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  • idrisov_osman Мод APK 3.0 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 3.8

    idrisov_osman Мод APK 3.0 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    We try to reach desired areas by overcoming challenging obstacles and monsters with a superhero. By completing levels, we unlock new ones, face new monster every level and embark on an adventure and discover a new world with this super red hero for long periods of time.

    As we unlock new levels, the difficulty levels of the obstacles and monsters we encounter become higher, and the adventure becomes increasingly challenging.

    Super Red Hero Game Features: Adventurer Superhero, Action and Adventure Game

    Action Game
    With its intense and fast-paced gameplay, super red hero is sure to capture the attention of players at every level, providing a challenging and rewarding experience that will keep them coming back for more.

    The action-packed levels in red hero are designed to challenge players' reflexes and skills, providing an adrenaline-fueled experience that will keep them on the edge of their seat.

    Adventure Game
    Embark on an exciting adventure as you journey through various levels of challenging obstacles, exploring new and exotic environments, and facing thrilling and heart-pumping challenges along the way.

    With its captivating storyline and immersive gameplay, Super Red Hero takes players on an unforgettable adventure through a variety of challenging levels and stunning environments.

    Smooth and Uninterrupted GameplayHero dash mechanic provides players with a smooth and uninterrupted gameplay experience, allowing them to swiftly navigate through obstacles and enemies with ease.

    Discover The World
    Red hero offers an immersive experience where players can explore a vast and captivating world filled with secrets, challenges, and adventure.

    We become partners in an action-packed adventure by overcoming obstacles and monsters of different difficulties.

    Unique Levels
    The monster killer gameplay mechanic is integrated into each unique level, providing players with a fresh and exciting challenge as they navigate through each diverse environment.

    As an adventurer, players will have the opportunity to explore a vast and diverse world, encountering a variety of challenging obstacles and fierce monsters along the way.

    Unique Obstacles and Monsters
    As an adventure game, super red hero immerses players in a rich and detailed world, filled with secrets to discover and epic battles to be fought.

    This game offers a thrilling gameplay experience with its unique obstacles and monsters, each level presenting a new challenge as players navigate through a variety of stunning environments.

    Superhero, colorful and dynamic graphics combined with exciting gameplay mechanics, provides an immersive platform game experience that challenges players to navigate through diverse levels filled with tricky obstacles and monsters.

    Platform game takes players on an unforgettable adventure through a variety of challenging levels and stunning environments.
  • Dustin Auxier Мод APK 1.0 [Remove ads] 3.8

    Dustin Auxier Мод APK 1.0 [Remove ads]


    Welcome to Jetscout: Boot Camp, a completely free jetpack-based platformer featuring the Jetscout Essential Training Simulation (JETS) for all new Jetscout recruits! Your goal is to reach the end of each mission using only a jetpack with limited fuel. Avoid deadly spikes, plants, lasers and more as you complete 3 unique missions to master the basics of Jetscout flight!

    When you're ready, you can tackle your first real mission of exploring a distant solar system and uncovering the secrets behind the strange Valunian race in the game Jetscout: Mystery of the Valunians.
  • Ambulance Car Rescue Simulator Мод APK 1.1 [Unlocked] 3.5

    Ambulance Car Rescue Simulator Мод APK 1.1 [Unlocked]


    Ambulance Car Rescue Simulator: Rescuing Games app is a fun and exciting game for everyone who loves this kind of games.

    If you are looking for a Rescue Emergency game with an amazing gameplay and stunning design, then this is one of those Police Emergency Rescue Car games you might enjoy big time!

    Also, if you like hospital simulator or fire ambulance games where you get to help people and save them from danger, then the Ambulance Car Simulator: Rescuing Games app is a good choice for you.
    This rescue truck or ambulance game can be a great source of delight for you whether you are a Truck games fan or Emergency Vehicle Games fan. This Rescue Simulator 2021 game will allow you to help people while having an amazing adventure in the city environment. Rescue the injured people from accidents, fire, and gangster fights and save their lives.

    This is one of those emergency games where you search and rescue injured people and take them to the hospital, sometimes providing them with first aid. This is a perfect game for people who enjoys survival games or Search and Rescue games. This Rescue City game will also allow you to explore the unfortunate situation and make decision about how you will help the people who are in danger. If you enjoy Training games or Police and Fire Truck games, then you might enjoy this gameplay very much. This Accident Emergency Rescue game is quite similar to Fire saving games and 911 Emergency games with a brilliant Ambulance Truck Simulator gameplay to enjoy for long gaming sessions. This game can also be enjoyable for the ones who enjoy the Lego Ambulance game or Fire Ambulance game.
    You will be hired as a specialist doctor who drives a truck ambulance in emergency situations. Your mission in this fire simulator game is to help people who have suffered from terrible accidents and make the situation better for everyone. Provide them with first aid on the spot and then drive your ambulance to the hospital like a real-life hero! Put your survival training to the best use and save others from life-threatening danger; thus, feel amazing when people greet you with respect and gratitude.

    If you like Rescue Truck Simulator games or Survival games then the features of this City Rescue Emergency Car game will delight you big time! Take a look at some of the key features of this Emergency Simulator game to get a broader idea:

    A great game for rescue truck simulator and fire ambulance simulator game fans as well

    Take part in amazing adventures in the city environment while you search and save endangered people

    Drive a rescue car and roam around the city.

    Fantastic 3D animation to enjoy

    Realistic sound effects

    Feel good about saving people and get refreshed

    Different kinds of missions to enjoy a dynamic experience

    Easy and swift control with no complexity

    Various camera angles to have an amazing driving experience
  • Sheffelrot - Dawn of Elf Мод APK 1.0 [Paid for free][Unlimited money][Free purchase][Unlocked] 3.8

    Sheffelrot - Dawn of Elf Мод APK 1.0 [Paid for free][Unlimited money][Free purchase][Unlocked]


    Not so long ago there was a village called Sheffelrot. In the village lived small creatures called elves that had been separated from the outside world for hundreds of years. These creatures had the ability to control earth, wind, fire and water and in some rare cases they could even manipulate organic life.

