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  • Sorty Ball Color Puzzle Game 3.8

    Sorty Ball Color Puzzle Game

    Discover a new addiction! Check out this brand new color balls game made to
    give you maximum levels of satisfaction. Match the ball colors and place them in the correct tubes.This new match color game is everything you are looking for in 2020 games.

    Try this Ball & Bubble Sort Color Puzzle Game today!

    - Provides Tons of Color Matching game fun -
    An unconventional match puzzle gaming arena in which you will be required to use skills, focus and strategy in order to solve the game by matching colors in as few moves as possible. Test how far you can go at juggling multiple colors, patterns and tubes in a single level.

    - Solve a logic puzzle -
    Invite all your friends family for an endlessly thrilling solve logic gaming fun. Our game offers an array of exciting new levels. The number of test tubes and balls increases at every level interval of the game. Apply gaming skills to arrange the same colors in one test tube and so on to win the game.

    - The Ultimate Color ball brain teaser -
    Solving the color ball match puzzle game, you will be met by new challenges. Enjoy a solid mental exercise by indulging in a challenging mind game. Visualize and observe everything to predict every move and end the levels.

    - Provides endless challenges -
    We challenge you to complete the thrilling match color gaming saga. Start from baby and progress to easy, normal and hard game play mode. Then achieve and unlock new player rankings by meeting the desired goals of the score table.

    - How to play Sorty Ball: The Bubble Sort Color Puzzle: Sorting Game -
    Download and launch the game
    Hit the play button
    Arrange the color ball in color matching order in tubes
    Drag and drop balls to match them in logic puzzle
    Enjoy a good brain teaser game!

    - Features of this ball & bubble sort puzzle sorting games -
    2020 games featuring brain teaser for all
    Stunning graphics and game effects
    Smooth color matching game play and responsive designs
    Solve logic puzzle by color matching skills
    Hundreds of new challenging logic puzzle levels
    Increased number of balls and tubes to make consecutive levels challenging
    Unlock new levels by clearing the previous ones
  • Berry Blast 4.6

    Berry Blast

    Berry Blast: A fun fruit themed match game!

    The farmers lost their berries and fruits. The are now distributed all over the place and it's up to you to clear up the mess by forming chains of fruits of the same type. This game has 215 exciting levels of 4 types, and a variety of boosters that make the gameplay even more interesting. In some levels you'll need to achieve a certain score. In others you'll have to collect mushrooms. A bit later in the game you'll also meet levels where you have to clear some ugly slime or destroy some flower pots. Hours of fun guaranteed!

    Berry Blast features:
    - 4 different level types: achieve a certain score, collect mushrooms, clear all slime, and destroy flowerpots
    - Match 5 types of fruit: Strawberry, raspberry, melon, lemon and plum
    - Sound effects, boosters, fun animations
    - Google Games achievements and see your google games friends on the level map
    - Progress is synced across multiple devices through cloud sync if you log in with Google+.

    So match the fruits and win!
  • Blob Connect - Match Game 4.3

    Blob Connect - Match Game

    Blob Connect: an addictive FREE matching puzzle game.

    Simply connect 3 or more dots of the same color on the board and clear them. Try to make longer chains of dots/blobs to get more points.
    Play this challenging match game with 135 amazing puzzles of three different types, and many types of boosters.
    In some levels you need to play until you reach a certain score. Enjoy other levels with special gray spots which need to be cleared. Catch the diamond in later game levels. Also crosses which block the way of dots/blobs need to be crushed! Hours of entertainment guaranteed with this wonderful free puzzle game! Play, use your brain, and clear the matching dot colors to beat your friends!

    Blob Connect Features:
    - Play three different level types: achieve a certain score, clear all gray squares or catch the diamond
    - Google Games achievements, high scores and challenge your google games friends on the level map
    - Use offline on any Android phone or tablet
    - Share screenshot directly to Facebook or other social app
    - Making long chains of dots gives you a free blaster. Blasters are awesome, and clear whole rows of dots at a time! So try to connect chains of the same color and make as long lines as possible to get the most points and more free blasters.

    Link the most blobs and win this game!
  • Shape Connect - Puzzle Game 4.4

    Shape Connect - Puzzle Game

    Shape Connect: an addictive FREE shapes match puzzle game for children and adults.

    AppTornado launched its new hit game Shape Connect. Can you connect the longest chain of shapes --- triangles, squares, circles, octagons or pentagons?

    This game features boosters, 135 amazing puzzles, 5 different shapes.

    - Some games require a certain minimum point score by removing every shape
    - Some games need to be cleared of gray fields
    - Some games need you to catch the diamond

    Train your brain and get in the flow with this free puzzle game. In-app payments can be used to enhance your experience, but are completely optional.

    - Google Games achievements, high scores and challenge your google games friends on the level map
    - Works great offline on any Android phone or tablet
    - Share screenshot of your epic wins
    - Making long chains of shapes gives you a free blaster. Blasters are awesome, and clear whole rows of shapes at a time!
    - Like many games, you will occasionally see an ad
  • Pipe Twister: Pipe Game 4.4

    Pipe Twister: Pipe Game

    Pipe twister: an addictive free puzzle game! You are working with plumbings by tapping pipes to make a pipeline to connect colored water flows from a source to the matching output pipe. Train your brain by connecting every pipe in many challenging levels.

    This fun pipe game features:
    - Two adventure tracks (easy and hard) with many puzzles to solve
    - Unlimited free play with the fast "Quick Game" mode that lets you play a new level
    - Puzzle of the Day: every day a new challenge
    - Over time a lot of special options are introduced requiring hard thinking. Connect crossing flow, add T-piece pipes, and mix different color flow where you connect pipes connecting 2 colored liquids that will mix into 1.
    - Controls and beautiful graphics make it simple and fast to turn the pipes to form the pipeline

    Use the in app payments to disable the ads or buy more hints.
    Download this game now and build an awesome pipeline. It's a fun puzzle game.
  • Word Hunt 4.3

    Word Hunt

    Word Hunt: a fun Word search puzzle game.
    Solve the puzzle by finding and swiping all the hidden words.

    - Three difficulty levels, with many categories.
    - Endless puzzle play using randomly generated "Quick Game" in English, Spanish, German, French or Dutch
    - Saves progress when you log in with Google+. Seek your friends and challenge them, earn achievements with Google Leaderboards.
    - 20 categories of word search puzzles: Anatomy, Animals, Board games, Boy names, Capitals, Countries, Food, Girl names, Movies, Sports.
    - Optimized for both phone and tablet.

    Get this fun free word search puzzle, challenge your friends, and see who can best find words!
    This word search game was made popular by using the AppBrain promotion system: http://goo.gl/J6iLi0
  • World Geography Quiz Game 3.6

    World Geography Quiz Game

    Are you looking for free mobile games download with geography questions and answers? Download World Geography Quiz Game Free app for Android, play entertaining adult and kids games where you match country map with country name!

    A quiz is a form of mind game in which the players attempt to answer as many questions as possible correctly. In many countries quizzes are also used in educational purposes to measure knowledge and skills.

    These question games are usually scored in points and many quizzes are designed to determine a winner from a group of participants, the winner is usually the participant with the top game score.

    This is not a word game, but what is geography? The word geography derives from the Greek word geographia (γεωγραφία), which literally translated means “earth description”; this science describes how the surface of the earth looks. Even if planet earth was not created with country borders, the world map with countries is the basics of geography facts and this geography trivia.

    To play geography games is a good way to learn geography, test your knowledge of the world map or just enjoy past time games. These are educational games for girl and boys of all ages, young and adults can enjoy these brain games that will test your geography knowledge.

    In setting you can choose to play geography quizzes with selected world continents or all continents, geography tests will only include geography quiz questions from selected continents. Prepare for the test in List of countries in the world to score the best quiz games result, before you play games with time limits.

    Enjoy these learning games for Android, play entertaining games in the same time as you improve your general knowledge.

    Download World Geography Quiz Game Free app Android now to play the best world map games for mobile on your Android phone or tablet today!
  • APPY 100% free contests game 4.5

    APPY 100% free contests game

    APPY is a 100% free, easy to use, fun and addictive game contest application, financed by advertising.

    Try to win the latest high-tech products, fashion, beauty, scooter, car...

