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  • Martian Immigrants : Idle Mars Мод APK 145 [Free purchase][Mod Menu][Unlimited money] 5.0

    Martian Immigrants : Idle Mars Мод APK 145 [Free purchase][Mod Menu][Unlimited money]


    As an astronaut stranded on Mars, your main objective is to survive and thrive in this challenging game. Here's a guide on how to survive:

    Generate Power: Maintaining various devices is crucial, so you need to find a way to generate electricity. This can be achieved through solar panels, wind turbines, or other power sources available on Mars.

    Secure Resources: You must find food, water, and other essential supplies to sustain yourself. Explore the surroundings to gather resources like plants, minerals, and water deposits. Develop strategies to extract and store these resources efficiently.

    Expand Your Base: As you progress, expand your base to accommodate more survivors. This involves constructing additional structures, living quarters, and facilities to support the growing population. Each survivor brings unique skills and abilities, so recruit more astronauts to enhance your chances of survival.

    Produce Oxygen: Develop systems to produce sufficient amounts of oxygen to support the colonization plan. This can be achieved through the cultivation of plants or the utilization of oxygen-generating equipment.

    Defend Against Spore Invasions: Mars is inhabited by dangerous spores that can harm both humans and infrastructure. Build defensive structures and implement countermeasures to protect your base from spore invasions. Research and develop new technologies to improve your defenses.

    Factories and Farms: Establishing factories and farms on Mars is paramount. These facilities will provide the necessary supplies and food. Through effective resource management, ensure their operation.

    Planet Exploration: Mars is a planet full of challenges and discoveries. Every decision you make will impact your survival and growth on Mars.

    This game combines elements of space exploration, factory management, farm cultivation, and space station construction, providing you with a comprehensive gaming experience. On this unfamiliar planet, you'll face various challenges, evolving to become a pioneer and leader on Mars.

    Remember, perseverance and resource management are key to your survival. Good luck in your journey to establish a successful colony on Mars!


    1.Combination of simulation (SIM) and light role-playing game (RPG) elements.
    2.Simple and relaxed 3D graphics style.
    3.Explore the map to collect various mineral resources.
    4.Construct defensive fortifications to fend off spore invasions.
    5.Recruit more astronauts as companions to aid in your survival.
  • Legendary Adventure Мод APK 1.0.625 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Legendary Adventure Мод APK 1.0.625 [Unlimited money]


    Embark on an epic adventure through procedurally generated dungeons filled with danger and treasure in this immersive rogue-like role-playing game for Android. Some key features of the game include:

    1. Procedurally Generated Dungeons: Every playthrough offers a unique experience as the dungeons are dynamically crafted, ensuring no two runs are the same.

    2. Challenging Gameplay: Prepare to test your skills and strategic thinking in intense turn-based combat against a variety of enemies with their own unique abilities and tactics.

    3. Character Progression: Unlock new abilities, skills, and equipment as you level up and customize your character according to your preferred playstyle. Create a formidable hero tailored to your strategic preferences.

    4. Loot and Treasure: Discover powerful weapons, armor, and magical artifacts along your journey. Each item you find can significantly impact your chances of survival and success.

    5. Choices and Consequences: Your decisions matter. Face difficult moral choices, engage in dynamic events, and shape your hero's story through branching narratives.

    6. Replayability: With the ever-changing dungeons, multiple character classes to choose from, and various difficulty levels, the game offers high replay value, ensuring you never run out of captivating adventures.

    Prepare to venture into the unknown, face lethal challenges, and reap the rewards that await in this thrilling rogue-like role-playing game. Sharpen your skills, unravel mysteries, and become a legendary hero in this immersive and addictive RPG experience.
  • Galaxy Swirl: Hexa Endless Run Мод APK 1.5 [Unlimited money][Free purchase] 5.0

    Galaxy Swirl: Hexa Endless Run Мод APK 1.5 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]


    Galaxy Swirl: Hexa Endless Run is an adrenaline-fueled sci-fi infinite runner set in the vastness of outer space!

    Navigate your spaceship around a mesmerizing sphere made of hexagonal pillars, all while an electrifying electronic soundtrack pumps through your speakers.

    Master the art of dodging treacherous obstacles like lasers, orbital beams, and relentless turrets while showcasing your precision shooting skills to annihilate hostile forces and crush the threat of oncoming robot snakes.

    Experience the thrill of procedural generation, ensuring that every playthrough is a fresh and exhilarating challenge.

    Conquer five stages of increasing difficulty, each pushing your skills to the limit.

    Customize your spaceship to match your style and enhance your gameplay with various ship stats, including acceleration, max speed, handling, size, luck, and lives.

    Unleash intense power-ups to dominate the leaderboards and achieve the highest score. Soar into orbit for a coin-collecting frenzy, activate protective shields, or regain lost health.

    Experience Galaxy Swirl in many ways with game modes like Robot Snake, which is the classic snake game but in the Galaxy Swirl universe, you can also try the Hardcore mode that will test your skills, one mistake and it's game over.

    Share your achievements and compete against players worldwide!

    With Galaxy Swirl, the faster you go, the higher you score. Immerse yourself in this action-packed adventure and see how far you can navigate through the cosmic chaos. Ready for a space odyssey like no other? Download now and unleash your spaceship's full potential!
  • DjVu Reader & Viewer Мод APK 1.0.117 [Unlocked][Pro] 5.0

    DjVu Reader & Viewer Мод APK 1.0.117 [Unlocked][Pro]


    DjVu Reader & Viewer is the fastest and most convenient reader of DjVu files and documents for electronic portable devices You can download DjVu Reader absolutely for free ❗ DjVu reader for Android is designed to read DjVu formats quickly and conveniently
    DjVu (a format that resembles PDF in its purpose) is a popular image compression technology designed to store scanned documents that contain a large number of formulas, diagrams, drawings, and handwritten characters, making their full recognition extremely time-consuming. DjVu files unlike PDF files, are usually large in size, which requires time to download them. The DjVu reader allows you to view DjVu files quickly without spending a long time loading images, because our DjVu Reader is a very powerful DjVu viewer
    Reader for DjVu is very light and simple. Just download the DjVu reader for Android and read anywhere, DjVu Reader works in offline mode
    If you need to read DjVu documents, the DjVu Reader & Viewer is an excellent solution to your question. All you need to do is download DjVu Reader to your device launch it, and then DjVu reader will do everything itself.
    The Functionality Of DjVu Reader & Viewer:
    search for all DjVu files in the device storage by folders that the user is allowed to access;
    search for the DjVu file name of the document or book you are looking for in the catalog;
    read e-books, documents, journals, manuscripts, and any DjVu files at any time;
    excellent support for deleting DjVu documents from the list of found DjVu files;
    setting up a list of directories that DjVu Reader for Android will scan on your device;
    ability to share and send DjVu files to other users via email or in any messenger installed on your device;
    setting up horizontal and vertical scrolling for reading a DjVu document;
    quick navigation through the pages of a DjVu document;
    display reading progress in the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen;
    save the progress of reading a book, document, or magazine in DjVu format.
    DjVu document compression technology has created the basis for several popular scientific libraries for storing historical documents and artifacts Therefore, our DjVu Reader for Android is a great tool for history buffs or researchers, that is, for everyone for whom not only the content of the DjVu document is important, but also the color and texture of the paper, parchment defects: cracks, traces of folding, handwritten notes and blotches
    We are very happy with your initiatives, please write to us about what you would like to see in our DjVu Reader & Viewer, we are always open
    If you want to support our project, the app has a function of the same name, we will be grateful
  • AutoResponder for WhatsApp Мод APK 3.5.8 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    AutoResponder for WhatsApp Мод APK 3.5.8 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Automatically respond to custom received WhatsApp or WA Business messages with this bot. You have a lot of settings to customize each auto reply for your needs. Download now for free!

    Auto-reply to WhatsApp or WA Business
    Individually customizable
    Many automation tools included
    React to all messages when you're busy
    Send replies to specific messages
    Welcome message for new chats *
    Live answer replacements (time, name...)
    Multiple replies in one rule *
    Works with contacts, groups and unknown numbers
    Ignore and specify contacts and groups
    Automatic scheduler with delay
    AI with ChatGPT/GPT-3/GPT-4 or Dialogflow.com (formerly api.ai) *
    Working as a Tasker plugin (Tasker is an automation tool) *
    Backup rules for easy recovery
    Personal agent for your business
    Almost everything is possible with this bot!
    Many more features will follow!

    [email protected]

    Download NOW for free - Create the BEST EXPERIENCE for your contacts!

    Tips & tricks: Update WhatsApp messenger to the latest version if the bot doesn't auto reply for you. In case the beta update doesn't work anymore, please contact me. Works with WhatsApp Business.

    Notification access: This tool doesn't directly access WhatsApp, it replies to notifications.

    * Pro required

    Since this tool only uses a native Android API, errors can never be completely ruled out.

