Дома / Игра
  • 創造カレシ~10人の理想の彼氏たち~恋愛*放置*育成ゲーム Мод APK 1.2.2 [Free purchase][Cracked] 3.9

    創造カレシ~10人の理想の彼氏たち~恋愛*放置*育成ゲーム Мод APK 1.2.2 [Free purchase][Cracked]


    "I'm back ~"

    Come home to the room also does not have such a person to wait for my return today
    Monologue of now is has become a habit

    Friends around or have a lover
    'm Happy with or married

    I Even When I go back home, "Welcome back!" Or want is said or "cheers for good work!" ...

    One day, I found a device called [Botchiyu VR] on the net

    You can live surrounded by handsome if you use the "Botchiyu VR! Let's create a boyfriend of only the ideal you! "

    I had to put in the cart [Botchiyu VR] If you notice ...

    ▼ I "creative boyfriend"?
    I love a boyfriend who was born by your creativity, fostering communication game!
    Nadenade or, deepen the friendship and conversation ♪
    It is intended to be the destination of ties deepened with the boyfriend who ...
    ▼ case [create] the [imagination]!
    Create a boyfriend us from the "ideal of the word"!
    "Firmly things" "Tsundere" "yandere" etc ...
    Meet your favorite boyfriend!
    ▼ petting ♪ with boyfriend
    ♪ Let's enjoy chatting with boyfriend who
    Contact about favorability UP! It is also ... to an unexpected change?

    【Terms of service】
  • Survival Prison Escape V3 Мод APK 1.6 3.8

    Survival Prison Escape V3 Мод APK 1.6


    Survival Prison Escape V3

    Prepare yourself to escape from the most intense high alert prison.

    This is a game for all those who understand the breakout tricks under high security. Deploy your master plan for safer escape by using modern technologies tactics. Be careful while performing breathtaking escape mission from jail because wardens are continuously patrolling in jail's corridor. You were most intelligent & well-trained lock hacker in your time so don't get caught by guards. Only you can understand the worth of freedom & your survival is much more important in order to get rid of it. Find your way out from the prison to become the real survival hero of secret missions.
    It's really hard to lockdown & lockup the jail in a very tough situation in this way doesn't be aggressive. Enjoy adventurous & challenging missions to feel a hard time in jail.
    • Marvelous & amazing 3D prison escape environment
    • Easy & smooth controllers to freely roam in jail
    • Real life audio & visual effects
    • Extreme challenging escape missions to accomplish
    • Mind-blowing 3D high-quality graphics
  • Zombie Road Escape Мод APK 3.1.0 [Remove ads][Unlimited money] 3.9

    Zombie Road Escape Мод APK 3.1.0 [Remove ads][Unlimited money]


    Zombies are coming, you only have one car

    You only have to pass this zombie-filled road and get to the next location to have a chance to survive.

    Escape all the zombies on the road and get to the next location.

    Game features:
    ◆ Real doomsday scene, realistic zombie model
    Let you start a thrilling escape right now!
    ◆Various vehicle types
    There are different kinds of vehicles here, each level has a corresponding vehicle waiting for you to unlock, from small cars to big trucks to tanks, and vehicles are your strongest defense in this world.
    ◆Unique vehicle upgrade system
    Just being able to defend is not enough. To fight the zombies, you need to upgrade your car accessories, put a gun on it, shoot the explosives and zombies, put a spiked frame on it, and push down all the obstacles.
    Install a booster so that it can fly over a series of obstacles and traps.
    ◆Pumpkin pattern
    A variety of grotesque monsters, interesting roadblocks, how to escape traps to get more pumpkins, it's time to test your true technology.

    Control the vehicle, use all methods, drive to the end of the road, and escape from the zombie.
  • Tap Mafia - Idle Clicker Мод APK 1.74 [Mega mod] 3.6

    Tap Mafia - Idle Clicker Мод APK 1.74 [Mega mod]


    From the developers of Mob Wars, comes a new mafia vs. mafia idle clicker incremental mobile game! Are you ready to lead your family to criminal domination?

    Grow increasingly powerful as you collect hundreds of weapons, items, build your city, earn piles of cash, level up and make a name for yourself in the world of Tap Mafia.

    Tap, shoot, and explode your way through mob bosses as you build your criminal empire!

    - Earn currency even if you're offline
    - Battle 50 bosses like Skinny Vinny and Home Run Harry
    - Fantastic original stylized art
    - Bonus loot drops from random trucks
    - Unlock multiple achievements and get rewards
    - Collect up to 250 weapons and items
    - Craft new weapons and cars
    - Build & Upgrade Business for maximum earnings
    - Grow Stronger & Unlock New Levels

    Free to play. Tap for Mafia domination!
  • Weed Island Мод APK 32.0.0 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Weed Island Мод APK 32.0.0 [Unlimited money]


    This is one of the best weed games in Play Store. In this cannabis game, all your dreams of escaping the crowded city life and and growing weed in your own firm will be fulfilled. In the beginning, you grow stuff in a small area. As the game progresses, you grow weed in more larger areas. You can run your own weed firm by growing your first strains from hemp seeds.

    You can then create workshops to process them to marijuanna (marihuana) and provide them to your rasta friends and neighbors. When you are exhausted growing just lean back and watch your helpers do all the work& when they are not smoking a joint again.