    How it works:

    - Enter the contest of your choice by watching a video.
    - Increase your chances of winning by performing various actions:
    - Watch a video again
    - Participate in a survey
    - Download and install a partner application
    - Sponsor a friend

    A status system allows you to unlock benefits:

    - Level 1: Black Cat
    - Level 2: Multiply your chances of winning by 2
    - Level 3: Multiply your chances of winning by 5
    - Level 4: Multiply your chances of winning by 10
    - Level 5: Multiply your chances of winning by 50

    Download the application quickly and discover the different statuses that await you .

    Play mini-games and win tickets:
    You can use these tickets to participate in the contest of your choice.
    - Tear up the PINATA again and again and win up to 5 tickets per game.
    - Open the box every day to receive a reward. Don't forget to claim your reward so that it grows day after day.
    - Sponsor your friends:
    - For each participation of one of your friends you win a ticket.
    - Fly with FlappyCat without crashing and win many tickets.

    The Appy Auction!

    If you are still unlucky, we have created the Appy Auction! Every week, several products are offered in exchange for tickets! Collect your tickets to be able to bid and win the lot of your dreams!

    The lucky winner is drawn at the end of each contest and notified by notification.

    Game under bailiff's control, forbidden to children under 13 years old.

    -----The app that's gonna make you APPY -----
  • درفت العرب Arab Drifting 4.4

    درفت العرب Arab Drifting

    Game drift Arabs the best and most powerful game Hjulh and Tvhit so far!
    If you are a lover of drifting and drifting now you can choose the car on your mood and adjust and start the strolling

    You can occupy the Sheila that you love and start hjulh and collect points and modify the color and rims of the car and many more ..

    Contact: [email protected]
  • Riddles With Answers Offline 4.2

    Riddles With Answers Offline

    Riddles With Answers Offline is a fun game of brain teaser that exists as a questions or statement to be solved. Get riddles and answers to share and challenge your friends.

    Tricky riddles with answers are very useful for our brains to be able to work more smoothly. Usually, riddles are worded in a puzzling or misleading way. Many have a double or hidden meaning that requires creative, outside-the-box thinking. Their answers are often unexpected, so the reader must think very carefully when solving them.

    To the best and brightest: take the challenge of trying to answer these hard riddles. The good news: answers provided. Are you ready? Let's begin.

    Check out some examples of tricky riddles with answers :

    - Riddle : I am not alive, but I grow; I don't have lungs, but I need air; I don't have a mouth, but water kills me. What am I?
    - Riddle : I make two people out of one. What am I?
    - Riddle : I am white when I am dirty, and black when I am clean. What am I?
    - Guess the word : If you drop me I'm sure to crack but give me a smile and I'll always smile back.

    If you like logical thinking, these logic funny riddles are perfect for you. You can solve (logic) good riddles ranging from easy to hard, and the answer is available as well.
  • Martial Arts Fighting Game 3.8

    Martial Arts Fighting Game

    Street fight is a karate fighting game against Martial Arts fighter attack crush the enemy using martial arts street fighting style, Enter the ring and get into epic punch-out matches in the ultimate free Martial Arts fighting game for mobile. Face dangerous opponents in the ring and score a knockout! Explore the world of pro Kungfu and make your way to the top – You can become the Karate champion, the best of all time! Welcome to the best of fun fighting games and get ready to punch hard, boxer. You will enjoy real Karate fighting warrior's war between super lead street Kungfu fight karate kicker, martial arts combat fighters that use different fighting styles, such as Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Kung Fu, Boxing and Karate street fights also. Make your club fight gang fighters down and taken game to win in the arena of street fighting NEW 2021 action fight game of deadly fight.

    ☆ Welcome to the Karate Champion Battle Action Game!!!!! ☆
    Engage in fast paced on the Ring in this action game. Martial Arts Street Fighters Kungfu fighting kingdom is made to defend your team by the amazing karate styles of the epic street punch fighting to win the anger of stick, kick and punch battle against your opponent in 3D universal fighting games. Clash of Karate Kick between the fighters and hammer fight enemies are leading to deadly finger punch death fights. Karate fighter have to survive till the end of fight by showing your Kungfu fighting skills of street fight karate warrior. In this game Fighters chaser will chase and kill the fighting brawls into city street fighting match.

    ☆ New Ultimae Kungfu FIGHTING Styles ☆

    Show your Fights game strategy and Kung fu combat arcade skills to destroy your enemy to survive from deadly karate kicks and warrior fight attacks. The street Karate fighter combat action fight of Kung fu action is well known in this kick club game. Fixed to fight like a cage fight to win the world champion Taekwondo battle.

    Martial art and kung fu fighters in battle head towards each other with a face fight and release anger of stick with hammer fight. Punch fighting is there with real street fight simulator and club fight controls. Welcome to the kingdom of Kungfu karate kicker battle. Street fighting warrior games lover will love this super battle warrior fighting game of legendary heroes.

    ☆ Ring Fight Mode!!!! ☆
    In this New Ring fighting Games 2021, You have to fight with huge veriety of fighters. Become the ultimate boxer. Hooks, uppercuts & combine them with devastating Special Punches and Focus abilities. As in the top free fighting games, you can create the ultimate combos to KO your opponent in a Ring smackdown. Nothing is more satisfying in a boxing game or a mma game than an early knockout!

    ☆ Story Mode!!!! ☆
    In this New Story fighting Games 2021, You have to fight with Super fighters & Monster. Start the fantasy fighting war and enhance your fighting skills in the battle of fantasy warriors! Become famous in the world of Japanese fantasy warriors, Chinese warriors and kill your rivals in this fantasy fighting game. Kill all the rivals and prove your skills as a tricky monster master. Use to different fighting skills Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing and be a powerful monster fighters, who is very tricky skills to defend and attack the monster champs. Lead your best fantasy warrior to the victory and bring death to all your enemies of a spree marshal art! Survive the dangerous fights against evil rivals, fight against enemies and survive as long as you can! It's time to take revenge from the evil monsters. This is an ultimate action fight arena game in pro martial arts fighting style. Use your different fighting skills like Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing against powerful enemies to fight till last breathe.
  • Yoshiwara Flower Alley 4.8

    Yoshiwara Flower Alley

    "I am Saika (さいか), I want to be appointed as the famous and talented beauty,
    but my article writing ability is very limited! So, I ask you to accompany me in practising the 50 tone shapes together! This will allow me to achieve such an anticipated position now! (haha)"

    【Game Introduction】
    This game is a Japanese language practice game with Yoshihara travel background theme
    In addition to allowing you to slowly progressing through exam review,
    there is a function of 'choosing the correct answer from three possible answers'
    Hiragana and Katakana will strengthen your memory and reactions throughout the game!

    When in combat, each round the player can choose to act with attack, defense or skill
    After the selection, the players are tested on the topic
    After seeing the topic, the players choose the corresponding part of Kana script

    For example: if the topic is あ, then choose the corresponding ア from the answers.

    The more correct answers within the time frame, the more ability of attack and defense are strengthened!
    If an answer is wrong, the punishment will be deduction to the number of seconds. So be careful!

    [Game Features]
    The 50 tone shapes are different from the monotonous sound practice when presented in this role playing game.
    Players need to challenge a traveled talented woman courtesan.
    Obtaining from the spoils of defeat in strengthening the stars, to strengthen the capabilities of the protagonist.
    As the players gradually thrive in the presence of the testing area, they strengthen their Japanese foundations!
  • Backgammon Origins Online Free 4.2

    Backgammon Origins Online Free

    If you love playing the backgammon game which is a pure classic game that you can play for hours, you found a true treasure! This online backgammon game is beginner-friendly that allows you to play Backgammon on your Android phone. With a Backgammon 2020 online makeover that stays true to the backgammon rules, and a vintage look we have been loyal to the original Backgammon game. Here we help you learn backgammon and play free online Backgammon easily!

    Are you looking for a backgammon free download or the best online backgammon and a game for everyone to admire? Do you want backgammon with player statistics profiles and one of the top challenging online classic board games?

    步步高 طاولة زهر Acey Deucey バックギャモン
    Download backgammon start origins which is designed for both Tablet and Phone to enjoy playing and learn it: Backgammon which is one of the oldest board games. In a backgammon board game that has a one on one gameplay, two players move pieces based on the dice they roll and a player wins by removing all of his pieces from the board before their opponent.

    нард Nardi τάβλι बैकगैमौन

    You can become the Backgammon king of the board by playing this PvP amazing table game. Backgammon is one of the most popular board games among Chess, Nine Men's Morris, Go, Ur, Mehen, Checkers, Senet, Mahjong, Yahtzee, and … that contains Boards and Piece Sets. In 2004, archaeologists discovered a game board and game of dice in the ancient city of Shahr-e Sukhteh in Iran and it also is an Egyptian board game (طاولي) resembling the game of Backgammon.

