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  • Zoom Man Мод APK 1.0 [Free purchase] 3.7

    Zoom Man Мод APK 1.0 [Free purchase]


    “Zoom Man” The Fourth China game developer, the non-professional group – Best Game Creative Award for the second.

    The game is about control the zoom-in and zoom-out of the spaceman able to change his size. The mission is very simple, you just need to help him to run and get more powerStones.
    There are 50 awesome stages to explore, do not hesitate to play this game. Have a fun.

    1) 3D awesome graphics, changeable time and space!
    2) Control mode: joystick for the player amusement.
    3) Players could adjust the angle of view, zoom-in or zoom-out
    4) It is a creative game;Players should complete the tasks in different circumstances.
    5) 50 awesome stages in total for your experience!

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  • ZWar Fight the Ma Мод APK 1.2 [Free purchase][Cracked] 3.9

    ZWar Fight the Ma Мод APK 1.2 [Free purchase][Cracked]


    ● The End is here, dead walking!

    In the future,
    World is fighting against a viral epidemic war, which no one exactly knows how it starts. In an effort to save the world, teams of medical, science, and biological experts have worked together and found a vaccine to kill the virus.

    It appears as though the epidemic is under controlled; however, the vaccine unfortunately has mutated with the virus and begins rapidly spread across the human population in just a few months.

    The world instantly falls into chaos with cities filled with undead zombies walking on the streets.

    ● Motion control, immersive gameplay
    Game uses gyroscopic sensor to detect physical motion space and let players experience more immersive gameplay.

    ● Multiple weapons and items
    With different perks and weapons to use in the game, players will enjoy themselves with tons of zombie killing actions and gain a lot more points with added chance of survival.

    ● Boss stage, infinite boldness
    Standing against a dangerously strong boss, can you face your fear and defeat him?
  • Stickman Legend - Ninja Warriors: Kingdom War Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Stickman Legend - Ninja Warriors: Kingdom War Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    Stickman Warriors Legends is #1 action game: It combines stickman fighting games, RPG, stickman games and stickman shooting games. Epic heroes including Warriors, Ninja, Knight, Shooter, Archer fight in a war to defend the kingdom & clash other clans in the most epic battle royale ever.

    Stick Fight Legend offers multiple arms such as swords, bows and axes to become stickman archer, bowman. Play stickman unblocked in kingdom wars, one of the biggest, most fun, challenging and addicting stick figure games, wars games.. You are game of thrones games fan or love playing action rpg offline games? Stickman War game has the offline hack n slash RPG shooting game on mobile, you can play this game anywhere anytime… You will have to build your stickman army troops and fight as tough as a ninja warrior to defeat evil sticks win kingdom hearts people. Do you have the required motivation, courage and passion to join the battle?

    Stickman rpg offline game has a unique medieval kingdom wars story, league of stickmen free where you will become unblocked stickman shadow hero with multiple weapons such as gun and sword to clash all clans, win the stick war, rescue the kingdom and become the #1 stick ninja.

    > Best stickman fighting games unblocked
    Stickman anger will reach the highest level and his fury will be full! The journey to find peace for all the kingdom land and rescue the world began. Fight for justice and destroy the evil stick enemies to avoid the extinction of Sstick ninja world with the league of stickman help! Each Stickman escape has his own fighting feature and uses different weapons like stick war, stick gun and special Heroes like Ninja or shadow fight, and how to each stickman games stealing the diamond.

    > Stickman army war gets harder!
    Anger stickman can use their powers, abilities and special weapons to destroy enemies quickly like stickman assassin, stickman killer or bowman... Some monsters are extremely dangerous and harder to defeat than others… you may need a more powerful weapon. Build your own troops of stickman army and add up as many archers and sword warriors as you like! Upgrade your attack power, armor, blood and enjoy the victory in each battle.

    > Features of Stickman rpg unblocked 66:
    • Lot of weapons and power to equip, choose your sword, gun, Sniper rifle, shotgun, pistol, bow, axe and a lot of weapons to become a stickman gladiator or stickman archer or simply a stickman kungfu.
    • Hack and Slash, Slay, shoot, jump, fight and deep into the shadow fight.
    • The pet system is diverse with soul stick, helicopters stick and robot stick.
    • Combined gameplay with action game and role-playing to make the best stickman ninja game.
    • Easy control with one-touch chop shots.
    • Medieval warfare style combined with the legendary stick man ninja warrior.

    Download Stickman Legend – Ninja Warriors: Kingdom War game for free and be the best stickman warrior in the history of league of all stickman. Keep in touch with us if you like henry stickman 2 rpg!
  • Animals Spirit Island Survival Мод APK 2.0 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    Animals Spirit Island Survival Мод APK 2.0 [Unlimited money]


    Become a medieval shaman – wild fantasy wizard using forces of nature to control spirits, tap it power and transforming himself into the animals! Survive in this atmospheric and cruel world of ancient tundra and taiga with Animals Spirit Island Survival 3D!

    Explore the vast plains of tundra and evergreen forests of taiga, enjoy this realistic and violent open world! Salvage resources – you can use them to made shelters, tools or even weapons. Start your adventure: hunt animals for food, but avoid predators – or become a hunting trophy yourself. Keep your weapons alert and survive at all cost at Animals Spirit Island Survival 3D singleplayer action game!

    Use your spirit-taming, strategy and tactical skills to evolve into into different animals – an owl, a rabbit and even a bear! Each form has different abilities, so use it wisely. The owl can fly over the forests, plains, and rivers – so, you can fly away from violent predators or catch rabbits. A form of rabbit allows you to run fast and jump high, letting you run away from predators when you can't fly for some reasons. And when you evolved in bear form, you become the mighty and healthy beast, that can fight against strongest animals around your ark! So, choose the form most appropriative for the situation, transform, and act! Start this shaman 3d wildlife simulation and complete all the ark survival missions!

    Mind your medieval shaman indicators - health, energy, and fullness. Never let one of these drops – it will let you no chance to survive! Find or craft special survival tools – weapons, axes, fishing rods or just sticks to making campfire and torches. Never go too far from your relaxing hideout after sunset in human form – hungry predator can wait for you over every tree or bush! Use the form of the owl during the night to do your deeds! Try various simulation of atmospheric shaman 3d wildlife, enjoy classic survival gameplay. Use all your strategy and tactical thinking and fight for your life against wildlife with Animals Spirit Island Survival 3D!

    Use all your exploration, fighting, crafting, base-building and survival skills just to stay alive in this fantasy world! Unravel all secrets and mysteries of this realistic open world, study the art of magic and become a master wild mage! Just survive in ongoing action battle with the harsh environment and predators – or be one of them – with Animals Spirit Island Survival 3D!