    This app is NOT affiliated with WhatsApp.
    WhatsApp is a registered Trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

    Legal notice: autoresponder.ai/legal
  • DoD - Days of Doomsday Мод APK 2.4.0 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage] 5.0

    DoD - Days of Doomsday Мод APK 2.4.0 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage]


    Let's Celebrate 2024's Lunar New Year Update together!

    [DoD] is a roguelike shoot 'em-up game with an anime art style in which you exterminate monsters and survive.
    Complete an epic with kawaii heroes in the roguelike world where you can't be careless for a second!

    Our only hope is to summon various Heroes from other dimensions!
    Protect our universe with these adorable little interdimensional fighters.

    In the past, numerous monsters invaded this world from a dimensional rift. The mindless blob monsters are eating the whole planet till there's nothing left. The only chance to survive is to summon heroes from other dimensions to this world and defeat enemies, even a tiny blob.

    Let's go on a grand adventure to make memories with heroes together.

    Caution: Be careful with even a tiny blob on the ground; always be prepared to leash enemies!

    ▶Experience their heroic adventures firsthand!
    ▶Fight swarms of monsters alongside your comrades and emerge victorious!
    ▶Collect and train various cool Heroes!

    A roguelike game played with simple one-handed controls and survival.
    Enjoy the cool and flashy action of kawaii Anime Characters!
    Experience the fun of Roguelike, which is acquiring and growing various skills with strategic moves every second!
    Beautiful graphics as if you are traveling directly into the Anime!
    Collect and level up your favorite characters, just like collecting anime goods!
    Enjoy the story as if you were watching an anime.
    Utilize dozens of provided spyware, sci-fi weapons, and fantasy world items.

    * For any questions, requests, or inquiries, please use the Support Menu or contact us through the email address below*
    [email protected]
  • Sniper 3D:Gun Shooting Games Мод APK 4.34.1 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu] 3.5

    Sniper 3D:Gun Shooting Games Мод APK 4.34.1 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu]


    Get ready to unleash the ultimate sniper 3d experience with the most thrilling and action-packed shooting game of all time! Sniper 3d is the definitive free-to-play gun game that puts you in the shoes of a deadly assassin. Immerse yourself in high-intensity offline missions and show off your shooting skills in this adrenaline-pumping sniper adventure. Are you the ultimate shooter? Prove it in Sniper 3d!

    Main Features

    • Sniper 3d Action: Experience the thrill of being a professional sniper in this stunning 3d gun game. Enjoy intuitive controls and realistic ballistics that'll make you feel like a real shooter.
    • Variety of Guns: Unlock a vast arsenal of sniper rifles, assault rifles, and other powerful guns. There are 180+ authentic weapons in the game. Upgrade your weapons and become the ultimate sniper 3d assassin!
    • Offline Gameplay: No internet connection? No problem! Enjoy Sniper 3d's offline mode and complete various challenging missions without the need for Wi-Fi or data.
    • ⚔️PVE and PVP mode: complete missions or play against other assassins in real time - whatever you like.
    • Diverse Locations: Travel to different parts of the world, taking on unique missions in various environments. Eliminate high-profile targets and show them who's the master shooter in town.
    • Free to Play: Join the action-packed world of Sniper 3d for free! This incredible shooting game offers hours of entertainment without costing a dime.

    Sniper 3d is the ultimate free shooting game that puts your assassin skills to the test. With a vast array of guns, offline gameplay, and diverse locations, you'll be engrossed in this exhilarating sniper adventure. As a shooter, it's your duty to eliminate high-profile targets and prove your worth as the top assassin.

    So what are you waiting for? Download Sniper 3d now and step into the shoes of an elite shooter. Experience the thrill of being a skilled sniper in this incredible 3d gun game, and take on challenging offline missions to become the ultimate assassin. Don't miss out on the opportunity to play this free shooting game – Sniper 3d is waiting for you!
  • Jungle: 1998 Мод APK 10.02.17 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu] 5.0

    Jungle: 1998 Мод APK 10.02.17 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu]


    "Jungle: Otome Romance Games" - Where Romance and Virtual Worlds Collide

    Dive into "Jungle: Otome Romance Games", a mesmerizing blend of romance games and anime-inspired adventures. Set in an enthralling anime school, this game is an odyssey of love, choices, and virtual companionship.

    A Heartfelt Story:
    Navigate through interactive stories set in a vivid anime simulator world. Your choices in this romance club shape your journey, leading to unforgettable encounters with anime boyfriend characters, each with their own unique backstories and personalities.

    Anime Filter Magic:
    Experience a visually stunning game enhanced with anime filters, bringing every scene and character to life with vibrant, anime-style graphics.

    Interactive Gameplay:
    Engage in story games where every decision impacts your path. Face dilemmas, embrace romantic moments, and explore the intricate corridors of anime school life.

    Romantic Adventures:
    Discover anime love games within the game, where you can experience the highs and lows of virtual relationships. Will you find true love or face heartbreak?

    Virtual Pet Companion:
    Unique to "Anime Heartbeats", adopt a virtual pet akin to a Tamagotchi. Care for it as you navigate your own romantic journey, adding a layer of warmth and personal connection.

    SXS Factor:
    Immerse yourself in the sxs (synthetic experience simulator) aspect, where the game's interactive stories feel almost real, blending anime games with life-like scenarios.

    "Jungle: Otome Romance Games" is more than just a game; it's a gateway to a world where anime, romance, and interactive experiences merge to create a unique adventure. Whether you're seeking romantic games, interactive gameplay, or the nostalgia of a Tamagotchi-like companion, this game is your portal to a captivating anime universe.

    Endless Possibilities:
    In "Jungle: Otome Romance Games", every playthrough is a new adventure. With multiple endings based on your choices, you can replay the game to explore different romantic paths. Each decision opens up new possibilities, from heartwarming love stories to dramatic twists.

    Anime School Life:
    Immerse yourself in the daily life of an anime school. Attend classes, interact with classmates, and participate in school events. Each aspect of school life is designed to enhance your story and deepen your connections with anime characters.

    Customization and Personalization:
    Tailor your anime character with a wide range of customization options. Change outfits, hairstyles, and more to express your personal style. Your character, your rules!

    Connect and Share:
    Share your journey with friends. "Jungle: Otome Romance Games" allows you to connect with other players, compare stories, and even influence each other's gameplay.

    Engaging Challenges:
    Apart from the romance and school life, face unique challenges and mini-games that test your skills and decision-making abilities.

    Final Words:
    "Jungle: Otome Romance Games" is an all-encompassing anime romance experience. It's a game that captures the essence of anime romance, interactive storytelling, and the joy of nurturing virtual relationships. Step into this vibrant world and let your heart beat in the rhythm of anime love stories!
  • Granblue Fantasy Мод APK 21 [Mod Menu][God Mode] 5.0

    Granblue Fantasy Мод APK 21 [Mod Menu][God Mode]


    Granblue Fantasy is a fun and exciting adventure game available on Android platforms. The game takes you on an exciting journey into a fantasy world full of challenges and adventures. The game offers an exciting story that takes you on a journey to explore multiple worlds and solve complex puzzles.
    Game features:
    * Multiple worlds: Enjoy exploring diverse worlds full of details and surprises.
    * Adventures and Challenges: Face exciting challenges and exciting adventures in every corner of the game.
    * Puzzles: Solve puzzles and mind games to advance in the game.
    * Exciting characters: Meet special characters and enjoy interacting with them during your journey.
    * Great Graphics: Enjoy stunning and attractive graphics that make the game experience more realistic.
  • Ball Sort Puzzle Color Sort Мод APK 1.0.741 5.0

    Ball Sort Puzzle Color Sort Мод APK 1.0.741


    Ball Sort Puzzle is a fun, relaxing and addictive color sorting game.
    Sort the colored balls in the tubes until all the same colors are placed together in the same tube. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain! Sorting the colored balls may relieve the stress and distract from daily worries.

    - Tap any tube to move the ball laying on top of the tube to another tube
    - The rule is that only same color balls can be placed on each other to finish the level
    - Stack all the balls with the same color in a single tube
    - If you get stuck, you can always restart a level or add an extra tube to make it easier to complete the level

    - Play FREE this color sorting game
    - Simple control, one tap to sort multiple balls at the same time
    - No time limits
    - Enjoy thousands of puzzles with no rush
    - Great game to pass time & it makes you think!
    - Easy and addictive gameplay!

    Ball Sort Puzzle will never get you bored when you play the color sorting puzzles. You will enjoy Ball Sort Puzzle if you like color sort games.
  • Lj Video Downloader (m3u8,mp4) Мод APK 1.1.46 [Unlocked] 5.0

    Lj Video Downloader (m3u8,mp4) Мод APK 1.1.46 [Unlocked]


    DO NOT DOWNLOAD before reading the following 4 notes!!!
    1. If there's a video you can't download, please post the URL in the review or email it to me, rather than leaving some ambiguous negative reviews like "It doesn't work", which is not helpful to any of us. My email: [email protected]
    2. App CANNOT download live stream videos.
    3. Some websites use DRM or other protections to prevent video downloading, e.g. Netf1ix. These videos can't be downloaded.
    4. App CANNOT download videos from Youtube due to their ToS.