    This tale is about a little elf from that village. An outcast. His name was unknown because no one cared to ask for it. They all just called him Elf. One day the little elf got an assignment to bring a special rock back from the altar in the Sheffelrot temple. He was told that the path could be dangerous, but the reward would be magnificent.

    This is the start of an epic adventure for the little elf where he will face danger, happiness, love, loss and pain. He will learn that even if you're just a small creature you can still make a difference.
  • Super Adventure Jump World Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Super Adventure Jump World Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to the Super Adventure Jump World Classic 2021. This time, Adventurer will have a magical adventure with his friends! Run all the way, jump, destroy monsters now!
    [How to play] :
    + You can choose double tap or hold the jump button for a high jump.
    + Use buttons to move and fire
    + Collect all coins and bonus items to get more points and buy additional items in store.
    + Beautiful high-resolution graphics.
    + Smooth user interface.
    + Music and sound effects.
    + Game is free, no purchase required.
    + Phone and Tablet support.
    + Awesome gameplay similar to retro classic game.
    + Easy and intuitive controls with on-screen controller.
    + Destroyable bricks, blocks and moving platform.
    + Additional collectibles, coins and more.
    + Underground and water worlds, swim, jump and run.
    + Free game forever.

    This is a challenging and exciting classic platform game style. Conquer it and have fun! Relaxing time!
  • Itchi Technology Limited Мод APK 1.0.1 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Itchi Technology Limited Мод APK 1.0.1 [Unlimited money]


    【Classic pixel game】
    A real game developed locally in Hong Kong!
    Using the classic pixel style, plus automatic combat and equipment synthesis, explore the truth of another world!
    Demon King, is waiting for the arrival of the brave!

    【Attribute plus point】
    Full free attribute point distribution, different division methods, free matching.
    Will it become a glass cannon? Powerful meat shield? Or dodge completely? It's all up to you!

    【Equipment Enhancement】
    1+1=2? Or is it 3?
    Synthesize the weapons returned by Nong! Resynthesis!
    If you want to become stronger, work hard!

    【Decorative placement】
    Decorate a boring dungeon with rare decorations!
    Perhaps, it can also increase the ability value additionally!

    【Lucky Draw】
    If the lottery needs luck, then what you need here is eyesight!
    Three points are destined, seven points depend on hard work! The remaining ninety points are up to you!

    【Combat Power Ranking】
    Upload your combat power record after each round of reincarnation! Compete with other (parallel universe) heroes!
    There will be a different reward pool every week!
    Opening Hours: Every Monday AM 08:00 ~ Every Sunday PM 23:45
    Reward distribution: every Sunday at 23:59 PM
    -------------------------------------------------- ---
    [The current game archives are recorded on this computer, please back them up properly, and we will not be responsible for any loss. 】
    -------------------------------------------------- ---
  • Ron Ninja Gone Wrong Adventure Мод APK 1 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Ron Ninja Gone Wrong Adventure Мод APK 1 [Unlimited money]


    You Really waited a lot to See Finally you Ron Ninja Gone Wrong Adventure Game, that specialy game and amazing adventure game for the super Ron and barney' , here where you have to save Ron's friends Like Ron-gone Wron and savana then andrew or marc , all of those amazing friends we made it in our game to let you enjoy playing it, so now you can play this Ron's Ninja Gone wrong Adventure game for free.

    You can play Our Ron's Barney Game so easy:

    - preess button setting to adjust Features.
    - enter shop tp upgrade your ron's gone skills totally free.
    - Press button start to begin from the first level and try to move on wrong.
    - try to escape all the obstacles and enemies of ron's *wrong.
    - there alot of gifts into the game you can see them by your self.

    -a Lot of HD sounds.
    -a lot of some amazing Ron luca Backgrounds.
    -New moves and run to Ron's Gone.
    -Some gifts waitting you come to see them wrong.

    * This is not the officiel game of ron's Gone Wrong games. we made this amazing game just fro you to play it in your free time, we have any copyright about the film , this is unofficiel game.

    all we hope from this game is just to you like it and give as a good rate and comments. and if there is any problems just please contact us as soon we can we will solve it.
  • Mountain Trials: Xtreme Truck Мод APK 0.1 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Mountain Trials: Xtreme Truck Мод APK 0.1 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to play the shiny new invigorating impossible driving: monster truck mega gt stunts. Crazy cars spooky tracks: new jumping games 2021 is the most uncommon test you're probably going to confront this year. This Crazy Stunt Top Monster Truck 2021 welcomes your consideration towards US Super Truck Racing Games 2021, like Fly Vehicle Tricks.

    Mega Ramp Crazy Driver: New Racing Tracks 3D

    Come towards levels and phases of genuine beast truck hustling games to show how quick you are in the maximum velocity beast truck games. Maybe you have played numerous vehicle hustling and bicycle dashing games yet this new beast truck driving games will engage you in rough terrain conditions to get triumph in all stages. Clear the missions and redesign your vehicles with new tires, nitrous, fumes, gears, motor, body and supporter in this rough terrain beast truck dashing games. Download and play this assembly dashing games dependent on your new action to administer the sim racers in large wheeler disconnected driving games.
    Crazy Ramps: Jumbo Truck Fearless Stunts
    Who has the best ride? You do! Race as quick as possible to turn into the top new beast transporter on the planet! US wide open is a heart of the outrageous conflict of fire-breathing, at last incredible Beast Trucks! Appreciate impeccably planned world with picturesque valleys, slopes, lakes, and rail lines. Respect the astounding perspective, and keep your eyes out and about, rivals and the nearest incline! Accelerate, contend in racing, run, overcome the slope and uphill - the race is beginning at present!
    US Super Truck Racing Games 2021

    Addictive Game Modes

    Xtreme Dashing

    ️Fearless Sky Tricks

    Offroad Legends

    Offroad Climb: Impossible Giant Truck 2021 Elements:

    ️ Current provisions of slope hustling games

    ️ Unique and beguiling climate and sky sees

    ️ Many Games and Extravagance vehicles.

    ️ Three distinct modes with 30 story-based FREE levels

    ️ New and refreshed period of free vehicle games

    ️ All certified reinforcements of vehicle floating games

    ️ Progressed levels than mountain stunt hustling

    ️ Beast truck stunt like hair-raising climate

    What's the greatest accident you can envision? Download now and watch it happen!
  • TROTM - The Rise Of The Monste Мод APK 0.7 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    TROTM - The Rise Of The Monste Мод APK 0.7 [Unlimited money]


    Jump in and play, as a young adventurer who needs to fight the dark monsters that try to rise and take control of the universe. Will you be able to stop them or will you die?

