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  • Word Master 4.6

    Word Master

    Word Master is an innovative version of the traditional “Crosswords" board puzzle.
    Not needing internet connection, using unique fast artificial intelligence resources and with highly customizable options, Word Master is used by Scrabble enthusiasts for quick offline training and induce the players to improve their skills and reasoning in the game.
    Create words with the 7 letters on your rack and place them on the 15 by 15 tile board. Boost your score by placing letters on the special Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word tiles.
    Languages supported:
    • English
    • French (Français)
    • Portuguese (Português)
    • German (Deutsch)
    • Spanish (Español)
    • Italian (Italiano)
    • Dutch(Nederlands)
    • Norwegian(Norsk)
    • Romanian(Romana)
    • Catalan(Català)

    Choose the level and the duration of the game. No more waiting long hours for your opponent to play! Both computer and player tiles are randomly selected, simulating in the best way possible a game against a real opponent.

    Play offline against friends! In the bus, airport, train or whatever place you are.

    Find out if you are a true Scrabble champion. In this mode, you score more points in each turn as you come closer to the best possible word. Try to beat your high scores!

    After each turn, you will be able to see which words you could have played. Learn how to use the bonus squares on the board and the standards for the formation of words.

    Swipe your finger across any word on the board and get its dictionary definition. (Internet required)

    • Do not waste your time searching whether the word you chose exists! As you place the word on the board, the game will display whether the word is or not valid and its score.
    • Get tips for valid words being created in your rack as you are arranging your letters (You can enable or disable this feature at any time).
    • Save your game and resume later.
    • Keep track of your records and stats (e.g. best final score, best word ever played, total bingos and more).
    • Choose from various board layouts, including random.
    • Block the droid from using very rare words.
    • Bad draw helper (avoid receiving a rack with no consonants or no vowels).
    • Two dictionaries in English available
  • 八月のシンデレラナイン 4.8


    ◆ Staff
    Planning / Development: Akatsuki
    Animation PV: A-1 Pictures

    ◆ Cast
    Nozomi Nishida / Reina Kondo / Saki Minami / Honohana Inoue / Yumiri Hanamoru / Yurika Takagi / Yumi Midorikawa / Nanami Yamashita / Iori Saeki / Haruka Shiraishi / Sarara Yashima / Rika Tachibana / Chiaki Omikawa / Kaya Okuno / Yamaoka Yuri / Airi Nagano / Yui Watanabe / Rei Matsuzaki / Akari Kageyama / Kana Yuuki / Misa Kayama / Aimi Tanaka / Eriko Matsui / Yoshiko Ikuta / Yuri Komagata / Miyu Takagi / Rika Hayami / Noriko Shibasaki / Haruka Asahina / Yuri Funato / Yuka Aisaka / Maki Kawase / Tomori Kusunoki / Yui Fukuo / Shiki Aoki / Mariko Nakamura / Satomi Akisaka / Sumire Uesaka / Misato Fukuen / Saori Hayami / Yu Kobayashi / Haruka Yoshimura / Maaya Uchida / Nao Higashiyama / Marika Kouno / Yui Ogura / Noriko Hidaka / Marina Inoue

    ◆ Synopsis
    I entered my grandmother's local high school [I]
    A new environment that is different from the places I have spent so far.

    A city where no one knows me.

    No more ridiculous or excessive expectations.
    You are no longer tied to [baseball].
    Slowly live a normal student life here.

    "I'm Tsubasa Arihara! My favorite is baseball!"

    I shouldn't need it. I threw it away ... I was going.

    "You love baseball, right?"

    I want to aim with you again.
    That stage that I've always dreamed of since I was little


    ◆ The director is "you"!
    The player will lead the team as the manager of the women's baseball club. Female members with rich individuality appear in the game. You can grow your favorite team with various training methods. Experience a dazzling youth story through practice guidance and hot battles with strong rivals.

    ◆ Official website
    Experience the world of Hachinai! A lot of contents such as Hachinai's anime, manga, novels, voice actor videos that can not be seen in the game! Please take a look.
  • ふつうのビンゴ 3.9


    Usually series 11 bullets! !
    It is a normal bingo.
    Let's enjoy it normally.

    The definitive edition of the Bingo game app that can be used for banquets and parties!
    There is no doubt if you even put this in! !

    With a handy list feature, you won't lose your eyes!

    It is good to show the bingo machine on the big screen and play bingo games with everyone,
    It is also good to play slowly in single mode!

    There is a ranking function in single mode!
    Let's compete with everyone how fast you can bingo!

    【Features of the app】
    Of course free app!
    It can be used in banquets and parties!
    A popular bingo game!
    Everyone can enjoy the bingo game tournament!
    You can play even in single mode!
    Compete in the rankings!
    Download normal bingo now!

    Please take a break if you feel tired.

    The latest game information of bye bye is here!
  • ふつうの釣りゲーム 4


    Normal Series 12 bullets! !
    It is an ordinary fishing game.
    Let's enjoy the ordinary.

    Anyone to easily play handy fishing game!

    Rules are simple!
    Tap the screen you come mark in green zone!
    It will shrink the distance to the fish if it is successful.
    With care-boggling to reverse if it fails!

    Stunning success Once the distance to the fish becomes 0 within 30 seconds! Fish catch!
    Points are accumulated when the fish catch.
    By earning a point,
    A new fish or so catch,
    Or so fishing can be in a different location.

    Rivers and Mizuumiyaumi, and even catch a lot of fish in the mystery of the place.
    Trying to release more and more location accumulate points!

    In addition also features ranking function to compete at the point where the accumulated is!
    Full fishing and Let's compete with people around the world!

    Features of the app]
    Of course, free app!
    Easy fishing game!
    Catch a lot of fish!
    It may also appear fish, such as not catch in other fishing game! ?
    River, lake, fishing can be enjoyed in the sea!
    Kisoeru in the rankings!
    Download Now an ordinary fishing game!

    Please take a break if you feel tired eyes.

    The latest game information, Inc. bye-bye is here!
  • Block Puzzle Chocolate&Puzzle 4.7

    Block Puzzle Chocolate&Puzzle

    How about a puzzle that fits your coffee?

    A block puzzle made of chocolate.
    Let's Brain training at your own pace.
    This is a fun block games! Once you start, you will never stop!

    The definitive version of BLOCK PUZZLE, popular with adults ♪
    Let's play while relaxing ♪

    How to play
    ・Drag the chocolate block to move them.
    ・Try to fit them all in the row or column. Then the chocolate blocks will be clear and you get points.
    ・Game will be over if there are no room for any the shapes below the grid.
    ・Chocolate block can't be rotated.
    ・This game has no time limit.

    ☕ Highly recommended for… ☕
    ・ I like games that can be played slowly with no time limit.
    ・ I like simple games without difficult rules.
    ・ Looking for a game that can kill time.
    ・ I like puzzles that pack blocks like Tetris.
    ・ I like simple classic puzzle games.
    ・ Looking for an app to download to parents who just bought a smartphone.
    ・ I want to have fun playing puzzles with parents and children.
    ・ Looking for simple puzzles for education.
    ・ I'm interested in brain training / brain activation / brain young / brain age.
    ・ I'm worried about brain age, memory, and IQ.

    chocolate puzzle that adults are addicted to you can play all for free.

    An online environment is recommended.
    You can play offline.
    Let's Use your spare time to train your brain!

    ★ BGM provided


  • RulerBattle 3.7


    The spin-off plan of the DropEraser!
    RulerBattle becomes the application and appears!
    A battle this time insane with a ruler!

    More than 40 kinds as for the usable ruler and pen in total!
    We defeat an enemy, and let's obtain all rulers!

    A play is possible to up to four people with the Multi-play mode!
    It is sure that I get well by the lunch break and a drinking session!

    ◇ ◆ SAT-BOX app ◆ ◇
    Pen series clamp
    500,000 DL breakthrough total

    Monsters Coin
    400,000 DL breakthrough total

    Galaxylaser series
    300,000 DL breakthrough total

    Dark Knight Story Series
    100,000 DL breakthrough total

    Other popular series number!
    Total 5,000,000 DL breakthrough app!

    Send by mail the following inquiries about this application
    [email protected]
  • 戦国大河 - 天下統一シミュレーション 5

    戦国大河 - 天下統一シミュレーション

    Run through the warlords and the turbulent world and aim for unification of the world!

    ◆ ◇ ◆ What is "Sengoku Taiga"? ◆ ◇ ◆
    It is a full-scale Sengoku simulation, Sengoku RPG that aims to strengthen the internal affairs as a lord of one country, train military commanders, occupy the land and unify the world.
    Identify the changing battlefield in real time, occupy the "enemy army main castle" in the center of the map, and aim to become the champion of the warring nation.

    ◆ Game introduction ◆
    ▼ Domestic affairs
    You can build various facilities such as facilities that produce "rice", "cloth", "wood", and "iron" that are the source of national power, facilities that produce "soldiers" for battle, and facilities that conduct research. It is a town planning part.

