurous with random puzzle events and gmini-games to be solved.

    The goal of the developer is to create a high-quality and sustainable game ecosystem in Tarisland with no attribute-enhancing items sold.

    Progression in Tarisland is based on a seasonal system, offering new PvE content and new PvP challenges. Players will be able to catch up between seasons, allowing everyone to start questing together at the beginning of a season.

    Tarisland has full two-way interaction between PC and mobile devices. The PC version also offers a customizable interface.
  • Undawn CN 3.3

    Undawn CN

    Undawn (黎明觉醒) is the new shooter RPG from Tencent and Lightspeed & Quantum Studios. Through spectacular graphics, you can enjoy the immersion in an open world that is being destroyed by zombies and other extremely dangerous creatures. You need to work with your teammates to shoot and destroy all the enemies in different locations while trying to survive in this hostile environment.

    One of the key features of Undawn is that the game has been designed so that it can be launched on either Android or PC. Just like with releases from the eastern giant PUBG, this means that players can fight their way through this dark world together on both platforms.

    In Undawn you have to respond to the distress signal that is coming from inside the Raven shelter. Its people are in danger and there are numerous factions trying to spread chaos in the city. Roman, Tom, Caine, Yevgeny, and other main characters will try to make the most of their weapons to cut down each and every rival who tries to wipe you out. The game boasts an intuitive control system that is completely adapted for mobile devices.

    Undawn has a spectacular visual and audio scene play that will immerse you in an exciting game. As you explore this vast, open world you need to take the lead in completing missions and using your weapons in an intensive cooperative mode to defeat evil. By trying out the abilities of each character you can discover surprises and unlock new items that will help you in your battles. But don't forget, in the meantime, you also need to work on increasing your shelter's defenses to protect yourself against the violent gangs of zombies that spring up on the map.
    Note: Players can log in to the game with Wechat or QQ account.
  • Skibidi Toilet Hunt Horror 2 Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Skibidi Toilet Hunt Horror 2 Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money]

    Hunt Skibidi Toilet Horror 2 game is a horror game with a character of Skibidi Toilet Horror 2, and it's also an action game. The game will take you to a faraway place where the Skibidi Toilet Horror 2 is haunting players around the world. It's an extremely scary yet enjoyable experience Skibidi Toilet Horror 2 that you can only get when playing this game.

    You have arrived at an abandoned city. To save you need to find all the weapons and escape from this cursed place.
    There are legends that at night a Skibidi Toilet Horror 2 through the area and looks for its prey.
    If he sees someone, he will turn into Skibidi Toilet Horror 2 and start catching up very fast!
  • 소녀전기: 방치형 액션 RPG Мод APK 1.5.5 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][Weak enemy][Invincible][Mod speed] 4.0

    소녀전기: 방치형 액션 RPG Мод APK 1.5.5 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][Weak enemy][Invincible][Mod speed]

    Welcome to the world of "Girl Electric", a new idle action RPG where growing up is easy and fighting is fun!

    ▶ Game Features
    1. Easy growth, brilliant battles
    Growing up is very easy and comfortable, and the battles are thrilling. You can feel the joy in your eyes just by watching the battle with the easy control and the girl's fancy skills!
    2. Optimization
    You can feel the perfect optimization and neatness of the 2.5D idle game!
    3. User Convenience
    Various rewards are pouring every day, and the rewards are piled up one by one even if you don't have to turn on the additional game!

    Log in now and have a great time with Girls' Electric!!

    [Official Cafe]
  • Escape from Restroom Мод APK 1.3 [Remove ads][Unlimited money] 4.0

    Escape from Restroom Мод APK 1.3 [Remove ads][Unlimited money]

    I found myself in the restroom.

    I have to get out of here. ....

    ------- features-------
    ・This game is a short escape game with only one stage.
    ・All you have to do is tap objects.
    ・Progress is automatically saved, so you can start from the middle of the game at any time.
    ・When you are stuck on how to proceed, you can proceed the story by looking at "hints" and "answers".
    ・Paint notes are available to help you think about solving the puzzles.
    ・You can enjoy the game for free until the end.

    -------How to play-------
    ・Tap the place you are interested in to check it out.
     You may find a puzzle or an item.
    ・Tap the item box to zoom in on the item you have obtained.
    ・Items can be combined with other items or used in the field.
    ・Hints for solving puzzles are hidden in various places. Tap in various places to find clues.
    ・If you don't know how to proceed or how to solve a puzzle, you can use the "Hint" button.
     If you still don't know how to solve a puzzle, there is an "Answer" button to help you find the answer.
    ・If you want to start from the middle of a puzzle, click the "CONTINUE" button on the title screen to continue.

