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Save the Boy: Rescue Puzzle v0.8.2 Мод [Unlimited money] APK

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Версия: 0.8.2

Android: Android 7.1

Русский: 95.37 MB

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Партнерские ссылки
Cut ropes to help the boy and guide him to safely exit the rooms. Save the boy rescue puzzle is an addictive physics-based puzzle game that tests your strategic thinking and logical reasoning as you swipe and cut ropes to rescue the boy and guide him to the exit.

Easy and Addictive Rope Puzzles:
Save the boy offers fun and engaging gameplay with unique rescue puzzles increasing levels of difficulty to test your skills and challenge your brain. The innovative gameplay and physics-based puzzles require you to use your logic and problem-solving abilities to succeed and save the boy in this rope puzzle game.

Save the Boy Rescue Cut Puzzle Features:

- Finger controls
- Play with strategies
- Each level need a different strategy to clear
- Cut the rope to release the boy
- Rescue the hero within time

Exciting Rescue Missions:
Help the boy as he is tied up and restricted to the room. Swipe and cut the rope with your finger and safely landed him on the surface and guide him to the exit. Rescue the boy and save him from the enemies and other obstacles to escape the rooms by solving the these rope puzzles.

Solve Puzzles with Rope Cutting:
In this rescue puzzle game, you have to carefully look at the ropes that are holding the boy. Your job is to figure out the best way to cut the ropes and rescue him. But be careful! If you cut the wrong rope, things might not go well for him in this rope rescue puzzle game.

The boy is hopeless so now it's your responsibility to rescue by just cutting the rope step by step with your fingers. But be careful from all the hurdles while swimming upward. This cutting physics puzzle game will train your mind and test your logical thinking skills. Help the boy game is exciting yet challenging Rope Cut : Rescue Puzzle game to test your IQ level.

So, are you ready for an exciting puzzle adventure? Download 'Save The Boy - Rescue Puzzle' now and experience the best rescue game with challenging levels.
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