    Animals Spirit Island Survival 3D features:

    Be a crafty shaman – sorcerer that can transform himself into different animals
    Play 3d wild animals and survival simulator in 1 game!
    Swim, hunt, battle and improve exploration skills - do anything you want to stay alive
    Change your shape into varies animals in different situations
    Craft various survival tools
    Enjoy relaxing atmosphere of magic world
    Classic survival gameplay with base-building misions
    Mind your health, energy and fullness indicators

    Tired from usual post-apocalyptic survival simulators? Feel the magic inside your body, use the flame of your soul and become the most powerful shaman in this 3d wild world! Raise up your spellcasting, fighting, crafting, hunting, and survival skills with Animals Spirit Island Survival 3D singleplayer adventure game!
  • Rocky Climb Мод APK 1.0.19 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Rocky Climb Мод APK 1.0.19 [Unlimited money]


    Accept the challenge and conquer the truest of nature's wonders!

    Simple but addictive game for people of all ages! Just hop in and climb the highest mountains and the steepest peaks!


    -Endless fun with procedurally generated levels
    -Plenty of customisation options to make the character your own
    -Clean art style for a simple and enjoyable experience
    -Intuitive controls focus to be fun and engage you
    -Leaderboards to compete with strangers across the globe
    -Smart Sharing will capture your triumphant highscore moment

    Feedback is not only welcome but appreciated!
  • Savage Island Survival Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlocked] 3.5

    Savage Island Survival Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlocked]


    Savage Island Survival- Survival and Ark Crafting game of extreme sea adventure starts on mysterious no men island of Lian Yu. Your survival on a wild island Begins after your Ship got wrecked in the middle of the deep sea due to heavy storm and wind far away from beach. Now use your swimming skills to survive the ocean tides and get landed on an extreme lonely mysterious island. For longer survival against hunger, thirst and wild animal you have to utilize your lone Survival skills by hunting and shooting to survive and fight against wild beasts and Haunted Zombies to find way to survive and find make escape plan from the frightened Island.

    To complete bloody deadly mission to survive on deadly beach of mysterious island of no men hunt rather than getting hunted by precarious wild beasts like wolf, lion, Snacks, Scorpions and crocodile. Utilize your military skills of action, fighting and shooting to escape and make plan for crafting the ark to survive.Craft the trees to make fire for coldness survival, Make shelter from rain and craft a raft for sea escape from dangerous lonely island to return back home.

    The Ark Survival: Island survival & Escape plan- captivating and the best survival island 2017 game, you are in the middle of a titanic sea on Jungle Island surrounded by the earth's oldest creatures and desolate beasts, hunger make them more dangerous. You are equipped with no modern weapons to kill the island wild beasts, you have to find debris and employ them for your lone island survival and sea escape by converting them into weapons and utensils.

    Ark crafting and Survival on the island depends how you plan to escape the island via Ark Crafting. Survival on this island isn't so easy,bush craft,you have to make multiple kits likes hammer, Axe, stones, foundations, pillars and more to build your home on the island for shorter survival. You will also need ropes, metal and wood to start ark crafting. Gather debris from the water and old quarters in order to craft tools necessary for your harsh life survival.

    Survive like a hero on the survival island and destroy what destroy you. Survival begins with a hard time escape from lost Island along with wilder wolf roaming freely on the island and are in hunt of prey, be careful to defend yourself from island dangers. Use your Axe, sword, knife and weapons to defend yourself from dangerous wild animal's attacks, bush craft to survive.Ark taming is a fun to survive.Live in civilization and colonization.

    Gadget all possible escape and survival skills to make thrilling island adventure and maori successfully escape from the island by crafting the ark evolved. Spurt your Action and Adventurous skill to escape from the Island like a survival hero. Find cave for shelter, Swim through the streams and hunt the fish to remove your hunger,man vs wild find ropes, build fences, hunt down animals for food, build shelter from rain and sun, make fire for coldness,bow and kill the animals that may attack you, build raft out of crafted woods and ropes.

    Enjoy Savage Island Survival . Play for fun and adventure to dent your name as the real super survival fighter of the 2017. Find tools and kits resources on the island for your adventure and survival on the island, fight for your life like a real survival fighter hero suing your survival skills and craft for contra and raft.Get energy to spawn and re spawn.you are the ben jungle survive till last.Get escape from the wild bear use golden axe in the wicked island for colonization. Advance rabo your action skills bear - Rabo fighting, swimming, crafting, deer stalking, exploring bear grylls tech and gigantic escaping skills with this adventure simulator.
  • Cobalt Dungeon Мод APK 2.0.6 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Cobalt Dungeon Мод APK 2.0.6 [Unlimited money]


    Welcome to Cobalt Dungeon! This is a turn-based Puzzle Roguelike game, so you can play at whatever speed you're most comfortable with. As you descend to each floor in the dungeon you will encounter harder and harder monsters to fight. Along the way you'll find shops where you can save your progress and upgrade your character, bosses which you'll need to defeat, and a whole lotta procedurally-generated levels to beat. Can you make it to the 21st floor?

    The game features tutorial rooms to introduce you to gameplay, a campaign with three difficulty settings, and interesting challenge levels to beat. When you die - and certainly you will - the next incarnation of the dungeon will be different than the last time.

    This game was previously released under the name "Crossover".
  • Virtual Sister Happy Mom Newborn Baby Family Game Мод APK 1.0.1 [Unlocked] 3.8

    Virtual Sister Happy Mom Newborn Baby Family Game Мод APK 1.0.1 [Unlocked]


    Prepare yourself for Virtual Sister Happy Mom Newborn Baby Family Game adventure where virtual pregnant mom or virtual mom from virtual family games has to comfort her sweet baby with baby care & virtual family of virtual happy family games by executing household activities with ultimate fun & excitement. In this family fun game, feel realistic crazy routine based life of super mom housewife of pregnant games also pregnant mommy games or virtual mother from pregnancy games and perform babysitting with new born baby girl of pregnant surgery simulator games and baby boy of family simulator games. In this Virtual Sister Happy Mom Newborn Baby Family Game expertly engage in exciting house hold activities including preparing breakfast for virtual family from virtual mom games or virtual dad of newborn sister games or visiting supermarket or supermall for purchasing cloths or feeder along medicines of pregnancy games with mom simulator or dad simulator of family simulator games along surgery simulator from surgery games with family fun. Visit gynecologist or maternity doctor from pregnant maternity surgery games & newborn baby games for er emergency baby birth or pregnant maternity surgery of newborn sister games also twin baby games in city hospital.