    Free online Backgammon or the free backgammon involves a mix of strategy and luck from rolling dices. Though luck may specify the result of a single game, over a series of games you see that the strategy and skills are really important and determine the results.

    You can join many top Backgammon players around the world and win virtual prizes and become lord of the dice!

    chaquete طاولي tavla تخته نرد

    Play the best board game free
    Backgammon Origin is the classic game of Backgammon and different special features:
    Suitable for beginners and professional backgammon players
    One on one gameplay
    Vintage and classic design
    Statistics weekly and monthly competitive leaderboard
    Dynamic boards and events
    ٰVarious backgammon tournaments
    Many free bonuses and coins to play daily
    Complete tutorial in a distinguished and understandable way
    Designed for both Tablet and Phone
    Lots of Free Bonuses, Trophies, Prizes & More!
    Two players game
    Exciting Graphics
    Easy Enjoyable Gameplay
    Exciting Game Progression
    Live Tournaments
    Unique Competitive Leaderboards
    Various Boards and Piece Sets

    Like us on Facebook and Instagram for FREE COIN OFFERS!


    We always appreciate reading your comments and suggestions. You can reach us at [email protected]
    This game is intended for adults and does not offer real money gambling. Success within this game does not imply future success at real money gambling.
  • Fit Piece! 4.4

    Fit Piece!

    Easy rule but fun & relax!
    Fit Piece! is a piece puzzle game.
    Game rule is very simple for all ages.

    • Drag the pieces
    • Fit the pieces in the frame
    • Pieces can't be rotated.
    • No time limits!

    • Everybody can play this games, irrespective of age or sex.
    • Minimal graphics and sound
    • You can play offline in anytime.
    • You'll feel mind-fullness with this puzzle.

    • Fit Piece! contains the ads like banner, interstitial, video ads.
    • Fit Piece! is free to play, but if you want, you can purchase In-app items like AD FREE.
  • FunnyFood Kindergarten learning games for toddlers 4.2

    FunnyFood Kindergarten learning games for toddlers

    Learn colors and shapes in educational games for toddlers 3 year with kids logic games! Funny Food for develop fine motor skills!
    Toddler games free for 2 year olds has endless possibilities to keep your children busy with very useful and engaging games

    Welcome to the world of 17 various children's games free 3 years old. This geometric shapes app addresses various topics such as: logic, sizes, colors etc. It also has puzzle for toddlers!

    ”FunnyFood Kindergarten learning games for toddlers” INCLUDED kids logic games:
    SORTING. Sort all of the food into different trucks.
    SILHOUETTES. Wash all the fruits and vegetables and put on the platter. (Fruit learning for creative thinking and imagination)
    SHAPES. Bake geometrical cookies and feed them to little animals (Introduces to geometric shapes app)
    UNITS as PARTS and as a WHOLE. Cut the fruits and veggies into smaller parts by tracing the lines and feed the animals. (Learning game, that teaches a concept of fractions.)
    MATCHING games kids. Funny food are hiding in the dark refrigerator. Find the pairs in matching games kids. (memory games for toddlers 3 years ol)
    SIZES. Sort the goods into matching boats. (Learn colors and shapes)
    COLORS. Catch all the food in the kitchen and sort it into pots. (kindergarten learning free apps introduces to learn colors toddler free)
    PUZZLES for toddlers. Put a puzzle together. (Toddler games free for 2 year olds for creative thinking and imagination)
    FIND and TAP. Find and tap the food which you may put into jars. (Fun game, that develops attention)
    CONTOURS. Wash the food and sort it into places. (Smart kids games for creativity and cognitive thinking)
    LOGIC. Select a "passenger" and put him on the train. (Logic game, that introduces to a concept of consistency and continuity)
    SHAPES and SIZES. Bake cookies of different shapes for toddlers and sizes and feed them to the animals. (Fun educational game, that introduces to learning colors for toddlers free)

    FEATURES OF ”FunnyFood Kindergarten learning games for toddlers” - EDUCATION FOR KIDS:
    17 educational games for kids kindergarten(fruit learning, etc)
    10 educational concepts of education for kids and geometric shapes and color games for kids
    50 sorts of food and learn colors toddler free (2 year old games free boys)
    Amusing characters with lots of animation and interaction
    Comfortable and simple interface for preschoolers from 3 and up
    Fine motor skills & basic skills: logic, attention, memory games for toddlers and thinking, puzzles for toddlers free, learn color and shapes
    Fun sound effects and amazing graphics for children from 2 to 5 years old
    No Internet needed in free learning games for toddlers and 2 year old games free boys

    Funny Food will become a great helper for parents and kids. Playing these fun games for children free will help your kids to become independent and creative thinkers! Baby learning colors for toddlers free in children's games free 3 years old with kids logic games to develop fine motor skills in toddler games free for 2 year olds.

    About MAGE:
    We develop educational apps for toddlers, interactive books and nursery rhymes for young children and toddlers .

    Our educational apps for toddlers with smart games for kids are distinguished by high quality content with particular attention to design. The simple and user-friendly interfaces of our free learning games for toddlers 3 years ol have been especially created for little ones. With our apps kids learn the alphabet, letters, numbers and phonics.
    ☝Our apps contain no third party advertising and comply with the standards of “Designed For Family”.

    There is only a part of the content available in the free version of the application. To gain access to the full version, you will need to make a built-in purchase.

  • Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir (Full) 4.2

    Princess Isabella: The Rise Of An Heir (Full)


    Explore the realm of magic and dragons! Free your mother from the clutches of an evil witch and discover the secrets of your heritage.

    "Princess Isabella: The Rise of an Heir" tells the story of a captivating adventure in which the beautiful heiress Bella and her magical friends must face a scary, power-hungry witch whose agenda is shrouded in mystery.

    This captivating story begins with an evil spell turning the protagonist's mother into stone. Our young princess, who is the only legitimate heiress to the throne, narrowly escapes the same scary fate!

    Thanks to her magical friends (a family of fairies and a dragon who's nurtured Bella since she was a child), the princess is temporarily safe. Now she needs to put on her detective hat and look for clues to the whereabouts of her mother in cleverly designed hidden object scenes and exciting mini games!

    Bella will embark on a scary adventure in order to free the kingdom from the clutches of the evil witch. Her journey will take her through many beautiful hand drawn locations, where countless mysteries, mini games, puzzles, and hidden object challenges wait to be solved! Will Bella succeed? Will the reigns return to the hands of the rightful ruler?

    A simple but beautiful game, that's easy enough to enjoy with your kids!

    Optimized for phones and tablets, filled with hidden objects, perfect while travelling. No internet connection required – so play off line!

    Captivating adventures, beautiful stories and scary mysteries await in our selection of immersive hidden object puzzle games!

    • Embark on an immersive fairy tale adventure!
    • Test your magical detective skills in 23 HO scenes!
    • Explore 35 beautiful hand painted locations!
    • Continue your journey in the Collector's Edition!
    • Get your throne back from the hands of an usurper!

    +++ WE ARE HERE +++
    WWW: http://artifexmundi.com
    FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/artifexmundi
    TWITTER: http://twitter.com/ArtifexMundi
    FORUM: http://forum.artifexmundi.com
    YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/user/ArtifexMundi
    PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/artifexmundi
    INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/artifexmundi
  • Bid Whist Spades Card Games 4.4

    Bid Whist Spades Card Games

    Let's Play Free Bid Whist card games with exciting unique Features and theme-based super smooth graphics played by more than a thousand active players.

    It is a trick-taking 2 player whist game you can play with joker & trump. One of the traditional trick-taking card games like Spades, Hearts & Euchre.

    Exciting features of Bid Whist Spades Card Games

    Play with friends - Select the “Bet prize” Create your own private table and play with your “ invited friends” with the exciting “Chat” options.
    In-Game Chat & Emoji - Gamers are always excited to increase user interaction. A chatting feature will definitely increase the user interaction and we also have special features like emojis to express feelings in a more precise way.
    Special Room - You will have an option to choose your desired bet amount of room to play.
    VIP Store - You can use VIP Avatars, Badges, Cards, Tables and Backgrounds from the VIP store. It will make your game experience extraordinary.
    Daily bonus - Get Highest Chips as a “Welcome Bonus”, Get free chips every day as Daily Bonus.
    Magic box - Win free chips every after a few minutes as a Magic Box Bonus.