    ▼ Map
    It is a battlefield where players aim for the world.
    Many other players are also participating. Actively join the alliance and take advantage of the battle.
    Enemy bases are scattered around, and you can also get bonuses by dropping them. The occupation of the "enemy army main castle" located in the center of the map is a proof of the unification of the world.

    ▼ Story
    This is a story mode where you can relive the half-life of famous Sengoku warlords, including Nobunaga Oda of Tenka Fubu. Please enjoy the dense story of each military commander.

    ▼ Warlord
    You can strengthen military commanders, equip them, and organize units.
    In addition, deep training is possible, such as strengthening military commanders' unique martial arts, strengthening equipment, and refining equipment. Let's strengthen and train military commanders and form an army of unrivaled world!

    ◆ A word ◆
    "Sengoku Taiga" is the definitive version of the Sengoku game that you can enjoy playing with someone or playing alone.
    Please enjoy the full-scale view of the Sengoku period.

    ◆ Compatible terminals ◆
    Android device with Android version 4.3 or later
    * Even when using with a compatible terminal, this service may not operate normally depending on the usage status of the customer and factors specific to the model used.
    * Depending on the device, you may be asked for permission to access photos, media, and files at the time of installation or startup, but this is for taking screenshots in the game, so you can use it with confidence. Please give me.

    ■ Official website

    ■ Twitter official account

    ■ Official LINE @
  • 戦国BASARA バトルパーティー 3.8

    戦国BASARA バトルパーティー

    目指せ!TOP OF THE 戦国!!







    「戦国BASARA」シリーズが初めてでも、『戦国BASARA バトルパーティー』略して「バトパ」の世界を楽しめます!

  • ゴシックは魔法乙女-美少女シューティング- 4.9


    "Beautiful girl" x "exhilarating and full-scale shooting" that you can play for free

    "Please, lend your help!"

    Further out of the remote town of Jill Ballard, "Ofelia".
    A boy who is lonely for the rest of his life lives in a small abandoned church.
    A monster that suddenly attacks, and five maidens who appear ...

    The bond that is created between you and the maidens.
    This is a story that you and they spin.

    ◆ Excellent exhilaration! Full-scale shooting RPG appeared ◆

    Orthodox! De S! ?? "Beautiful girl" x "shooting"!
    Worked on many masterpiece vertical shooters
    A full-scale shooting app presented by Cave.
    Contract with pretty girls and regain a peaceful world from monsters!

    ◆ Crystal of love! Love Max! ◆

    Quickly approach the beautiful girl familiar with a continuous combo! ??
    Love Max is activated when united!
    Defeat monsters at once with super powerful shots !!

    ◆ Gorgeous full voice! Enjoy a profound story! ◆

    Don't miss the main story unfolded with the newly recorded voices of the gorgeous voice actors!
    With the maximum intimacy with the beautiful girl familiar, the side story is also released!
    Collect a lot of familiars and enjoy various scenarios!

    ◆ Get a high score with technique and love! ◆

    Take advantage of the shot characteristics of the maiden and challenge the highest difficulty level!
    When you get along well, even low-rare characters can be reincarnated to the highest rarity!
    Hit a high score with your favorite characters and technique and love!

    ◆ Aim with scorer! All one shooter! ◆

    Cultivate beautiful girl familiars and aim to become Japan's No. 1 shooter!
    No. 1 in Japan is not a dream! ??
    There is a luxurious reward for the top ranking players!

    ◆ Cave's popular characters participate in the war one after another ◆

    Deathsmiles, bee series, etc.
    Popular characters from famous shooting games are participating one after another!

    \ Recommended for people like this! / /

    ・ Beautiful girl ・ I like shooting
    ・ I like beautiful girl training games and beautiful girl games
    ・ I want to enjoy full-scale shooting games
    ・ I want to dress a beautiful girl in various clothes and date
    ・ I want to deepen the bond with a beautiful girl
    ・ I want to enjoy attractive characters!
    ・ I like the dark fantasy world view!
    ・ You cannot be satisfied without a heavy scenario!
    ・ I am the true shooter! !! !! !! !! !!
    ・ I want to do muscle training (limited to shoe muscles) for the summer!

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------
    From maidens to devils to boys! ??
    "Gomaotsu" where you can enjoy various characters and the exhilaration of shooting at the same time!
    Install now! !! !! !! [Public Relations Lovema]
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------
    Powered by Live2D

    ◆◆◆◆ Basically free! ◆◆◆◆
    * Some paid items are available.
    ■ Compatible terminals
    Android 5.0 or higher RAM: 1G or higher (2GB or higher terminal recommended)
    Quad-core CPU recommended
    * Since "CPU performance" and "screen resolution" affect the stability and operating speed of the app, it may be stable if the resolution is low even on terminals with a CPU less than quad core.
    * Not compatible with some models.
    * SIM-free terminals are not supported.
  • オルタナティブガールズ2 4.7


    "Shooting / Appreciation" of "Alternative Girls 2"
    You can enjoy "changing clothes", "story", "VR live" and so on.

    ◆ ◇ Game details ◇ ◆

    ◆ A girl is up close in "VR mode"! ◆
    An overwhelming sense of presence as if there was a girl right there!
    All characters have a full-scale VR story!
    Girls play character songs in "VR Live"
    You can enjoy singing in the karaoke box!
    Enter the world of Alternative Girls 2.
    * You can enjoy it without VR goggles.

    ◆ Let's change into your favorite clothes! ◆
    All girls' clothes are made in 3D!
    Change into your favorite clothes such as plain clothes and uniforms.

    ◆ Take pictures with your favorite clothes and poses ◆
    Make the girl change into her favorite clothes,
    From your favorite place, your favorite pose, your favorite angle
    Take your own favorite photo

    ◆ Enjoy the story with a beautiful girl! ◆
    A full voice story by a gorgeous voice actor!
    Increase intimacy and get to know the girl.
    You can also enjoy the story of "VR mode"!

    ◇ ◆ Voice appearance ◆ ◇
    Ruriko Aoki, Chika Anzai, Miku Ito, Sumire Uesaka
    Rumi Okubo, Naomi Ohzora, Yuko Ono, Ai Kayano
    Ibuki Kido, Marika Kouno, Ami Koshimizu, Ayana Taketatsu
    Rika Tachibana, Juri Nagatsuma, Maria Naganawa, Chinami Hashimoto
    Yumiri Hanamori, Mai Fuchigami, Kaede Hondo, Aoi Yuki
    Haruka Yoshimura Azumi Waki

    ◇ ◆ Story ◆ ◇
    Tsukimori-cho, a city by the sea with abundant nature.
    There, a girl who was destined to fight the "night beast",
    There was a mysterious school, "Himejusan Gakuen", where "Alterna" and others attended.

    The main character appointed as the captain of the alternatives is
    After a conflict with the "night tribe"
    Rescue the six missing Clover Rabbit alternatives ...

    The peaceful days do not last long, and the moon is marked with an eerie wolf ...
    And a new enemy landed in Tsukimori-cho ...

    【Recommended environment】
    AndroidOS 4.2 or above, memory 2GB or above
    * Android OS 4.2 or less is not supported.

    1. Operation other than the recommended environment and recommended models is not supported.
    2. Depending on the usage situation of the customer, the operation may become unstable even if it is the recommended model.
    3. Regarding the recommended environment, even if it says "Android OS 4.2 or higher", it does not necessarily support it.

    [Recommended model]
    Please check here for other latest recommended models
  • 快感フレーズ CLIMAX 5

    快感フレーズ CLIMAX

    That “Pleasant Phrase” became a maiden game after 21 years and is a big revival!

    Of course, the next-generation twins from Mayu Shinjo's popular manga “Love Celebrity” and “Miou Haou” will attack you one after another with a whisper of Damihevois!
    Enjoy romance games for adults that can be enjoyed not only by fans at the time but also for the first time. (Basic free, paid content available)

    ■ Summary
    The main character is a third-year university student who attends the Faculty of Education. In order to become a teacher, the place of practical training was decided, and it should have walked through a normal life. Until the nationwide audition is decided.
    It was decided that a joint audition of the world's top three record companies would be held in Japan, and it moved me.

    "I want to challenge once at the end ..."
    The audition that challenged with courage.

    And men who met there.
    --This was the beginning of every story spun with a mysterious fate.

    ■ Story structure
    # Main Story: A story depicting the growth of the hero and the encounter of each character (full voice)
    # Side Story: A story depicting a character that meets regularly (sometimes related to the status of reading the main story)
    # Individual story: Feature story with a specific character
    (BGM, SE only)
    # Card Story: A story that can be released by developing SR, SSR, and EXR cards among character cards that can be obtained at gacha and events
    (EXR is Damihe Full Voice)

    ■ Game Overview

    It's amazing and it's all over the country! Jump on a national tour with your favorite members!
    You can get the experience and items you need to read through the main story and card story on the “Live Tour”.
    Aiming at the experience value mass in the early stage, while the growth items, gold, experience value, and brazen are arranged.
    If you stop at the live venue mass, Chibi characters live, and you may get rare items depending on the number of spectators.
    If you pass a MAP rival character, you will encounter a “duel” against the game against the van.

