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Версия: 25

Android: Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

Русский: 62.83 MB

Информация о моде
Enter the game to give a lot of money
Evil Zone, is an action and survival game, where you will face different zombies.
This game contains a survival mode and level mode, where you can test your skills and your tolerance for terror!

Come and face these zombies, try to make Earth a better place despite the fact that it has already become a frightening world. Only YOU can stop this. Are you willing to make all the efforts of the survivors worthwhile?
Beware of the deranged people who live in these areas full of zombies, they can also be a very powerful enemy that you will have to face.
Some enemies inhabit residences full of evil, places where an evil virus was able to change the lives of all these people and which managed to change the whole world.

Many areas are being corrupted second after second, these zombies seem to be unstoppable. These evil monsters inhabit dark areas, watch out for ambushes, these deranged ones can kill you at any time if you are careless.
All the zombies that inhabit these dark areas are dangerous, be careful. You can also protect yourself in residences that were once unaware of the virus. But for this, you first have to cleanse them of all darkness and evil.

Are you ready? Come and try this survival horror experience.
It's time! grab your gun and start a new world!
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