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Версия: 3.8

Android: Android 4.1、4.1.11 (JELLY_BEAN)

Русский: 9.93 MB

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Информация о моде
Модификатор скорости игры / Удалена реклама
Партнерские ссылки
ClientEye is a 100% anonymous safety app where users can search for or report any number, username or email addresses when they believe the contact is fake, abusive, phising or being problimatic in anyway.

We improve the safety of our users by bringing them together to share information about any issues they may have faced with a contact, that information is instantly available to our users upon being searched or by receiving communication from them.

Our app can display how many reports that contact has received making you aware that previous reports exist prior to replying. Collective Knowledge = Collective Safety

We have extended our in-app search features and now offer our users options to manually search or report usernames and email addresses as we know scammers may try various methods of contact.
Numbers – Our system can identify previously reported numbers and display on screen notifications upon searching
Usernames – Can be used to identify social media catfishing accounts or accounts where a user may send inappropriate messages or make inappropriate comments.
E- Mail Addresses – Identify those email addresses that appear to be scams, attempt phishing or have been abusive in anyway.

All received reports are displayed anonymously without pre-moderation and are the view and comments of the original reporter.
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