    Join our Unique Modes

    US TOUR - There are several USA states you need to win and in each state, you will find different cities that you need to unlock and move to the next. There are 3 levels in each city.

    BID: - Make your bid with your partner and challenge other teams.
    Whiz: - No one bids! Trump suits change automatically in each round.
    You can play this mode in Team and solo.

    Social Media Experience with Bid whist free
    Bid whist free is the traditional trick-taking free spades card game played in pairs, Invite your friends from any social media platform to challenge them by Placing a bid, get more points than the opponent and win chips.

    This Bid whist spades card game is also known as Hamburg, Contract, German Whist, and Whiz.
    It comes to your mobile device with all-new rules, pleasing design, modes of play, and much more!

    Download Bid Whist Spades Card Games now and Entertain yourself anytime and anywhere.
  • Court Piece - Rang Card Games 3.9

    Court Piece - Rang Card Games

    Court Piece is an Online Card Game in which the eldest hand makes trumps after the first five cards have been dealt, and trick-play is typically stopped after one party has won seven tricks. It is very popular indian card games app.

    The game Court Piece/Rang card game is a very interesting game. It's Live, Online, Real-Time, Multiplayer card game which you can play with your family, friends or people from all around the world!

    More Free Coins:
    INITIAL COINS: Download now and get 25,00 FREE CHIPS Get Extra Double Bonus In FaceBook login!
    COIN BOX: You will get Free Coins Continuously while playing.
    DAILY REWARD: Come back everyday and get Free Coins as Daily Bonus.
    Weekly Winner Chips: Get up to 100,000 FREE CHIPS on every week!
    Lucky Draw: Get up to 25,000 FREE CHIPS on every day!
    REWARD: Get Free Reward by Andar Bahar Game, Scratch Card, Hi-Lo Game.

    Awesome Features:
    1.Extreme User Friendly: Easy and refreshing interface.
    2.Play with Friends: Locate your friends & join their table with a simple click of a button.
    3.Play On Table: World's only 1 game which provides you features to play on your Favourite Table!
    4.Private Table: Create Private Tables and play with only invited players.
    5.Chat & Gift: Live in-game chat and exchange gifts and have lots of fun.
    6. Works Fast On Slow Internet: Works smoothly on slow Internet connection.
    7.LEADERBOARD: You can compete with other players around the world for getting the first position on the Leaderboard.

    Single Sir: Game will be played with all basic rules. The team who won seven tricks wins the game.

    Hidden Rung: In this Double Sir variant the first player chooses trumps from the first five cards dealt by placing a card of the trump suit face down without telling the other players what it is. A player who is unable to follow suit may ask for the trump to be revealed and must then play a trump to the trick if possible.

    Double Sir: Player must have to win two consecutive tricks until then the tricks pile up in the center. When a player does win two consecutive tricks, that player takes all the cards from the center. The player who wins the first two tricks cannot pick them up (but a player who wins the second and third tricks can pick up the three tricks as usual).

    Double Sir with Ace: Player who wins two consecutive tricks with aces is not entitled to pick them up. The trick with second Ace is not counted as winning the trick. The player who played the second highest card (after Ace) will get a chance to lead the next trick.

    How To Win Coat Piece:
    Players must follow suit if possible, and the highest trump, or the highest card of the suit led, takes the trick. The winner of a trick leads to the next trick. The team that wins seven or more tricks wins the game.

    The Court Piece game is a mind-blowing online card game. It offers you a great experience against Great AI. Play the best court piece online game and improve your skills.
  • Indian Rummy - Play Rummy Game 4.3

    Indian Rummy - Play Rummy Game

    Welcome to the rummy world, It's rummytime.
    Online Rummy game is the fastest-growing card game, easy to understand, and comes with a lot of challenging gameplay modes, play a rummy online card game with millions of real players.

    The Indian rummy card game is to arrange the 13 cards in proper sets and sequences. A minimum of 2 sequences is a must and one needs to be a pure sequence whereas the other can be any valid sequence to win in rami.

    How will you get extra chips with the rummy game??
    - Daily Chips: Get more FREE BONUS chips than any other game.
    - Magic box: Every after few minutes you will get free chips from the magic box.

    Special Features of rummy card game:
    - VIP Store: You can use Cards and Backgrounds from the VIP store of rummy offline. It will make your game experience extraordinary.
    - Play With Your Friends: Locate your friends and join their table with a simple click of a button in this 2 - 3 player game.
    - Chat & Gift: Live in-game chat and exchange gifts and have lots of fun.
    - Mini Games and scratch: Play exciting mini games and earn more chips with rummy game free.

    Indian rummy offers other exciting games to play
    The ultimate fun about the Indian Rummy card game is, It comes with three exciting card games Ludo, Andar Bahar, and Call break card game

    Ludo: In today's era, Ludo is among the top-grossing fun games, It is a strategy-based game for two to four players, Play Ludo in Indian rummy offline with different unique modes and highly advanced graphics.

    Andar Bahar game: It is a traditional Indian betting game. The features of Andar bahar game are highly advanced and it comes with thrill and entertainment, Andar Bahar is an easy 50/50 card game that includes the use of a single pack of cards.

    Call Break: This card game is becoming so popular in India, Call break card game is an online strategic card game that involves tricks, bidding, and trumps.

    Know More About Indian rummy card games

    Indian Rummy offline game is played between 2 to 6 players and each player is dealt 13 cards. play rummy online with 2 or 3 players, two 52-card decks (104 cards), and 4 jokers (wild cards) are used. For 4 to 6 players, three decks (156 cards) and 6 jokers are used.

    Indian rummy app is Originated from India, So players called the rammy offline card games like Indian rummy game, rummy modern, rami, ramee, rammy as well as rummy game software.

    How to play online rummy card games?
    - Arrange all 13 cards in sets and sequence 3 more cards.
    - Play rummy game free between 2 to 5 players.
    - In rummy online, you need to make pure and impure sequences and sets
    - A pure sequence is where the player has to make a sequence of 3 or 4 cards in order like 3, 4, 5 or 3, 4, 5, 6.
    - An impure sequence is a sequence where the player can make use of the joker card to complete the needed combination
    - In rammy offline card games, A set can be called when there is a group of three or more cards of the same value but of different suits.
    - All your possible sequences/sets are grouped together in Indian rummy card games.
    -Lastly, tap on the declare button.

    Download The Indian Rummy online Card games, Play rummy free card games Anytime Anywhere in the world !!
  • AutoRider.io : Rider Car Race 3.9

    AutoRider.io : Rider Car Race

    IO Race has begun!

    Online Car Race Game
    - This is a car racing game that tou can race against real players whose located all around the world.
    - Simple touch mechanism. Tap to drive car. Simplest is best.
    - For stunt race lovers : Show off your skills by performing acrobatic and stunts jumps

    How to play:
    - When you are at ground just tap for gain more speed.
    - When you are on the air, just tap for spin. Do not forget to stop touching at right time while you are spinning at the air.
    - Stunt Race : while you are spinning on the air, every spin that you were completed will gain you nitro boost for gain more speed.
    - More spin on the air equals more nitro.

    New Maps for Rider
    - United States, Japan and United Kingdom maps are ready for you.
    - You can play against player who same rank with you.
    - There are lots of lines, hills and descents that you can race.
    - Light line neon race ways are best for you!

    Win Stunt Race & Get The Points & Multiplayer Race Games Are Our Job
    - In the stunt race game, every week, we has special tournaments that you can join freely. By the way you can win the race and collect the gems for buying new cars.
    - Every race 3 rivals for you
    - This online car racing game is not a pay to win game. This is play to win game. Play more and became a leader.
    - Race against your friends.

    Special Cars and Bikes for Car Race
    - Auto Rider has special cars for you. You can win the cars by play the game. Do not need to pay for them. Just select a car and start neon race.
    - There are lots of new cars. Our designers, design these for online race players.
    - You can earn gems by the winning the race game. Then use the gems for buying the cars. This is not a pay to win game. This is play to win race

    Auto Race io is a more than 2D multiplayer car racing game. If you love io games lets join us!

    Racing IO Game
    If you love car race or bike racing you are at right place.
    We serve this line race game freely. We love developing racing games for our users. If you have any idea about our neon race game, please do not hesitate to share with us. We would love to listen you.

    Race games are our job!
    We'll be best together.