    Visit his house! Enjoy conversation and reaction with moving boyfriend.
    The intimacy required to read through individual character stories will increase with “Love Talk”!
    Conversation that changes depending on the progress of the story, the intimacy changes with 5 choices, and if you give a gift that you get in the "live tour", do you have a deep relationship?
    If you meet certain conditions, may you enter the special mode “Hug Mode” or “Kiss Mode”?

    Coordinate the music creative room where Chibi characters appear with nice furniture!
    Get furniture at "Furniture Tickets" that you can get on "Live Tours" and friend points that you can visit at your friends' rooms!
    Some furniture has motion and some sub characters appear!
    Maybe Chibi Chara's lines and actions change depending on the visit time?

    -------------------------------------------------- ---
    cf. Pleasure phrases
    A girl comic based on Mayu Shinjo, serialized in "Shoujo Comic (currently Sho-Comi)" (Shogakukan) from 1997 to 2000.
    Translated into 23 languages ​​worldwide, the cumulative number of copies exceeds 10 million.
    This is a work depicting the romance of an ordinary female high school student (Aine Yukimura) and the vocalist of the popular rock band “Λucifer” (Sakiya Okochi).
    In 1999, in addition to being made into a TV animation, “Λucifer”, which was in the works, started working as a real rock band, and the debut song “Fall Angel BLUE”, the songs to be released, and the charts were crowded one after another, etc.
    It also influenced the real music scene just as it was.
    -------------------------------------------------- ---

    Main characters and casting
    ■ shylpy
    Shion Okouchi (CV. Yuma Uchida)
    A high school teacher named after the mysterious genius composer “shion”.
    The subject is in English and is the teacher of Hikaru's class.
    Has an exclusive contract with Metro Records.

    Takuya Kiryu (CV. Ryohei Kimura)
    Beginning music under the influence of his father, he is polishing his skills as a guitarist.
    Just before the debut, the former band broke up and is looking for new members.
    I was a big fan of Mμ before I met him at the audition.

    Yukihiko Todo (CV. Kasama Kaoru)
    While aiming to be a professional bassist, he is the eldest son of Noh.
    Its prowess is the center of attention in the industry.
    Shion and Takuya are old friends and have a strict but gentle brother.

    Fujiwara Hikaru (CV. Kei Kikuchi)
    He is a master of the great wealth and a central member of the audition.
    The 3rd year of the Imperial Department of Fujiwara Gakuin High School.
    Gradually raise interest in idols through selection.

    Inuzuka Hachiya (CV. Atsushi Takizawa)
    One of the candidates who participated in the audition.
    A large family (4 males and 3 female brothers and sisters) who lived poorly for some reason
    The eldest son to support. Burning in the ambition to become the top entertainment industry.

    Shiratori Shuntsuki (CV. Daiki Kobayashi)
    One of the candidates who participated in the audition.
    1 year in the performing arts course, attending the same Fujiwara Gakuin as Hikaru.
    Charm points are small animal-like eyes and lovely smiles.

    Kanzaki Natsumu (CV. Lansbury Arthur)
    One of the candidates who participated in the audition.
    A bilingual who is bilingual with half of Japanese and Taiwanese.
    It has a cool and handsome guy with outstanding physical abilities.

    Tsukasa Godo (CV. Kenno Iwanaga)
    One of the candidates who participated in the audition.
    It's a little clumsy and a little clumsy, but it's thick and thick brother-in-law.
    Singing voice with strong presence and powerful rap are weapons.

    北 Hokuto (CV. Takahide Ishii)
    One of the candidates who participated in the audition.
    At night, he is hired by BAR and works as a store manager.
    A female killer with a sweet mask and sensuality voice.

    Okouchi Rin (CV. Tatsuo Suzuki)
    XXX vocals active in the world.
    It has the talent to captivate people and boasts great popularity.
    I have a deep connection with my brother, Shion and Rec.

    Sid Vicious (CV. Shin Furukawa)
    In charge of XXX guitar.
    Fascinated by sexy techniques and power play.
    A gambler who enjoys thrill with sake and women.

    Matthew Vincent (CV. Natsuki Hanae)
    Responsible for the base of XXX.
    A multi-string bass user who plays a variety of emotional melodies.
    A wife who is a good little devil.

    Wreck Glaser (CV. Takuya Sato)
    President of Metro Records Japan Branch. Its skill attracted industry attention,
    The next top candidate for the global company Glaser Company.
    Rationalists who act based on logic and data.

    Noah Walker (CV. Yuichiro Umehara)
    A young leader of Radius Records, XXX (Triple X)
    He also serves as a producer. Some of the members of XXX
    I have great trust.

    Chris Stuart (CV. Kenji Akabane)
    XXX (Triple X) composer.
    He is from the classic world and likes the violin.
    I'm trying to make the best music.
    * At night, take a crow named Alexander.

    Theme song "Gerasis"
    Lyrics: Mayu Shinjo
    Composer: Pea.
    Arrangement: Akihiro Hamada
    Artists: shion (CV. Yuma Uchida) & Reon (CV. Tatsuo Suzuki)

    【Official site】
    [Official YouTube Channel]
    [Official Twitter]
    [Official LINE]
  • あんさんぶるスターズ!!Basic 4.8


    Produced while interacting with idols
    "Ensemble Stars! !! Basic ”

    A simple game system centered on story and card collection.
    Become a producer and enjoy the stories of unique idols!

    [Story and illustrations are the same for both "Basic" and "Music". ]
    * In "Basic", you can enjoy the contents before the app renewal (2020).
    * Some mini-talks and appeal talks that occur during the festival production of "Basic" can only be viewed in "Basic".

    ◆ ◇ Story ◇ ◆

    ◆ ◇ Credit ◇ ◆
    [Title] Ensemble Stars! !! Basic
    [Genre] Men's idol training production game
    [Official site]: https://ensemble-stars.jp
    [Official Twitter]: https://twitter.com/enstars_basic
    [CAST] Yohei Azagami / Shintaro Asanuma / Kohei Tenzaki / Junya Ikeda / Kaito Ishikawa / Masami Ito / Yuma Uchida / Yuichiro Umehara / Takuya Eguchi / Ryota Osaka / Jun Osuka / Tomoki Ono / Tsubasa Kaito / Tetsuya Kakihara / Kasama Atsushi / Yuki Kaji / Taketo Kajiwara / Shinichiro Kamio / Keisuke Kaminaga / Ko Komada / Soma Saito / Ryo Kitamura / Tomoya Kosaka / Chiharu Shigematsu / Junichi Suwabe / Hiroki Takahashi / Shunsuke Takeuchi / Reo Tsuchida / Kosuke Toriumi Yoshiki Nakajima / Kotaro Nishiyama / Anju Nitta // Kenji Nojima / Kotaro Hashimoto / Wataru Hatano / Natsuki Hanae / Tomoyasu Hishiba / Toshiya Hiruma / Yuichi Hose / Kei Hosogai / Tomoaki Maeno / Toshiki Masuda / Hikaru Midorikawa / Ayumu Murase / Shotaro Morikubo / Tomohiro Yamaguchi / Daiki Yamashita / Kazuomi Yamamoto / Yuki Yonai / Takumi Watanabe

    ◆ ◇ Compatible terminals ◇ ◆
    Android 4.4 or later
    * Depending on the usage situation, the operation may become unstable even in the recommended environment.
    * IPv6 connection has not been confirmed to work, so it is not recommended.
  • あんさんぶるスターズ!!Music 4.7


    A rhythm game where you can enjoy live performances of unique idols
    "Ensemble Stars! !! Music ”

    An authentic rhythm game that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced players, and you can enjoy a gorgeous 3D MV to your heart's content.
    Over 100 songs are included ♪
    Change idols and costumes to create your own live performance!

    [Story and illustrations are the same for both "Basic" and "Music". ]
    * Only for additions after the app renewal (2020).
    * Some mini-talks and appeal talks that occur during the festival production of "Basic" can only be viewed in "Basic".