    Game Play :
    Virtual Sister Happy Mom Newborn Baby Family Game provides you amazing opportunity to takes shoes of supermom or realistic virtual pregnant mom from virtual family games along virtual mom of happy family games and perform crazy household activities including providing baby care to baby boy of family simulator games or new born baby from pregnant surgery simulator games. In this pregnant surgery simulator game, get involved in crazy household activities involving housekeeping with vacuum cleaner from cleaning games in virtual house or visiting supermarket or supermall for buying cloths, diapers, along feeder and grocery for virtual dad of newborn sister games or virtual family from virtual mom game also medicines for er emergency baby birth of from pregnant maternity surgery games. Are you fan of playing virtual mom games or highly engaging virtual happy family games then this family game will fulfill your requirement, In this family fun game, become supermom of life games or virtual mother from pregnant mommy games and perform household chores including taking care of new born of twin baby games by quickly preparing feeder for the child or changing of the baby also preparing breakfast for virtual family utilizing surgery simulator of newborn sister games or dad simulator of family simulator games along mom simulator in 3d home of NY City.

    Virtual Sister Happy Mom Newborn Baby Family Game engages in exciting ultimate family life adventure in virtual family as virtual pregnant mom or virtual mom from virtual family games which not only has perform household activities but also has provide baby care or babysitter duty to new born baby girl of pregnant surgery simulator games and baby boy of family simulator games also comfort virtual dad or virtual mother with mommy care having lot of family fun. In this baby care game, get engaged in exciting house hold activities with mom simulator or dad simulator of family simulator games along surgery simulator from surgery games for shopping at supermarket also city hospital for er emergency baby birth & also comforting virtual family with ultimate day care.

    - High Quality HD graphics with innovative virtual family animations of virtual happy family games
    - Latest sounds & virtual housewife effects from virtual family games
    - Creatively created highly engaging levels of family fun games.
    - Highly addictive virtual games based play mode.
    - Advanced family women controls for movements in 3d house from life games 2018.
  • FPS Invaders GO AR Мод APK 1.0.1 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    FPS Invaders GO AR Мод APK 1.0.1 [Unlimited money]


    FPS Invaders GO is a geodata-based Augmented Reality First Person Shooter game that uses the geographic coordinates for position and locomotion of aliens. Protect the world from an alien invasion using a real map and travel through portals to anywhere in the world, every fight, a surprise with real-world scenarios, with spherical imaging technology in 360 and using the gyroscope to control the weapon . You will be able to fight with alien thefts, drones and tripods with Augmented Reality using the camera of your mobile. Have a better experience using your Gyroscopio, or if you prefer, use the touch control available. Join the world of Invaders GO, a mix of new technologies and a great experience.


    Minimum requirements for Android for the game to work fine

    Android version from: 4.0
    Minimum RAM Memory: 1GB
    WiFI or 3G connected internet

    Optional for a better experience:
    Gyroscope or Accelerometer
    Memory RAM: 2GB

    Privacy policy

  • The Overdreamer Мод APK 1.2 [Full] 3.5

    The Overdreamer Мод APK 1.2 [Full]


    The Overdreamer is a side-scrolling 2D horror game, in which you must use and combinate various items in order to defeat your enemies and carry on, so that you can figure out what's happening behind the scenes.

    The protagonist is Niki, a little girl who finds herself in a nightmare, even though she doesn't even remember the time she went to bed. She's somewhat quick to realize that she cannot wake up from this nightmare, and the dream may not even be completely her own.

    In physical battle, most of her enemies can kill her in an instant, so she has to rely on her smarts instead of her strength in order to overcome them, hide from them or trap them.
  • Brotherhood of Violence Ⅱ Lite Мод APK 2.7.1 [Paid for free][Unlimited money] 3.7

    Brotherhood of Violence Ⅱ Lite Мод APK 2.7.1 [Paid for free][Unlimited money]


    Brotherhood of Violence Ⅱ Lite puts your fighting skills to the test with stunning 3D graphics, multiple fighting disciplines, and more than 400 ever evolving fighters that learn through artificial intelligence. Battle your way through 30 environments to defeat punks, ninja, Yakuza and more. Watch out for the Big Boss. He has it in for you and his skills are unmatched! Click "...More" to learn why you should download this Game today!

    ■ You're a former member of an elite brotherhood of assassins. The problem is, with this brotherhood there's no such thing as a "former" member. You knew the Big Boss would try to drag you back in, but you never thought he's kidnap your brother to get to you. Now you must follow the way of the warrior to find him and bring him home.

    ■ Equip your character, learn your fighting technique. What's it going to be? Muay-thai? Kung-fu? With five different disciplines to choose from, you're ready to jump right into the middle of the action!

    ■ Get lost in the story with amazing cinematic effects, awesome lighting and intricate detail as you fight to rescue your brother. Your opponents learn through AI, so they're constantly evolving and learning your moves. What works for one bad guy today, may not work tomorrow! It's a tough fight, but you can get help if you need it. You can always unlock a companion to help you along the way.

    ■ Three levels of difficulty ensure that you'll never be bored as you perfect your fighting style. All you have to decide is whether to follow the light path of the warrior, or go into the dark. Download Brotherhood of Violence, the amazing brawler on Android now and get your brawl on!


    ■ What You Can Do After Purchasing Full Version
    ・ All levels are playables, online leaderboard!
    You can play all the missions

    ・ More characters unlocked !
    Access to more characters playable, unlock the store to exchange credits.

    ・ More coin added!
    A bonus of 5,000 CR for upgrades and new characters will be offered,
  • Colorblind - An Eye For An Eye Мод APK 1.2 [Unlocked] 3.8

    Colorblind - An Eye For An Eye Мод APK 1.2 [Unlocked]


    Meet Right Eye,
    He is in love with Left Eye and the two of them live happily together, blind to the perils that lay just outside of peripheral vision.
    One day the dusty Pirates kidnap Left Eye leaving you to suffer retinal detachment and a bit dilated. Without her, your world is without color….literally! It turns out that you are color blind and many things are not visible to you any more!
    Don't be a lazy eye! Lift the lid on the Pirate's plot and save Left Eye in the ultimate eye test!


    • A platformer like you've never seen before
    • Go sight-seeing through 3 unique worlds
    • Use paint to patch the full spectrum of colors in the world
    • Use blue eye, red eye and of-course...pink eye
    • Collect all the coins to unlock "Awesume Glasses"
    • Don't get cross eyed staring at puzzles
    • Rescue Left Eye and bring color back into the world
    • Lots of eye based puns….seriously could this get any ‘cornea'?