    Fight the dark monsters with a bunch of different magic weapons that you can collect in a number of challenging game modes.

    With coins you collect you could buy yourself a brand new astounding outfits, which you could show off to your friends.

    This is a two men game that started as a school project, so we'll really appreciate if you could give us some feedback. But overall we hope you enjoy the game and we'll be glad to publish more games.
  • Summer's Amazing Adventure Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 3.7

    Summer's Amazing Adventure Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Summer's Amazing Adventure - Save the day with Summer and her friends as they protect the animals of the forest by defeating the monsters! Collect the golden coins to unlock more of Summer's friends to help. More playable friends will be added in future updates so stay tuned. Eliminate all the monsters and avoid their traps in order to save the animals of the forest.
  • Rescumal - Crush and Run Мод APK 0.1 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Rescumal - Crush and Run Мод APK 0.1 [Unlimited money]


    Are you ready for the fight of your life? Are you ready to save a beautiful world from destruction? Are you ready for a completely new game?

    Play together with us and plunge into a great adventure. Find your favorite unit and your favorite weapon, build them up and evolve them. Together with your weapon and your unit you can save Galaia from destruction. Crush and Run!

    Collect enough gold and diamonds, evolution items, weapons and units in 100+ levels to defeat your enemies!

    - Play 100+ breathtaking solo levels (More are coming all the time)!
    - Collect weapon cards and unit cards!
    - Upgrade your weapons and units to make them stronger!
    - Play our event levels to get better and easier items, gold, diamonds and cards!
    - Enjoy weekly events with new units and weapons!
    - Earn experience points, increase your player level and achieve fame and glory!

    Do you like games that are constantly being improved? You like games that never get boring? You like games where you can dive into a beautiful world and capture a new gaming experience?
    What are you waiting for? Convince yourself today!

    We have been working very hard and as best we can to fix technical and gameplay issues as quickly as possible. We are very excited to work with you players to make the game perfect.

    Feel free to follow us on Discord:

    or feel free to visit our page:
  • 随机跨栏大冒险 Мод APK 0.4 3.5

    随机跨栏大冒险 Мод APK 0.4


    You are a panda, and you need to cross many railings to get a medal, but be careful, there will be different routines waiting for you in front of each railing. From simple to difficult, there are multiple challenges waiting for you. The routines that appear in each challenge are random. It is time for you to take the postgraduate entrance examination. Can you hold it?
  • 脱出ゲーム 謹賀新年 Мод APK 0.1 [Free purchase] 3.5

    脱出ゲーム 謹賀新年 Мод APK 0.1 [Free purchase]


    Welcome to "Escape Game Happy New Year".

    You are in a locked place.
    Solve the mystery and escape.

    This escape game is a simple tap-only operation and you can enjoy it for free until the end.

    【how to play】
    ・ Tap the place you care about
    ・ Tap an item to select it, then tap the place you want to use.
    ・ If you want to check the item, tap the item twice to enlarge it.
    -Some items can be combined by using another item for the enlarged item.

    ・ It is an escape game where you can enjoy a quaint world view with beautiful graphics and BGM.
    ・ There are many simple mysteries that even beginners can enjoy.
    ・ It is an auto save. You can always continue from "Load" on the title screen.
  • 逃脫游戲  謊言游戲 Мод APK 1.04 3.6

    逃脫游戲 謊言游戲 Мод APK 1.04


    You can easily enjoy the story and reason, a sense of adventure full point escape game

    ■■ plot × × [reasoning] ■■ escape game

    When the hero woke up, found himself with a few men and women do not know is shut in together ...

    At this point, a wonderful broadcast sounded

    "Come, let lie the games begin!"

    A bet on the game so life had begun

    In such a crisis situation everyone confused

    You have only two paths to take -

    Find the liar, live

    Or is everyone refers to as liars, end of life.

    You can stick to the last day of the game to find the truth of it?

    ■■ ■■ [Game Summary]

    ① exploration
    In the building, and solve puzzles while authorities to obtain information while participants.

    ② lie conference
    Evidence on hand, and you are recognized as a "liar" who battle to refute the other side!

    ③ escape
    Ultimately survive, solve the puzzle you will be able to escape from here.

    ④ truth
    Only the final winner, to know the truth "lies game" of.

    ■■ To Our [UP] ■■ main owners live
    All contents of this game Jieke recording and live.
    Recording live commentary of this game is to encourage us, thank you!

    ■■ · [sound effects] ■■ music material provider
    Dow Chemical, DuPont Films sa nn ド ッ Suites Excellency
    Getting your sound effects Baldwin
    Komori flat Excellency
    び ta ち ー material Excellency Museum
    You sound effects g
    Ka wa sa manufactured by Canon su Hikaru ro you
    Yuli You
    Chi multi-zu ka sa Excellency
    Ka zu ち Excellency
    Industrialization fu Mi ã Bio an have you
    Chi multi-zu ka sa Excellency
    Ka zu ち Excellency
    Newspaper Chemie Ciba U nn Suites you
    Yui ー gi gu shi ri you made me cry
    Sound effects Excellency dictionary

    ※ contents of this game are all fictional, characters and groups debut with Modern nothing to do.
  • 冒险家 Мод APK 2.8 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    冒险家 Мод APK 2.8 [Unlimited money]


    This game does not have any in-app purchases, it depends on skills. Players need to avoid the traps and traps that suddenly hit, and get the little apple to pass the game! The game is a bit difficult, "please play rationally"! If you encounter a problem, please add group (468032912) feedback, there will be adventurers to help answer it. Thank you for your support!
  • 謎解き脱出ゲーム 逆転!謎解キ裁判 Мод APK 1.0.4 4.0

    謎解き脱出ゲーム 逆転!謎解キ裁判 Мод APK 1.0.4


    [Game outline / elements]
    ・ You can clear it by solving the mystery and achieving the purpose.
    ・ You can play for free until the end
    ・ If you get stuck, you can see hints and answers.
    * It is different from the escape game of the type of exploring the room.