    ◆ ◇ Story ◇ ◆

    ◆ ◇ Credit ◇ ◆
    [Title] Ensemble Stars! !! Music
    [Genre] Men's idol training rhythm game
    [Official site]: https://ensemble-stars.jp
    [Official Twitter]: https://twitter.com/enstars_music
    [CAST] Yohei Azagami / Shintaro Asanuma / Kohei Tenzaki / Junya Ikeda / Kaito Ishikawa / Masami Ito / Yuma Uchida / Yuichiro Umehara / Takuya Eguchi / Ryota Osaka / Jun Osuka / Tomoki Ono / Tsubasa Kaito / Tetsuya Kakihara / Kasama Atsushi / Yuki Kaji / Taketo Kajiwara / Shinichiro Kamio / Keisuke Kaminaga / Ko Komada / Soma Saito / Ryo Kitamura / Tomoya Kosaka / Chiharu Shigematsu / Junichi Suwabe / Hiroki Takahashi / Shunsuke Takeuchi / Reo Tsuchida / Kosuke Toriumi Yoshiki Nakajima / Kotaro Nishiyama / Anju Nitta // Kenji Nojima / Kotaro Hashimoto / Wataru Hatano / Natsuki Hanae / Tomoyasu Hishiba / Toshiya Hiruma / Yuichi Hose / Kei Hosogai / Tomoaki Maeno / Toshiki Masuda / Hikaru Midorikawa / Ayumu Murase / Shotaro Morikubo / Tomohiro Yamaguchi / Daiki Yamashita / Kazuomi Yamamoto / Yuki Yonai / Takumi Watanabe

    ◆ ◇ Correspondence environment ◇ ◆
    [Compatible models] Android 5.0 or later (Android 7.0 or later recommended), OpenGL ES3 or later
    [Recommended terminal] Snapdragon 855 equivalent or more, memory (RAM) 4GB or more
    * If the USB debugging of your device is set to on, the app will not start, so please turn off the USB debugging.
    * It cannot be played on a terminal that has been rooted or illegally modified.
    * Devices with Android 7.0 or lower can only play live in 2D mode.
    * Depending on the usage situation, the behavior may not be normal or the operation may become unstable.
    * IPv6 connection has not been confirmed to work, so it is not recommended.
  • CUE! - See You Everyday - 5

    CUE! - See You Everyday -

    Next generation voice actor training game "CUE!"
    -It was your voice that gave you the strength to believe. -

    [Full story full-voice original story! ]
    A story of bonds by 16 voice actor eggs, set in a small voice actor office “Ale Blue”.
    Support and guide you as a manager while being swayed by unique girls!

    [Enjoy short animation! ]
    Challenge the recording with a raised voice actor and release short animation!
    Opened short anime can change casts when certain conditions are met!

    ■ □ ■ STORY ■ □ ■
    I want to deliver a voice. I want to convey my feelings.
    It was a dream too big for us small.
    The days when he can't take a step because hesitates to go beyond.
    But it was you who were there.
    I want to make my dream come true someday. And I want to tell you.
    In order to see the scenery that they do not know yet, their dreams begin to move greatly.

    ■ □ ■ Voice Appearance ■ □ ■
    Rina Uchiyama / Nene Hamada / Yuka Moriya / Rena Ogata
    Ayaka Takamura / Yuki Miyahara / Mayu Iizuka / Manatsu Murakami
    Yukari Anjo / Ayaka Matsuda / Ai Yamaguchi / Arisa Tsuruno
    Nina Tachibana / Aimi Kosuge / Mai Sato / Lio Tsuchiya
    Yoko Hikasa / Hiromi Igarashi / Aya Susaki

    ■ □ ■ Official Information ■ □ ■
    [Official Website] https://www.cue-liber.jp/
    [Official Twitter] https://twitter.com/CUE_staff

    This application uses "CRIWARE (TM)" of CRI, middleware.
  • AKB48ステージファイター2 バトルフェスティバル 5

    AKB48ステージファイター2 バトルフェスティバル

    "Let's decide the center in the joint battle Gachi Battle! 』\
    AKB48's new smartphone game
    "AKB48 Stage Fighter 2 Battle Festival (Batfest)" is finally here!

    ◇ ◆ This time, everyone will fight together! !! ◆ ◇
    A hot battle broke out with a fist competing for the center! ??
    By winning a real-time guild battle with up to 16 players every day,
    Get various items and grow your favorite men!
    As a coach of AKB48 members (hereinafter referred to as "Recommended Men"), you can participate in battles and form guilds.
    And the key to this battle is "bonding" with your friends!
    Let's fight in team play! !!

    ◇ ◆ If you push it in the game, you can push it in real life! ◆ ◇
    Support your favorite recommended men with a game.
    Recommended men appear in Tokyo traffic advertisements! ?? Various real-time interlocking events will be held!

    ◇ ◆ Many original costumes that can only be seen here are now available! !! ◆ ◇
    Many cards of members wearing costumes made only for this game have appeared!
    There will also be rare costumes and poses that can only be seen at "Batfest", so
    Keep an eye on the cute members! ??

    ◇ ◆ Get various items and cards in the "Quest" battle! !! ◆ ◇
    Defeat the enemies that appear in the "Quest" battle and acquire items in order to grow the Guess Men. In addition, the secret of the game is that you can build the strongest deck by acquiring a lot of AKB48 member cards in battle and putting them in your hand!
    You can play the "Quest" battle by yourself, but you can defeat more powerful enemies by "combating" with your friends in the game.

    ◇ ◆ Listen to the original voice! Change your avatar costume! ◆ ◇
    You can listen to the original voices of all AKB48 members in various situations. At the time of battle, get the support of the recommended men, and at the time of victory, please be happy with the recommended men!
    You can also change the avatar of "Pushing Men" that you control to your favorite costume.

    [Target environment]
    Android (TM) device: Android 5.0 or higher (RAM 2GB or higher)

    © AKB48 © 2018 AltPlus Inc.
  • デュエル・マスターズ プレイス 5

    デュエル・マスターズ プレイス

    “Duel Masters” appeared in the app!
    Great excitement duel anytime, anywhere, with anyone!
    Let's start another Duema!

    ■ Duema!
    Shield break with trump creature!
    A big reversal with the shield trigger!
    The exciting excitement is now in your hands!

    ■ Let's rise in the battle!
    Duel Master! "Rank match"!
    Feel free to play in Duema! "Casual match"!
    It 's a place with a variety of battles, so it 's up to you to enjoy it!

    ■ Full solo mode!
    Play exciting battles as you progress through the story! "Main story"!
    Feel free to fight while collecting items! “City Battle”!
    Because you can battle with various characters of Place,
    You can play Duel Masters alone!

    ■ The main character is yourself!
    You are the player at the place!
    Customize your avatar and create your own character!
    You can also become nostalgic Duema characters!

    ■ Changing battle BGM!
    Experience a new card game with BGM that changes depending on the battle situation!

    [Recommended OS version]
    Android 6.0 or higher

    [Official HP]

    [Official Twitter]
  • ダッシュでバトル: ランゲーム 4.4

    ダッシュでバトル: ランゲーム

    Surprisingly popular series exceeded 1 million DL !!!
    · It is fun to run easily.
    · There is a story and it is interesting!
    · I am addicted to training and RPG elements too!
    Ideal for killing time so it's free !!!
    It's just a running game!

    ■ ___ ___ 0
    "Battle with Dash" (almost) Complete strategy wiki

    ■ Story

    The main character captured by the mystery organization ...
    There is some physical remodeling there.
    Who is this "musical organization"?
    Well, what is the purpose?

    And the first mystery,
    "Why is it fast for me to run?"

    To solve this mystery by the hero,
    Now stand up!

    ■ How to play

    "It's a race on the building !!!"

    · Computer and Timan Battle
    · Characters start running automatically
    · Let's jump over between buildings by jumping
    · Win if you score ahead of the enemy

    If you win you can get enemy shoes!
    Equipping it makes it even faster!
    Action RPG full of breeding elements!

    Operation method

    The operation is very easy!

    · Touch to jump!
    · Two step jump by touch twice!
    · Rolling jump while touching !!!

    Rolling jump is a convenient technique that can keep flying in the air. Let's use it when the distance between the building and the building is too long to fly.

    First of all, there is a practice time so be relieved.

    ■ Time to enjoy when winning

    "Get the strong enemy that the enemy has !!"

    It is the most interesting point of this game!
    It is called "lunch time".

    It's interesting as it changes depending on the enemy!
    It's super fun when I get rare items!
    There are many people who are addicted to loneliness!

    You need a luncheon point (abbreviated BP) according to the item. BP will save you when you do a battle. Save BP and get your favorite shoes!

    ■ Shoes

    The basic strength is determined by shoes.
    Let's get a strong shoe to win the boss

    One battle collects one experience value.
    When you level up, it becomes stronger.
    Rule is easier than RPG!

    ■ Spike

    I will put it on the shoes and use it.
    You can reinforce weak status.

    There are various effects by spikes
    · Capability increase system
    · Acceleration power increase system
    · Overall capacity up system
    · Coin-up system
    · Coin pricing system
    · Special ability addition system

    The combination of shoes and spikes is infinite, the best part of finding RPG is the real pleasure of RPG!

    There is also a ranking which competes for the total strength of the status, so if you are confident please come!

    ■ Recommended shoes

    Those who are lost in the strategy please take a look.