    Please rate us on the store.
  • Unblock Car : Unblock me parking block puzzle game 4.9

    Unblock Car : Unblock me parking block puzzle game

    Free Puzzle Games :

    If you already play Plumber game or plumber puzzle game you know the mechanics about unblock car game. Just like plumber puzzle you can rotate the car instead of pipe. In a plumber game you can rotate the pipes but this game you can rotate the ways. Same logic . But there is no water no ball. Just cars. Rotate each block then connect each blocks other. After route of car completed the car moves automatically. So plumber puzzle game player will love this game. Let's try this!

    Unblock car is a simple one touch puzzle game that you can play without internet connection.
    Just park the car to parking area. This is a simple car parking puzzle game.
    Each car has their own parking area.
    Block Puzzle
    If you play pipe puzzle game or connect pipe and unblock me game you will love to our unblock car parking game. Connect blocks puzzle free for you.

    Free Puzzle Games Lovers
    This is a line puzzle game. Our levels designed specially easy to hard.

    Connect block puzzle game that helps brain development. This is also an attention test game. You can focus the blocks and tiles. Connect each other
    carefully. If you ever play Unblock ball game you will be familiar with our game. Just like unblock ball game just rotate the blocks park the car. This block puzzle game for everyone.

    For lovers of water pipes game this game for you. Like water pipe or plumber game you have to connect each blocks instead of pipes.
    Just tap and rotate the blocks.

    If you ever play water pipe puzzle game, lets use your plumber skills in parking car.

    Best free puzzle game that you can spend time with enjoy.

    How To Play:
    - Park blue to blue area, red to red and yellow car to yellow area.
    - Just rotate blocks, rotate tiles and connect ways to each other. Then complete the car route.
    - Do not forget the collect all star in the map.
    - Complete all level with collect 3 stars.

    Features :
    * 3 different color for park area. (yed car, blue car and yellow car)
    * 3 game packs with unique gameplay
    * More than 150 Levels.
    * Easy to hard level design.
    * Hint system.
    * Cool sounds and graphics
    * Like plumber puzzle rotate blocks smooth
    * Instead of pipe there are ways and asphalt.
    * Instead of water there are cars with different colors.

    Every level has lots of blocks that wait the rotate. Just tap and rotate. Block puzzle game lovers get ready to park.

  • Blocks 4.3


    To solve the block puzzle, you have to puzzle the different blocks together. The difficulty is that the individual blocks cannot be rotated. Find a solution to move all puzzle pieces into the marked area to complete a game. There are many levels with different levels of difficulty, starting with the simple puzzles and continuing to train your spatial imagination until you can solve the games of the heaviest levels. This classic logic game is a great pastime for all ages and well suited for short waiting times. Over 350 block puzzles in 3 difficulty levels are waiting to be solved.

    ★ Colorful easy to use interface
    ★ 3 level of difficulty
    ★ More than 350 levels
    You can unlock this free game to play without advertisements

    Privacy policy - https://asgardsoft.com/?page=impressum#PrivacyPolicy
    Terms of use - https://asgardsoft.com/?page=impressum#TermsOfUse
    Product Page - https://asgardsoft.com/?id=g6
  • Word Detective 3.5

    Word Detective

    This game is a kind of crossword puzzles there you have to find all words for the given icons. The app is designed to be used as relax time on the way to work or if you have to wait some minutes for the next bus or tram. The app has a simple intuitive design to be usable by everyone. It is perfect for young people to learn the right spelling.
    The crossword puzzles will be automatically generated to play infinity games.
    You can choose between the languages English and German if you like to improve your bilingual skills. The timer mode gives you the possibility to compare your skills with your friends.

    ♾Infinity puzzles
    2 languages (English, German)
    Google Play Games: Leaderboards and Achievements
    ⏱️Play with or without Timer
    Offline high score

    You can unlock this free app to play without advertisement.

    Privacy policy - https://asgardsoft.com/?page=impressum#PrivacyPolicy
    Terms of use - https://asgardsoft.com/?page=impressum#TermsOfUse
    Product Page - https://asgardsoft.com/?id=g19
  • FixIt - A Marble Run Puzzle 4.3

    FixIt - A Marble Run Puzzle

    Oh, the parts of the marble train have got mixed up. Can you arrange them correctly by turning the parts by clicking on them? Fix It is a funny game for young and old people to train the logic and concentration. There are 3 difficulty levels with many games, from easy to difficult. Do you face the challenge to solve all the levels and bring each marble to the finish? The harder the games are, the more track parts are on the field. Now it's up to you to turn the right parts to get the ball to the finish.

    1.) Create a continuous connection between the marble and the finish.
    2.) Rotate each part by tapping it
    3.) Click the marble when you have fixed the marble run

    You can unlock this free app to play without advertisement.

    Privacy policy - https://asgardsoft.com/?page=impressum#PrivacyPolicy
    Terms of use - https://asgardsoft.com/?page=impressum#TermsOfUse
    Product Page - https://asgardsoft.com/?id=g4
  • Pics 2 Words 4.2

    Pics 2 Words

    Do you like word search games? In that case the graphically updated classic word search game is just the right app for you. New and individual puzzles are generated in eight different levels of difficulty. This game is not only for young people but also for adults due to its different levels of difficulty and its easy usability. There are over 500 pictures hidden in a puzzle.

    The words which describe the images can be searched in German, Englishand French. This is well suited for users who want to learn words in the other language.

    Pictures from the following categories are hidden in the puzzles: food, animals, transportation, household appliances, colors, sports, etc. No round is like the next round.

    How does the game work?

    Mark the describing word of a picture and it will be deleted from the list. The words must not only be searched horizontally and vertically but also diagonally and backwards. The game is finished once you have found all the hidden words.

    If you don't know which word describes the picture you are looking for, then you can click on the image to display the searched word.

    You can play this game on the way to work or compete online with your friends as it measures the time you need to find all the pictures. Pics2words is a free word search game which was completely redesigned in 2018.

    You can unlock this free app to play without advertisement.

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    Terms of use - https://asgardsoft.com/?page=impressum#TermsOfUse
    Product Page - https://asgardsoft.com/?id=g18
  • Speed Tube 3D 3.7

    Speed Tube 3D

    Speed, Speed, Speed ...

    Speed Tube 3D is a racing game in which you have to navigate your ship through a three-dimensional space tunnel. Faster and faster becoming gates, which you need to dodge skillfully to unlock level by level. The difficulty increases with each level, new gates are added, the tube curved, during everything is getting faster. At the end of each theme you can earn points and play with your friends to race in the endless games.

    Controll Modes:
    - OnScreen
    - Sensor (accelerometer)
    - GamePad:
    Navigation: UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT or W,A,S,D
    Back: BACK
    Select: ENTER or CENTER

    You can unlock this free app to play without advertisement.

    Privacy policy - https://asgardsoft.com/?page=impressum#PrivacyPolicy
    Terms of use - https://asgardsoft.com/?page=impressum#TermsOfUse
    Product Page - https://asgardsoft.com/?id=g9
  • Little Dentist 3.4

    Little Dentist

    This is an interesting dentist game. In this dentist game, your child will learn how to cure the teeth of little patients. If want you child learn the importance of caring teeth, this is a best game for him.

    *** No In-app purchase in this game ***

    In this dentist game, we will show step by step how to cure the teeth of little patients. Be careful and make use of the right tools.

    Besides being as a doctor, your child can also join the hospital, ear doctor to help patients. They will be very grateful to you for your help.

    Do you love animal and baby? Your child can also learn taking care of animals and babies.

    There are up to 10 mini-game for you to play
    1. Little Dentist
    2. Hospital Doctor
    3. Ear Doctor
    4. Animal Care
    5. Baby Sitter
    6. Pony Salon
    7. Hand Doctor
    8. Dress up Cheerleader
    9. Little Cat Doctor
    10. Foot Doctor

    For comprehensive development of the child, we create this educational games for children that are aimed to help boys and girls develop basic motor and other skills, and also have fun when spend their free time.
  • European Countries - Maps, Flags and Capitals Quiz 4.5

    European Countries - Maps, Flags and Capitals Quiz

    If you know all countries in Europe, you can test your knowledge.
    If you don't know the flags or capitals of European countries, or where they are situated on the map of Europe, you'll acquire all this information from this simple and entertaining app.

    * 51 European countries:
    - All independent nations, including 6 transcontinental states situated both in Europe and Asia (Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan).
    - Cyprus, an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean and a member of the European Union (EU).
    - Kosovo, a partially recognized state in Southeast Europe.
    - Even city-states such as Luxembourg and Vatican.
    * All flags.
    * All maps.
    * All capitals - for example, Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia.
    * Currencies of Europe: from euro and British pound sterling to Swiss franc and Norwegian krone.