    Lj Video Downloader is a powerful tool to download m3u8/mp4/mpd videos from web and saves them as .mp4 files.

    • Download m3u8/mp4/mpd/mov format videos.
    • Support extract video links from websites directly.
    • Multi-thread downloading.
    • Auto convert to mp4 format.
    • Support multi-format playlist.
    • Support audio/video split m3u8/mpd files.

    We need your help. If you have any suggestion or bug reporting, please feel free to contact us.

    Help us translation: https://crowdin.com/project/lj-video-downloader
    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/leavjenn
    Discord: leav_jenn#0722
    Telegram: @LeavJenn
  • Dark Survival Мод APK 2.3.1 [Unlimited money][Patched][Mod Menu][God Mode][Weak enemy][Mod speed] 5.0

    Dark Survival Мод APK 2.3.1 [Unlimited money][Patched][Mod Menu][God Mode][Weak enemy][Mod speed]


    This is the game development duo [Liberty Dust]!

    Welcome to 'Dark Survival,' a vampire survival game where a hefty knight battles monsters emerging from the dark. Level up by defeating monsters, choose a variety of skills, and survive as long as possible!

    Ah! Not a fan of hefty knights?
    Don't worry!! In addition to the hefty knight, a variety of unique characters are waiting for you!!

    It's a popular vampire survival game these days.
    A game that is deeper and simpler than any other!
    Focused on the original fun of gaming!!
    Dark Survival!!

    Whether you're on the subway,
    in the bathroom, or in a boring classroom!
    A game to play with you!!
    It's Dark Survival.
  • Idle Ghost Girl: AFK RPG Мод APK 1.02.008 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Invincible] 5.0

    Idle Ghost Girl: AFK RPG Мод APK 1.02.008 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage][Invincible]


    Memories of the world with spirits, moments that light up the darkness and shine
    Brighten up the darkened world with the ghosts of your choice!

    "Game Introduction"
    ★ Idle RPG that grows on its own ★
    Defeat various enemies and grow stronger!
    You can become strong even without touching it!

    ★ Dozens of different Spirits ★
    Find your own favorite spirit! Various spirits including egg ghosts, well ghosts, nine-tailed foxes, and more!
    Meet high-quality illustrations with their own unique personalities!

    ★ Gorgeous and cool skills and hitting sensation! ★
    Beautiful visuals and overwhelming, gorgeous scale!
    Be fascinated by each spirit's unique ultimate skill!

    ★ Cute 3D graphics ★
    Dozens of different spirits, all in 3D!
    Meet cute spirits in detailed 3D!

    ■ Official Community Channel ■
    - Official Lounge: https://game.naver.com/lounge/Ghost_Girl_Idle/
    - Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ghostgirlidle
    - Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/GhostGirlIdle

    ■ Policies and Terms ■
    - Privacy Policy: ttps://ndolphinconnect.blogspot.com/2021/10/kor.html
    - Terms of Service: https://ndolphinconnect.blogspot.com/2022/06/blog-post.html

    ■ Customer Center ■
    - [email protected]

    ▣ Smartphone app access permission information ▣
    When using the app, we request access permission to provide the following services.

    [Optional access rights]
    Photo/Media/File Storage: Required for saving game installation files and update files, and uploading data to the customer center.
    Camera: Can be used to take photos and upload videos.

    ▣ Information on revoking access rights ▣
    [How to revoke access rights]
    ▶ Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > App > Select permission item > Permission list > Select agree or withdraw access permission
    ▶ Below Android 6.0: Due to the nature of the operating system, it is not possible to revoke access rights by permission, so revoking is possible only by deleting the app. We recommend that you upgrade your Android version to 6.0 or higher.
    ※ The app may not provide an individual consent function, and you can consent or withdraw access permission using the method above.
  • Empire Kingdom: Idle Defense Мод APK 1.0.287 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][Unlimited] 5.0

    Empire Kingdom: Idle Defense Мод APK 1.0.287 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][God Mode][Unlimited]


    Hark! Upon your shoulders lies a realm unseen,
    A land of magic, threatened and serene.
    As sorceress bold, at frontiers you stand,
    The last bastion 'gainst a menacing band.

    Armed with arcane might, your spells take flight,
    A wall of wonder against encroaching night.
    No cables bind, no servers hold you fast,
    Your offline magic forever shall last.

    Towers and spells, a strategic sight,
    Repel the invaders, bathe their ranks in light.
    Your kingdom thrives, by idle's gentle hand,
    Defenses strengthen, at your command.

    Enchantments sing, their beauty unsurpassed,
    Strategy's dance, a victory to grasp.
    Can you rise tall, a champion untamed?
    Defend your haven, forever unnamed?

    The mystical path, its wonders untold,
    Awaits your courage, both brave and bold.
    So step forth, dear hero, destiny calls,
    Embrace the magic, stand tall through the falls!
  • Dragon Knight Tales : Idle RPG Мод APK 1.4.113 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage] 5.0

    Dragon Knight Tales : Idle RPG Мод APK 1.4.113 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage]


    Gather, Dragon Knights!
    Form an Alliance with the Fallen Archfiend!
    Defeat a new Evil Forces!

    Embark on a thrilling adventure with powerful allies in "Dragon Knight Tales: Idle RPG"!
    Conquer realms, lead the legendary Dragon Knight Order, and face an unexpected twist—join with the defeated Archfiend to return to your world!
    Gather cute monsters for your ever-growing knight order as you confront dark forces in this strange new realm. While they may look adorable, their abilities are formidable, assisting you in epic battles!

    Enjoy visually stunning battles and experience action like never before.

    Your knightly order grows themselves, ensuring victory even when you're away.

    Capture various monsters and make them your allies to defeat even more powerful enemies.

    Upgrade a various skill to power up your knightly order. Take your order to the next level!

    Discover dungeons, acquire equipment, and strengthen your knightly order with tons of hidden treasures.

    Collect artifacts and weapons to defeat enemies and become the ultimate hero!

    Begin your epic journey in "Dragon Knight Tales: Idle RPG" today! Experience an idle adventure like never before!

    [Official Discord]
  • SNOW - AI Profile Мод APK 13.0.10 [Unlocked][VIP] 5.0

    SNOW - AI Profile Мод APK 13.0.10 [Unlocked][VIP]


    SNOW is a camera app used by over 200 million people around the world.

    - Find your favorite version of yourself by creating and saving custom beauty effects.
    - Take profile-worthy selfies with stylish AR makeup features.
    - Explore thousands of stickers with updates every day.
    - Don't miss exclusive seasonal filters that add color to your daily life.
    - Professional photo edits with just a few taps.

    See what's new in SNOW
    • Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/snowapp
    • Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snow.global
    • Promotion & Partnership Inquiries: [email protected]

    Permission Details :
    • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : To save photos
    • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : To load photos
    • RECEIVE_SMS : To automatically input verification code received via SMS
    • READ_PHONE_STATE : To automatically input country codes while signing up
    • RECORD_AUDIO : To record sound
    • GET_ACCOUNTS : To automatically input email address while signing up
    • READ_CONTACTS : To find friends from contacts
    • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : To load location-based filters
    • CAMERA : To capture photos or videos
    • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : To display alert messages
  • Slime War: Idle Hero Мод APK 0.0.3 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][Mod speed] 5.0

    Slime War: Idle Hero Мод APK 0.0.3 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu][Mod speed]


    《Slime War: Idle Hero》is a free strategy card game and we want you to have fun and enjoy the game.

    The world was shattered by the war of the gods, humans lost their home, the last prince found the last world tree on a desolate island, can you lead a group of Slimes to rebuild the empire? Can you stop the gods who are coming again?

    Assign Slimes to work in different buildings, take care of the world tree and make food.
    Battle of the Gods
    The battle is inevitable here, so overcome the obstacles to defeat the gods and move forward into the future.
    Build a Home
    Reclaim your home with the power of the Slimes.
    Recruit Heroes
    Recruit unknown gods to join the battlefield and destroy the darkness.
    Arm Yourself
    Build equipment, collect artifacts, and acquire treasures to make your hero stronger.
  • Hero Adventure: Survivor RPG Мод APK [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Hero Adventure: Survivor RPG Мод APK [Unlimited money]

    Hero Adventure is a gothic action top-down shooter with roguelike and RPG elements. The survivor explores the open world of an endless dungeon filled with hordes of various creatures and monsters. Shoot 'em up all before they tear your hero apart. Have you heard the expression “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”? The words of the great classic turned out to be prophetic.

    For centuries, an idle clan of rogue heroes guarded the sealed portal of the dark open world of various creatures and monsters in the endless dungeon of an ancient castle on the outskirts of London in action adventure games. Doomsday has come, the ancient rogue seal has collapsed and the portal has opened. Hordes of creatures and monsters have fallen into our open world in a free roguelite role playing game. Demons. Vampires. Werewolves. Cthulhu. All the monsters crave a bloody reign throughout the fantasy open world in survivor roguelike io game. All idle rogue mercenaries are in captivity by darkness. You are the only lonely hero hunter who can clear the dungeon crawler teeming with dark creatures in this action RPG game free offline.