    · Early morning ... Hyper Shoes
    · Midfield ... Rexist live
    · The final stage ... Supercar

    ■ Recommended spike

    After all there is a strong spike.
    The battle becomes much easier if you bring it.

    · Turbo series spike
    · Industry spikes

    I read the business as an obstacle.
    Everything is rare but it is strong.

    Level raising of hero ■

    When you touch a monster in the plaza, experience value gathers, you can raise the level of the leading character.

    · Coins also accumulate
    · There are times when items are available
    · Monsters are surprisingly popular

    Since it is profitable in many ways, let's look up at time and improve the level of skill at idle time! It also becomes a time killer.


    · The building is too expensive to fly
    → Let's get on with a two step jump!

    · I can not go between building and building
    Let's continue to fly by rolling jump!

    · Can not beat enemies
    → You can easily level up in the open space!

    · Boss is too strong
    → Save BP and get strong shoes!
    Hyper shoes are recommended at the beginning
    Turbo series spike is recommended in the middle stage

    Extra element

    Since RPG advanced users may feel it easily, we have prepared elements for recruitment.

    · The strongest shoes "Diablo"
    · "Dojo" that you can battle with enemies

    Rare shoes can be made from Home → Synthetic store.
    You can also make rare spikes.

    If you equip rare shoes and rare spikes you will be able to run fast and violently, so be sure to experience it! You can also aim for the top ranking.

    Although it may not be killing time, ...
    Please try it!


    Action game "Battle with Dash"
    You can play with no charges to the end completely free!
    (↑ This is important)

    Although it is basic free, we offer charge items for the following people.

    Recommended for the following people.
    · People who want to advance strongly and crisply
    · People who want to shorten time because they are social workers
    · People who like the excitement of purely Gacha

    Please use only those who need it!

    ■ Postscript

    This game will be a sequel to the running game "Building Dash". While leaving the fun part of the previous work as it is, we also incorporated RPG elements such as breeding, I tried to become a game more interesting and more addictive.

    I will explain why the hero became a runner, why he will keep running, his past will be revealed in the story, please install and play with it!

    It will be a work of Imif Games.

    Action game "Battle with dash" is a free application, but it is made up of everyone's support. Thank you very much for always playing!
  • 弾幕の器 4.5




  • 東方LostWord 4.7


    ◇◆◇ 東方LostWord(東方ロストワード / 東ロワ)とは ◇◆◇
    失われた言葉 ー ロストワード。

    ◇◆◇ キャラクター紹介 ◇◆◇
    他にも八雲紫(やくもゆかり)、魂魄妖夢(こんぱくようむ)、アリス・マーガトロイド、鈴仙・優曇華院・イナバ(れいせん うどんげいん いなば)、レミリア・スカーレット、パチュリー・ノーレッジ、十六夜咲夜(いざよいさくや)などなど、おなじみのキャラクターが登場!

    ◇◆◇ ゲームシステム紹介 ◇◆◇

    ◇◆◇ 参加イラストレーター ◇◆◇
    夢野ろて、あらたとしひら、現津みかみ、うめきち、えれっと、Capura.L、ギロチン、桜沢いづみ、桜木蓮、桜ひより、Shinia、粗茶、竹花ノート、田中松太郎 、とんとろ、なつめえり、萩原凛、火浦R、ヒナユキウサ、フルーツパンチ、みけおう、皆村春樹、もっつん*、もりのほん、山鳥おふう、ゆうき鶏介、夜ノみつき、らぐほのえりか、6U☆、友野るい、富岡二郎

    ◇◆◇ 参加音楽サークル ◇◆◇
    荒御霊、オーライフジャパン、梶迫小道具店、COOL&CREATE、東京アクティブNEETs / 交響アクティブNEETs、Hachimitsu-Lemon、Foxtail-Grass Studio、豚乙女、flap+frog、Melodic Taste

    (c)GOOD SMILE COMPANY, INC. / NextNinja Co., Ltd.
  • フリーキックNo1決定戦 3.5


    A definitive version of the popular action game that anyone can play for free!

    【how to play】
    The action button accumulates the gauge.
    Release the action button to kick.

    Kick the ball into the box!

    The operation is simple. This action game can be enjoyed by anyone from children to adults.

    ■ Recommended for such people!
    I was looking for a free and simple game
    Looking for time killing game
    Good at action games
    I want to enjoy the app for free
    I want to escape my time

    [Tony's official Twitter]
  • トニーくんのターザンジャンプ 3.8


    An action game in which Tony jumps one after another like Tarzan.

    A popular action game that anyone can easily play for free!
    It's easy but difficult to do with just one finger, so it's the perfect game to kill time!

    An action game that anyone from children to adults can enjoy.

    【how to play】
    Throw the crocodile with the action button.
    When the crochet is connected, press the action button to remove the crochet.

    The stage is cleared when you land on the island of Goal.

    Easy to operate! Ideal for killing time.

    ■ Recommended for people like this!
    Looking for a time-killing game
    I'm addicted to playing difficult games
    I was looking for a free and easy game
    Good at action games
    I want to escape my free time
    I want to enjoy the app for free
    I like timing games

    [Tony-kun official Twitter]
  • GranBoard 4.1


    ■Up to 4 People Player
    Experience the uncharted way to enjoy the darts game with a beautiful screen of your tablet. You would be able to have fun with your friends and even yourself.
    You can play 01 and CRICKET for battles, COUNT-UP for a practice and a bunch of party games which is enjoyable up to 4 people.

    - 01 Game
    301 / 501 / 701 / 901 / 1101 / 1501 (Single, Doubles, Master option)

    - CRICKET Game

    - MEDLEY
    3LEG / 5LEG / 7LEG (Customizable game order, Master option)

    - ANIMAL BATTLE (CPU battle)

    - Games for Practice

    - Party Game

    ■The Greatest Users Are Gathered to GRAN ONLINE
    GRAN ONLINE is added at it's ver.3 and it makes it possible to battle online with the players from all over the world while staying at home!

    ■Perform the Game with Real Award Video and Powerful Sounds
    A powerful award video will appear on the full screen at high scores and it makes the game even more exciting.
    LowTon / HatTrick / HighTon / 3 in a Bed / Ton80 / WhiteHorse / 3 in the Black

    ■Variety of Game Options for Advanced Users
    Advanced users can explore a lot of option such as CORK on match mode, separate bull, double-in/out and master-in/out.

    ■Manage Play Data on the Server
    It automatically saves your game result on the server. The game stats, the highest score, the average score, and the award count can be managed on the server. It shows in charts and graphs so that you can easily check your play data. Five players' data can be managed separately. When your rank is up, the emblem on the top page will be upgraded.

    ■Connect with Friends
    You can manage your play data after register for GRAN ID. In addition, you can invite friends to MY FRIEND and compete for the rank by the score with them. You would be advanced by competing over and over with friends!

    ■Global Ranking
    In addition to MY FRIEND ranking, it also corresponds to country ranking and global rankings.

    ■Customize Feature
    You can easily customize wallpaper, award videos and sound of darts hit. Go ahead and download themes from the server, so you can use new themes without updating the application.

    ■ NEW Games Are Added One After Another in The Update
    Fun is endless. New games such as practice games, party games, etc. will be automatically added for each update.

    Devices with less than 2GB of installed memory and Intel CPUs is not supported. Please be forewarned.
  • 剣と魔法のログレス いにしえの女神-本格MMORPG 4.5

    剣と魔法のログレス いにしえの女神-本格MMORPG

    [Clear "Akatsuki no Ma" and get 10 Weapons & Magic Stones! ]
    ★ The most popular MMORPG (online RPG)!
    ★ Enjoy online RPG (MMORPG) by cooperating with your friends!
    ★ Dress up with a cute avatar!
    ★ Easy operation and full use of skills! Full of real-time RPG (role-playing game) elements!
    ★ Easy communication with stamp chat
    ★ Popular MMO RPG "Logres" that is familiar in the TV commercial of "Spatto Don!"!
    ★ Join the clan and enjoy co-op play with your friends!

    □ ■ Game introduction ■ □
    [Strategic battle-style RPG]
    Enjoy the royal road MMO and full-scale RPG on your smartphone!
    Switch weapons, use various skills, fight attacking monsters and enjoy MMO RPG
    You can also enjoy the adventure while chatting with your friends in a co-op play!

    [Online RPG of sword and magic]
    A world with swords, magic, and monsters.
    A faint, unusual footstep that creeps into the peaceful Logres Kingdom. Giant monster, sealed
    Goddess, masked man, summoning.
    When the cause of the incident is approached and all the goddesses are released, the world begins to make a big turn.
    Enter the world of online RPGs to free the ancient goddesses!

    [Chat with fun games! Easy communication]
    Smooth in-game chat and communication with one-handed operation.
    You can also enjoy cooperative play RPG while chatting with friends found in the game!