    The incident happened on the day when the new lawyer "Sato Shirokane" went to work for the first time.
    The director of the law firm where he was employed had died.
    The director, who likes puzzle-solving production, left a "dying message" using the puzzle-solving problem.
    Let's solve the mystery and derive the truth.

    [Scenario production]
    ・ Mr. Natsuki, a word shop

    [Illustration material provider]
    ・ Mr. Sasanoma

    [Sound effect / music material provider]
    ・ Anonyment
    ・ Notzan ACT
    ・ Mr. Kajinchu
    ・ Make a field Music
  • EscapeGame FacelessRoom Мод APK 1.03 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    EscapeGame FacelessRoom Мод APK 1.03 [Unlimited money]


    This is a simple escape game.
    Let's get out of this world by solving the items and gimmicks scattered in the mysterious world.

    EscapeGame FacelessRoom

    【service charge】 Free

    -Easy to start for first players
    -The world of mysterious art and sound.
    -Auto-save function
    -Hints function.

    【How to play】
    ・Let's tap the part of the screen that interests you.
    ・Tap the right and left buttons to swipe the window.
    ・To check the hint from menu window.
    ・Light up the item. tap the gimmick, then you can use it.

    Programing , Sound : Kensuke Horikoshi
    Graphic : Taniguchi

    If you like this game, please play other games!
  • Doubleton Game Studio Мод APK 1.2 [Unlocked] 4.0

    Doubleton Game Studio Мод APK 1.2 [Unlocked]


    Welcome to Nightmarish Spawns! From the creators of the highly successful indie game: BREACHER comes a puzzle battle dungeon crawling adventure featuring hundreds of creatures, a wide variety of weapons and a game like no other.
    Enter The Known Realm and defeat the Nightmarish Spawns that are plaguing the land. Use weapon upgrades, shields, spells and potions to turn the odds to your favor. Crawl inside the treacherous dungeons and discover treasures or, sometimes, your own doom.

    For centuries, The Realm has endured chaos at the hands of half-crazed kings, corrupted commanders and unrepentant sinners. But it was during the last war that unprecedented madness and a darker form of sorcery came to be. Using the blood sacrifice of many, maleficent sorcerers managed to open the gates of hell and Nightmarish Spawns swarmed the land of man. It is believed that a Hellmouth of gigantic proportions is hidden in this land and serves as the passageway between hell and earth.

    Legend says, one day a brave soul wielding a mighty sword will fight his way to the gates of hell and seal off the entrance forever.


    100 unique creatures to battle.
    10 distinct locations to discover.
    A fleshed out animated story.
    An arsenal of upgradable weapons and shields.
    Magic spells and potions to turn the odds in your favor.
    A rotating unique puzzle type board.
    UI Animations and fantastic hand-drawn art.
    Rich Soundtrack and fx.
    Dungeons crawling Russian roulette events that either uncovers hidden treasures or nightmarish spawns.
    Creature battle system.
    Location unlock mechanism.

    Are you having problems? Contact us at [email protected]
  • Musto's World Super Adventures Мод APK 1.9 [Unlocked] 3.8

    Musto's World Super Adventures Мод APK 1.9 [Unlocked]


    Musto's girlfriend was kidnapped by evil-minded kings. You should help Musto in his fantastic adventures to save her.

    There are a lot of different environments to discover , dozens of different enemies to defeat and so many types of platforms to cross. Each level will be harder than the other but more fun.

    Bugs, animals, zombies, skeletons, elfs, orcs, amazon fighters, snowmans, pirates and and many more creatures will try to stop you. Besides these, many boss fights are waiting for you.

    Also, you can collect coins and spend them to buy special boosters and unlock new characters.

    You should be fast, agile, determined, ambitious, careful and fearless to embark on this adventures. Additionally you must trust your reflexes.

    Musto's World is a classic platform game that combines traditional gaming with modern possibilities. If you like retro and classic 2d platform games, this game is exactly for you. You will remember your experiences on old game consoles with this game which is designed for new generation mobile devices.

    Come on! Musto is waiting for you! Let's do this!
  • Alien Adventurer Мод APK 1.0.16 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Alien Adventurer Мод APK 1.0.16 [Unlocked]


    Greetings Commander!

    You have been tasked with a mission to explore and colonize a strange new planet. Fear not, for you are not going it alone. You will have the ability to recruit local aliens to aid with your mission to scour the land and all of it's secrets.

    Alien Adventure is an incremental clicker game that takes you to a strange new alien planet. In this sci-fi adventure game, you will tap to explore the world, and hire new alien races to continue to grow your number of colonies. As your mission progresses, you hire Overlords to manage your aliens and keep your colonies prospering in real-time, even when you are offline. Hop through black holes, time warp to the past, gain access to ancient relicts, and so much more!
  • アリスと闇の女王 脱出ゲーム Мод APK 1.3.1 [Unlocked] 3.9

    アリスと闇の女王 脱出ゲーム Мод APK 1.3.1 [Unlocked]


    "This is the world where the "dead" live..

    Dream girl Alice, a high school girl, has an accident on her way back home.
    Your sight in front of you turns pure white and when you realize you find yourself
    An unprecedented view.

    "Where am I... where?"

    In front of Alice, who doesn't understand what happened
    A man with an odd figure was standing...

    ◆Game Overview◆

    [Exploring & Solving Puzzles]
    Collect information from the inhabitants of the another world
    Solve riddles and explore to progress in the story.

    【Cartoon production】
    Game events unfold in a cartoon story.
    You can enjoy cartoons made with animations, background music and SE(sound effects)!

    ・Basic free to play.
    -It's very easy to control! Easy to play and fun for everyone.
    * This story is fiction. It is not affiliated with any real people or entities.
    ※ Data will be saved automatically.

    ▼ "Alice and the Queen of Darkness" is recommended for such a person.
    -Those who love horror games and suspense
    -Those who love escape games
    -Those who love fantasy and fairy tales
    -Those who like adventure games and more
    -Those who want to enjoy a novel game with a story
    -Those who love cartoons and cartoons
  • Kingdom of Invaders - MMO War Мод APK 1.2.17 [Mod Menu][God Mode][Weak enemy] 3.6

    Kingdom of Invaders - MMO War Мод APK 1.2.17 [Mod Menu][God Mode][Weak enemy]


    Kingdom of Invaders - MMO War is a fantastic strategy game that you will enjoy big time!