    Story of "Garden of Weed":
    It was a nice little hippie village in Colorado. There was love, peace and happiness as cannabis was just legalized here. One evil police man however decided to take matters into his own hands and raided the pot grow ops and burned the whole ville down. Now we trust in you to take on your destiny as a ganja farmer and become the new ganja tycoon.

    Features in this simulation game
    & Lovely handdrawn characters and graphics
    & Grow ganja, mushrooms and coffee plants
    & Build workshops for bongs, joints and bud trimmers
    & Visit villages and gardens of your friends
    & Offline play available

    The support team for Garden Of Weed are always there to help you if you face any issues at all.We are available 24/7 on Skype or you can just leave us an email if you face any issues at all.

    Note: This app is for entertainment purposes only. Cannabis and other drugs are not yet legalized in most countries. Stick with the virtual game and have fun:The game Weed contains references to Marijuana and crude humor and is intended for a MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY! All the events and characters portrayed in the game are completely fictional. For legal status regarding medical or recreational use of Marijuana in your state, contact your local law enforcement agency.


  • Stickman Racer Road Draw Мод APK 1.04 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Stickman Racer Road Draw Мод APK 1.04 [Unlimited money]


    Stickman Racer Road Draw is a sequel to the legendary game of survival, where to make incredible tricks, driving different transport and getting into different crash! The game is made in the best traditions of simulator games with ragdoll physics elements. Make incredible jumps and tricks and destroy the enemy! Your task is make the finish alive or dead!

    Stickman Racer Road Draw is one of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving game ever made!
    It is the next generation of endless car racing.
    In this game, you are god of the roads and you will rule the roads.

    ◆ Innovative driving gameplay that is funny, entertaining and addictive.
    ◆ Your mission : climb the hill, draw the roads and keep your car safe through the obstacles.
    ◆ Lots of vehicles, Mini cars, Offroad, Army, SUV, Jeep, even SchoolBus.
    ◆ Cars have different properties like engine power, suspension and grip.
    ◆ Draw mountains and climb them with your car.
    ◆ Draw the roads of your own style and beware of the obstacles.
    ◆ Sketch paths and lines. Keep sketching and sketching again.
    ◆ Collect coins, fuels and surprise coin packages while climbing hills.
    ◆ Mind the realistic physics, calculate accurate ramps based on speed and direction.
    ◆ Feel free and be creative while drawing roads.

    Start the engine! True hardcore is coming!
    You will have to drive different vehicles plating for the stickman, again and again jumping and crashing into the walls! You are not allowed to stop, drive fast! Break and destroy more transport to win! Once you skip a beat, you lose the game! Stickman can ride a bicycle, a bus; drive a sport car!

    The fans of stickman games will be absolutely thrilled!
    Create a true hardcore together with the stickman!
    Participate and watch real destruction!

    Are you ready to break the laws of physics?
    Each level includes new tricks and new crash! You can choose new types of transport! Do you want to feel the strongest one among stickman all over the world? Will you survive in conditions of constant risk? Will you be able to react to bear the blow and destroy the opponent?

    This is the best simulator among stickman games free!
    Gather speed and crash into the ragdoll stickman!
    Buy a new transport and create a real dismounting!
    Open new levels!

    New options and tricks:
    ★New types of transport and its destruction!
    ★A lot of new locations and levels with different obstacles!
    ★New design, which stickman games funs will definitely like!
    ★Amazing tricks in ragdoll style!
    ★ Realistic destroy and crash!
    ★ HD graphics which stickman games funs will definitely like!
    ★ Exclusive soundtrack
    ★ Hardcore gameplay and unique physics!

    All tricks and made by professional stickman - bump artists! Don't try this in real life!

    Stickman Racer Road Draw is a free game!
  • Elite Commando Assassin 3D APK Мод APK 1.3 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    Elite Commando Assassin 3D APK Мод APK 1.3 [Unlimited money]


    As a trained recruited Elite Commando, you are given the mission to fight rebellion insurgency in the world most dangerous area. You are given the task to clean up the occupied territory facing advance enemy units that are training shooters. As a trained elite commando who has to use his superior gorilla warfare techniques to fight with enemies. You have to return peace to the world and free the world from phantom insurgents. Your services will be remembered as supreme elite commando who was picked up for top secret mission.

    Different obstacles placed there to maintain your safety
    Realistic and modern gameplay
    Much advance and larger environment to explore
    Strategy making game
    Different obstacles placed there to maintain your privacy
    Radar to help you out with enemy positions
  • Stickman 3D: Defense of Castle Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    Stickman 3D: Defense of Castle Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money]


    It is time to build up your legacy as a medieval stickman battle commander!
    Build and Control the stickman army: create warriors including knight, archer, wizard and even robot in this battle simulator!