    [Various and cute! Discerning avatar]
    There are as many stars! ?? All-you-can-dress with many avatars ♪
    Dress up in a cute avatar and embark on an adventure to fight monsters!
    New works are also appearing one after another! Red, blue, green ... Which avatar you dress up in! ??

    [Let's beat with friends! Multi-stage joint battle]
    Even if you can't beat it alone, if you fight together, it will be a big turnaround! ??
    Master magic swords, holy swords, and various weapons, and win by connecting with your friends.

    ■ Recommended game for such people!

    ・ Looking for a royal road MMO app
    ・ I'm addicted to hack and slash online games
    ・ I'm looking for a popular game to explore various places such as continents, deserts, grasslands and sanctuaries.
    ・ I like social games with legends and epic stories
    ・ Those who are good at role-playing games that can move freely

    ・ Those who want to win or lose in league battles or guild battles
    ・ Has a brave heart to win the war in the open world
    ・ I like cooperative play and multiplayer where I fight with my friends in unison.
    ・ I like games that fight with a cool big sword
    ・ I want to capture quests and dungeons and aim for a legend

    ・ I like games where you can create cute avatars and make characters freely.
    ・ I like fantasy stories that reincarnate in a different world and feature wizards, hunters, dragons and monsters.
    ・ Those who want to collaborate with guild members with matching avatars
    ・ Those who want to enjoy a fantasy life with cute girls and friends

    ・ I want to be stronger even in solo play (single play) with simple operations
    ・ I'm looking for a game that can be trained for free
    ・ I'm looking for a mobile game that can be enjoyed without paying
    ・ I like to watch live games and archives that make players stronger and stronger.

    [Operation confirmed model]
    [Compatible terminals]
    Smartphones and tablets with Android OS 5.0 or higher
    * Limited to terminals released in Japan
    * Terminals equipped with "Intel CPU" cannot be used.
    * Terminals with "Tegra 2" installed in the CPU cannot be used.
    * We do not guarantee the operation on all Android devices.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    For customers who cannot play the game normally
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    We will conduct a survey and strive to improve and improve the quality, so please fill in the necessary items and contact us using the form.

    We do not respond to individual questions in the review section.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us using the "Inquiry Form" below.
    Please check the following before contacting us
    Please set the permission so that you can receive emails from the domain of "sp.mmo-logres.com".
    Also, if you have set the e-mail address specified reception setting, please set the permission so that you can receive e-mail from the e-mail address of "[email protected]".
    If you have purchased your smartphone, you may not be able to receive emails from support.

    [Other precautions]
    * Notes on selecting a world
    ・ Once the world is selected, it cannot be changed.
    ・ When playing with friends, check the world and use the same whirl.
    Start the game at Do.
  • ブラックスター Theater Starless 5

    ブラックスター Theater Starless

    A story with men aiming to be top stars on an underground stage

    ◆ Story ◆
    Show restaurant "Theater Starless" in the corner of the big city
    Every night there is an entertainment show by male singers and performers.

    You who came to the store for some reason.
    As a special guest, you are allowed to enter and leave the backstage--

    ◆ Game features ◆
    [Unpredictable story]
    Your support will determine the future development of the dramatic story that depicts the bonds, conflicts, and conflicts of men!

    [Casts with rich individuality]
    Warmen who have both habits and habits have appeared as singers and performers of "Theater Starless".
    Support your favorite cast and let it shine at the center!

    [Support with a rhythm game! ]
    Support pushing with a rhythm game!
    Original songs are also appearing one after another!

    ◆ Cast ◆
    Satoshi Hino / Takashi Kondo / Yoshiki Nakajima / Mitsuki Saiga
    Nobuhiko Okamoto / Yusuke Kobayashi / Ryota Takeuchi / Atsushi Tamaru
    Kaito Ishikawa / Jin Ogasawara / Koji Okino / Kenjiro Tsuda
    Daisuke Hirakawa / Tarusuke Shingaki / Soma Saito / Yu Kobayashi
    Ryota Osaka / Ayumu Murase / Hideaki Kabumoto / Atsushi Abe
    Kengo Kawanishi / Hiroto Akiya / Hinata Tadokoro / Takuya Ide
    Yusuke Shirai / Wataru Hatano / Kenji Fukuda / Masaki Ota etc ...

    ◆ Participating singer ◆
    Ray Fujita / Taro Kobayashi / Kradness / Ajikko
    Tomoki Saito (Academic BANANA) / Stun gun
    Takuya IDE / Shakemi
    Akito Matsumoto (Shinku Horou)
    SOPHIA Mitsuru Matsuoka / Masaki Ota etc ...

    ◆ Official information ◆
    [Official site] https://blackstar-ts.jp/
    [Official Twitter] https://twitter.com/Blackstar_ts
    [Official Youtube channel] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWNS6omSg8MmQ_fgmlJ510Q

    ◆ Recommended environment ◆
    Android 8.0 or later smartphones and tablets
  • Come on 285 enemies! 2 4.7

    Come on 285 enemies! 2

    Defeat the 285 bad guys.

    * Both part 1 and 2 are in the same app.
    * You can play this game until the end without In-app purchases.

    If you have a question or request, please check the FAQ first.

    If you have better translation, please tell me from this webpage!
    part 1
    part 2

    My development schedule:

    Web version for PC / iOS / Android:
    Material list:

    Tested device:
    Oppo (CPH2099)
    Galaxy Nexus (SC-04D)
    Xperia (SO-04F)
    Galaxy S6 edge (SCV31)
    Moto G5 (XT1676)
  • Binge on Fish Sausage 4.5

    Binge on Fish Sausage

    I have only a dream, from my early in life.

    * In-app purchases are for donation only.

    If you have better translation, please tell me from this webpage!

    Other translation projects: Could you help me translation?
    Korean: https://sorakomi.com/soft/translation/sausage_dream/translation_ko.html
    French: https://sorakomi.com/soft/translation/sausage_dream/translation_fr.html
    Turkish: https://sorakomi.com/soft/translation/sausage_dream/translation_tr.html
    Polish: https://sorakomi.com/soft/translation/sausage_dream/translation_pl.html

    Web version for PC / iOS / Android:
    Material List:

    Recommended devices:
    Galaxy Tab (SC-01C)
    Galaxy Nexus (SC-04D)
    Xperia A2 (SO-04F)
    Galaxy S6 edge (SCV31)
    Moto G5 (XT1676)
  • Case of Wind Traveler A 4

    Case of Wind Traveler A

    Let's go on a trip and feel wind!

    * In-app purchases are for donation only.

    If you have a question or request, please check the FAQ first.

    If you have better translation, please tell me from this webpage!

    Other translation projects: Could you help me translation?
    Turkish: https://sorakomi.com/soft/translation/wind_travel/translation_tr.html
    French: https://sorakomi.com/soft/translation/wind_travel/translation_fr.html

    Accelerometer sensor, Magnetic field sensor

    Web version for PC / iOS / Android:
    Material list:

    Recommended devices:
    Xperia (SO-04F)
    Galaxy S6 edge (SCV31)
    Moto G5 (XT1676)
  • Which is Yoshida? 4.3

    Which is Yoshida?

    What do you guys claim to know about Yoshida?
    Find Yoshida amongst five men!

    * In-app purchases are for donation only.

    If you have a question or request, please check the FAQ first.

    If you find better translation, please tell me from this webpage!

    My development schedule:

    Web version for PC / iOS / Android:
    Material list:

    Tested devices:
    Xperia (SC-04F)
    Galaxy Tab (SC-01C)
    Galaxy Nexus (SC-04D)
    Sony Tablet S
    ICONIA Tab (A500)
    Nexus 7
  • Escape Game Collection 4.7

    Escape Game Collection

    Welcome to "Escape Game Collection"!
    "Escape Game Collection" includes below.

    ***Escape Game Moving House ***
    Bears are moving house today.
    Let's help to move house.

    ***Escape Game Housecleaning ***
    Mice are doing housecleaning.
    Is there anyone who needs help ?
    Let's help to do housecleaning.

    ***Escape Game Persimmon ***
    Raccoon wants to get persimmons.
    But he doesn't know where it is.
    Let's help him to get persimmons.

    ***Escape Game Handyman ***
    Beaver is a handyman.
    He always helps anyone in need.
    Let's help him.

    ***Escape Game Cafe ***
    The bear is working in the cafe.
    Let's take a order and make dessert.

    ***Escape Game Kite ***
    Cat is flying a kite.
    Oh, the kite is gone.
    Let's help to find it.

    ***Escape Game Camping ***
    Squirrels are camping.
    They need some ingredient to make lunch.
    Let's help to find them.

    ***Escape Game Play ***
    The Mice perform a play today.
    But the parts of their costumes are missing.
    Let's help to find them.

    ***Escape Game Party ***
    It is a house party at the Bear's house today.
    But it's not ready yet.
    Let's help prepare for the party.

