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Версия: 1.2.19

Android: Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

Русский: 39.63 MB

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Our protein tracker app is a thorough tool made to assist people in keeping track of their daily protein intake and achieving their protein objectives. Our app is the ideal solution for anyone wishing to improve their health and fitness via careful protein management because it has a user-friendly layout and a variety of functions.
Our app's huge database of foods high in protein is one of its most distinctive characteristics. This makes it simple to determine exactly how much protein a person is consuming and to spot places where they might need to make adjustments. Users can quickly input and track the proteins they take throughout the day.
Our software allows users to establish a target protein consumption and track their progress toward that goal, in addition to tracking their protein intake. For individuals attempting to gain muscle, decrease weight, or simply maintain a balanced diet, this function is especially helpful.
Along with these and other useful features, our app also lets you make shopping list and preparing meals.
Overall, our protein tracker software is a crucial resource for anyone wishing to increase their health and fitness through careful protein management. It is the ideal option for anyone wishing to take charge of their diet and achieve their objectives thanks to its user-friendly layout and extensive range of features.
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