    -Important information-
    This game contains third party advertising and cross promotion for other nitrome games, both which can be removed via a one time In App Purchase.
  • Gunner vs Robots Grand War Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Gunner vs Robots Grand War Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money]


    Gunner vs Robots Grand War

    It's a chance for you to experience the Royale battlefield shooting of robots vs. gunner. Your ultimate duty is to protect your city & squad in intense war. Loosing hope in the battlefield is not acceptable so you need to win this war at any cost. Don't be afraid from the real steel made felonious robots because you have super natural powers to defeat them in their doom

    Let's save the destiny of mankind into the unexpected war of robots. Most important thing is your survival & accurate aiming by using your shooting skills. Counter all monster robots & strike back hard to destroy them in order to close their chapter. Horrible robots waves after waves come fearlessly to kill you but you need to fight hard. As an iconic super hero just focus on your aim accurately on enemy bots and shoot them as fast as you can. You are last hope of your modern city that can save it from destruction
    In this futuristic battle, the challenging competitive environment will let you fight hard to dominate all robots. Cover all sides and shoot them silently by your superpower to become best superhero fighter. So, let's play and enjoy!
    • Marvelous challenging environment
    • Mind blowing HD graphics
    • Smooth shooting & realistic controls
    • Amusing & top notch sound effects
    • Highly optimized 3D models & graphics
  • 3D Maze (The Labyrinth) Мод APK 0.32 [Unlocked] 3.6

    3D Maze (The Labyrinth) Мод APK 0.32 [Unlocked]


    *** The game has a level that randomly generates a new maze every time you play (i.e. unlimited mazes). look for the maze under the name "Random Maze" ***
    *** New -- Multiplayer****
    You can now play online with your family, friends or other players around the world.
    Amazing 3D maze game is now a available for FREE for android devices and is suitable for everyone.

    Enjoy unlimited fun with a self generated 3D maze. Every time you play, you will have a unique 3D maze that has not been created before. You will enjoy a new challenge every time you play.

    3D Maze features beautiful graphics and a lot of challenge.

    How to play:
    * Easy controls: walk, right, and left buttons
    * To jump tap in the middle of the screen
    * If you get stuck, use the hint button (left top corner of the screen). The jump function also helps (tap in the middle of the screen to jump)

    - Google Play Leaderboards was added to share your score and compete with others

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    Music By Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
  • Virtual Firefighter: Family Rescue Hero Мод APK 1.5 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Virtual Firefighter: Family Rescue Hero Мод APK 1.5 [Unlocked]


    For a virtual firefighter, saving humanity is the biggest challenge. Emergency rescue missions lies ahead in thrilling firefighter rescue missions. Its time to build up the courage and rescue virtual family as a real firefighter hero. The city buildings are on fire and life of people are at risk. Drive firefighter truck and race through city road to reach fire emergency spot to make an amazing firefighter rescue story. When you hear the fire alarm get into your fire brigade truck and rescue virtual family lives.The fire around buildings, school and houses has scared out virtual family. But NY firefighter is ready to cater this emergency situation as firefighter hero to rescue lives of virtual family. Grab the fire house and control the fire in thrilling rescue missions. Use your USA firefighter training and get to serve the humanity. Enjoy firefighter simulation 2018 and become the real firefighter hero of virtual family. Make an amazing rescue story as survival of virtual family is vital. For virtual family games lovers its going to be so much fun taking on the role of NY firefighter and rescuing virtual family, mom and kids as a real hero in town. So are you ready to become an incredible firefighter hero and indulge in city rescue mission?Step into the shoes of NY firefighter and rescue virtual family in neighbor. A normal day at work starts with driving 4x4 fire truck in neighbor and reaching the house on fire. Drive your Fire Brigade truck fast and rush to save virtual mom, virtual dad and virtual kids in fire emergency rescue missions. Evacuate the house, building and school on fire and implement NY firefighter rescue training to save virtual family in neighbor.Let's see if firefighter dad is capable enough to save virtual mom and kids in this family rescue game. Virtual firefighter hero is ultimate platform to enjoy virtual family simulator game introducing new concept of virtual family games 2018. Become a part of this amazing RPG storyline Virtual Firefighter: Family Rescue Hero as firefighter for the ultimate family rescue mission. Download this WIFI free game Virtual firefighter hero and play your part in fire emergency games 2018. Features• Rescue people from any fire that broke out!• Take care of virtual family in your neighbor!• Smooth firefighter truck drive to emergency spot!• Smooth and Addictive Gameplay!• Challenging firefighting task in town!• Virtual gameplay with realistic HD graphics & smooth controls!• A brand new addition in virtual family fun games 2018!
  • Underwater Survival Sim – 2 Мод APK 1.3.0 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Underwater Survival Sim – 2 Мод APK 1.3.0 [Unlimited money]


    Start your underwater adventures once again! Explore sea bottom, hunt, keep your amount of oxygen and unravel secrets with Underwater Survival Simulator – 2!

    Be a lonely survivor after Great Flood, lost in the ocean depths only with your aqualung! Fortunately, you find yourself near the underwater military base, but it's lost and forgotten too, so you should repair broken modules or even build a new one. Explore the sea bottom to quarry resources and restore this base! “Hunt” fish, whales and cephalopods to provide you with food and search for the sources of fresh water! And, of course, don't forget about your level of oxygen – if it drops to zero, you'd die soon!

    Fight for your life with underwater predators – they never sleep and chase you until death, it's or yours. Find weapons to protect yourself – or craft new one from materials found over the bottom. Build shelters to prevent attacks of sharks and do your best to survive at all costs with Underwater Survival Simulator - 2!

    Watch your character indicators - health, energy, fullness. If one of them drops – no chance to survive! Especially mind your oxygen level – if it drops to zero, you never emerge again! Do all you can – there are a lot of things you can do here, at the ocean bottom. Earn experience and power your skills up! Craft weapons and special tools – it would help you to stay alive! Collect different materials – it can be very useful!

    Hunt predators, build shelter & craft tools – feel like a lonely diver with this underwater survival simulator in 3D! Stay alive at all costs! Spending time at the bottom of the ocean is not easy as on the survival island!

    Unravel all secrets of the sea bottom, find treasures or hidden weapons and, maybe, the way to leave this place! Be a real survivor with our Underwater Survival Simulator - 2!

    Underwater Survival Simulator -2 features:
    • Ultimate simulator of aqualunger
    • Beautiful picturesque ocean's bottom to explore
    • Many hidden treasures to ease the survival process
    • Crafty opponents – these underwater predators are more dangerous than you could think
    • Various craft recipes - craft weapons and tools, ‘cause it can save your life someday

    Live the life of aqualunger and keep your weapons alert! Dive into the wilderness, explore sea world and fight for your life at the bottom of the ocean with Underwater Survival Simulator – 2!