    << Remember: a war is the only way for any aspiring stick soldier to truly grow, embrace his legacy and become a true hero! >>

    √ 3D levels and warriors
    √ Destroy the enemy castle to build your legacy!
    √ Win the war: this is a true strategic simulator!
    √ Many units: knight, archer, goblin, wizard, giant, robot
  • Sea Dragon Simulator Мод APK 1.2 [Unlocked] 3.9

    Sea Dragon Simulator Мод APK 1.2 [Unlocked]


    Have you ever thought of what it would be like to become a menacing prehistoric sea monster ruling the ocean? Sea Dragon Simulator is here to give you that experience. Play as treacherous predator of the ocean. You are a giant humongous beast with an insatiable lust for hunting & eating everything that comes towards your way. Attack boats, ships, and jet skis to feed your appetite. Nothing stands in your way--this brute can feel & smell all nearby prey. Use your charge attack to break the obstacles in your way, grab innocent people & rip them apart! Use your sharp jaws to create havoc before they manage to escape!But watch out! You also have to deal with other sea monsters, so be sure to use your combo power to save yourself from their attacks. This is a real underwater rampage adventure & a novel ocean experience! Finish your hunt & fulfill your hunger as fast as you can before you become the hunted. Most importantly, show no mercy! Its time to feed your hungry monster! Sea Dragon Simulator Features: • Realistic underwater sea experience • 3D graphics, ocean & beach environments • Thrilling hunting experiences with a sea dragon monster • Variety of missions with increasing difficulty. • Smooth & intuitive controls • Easy & fun to play
  • Reckless Car Racing Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Reckless Car Racing Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money]


    In reckless car racing crash cars of opponents in thrilling MULTIPLAYER RACING game 2019!

    Best is to car stunt crash against enemy vehicles to knock out them to survive the reckless car driving that hit, smash and damage driving cars of opponents.

    Accelerate to show xtreme stunt with insane speed,crash, hit, damage and prove that you are the stunt car racer that takes the challenge of extreme racing, hitting, damaging cars, smashing cars and reach the finish line.

    Crashing and smashing cars, drifting, fast driving, thrilling driving adventure will give you the feel of being fearless car driver that speed up on extreme highway roads and beat opponents using nitro boost, wreckfest drift car crash racing with car smash is most amazing racing game 2019.

    Jump up the leaderboards and prove yourself to be the best car racing driver that crash and smash car, hit opponents in real time and gives maximum damage.


    • Join Multiplayer Racing PVP
    • Collect maximum NOS
    • Smash, hits, drift, Damage Cars
    • Smooth and Realistic Driving
    • Time Limited Quests
    • Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Army War Truck Driver Sim 3D APK Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlocked] 3.8

    Army War Truck Driver Sim 3D APK Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlocked]


    DRIVE FAST!!! Enemy squad chasing your army convoy, you have to rescue injured soldiers with your shooting power and driving skills. Fire bullet with Gatling gun in this mayhem brutal warzone game in slippery snowy hilly terrain.Army war truck driver is real life based 3D simulation game where you perform duty of trained army soldier. You have to show many abilities to complete battlefields missions. You have to rescue your country men behind enemy lines and transport them safe on your army base. You also have to accomplish some assault missions where you will attack on enemy posts with your army war truck. Best battle game for military truck experience, driving off-road 4x4 army truck with mounted gun on the top. Next gen military truck simulator full of challenge and thrill. Get into guerilla war against terrorist militia losing this war is not an option commando. Rescue injured survivors from drone air strike or the enemy army ambush; your super driver skills may reduce war casualties. Help your fellow soldiers left behind enemy lines kill all enemy soldiers with your truck mounted machine gun. Perform your job as war transporter army driver who is trained for marine sniper and commando action. Drive 4x4 off road infantry truck on frozen slippery snow roads with enemy chasing your cargo convoy. Superb war trucker experience with military vehicles, feel the thrill and action with your military war cargo truck. Enter enemy territory in this adrenaline rush game destroy enemy locomotive, warhead missile before they attack your army base.No more truck parking or cargo transporter simulator games. You will love playing action pack driver & shooting game “Army War Truck Driver Sim 3D” in your android tablets and mobiles. Destroy enemy troops with Gatling gun firepower in the warzone.Stunning Features:☀ 3 army truck equipped with submachine guns to eliminate targets☀ 15 Breath taking challenging war driver missions testing your car drive skills☀ Choose your best battle truck sim with various engine and weapons firepower☀ Amazing 3d truck driver sim experience with smooth controls and real physics☀ Superb Snowy Mountain with amazing snowfall animation☀ Realistic simulation with very engaging background music to enhance your gameplay
  • Drifting Trucks : Rally Racing Мод APK 1.4 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Drifting Trucks : Rally Racing Мод APK 1.4 [Unlimited money]


    Download this Drifting Trucks: Rally Racing for FREE now! This arabic drifting trucks is an addictive epic full of drift missions. If you love stunt mania game this is perfect for you. Enjoy the ultimate action packed where you are given the chance to prove your strategy of drifting being a hajwala drift. Being the part of rally racing games what you have to do is that you need pay most attention to your skills. Try to score excessively and gain lives so you do not have to start all over again in case you fail in your level of truck crash games. The main objective which is assigned to you in this car races games is to drift your car and have to get maximum points by making drifts on the curvy roads. There will be 5 vehicles in this drifting truck games.