    A hero adventure filled with epic shooters against hordes of monsters, fights with demonic bosses, rogue-like quests and arena battles in action adventure games. The fantasy world is on the brink of death. All hope is on you, a lonely survivor, because you are a hereditary monster hunter. Fire the first bullet hell and start the bounty hunt.

    Create your own lonely hero in the doomsday! You can become a shooter, a vampire, an arsonist or a master of poison. Each rogue hero has his own idle skills and abilities that need to be upgraded. It is from the pumping of the lonely hero that the further adventure through the endless dungeons will depend on action RPG io games free offline.

    Every monster hunter should have a good outfit. What will you choose to fight the horde of dark creatures and bosses in the dungeon crawler: a Winchester, a Revolver, or a Tesla gun? Or maybe you decide to use a crossbow? It's up to you to decide with what gun you will shoot 'em up all the dark creatures in the dungeon in our top-down shooter.

    Roguelite abilities, armor, weapons and assistants need to be upgraded. To do this, you will need a huge amount of rubies. There's an easy way to earn them in the survivor io roguelike game free offline. After freeing the imprisoned rogue heroes, you can recruit them in action RPG games. Shooters mercenaries will mine rubies for you without stopping, just have time to collect, otherwise the treasuries may overflow.

    Go through amazing gothic quests from other idle rogue heroes. Explore every corner of an endless adventure RPG dungeon, in the darkness of which many dangers can lurk. You never know in what part of the gothic roguelite castle you will meet the next boss and fire the first bullet hell. You must always be ready in our roguelite role playing game. You can find yourself in battle with the Cthulhu, the Soul Eater or the Vampire Lord.

    Hero Adventure is a gothic action top-down shooter with roguelike and RPG elements that will immerse you in the Victorian era and give you the opportunity to become a real rogue-like hero of the century. Lonely survivor, the fate of all mankind is in your hands. Use all the possibilities, calculate the moves, destroy the horde of monsters and do not let it fill everything around. Keep the balance of light and darkness in the fantasy open world. You can play free online or offline action adventure games.

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can always write to us!

    Doomsday has arrived, let the bounty hunt begin! Shoot 'em up all the monsters before they tear your hero to pieces! See you in the roguelike dungeon crawler, lonely survivor!
  • Loving Kindness Мод APK 1.7.2 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    Loving Kindness Мод APK 1.7.2 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Embrace compassion and nurture positive emotions with the Loving Kindness app.

    Loving Kindness meditations, also known as metta meditations, are an ancient Buddhist practice that inspires feelings of empathy, interconnectedness, and kindness toward all beings… including yourself.

    With the Loving Kindness app, you'll receive gentle reminders throughout your day encouraging you to take a moment, leave your surroundings aside, and focus on your heart-center.

    Tailoring your Loving Kindness mantras to your lifestyle is simple:
    - Choose topics that resonate with you.
    - Customize your mantras to include people or groups in your life that need a little extra Loving Kindness.
    - Select a schedule that works for you.
    - And let the Loving Kindness app do the rest!

    We'll deliver the customized, pre-written Loving Kindness mantras you want, when you want them, so you can effortlessly integrate this powerful practice into your daily routine.

    It's up to you how you choose to use your mantras: on their own, for a short burst of inspiration and contemplation, or to enhance your current meditation practice.

    But whether you're a beginner or an experienced meditator, one thing stays the same. The Loving Kindness app will help you cultivate a more positive and caring mindset.

    The power of Loving Kindness meditations is undeniable; they've been scientifically proven to increase feelings of empathy, compassion, and overall well-being. Plus, they can help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, lower stress, and improve relationships.

    Everyone could use a little bit more Loving Kindness in their lives, and our app brings it right to your phone.

    So start spreading compassion and goodwill today with the Loving Kindness app.
  • Airport City transport manager Мод APK 8.33.05 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu] 5.0

    Airport City transport manager Мод APK 8.33.05 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu]


    "Airport games are a wonderful adventure, and Airport City is more than your average city simulator or one of the tycoon games. It takes the exciting features of two worlds in just the right proportions: the sense of adventure from airplane games, and the need to plan strategically from the city simulators. If you're starting to think that there are things beyond farming, put your farm sim on hold and start building your town that will gradually become a city, and then a megapolis with the world-class modern airport! We know how plane games can become repetitive over time, so we are constantly improving this city simulator, to ensure that our players are always engaged, both on the ground and in the air.
    Whether you want to try out the role of an air tycoon or an airline commander, you'll find something to love about Airport City.
    Build a modern international-class terminal to send an airplane to whichever corner of the world you want. Just get your aircraft in the air and land them in any destination, from a faraway town to a shining megapolis. To make your travels memorable, you can bring back rare artifacts and unique collections. See how many souvenirs can fit in one aircraft!
    But it's not just a flight simulator—you'll have to apply your outstanding management skills to develop all the supporting infrastructure too, in an amazing airport game! Take care of the entire city next to it, to provide your airport all the required services.
    If what you're looking for in city building games is peaceful gameplay and interactions, this city simulator is exactly what you need. Here you start from a small town and develop it into a great megapolis!
    You can create alliances with other players to complete joint quests and participate in competitions. Just find a fellow airline commander from a neighboring city and make your gaming experience twice as much fun! Regular updates with new models of aircraft, buildings, and new destinations, will become an infinite source of entertainment.
    Download Airport City and see for yourself how this flight simulator stands out among other airplane games and city building games."

    "✔ Test your airline commander skills, develop your own airport and build your own aircraft collection.
    ✔ Take on the role of the ultimate tycoon. Build a town, upgrade it to a unique megapolis unlike all the others, and collect profits to support the needs of the airport.
    ✔ Enjoy managing an international transport hub, with lots of unique buildings and travel destinations in a breathtaking tycoon game. Improve the infrastructure of your airport and megapolis to increase the number of travelers.
    ✔ Interact with like-minded players who enjoy city simulators, flight simulators, and airplane games, just like you. Create alliances and participate in special events. Be the famous business tycoon you always wanted to be!
    ✔ Explore the world with your aircraft. Travel to your favorite destinations and bring home unique collections."

    "Facebook Community: http://www.facebook.com/AirportCity
    Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVvTQhSIFds
    Privacy Policy: http://www.game-insight.com/site/privacypolicy
    Terms of Service: http://www.game-insight.com/en/site/terms"

    "Discover new titles from GameInsight: http://game-insight.com
    Join our community on Facebook: http://fb.com/gameinsight
    Join our community on YouTube channel: http://goo.gl/qRFX2h
    Read the latest news on Twitter: http://twitter.com/GI_Mobile
    Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/gameinsight/"
  • Botworld Adventure Мод APK 1.19.2 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    Botworld Adventure Мод APK 1.19.2 [Unlimited money]



    Botworld is a huge, beautiful and diverse world which you can explore as you venture out to collect rare scrap and discover new bots. Enter new environments, meet a variety of characters, collect rare treasures and uncover the many secrets hidden in Botworld. You can freely explore the many lush forests and arid deserts but make sure you have a strong team of bots because you never know what's around the corner!


    Outsmart your foes in a unique strategic battle system. Your bots will leap, charge, stun or blast around the arena using advanced AI while you pick the perfect abilities to stomp your foes. Each bot has unique abilities and a powerful ultimate, combine these with your favourite player abilities for maximum effect.


    You will discover, build and collect rare and powerful bots to create the ultimate team. Search the world to discover new bot recipes and collect rare scrap to build and upgrade your favourites. Customise their powers and abilities as they level up and get stronger.


    Play as one of 4 species: cats, dogs, buffalo and lizards. Choose a unique look to add your own personality to the character.


    Now Botmasters can come together and collaborate in completing quests! Join an existing guild or create your own, with the ability to share strategies and discoveries through the guild text chat. When you have enough botmasters in your crew, venture forth and take on the guild exclusive events! Finish these so you can score some unique scrap and outfits!
  • Chess Universe : Online Chess Мод APK 1.20.4 [Free purchase] 5.0

    Chess Universe : Online Chess Мод APK 1.20.4 [Free purchase]


    Want to play and learn chess for free? Chess Universe is the #1 place for learning and playing chess. Here you can enjoy free unlimited chess games online and offline.

    Play chess online with your friends or compete against leaderboard champions. Learn chess free with the best tools. Develop tactics, strategy, memory, and logical thinking. The new chess world is created for you.

    With our new chess app Chess Universe - Online Chess you can improve your skills from beginner to master. Analyse your matches and take your chess games skills to the next level. Learn chess while solving chess puzzles designed by chess Grandmasters and chess trainers.


    Compete against the world and prove you are the champion in the Chess Universe worldwide leaderboard. Rank up and become a chess master.

    Use different game modes: blitz chess, bullet chess, rapid chess or new Easy mode where you can think about each move for maximum of 1 minute.

    New opponents spawn every 24 hours. The higher your chess rating is the more difficult your opponents get. The keys you get for winning unlock chests with amazing rewards.