    Various riddles are available in the restroom. Click in various places to find clues to solve the riddles. When you reach the end, you should be able to leave the toilet.
  • Shadow Fight - Action Thriller Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode] 4.0

    Shadow Fight - Action Thriller Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode]

    ☯ HOW TO PLAY☯

    ○ Combo attack for a wide range of damage.
    ○ Upgrade your items to higher levels
    ○ Skills can be upgraded to levels 1,2,3, 4, or more to become stronger.
    ○ Avoid direct hit from significant shadow boss fighters
    ○ After a shadow fight obtain your new energy and power
    ○ Get rare items by collecting the magic materials

    Immersive 3D graphics
    The game's realistic 3D graphics and animations immerse you right into the epic combat action.

    Easy controls
    Control your hero like in best classical fighting games and get a console-level battle experience on your mobile device.

    Fun multiplayer battles
    - Make a team of 3 heroes and battle in online multiplayer mode. You score a victory in a fight, only if you can defeat all of the opponent's heroes in an epic battle. Or fight offline against advanced, machine-learning bots! If you are tired of the monotony of Mortal Kombat or Injustice then this game is for you!

    Epic heroes
    - Build a team of the best warriors, samurai, and ninja. Collect and upgrade all the heroes — Each one has unique abilities that you can change and adjust to your style.

    Hero talents
    - Level up and unlock cool ninja talents and become like Naruto! Choose the top talents that suit your playstyle, change them, and experiment to boost your winrate. Decide which style is the most fun!

    Battle Pass
    - A new season starts each month — get free chests and coins for winning! A subscription gets you access to the premium cosmetic items, and lets you collect free bonus cards without ads.

    Brawl with friends
    - Find out who the top Shadow Fight player is: challenge a friend to a PvP duel. Send an invitation or join a friend who's already playing — you can do some serious practice or just beat each other up! Also you can beat advanced bots offline for training your skills!

    Cosmetic items and customizations
    - Cool hero skins — win with style
    - Emotes and taunts — send them to your opponent during a fight to show your superiority or thank them for a well play
    - Epic stances and ninja moves — celebrate your victory with cool 3D action animations

    Become the top fighter
    - Arena is easy to learn, but to become a true master in multiplayer mode, you'll need to watch tutorial videos, practice with friends, and be part of our active community.

    Discord — https://discord.com/invite/ashasgaming
    Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/ashasgaming/
    Facebook — https://facebook.com/ashasgaming
    Twitter — https://twitter.com/ashasgaming
    Chatie — https://ashas.org/ashasgaming
    Tech Support: https://ashas.org/gaming/support
  • Shark Rage Мод APK 1 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Shark Rage Мод APK 1 [Unlimited money]

    In this game you'll play as a Shark, make rampage out of nowhere and unleash your RAGE!

    Level up your shark and equip awesome gadgets to become SHARK RAGE!
    CUSTOMIZE your Shark with variety of skins & accessories.

    Features & Highlights:
    • Next-Gen Mobile graphics.
    • Physics based shark animations.
    • Smooth controls with easy & Addictive game play.
    • Three different modes: Tasks, Free Mode & Rampage.
    • Realistic Beach & Swimming pool environments.
    • In-game Screenshot Mode (in Pause Menu at right-bottom corner).
    • Equip yourself with gadgets to improve the chance to complete tasks.
    • You can run this game on 60FPS.

    Important Notes:
    • At least 2GB ram.
    • If you get black-screen, grant all the needed permissions.
  • 米琪果汁店-可愛Q版經營遊戲 Мод APK 0.3.6 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    米琪果汁店-可愛Q版經營遊戲 Мод APK 0.3.6 [Unlimited money]

    "Mickey Juice Shop-Cute Q Version Business Game" is a simulation business game. Mickey from the countryside got the juice formula from her grandfather , let Mickey come to the luxury commercial street to run a juice shop to exercise Mickey's ability Management ability ‍.

    So Mickey came to an unfamiliar environment and started her juice shop business journey. Facing the expectations of her grandfather, her older sister Phoebe Carla who has to compete with Mickey in everything, difficult clients, competition from her peers... all kinds of factors make Mickey feel the pressure. Can you help cute Mickey manage the juice shop ?

    Come and experience it, you will find running a juice shop fun and easy!