    If you are searching for a War Fantasy game where you have to defend your kingdom in a battle royale arena clash between heroes then this competitive multiplayer game might be a great choice for you.

    Download the Kingdom of Invaders - MMO War or MMO Strategy Battle game and have unlimited fun with a fantastic battle royale-based MMO War Strategy game. Welcome to the Arena Clash of the new fantasy world full of excitement and adventure where you get to have unlimited fun fighting with swords and magic!

    This Arena Clash-based Heroes Battle Game comes with amazing gameplay and wonderful design that will keep you mesmerized for hours while you defend your kingdom from invaders and have an exciting adventure in the fantasy world of this Royale Clash game.


    If you are looking for MMO War Games or League Royale Strategy games that come with a tower battle gameplay that allows you to defend your kingdom from rivals and use magic and battle skills while doing it, then look no further than this Mini World Battle Royale Fantasy game!

    The Gameplay of the Kingdom of Invaders - MMO War Game

    Are you looking for a Clan War game or Hero Battle game that features clashes between kinds of different kingdoms? Are you searching for a League Battle Royale Game where kings or lords defend their castle from the other warlords with magic and an army of swordsmen? - If you are looking for these things, then this Hero Fantasy game is for you. Get into Hero versus Hero Battleground and destroy the army with your power and skill and become the ultimate winner of this Clan Wars game.

    There is a Spinning Wheel system to collect coins and mood to attack another player's kingdom. Each player will have 4 kingdoms where each kingdom is guarded by 2 heroes. Your mission is to destroy other player's kingdoms and kill their guards. If you manage to bring the number of their guards lower than you, their kingdom will be destroyed.

    Take part in the brutal battle royale league on your fantasy quest with your army and enjoy unlimited kingdom defense castle war events and defend your kingdom while becoming the top hero of this fighting fantasy MMO Strategy game. This is one of those competitive multiplayer games that allows you to be the owner of multiple kingdoms and enjoy a tower battle simulator in an online battle royale league.

    Some Key Features of this MMO Strategy Game
    ✨⚔️ Battle Arena Clash Game with 3 Types of Kingdoms:
    1. Default kingdom (upgradable by gold)
    2. VIP kingdom (purchase by black card KOI, VIP Kingdoms will have some extra defenses.
    3. Nft kingdom each NFT kingdom has unique defense attributes that protect the kingdom from attackers. The NFT only can be traded at the “open sea” to change the ownership.

    ✨⚔️ MMO War Game with Fantastic Characters:
    You will have eight characters who look really cool and have unique abilities. 4 of the 8 characters will be sword-wielders and the other 4 will be mages with amazing magical abilities. You can upgrade their abilities with various means. More good news is that soon you'll get to play with 10 characters!

    ✨⚔️ Battle Arena Clash with Many Levels:
    There are 6 chapters of this game and each chapter has 15 maps! You can have fun for hours with this MMO War Strategy game with a lot of storylines to go through! If you are looking for competitive multiplayer games with amazing storylines divided into many chapters, then you should definitely give this Heroes Battle Royale Clash game a try.

    ✨⚔️ Fantastic Design and Animation:
    Whether you are in the default kingdom, or the VIP Kingdom purchased by gold or black card - every arena looks fantastic, thanks to our talented and devoted designer team.


    Download the Kingdom of Invaders - MMO War game for unlimited fun in a fantasy world! We hope you enjoy this to the fullest.
  • FLOATIES: Endless Adventure Мод APK 1.2.1 [Unlocked] 3.5

    FLOATIES: Endless Adventure Мод APK 1.2.1 [Unlocked]


    How about helping chicken float instead of crossing the road?

    Meet the FLOATIES, a group of 4 differently-colored characters that must be helped to stay alive in their endless floating adventure. Dare to take this challenge?

    Tap your way to a record-setting number of floats with over 40 different characters ranging from clumsy chicken to ferocious dinosaurs while dodging crazy and unexpected obstacles. Floaties will keep you hooked as you travel 8+ different worlds filled with specific obstacles. All you have to do is tap to keep the characters floating, but the easy controls are balanced by almost impossible gameplay.

    Main Features:
    Endless Floating Gameplay. Control up to 4 “floaties” at the same time each with its own color by simply tapping to help them float. Each floatie is immune to the same color obstacles but is destroyed instantly by obstacles with other colors. Your main goal is to have a fleet of all colors and to try surviving the longest. Easy to play, but impossible to survive for long!

    8+ Adventurous Worlds. Help your floaties survive through the ancient world of Egypt, the sci-fi landscape of the Moon, the unlawful Wild Wild West, the dangerous Jurassic Park and more. Each of the 8 playable worlds features its own particularities depicted in eye-catching 3D graphics so get ready to dodge out-of-orbit satellites on the Moon, T-Rex bones in Jurassic Park and hundreds of others!

    Dozens of Characters. From flying drones, chicken, rockets to E.T., Cleopatra or even Jack the pirate you can unlock more than 40 different fun characters. Collect coins throughout the game and use those to spin the wheel of fortune to get a new random character or unlock your favorite one. Gain experience with each character and level them up to 5 stars!

    Powerups and abilities. Aside from coins, you can collect special objects that help you gain powerups for a limited time (i.e. collect 4 potion bottles to double your coin collection for 15 seconds). With your new abilities, you'll survive longer and score higher.

    Solve Quests. Each world has a theoretically endless flying/floating gameplay, although, in reality, you die A LOT, but offers side quests too. Can you collect 7 items of the same color? Or have one of RGBY floatie destroyed a couple of times? The more quests you solve, the tougher that level gets. You start at Easy, advance to Medium and become a master when you reach the Hard level of difficulty.

    Achievements & Leaderboard. Connect via Google Play Services to unlock more achievements and access the social or global leaderboards if your score is high enough. You'll also be able to analyze the statistics for each world, such as how many items you've collected, how many quests you've completed, what was the best score and MUCH MORE!