    Invite your friends to the chess game! Connect with friends and play social chess online with them.

    Learn chess tactics, combinations, and tricks. Improve your chess skills for free by solving chess puzzles in our chess towers.

    Progress daily. Complete achievements and participate in chess tournaments.

    Play against AI - online or offline. Test yourself against 9 AI difficulty levels.

    Are you a chess beginner? This new chess game is suitable for all levels, so you can learn chess in a fun and friendly environment. Our chess app is designed to creatively motivate and guide a chess player to improve from beginner to master.

    Chess Universe stands out from other online chess games for its unique design and exciting gameplay. Unlock cool characters and chess boards, earn rewards and gems while learning how to play chess. And even get a PET for your achievements in the chess games. Our free chess online has some features that make this chess game easier for you: hints, undo, analysis, match history, revisit and analyse any chess online match.

    Chess Universe is the place to play chess online with your friends and other players from all over the world. Now it's your move. Play chess for free!


    The Chess Universe app is built by chess Grandmasters and gaming experts with the idea of presenting the best of both worlds in a unique, gamified chess adventure.

    Check the newest updates, announcements, and events on: Facebook, Twitter and our
    Web page as well as
  • PickCrafter - Idle Craft Game Мод APK 6.0.9 [Unlimited money][Free purchase] 5.0

    PickCrafter - Idle Craft Game Мод APK 6.0.9 [Unlimited money][Free purchase]


    Mine gems, collect Pickaxes and discover treasure filled Biomes in PickCrafter!

    PickCrafter is an incremental idle craft clicker game that lets you take control of a pickaxe and dig deep into the biomes Even while idle or offline! Just start tapping to mine. Upgrade Legendary Pickaxes, collect all the blocks and gear, and unlock all the Biomes Digging for gold has never been more exciting! Tap to start, then upgrade your Artifacts and Abilities to mine deeper, faster.

    Download now and start mining for gold in this incremental idle crafting clicker game! How far can you dig?

    ⛏️ PickCrafter FEATURES ⛏️

    Idle Clicker Gameplay
    ⛏ Tap: Swing your pickaxe and Mine all the 3D blocks!
    ⛏ Swing: Break blocks this way too!
    ⛏ Mine: Earn PPS and craft blocks!

    Incremental Upgrades
    ⛏ Hopper collects blocks while idle or offline!
    ⛏ Use Abilities and Artifacts to boost your Strength
    ⛏ Mythical Blocks and Machines help you!

    Upgrade Your Pickaxe
    ⛏ Craft and upgrade your Pickaxes
    ⛏ Defeat bosses, craft their special items and earn Trophies!
    ⛏ Prestige to reach new heights

    Idle Mining
    ⛏ Earn resources even when you're not playing
    ⛏ Daily Rewards - enjoy cool bonuses from the Daily Reward system
    ⛏ Over 90 achievements to unlock
    ⛏ Battle with your friends and rank up on the leaderboards
    ⛏ No internet connection necessary
    ⛏ No need for mods, launcher, or PE

    PickCrafter is the incremental clicker idle game for fans of endless fun. Tap the day away digging for gold, diamonds, amethyst, and more! Find companions, and craft items to boost your PPS - get digging today! A great game for people searching for mining games.

    Download now to unleash your inner miner in PickCrafter!

    Join your PickCrafter friends on Discord

    Need help? Visit our support page https://fiveamp.com/pickcrafter/support
  • Dice Dreams™️ Мод APK [Unlimited money][Mod Menu] 4.4

    Dice Dreams™️ Мод APK [Unlimited money][Mod Menu]

    Welcome to Dice Dreams!
    Join millions of players around the world! Roll the Dice on the magical board, Steal Coins, Attack your friends, build your Epic Kingdom and Embark on an adventurous journey!

    Roll & Win
    Go on and Roll the dice on the board, Win Golden Coins & collect gems to build your kingdom, become the Dice King and master the dice board game!

    Play for FREE with your friends and enjoy a variety of kingdoms.
    Join the action with players from around the world and play with your social network.
    Steal from other boards and show them who's the Dice Dream King
    Invite your Facebook friends to join the epic fun and become the master of the dice boards!
    Protect your treasure and build the most magical kingdom!
    Roll and play to collect cards by completing challenges and move up in levels!

    The Legend Behind The Dice
    Bob, the first of his name, returned to his kingdom after a journey visiting the Piggy King, only to find that his beloved home had been attacked!
    Brave Bob decided to roll the dice and clash his enemies head on. He gathered his fellow peons, and together they went on an adventure to rebuild his kingdom, get revenge, and once again become the Kings of the hyper magical dice board game.

    Will you help Bob and his friends on their quest to regain their throne as the Dice Dreams Kings? Will you travel through Peon Islands and other dreamy boards to bring them back to glory in this thrilling board game?

    Has your kingdom been attacked by a friend? It's time for revenge! Steal coins from them and upgrade your kingdom with the perfect bonus. Expand your kingdom by building more and making the Peons happy! Don't wait any longer, start building your kingdom and win amazing prizes in this captivating board game!

    Raid your enemies or friends. Just aim your slingshot, fire, and loot away!
    Earn gold by stealing from other kingdoms and making their treasure- YOURS!
    Get revenge on those who attacked your kingdom and rule the dice board game!
    Become the master of the dice board and help the Peons restore their kingdom!
    You never know what treasures you can find in your friend's kingdom. Attack and be surprised!

    Get ready to go on an epic adventure with Dice Dreams!
    Build your empire, attack your friends' boards, and earn awesome prizes and coins! Will you be the master of the dice board game? With a variety of exciting challenges, there's always something new and thrilling to go for in Dice Dreams. So start building and become the ultimate Dice Dreams champion!

    Dice Dreams is free on all devices with in-app purchases.

    Follow Dice Dreams on Facebook for exclusive offers and bonuses!
    Are you having problems?
    Please contact via email us at [email protected]
  • Zombie Survivor: Invasion Мод APK 1.51 [God Mode][High Damage] 5.0

    Zombie Survivor: Invasion Мод APK 1.51 [God Mode][High Damage]


    The legendary of survivor is here. Could it be YOU?

    The zombies are coming from everywhere with infinite obstacles. But you will have continuously upgrading skills and weapons to defeat them all, even the biggest boss.

    ▪️ Use ONE TOUCH to move, "pick up" and upgrade arsenal of weapons
    ▪️ EQUIP the most powerful guns, spears, bombs, boomerangs or endless powers...
    ▪️ DEFEND yourself with tons kind of shields to survive against enormous invaders
    ▪️ Try to STAY ALIVE as long as you can

    **Every choice under your hand makes a different victory.**

    ▪️ Clear the battlefield with one-hand controls
    ▪️ Variety of enemies and bosses
    ▪️ Diversity of weapons and skills
    ▪️ Different maps with different battlefields
    ▪️ Challenge yourself in both Arena and Battle mode to increase EXP

    This battle is yours. Are you ready to discover the strengths hidden inside and be the ultimate hero of the world?
  • We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy Мод APK 5.3.0 [Remove ads][Free purchase] 5.0

    We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy Мод APK 5.3.0 [Remove ads][Free purchase]


    What do pop idols, freemasonry enthusiasts, world leaders and scaly-skinned aliens have in common besides money, power and cleverly disguised spaceships?

    They are all part of the multiverse!

    Join their ranks and influence as many people as you can through any means necessary! Mind control, Iluminati fake news, hidden messages in music videos, weird chemicals on water supplies: there's a surprisingly wide array of paths for world domination in this multiverse simulator clicker.

    Just pick your favorite simulator clicker cult!


    -PRACTICE the world-dominating dictator game skills you know you always wanted to practice by influencing people and turning them into happily subservient idle clicker lambs!

    -OCCUPY the minds of human lambs all over this weird game globe in a dictator simulator clicker by clicking your master plan into motion and idly waiting for the results, like a true tycoon game doomsday cult leader in an idle simulator.

    -WORK hard to achieve complete domination and control over everything and everyone! Why stop at deep weird game web-level influence when you can go mainstream in a dictator simulator clicker idle game?

    -EAVESDROP on secret doomsday cult and weird game dictator simulator conversations by placing wires on the offices of powerful world leaders and use fake news and virus game tactics to manipulate their shady plans to suit your shady simulation game plans!

    -RELISH beholding everything your cultish domination can get you as you bring about your own new simulator clicker and doomsday cult world order as a true Illuminati dictator!

    Prove simulator doomsday cult and clicker conspiracy theorists right and give them lots more idle clicker schemes to theorize about! Dare to dive into the idle simulator mysteries of an idle clicker virus game that will challenge everything you once assumed about alien games secret societies in a tycoon game! Find out how to join the doomsday cult in the most fun way possible!

    Harness all the power of weird game mysteries in a cultish scheme to rival the craziest conspiracies in the history of the multiverse! No other cult or UFO games will ever let you let your doomsday domination plans come true like this one! Don't let anything plague your judgment: join this cult now!