    【Receive customers】

    You will meet all kinds of customers, some are friendly , some drink Bawang juice ... use your wisdom to deal with these customers!

    【Development of the best juice】

    10+ different fruits, and different drinks, you can freely develop juices with different tastes. You can also decorate lemon slices , small umbrellas ☔️, duckling cup sleeves, roses on the juice... While attracting customers, increase the value of the juice.

    【Enjoy Decoration】

    Everything in the juice shop can be decorated, you can decorate the ceiling , counters, hanging ornaments, change the piggy bank, wallpaper, cups... Play it and enjoy it.

    【Recruit employees】

    If you're in a rush in business, don't worry, go to the job market. According to your needs, recruit employees with different talents‍‍, they can help you when making juice. And what's more, you can also train your employees and improve their experience!

    【Replace the juicer】

    If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. If you want to make juice better and faster, you need to earn more shells to replace the juicer with better functions. The juicer may break down during use, but it doesn't matter, the maintenance can still be used, yes Isn't it fun ?

    【Cultivate business management ability】

    With "Mickey's Juice Shop-Cute Q Version Casual Fun Simulation Business Game", let's cultivate business management ability together! Make Mickey's Juice Shop the most popular juice shop!

    Game Features:

    Free to download, free to play

    Arbitrarily mix and match fruits, develop different recipes, and stimulate your creativity

    Nervous and exciting, during the limited waiting time of customers⏰, quickly complete the juice making

    In the game, exercise your management skills. How to deal with customers! Different reception methods will have different results. You will meet all kinds of customers and fight wits with them. In the process of making juice, we must also beware of monkeys , alpacas and other small animals making trouble...

    ★Exert your creativity according to your own style, design, decorate and expand your own juice store as you like

    Action is worse than heart, come and run a juice shop with Mickey , and become the most popular boss in the commercial street!

    Email: [email protected]
  • ChainArena Мод APK 1.5.0 [High Damage][Invincible] 4.0

    ChainArena Мод APK 1.5.0 [High Damage][Invincible]

    a. ChainArena is an idle RPG set in the fantasy world of Basel. After the ChainGuardians are sent back in time, they are enlisted into a treacherous war along-side the Skull Arena Heroes to take down the Dragon Tribe.
    1. Summon the mightiest Skull Heroes and ChainGuardians for the Hero Wars
    2. Form a team of 6 to defeat epic bosses
    3. The battle continues while you are AFK (Idle)
    4. Over 5,000+ stages to conquer

    1. Upgrade your team with exclusive Chain Guardian characters
    2. Bring your pre-owned Chain Guardians into the fight
    3. Join a guild with other exclusive game token owners
    4. Collect exclusive trading cards

    1. Enter the Daily Dungeon to gain various rewards
    2. Race to the top of the Wraith Tower
    3. Fierce 5 vs 5 PVP Battles
    4. Conquer the Dragon Raids

    1. Join a Guild to battle in Guild Wars
    2. Collect Guild Artifacts for additional buffs
    3. Receive daily attendance rewards and guild level benefits
    4. Participate in co-op Guild Raids for more rewards and guild exp
    5. Gain access to the Guild Armory for special weapons
  • Demon Hunt Knights - Roguelike Мод APK 3.0 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage] 4.0

    Demon Hunt Knights - Roguelike Мод APK 3.0 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage]

    Welcome to Demon Hunt Kinghts! A Stylized pixel roguelike shooting game!

    Game Introduction
    Demon Hunt Kinghts is a stylized roguelike shooting game. You will explore and fight in the unknown dungeons. Collect hundreds of weapons and treasures, activate cards to build your genre, and defeat the various monsters to save the land!

    "Once upon a time there is a mysterious organization with the name Demon Hunting in this glorious broken land, and brought thousands of years of peace. On a quiet night, a meteorite fell to earth, billions of demons emerged from the gap in time and space, killing and enslaving lives indiscr iminately. The peace that lasted for thousands of years no longer existed. Once again, the Demon Hunters stepped forward......"

    Are you the brave knight that we've been waiting for?

    Game Features
    ■ Mage, Archer, Assassin, and Warrior with different talents, train them to boost power!
    ■ Exciting shoot'em up, easy joystick control to enjoy intensive combat.
    ■ Randomly generated dungeons to explore. Various enemies, secret rooms with mystery events and hidden shops, enjoy super duper fun!
    ■ A unique card system to support your fight. Collect cards and activate them to build your own combat genre.
    ■ 100+weapons and relics. You can always choose the most suitable weapons to equip your roles.
    ■ Various gameplays, show your power in all dungeons!
    The same roguelike, with a different gaming experience. pick up the weapon and conquer the dungeon!