    Take the challenge & complete all levels to complete this cargo truck sim.Join this car races games and get the motor to go. Drift, drag and crash the way, smash your way to collect the boosters in this project drifting. This drift racing simulation is on for your mobile devices, and yet easy to control and fun to play. The gameplay of rally racing games is very addictive. The main objective of truck madness is to take the charge of car and drift as much as you can. In this truck crash games you have to drift the cars and you will enjoy the experience of realistic truck driving. There will be 5 vehicles with its features in cargo truck sim. Initially you will be rewarded by 1500 coins. You can purchase your 1st car from given coins free in this arabic drifting trucks. There will be 4 environments in this monster truck simulator. Each has different time zones which will give beauty to your aesthetic sense. You can unlock these environments in this monster truck simulator by drifting points. These environments charge differently in terms of points.

    Drifting Trucks: Rally Racing Features:
    ★High quality 3D graphics and Drift control
    ★Different environments of stunt mania game
    ★Completely to drift in truck madness
    ★Get ready for fun if you want hajwala drift
    ★High quality sound effects for great driving feeling.
    ★ Many hours of free fun of monster truck simulator

    What you are waiting for?
    Download truck crash games and enjoy the FREE thrill of truck madness. It is more interesting and more colorful which has a low poly game for you. Easy game operation will enable you to calmly face the challenges and complete levels of project drifting. Everything will show you a perfect mega gamer in this monster truck simulator.
    Download this hajwalah racing 2017 created by Sablo Games and spend fun worth time while playing it.

    About the Sablo Games:
    Sablo games publish free to play games for all platforms. Our goal is to produce quality version games so that everyone can enjoy. We are constantly working hard on making the game better and more entertaining for you. We need your constant support in terms of feedback to get going!

    Drifting Trucks: Rally Racing is a unique game you should download if you are ready to enjoy a trip! Climb in the car and start racing and enjoying.

    Do not forget to rate and give feedback for our drift truck games. 
  • The Angry Wolf Simulator : Werewolf Games Мод APK 1.6 3.7

    The Angry Wolf Simulator : Werewolf Games Мод APK 1.6


    "The Angry Wolf Simulator: Werewolf Games" where you will join the team of "Angry Wolf" which is fighting for surviving. Experience the thrill of Angry Wolf and rule over the city, in this "The Angry Wolf Simulator: Werewolf Games". Have you ever imagined being wild Wolf? Now you can play as real wild Wolf and become the most powerful animal in the wilderness. In this game, you are an Angry Wolf trying to destroy the big city! Live life as real WereWolf and survive in the wilderness as long as you can with simulating Angry Wolf.

    The most realistic and angry "WereWolf Simulator Game" available on Google Play. Rampage through the city is an Angry Wolf Simulator. Angry Wolf Games is a werewolf simulator game that you could never be imaging before. In this angry werewolf, simulator control your wild angry werewolf and attack the citizens and dominate the city. Search and destroy target around in the city - you just need to destroy targets to complete the level and unlock various Angry Werewolves. Werewolf always needs to fight for surviving and smash city to complete the level.

    Attack fast because there is a time limit to rule city in each level in this wolf simulator games. Run and jump on the targets to destroy them immediately in this Angry Werewolf Rampage simulator. The super fun animal simulation that we hope you find entertaining with "Wolf Games". Wolves are very fast and strong animals. Download Angry Werewolf Simulator and rule over the city.

    Angry Wolf Simulator Features:-
    15 levels in Angry Wolf Simulator.
    Destroy city targets and rule over the city.
    Realistic Angry Wolf Simulator with fantasy 3d crazy city.
    Multiple Werewolves to choose.
    Realistic Angry Wolf sound.
    Stunning 3D graphics and city environment.

    Prove your skills as "The Angry Wolf Simulator"! Download Angry Wolf Simulator now!
    Finally available on Google Play for FREE!
    Your valuable feedback would be appreciated gladly
  • 女主人「冒険者ってちょろいわね」 酒場経営シュミレーション Мод APK 1.0.1 3.9

    女主人「冒険者ってちょろいわね」 酒場経営シュミレーション Мод APK 1.0.1


    Mistress' Make sure to go "♪
    Adventurer "I'll do my best! Wait!"
    Mistress "... Adventurers are easy to work if they give a little ♪ It's fun ♪"

    There was a bar in the village run by "beautiful lady master" ...
    At that tavern you not only offer alcohol in the usual way,
    There was a style of "introducing adventurers to braves."

    Adventurer "I'm home! ... This souvenir!"
    Mistress "Wow! Can I get such nice stuff? (Well it will be around 1000 G ...)"
    Adventurers "Of course I am going to work hard tomorrow!"
    Mistress "I'm counting on you ♪ (I wonder if you will bring me back the treasure box for tomorrow ...)"
    In case
    A pleasant bar opens today as well -------

    Business development simulation that can be enjoyed for free and abandoned!
    Because you do not have to do extraneous operation, anyone can easily play!

    Why do not you take in the relationship between the hostess and the adventurer?

    ● ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Operating method ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ●
    ~ Royal road RPG bar service management city simulation ~

    · Store management (advance by auto!)
    · Store extension
    · Level up of adventurers to lend
    · Secret conversation with adventurers

    Business simulation of RPG's bar! There are elements of breeding and neglect!
    I also like cartoons (comics) and movies, but sometimes I do enjoy relaxing as well?
  • Blocky Copter Мод APK 1 4.0

    Blocky Copter Мод APK 1


    Become a helicopter pilot and engage in combat missions across the world. Blocky commando, in a gunship helicopter is on a deadly mission on the battlefront to defend the city.
    Brings misery on the evil block Commandos. Be the Trained Fighter Pilot and use your aerial combat skills from chopper.
    Fire from a helicopter in this legendary Collision of the enemies. This is modern war and this is your battle alone, annihilate the block terrorists on the battlefront from the helicopter, drown them and bring glory to your force.
    Enjoy controls optimized for 3D flight.
    Battlefield High Tactical Weapons!
    Awesome Graphics and Images!
    Addictive Game play!
  • 京刀のナユタ Мод APK 1.6.0 3.8

    京刀のナユタ Мод APK 1.6.0


    A tower defense game where young "Swordsmen" run around Kyoto on the stage of modern Kyoto !!

    Kyoto and the battle to protect the history.
    Experience the new evolution of the PONOS style Tower Defense, leveraging the know-how of the hugely popular "Nyanko Great War" all over the world!

    We are releasing the final chapter and the story after the final chapter.
    You can play until the end of the story !!
    Please take a look at the end of the impression.

    ▼ Outline
    The stage of the story is modern-day Kyoto.
    A long time ago in the thousands of years, a huge flock of demons that have overwhelmed the world, “Nayutaki Night Out”.
    The "Nayuta Oni Night," sealed by Akira Ono, Haruaki Abe, is about to revive today.
    In order to hold back the revival of the "Nayuta demon night trip", those who fight against the sorcerers "Swordsman" begin to gather from all over Japan to Kyoto.

    A young man who can be admired by Shinshin-Gumi, Endo Tsutomi, forms a Shinsaidan, a group of swordsmen who confront young spirits and demons who share similar aspirations.
    This story is a record of the battle of such a truth group. A story to keep history, not to remain in history.

    ▼ Easy, but deep battle
    Battle operation is an easy battle of tap only! But if you put it in, you will see a deep strategic side,
    As you grow up and grow stronger, you can also challenge the battle with full of teeth!

    ▼ Organize favorite characters freely
    Depending on the station, all rarity characters can be active!
    Let's grow your favorite character by making full use of reinforcement and training !!
    When lost, it is OK with a recommended organization button one shot!

    ▼ If you get tired in battle, take a break in the cafe
    When tired, take a break at the cafe run by Abe Haruaki.
    Move the idols working in the cafe to Kyoto and collect items and EXPs!

    ▼ Kyoto various places appear in the game!
    With the cooperation of the Kyoto Prefecture Manufacturing Promotion Division, theaters from various places in Kyoto appear one after another!
    ・ Inari's main shrine "Fushimi Inari Taisha"
    ・ World heritage "byodo-in"
    ・ Akuchi Mitsuhide's residence "Fukuchiyama Castle"
    Including famous spots in Kyoto, etc., the story progresses on the stage of the towns of various places in Kyoto!

    ▼ Contemporary Japanese style characters
    Character rich characters who live in modern Kyoto color the story!
    [Cast voice actor]
    Satoshi Shinozaki / Katsuyuki Konishi / Tetsuya Sugahara / Tsubasa Naganaga / Daisuke Namikawa / Nobuhiko Okamoto / Yuka Iguchi / Natsuki Hanae / Aya Aya Uchida / Ayako Noto / Sayaka Ohara / Ayane Sakura / Shinya Ize / Rina Hidaka / Other )

    ▼ Recommend to such people
    ・ If you are interested in Kyoto, you want to go
    ・ If you like the cat war or tower defense game
    ・ If you like swords and Japanese history
    ・ If you like voice actor
    ・ If you would like to play a game with elements

    Anyone who wants to enjoy the story, who wants to play games, can enjoy it for everyone, young and old !!
    Let's go on a journey to protect Kyoto, with a smartphone in its hands!

    Presented by PONS
  • LOL Champion Manager - Strategy for League Мод APK 1.04.000 [Unlimited money][Infinite] 3.5

    LOL Champion Manager - Strategy for League Мод APK 1.04.000 [Unlimited money][Infinite]


    Hello, summoner.No more boring champion guides. Improve your summoners rift performance and increase your score in lolking, lol nexus and op.gg. The app for LOL players.Improve your LOL knowledge---------------------------------------Investigate new strategies to create the best team comp. Team fights, combos, counterpicks, synergies… Show your skills and knowledge to the entire LOL community.Simulate a game in 2 minutes---------------------------------------Check if your strategy and team comp is as powerful as you thought. Learn from your mistakes and face the next game with a huge advantage in the strategy.Based on real statistics---------------------------------------Our OP point system classifies and orders all LOL champions based on their real statistics. We keep these statistics updated after each patch. Search for the most OP champions for each patch: toplaner, jungler, midlaner, AD carry and support. Learn how to create the best team comp and carry your team.GG WP!---------------------------------------------------Lol Champion Manager is an APP made by fans and it's based on public real statistics from the game, the main goal is to become a LoL expert learning about team comps, picks&bans, counterpicks and more. We have gamified each feature in this APP to make a more immersive learning experience so you can learn LoL strategy in a natural and funny approach. ----------------------LOL Champion Manager is a product made by a group of fans (Underdog Coders) and as so it is not an official product or endorsed by any other Third Party and doesn't reflect the views or opinions of any Third Party.PLEASE NOTE! LOL Champion Manager is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download.To play this game you need internet connection. By using this application, you accept the 'Privacy Policy' and the 'Legal Notice'. It contains advertisements of 'Underdog Coders' and their partners. It also collects data through analysis technology and delivers third party advertisements including network and GPS locations. The app contains direct links to social networks for those above the age of 13 and also direct links to the internet.HELP:http://www.lolchampionmanager.com/LEGAL NOTICE and PRIVACY POLICY http://www.lolchampionmanager.com/termsSUGGESTIONShttp://feedback.lolchampionmanager.com
  • City Car Stunts 2016 Мод APK 1.4 3.9