    Choose the game mode:
    1) Spelling quizzes (easy and hard).
    2) Multiple-choice questions (with 4 or 6 answer options). It's important to remember that you have only 3 lives.
    3) Time game (give as many answers as you can in 1 minute) - you should give more than 25 correct answers to get a star.
    4) New game mode: Identify capital cities on the map.
    Two learning tools:
    * Flashcards.
    * Table of all countries.

    The app is translated into 30 languages, including the most important European languages (English, German, Spanish and many others). So you can learn the names of those countries in any of these languages. Just switch between them in the app's Settings!
    Advertisements can be removed by an in-app-purchase.

    It is a very good application for people who study European geography or are going to travel to Europe.
    From Iceland and Scandinavia to Great Britain and Portugal. From Reykjavík to Athens. The European journey begins.
  • Russian and Soviet Leaders: History of Russia Quiz 4.2

    Russian and Soviet Leaders: History of Russia Quiz

    Check your knowledge of the Russian and Soviet history! This app has the list of all rulers of Kievan Rus', Russia, and the USSR. You can test your knowledge playing with the portraits and the additional info about the 54 most important Russian leaders.

    Tsars, Emperors and Presidents of Russia, Leaders of Soviet Union (USSR): Peter the Great and Joseph Stalin, Ivan IV the Terrible and Mikhail Gorbachev - From Catherine II the Great to Vladimir Putin. Can you guess them all?

    Choose the game mode:
    * Spelling quizzes (easy and hard).
    * Multiple-choice questions (with 4 or 6 answer options). It's important to remember that you have only 3 lives.
    * Time game (give as many answers as you can in 1 minute) - you should give more than 25 correct answers to get a star.
    Two learning tools where you can browse all monarchs in the application without guessing:
    * Flashcards: here you can find a brief biographical info about each person and a link to the full biography in the encyclopedia.
    * List of all leaders in a chronological order.

    The app is translated into 9 languages, including English, Russian and many others. Advertisements can be removed by an in-app-purchase.

    Prepare for your history exam and demonstrate your excellent knowledge of the subject!
  • 50 US States Map, Capitals & Flags - American Quiz 4.3

    50 US States Map, Capitals & Flags - American Quiz

    Do you know where Vermont is located? What city is the capital of Wisconsin? In this game, you will find all 50 states of the United States of America! All 50 state capital cities! All state flags and outline maps! From New England and the Great Lakes to the California coast and the Alaska wilderness!
    * Northeast (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, etc.).
    * Midwest (Ohio, Illinois, South Dakota, etc.).
    * South (Alabama, Texas, North Carolina, etc.).
    * West (Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and others).

    Questions are divided into six groups:
    1) Guess the name or the postal abbreviation of the state highlighted on the US map (for example, LA is for Louisiana; OK is for Oklahoma).
    2) Spell the names of state capitals (e.g. Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah; Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska).
    3) Recognize the state by its geographical borders.
    4) Game about state flags.
    5) Dates of admission to the Union: from the First State––Delaware (December 7, 1787)––to the 50th state Hawaii that joined on August 21, 1959.
    6) State nicknames: famous like ‘Sunshine State' for Florida or ‘The Grand Canyon State' for Arizona; and less-known such as ‘Land of Enchantment' for New Mexico or ‘Mountain State' for West Virginia.

    In each group, you can choose several game modes:
    * Spelling quizzes (easy and hard).
    * Multiple-choice questions (with 4 or 6 answer options). It's important to remember that you have only 3 lives.
    * Time game (give as many answers as you can in 1 minute) - give more than 25 correct answers to win a star.
    Two learning tools:
    * Flashcards - browse information about each state without guessing.
    * Table of all U.S. states.

    Additional levels can be downloaded (Android 5.0 and higher):
    - US Cities (the pictures of 50 most famous American cities: from Philadelphia to San Diego, from Miami to Seattle).
    - State Capitol Buildings (52 photos, including Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico).
    - National Parks: photos of all 63 parks from Grand Canyon and Shenandoah to Yosemite and Yellowstone. Demonstrate your knowledge of the American wilderness and prepare for the new adventures!

    The app is translated into Spanish and 14 other languages; besides American English, of course.
    Advertisements can be removed by an in-app-purchase.

    It is a great educational game for everyone interested in the geography of the United States of America. Guess the state where you've been to and learn about states you will visit in the future. Find the capital and the flag of each state!
  • Math for kids: numbers, counting, math games 3.9

    Math for kids: numbers, counting, math games

    Exciting educational games for boys and girls with cute and funny animals:
    ✔️ count numbers and items in direct and reverse order (counting numbers up to 20)
    ✔️ write numbers with tracing (writing numbers up to 9)
    ✔️ learn and repeat the pronunciation of numbers
    ✔️ discover basic arithmetics (addition, subtraction and comparison) using illustrated math exercises
    ✔️ listen math tasks and answer by voice

    On each level new animal from the zoo accompanies your child in the fascinating world of mathematics. Colourful animals with natural sounds are fully animated, they help the child to learn math and encourage the child's success.

    Unique features (speech synthesis, voice and handwriting recognition) support more than 40 languages and help your toddler, kindergarten or preschool child to learn math in the most entertaining way with an easy to use app that has a simple user interface specially designed for kids.

    Your child can fully focus on education and enjoy cool math games.
  • Gamebox, All Games, 101 games 4

    Gamebox, All Games, 101 games

    Hi there, Our Gamebox 2021 app contains all games 2021 new. It contains more than 101 games in 1 games free:

    All games 2021 new for boys:
    Cliff Diving Games
    Bob Gets Ingredients
    Guns And Blocks
    Sliding Bricks
    King Of Chaos
    American Football Games Challenge
    Road To Revenge Online
    Tic Tac Toe Online Game
    Pair Matching Puzzle Number
    Guess The Expression With The Words
    Dunk Line Game
    Burger Now
    Flow Free Games 2021
    Car Vs Cops Online
    Elf Games Jumping
    Pineapple Apple Apple Pen 2
    Dont Hit Me
    Knife Hit 2021 Online
    Stickman Archer Fight Online
    Flappy Dunk 2 Online
    Run Sausage Run 2 free
    Flippy Knife Games Online
    Look Up Piggy For The Sea Road
    The Floor Is Lava Games Online
    Impossible Lite Dash
    Dunk Shot 2 Online
    Bouncy Ball Games Online
    Traffic Control Games with traffic signals
    Rock Hero 3 Online
    Snow Po Seaside Holiday
    Running Ninja Game
    Umbrella Falling Guy
    Ping Pong Ball Games
    Garbage Man Games
    School Style Vs Street Style
    Traffic Car Driving Game
    Color Rings Puzzle game 2020
    Rolling Panda
    Mannequin Head
    Sequence Game
    Jump Red Square
    Juice Bottle Running Game
    Flat Crossbar Challenge
    Tank Vs Tiles
    Bird Red Gifts
    Chick Landing
    Theft When Proceeding
    Biscuit Man Papa
    Ninja Rise Up Online
    Christmas IO
    Cartoon Dash - one of the best mini games, IMO
    Alchemy 2 Online
    Japanese Girls Day
    Ninja Balance
    Cherrie New Spring Trends
    Tap Tap Dash 2021
    Hatch Eggs Online
    Cookie Jam Instant Games
    Paper Toss Boss Online
    Tiger Ball 3 Online
    Astro Boy Online
    22 Seconds Online
    Rolling Ball Sky
    Twisty Arrow 2 Online
    Realistic Frozen Room
    Snake Vs Blocks
    Jump Online
    Doodle Jump Online
    Pivot Online
    Finger Spinner Online
    Piano Magic Tiles 3 Online
    Not Not Online
    Floors Online
    Magic Piano Online
    Roll The Ball 2 Online
    Fidget Spinner Neon Glow Online
    That Level Again 2 Online
    Mmm Fingers Online
    4 Pics 1 Word Online
    My Little Bunny Caring
    Cute Pet Panda
    Roll The Ball Online
    Basketball Online
    BB10 Online