    Multiplayer Challenges. Provoke up to 4 of your friends to a game of keeping floating characters alive! You can play the game in multiplayer mode and this gives 4 users the chance to play Floaties on the same device. Who can be the best? Only practice will tell!

    Aside from surviving all sorts of entrapments that destroy Floaties of a different color (i.e. than the obstacle color), you must collect coins, power-ups, and character resurrection items. Play often and you will be able to get free coins too by pulling the handle of a slot machine. The same game will unlock a random character for 100 coins.

    Each world you play in features awesome 3D graphics and well-designed characters that create a great gaming experience especially accompanied by an entertaining soundtrack and sounds.
  • Dress-Up Cute Highschool Girls Мод APK 8.1 [Unlocked] 3.8

    Dress-Up Cute Highschool Girls Мод APK 8.1 [Unlocked]


    you can dress up cute anime girls and give them clothes

    this anime girl dressing simulator has all kinds of costumes and even little pets for the High school girls and nice backgrounds when you finished dressing up the cute Anime girls you can save them, that they never get lost.

    you have 6 cute girls to chose from and you can dress each one individually
  • Tackle Knight Мод APK 1.0.4 [Unlocked] 3.8

    Tackle Knight Мод APK 1.0.4 [Unlocked]


    Do you like Hell Taker? Do you like Dark Soul?
    Are you tired of mobile games that require repetitive play without ending?
    Then I recommend you to play this game, Tackle Knight!

    Jump, roll, fly! Unstoppable sprint!
    Characters full of personality and unexpected funny stories!
    Various levels that are short but full of tension!

    Tackle Knight is easy to control, but not easy to clear!
    But every time you play over, your skills will increase,
    It's going to give you more exciting clear pleasure than any other game!
  • Jump up: Planet adventure Мод APK [Unlocked] 3.6

    Jump up: Planet adventure Мод APK [Unlocked]

    Join robot Tom to start a fascinating journey through hostile planets of the world Jump up: Planet adventure. Fly and jump, collect resources and get to your starship to continue the adventure. Each mission has its own unique design and features. Beware of flying red balls, bombs, rockets and everything that can destroy you. An exciting casual game from which you can not tear yourself away.

    Game features:
    * Free one finger control game
    * Various unique locations
    * Various enemies
    * Office touch
    * Reaction game
    * Rounds developed by game designers
    * Fascinating and easy management

    How to play:
    * Touch the screen for jumping and flying
    * Avoid collision with obstacles and enemies
    * Collect fuel to continue the flight
  • The Planet Of Gorilla King Мод APK 2.5.9 [Unlocked] 3.8

    The Planet Of Gorilla King Мод APK 2.5.9 [Unlocked]


    The kingdom of Gorilla is threatened. The greedy snail has stolen his magical specter that gives him control over all the servants of the kingdom. To regain his sovereignty, fallen king Gorilla will have to fight his servants before the final confrontation against a snail determined.
    -Game at once adventure platform, fun and educational.

    * Features

    -Win a maximum of bananas and gold coins

    -Search and collect letters to find the hidden words that will allow you to access the next level

    -Use the power of "scream" to eliminate multiple enemies at the same time

    -Affirms formidable bosses every six stages

    -Accompany Gorilla in his adventures across the three planets

    -Enrich your vocabulary of English

    -Test your resolve in the face of increasing difficulty

    -Leave yourself into the ruthless world of Gorilla with breathtaking graphics and simplified control.
  • Kika Wild Adventurer Мод APK 2.7 [Unlocked] 4.0

    Kika Wild Adventurer Мод APK 2.7 [Unlocked]


    Kika has a wand that helps her in her Wild.

    There is no limit to the power of the wand but you'd need to know when to use it.

    Kika is an endless runner with enemies to tackle and Hard obstacles to pass.

    -Do you have what it takes ?
    -Can you guide Kika using her wand ?

    I expect you should be strong in this

    We will be grateful if you report any issues you encounter with the game to [email protected], please provide your device model.

    Kika: Wild Adventurer It was made by a team Alemapp.

    Kika: Wild Adventurer © Alemapp. All Rights Reserved.
  • Barbarian War Мод APK 1.2.6 [Unlocked] 3.7

    Barbarian War Мод APK 1.2.6 [Unlocked]


    Welcome to the adventure world!
    Epic Adventure awaits for you.
    An Adventure where your loved ones are in trouble they have been captured by an evil wizard an enemy of your's to take revenge from you.
    A strong dedicated barbarian warrior is there to help you release your loved ones from evil wizard and take them back to their homeland.
    Help Barbarian warrior to solve puzzles and save him from deadly traps.

    • Loved One Character can be selected in game whom you want to save from evil wizard.
    • Earn coins and get new upgrades that will help barbarian to achieve more power.
    • Horse riding levels.
    • Various Puzzles and Deadly traps are in your way to solve and achieve success.
    • Slow Time Ability.
    • Dash Ability.
  • dabaApps Мод APK 1.3 [Unlocked] 3.9

    dabaApps Мод APK 1.3 [Unlocked]


    It is an escape game that you can play for free.
    Escape from the room with the “Yotsudo Door”.

    ------how to play---------------

    ◯ First, let's open the door and go inside.

    ◯ Press the left and right arrows to move or

    ◯ Tap where something is likely to happen! !!

    ◯ To return, press the down arrow.

    ◯ Tap the tool you found to get it! !!

    ◯ Tap the tools lined up below to make them orange and use them on the game screen.

    ◯ Tap the tool again in orange to enlarge it.

    ◯ You may be able to tap the enlarged tool.

    ◯ When you don't know what to do next, tap the circle button at the bottom right.
    Tap Ad Video & Hints, yes. A hint will be displayed after watching the ad video.

    ◯ It will be saved automatically. You can quit and restart wherever you like.

    Escape by spinning, throwing, and sitting.

    * If it freezes, swipe from the bottom and try to see if the end panel appears with the triangle button.

    Yotsutsu doors 1 to 8 are for PC only.
    (1,2,3, Flash file) (4,5,6,7,8, HTML file)
    Please play if you like.
    Please from the homepage
  • Jaro Adventures Мод APK 1.12 [Unlocked] 3.7

    Jaro Adventures Мод APK 1.12 [Unlocked]


    Travel through deep space while being attacked by space robots and trying to save the World. What can be more exciting ? Jaro the character is put in an unfortunate situation and the faith of his people lays in his hands. Either you manage to fullfil this task or not, you are in for the adventure of your life !!