    Make idle clicker simulation game deals with the idle game reptilian aliens that control world affairs from the shadows, recruit UFO games pop idols and Hollywood stars through your not-in-the-least suspicious alien games plague cult and slowly climb your way to doomsday cult big boss status in this idle clicker weird tycoon game!

    Use your UFO games idle clicker skills in this alien adventure that feels weirdly satisfying in every world in the multiverse!

    But remember, with great power comes great responsibility (or not, if you're into the whole domination thing). Are you ready to take on the challenge of ruling the multiverse and leading your own cultish doomsday clicker game? Start clicking now and see where the weirdness takes you!
  • GT Car Stunt 3D: Car Driving Мод APK 1.101 [Unlimited money] 5.0

    GT Car Stunt 3D: Car Driving Мод APK 1.101 [Unlimited money]


    ️ GT Car Stunt: Car Driving – Fast, furious, and super-fun driving game

    Congrats! You just found an awesome car driving game, in which you are not only 1 car driving one but 3 types of cars which are waiting for you to explore. Hop into these crazy car driving with turbo boosts, race and stunt like a maniac, and zoom through loops and jumps that'll make you go, "WOW, That was awesome". GT Car Stunt: Car Driving has a bunch of goofy and cool characters with their own hilarious tricks. Whether you're a casual gamer looking for some quick fun car driving game or a seasoned pro looking for a new thrill, our car driving game offers endless entertainment. Feel the need for speed?


    Challenge Mega Track and Ramp: 30+ unique levels with a huge range of different surfaces and obstacles to race over and around at breakneck speed. Plus many stunts, and jumping points for you to perform your best tricks

    Racing with Global Competitors: You will become the best racer to represent your country by taking part in the insane racing track.

    Experience All The Car: GT Car Stunt: Car Driving different Car types, which are Super Car, Formula 1, and Monster Truck. Best choices for car driving game

    Customize your dream cars: Many cars to collect and customize as you race through the levels in the game. Place high in every race to earn more cash, buy and custom your dream car driving with different paint jobs.

    Choose your character: You can play this car driving game with many different characters. From humans, superheroes to animals with unique tricks and dances.

    Thrilling sound: The sound in our Car Driving Game is a blend of cool, realistic effects that immerse you in the heart-pounding action. You'll hear the engines revving with a powerful roar, the tires screeching on the asphalt as you take sharp turns, and the satisfying thud of your car landing smoothly after an epic jump.


    Looking for a racing game that's exciting to play, provides a real driving challenge, and offers excitement and endless variation, cools car driving and dangerous rivals, all in fast and furious races that can be run in a matter of minutes?

    Keep GT Car Stunt: Car Driving in your pocket and you'll have instant access to awesome driving thrills anytime, any place and anywhere, trying again and again to reach the podium despite a series of increasingly surreal and testing obstacles that come rushing at you down the track in a crazy, colorful whirl.
    Download now to find out if you can be the master of the track in the wackiest, wildest, winningest mobile racing game available.
  • Stickman Ghost 2: Ninja Games Мод APK 8.1.2 [Remove ads][God Mode][Weak enemy] 5.0

    Stickman Ghost 2: Ninja Games Мод APK 8.1.2 [Remove ads][God Mode][Weak enemy]


    Be a mighty shadow stickman and do the impossible in best offline action RPG

    Stickman Ghost 2: Galaxy Wars is the best offline RPG game that you have never experienced. This offline RPG game is also the perfect combination between fighting games and action games. In this League of Stickman version, the stick hero returns to a more attractive, challenging gameplay in a combination of stick and war games. Transform into a ninja warrior.

    - RPG offline story mode with 100+ stages
    - 100+ items with an amazing upgrade system.
    - Talent system with skill tree.
    - 100+ main quests and daily missions.
    - Stunning graphics and amazing sound effects
    - Global leaderboard
    - Hack and Shoot And Slash
    - PVP Arena Online Battle

    Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/StickmanGhost/
  • Tiles Hop: EDM Rush Мод APK 6.3.0 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][VIP] 5.0

    Tiles Hop: EDM Rush Мод APK 6.3.0 [Remove ads][Unlimited money][VIP]


    Play Tiles Hop: EDM Rush and have a fun music games playing time! Are you a fan of music games genre that challenge your skills with thousands of songs? Look no further than Tiles Hop - the ultimate among music games! Tiles Hop is sure to become your new favorite song games of all time. It's easy, just drag you ball to jump and hop on music tiles. Download this ultimate music games. Remember, hop ball to music tiles, don't fall. This is a combination of music games, song game and ball game.

    Welcome to Tiles Hop, the ultimate music games experience that combines the best of music games and song games. Tiles Hop is one of the music games that offer the perfect way to test your coordination skills and satisfy your love for music at the same time. Hip hop fans and music games enthusiasts alike will love Tiles Hop, the addictive music games that will keep you entertained for hours on end. With its catchy EDM tracks, hiphop tracks and colorful graphics, this game is one of the most popular song games around.

    One of the standout features of Tiles Hop is its hip hop-inspired beats. The music is sure to get you grooving as you hop from tiles to tiles. And with music tiles that light up with every beat of top hiphop song, you'll feel like you're part of the music. This ultimate music games is perfect for anyone who loves EDM, hip hop, and other genres of music.

    But what really makes Tiles Hop stand out is its ball hop gameplay mechanic. You control a ball hop from tiles to tiles, collecting points and unlocking new levels, unlock new songs. The game is designed to test your reflexes and coordination, making it the perfect way to kill time on the train or just unwind after a long day.

    What's more, Tiles Hop has a vast array of levels to explore, each with its own catchy top song hiphop and unique ball hop gameplay mechanics. You'll never get bored with this game, and there's always a new challenge waiting for you around every corner. Hopping to the end of the dancing road and the gifts are await for you.
    If you're a fan of music games genre, or song games genre, then you owe it to yourself to download Tiles Hop today. With its addictive ball hop gameplay, hip hop beats, and magic music tiles, this music games is sure to become your new go-to for fun and entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Download Tiles Hop now and experience the best of music games and ball games in one addictive package!
  • Stickman Pirates Fight Мод APK 5.7 [Remove ads][Unlimited money] 4.8

    Stickman Pirates Fight Мод APK 5.7 [Remove ads][Unlimited money]


    Every battle will eventually come to an end, and the final fights are always the bloodiest.
    Do you want to defend the super dragons against the bosses, stickman, shadow zombies, subzero, and monster enemies? Battle with the fiercest attacks from warriors such as shadow zombies, stickman boss, subzero, and others. This stick shadow warrior fighting game is groove with excitement and action.
    You can fight stick heroes, improve your fighting skills, battle evil, and protect the universe. This ninja game is available on Google Play, where you can combat against other universe warriors and play a variety of other games.

    How to Plays
    To play Stickman Pirates Fight, all you need to do is dodge, jump, and enhance your power to become a mega stick warrior super hero and fight against invaders. The controls are simple yet effective and easy for anyone to comprehend. Use your most powerful ball-shooting technique to destroy all trespassers hiding in the shadows.

    You can choose from a variety of game modes, easily unlock your favorite characters through gaming, and easily design a character using your own ideas.
    Arena mode: Stickman Pirates Fight adds additional team fighting modes in addition to the classic battle mode. To determine the strongest team and determine who will receive the greatest awards, games may also be added to the tournament.
    Story mode: Carefully planned and logically leads you through a range of feelings, from serenity to climax. Your major goal will be to develop your selected character as much as you can because the story will thoroughly immerse you in their world. The plot will surprise and captivate you more the later it is.
    Tournament mode: The best teams will compete against one another. The victorious team will receive a trophy and recognition on the arena gold board.
    So, are you strong enough to be the best stickman warrior in Stickman Pirates Fight? Download the game now and stick to the battle!
  • Car Eats Car 3 Hill Climb Race Мод APK 3.3.786 [Unlimited money][VIP] 5.0

    Car Eats Car 3 Hill Climb Race Мод APK 3.3.786 [Unlimited money][VIP]


    Survival racing simulation game! Car Eats Car 3 is a free mobile racing game with hill climb chase action in the series with over 50 MILLION DOWNLOADS!

    Drive the turbo boosted cars in a world of mobile racing action! Play online and offline with race vehicles such as red car “Beetlee”, tractor “Harvester”, battle vehicle “Loсomachine”, fast police racer “Francopstein” or tank driving machine “Tankominator”. Drive hill climb cartoon cars and start the turbo boosted engines in Car Eats Car 3!

    Win races, collect many cars and make upgrades to defeat the competition. Drive to survive and finish first!

    The chase race is going to start! Drive with full speed and escape from enemies, cop cars & end bosses. Each race is a challenge so turn on racing nitro and gain respect from hill climb racers and police.

    Pick the right vehicle for each level. Upgrade your car collection with turbo boost to stay ahead of the evil police. Many action battles are ahead of you in this 2D race game.

    This is also a tycoon game: Play special missions and game events to earn and unlock new race cars. Unlock the full garage and rule on every race track.