    All games 2021 new for girls:
    94% Online
    Circle Online
    Infinity Loop Online
    Flip Water Bottle Online
    100 Pics Quiz Online
    My Country Life
    Don't Screw Up Online
    Freeze Differences
    Atoms Online
    Amazing Brick Online
    100 Balls Online
    Smove Online
    My County Life
    Piano Tiles 2 Online
    Block It Online
    Small Fox Tidy Up The Room
    I What To Get It
    Pou Summer Break
    Make Them Fight Online
    Triple Jump
    Alchemy Witch
    Pineapple Pen Online
    Block Hexa Puzzle Online
    Frozen Baby Care
    Tap Tap Dash Online
    Protect My Castle
    Word Cookies Online: Farm Life
    Speed Rush
    GO Magical Hat
    Pop The Lock Online
    Road Racer
    Greedy Rabbit
    Paper Online
    Playful Kitty
    Galactic Shooter
    Laser Shot
    Bugs Match
    Christmas Adventure
    Adventure Man
    Beautiful World
    Wothan Escape
    Carnival Shooter
    Mushroom Fall
    Monkey Banana Jump
    Match The Marine Animal
    Pixel Zombies
    Match The Fruit
    Strange Space
    The Nest
    Monster Boxes
    Falling Ghost
    The Operators 3
    Shoot Robbers
    Duck Shooter
    The Operators 2
    The Flash Adventures
    The Operators
    Stick Panda
    Baby Caring
    Danger Sense
    My Little Pony Coloring Book
    Minions Christmas Snowball Wars
    Princesses Bride Competition
    Inside Out Birthday Party
    Breakfast Time
    Gingerman Rescue
    2048 Cuteness Edition
    Professor Bubble
    Hop Hero

    Internet access is a must to play any of the free online games. All the mini games are instant games , there is no need to download individual games. You can also add your favorite online game to your favorites folder. Long press a game to add a home screen shortcut to your favorite online game. Hope you like our Gamebox App contains all games 2021 new for girls & boys. :)

    PS: The latest update has no annoying ads! :D.
  • Astraware Casino 4

    Astraware Casino

    Try your luck with Astraware Casino - a collection of 11 of the most popular casino games all in one pack. Enjoy all the fun of a real casino without losing your shirt!

    Includes these card, table and video games:
    ♣ Blackjack
    ♠ Roulette
    ♣ Texas Hold 'Em Poker Limit
    ♠ Video Poker - Jacks or Better
    ♣ Craps
    ♠ Baccarat
    ♣ Slots
    ♠ Video Keno
    ♣ Video Derby
    ♠ Prize Solitaire
    ♣ Video Poker - Deuces Wild*
    ♠ Texas Hold 'Em Poker No Limit*

    Bonus Game - ♣ Spin 2 Win ♣ gives you extra bonus cash, additional casino winnings, a chance of winning the Jackpot or even winning full VIP access for a day!

    You'll also get $1000 in your virtual wallet so you can start playing right away.

    Astraware Casino HD includes instructions on how to play each of the games, so you can enjoy trying them without playing with real money. Astraware Casino includes a bank where you can get an overdraft if your luck is out, or stash your cash if you win big!

    Like a regular vacation, when it's fun to bring back souvenirs, Astraware Casino gives you your own Souvenir Suitcase. As you play various achievements unlock different items to go in the suitcase to remind you of your trip to the Astraware Casino!

    Astraware Casino HD is a fun casino game. No real money is used.


    * Available through the VIP in-app purchase
  • Astraware Crosswords 4.6

    Astraware Crosswords

    Crossword lovers rejoice! Astraware Crosswords is the perfect app for taking your favorite pastime wherever you go. It's number 1 rated by over 10,000 players each and every day – download and try it now!

    You get free unlimited access to play four new Daily Crosswords each day – compete on the global leaderboard! For more of a challenge there is a free Weekender puzzle available each weekend with a bigger grid and a few more challenging clues, perfect for solving leisurely on Saturday or Sunday morning, or even on Friday afternoon!

    Continue playing more crosswords with our Free Puzzle streams - these aren't limited to any particular day so you can play through them at your own speed!

    Want to play offline? 60+ quick crossword puzzles are included in 4 grid sizes at 3 difficulty levels, and you can buy extra crossword packs to keep on your device and play anytime!

    With Astraware Crosswords you can play conveniently no matter where you are!

    - Unlimited access to our Four Daily and Weekender puzzles
    - 60+ built-in quick-style puzzles
    - 4 grid sizes and 3 difficulty levels available
    - Play any of the daily puzzles from the past week, and catch up when you like!
    - New endless puzzle streams - watch ads or participate in short surveys to earn stamps, then play the puzzles you like!
    - Unlimited hints
    - Post your time when you finish a daily puzzle and see how you fare against over 10,000 players worldwide - see your percentile and watch it improve with practise
    - FREE built-in Solver helps you with synonyms and definitions
    - Clues and answers are written for an international English-speaking audience whether you are American, British, Canadian, Australian or maybe learning English as a student

    In App Purchases available:
    - A wide range of packs so you can choose the difficulty range and sizes you prefer such as easy, family, vacation, tough or fun! Deluxe and Calendar packs also available for super value!
    - The free daily puzzles have a short advert after each game - but you can switch this off with an optional purchase.

    Astraware Crosswords are hand-rated quick-style puzzles with a broad range of clues using general knowledge that are popular on the puzzle pages of many major newspapers!

    If you love this game, you will be pleased to know that we have other apps available in this range: Acrostics, A-to-Z, CodeWords, Kriss Kross, Number Cross and Word Search!
  • TTS Asli - Teka Teki Silang Pintar 2021 Offline 4.5

    TTS Asli - Teka Teki Silang Pintar 2021 Offline

    The latest and updated TTS 2022. can play Offline and free
    Original TTS (Crossword Puzzle) game like in a newspaper, magazine or TTS book.
    Riddles that will make you curious to answer :)
    Solve the word horizontally and downwards to answer all the puzzles. Correct the vocabulary memory from your brain. and of course this will sharpen your brain, anti-senile, and also add new vocabulary from the puzzles that you have completed.

    what's in this game:
    Crosswords with quality questions

    We made our own riddles with a professional team in the TTS field. The question doesn't exist in other TTS games

    Difficulty? do not give up. that's the puzzle. But if you are already at a dead end: calm down, no need to worry and be confused. We provide HINT / Help for you. all problems can be solved.

    Besides HINT, you can ask your friends, family, or relatives by sharing questions via whatsapp, facebook, twitter, telegram and other communication media.

    Simple game design, we focus on entertaining, interesting and challenging gameplay. anti stress and senile

    We will always update the TTS questions on a regular basis. Get the latest TTS every month in 2020. Play the latest Indonesian TTS

    In addition to general knowledge about history, geography, technology, names of famous figures, popular knowledge and others, TTS questions also contain English from Indonesian words. With these questions, you can learn English while playing. Find nouns in English and other words.

    The latest TTS update in 2021!

    This Smart TTS can be played by children, teenagers or adults. Add your insight

    Single player game that can fill your spare time with fun


    Benefits of playing TTS:

    ️ Increase your knowledge and insight.
    ️ Relieve stress.
    ️ Improve your mood mood.
    ️ Add your new vocabulary. Makes you look smart and cool in conversation.
    ️ Reduces anxiety.
    ️ Playing TTS together with friends strengthens social bonds.
    ️ Maintain memory, cognitive function and overall brain power.
    ️ Delays memory loss and helps relieve dementia.
  • Missile Command: Recharged 4.2

    Missile Command: Recharged

    Missile Command: Recharged is a re-imagining of the beloved classic with fast-paced, arcade action where players must defend their bases by blasting an endless barrage of missiles hailing from the sky. Launch counter-missiles to protect your base and target powerups to gain an edge at critical moments. Missile Command: Recharged will appeal to those that fondly remember playing the original or its many iterations, and a whole new generation of mobile gamers that are looking for fast-paced, pick-up-and play, arcade goodness.

    Powered Up:
    Don't just target missiles – take aim at all-new powerups to survive longer with defensive measures, silo repair, or a screen-clearing special blast.

    New powerup system takes points earned and allows them to be used to upgrade all aspects of gameplay to get an edge and achieve the highest scores.

    Shoot for the Clouds:
    Compete in global online leaderboards and aim to claim bragging rights as the top missile commander.

    Better yourself with each game played and work towards besting the toughest challenges!

    Get Augmented:
    Use the new augmented reality feature to project your gameplay to a virtual arcade cabinet and take your missile destruction to new heights!
  • Cricket World Domination - cricket games offline 4.2

    Cricket World Domination - cricket games offline

    Looking for top Cricket Games? Look no further. Welcome to a fun and super real world of cricket. Ours is one of the most realistic mobile cricket games with motion captured animations & real 3D graphics. More than 100 animations allows you to play in all possible directions - swing the cricket bat and smash the ball into the boundary or launch it into orbit. Play cricket matches against all top cricket playing nations, beat them all and lift the world cricket championship cups.