    Your use of Underwater Survival Sim – 2 is free of charge in exchange for safely using some of your device's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only when you are not using your device. You may turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS for further information: http://mobilesimuniverse.wixsite.com/mobilesimuniverse/single-post/2017/11/15/MOBILE-SIM-UNIVERSE-PRIVACY-POLICY
  • 3D少女Yuna Мод APK 1.1 [Unlocked] 3.6

    3D少女Yuna Мод APK 1.1 [Unlocked]














  • Royal Cats Мод APK 1.0 [Unlocked] 3.8

    Royal Cats Мод APK 1.0 [Unlocked]


    Manage to get the King's dinner jumping with three cats avoiding all kind of obstacles.

    This multitasking platformerish game, challenges you to control 3 cats at the same time to get the king's food. A funny but challenging game.

    Unlock the endless mode!
    Arrows, knifes, ghosts, and all kind of obstacles

    A game made by Avix Games, Thumb Fighter and Turn Right creators.
  • survival:Worst-case Scenario Survival Hand-book Мод APK 17 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    survival:Worst-case Scenario Survival Hand-book Мод APK 17 [Unlimited money]


    An infected City, and you are a zombie Terminator
    This is a free multiplayer game zombie survival strategy, all survivors , at the same time shot dead zombies. There is no room for friendship, love and compassion. A deadly plague outbreak has turned this into a dead zone. You can trust yourself only in this post apocalyptic world of living dead zombies.

    The charge to the survivors:

    Enemies everywhere!
    In this rich zombie survival strategy, role playing shooting game, you have to live alone Dead Zombie army. Kill zombies and other enemies, and survive in the post apocalyptic world, or they'll kill you.
  • Robotics institute Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Robotics institute Мод APK 1.0.0 [Unlimited money]


    As you noticed you were trapped in prison. Apparently it seems to be in the laboratory of Doctor J.
    If you can find the item in the room and unravel the mystery, you can escape from this laboratory.

    [How to play]

    1.Tap and search the place you care about.
    2.Select items by tapping and tap the place you want to use.
    3.You can enlarge the item you care about by tapping it twice.
    4.If you use another item for the enlarged item, there are some items to combine.
    5.Let's use the hints when it gets stuck. (With video ads)

    BGM:DOVA-SOUNDROME witten by Tsukasa Sida
    Doctor's character(sasaki106)byPIXTA
  • Ancient Killer Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Ancient Killer Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    Dynamic combats and non-stop fights.Awesome animations.Endless enemies and lots of quests.Welcome to the modern world warrior. A lot has changed while you were meditating for the past 500 years. Where there has been forest is now the concrete jungles. Your sacred duty is to protect the citizen from the threat. Prepare your blades and tiny shurikens. Let out your shadow powers.Smash your enemies with everything you have.Claim endless treasures in the end. But to eat the fruit you must climb the tree.There is no time to hesitate, you need to move fast to win the upcoming gangster bosses and their armies.
  • High school: Room Escape Game Мод APK 3 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    High school: Room Escape Game Мод APK 3 [Unlimited money]


    * This is a high-quality 2D decryption game, from the aesthetic scene and mysterious atmosphere, coupled with the story of the rich twists and turns of the mysterious world.
        * Once you enter the game, your wisdom will be the only weapon. Want to find this world hidden mysterious force, only to solve the puzzle, reveal the mysterious power behind the truth!
         * Perfect hint function that allows you to enjoy the game with ease
  • Man vs Wild Survival Game 3D Мод APK 2.0 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Man vs Wild Survival Game 3D Мод APK 2.0 [Unlimited money]


    It was a time of giant beasts, stone weapons, and simple humans! Fight off dangerous predators and wooly mammoths, craft weapons, build shelter, explore wilderness and survive at all costs with Man vs Wild Survival Game 3D – unique primal survival simulator for all the fans of crafting games!

    You are the last hunter of your tribe. Your friends and relatives are gone and now you lost and lonely survivor in this cruel world. Beware of wild sabretooth tigers and cave bears – they think that you're the best prey ever. Keep your weapons alert to prevent ambush attacks and craft new, better weapons to protect your life from predators! Start this unique open world stone age adventure! Craft and build, hunt or be hunted, use all your weapons to survive at this dark era with our new action survival game -- Man vs Wild Survival Game 3D! Try our new island survival simulator!
    Walk around this harsh and unfriendly land, find weapons and other survival tools, which could help you to stay alive! It's a kind of hard job to live on the uninhabited island, especially if it's inhabited by dangerous prehistorical creatures! Hunt for animals to find food, fight against sabretooth tigers, mammoths or other beasts of ancient eras for your life!

    Use all your survival, exploration, battling, crafting and building skills just to stay alive! Mind character indicators - health, energy, and fullness. Never let one of these drops – it will let you no chance to survive! Find or craft special survival tools – weapons, axes, fishing rods or just sticks to making fire. Complete ark survival missions. Explore Stone Age world wilderness to find tools and weapons, craft your own ones and overcome all the difficulties, build your survival ark - face unique adventure playing Man vs Wild Survival Game 3D! Escape from this open world lost island!
    Ancient predators are not your only problem – hunters of enemy pride would seek for you too! Craft spears and bows to face bipedal enemies without fear, win this little war and make this harsh place your home with Man vs Wild Survival Game 3D action game!

    Man vs Wild Survival Game 3D features:

    Explore the lands of prehistoric era filled with primeval beasts
    Mind health, energy and fullness indicators of your survivor
    Hunt for wild animals, battle against mammoths, sabertooth tigers, gather or fish to find food
    Craft and build, make your own survival ark
    Amazing survival sim in 3D
    Try our new lost island survival simulator

    Explore lost the uninhabited island, find or craft survival tools and weapons and start a battle for your life with Man vs Wild Survival Game 3D – unique primal survival simulator for all the fans of crafting games! Escape from this open world lost island! Upgrade your hunting, battling, exploring, crafting and building skill with this sim and make this dangerous place your home!
  • Bike Offroad Motostars: Sludge Racing Boulevard Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Bike Offroad Motostars: Sludge Racing Boulevard Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money]