    To get the police off your back during the chase, you will upgrade cars with extra speed, ammo, weapons, nitro, and turbo boosts. Build unique cars from parts you win by completing levels and missions. Drop bombs, freeze enemies, and silence the other racing cars with an electromagnetic pulse.

    Unlock, upgrade and boost new cars, monster trucks, 4x4 racing vehicles and support drones! Collect coins to upgrade the cars. Upgrade racing speed, armor and turbo boost. Explore exotic locations and complete action missions. Flips and stunts fill your turbo booster, so don't forget to stunt around in Car Eats Car 3!

    Become the king of car chase racing and drive against the police! Play offline as well. Overtake police cars in colorful locations such as racing city, dusty desert or paradise island. Insane driving speed and battle power are important in this massive racing world!

    Drive with no fear and help friends that are taken by the police. Be the king of the road and master your off-road driving skills. Remember you take part in hill climb action all the time and are on a mission to free your racing buddies. Beat police cars and break out your captured friends. Take the wheel and drive!

    120 unique uphill climb levels
    48 car battle chase action levels in the “Dungeon”
    30 different cars to unlock
    All cars have unique race battle skills to climb up the hills
    40 enemies to beat. Speed & Turbo!
    10 End Bosses in special battle missions
    End Boss vehicles are weapons of mass destruction
    2 mini games; Ruby Hunt and Carkanoid
    Carkanoid Game - 15 special levels
    Unlock cars and bonuses in 3 special game sections; INCUBATOR, FRIENDOPEDIA and POLICEPEDIA

    Do you like racing games with hill climb chase battle driving action and escapes from the enemy? Enter the world of Car Eats Car 3 and enjoy the race! A unique mobile action simulator of steel machines.

    Car Eats Car 3 is a free game but contains paid content. You can unlock all the characters and bikes with Google Play Pass.

    We update the game regularly with your suggestions, so leave us a review and we'll do our best to improve the game.
  • Arm Wrestling Clicker Мод APK 1.4.3 [Unlimited money] 4.6

    Arm Wrestling Clicker Мод APK 1.4.3 [Unlimited money]


    *Please check the new coupon in the settings window in the game!

    ●Develop strength and stamina through training, win arm wrestling against various opponents, and become the best arm wrestling king in the world!

    ●Challenge various dumbbell contests and get rich rewards!

    ●Collect various of hair, costumes, and relics to grow stronger!

    Be ready to fight in the funny arm wrestling clicker simulator and be the king of the tapping games!

    Did you know you will love arm wrestling as much as other sports? Try the arm wrestling simulator and keep tapping to become a master.

    Music for the tapping games: MaouDamashii
  • DomiNations Мод APK 12.1320.1322 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage] 2.6

    DomiNations Мод APK 12.1320.1322 [Mod Menu][God Mode][High Damage]


    Immerse yourself in every age of history and conquer enemies in DomiNations. Wage world war on enemies threatening your empire in simulation games bringing your army to life! Build an empire and command nations as it grows from a small village to a thriving metropolis. Battle as one of the great civilizations from the history of the world.

    Enter an age of empires as you travel through different eras of history. Defend your empire from multiple nations and embark on historic campaigns advancing through history. Each civilization, from the Romans to the Japanese Empire all have strengths and unique units.

    Strategy games begin as you start off as an early settlement and grow through the ages, from the dawn of history to the modern era. Study under history's greats at the University, like Leonardo Da Vinci and Catherine the Great. Build Wonders of the World and create technology with historically accurate advancements. Build your base and strengthen your defenses with the Council.

    Build your army, test your strategy against other players in PvP combat, or form alliances to conquer the world together in DomiNations.


    • Simulation games allow you to build an army and lead a colony of early hunters and gatherers on their conquest through the ages from the dawn of civilization to the modern era.
    • Design a small civilization and grow it into a thriving metropolis.
    • Build historic Wonders of the World, including famous landmarks like the Pyramids of Egypt and the Roman Colosseum.

    • Build a base and defend your nation in the age of war.
    • Conquer the world as one of 8 fearsome Nations on its journey through time.
    • Choose one of the great civilizations from history like the Romans, British, Chinese, French, Germans, Japanese, Koreans and Greeks.
    • City building games allow you to upgrade as you advance through history, tackling historic battle campaigns to collect important resources.

    • PVP combat awaits. Put your powerful Nation to the test against others.
    • Battle your enemies and take over cities for huge bunches of loot!
    • Team up with other skilled rulers and forge an unstoppable Alliance.
    • Unleash the full force of your unique battle strategy to outwit and outlast your opponents in 50-on-50 Alliance warfare.
    • Conquer the globe in World War and take home the spoils of war!
    • Resource management through the mechanics of war. Battle for untold wealth and total world domination.

    • Research civilizations, new materials, invent advanced weaponry and develop trade to grow a bustling economy.
    • Level up through scientific discovery.
    • Enforce your war base and reinforce your troops with better equipment, upgrade your buildings and town center with modern materials.

    • History games allow you to work alongside History's Greatest minds and leaders like Leonardo Da Vinci, Cleopatra, King Sejong, and other trailblazers.
    • Develop your Nation with some of the greatest strategists known across the Ages.

    • Strategy games with fun limited-time goals based on actual events from history.
    • Collect rare rewards to help your Nation advance so they can conquer the world!
    • Upgrade your base and your army with every age.

    Build one of history's greatest civilizations and develop a battle strategy to conquer opponents. Join an alliance and achieve world domination in DomiNations!

    Download now to start building your civilization!

    Application Permission Usage Notice:
    We request access permissions to provide services as below
    • Device ID & phone calls: Identifies the relationship between device & base
    • Read, write on external storage: Capturing screenshots shared with customer service team

    Privacy Policy:

    Terms of Service:
  • Car Stunt Races: Mega Ramps Мод APK 3.1.7 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][VIP] 5.0

    Car Stunt Races: Mega Ramps Мод APK 3.1.7 [Unlimited money][Unlocked][VIP]


    Car Stunt Races: Mega Ramps is a car stunt simulator game that takes physics to an extreme level: crashes, jumps, drifts and lots of other fun racing car tricks.

    Drive your sports car in the stunts and obstacles of the open free mode! Will you climb the mega ramp?

    We've designed the most challenging and fun races for you to drive. Jump over dangerous ramps and beat the challenges.

    · Impossible parkour-like stunts
    · Realistic car crashes and damage
    · Challenging tracks and game modes, including race, jump, soccer... and even bowling!
  • EXIF Image & Video Date Fixer Мод APK 2.4.1 [Unlocked][Premium] 5.0

    EXIF Image & Video Date Fixer Мод APK 2.4.1 [Unlocked][Premium]


    Put your pictures and videos in your gallery back in the right order!
    • Also works for images without EXIF metadata, e.g. WhatsApp images.
    • It is also possible to correct the order in the built-in galleries of e.g. Instagram or Facebook.

    Have you ever copied pictures from one smartphone to another?
    downloaded them from a cloud backup or copied them from a hard disk or memory card to your smartphone and then found your pictures and videos
    completely mixed up in your gallery?

    Image & Video Date Fixer was developed to solve exactly this problem!
    Namely to put your valuable pictures and videos back in the correct chronological order.

    ➜ Why does the problem occur?
    After copying the files to your smartphone, the file modification date of your pictures and videos is set to one and the same date, namely
    to the date on which the pictures were copied to your smartphone.
    As the file modification date is used for sorting in galleries, the images now appear in random order.

    ➜ How can Image & Video Date Fixer correct this?
    Cameras store metadata in images and videos, for images this metadata type is called EXIF, for videos quicktime.
    This EXIF and qicktime metadata contains, for example, the camera model, GPS coordinates and the recording date.
    Image & Video Date Fixer can use this recording date to set the file modification date to the recording date.
    This allows the gallery to display the images in the correct order again.

    ➜ What about images and videos without metadata?
    In the event that no metadata such as EXIF or quicktime is available, Image & Video Date Fixer can use the date from the file name, if available.
    This applies to WhatsApp images, for example.
    In addition to correcting the file modification date, EXIF or quicktime metadata is also saved for both images and videos.

    ➜ What else can Image & Video Date Fixer do?
    Image & Video Date Fixer also offers the option of changing the date for multiple images as required.
    The following options are available:
    • Manual date input
    • Set a date or time for selected files
    • Increment the date by days, hours, minutes or seconds
    • Applying a time difference
    • Set EXIF or quicktime metadata based on file modification date

    ➜ Information about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (X) and some other apps.
    Some apps use the creation date to sort the images and unfortunately it is not technically possible to change the creation date.
    Nevertheless, Image & Video Date Fixer can restore the order. To do this, Image & Video Date Fixer must temporarily move the images and videos
    to another folder. There they are then sorted according to the date they were taken and then moved back to their original location.
    This is done in chronological order, with the oldest image or video first and the newest last.
    This means that although new creation dates are created with today's date, they are in the correct chronological order.
    This allows Instagram, Facebook etc. to display the images and videos in the correct order.