    Wish to know more why this is amongst the best cricket games? Here is a list of features:

    Unbelievably real looking batsman, bowler, fielder and umpire 3D models. We have made an effort to deliver console quality graphics to your mobile devices. Play the game on a big screen tablet to see the mesmerizing graphics in full glory.

    You can enjoy the entire game without being connected to the internet. However, with an active internet connection, you may progress faster by watching rewarded ads.

    Our proprietary algorithm for bat-ball collision detection & response allows us to achieve very realistic feel for all the shots. Physics for stumps destruction & motion captured animations, makes you feel as if you are part of a real cricket match.

    Watch your shots in mesmerizing super slow motion. See closeups of the ball hitting the bat. Capture and share screenshots of the batsman in various photogenic poses.

    Ours is the only Mobile Cricket Game that achieves flawless bat-ball contact. We are so confident about our collision detection technology that we now allow you to watch replays in extreme super slow motion (more than 1000 times slower). Choose from many camera angles and see closeups of the ball hitting the bat at extremely low replay speeds. Unbelievable? See for yourself!

    Most accurate DRS on mobile: review wrong LBW decisions and get them overturned. See the ball trajectory in super slow motion and verify where the ball pitched, where the ball impacted with the batsman and whether the ball would have hit the stumps.

    Choose your home country from an exhaustive list of 30+ cricket playing nations. Doesn't matter whether you pick a top country like India, Australia, England, South Africa or whether you pick an upcoming country like United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, you still need to perform well to reach the top. Beat all countries to win the 2, 5, 8, 10, 15 and 20 (T20) over cricket world championships (world cups). More than 500 matches to beat, can you stick it out?

    Intuitive controls. Play on your phone with ease with a single hand. Strike the ball with millisecond accuracy - see how good your hand-eye coordination is. The unique matrix grid control allows you to quickly & effortlessly pitch the cricket ball wherever you like.

    When you use Google or Facebook login, your progress is periodically backed up on our server such that even you if change your device, your progress is not lost and can be restored.

    Introducing animated context sensitive help. Relevant help, when and where you need it, with just a couple of taps. Experimental.

    Progress through the game without having to spend any real money.

    This game can be played by all sports games lovers. If you like tennis, football, basketball, table tennis, ping pong, golf, ice hockey, pool, billiards, snooker, badminton, bowling, ludo, carom you will also like this cricket game.

  • Ultimate City GT Car Stunt: Mega Ramp Climb Racing 5

    Ultimate City GT Car Stunt: Mega Ramp Climb Racing

    Welcome to most entertaining, action car and thrilling racing gameUltimate City GT Car Stunt: Mega Ramp Climb Racing a reckless driving on the hottest ways with very high-performance of cars that you have never seen in any racing car and action games. Ultimate City GT Car Stunt is a free madalin stunt car games with unique and multiple levels that will set a modern legendary standard for all fast driving games and mega ramp climb racing games. You'll find a car stunts with a lot of best challenges, car thrilling action, enjoyment, and fun in this fast drive game & traffic drive on your road to the top! – now you just have to download Ultimate City GT Car Stunt: Mega Ramp Climb Racing & play it to believe it. Be a boss of all motorists of fast Traffic car drive in the world and the champion of the roads in all impossible ways. Complete all stunts and racing challenges in a timely manner by playing this real impossible track fun drive car game. All you have to do is highlight your goal in mind and reach the endpoint of Ultimate City GT Car Stunt at the right time. On impossible car tracks driving a racing car can be tricky but its not difficult to play kids and racing legends. Low challenges mode are for kids who are love of stunt and racing games. can you solve all tasks? here you can enjoy Traffic drive in huge heights by car to touch the big sky road like a stunt car legend.

    In this great stunt ramp play i'm sure you will enjoy the car run racing game by having fun with fantastic car chic in the most attractive races. It's the extreme game of car rides that attracts you the most. Now, it's time to show your extreme GT drift of fast car driving skills in this Ultimate City GT Car Stunt: Mega Ramp Climb Racing Simulator on very smart designed GT Highway roads with top racer and in a very gorgeous traffic stunt cars to enjoying run racing 2019. Kids and Fast stunt champion, fast fun car drier just get ready and get behind for stunt car wheels. Fasten your seat belt to the gear in the top speed crazy car run racing on GT Highway to perform unique stunts.

    Variety of Stunt Car to enjoy the Mega Ramp Racing Game:
    LEXUS LS 2019
    AUDI Q8
    FORD F-250

    From your GT Cars, stunts skills became the best fast car driver of all smart racer for all free stunt car and top fast racing car driving game on Google Play. You just have to avoid from crashing in this Ultimate City GT Car Stunt: Mega Ramp Climb Racing 3D extreme city car stunts, ultimate fast car driving, action & car racing car, real GT highway racing, fast Speed Racing Drift, Street super hero GT racing car games and Fast Car driving games to maintain your speed's of a car in Mega Ramp Climb Racing simulator 2019.

    Earned bounty and rewards in the form of points that will help you to unlock new fast driving and crazy cars with a great features like handling, car speed,Nitro and more NOS. Free, Ultimate City Car Driving and Fast Racing Simulator will brings the best enjoying and entertaining of GT car racing games experience in this fast car run Racing, Superhero Car Drift or Fast Car Driving Games 2019 on hot wheels. Fast Car driving and racing tracks are just waiting for you to be mastered in fast racingUltimate City GT Car Stunt: Mega Ramp Climb Racing Game

    Ultimate City GT Car Stunt Modes

    ★ GT Car Stunts
    You will drive your fast car racing fun with speed, this is stars base Mega Ramp Climb Car Racing game. The Fat stunt car racer if you will not collide to any stunt or tricky road and at a good and better speed you will get full stars and coins.

    ★ City Drive And Free Raom
    This is city Car Driving simulator in this best mode,You will drive on very tricky stunt roads to get more score and coins. Perform Free Stunts and enjoy infinite racing for fun.
  • Fruits Crush - Link Puzzle Game 4.6

    Fruits Crush - Link Puzzle Game

    ★How to play

    Try to match 3 or more Fruits of the same color.
    If you match more, you can create a Magic Marble
    Use the Magic Marble to help the Fruits
    1500 stages are waiting for you and your Fruits friends to take on!
    (The stage is constantly updated!)

    ★Fruits Crush - Link puzzle Game Features★

    Various thrilling missions that no single-swipe puzzle game ever had before!
    Easy and simple gameplay for all ages.
    Enjoy the unique fun that this one-swipe drawing game brings you.
    Keep playing Fruits Crush - Link puzzle Game without worrying about hearts!
    Play offline to your heart's content without using up your data plan.
    Achievements and leaderboards in Google Play are supported.
    The game supports 15 languages.

    Fruits Crush - Link puzzle Game is free to play with optional in-game purchases.

    E-mail : [email protected]
  • Jewel Blast-Let's Collect!

    Jewel Blast-Let's Collect!

    ♥ Очистить ваш уровень и собирать различные драгоценности!
    ♥ Самая интересная игра-головоломка Blast!

    ■■■■■ Особенности ■■■■■

    «Jewel Blast», который может быть пользуются в любом месте в любое время
    привыкание и захватывающее 3match игра Blast головоломка, которая собирает и выпадений блоки одного и того же цвета!
    Collect красивые и красочные кольца, ожерелья и серьги, чтобы украсить шкафы!
    Если собрать больше блоков, вы можете получить огромные предметы и высокие баллы.
    Почувствуйте удовольствие сделать большее собирать, и чувствовать эффект мрамора на большом сборный!
    я могу наслаждаться форумом тоже.

    ■■■ ■■ Как играть ■■■■■

    ■ Нажмите три или более блоков.
    Чем больше блоков вы будете нажимать, тем выше ваш счет.
    ■ Приключения vaious 500 ступеней!

    ■ Fun и vaious миссии и препятствия, чтобы стимулировать вызов!
    разнообразие необычных устройств и миссий ждут ваш вызов.
    ■ Захватывающий играть

    ■ Стресс без головоломки удовольствие
    A простой и легкая игра-головоломка, которая собирает 3 или более блоков, но требует высокого ля Vel стратегия.

    ■ Лучшие на тренировках мозга простых правил!
    Тренируйте мозг с простыми правилами, которые не сложны.
    ■ достижений и лидеры поддержки через Google Play игры.
    Конкурировать с другие пользователи!
    ценный обзор пользователей является большой силой для разработчиков ^^

    Контакты Связь Электронная почта: [email protected]


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