    Game Community
  • Idle RPG Adventure Hero Мод APK 1.0.3 [Mod Menu][God Mode] 4.0

    Idle RPG Adventure Hero Мод APK 1.0.3 [Mod Menu][God Mode]

    Idle RPG Adventure Hero is a journey of a great Hero. You against bone monsters is an exciting role-playing game in which you will take on the role of a mighty character to fight against a group of evil bone monsters that are ravaging the world. You will have to go through many adventures and battles with monsters to gain experience and necessary items to enhance the strength of your character.

    The game is designed with fantasy graphics and vivid sound, creating a vast virtual world full of challenges and mysteries for you to explore. You can customize your character with various types of weapons and equipment, creating the most powerful warrior to fight against the bone monsters and protect our world.

    - Beautiful worlds.
    - Many items for summoning.
    - Many power skills.
    - Dungeons are ready to be discovered.

    Get ready to become a hero and face the challenges in this Idle RPG Adventure Hero against bone monsters!
  • Skibidi Toilet Man Мод APK 1.3 [Remove ads] 4.0

    Skibidi Toilet Man Мод APK 1.3 [Remove ads]

    Skibidi Toilet Man is a scary escape adventure game. There are a lot of scenarios where there's a lot of escape routes, and there's a poop killer chasing you that you need to dodge quickly. The game is rich in weapons, and the super many missions and competitive battles bring you a new competition. Make a quick escape from the dark scene.
  • Matatu (Champion) 3.8

    Matatu (Champion)

    The most popular card game in Uganda introduces a new way you can play with your friends.

    For immediate response to any queries contact us on the Matatu game facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/MatatuGame/
  • Undress Me 3.5

    Undress Me

    "Undress Me" is a simple game.

    - Pick one of the four models
    - Collect as many bottles on your case by sliding left and right
    - Watch models undress as you advance to the next level.

    - If you miss five bottles then the game is over :(

    Use your skills and try your best for the final pic :) you can do it.

  • Aviator Hack - Aviator Signal 3.6

    Aviator Hack - Aviator Signal

    Mostbet is a popular online betting platform that offers a wide variety of sports and
    events to bet on. The mosbet online platform provides its users with an easy-to
    -use interface and a hassle-free betting experience. From real-time betting to pre-match betting
    , mostbets has something for everyone.

    One of the key features of Mostbet is the live betting section, which allows users to
    bet on sports events taking place in real time. This is a great option for those who want
    Take advantage of changing odds and make quick decisions based on real-time mosbets events.

    Mosbet offers competitive odds for various sports, including football, basketball, tennis,
    hockey and many others. The platform also covers a wide range of leagues and tournaments from around the world, giving
    users a wide variety of options to choose from.

    In addition to sports betting, mosbets also provides users with various casino games such as slots, blackjack and
    roulette. You can also try the popular aviator game to test your intuition and luck!

    One of the things that distinguishes mostbet casino from other betting platforms is its attention to security and
    honesty. The platform uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect user data, and all games and
    betting options are regularly checked to ensure fair play.

    In conclusion, we can say that Mostbet Aviator is a well-equipped online betting platform that offers
    a great combination of sports betting, live betting and casino games. With a user-friendly interface, competitive odds and
    a commitment to safety and fairness, mostbet apk is a great choice for those who want to bet online.
  • Tongits CO 3.5

    Tongits CO

    Enjoy your obsessive game of cards wherever you are by downloading the number one gaming app of the Philippines - Tongits CO. Our professional game publishing team has combined all traditional and modern card games into a single application. No need to wait long, just 1 click, all your favorite card games will be downloaded to your phone.

    Not only diverse card games, Tongits CO is also attractive in image and sound, giving players the most authentic feel. Join our largest community of Tongits, Pusoy, Lucky 9!

    Unique features:
    - Hit the grand Jackpot: The Jackpot is accumulated on the game of Poker and 3 Card Poker. Only an extreme strategy combined with luck will you get the Jackpot. However, the number of chips you will receive depends on your VIP level and bet size on your table. Remember, the higher the VIP, the bigger the table, the more chips you will receive.
    - Non -stop wins: At Tongits CO, success is almost certain. As long as you play the game, you win. Success in the game gives relief to the players to be more happy. Aside from the above, it also shows your high level gaming skills.
    - More bets - Win more: This is true in all games. When you get good decks, the number of chips to be won is more. For example, when you have 3 cards of the same suit in Lucky 9, you will receive 5 times your bet; You get 60 extra points if you get the Grand Dragon deck in Pusoy.
    - Best slot machine experience: The type of game that is entirely dependent on luck cannot be ignored, which is Slots. Tongits CO has 2 Slots interfaces to choose from: Slots Fruit and Slot Inca. In addition, players will receive free chips when playing Mini Slots.