    ***Escape Game Moon ***
    It is the moon festival tonight.
    Mice steal the dumplings while the cat is preparing the festival.
    Let's get the dumplings back from mice!

    ***Escape Game Beaver House ***
    Hen and Chicks are taking a walk.
    Then the Chick was carried away by the river.
    Let's escape from the beaver house.

    ***Escape Game Hide and Seek ***
    The mice are playing hide-and-seek.
    Let's help the mouse find the other hiding mice!

    ***Escape Game Turnip ***
    A mouse tried to pull out a turnip.
    But the turnip is too large to be pulled out alone.
    Let's help the mouse gather its friends to pull out the turnip!

    ***Escape Game Tidy Up ***
    The bear was playing happily.
    Then the parent came and told to tidy up.
    Let's help the bear tidy up!

    ***Escape Game Christmas ***
    It's Christmas today.
    Santa Claus is coming after the mice slept.
    Help Santa Claus send gifts!

    ***Escape Game Clay***
    The cat noticed that shelves had room.
    So he decided to make and decorate a new doll.
    Help the cat make the doll!

    ***Escape Game Halloween***
    Mole is decorating Halloween.
    The chime at the entrance rings when the decoration is finished.
    Who is coming?

    ***Escape Game Riceball***
    Raccoon is eating rice ball on the mountain.
    But he has dropped the rice ball.
    Let's go down the mountain and look for the rice ball.

    ***Escape Game Recital***
    Mole is waiting to go to the recital.
    But his friends does not come.
    Let's go pick up friends before the bus departs.

    ***Escape Game Swim Ring***
    One day a bear goes to the sea.
    Other bears are swiming with swim rings.
    Let's find a swim ring.

    ***Escape Game Sleepless***
    Mouse put the kids to bed.
    When Mouse comes to see them later, There are no kids.
    Let's find them.

    ***Escape Game Flower***
    While Sheep is taking a walk, she finds a nice flower.
    Let's get a flower to give as a present.

    ***Escape Game Teatime***
    Mice are having tea.
    Then, Bear fall in front of the house and mice aren't unable to get out of the house.
    Let's escape from the house and save the fallen bear.

    *Escape Game Mole House
    *Escape Game Hinamatsuri
    *Escape Game Honey
    *Escape Game Potion
    *Escape Game Dango
    *Escape Game Trip
    *Escape Game Cake

    You can play with easy operation only with taps.

    ■ How to play
    Tap to find out.
    If you want to use items, select the item and tap the place you want to use.
    To enlarge an item, tap the item twice.
    If you want to combine items, enlarge the item, select the item you want to combine, and tap.
    To close an enlarged item, tap the cross button.
    If you need hints, tap the bulb button.

    ■ Function
    There is an auto save function.
    You can select the language.
    Long press icon to change game progress.
    Download assets before playing game.
    Tap Trash Can to remove download assets.

    ■ Features
    Beginners can enjoy it to the last.
    Recommended for those who like cute world view.
  • Escape Game Basic 4.5

    Escape Game Basic

    Welcome to "Escape Game Basic"!

    You have been trapped in many rooms.
    Please escape by solving the mystery and tricks in the ruins.

    "Escape Game Basic" includes below.

    *Escape Game Tiny Cube
    *Escape Game Cactus Cube
    *Escape Game Apple Cube
    *Escape Game Daruma Cube
    *Escape Game Hat Cube
    *Escape Game Egg Cube
    *Escape Game Plain Room
    *Escape Game Toys
    *Escape Game Fish
    *Escape Game Gadget Room
    *Escape Game Fireplace
    *Escape Game Autumn
    *Escape Game Island
    *Escape Game Factory
    *Escape Game Snowman
    *Escape Game Spring
    *Escape Game Beaver
    *Escape Game Statue

    You can play with easy operation only with taps.

    ■ How to play
    Tap to find out.
    If you want to use items, select the item and tap the place you want to use.
    To enlarge an item, tap the item twice.
    If you want to combine items, enlarge the item, select the item you want to combine, and tap.
    To close an enlarged item, tap the cross button.
    If you need hints, tap the bulb button.

    ■ Function
    There is an auto save function.
    Long press icon to change game progress.
    Download assets before playing game.
    Tap Trash Can to remove download assets.

    ■ Features
    Beginners can enjoy it to the last.
    Recommended for those who like cute world view.
  • Flying Gorilla 4.9

    Flying Gorilla

    Fly carefully through the world then control it to dodge obstacles !

    How far can you go ?

    Game Features:
    - Free to play
    - Endless gameplay
    - Simple swipe control
    - Better than Gorilla tag
    - Challenge your friends with the best high score
  • Choice×Darling-チョイダリ 4.3


    Younger high school boys, college seniors, Onee and transvestite boys.
    "Message app x romance game" that allows you to interact with unique boyfriends.

    In a group talk, we got together ...?
    Choose one or make a friendship-your reply will change the ending.

    Which one do you "choose"?

    ▼ Character voice (honorific title omitted)
    ・ Taku Yashiro
    ・ Junta Terashima
    ・ Tomohito Takatsuka
    ・ Yoshiki Nakajima
    ・ Soma Saito
    ・ Kentaro Kumagai
    ・ Ryuichi Kijima
    ・ Kohei Amasaki

    ◆ System introduction
    It is a casual app that you can play in a short story one-shot type, gap time.

    Talk with 8 boyfriends through a fictitious messaging app.
    The reply you choose will advance the story. Let's get along and welcome the ending!
    Boyfriend and you. Is there an ending between boyfriend and boyfriend?
    It's up to you to decide which ending you will have.

    Happy ending with still and voice!

    ◆ Recommended for people like this
    I like otome games, romance games, shojo manga, and girls' games
    Movies, dramas, manga, and novels like youth, chest knuckles, and love affairs
    I like messaging app-style games
    I like neglected training games
    I want to talk with good-looking guys on SNS
    I want to be rear-filled ・ I want to experience the popular period
    I want to kill time for free during the gap time
    I want to see a moe situation (moe situation)
    I like voice actors, I like ikebo

    ◆ About video distribution
    Ending, premium ticket scenarios, etc.
    It is prohibited to publish or distribute the event part with voice.
    Please enjoy only with your smartphone.


    Title: Choice x Darling-Choidari
    Genre: Message app style romance game
    Price: Basic free (with in-app purchase)

    Official site: http://se-ec.co.jp/app-okinawa/choice-darling/
    Official Twitter: @Choice_Darling


    ◆ Notes
    -If you uninstall the app itself, all purchased items and data being played will be deleted. Please note.
    ・ Playing on tablet devices is not recommended. In addition, it may not work properly on some terminals.
    ・ Please note that purchased items cannot be refunded.
    ・ We raise operation and development costs by selling in-game items and advertising revenue so that you can enjoy this app for free.

    * We accept inquiries by email 24 hours a day,
    Reply may be delayed after 19:00 on weekdays and on weekends and holidays.

    ◆ If there is a problem installing the app
    Please check "Troubleshooting about download" on Google Play.
  • 脱獄ごっこ 脱獄をかけた人狼と市民の対戦 オンラインゲーム 5

    脱獄ごっこ 脱獄をかけた人狼と市民の対戦 オンラインゲーム

    [Total 8 million DL breakthrough] Online werewolf escape game! !!
    Popular in CoroCoro Comic! !!
    Win the fierce battle of citizens vs werewolves!

    Jailbreak pretend official Twitter is publishing & implementing the latest information and advantageous campaigns!
    Please follow us! !!

    [Characteristics of the game]
    ・ A simple and strategic game that can be played with 4 rules!
    ・ Let's play with the aim of re-imprisoning the citizens and the citizens aiming for jailbreak!
    ・ Use randomly distributed unique items to outsmart your opponent!
    ・ Human wolf is not invincible ... Citizens can cooperate and defeat them!

    [Introduction of rules]
    ・ Asymmetrical battle multi-action "Jailbreak pretend" with one human wolf and three citizens!
    ・ A big brawl battle "Kedoro" with 2 human wolf and 6 citizens!
    ・ "5VS.5" where a team of 5 people compete for ice cream!
    -A "playground" where you can freely set rules, items, and maps to play!
  • Human Heroes Counting Fun – Numbers with Einstein 4.4

    Human Heroes Counting Fun – Numbers with Einstein

    **Currently supports English language only. More languages coming soon**

    Play with history's greatest minds! Designed with input from education specialists, this game brings back to life the most legendary figure in the world of science: the wild-haired genius Albert Einstein, voiced by none other than the legendary Stephen Fry!

    Human Heroes Counting Fun is a brand-new FREE title set in the Human Heroes universe, designed to teach children all about counting seconds as they fill up their screens with colourful, confetti-filled balloons.

    Taught by the creator of the theory of relativity himself, and presented as an interactive 3D character, a dancing, quirky Einstein will be your very own personal tutor guiding you through The Betwixt Balloons, helping you when you struggle, and telling you funny jokes along the way.