    Jaro adventures is a 2d action/adventure platformer. You play as a character Jaro and through levels try to defeat enemies that get in your way. Try to collect as much coins as those will buy you character upgrades.

    Some of the game features:
    - 37 levels on earth and space
    - 2 completely different gameplays and 3 different biomes
    - Collection of upgrades for character and his ship
    - Many different enemy types
    - Speed up progression with purchaseable In game currency

    Questions? You can contact me at:
    [email protected]
  • TOKI GAMES Мод APK 7.6 3.6

    TOKI GAMES Мод APK 7.6


    Here in the forest, a red door appears at night.

    For some time now, it has been called the Hall of the Inquirers.

    It is easy to get in, but not so easy to get out.

    When you emerge from the hall, you will be in possession of magical powers

    Will you be able to leave?

    The long and short night is about to begin.

    ■◇■------- Features -------■◇■
    This escape games is a large scale puzzle solving world consisting of 3 stages.
    All controls are simple, just tap the screen.
    You can start the game from the middle of the stage because the game automatically saves your progress.
    If you get stuck on how to proceed, "hints" and "answers" are provided so that you can proceed smoothly to the end.
    You can enjoy the game for free until the end.

    This Escape room contains a rich levels packed with escape puzzles.
    This game is an adventure escape mystery.
    Now, enjoy the escape game.

    ■◇■------- How to play -------■◇■
    Tap the place you are interested in and check it out!
     You may be able to solve a puzzle or find an item.
    Tap the item box to zoom in on the item you have obtained.
    Items can be combined with other items or used in the field.
    Hints for solving puzzles are hidden in various places. Tap in various places to find clues.
    If you are not sure how to proceed or how to solve a puzzle, you can use the "Hint" button.
     If you are not sure how to proceed or how to solve a puzzle, you can use the "Hint" button.
     If you still can't solve the puzzle after looking at the "Hints," there is an "Answer" button to help you solve the puzzle.
    If you want to start from the middle of the puzzle, click the "CONTINUE" button on the title screen to continue.

    ■◇■------- Provided by -------■◇■
    We used sound effects from the following sites.

    Pocket Sound http://pocket-se.info/
    Sound Effect Lab https://soundeffect-lab.info/
  • EscapeGame PainlessRoom Мод APK 1.02 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    EscapeGame PainlessRoom Мод APK 1.02 [Unlimited money]


    This is a simple escape game.
    Let's get out of this world by solving the items and gimmicks scattered in the mysterious world.

    EscapeGame PainlessRoom

    【service charge】 Free

    -Easy to start for first players
    -The world of mysterious art and sound.
    -Auto-save function
    -Hints function.

    【How to play】
    ・Let's tap the part of the screen that interests you.
    ・Tap the right and left buttons to swipe the window.
    ・To check the hint from menu window.
    ・Light up the item. tap the gimmick, then you can use it.

    Programing , Sound : Kensuke Horikoshi
    Graphic : Taniguchi

    If you like this game, please play other games!
  • Tridin Мод APK 1.0 [Remove ads] 3.7

    Tridin Мод APK 1.0 [Remove ads]


    Garden Guardians is an exciting adventure game that invites players to infiltrate a garden teeming with various types of plants and fantastical creatures. Players will assume the role of a hero assigned to stealthily navigate through the garden, which is guarded by a number of monsters protecting valuable plants.
    While journeying through this beautiful garden, players will encounter various challenges and obstacles. They must employ strategic thinking to defeat each monster with combat skills and the use of available resources. Additionally, players can collect a variety of power-ups and tools to aid them in battling the monsters and effectively maintaining the garden.
    Each monster type possesses its own unique traits and weaknesses, requiring players to intelligently choose equipment and tactics that suit each situation. Throughout this captivating and adventurous journey, players will develop their combat skills, expand the garden by planting new flora, and preserve harmony among the garden's creatures.
    Featuring stunning graphics, engaging gameplay mechanics, and a world full of wonders, "Garden Guardians" invites players to experience the thrill of adventure in this unique and astonishing garden. Prepare yourself to overcome challenges, tame monsters, and become a skilled infiltrator for this garden!
  • Ben Big Game Studio Мод APK 1.2.86 [Free purchase] 5.0

    Ben Big Game Studio Мод APK 1.2.86 [Free purchase]


    A Physics-Based Platform Adventure Game That Offers A Variety Of Adventures.

    1 . Every Character Offers A New Play Experience!

    What Happens When You Rescue The Kidnapped Medieval Pumpkin Princess As The Pumpkin Prince Character?
    The Hourglass Has A Special Ability!
    Dumbbells Are Too Heavy To Use...
    All Characters Are Unlocked From The Start!

    2 . Hitting And Destroying Enemies Or Obstacles With Your Bow Or Gun Will Make It Easier To Progress!

    Win A Medieval Archery Contest!
    Can You Survive The Shootout On The Airship?
    Destroy Everything With Bombs!
    When You Upgrade Your Bow Or Gun In The Shop, You Can Use It Once, Whenever You Want.

    3 . Find All The Secrets!

    Did You Know That There Are Secret Spaces Throughout The Game?
    Find All The Secret Spaces And Get 3 Stars!
    Treasures Are Hidden. Find Them All!
    Where Is The Dark Forest Inhabited By Giant Monster?
    Discover The Magical City Of The Moon!
  • Snow West Mafia Cowboy Shoot Мод APK 1.2 [Remove ads][God Mode][Weak enemy] 5.0

    Snow West Mafia Cowboy Shoot Мод APK 1.2 [Remove ads][God Mode][Weak enemy]


    Snow West Mafia Redemption: Cowboy Shooting Game

    It's the story of a Cowboy who is member of cowboy game & lives in snow westland survival & snowy wild rider west world valley, fighting with the gangster mafia of snow westland survival as gun gang hero, and his companion gun gang which is also a cowgirls who is the owner of the saloon or bartender. He controls snow area & neighbourhood in snow wild rider west world or westland survival game. Story starts with his simple life when he is just a horseman picking and dropping the luggage and other materials from the Snow westland survival Railway station to destinations or in village and enjoying winter in snow wild rider west world redemption game 2020. Westland Gunfighter Mafia or cowboy game gangsters came and they kidnapped his partner Cowgirl and Heist Money from a bar and the snow westland survival Sherif got fired by these gun gang westland gunfighter shootout. Now a bounty hunter released his cowgirl from cowboy game gangsters and shot them as a westland gunfighter in this western redemption, TPS game 2020 or westland survival game.