    Download and feel it in your own way. Contact us if you need help, we support players 24/7.
  • OKEBET Casino 3.7

    OKEBET Casino

    Our goal here at OKEBET is your enjoyment. Casino games can provide hours of entertainment where you can test your luck and skills.
  • Pragmatic Play Slot Demo 3.9

    Pragmatic Play Slot Demo

    Pragmatic Play Demo Slots

    Demo Slots are among the many ways many online slot games are free. With this free demo online slot you can play slot games without having to spend real capital or money. All the slot games that you can try, pragmatic play demo slots, which are provided free of charge by the slot game developer company, namely Pragmatic Play.

    Pragmatic Play is a slot-themed game developer company that provides the largest free demo slot feature in Asia. Now you can try playing slot games with various themes and bonuses. Besides that, you can feel the sensation of playing slots with big capital in Demo Slots.

    Before jumping into real money slot games, it would be nice if you tried playing free demo slots first. Here you can try various patterns to be able to get the jackpot. If you are confident and find a pattern, then you can immediately try it with the slot link that we provide.

    Of course, when compared to real money slots in this demo slot, you are of course not at risk. That is why many are looking for pragmatic play demo slot accounts to play. First, register your demo slot account, then you can immediately enjoy pragmatic play demo slot games for free in this application.

    Pragmatic Play Demo Slot Games

    Pragmatic play demo slots originate from innovations from pragmatic play providers. Because many want to play slots but want to try the sensation of the game so many people are interested. Here, players can be helped by pragmatic play demo slots because they can hone their skills and try patterns that the players themselves create.

    With this demo slot application you can also choose the various types of demo slots that have been provided. You can feel the excitement of playing the demo here without having to make a deposit. Here you guys playing the demo won't find any lag unless your connection is bad. Therefore a stable connection is needed to avoid lg.

    We guarantee that you will feel the excitement of playing pragmatic play demo slots in this application. Immediately try to download the application and feel the game without the need to make a real money deposit here. Apart from that, if you want to play slot games for real, we provide it.
  • Amanda The Adventurer 3.5

    Amanda The Adventurer

    "Amanda The Adventurer" puzzle game, Digging through your attic you found a exciting box set of an old children's game, Play Amazing Amanda the Adventurer game, starring a brave girl named Amanda and a cowardly sheep named Wooly! You don't recall any best specific episodes or famous characters in the fun show! Or what happens in the exciting show exactly. Or much about it at all come to think about it, but it still feels strangely familiar. Curiosity takes hold and you decide to watch the tapes and let nostalgia take you back to a simpler age.
    Play Amanda The Adventurer puzzle game and discover the secrets! Enjoy
  • Magic Sea Casino 3.7

    Magic Sea Casino

    Play casino slot games and win big! A true Las Vegas experience!

    Looking for high-energy casino fun filled with joy? Want realistic casino game action in online games? Magic Sea Casino brings you the happiest slot games at your fingertips! Casino games just got more fun!

    Download and play now to find an extensive catalog of slot machine games that will make you feel like you are in a Las Vegas casino. We're constantly adding new casino slot games to our slot collection, so you'll have a steady stream of new games! Also, our casino games have the best graphics to fully immerse you in the true quality of Vegas casino slot machines as you spin!
    Looking for more than just slot machines? Our casino games have tournaments, holidays and special events, mini games and more! Add your friends online, spin together, go to 777 together!
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    - Generous welcome package: new players to our casino games will get tons of coins and more goodies!
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  • Pocket Candy 3.6

    Pocket Candy

    Top puzzle game: Earn up to three sparkly stars on each stage of this adventure puzzle.
    Candy match 3: Make top game matches with colorful candies and enjoy fun games.
    Fun game: Savor tasty graphics and luscious animations.

    More than 1,500 levels, there is a huge challenge.
    Many sweet candy & Hateful thief.
    Completely free to play,- Free props, no purchased.
    The perfect gaming experience, fun index is very, very high!
    Easy and fun to play, challenge mastery!
  • Lottostar - Lucky Game 3.8

    Lottostar - Lucky Game

    Welcome to our app, a fun and educational game that will test your knowledge of fruits, vegetables and berries! In this game, each level has a screen with pictures of fruit, vegetables and berries and a name written at the top. The aim of the game is to click on the correct image to match the name.

