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Версия: 2.2.1

Android: Android 6.0 (M)

Русский: 44.99 MB

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Информация о моде
Взлом скорости игры / без рекламы
Партнерские ссылки
Welcome to Kiwi VPN, your privacy protector and the ideal choice for navigating the Internet. Our VPN service will provide you with a secure, fast Internet connection so you can enjoy the digital world anytime, anywhere.

Main features:
Strong privacy protection: Kiwi VPN ensures that your Internet connection is secure with advanced encryption technology, protecting your personal information from potential threats.
Super Fast connection: No matter where you are, KiwiVPN provides a fast and stable connection to ensure you can browse the web, stream content or play online without any problems.
Global servers: We have multiple servers deployed around the world, giving you easy access to global content and unlocking geolocation restrictions.
Unlimited bandwidth: No more worrying about network speed, Kiwi VPN offers unlimited bandwidth to ensure your Internet experience is always smooth.

Why choose Kiwi VPN?
Secure: Kiwi VPN is committed to protecting your privacy and uses advanced encryption to ensure that your online activities are protected.
Global Tour: Unlock global content, easily fight geographical restrictions, and let you enjoy the Internet.
Easy to use: One-click connection, no complicated setup, so you instantly experience a secure Internet connection.
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