    With the free version, 100 files can be corrected per run.
    If more files are to be corrected per run, the premium version must be purchased.
    Correcting Facebook and Instagram galleries, which sort by creation date, is also only possible in the premium version.
  • Criminal Russia 3D. Boris Мод APK 13.0.1 [Unlimited money][Free purchase][Endless][Mod Menu] 5.0

    Criminal Russia 3D. Boris Мод APK 13.0.1 [Unlimited money][Free purchase][Endless][Mod Menu]


    Meet our hero Boris - an ordinary guy with no money in his pocket and a huge thirst for adventure. Ivan, Boris's brother, was closed by the police, and Boris was forced to leave his hometown.

    Now he must find his way. He couldn't find a job and went down a crooked path: he ended up in the sixes of the local Mafia Boss. He became a car thief.

    Game Features:
    - Network mode with various activities and tasks, as well as role-playing
    - Great opportunities for exploring locations: you can fight, shoot, get into and steal cars, ride a motorcycle, take a bus and even take a tram!
    - Detailed, realistic cities and villages with many recognizable landmarks
    - Unique system of road traffic and traffic lights
    - Simple and intuitive transport controls (arrows, accelerometer or steering wheel)
    - Detailed graphics of both cars and locations
    - Public transport system - buses, trams, and also taxis!
    - Well-designed, animated pedestrians and other city residents
    - A well-developed system of police and police chases for violators of public order
    - Rich storyline, missions of which will help you get unique weapons/vehicles
    - Unique character leveling system
    - More than 100 different vehicles from cars to trucks, as well as military vehicles, planes and helicopters
    - Full customization of the main character - dress him to your liking!
    - More than 40 different weapons from a simple knife to a cool sniper rifle
    - A huge number of part-time jobs: from a taxi driver to a professional car thief
    - Full-fledged car tuning - body color, tinting, suspension adjustment, spoilers, changing wheel rims from more than 20 options
    - Fully detailed open world - you choose what to do

    Do you want to help Boris in his difficult criminal case? Then go ahead! Criminal Russia 3D. Boris is your choice!
  • Janes Farm: Farming games Мод APK 9.15.7 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu] 5.0

    Janes Farm: Farming games Мод APK 9.15.7 [Unlimited money][Mod Menu]


    Farm Simulation Game where the player will plunge into the life of Jane and her cheerful family. Welcome to Jane's farm!
    Hey Farmer! On this day, you will meet Jane and her new family farm, which she just bought. Jane's Farm is a whole klondike of treasures and adventures that await you. A real, big, golden farm! Together with Jane, you will build a new, large and beautiful farm. Her whole big family will help you, too! Players all over the world are playing our farming adventure games on family farm islands. Game application for phones and tablets about the construction and development of a family farm.

    Grandma is a real needlewoman, she knows how to care for various types of plants and will teach you well! She knows everything about the vegetable garden, fields, orchards, and crops.

    Grandpa is an experienced strategist as far as selling of various types of products and crops goes. He knows with whom it is profitable to trade, as well as how to establish contacts with business partners around the world. He will help you transform your farm into a real treasure island!

    Jane's husband always provides real support and protection! He is a jack of all trades, and he knows how to construct buildings. Build a real farm villa for Jane! He knows how to repair animal enclosures, extract stone, cut wood, and he can teach you all about this!

    With his help, the farm will become a whole farming township, a cozy oasis for the entire family. A green paradise among all farms. Possibilities are limitless in Jane's farm town.

    A ton of different species and types of animals, plants, trees and bushes, production buildings, goods, items, recipes, interesting and unique quest tasks for hundreds of hours of exciting game available for breeding. World holidays and unique decorations for your farming simulator game! Various competitions and duels with friends and other players. Worldwide trade with various people on the global map. Caravans and routes, various delivery methods. The ability to help your friends on their farms and receive help from them. Unique buildings available to unique players. Find out the secret of how to build them. You are the happy farmer in Jane's Farm game. Huge farm city! Farm frenzy in our game, mobile application. Jane's farm is a family farm! Farm frenzy on the Jane's family farm!

    Jane's Farm is a huge farming empire! A real, unique farm simulator for the whole family and players! Build a farm city and upgrade your skills! Mobile game application in the world of farmers and builders! Jane's Farm Simulator game is a real Klondike among mobile farm construction games! A real, golden, green farm in your mobile phone or tablet! Play with your friends and the whole family. Join alliances and achieve incredible heights! Jane's Farm is a family farm, your family island of farming adventures. Your family farm! Family farm adventure starts now! Family farm adventure island! Farm game where players can compete with each other and participate in world tournaments. Casual simulator of a real farm all over the world! Farming family island for your mobile device. Family farm adventure with animals and plants.

    Our farming games are a real klondike of family adventures on Jane's own farm! An interesting and fun farm simulator where the player will get to know Jane's amazing family and her green farm. Jane's farm family simulation with real-time plants, animals and farm construction. City farm in a heavenly place. By playing our game you will become a member of Jane's big family! Game mobile application farm building simulator in real time. Jane's farm game will give you adventure, rest and relaxation on a magical, family island farm. Play our farm games Jane's Farm and Land of Legends!
  • ibis Paint X Мод APK 11.2.2 3.9

    ibis Paint X Мод APK 11.2.2


    ibis Paint X — это популярное и универсальное приложение для рисования, загруженное в общей сложности более 280 миллионов раз в виде серии, которая содержит более 15000 кистей, более 15000 материалов, более 1000 шрифтов, 80 фильтров, 46 скринтонов, 27 режимов наложения, запись процессов рисования, мазки. функция стабилизации, различные функции линейки, такие как линейки радиальных линий или линейки симметрии, а также функции обтравочной маски.

    *Рисование лекции Канал YouTube
    Курс рисования На канале YouTube мы распространяем много полезных способов использования ibis Paint.
    Пожалуйста, зарегистрируйтесь.

    *Концепция · Особенности
    - Аутентичное приложение для рисования, превосходящее программное обеспечение для ПК!
    - Чувство приятного рисования плавно, высокая скорость работы с использованием технологии OpenGL!
    - Возможность сохранения процесса рисования рисунка в виде фильма!
    - Прикладное приложение с функцией SNS, чтобы научиться рисовать изображение!

    Ориентируясь на совместное использование видео в процессе рисования изображений, мы также улучшили функцию в качестве приложения рисования.

    [Функция кисти]
    - Гладкая, максимально 60 кадров в секунду
    - Более 15000 вида кистей, таких как G-перо, ручка, цифровая ручка, воздушная щетка, круглая щетка, плоская щетка, карандаш, масляная краска, уголь, карандаш, штамп
    - Различные параметры кисти, такие как начальная / конечная толщина, начальная / конечная непрозрачность и начальный / конечный угол кисти
    - Быстрый слайдер с толщиной кисти и прозрачностью кисти, готовыми к работе
    - Предварительный просмотр кисти, который можно проверить в режиме реального времени

    [Функция уровня]
    - Функция уровня, которая может быть добавлена неограниченно
    - режимы наложения, такие как непрозрачность на слой, альфа-смешивание, сложение, вычитание, умножение

    *О планах приобретения ibis Paint
    Для ibis Paint доступны следующие планы покупки:
    - ibis Paint X (бесплатная версия)
    - ibis Paint (платная версия)
    - Удалить дополнение к рекламе
    - Премиум-подписка (Месячная подписка / Годовая подписка)
    В платной и бесплатной версиях нет никакой разницы в возможностях, кроме наличия или отсутствия рекламы.
    Если вы приобретете дополнение Удалить дополнение к рекламе, реклама не будет отображаться и не будет никаких отличий от платной версии ibis Paint.
    Для использования более продвинутых функций необходимы следующие контракты Премиум-подписка (Месячная подписка / Годовая подписка).

    Премьер-член может использовать основные функции. Вы можете попробовать его бесплатно в течение 30 дней с момента первой покупки. Премьер-член может использовать следующие функции и возможности.
    - 20 ГБ в облачное хранилище
    - Премьер-материалы
    - Первоклассные Холщовые бумаги
    - Премьер-шрифты
    - Фильтр Кривая оттенка
    - Фильтр Карта градации
    - Фильтр регулировки уровней
    - Фильтр Заменить цвет
    - Фильтр Облака
    - Изменение порядка произведений искусства в Моей галерее
    - Отсутствие рекламы на экранах
    * После того как вы станете премьер-членом с 30 дней бесплатной пробной версии, если вы не отмените Ваш "Премьер Членство" по крайней мере за 24 часа до последнего дня бесплатной пробной версии, ваш "Премьер Членство" будет автоматически продлен, и вы будете платить за автоматическое продление.
    * Мы добавим премиум-функции в будущем, пожалуйста, обратите внимание на них.

    *О сборе данных
    - Только когда вы используете или собираетесь использовать SonarPen , приложение собирает звуковой сигнал от микрофона. Собранные данные используются только для связи с SonarPen и никогда не сохраняются и не отправляются в любое место.

    *О вопросах и проблемах
    Вопросы в обзоре, отчеты об ошибках не могут быть подтверждены и переписаны, поэтому обратитесь в службу поддержки ibis Paint.

    *Условия использования ibisPaint


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