    Each correct answer gives you one point and there is no penalty for wrong answers. You can keep track of your lottostar score in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

    There are several levels in the game. The first levels will show you images of popular fruits, berries and vegetables such as apples, watermelon and tomato. As you progress through the levels, you will be presented with more complex fruits and lottostar vegetables.

    This app is a great way to test and improve your knowledge of fruits, vegetables and berries. It's perfect for all ages and can be played anywhere - at home or out and about.

    Get ready to hone your lottostar knowledge of fruits, vegetables and berries and start clicking on the right answers to earn points!
  • Power Bubbles 3

    Power Bubbles

    The classic bubble game with new awesome feature: THE POWER BUBBLE! Tap to shoot the bubble, tap and hold to shoot with power levels. Its much more fun to control the shooting bubble power making it reach just the spot you wanted. After playing with the power bubble there is no turning back to the old mode, it's a new kind of bubble popping world. Enjoy and if you like this bubble game please let it show.
  • Furby Connect World 3.4

    Furby Connect World

    Connect to a virtual world of surprises with the Furby Connect World app!

    * HATCH super cute virtual babies… Furblings! Over 60 adorable Furblings to discover!
    * CARE for your Furblings by feeding, cleaning, and healing them in order to level them up and reveal their hidden traits in the app.
    * COLLECT over 100 different items you can use to take care of your Furblings.
    * GROW your peaceful virtual Furbling village into a busy Furbling paradise over time!

    With your Furby Connect toy (sold separately), in the app you can also…

    * NAME your Furby Connect and watch it remember its name!
    * HELP Furby Connect learn song lyrics and new phrases by watching videos with it at the virtual Movie Theater! (Content changes over time.)
    * FEED your Furby Connect with virtual food using the app to find out what it likes! Furby Connect likes different things!
    * LAY over 60 different virtual Furbling eggs!
    * DISCOVER what happens when Furby Connect uses the toilet in the app!
    * PLAY with Furby Connect as it talks about what happens in its virtual world!

    NOTE: The Furby Connect World app is only compatible with the Furby Connect toy (sold separately) and is not compatible with prior apps or other Furby toys.

    = = = = =


    The Furby Connect World app supports these devices running Android 4.4 and above:

    * SAMSUNG GALAXY S4, S5, S6, S7
    * SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3, 4, 5, 10.1”
    * SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 (10.1” model only)
    * SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 4 (7”, 8”, 10.1”)
    * GOOGLE NEXUS 7 (2013 Edition and newer)
    * MOTOROLA MOTO X (Generations 1, 2)

    Check Furby.com for more information on compatibility, availability, and instructions. Make sure your device supports this app before downloading. Other devices may be compatible but are not supported. Updates may affect compatibility.
  • PROJCET GAGE Мод APK 1.35 4.0


    PROJECT GAGE is a 2D action game made by high school students in Korea.

    It features colorful graphics and cool action,
    It deals with the battle between the main character and a criminal company in Neo Seoul, a future city built on the site of the former Korea, in the future where Korea collapsed.


    Neo Seoul's largest energy company, "Photon."
    It is a dream company that any Neo Seoul citizen admires.

    "It is all thanks to Photon that a safe zone called Neo Seoul was created after the collapse of Korea.."
    "No company loves peace more than Photon..”

    Everyone thought..

    No one knew that Photon was conducting military research, human testing for his own interests.

    Photon secretly conducted an experiment in which photon energy was injected into humans to turn it into a super-soldier, and a soldier was selected as the subject of the experiment.

    But the experiment was a failure.
    The photon energy was much more unstable than expected, and the soldier who was injected with photon energy became a body that could only live if he was injected with photon energy continuously.

    Photon decides to remove the failed soldier.

    However, the photon energy was both unstable and powerful.
    The Pawton guards failed to remove the experiment, and the experimenter escapes somewhere in Neo-Seoul, vowing revenge..
  • Cube Game 3.8

    Cube Game

    a rubiks cube type of 3D puzzle.

    -small and fast
    -Low power usage.
    -Rotatable along any axis(2 fingers for viewAxis).
    -Diffrent sizes, from 2x2x2 to 13x13x13.
    -Good touch control.
    -Save your cube.
    -autosave on quit.
    -timer(max 24h)

    feedback is welcome!


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