    Love offroad motorcycle games? Our all new offroad bike is a thrilling motocross bike game! Be the dirt bike rider you always wanted to be and drive on bumpy hill off road terrain of this action filled of boulevard offroad racing games. To make the gameplay even more exciting we have added super motorcycle motostars and awesome trails bikes for your exclusive sludge moto offroad driving experience of sludge moto hill legends! This unique offroad bike supermoto racing offers challenging sludge off road drive for fans of boulevard moto games; it will surely test your patience of supermoto spider racing games. Unlock your favorite offroad bike super hero moto and drive from a selection of extreme super bikes, get ready to drive in the most extreme driving conditions of hilly offroad driving. You will have to deal with bad weather which will make tyre traction during offroad driving very difficult resulting in loss of control on your motor bike in this finest of supermoto racing driving games and bike driving highway games. Stay alert at all times as this mountain driving has a lot to offer in this finest of offroad bike racing games 2018. Challenge your opponents to ride on these crazy asphalt hill tracks in this premium of offroad stunt bike games. Perform jumps on this bumpy offroad track and test your extreme motorbike driving skills in this greatest of off road bike racing games. This offroad motorcycle simulator lets you have a pure pleasure of real moto cross racing experience of extreme bike games. Perform crazy twists and turns on your way to the finish line; make sure the police do see you. This offroad mountain climb driving will definitely boost your bike drifting expertise in this outstanding of motorcycle games. Play all free bike offroad simulator game from 2018 and enjoy the driving pleasure of off road racing adventure in this top free games of bike racing. Be the best super hero bike rider you always wanted to be; you can choose your very own offroad dirt bike that can be used for off road mountain bike racing. On the off road bike track you have the chance to climb with your super bike as a moto superhero in this top of hill bike superhero games. Hill bike Climbing will improve your off road bike skills so you can prove you're an offroad legend in this greatest of offroad motorcycle games.The adventure of the most thrilling offroad super hero racing in the hilly off road terrain is waiting for you in this finest of stunt bike offroad games. Be the most aggressive moto stunt driver of moto games 2018, drive in the fast lane, be the moto hero traffic splitter and do not let your rivals get away. Let's simulate furious driving skills to perform the best in this finest of offroad bike racing games. All you need to do is show a violent off-road fast driving skill that runs on dangerous hills and mountains steeply on rough roads. Be the super hero racer and prepare for the extreme adventure of off-road stunt driving games.***Gameplay Features***• 20 challenging sludge offroad bike driving levels for fans of asphalt offroad motorcycle games and super hero games.• Realistic and stunning 3D environment specially designed to be in sync with the theme of boulevard asphalt Offroad monster motostars. • Multiple choice of super hero bikes to enrich your experience of motorcycle racing games 3D on highway.• Impressive and intuitive on screen controls for fans of offroad bike supermoto racing games and motorcycle racing games.Guys, this boulevard sludge offroad super moto hero bike driving the newest of asphalt stunt bike offroad games. Show your opponents your xtreme bike off road driving skills by complete each lap before the time runs out in this top-notch of off road motorcycle games and sludge moto games. Download free “BIKE OFFROAD MOTOSTARS: SLUDGE RACING BOULEVARD” to get the fun of real offroad bike driving games and superhero moto games in this amazing of 5 star games!
  • Unknown Army Royal Training School Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Unknown Army Royal Training School Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    Unknown Army Royal Training School

    Acquire the defensive techniques by joining in the royal army training.

    Welcome to the renowned royal training school to qualify & become part of the military force. This well designed program will let you learn & prepare to fight in the battle ground. In this entire training session you have to strictly follow a schedule to complete each level. Use strategy & techniques in challenging circuit to accomplish it. Become the best commando to compete in any sort of rescue & survival missions. It's an approach to strengthen your mental & physical skills by letting you use warfare equipment & cross dangerous obstacles. Reach all the steps in time limitation to complete the level.

    Take your steps in the army military to become tough fighter & commando in the battle ground. In the training you will jump, swim & crawl to complete the tasks. Your objective & goal in the end should be to join the army military force. Focus & aim accurately to shoot the target with modern guns in battle ground environment. You will learn to defeat & defend from the evil terrorist mafia gangsters. Join the cool unknown army training to unleash the fear & confront in tough situation. Army military force has responsibilities to defend the country & you have got the opportunity to train just like them.

    • Time oriented levels
    • Army training environment
    • Amazing & thrilling sound effects
    • Challenging obstacles to pass
    • High quality graphics
    • Smooth & easy controls
  • Escape the secret forest Мод APK 2.0 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Escape the secret forest Мод APK 2.0 [Unlimited money]


    Lost in the mysterious room, but the night is coming. Have been looking for the way to find out, through a door, walked a road, to play the magic world of the key to open a new journey ....
    To solve puzzles, remove the mystery of the room, back to their own world!

    * Dark horror 2D hand-painted style!
    * Fun and highly logical puzzles! Challenge your own IQ ceiling! Let the brain burn!
    * Moderate difficulty, suitable for all players
  • The Caribbean Pirate: Sail of Мод APK 1.01 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    The Caribbean Pirate: Sail of Мод APK 1.01 [Unlimited money]


    Plunge into naval action and live life of Caribbean pirate — sail your ship, fly your black flag, battle royal navy. With trusty pirate crew and ship you can conquer the Caribbean sea, fight navy and monsters, sail wherever wanted. Set sail to pirate adventures of the Caribbean sea on your own ship and hoist the black flag high!

    Features of The Caribbean Pirate: Sail of Fortune:

    NAVAL ACTION — Command your pirate ship in intense and realistic naval action

    TRADE AND PLUNDER — Do Caribbean pirate routine, set sail, rob a ship and trade loot in ports

    PIRATE SHIP — Fix and supply your pirate ship and crew for sailing, or buy new ship

    QUEST LINES — Live an epic pirate story or find your own jobs in the Caribbean

    CARIBBEAN SEA — Enjoy pirate freedom and sail under black flag to any corner of open sea

    Take your ship, captain!
    Become a captain of a pirate ship, fly a black flag and sail to Caribbean adventure. Face hardships of Caribbean pirate life — fight sea beasts, weather and royal navy, trade and keep your pirate ship sailing. Assemble your pirate crew under your black flag and sail across Caribbean sea — forge your pirate glory in battle with navy, monster and Caribbean sea itself!

    Sail under black flag!
    Plunder as you please, or find a pirate job! People may hire a pirate ship to operate in the Caribbean sea. And watch out for navy — many wants your pirate ship at the Caribbean sea bottom. Or follow and epic pirate story, fight war with navy and become a Caribbean pirate legend yourself!

    Plot your course!
    Caribbean sea is yours to sail. Discover the archipelago of Caribbean sea, sail your pirate ship to every isle and enjoy spirit of sea adventure. Seek treasures and troubles, like any Caribbean pirate and sail your ship under black pirate flag!