    City Car Stunts 2016 Мод APK 1.4


    Are you ready for the next generation of Car Stunts? Fasten your seat belt and rev the engine: 3D environments present the most challenging stunts!

    This game is a sequel to your previous favorite game Car Stunts 3D, now with new and captivating cars, tricks, and smooth controls! Use nitrous to take huge leaps; ricochet through treacherous loops! You will race through blazing fires, broken bridges, curving pipes, ridiculous ascends, dangerous tunnels and more. Remember, this game requires driving finesse and steel nerves to maneuver the car at blazing speeds! A fun action packed adventure lies ahead. Do not forget to upgrade your ride to help get through the difficult levels.

    City Car Stunts 2016 Features:
    •Variety Of Amazing Sport And Stunt Cars
    •Amazingly Beautiful 3D Environments
    •Extremely Precise Driving Simulation
    •Responsive and Intuitive Driving Experience
    •Smooth Controls
    •Engine, Brake and Boost Updates
    •Guaranteed Fun Through Carefully Designed Levels
    •Cool visual and sound effects

    Let's see if you can master Car Stunts all over again...this time with a hook!

    About Tapinator
    Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishes mobile games on mobile platforms. The Company's portfolio includes over 300 mobile gaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 400 million downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info, visit Tapinator.com.
  • iHorse Racing ENG Мод APK 2.22 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    iHorse Racing ENG Мод APK 2.22 [Unlimited money]


    Try our latest free horse racing games iHorse Racing 2: Horse Racing Manager and Trainer; and iHorse GO: Horse Racing LIVE eSports

    iHorse Racing Series Facebook Group : http://www.facebook.com/iHorseRacingENG

    One of the most popular horse racing game in the world, you will play the role as a horse trainer, and face the challenge to compete with others in various online tournaments.

    iHorse Racing 1 - FREE Diamond & Credits given daily
    Free gifts time at GMT 9:00pm (HKT 5:00am, PST 1:00pm)
    - Diamond - 3 diamonds (if your account has less than 11 diamonds)
    - Credits - 100 Credits (if your account has less than 100 Credits)

    This is the most comprehensive horse racing game in the world, you will find all the basic elements about horse racing in this game.

    01. Horse Auction - Pick your best horses from around the world.

    02. Stable Management - Your secretary and trainer will help you to manage & train horses.

    03. Horse Training - Many feeds & training program, to build up your horses' condition & attributes.

    04. Horse gears - Many gears available to help improving racing performance.

    05. Race Entries - Over 60 different Group 1, 2, 3 & International Group 1 races to compete.

    06. Player-controlled Riding System - Ride and control your own horse from the jockey's perspective.

    07. CPU-Jockey Hiring System - You may also hire world-class CPU-jockeys to ride for you.

    08. Rating System - Racing results will affect your horses' ratings and you can only enroll your horses in their rating tier.

    09. World Jockeys Ranking - Rank the results of players who ride player-controlled horse.

    10. World Trainers Ranking - Rank the results of players who hire CPU-Jockey.

    11. Facebook Friends Ranking - Rank the results of all your Facebook friends.

    iHorse Racing Series Facebook Group : http://www.facebook.com/iHorseRacingENG
    Contact email: [email protected]
  • Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money][Unlocked] 3.6

    Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money][Unlocked]


    Do you like trains and railway? Take up your driving skill to a new level playing this unusual subway simulator in 3D! Explore underground of strange cubical world – cute and odd place, full of the different abnormal feat like a flows of lava or mushroom groves! Transport passengers waiting for you on the station, deliver cattle and start your own underground adventure! Maneuver through tunnels with dangerous stretches as a real train driver, avoid accidents with cube goats or pigs and enjoy Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D game!

    Dive into the atmosphere of a funny cubic subway (crowded with funny cubical passengers, of course!) working as a machinist in World of Cubes! Try Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D and start your career as a subway driver! Passengers are usually in hurry carrying their heavy cargo, but they are not the only ones who should be delivered! This time your duties include transporting of pixel cattle – pigs, goats and so on! Special platform is a part of your train, so you can easily take animals on board!

    Earn points transporting cubic passengers and pixel animals, buy new transporting platforms, wagons or even train itself! Improve your train with cubical engineer's innovations– more space for cargo, comfortable seats for passengers, powerful engines and ever more!

    Explore subway tunnels, stop at each metro station to pick up and transport passengers! And don't forget to open train doors to let passengers in! Be careful – cubical animal can sleep on rails, so you should scare them with loud signal to avoid accidents! Use all your driving skills to become the best machinist in the World of Cubes!
    Practice in driving with Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D – amazing train simulator for those who loves metro and railway games!

    Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D features:
    Unusual subway train simulator in 3D – be a cubical driver in a cubical world
    Abnormal underground tunnels and lines – from fairy forest to grim medieval dungeon
    Detailed cabin for a machinist – and, of course, it's wholly made of cubes too
    Wide range of train upgrades – try to unlock and check all of it
    Imprudent but funny cubical animals – transport it on special platform and try not smash it at wilderness
    Smooth and easy controls

    Do you like driving simulators, railway and metro games? Download Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D right now! Be a cubical train driver in a cubical world, transport passengers and cattle and have fun!

    Like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/World-of-Cubes-1730280653851841/

  • Raft Survival Мод APK 1.0.3 [Infinite] 4.0

    Raft Survival Мод APK 1.0.3 [Infinite]


    In this game you are in the ocean, only are a sign of dryness around you can. To save the life of their effort. Be careful کوسههای angry and hungry. The sources of the water collected and get your boat equipped. food and drink find to stay alive. Features: - New experience for the rescue - A real boat in the ocean - Build and survive - Beautiful graphics
  • Clicker of the Dead - Zombie Idle Game Мод APK 1.0.20 [Unlimited money] 3.7

    Clicker of the Dead - Zombie Idle Game Мод APK 1.0.20 [Unlimited money]


    The zombies have taken over the world! Recruit survivors to help you rebuild the city in this idle clicker game.

    No one knows how it started, but you witnessed how the zombies took over the world - and survived! Now, with the cities are all in ruins, it's up to you to save what's left of humanity! Tap your way through the city of the undead and reclaim civilization in one of the best idle games of all time!

    Tap to scavenge for food. You can recruit survivors and level them up by feeding them food. Survivors generate food and materials even when you're idle or offline. Materials can be used to construct buildings. Use strategy to figure out which buildings your survivors need. Upgrade the buildings in your camp and rebuild your city.

    Once you are strong enough, you can send your survivors to missions. You can find various tech plans, tools, weapons, and trinkets that will help you grow your survivors even stronger! Keep an eye out for evolved zombie bosses. They are much harder to defeat, but rewards you with legendary loot.

    Tech plans are like blueprints for a technology. Spend your tech plans to improve your survivors with incremental upgrades. Specialize in different survivor classes including: Camp Leaders, Harvesters, Builders, Guardians and Scavengers.

    Some survivors are special. You can recruit them using Hero Tokens. Assign a team of heroic survivors to increase your attack power so you can take on harder missions.

    Once your camp is big enough, you can start a new colony and collect Chemical X. Use Chemical X to purchase fantastic inventions that give large bonuses to your entire camp. Build your own city!

    In this idle game, you can participate in weekly PVP tournaments. Invade other player's camp, and earn rewards as you climb up the ladder.

    Clicker game features include:

    * Tap on screen to generate food.
    * Recruit survivors using radio calls.
    * Level up your survivors with food.
    * Survivors generate food and materials even when you're offline.
    * Construct new buildings with materials, and customize your city building.
    * Use class XP to research incremental game upgrades.
    * Spend gas to go on missions to earn tools & items.
    * Recruit heroes and form a strike force team.
    * Invade other players in PVP tournaments.

    Tap your way to survival and rebuild human civilization! Experience the tribulations of the post-apocalypse in one of the best idle clickers of all time! Summon hundreds of survivors, collect hundreds of equipment, and grow your camp in this zombie-themed idle / clicker / incremental game.
  • City Growing-Time in the City ( Idle game ) Мод APK 0.33 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    City Growing-Time in the City ( Idle game ) Мод APK 0.33 [Unlimited money]


    Time in the City (Idle game)

    TimeintheCity is a new idle city simulator game!
    Enjoy the game while being the hero of your own city!
    Build a grand city metropolis in an instant, touch to get rich!
    The easy and fun idle city simulator game!"

    On a single touch! Watch your city simulator grow into a towering metropolis!
    Fun and relaxing idle city simulator game!
    Hire secretaries with unique skills to immediately get rich!

    Manage your own city on a single touch or watch and play in idle!
    Build bridges! Build facilities and expand your city towards a new horizon!
    Build up revenue from all types of transportation vehicles!
    Build your own bustling city metropollis
    Manage multiple cities to become a metropolis!

    Increase the city revenue with fun Festival and PR!
    Use boost and continuous funding to upgrade your cities!
    Invest in amenities to expand your cities!
    Collect all kinds of transportation for your city! Get buses, trains and planes to get rich!
    Complete city tasks and collect dozen of rewards
    Collect EXP and Level-up to unlock new buildings and facilities
    Idle control perfect for easy game play!
  • Haywire Hospital Мод APK 2.4.1 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Haywire Hospital Мод APK 2.4.1 [Unlimited money]


    From the makers of Naughty Kitties

    Welcome to Mewrth's Haywire Hospital (= ̄ω ̄=) !
    Are you a fan of putting in none of the effort but reaping all of the rewards? How about being surrounded by a horde of whacky patients and feeling that perhaps you have finally found a home for yourself? All this, and more, can be yours as Chief Administrator of Haywire Hospital!

    As Chief Administrator of Haywire Hospital, you'll need to hire the galaxy's best doctors to cure the galaxy's wildest illnesses! On top of that, you'll be rolling in coins, butter and sardines. How marvelous!