    Snow wild rider west world Mafia Redemption: Cowboy Shooting Game Bounty hunters put rocks on the Railway line cause there is no visibility in this high snowfall season to stop the freight train which is loaded with pure Gold and Money. He shot another robber and heist all the money from train. This snow westland survival redemption & survival game will leads you towards addictive cowboy game play and they forgot other action adventure games. Load this Heisted Gold in the Horse Carts and lead towards his bar to hide gold to protect from wild rider west world robbers and cowboy westland gunfighters. Riding a horse buggy as (cowboy game) is very difficult for a Horseman on the snowy mountains or crossing the horse transporter or horse cart from Wood bridges in the snowy wild rider west world valley. Pick up gun gang through gunslinger if your ran out of bullets in this westland survival tps game. Ride a Horse Buggy like a cowboy westland gunfighter & police chasing game Cowboy specially on the snow wild rider & west world mountain valley as other action adventure game 2020 & cowboy games.

    Bounty hunter Snow wild rider or west world Mafia Redemption: Cowboy Shooting Game, Cowboy hunter or fugitive hunter shoot all the wild rider & west world criminals, westland gunfighter in mafia shootout and get rewards from sheriffs and town government. In this Cowboy game Redemption & cowgirl redemption game feel like other Police Horse Games or Cop Horse Transporter Chase games of top trending 2020. Bounty hunters have many rights so they can arrest any doubted person or group. Carrying a gun gang from a gunslinger is like a professional westland gunfighter of a shooter who hunts deers or other wild animals. Never give up and step outside of the law or take law in your hands that this wild rider or west world and barren landscape has to offer. This action adventure game is just made for shooting and horse riding lovers. Go back to the era of old wild west & westland survival where there is no mercy and you have to protect yourself in wild rider westland survival game or cowboy game 2020.

    * FEATURES *
    Variety of weapons & gun gang are available, portable pistols and classic rifles for Cowboy game westland gunfighter, cowgirl gunslinger & bounty hunters to choose and upgrade in survival game or exploration game. Fight against wild rider westland gunfighters and show off your superb redemption westland gunfighter skills by winning every level of this survival redemption game. west world cowboy game westland gunfighter only by the superb shooting skills can you survive to the end of this story. Westland gunfighter TPS game. Cowgirl club members & cowgirl westland gunfighters they have also chance for their dream comes true of as CowBoy game Bounty Hunter on the snow wild rider.
  • Sniper King 3D : Sniper Games Мод APK 1.1.1 [Remove ads][God Mode][Weak enemy] 5.0

    Sniper King 3D : Sniper Games Мод APK 1.1.1 [Remove ads][God Mode][Weak enemy]


    King of Sniper is among top sniper shooting games.

    Here is your chance to enjoy intense new games matching the advance trends of best action games of all times for free offline! Feel the real thrill of playing as a fps soldier or as a member of special forces to fight and shoot against enemy soldiers and spies.
    Experience the challenges as you combat with your rivals in new sniper shooting games 2020.

    - Amazing Animation & Realistic 3d effects
    - Easy and Smooth Controls
    - Addicting FPS Action like best new games of 2020
    - Smart Enemy AI System competing with top sniper games
    - Modern Guns: like pistols, snipers, automatic rifles, shotguns, grenades!
    - Play different modes with multiple battlegrounds and lots of thrilling missions
    - Be the best shooter in every environment!

    Thrilling Story-line:

    Enter the best of gun games where your duty is to serve your country. You are an elite shooter from special forces and use weapons with advance aim system to shoot down all enemies in combat. You will fight criminals who are robbing civilians, hacking the intelligence of mafia gangs planning the drug dealing crime and saving hostages.
    If you love playing then you'll find your favorite adventure here as you play the role of a secret commando in offline games released in 2020. Enjoy the top sniper games scenarios as you survive in different fighting areas.

    Challenging Missions:

    Call your best shooter skills, grab your shotgun and get ready for duty.
    There are tons of challenging maps waiting for you which will test your sniper skills. Just one pack contains all the challenges of war games. Best part about these offline games is that you can play them anytime anywhere. Download now and play unlimited offline shooting mission games.

    There are dozens of strategic objectives in best online gun games. Grab futuristic guns from arsenal and use tactics to defeat enemy soldiers to complete your duty.


    Enhance your survival skills to a whole new level in every step using fps weapons in these new games.

    These elite shooting games come with very easy controls that counts in best action games 2020. On the games play screen, there is a target locator. Control movement of the player in this best shooting game with joystick. Your health bar and remaining bullets are highlighted on screen along with the number of enemy soldiers that are still on battleground. Become best shooter with auto shoot or you can be commando without it. All these controls make these war games very entertaining.
  • Ghamza Gaming Мод APK 0.1 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Ghamza Gaming Мод APK 0.1 [Unlimited money]


    Sanic Stack Ball — это увлекательная и захватывающая казуальная игра в одно касание с оптимизированной производительностью для всех устройств!
    Нажмите и удерживайте экран, и пусть мяч упадет, не касаясь препятствий! Держите как можно дольше, чтобы сделать комбо и разбить черные блоки. Пусть мяч упадет из стопки спирали.

    Sanic Stack Ball — это трехмерная аркадная игра, в которой игроки разбивают, толкают и прыгают по вращающимся спиральным платформам, чтобы добраться до конца. с более чем 1000 уровней, игра, в которой мемы разбиваются, ударяются и прыгают через вращающиеся спиральные платформы, чтобы достичь конца.

    Как играть
    - Просто удерживайте палец, чтобы увеличить скорость падения мяча.
    - Не ломайте и не трогайте черные стеки.
    - При непрерывном нажатии действия взрыв стека превращается в огненный шар.
    - Помогите своему мячу добраться до основания башни.


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