    Enter the world of Caribbean sea, sail your pirate ship and hoist your own black flag high — try sailing in the sea of adventure!
  • Sniper Safari Wild Deer Hunter Мод APK 1.1 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Sniper Safari Wild Deer Hunter Мод APK 1.1 [Unlocked]


    Sniper Safari Wild Deer Huntsman is the best & most anticipated crocodile & deer hunting simulator game. Sniper Sniper Safari Wild Deer Huntsman has crocodile, deer, boar elephant,rhinoceros ,lion ,lioness , tiger gazelle,brown bear & many more. Leave the old style of jungle hunter archery master & enter the modern era & become a sniper hunter safari. Use modern weapons and stop using those old tools such as crossbow ,arrow & use fully loaded and worlds most anticipated weapons. Doesn't matter if you were an archery master jungle hunter or a deer hunting machine /deer huntsman or an animal killing professional in the wilderness being a archery master jungle hunter or a deer hunting machine doesn't matter.What only matters is how well you know Sniper Safari Wild Deer Hunt and become an apex predator,jungle sniper & sniper hunter.But you have to be careful in Sniper Safari Wild Deer Hunt hunting jungle animals is not easy. For hunting jungle animals you will require best sniper safari lethal weapons & latest Sniper Safari Wild Deer Hunt kit which includes other lethal weapons. To become a master of Deer hunting,crocodile hunting or animal hunting requires stealth, patience ,good aim & a perfect kill shot to bring down your hunt. You have to be a gun shooting fan to play this action simulator game of animal hunting. You are a jungle hunter, jungle sniper & on a wild animal jungle hunt. If you like to be trained to become a deer hunting machine,bear hunter, crocodile hunter,gazelle hunter,boar hunter or to kill the apex king of the jungle the tiger,Sniper Safari Wild Deer Hunting Simulator game will provide you the proper tools & training to become the apex predator you want.You don't need wild horses to go after wild creatures. You have modern offroad jeeps & offroad SUV to replace wild horses go after your wild creatures you want to hunt. Take a kill shot to put them down ferocious wildlings ,be careful when you enter danger zone because they won't let you go out easily from the danger zone.In your garage, a 4x4 offroad is waiting for you. Grab your hunting rifle and get on your way to Safari to hunt various animals: rhinoceroses, lions, gazelles, zebras and many other animals indigenous to the wilds of Africa.Love semi automatic snipers or fully automatic snipers & jungle safari? You passionate for 4x4 Offroad trucks,SUV & offroad jeeps. The best sniper rifle safari hunting game of 2017 is here.Sniper Safari Wild Deer Hunt offers the most immersive hunting experience ever created for mobiles. Step into the world of ultimate hunting where bravery & intuition will be tested on each step.Sniper Safari Wild Deer Hunt is a first person hunting simulation game that provides hunting adventure feelingin which you use sniper rifle & drive wildest 4x4 safari jeeps and SUV to experience the extreme jungle hunting experience. Master your sniper shooting skills by hunting tigers, lions, crocodiles and rhinos etc. Either you are hunter or the hunted. During your 4x4 offroad jeep & offroad safari you have to be ferocious and & true killer.On your 4x4 offroad jeep & offroad SUV safari journey to hunt you are not the only one who is hunting. The jungle king, the lion won't allow anyone to trespass his domain. Game Features • Driving off road on luxury 4x4.• Beautiful graphics and realistic scenery.• Realistic animated animals to be hunted.• Hunting animals.Best hunting simulator SAFARI 3D.• Explore a vast jungle split into separate hunting reserves each filled with surprises.• More than a dozen different wild animals including African Lions, Rhinos, Zebras and more.• Bonus rewards for more precise sniping kills such as kill shot / head shot.• Multiple types of Sniper rifles and Jeeps to choose from.• Realistic Offroad Jeeps/Trucks and SUVs driving physics.• Range of multiple unique hunting challenges using true-to-life hunting techniques.• Realistic natural background effects and sounds.
  • High School Girl Simulator Мод APK 1.1.2 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    High School Girl Simulator Мод APK 1.1.2 [Unlimited money]


    Indulge in virtual reality high school simulator game and maintain discipline throughout campus! Prove everyone you are the best high school girl in your school because you maintain discipline and attend classes in classroom!!

    By playing virtual reality high school girl simulator discipline school game you can be the girl everyone envies. Be the best amongst your friends and a teacher favourite in high school girl simulator school game!

    Whether you're an adult or you're a child download this high school girl school simulator school game and live the life of a high school girl for a day!! Add more the thrill in high school girl simulator game by performing high school related simulation tasks!!

    Make the most of high school simulator school game and show that no one can beat you in high school girl simulator game!! The game play is very simple; your high school virtual girl will be given tasks which she has to perform to reach new high school simulator school game tasks!

    Perform the high school girl simulator school game tasks like taking classes and cleaning classrooms, maintaining discipline, listening to your teacher and your principal and also helping out your friends.

    You can do many fun filled tasks in virtual reality high school girl simulator school game where you area the virtual girl. You can be the super girl everyone relies on in high school girl simulator game!

    How to play High school girl simulator:

    > Start the high school game.
    > Complete 15 virtual levels.
    > Select one out of 3 girl simulator.
    > Perform various tasks given.
    > Notice the target in each level.
    > Complete the tasks within the given time.

    Tasks include;

    > giving friend a birthday surprise, giving her cake and gifts.
    > helping an injured friend by getting doctor kit.
    > issue books from school library.
    > perform social work like extinguishing fire etc.
    > clean around the campus and throw garbage in litter can.
    > attend classes for instance piano classes.
    > Use the joystick to control high school girl simulator and mover her around the campus
    to perform various school related tasks.
    > Earn coins from completing levels and tasks.
    > Use buttons on screen to perform animation tasks.

    Features of High school girl simulator:

    > 3D simulation.
    > Multiple and clear controls for performing school related tasks in the game such as
    taking classes and keeping the campus clean etc.
    > Multiple fun filled tasks.
    > On screen controls icon for helping high school girl simulator to perform tasks.
    > Realistic sound effects.
    > Piano sounds.
    > Realistic graphics in the virtual game.
    > Time based tasks assigned.
    > Exciting game play.

    Download now for a high school experience of a lifetime and be the best high school girl out there in best high school girl simulator school game!!
  • Robot Car Games Transform Game Мод APK 1.7 [Unlocked] 3.7

    Robot Car Games Transform Game Мод APK 1.7 [Unlocked]


    Welcome to Police Robot Muscle Car Transporter! You might have played many police transport games but this new robot transport game comes with a different set of flying police muscle car challenges in these police car games. Drive robot transform muscle car games, & transport robot transform car in a transporter truck in this Police robot car game is a brand new edition in the category of police robot transport games where you will be able to perform police plane cargo transport missions. In these robot transformation games, you will drive muscle car & perform stunts and carefully transport in a transporter truck in police car driving games.

    In this police games, explore your police car driving skills & play robot transport car games, & do you have what it takes being a muscle car driver that can transform into the flying muscle car in robots transformation game. In this muscle car games, your job is to drive a police ATV quad bike & police muscle car & transform into a robot in this crazy car transport game. In this police transport game, transform the battle by shooting mech warriors in flying muscle car robot games. In robot car transport the rage of robot transformation in modern cities is a serious threat for mech warriors and kill the enemy robots & transport different robots in a police transporter truck to another city or plane transport in these police robot games.