    Hold your finger down on Einstein and his pump of magic and wonder for the duration shown on screen. Be careful though! Holding for too long will do what to a balloon? You got it! It'll burst. Holding your finger for a too short amount of time will send it flailing in the air.

    Human Heroes Counting Fun is an introduction to the Human Heroes universe, with the full Einstein experience covering relativity, rhythms, pendulums, gravity, Einstein's fascinating life and so much more in Human Heroes Einstein On Time, available today!


    -Easy to play for children of all ages, implementing scaffolding teaching techniques (as used in the classroom) to ensure children only progress once they've understood a given section

    -Master the art of counting seconds (a Key-Stage National Curriculum topic), timing, and patterns with the help of Albert Einstein, voiced by the sensational Stephen Fry, who recorded dozens of lines for this game!

    -Rack up streaks and multipliers and watch your Synaptogenesis score soar into the thousands!

    -Compete with friends and family with local leaderboards for fun-filled friendly competition!

    -Stunning high-quality production including a fully-fledged theatre environment, colourful props, gorgeous visuals, and handcrafted animations.

    -Infinite levels = infinite fun! Play forever and watch your screen fill with tons of balloons

    -Pop big balloons and see confetti fall from the sky!

    -A balanced lives-based system allows children to progress at their own pace

    About Human Heroes:

    Human Heroes Counting Fun is the fourth game in a children's educational app series – “Human Heroes” - Created by edtech startup Human Heroes, centred on history's greatest minds. From the philosophers of ancient Greece to the giants of science, renowned artists, composers, mathematicians, authors, and architects – these inspirational characters are brought back to life in a futuristic theatrical setting to perform a captivating live-show experience covering their life and their famous discoveries.

    Forthcoming apps will explore the legacies of Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Mozart, Ada Lovelace, Aristotle, Jane Austen and many more.
  • Tigers of the Pacific 2 4.2

    Tigers of the Pacific 2

    Get back into the cockpit with Tigers of the Pacific 2! Pilots around the globe are mobilizing against an alien race determined to see Earth's final hours. Fight through waves of invaders using weapons like the multi-warhead missile and the rail gun in an effort to stem the tide of destruction.

    This is air combat like you've never seen it before!

    Key Features:
    - Five Level Campaign
    - Multiple Difficulties
    - All-New endless competitive play with World at War Mode supported by OpenFeint
    - Insane 3D Graphics
    - Addictive Boss Battles
    - Challenge the World to Beat Your High Scores
    - Reactive A.I.
    - Exciting Arcade Action
    - OpenFeint supported Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Fishing Slot Casino - Free Game 5

    Fishing Slot Casino - Free Game

    Fishing Slot Casino is the most favorite product of the fishing games online, which is played by a lot of people around the world in 2019. There are over 5 million players in community, you will have the funny and interesting experiences with Fishing Slot Casino.

    Attractive Game Portal

    - Fishing Slot Casino is the only game portal with the popular fish hunter game
    - Fishing Slot Casino is also the game port with many of the most attractive slot games which is currently popular now
    - Besides, Fishing Slot Casino is also the game portal with many folk games such as: Ses-ku, Sab Sam, Kla Klouk, Teang Len, Catte, Bear Barang ... or the popular games in the world such as Poker, Baccarat , Roullete, ...

    Attractive policy
    - When coming to Fishing Slot Casino, you will get 5000 coins immediately after installing
    - You will also receive a lot of free coins every day through Lucky Wheel or complete many tasks in game.
    - Attractive events will give you many rewards about coin
    - ....

    Install now to join the community of Fishing Slot Casino.


    - The game is only intended for adults who are more than 18 years old.

    - The games don't get “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win for real money or prizes.

    - Experience or success in this social casino gaming doesn't assure success in other game
  • Rummy Offline 4.5

    Rummy Offline

    Originating from India rummy has gained popularity all over the world.
    Rummy card game is easy to understand but very challenging game to play. One needs to be careful while playing it or may have to lose the game of rummy. Ramee games are such a game that it can be played in groups. One deck of 52 cards is used for a group of 2 to 6 players, whereas 2 decks of 52 cards are used for 2 or 3 players, with 4 jokers, and 3 decks of 52 cards are used for 4 to 6 players with 6 jokers. Each player is dealt 13 cards, which they have to meld into valid sequence/set. 5,6,7 of the same suit is an example of a sequence, and 7,7,7 of a different suit is a set (These types of sequences or sets are called a pure sequence or set).

    Rummy uses joker cards, and these cards can be used as substitutes for any card to form combinations(which is called a non-pure sequence or set).

    Each card has specific points.
    - Number cards have points equal to their face value.
    - Face cards -> jacks, queens, kings, and aces have 10 points.
    - Jockers has 0 points.

    As players meld their cards, their point score decreases. The player who achieves 0 points, first of all, is the winner of the game. According to the game, there must be two sequences, and one of them must be a pure sequence. Rammy players can meld their remaining cards into either sequence or sets.

    Each player picks a card from the closed/open deck and discards a card to the open deck. The gameplay goes on in a clockwise manner until the winner completes the required sets & sequences. The basic 13-card strategy is to make valid sequences and sets before one's opponents.

    The players need to arrange the cards and place them on the table to show their hands to other players. If the players hand meets the objective, he/she is declared the winner. If not, the opponent is declared the winner.

    At the conclusion, if you haven't declared your game, then the points of the remaining cards after melding two sequences multiply by bet points.

    - Played between 2 to 4 players.
    - Each player keeps a minimum amount on the table.
    - Minimum of two sequences are required.
    - One of these must be a pure sequence.
    - Apart from the printed jokers, there is one more card picked at the beginning of each game. All cards with this number from all four suits are considered as Yoker.

    - Player Avtar: There are 4 avatars to choose from for your player id. To choose an avatar, click on your profile photo, and then choose one from the given or set your own from the gallery.
    - Multi-language: Supports Hindi, English, and Gujarati languages.
    - Beautiful UI and amazing sound effects to provide you an extraordinary experience.
    - Automatic card arranging, which gives your more freedom to think.
    - Smart drag and drop.
    - Variety of bet room for you to play.

    The need for two sequences makes rummy interesting & challenging. For winning the game of rummy, you need skill, use of memory, complete focus, and complete involvement in the game. Specially developed and designed Rummy Offline with an intuitive interface, It will be fun to play rummy offline and pass the time anywhere, anytime. Bored sitting idel? No worries, just start Rummy Offline and use your brains & win!

    Playrammy now a 21cards game! Offline Rummy is also famous as Paplu or sheep card game offline!

    Disclaimer: Rummy Offline is an offline card game.
  • Diamond Color By Number 4

    Diamond Color By Number

    Diamond Color By Number game is the number 1 coloring book game, one of the best coloring and drawing games.

    There are many unique coloring drawings of beautiful Diamond, glittering Diamond, cool Diamond, gleaming diamond, sparkling diamond, sazzling diamond and many other. You can also color/recolor your favourite/favorite drawing. Enjoy coloring with Diamond Color By Number game.

    Diamond Color By Number game is for all ages. Diamond Color By Number is a creative game as well a an excellent & anti-stress coloring by number game. Pictures will be divided in numbers and you will need to use corresponding color to fill the picture.

    There are several unique and best pixels arts available in Diamond Color By Number game. New coloring by numbers game with pixels art. It will also consume less battery.

    How to use:
    - Tap on image to start playing.
    - Zoom it, to see numbers.
    - Now, find the number in picture, which must be same as the number on the color palette. Then click to fill the color.
    - Repeat till you cover whole picture with all numbers.
    - Share with friends & family.

    Show your creativity using Diamond Color By Number game to all your friends and family using social media or save on your phone storage.

    Disclaimar: Images used in the app might be from different free sources. If you find that any of your copyrighted content/image is used in Diamond Color By Number, then please contact us.

    Please rate and share, after you enojy playing our game.

    coloring by numbers
    pixels arts
    color by numbers
    coloring drawing
  • WOW: Кроссворд ойыны

    WOW: Кроссворд ойыны

    Это большой кроссворд игра, которая поможет вам улучшить свой словарный запас и писать.

    БОЛЕЕ 1000 CRUISES ищут!

    Придумай слова, кроссворды собирать и решать каждый кроссворд, каждая головоломка, и каждый тест выиграть на дороге. Попытка объединить буквы в слове, проверять орфографию. Если у вас есть проблемы, вы можете получить помощь для монет вы играете! И если эта валюта закончится, он всегда может увидеть объявление и пополнить свой фон монеты!

    В этой большой игре вы можете комбинировать буквы и слова и решить кроссворд в каждом!


    Сколько слов вы можете сделать? Как вы думаете, алфавит достаточно, чтобы добиться успеха? Конечно, нет! Вы должны читать, изучать и читать снова! Кроссворды не так легко решить, и вы должны достаточно словарный запас.


Скачать 100% рабочие моды