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囚われのパルマ Refrain v6.00.02 Мод [Unlocked] APK

Игра / Adventure


Версия: 6.00.02

Android: Android 7.0 (N)

Русский: 58.71 MB

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Информация о моде
1. Разблокирован
Примечание: если не работают, попробуйте перезагрузить игру с помощью мод включения и сохранить предпочтения функций. Убедитесь, что эффект - это история разблокировки, как картинки ниже
Партнерские ссылки
Distribution of this app will end on July 30, 2024, so new purchases, including in-app DLC, will no longer be available after July 30. Please check the official website for details.

※※please note※※
Please read the following before purchasing and using
[Precautions when purchasing]
Please be sure to check

[Game introduction]
The smartphone screen looks like glass
Starting with the meeting scene, using the messaging app
The interactions I had with him, and the things I don't usually show
Surveillance that peeks into his appearance and thoughts...

"Parma Refrain" is,
His closed memories and heart, trapped on an isolated island,
Unravel it with your own hands
It's an experiential love adventure.

The beautiful worldview of the previous work remains the same.
With the new system,
Of course, fans of the previous work,
For those who are playing this game for the first time,
An endless love experience with “him”
It feels more real.

◆◇ Meeting to read your heart ◇◆
Reacts to your movements as you touch the screen,
from the movement of your own gaze
He tries to read your emotions.

Beautifully detailed 3D model
His movements and expressions, and yourself.
Words from him directed towards me.

It's like he's on the other side of the screen.
A first-time experience that feels like it's actually there.

◆◇ Dramatic story ◇◆

One night, I found a book that had fallen on the street.
As a result, I happened to see a young man who had fallen down.
You helped me.

However, your daily life changes completely after that day.
In order to meet Chiaki, the young man he helped,
You visit a detention facility on a lonely island.
So I had unwarranted suspicions
I know that I'm being hung up on.

Chiaki holds the key to a certain incident.
In order to clear my doubts, I will remember his memory.
I would like your help in getting it back
I'm asked but...

As his consultant, you will face the
What is the truth about memory?

◆◇ “His voice” is full voice ◇◆
Chiaki, a young man who lost his memory related to the incident.
CV: Kaito Ishikawa

From meetings to monitoring and mini-games,
All his voices are voiced!

◆◇ There are also talented voice actors for the island residents ◇◆
For the unique residents of the island that enliven the story
A group of talented voice actors adds color.

Guard Suda
CV: Takahiro Sakurai

Part-time job at the library: Moji
CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Many others appear.
*Not fully voiced.

◆◇ Delicate and beautiful graphics ◇◆
"Extroopers" (Nintendo 3DS/PS3)
and TV anime “Macross Delta”
In charge of character design
Chisato Mita (CAPCOM)
In charge of character design.
Contains a lot of beautiful art!

◆◇ Recommended for these people ◇◆
・I like love games and otome games.
・I want to have an exciting love affair with a handsome man.
・I want to experience a heart-wrenching love.
・I like suspense dramas.
・I want to immerse myself in a beautiful worldview with an extraordinary feeling.
・I admire romances like those seen in movies, dramas, and novels.
・I want to enjoy a story with a sense of volume.
・I want to enjoy a full voice game with popular voice actors.


[Precautions when purchasing]

◆◇ Episode-type distribution ◇◆
"Parma Refrain" is,
“All 8 episodes” like a serial drama
This is an episodic distribution app.

The app itself includes the prologue and episode 1.
It is recorded.
For episodes 2 and onwards, each
It can be purchased through in-app purchase.

*Episodes 2 to 8 can be purchased at once.
We also have great value episode sets.

*In addition to the main episode,
There are in-app purchase items.

For details on each billing content, please check the URL below.

◆◇ Operating environment ◇◆
[Supported OS]
Android 7.0 to 11.0
Memory (RAM) 2GB or more
(Some devices are not compatible)

*The above information and the bottom of this page
The information listed in "Android Requirements"
If different, the above information
Please note that the information is correct.

[Data size to download]
*Due to high-capacity communication, in a Wi-Fi communication environment
Downloading is recommended.

For details on compatible devices, please check the URL below.

*When changing your line of sight during a meeting, use your device.
Use the gyro function.

Even if the device is compatible, the gyro function of the device may be
If it cannot be used normally,
I can't move my eyes, but
Equipped with a function when the gyro function cannot be used.
Therefore, you can use your finger without using the gyro function.
It is possible to proceed with the operation.

*Even on non-compatible OS/non-compatible terminals,
You may be able to purchase this app, but
It may not work properly.
excuse me,
For use with non-compatible OS/devices,
Guaranteed operation and refunds
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

◆◇ Others ◇◆
If you delete this app from your device,
Game save data is also deleted.
Please be careful as it will be damaged.

When changing models etc., save data
Once saved to the cloud,
Data transfer
You can do it.
in-game options
"Cloud data transfer"
Please use it.

*Transfer between Android and other OS
you can't.


◆◇ Delivery information and inquiries ◇◆
・“Captive Parma Refrain” official website

・“Captive Palma Series” Official Twitter
Or search @Palm_capcom

・“Captive Parma Refrain” Q&A top page
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