    In this muscle car games, you will get to drive a modern police transport truck, car, bike and US police airplane all-in-one in this robot transport car game. Driving the fast police cars involved in car transporter games and technique of transforming robot car games makes this robot car transform game. In this robot car games, be ready to transport robot car and police bike in a police transport truck to the airport and then fly cargo plane as an airplane pilot to the secret island where enemy robots attack the civilians and you have to kill all the multi robots in this dino robot transformation game of robot transport car game. In this robot car transform game, the cars & bikes will transform into transforming robots not seen in any other robot police games & your task is to transport all the robots and police muscle cars in a transporter truck in police transport games.

    Gameplay & Features of Robot Muscle Car Transporter​
    -Amazing transform robot car, moto bikes & flying muscle car
    -Transport Multi Robots in a police transporter truck in muscle car games
    -In Police robot games, transport robots in a transporter plane
    -In car transporter truck, addictive & easy robot car transforming game
  • Frontline Gunner Counter Shoot Strike Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Frontline Gunner Counter Shoot Strike Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money]


    Frontline Gunner Counter Shoot Strike

    Join the fps gunner game to eliminate the enemy.

    Be a part of the best gunner shoot strike action game. This free Fps is built on amazing 3D warfare environment. So be ready to experience the realistic shooting. In this intense battle you are selected to strike at the vice terrorist squad to eradicate them. As a first person shooter step into the enemy territory fearlessly to counter the shooting enemy & prove the world that you are a brave frontline solider. Terrorists are here to knock down you. So protect yourself and make sure about your survival in the critical mission of counter gunner strike. Aim & target accurately with your frontline shooting skills to survive in the battlefield.

    You will be equipped with modern weapons to compete with the terrorist mafia. Show your fps commando training skills & tactics in the shooting war to strike & defend your country. Play the action packed shooting game with various modern weapons & guns to accomplish the challenging mission. Don't be frightened by the enemy's attack, be a stealth shooter to assassinate them in this battlefield. Prepare yourself for the frontline shooting war to make your survival possible.

    Action packed 3D gameplay
    Immersive graphics
    Realistic sound effects
    Modern weapons & guns
    Amazing 3D environment
  • Redboy and Bluegirl in Light Temple Maze Мод APK 1.5 [Unlocked] 3.6

    Redboy and Bluegirl in Light Temple Maze Мод APK 1.5 [Unlocked]


    Are you crazy fans of fire and water or fire and ice (teamwork game) ?
    Fall in love adventure maze game and remember it from childhood ?
    Fire Red boy and his lover (ice girl - Water girl) who go with him is a puzzle adventure game for two players.
    It's an very addicting game to play with your kids, your lover and your friend.
    You've got two characters to control in this exciting puzzle game.
    Lead Red boy and Water girl to their doors in each level of the Crystal Temp Maze, collecting fire diamonds and ice diamonds along the way.
    Red boy must avoid the water and Ice girl must avoid the fire, and be careful, the black water kills them both.
    Using your brain to control objects in game such as lever, pusher, mirror, black ball, light beam, elevator, wind machine, pulley system
    in order to open path that leads to the doors.

    - 30 Maps and continue update
    - Nice character red boy
    - Nice character water girl
    - Always support .All levels are updating frequently
    - Nice Soundtrack
    - Classic gameplay from web
    - Back to childhood
  • Iron Ant-robot bugs shooting battle Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Iron Ant-robot bugs shooting battle Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    There are many ant tribes in the insect world. In order to keep expanding their territory, these modified steel mechanical ants penetrate the fields of other insects through a dangerous mechanical world: a mechanical animal kingdom. In the game, the player must operate the machine steel ant ants to take risks. Besides collecting gold coins along the way, he also needs to find ways to avoid the obstacles along the way and eliminate the insect monsters. There are various auxiliary props along the way to help the mechanical ants accomplish the task more smoothly. Hello, guys could you come to help machine steel ant ants to complete the challenge!

    This is a steam style parkour game, the protagonist of the game is a modified mechanical ants. It needs to pass through a dangerous mechanical world that is like a mechanical animal kingdom. In the game, you need to control it to avoid obstacles, you can also kill monsters, so that you can get a higher score; In the same time you can also pick up the props that can help us better pass through. Hello, guys could you come to control mechanical ants to complete the challenge?

    Game Features:
    - Slide the screen left/right: Rotate the pipe road
    - Tap the screen: Shooting
    - Click the flying monster: shooting flying monster
    - Easy to get start
    - Great colorful HD Graphics

    If you have any ideas or questions, please do not hesitate to tell us.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brucegameX
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/brucegamex
    VK: https://vk.com/brucegame
    Email: [email protected]
  • Gold Miner Vegas Мод APK 1.3.0 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    Gold Miner Vegas Мод APK 1.3.0 [Unlimited money]


    Gold Miner Vegas with very addictive, classic and nice gold miner game play what of course make you a cool playing time. If you need a game what can help you relax then this will be a best choice for you.

    We design the game so it will be easy in beginning but it will become harder then, keep playing and if you can get over 20 levels then you are one of the best gold miner man.

    In Gold Miner Vegas, you can use skills what can destroy all of rock, collect all of gold or collect all of diamond. Each skills will take you a little ruby and you can collect ruby and buy it in store

    With the cool GUI design, we are sure you will love our game
  • Yesterday Origins Мод APK 1.0 [Paid for free][Full] 3.5

    Yesterday Origins Мод APK 1.0 [Paid for free][Full]


    ***To celebrate the release of Yesterday Origins, for a limited time only, you can get up to 33% off the game!***

    1481. Юного Джона унижают и публично тащат по улице. Он обвинен в колдовстве испанской инквизицией и брошен в тюрьму, где его подвергнут пыткам

    Позже с ним произойдет алхимическая трансмутация, благодаря которой он обретет бессмертие. Но не все прошло так, как предполагалось. Поэтому после каждого воскрешения Джон теряет всю память о себе.

    500 лет спустя, в наши дни, Джон и Полин ищут артефакт, необходимый для того, чтобы воспроизвести сатанинский ритуал. Во время этого расследования им придется противостоять новым опасным персонажам, стремящимся вырвать у них их секреты...

    Присоединитесь к бессмертным Джону Йестедею и Полин Пети в игре Yesterday Origins и окунитесь в эпическое приключение в различных эпохах и странах в этой истории, полной интриг и неожиданных поворотов сюжета.

    * Студия PENDULO STUDIOS: более 20 лет в разработке игр.
    * Оригинальный сюжет, проходящий в нескольких эпохах.
    * Сочетание различных стилей: детектив, триллер, приключения, оккультизм.
    * Оригинальный черный юмор, присущий нашей студии.
    * Более 10 различных мест для посещения и более 50 пейзажей.
    * Более 25 красочных персонажей.
    * Оригинальный саундтрек.


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