    In addition, we'll help you find the love of your dreams and achieve your life's greatest goals!
    (Just kidding)

    You'll be charged with:
    - Discovering and treating new patients such as Selfie Sally, Pack Animal, and Buck-and-Wing
    - Gathering the Archives, a collection of hidden fragments of stories from a bygone era
    - Expanding your hospital and crushing Hospital Royale and other infuriating rivals across the galaxy
    - Flirting with the hospital staff

    Contact us:
    If you run into any issues or want to share your feedback while playing the game, please contact us through the following methods:
    Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/CoconutIslandStudio
    Twitter:@Coconut_Island http://twitter.com/coconut_island
  • Retro Fish Chef Мод APK 1.066 3.7

    Retro Fish Chef Мод APK 1.066


    Build your own fish restaurant and cook a variety fish for customers. You can manage your restaurant by doing yourself or hiring a super talented staffs. Also, you should be careful of air pollution while managing the restaurant. Because air pollution can cause high fines.

    * Cute little retro style game.
    * You can earn high income directly through like as timing game.
    * You can hire more than 100 different employees to run the shop automatically.
    * Develop more than 10 new recipes of mackerel grilled to make a higher profit.
    * If you change the skin of the store, you can operate the store more effectively.
    * Get skills to help your game through Quests and Labs.

    [email protected]

  • Castaway Home: Lost Island APK Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Castaway Home: Lost Island APK Мод APK 1.0.3 [Unlimited money]


    You are a castaway in a lost island, and you need to build up your base. Every second counts, your energy is limited and you need to use it wisely. Exploring the island you may find resources, which can be sold to get key items you need to progress in the game and build up your castaway home! When playing the game, the most interesting item that you can find in the island is the chest and its abundant content, it always offers a satisfying reward at the end of a long adventure.FEATURES● Hunt exotic butterflies● Catch tropical fishes● Chop down trees● Get random pirate chests● Get blueprints and build furnitures with them!● Decorate and build your castaway house● Complete daily quests for amazing rewards!● More than a 100 unique items to collect in the lost island● Magical barrel/ item dropping trees (Yes, that's right)● Enjoy an awesome and unique tropical paradise sim (simulation)DOWNLOAD NOW to experience Castaway Home and its tropical paradise like islandAll suggestions to improve the game are welcomed.
  • Munchie Farm Мод APK 1.1 3.5

    Munchie Farm Мод APK 1.1


    Munchie Farm is a fun and addicting game where you build your dream farm!

    Grow crops of candies, harvest them from your building, and sell snacks on the open market. Trade with friends and strangers, build and improve facilities, and give life to your town by adding workers and decorations! Win special prizes, unlock special ‘snack plants' and complete achievements to create your junk food paradise!

    Start by growing your favourite snacks, managing a farm and increasing your output by hiring workers and upgrading businesses. Unlock new snacks like chips, cookies, candies and more! Keep growing by planting munchie seeds and expand your grow op with more pots, better lights and stronger watering systems!

    •Plant, water, grow and harvest delicious goodies
    •Deliver snacks to your hungry, sweet tooth customers
    •Hire cookie-loving workers to speed up your bizarre food productions
    •Unlock new land, upgrade contraptions and create a junk food paradise!


    Please note that Munchie Farm is free to download and play, but some game items are available for purchase using real money. A network connection is also required.

    Hey man, got a problem? Suggestions? Want to tell us about your favorite food? Drop us a line! We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at [email protected] or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/munchiefarm.


  • Ghost GO: Ghost Detector Game Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Ghost GO: Ghost Detector Game Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    They can see you. Ghosts and spirits, wayward souls, could you believe they are living in our world? Only a special Ghost radar mode with paranormal activity vr detector for searching creepy ghosts and hunting spirits will help you to see them. Ghost and spirit finder with camera is a necessary attribute of a real Demon hunter.

    Use the ghost tracker and spirit finder with camera to catch ghosts and spirits. Open the curtain to the other world, become a demon hunter or a ghost hunter, using one of the greatest paranormal apps - Ghost GO: Ghost Detector Game. Scary games begun, now you can find and see all the spirits and become a real ghost catcher! If your are a fan of ghost scary stories, abandoned mysterious places and creepy spirits, this ghost communicator app will bring you a lot of emotions. Will it be scary though? Duh, it will be.

    Choose a mode of your Ghost paranormal radar and scanner:
    ○ ANIMAL hunter
    ○ DEMON hunter
    ○ GHOSTS and creepy SPIRITS hunter

    Try the paranormal activity vr detector, but don't be too scared. With the help of this ghost communicator and tracker you can become the part of their world as they are the part of yours. Remember, you a the real ghost finder, so you must be brave and willing for an adventure. So use your camera and the ghost scanner, find your way through darkness and be ready to become an observer of paranormal activity and hunt the ghosts.

    Ghost GO: Ghost Detector Game offers you:
    ○ Catch ghosts and spirits COUNTER – start your ghost hunting adventure!
    ○ Mysterious GHOST COMMUNICATOR to see various ghosts and spirits and hunt them all
    ○ Perfect SCARY PRANKS app – frighten your friends with spirit monsters!
    ○ DIFFERENT types of creepy CREATURES – discover who was trapped in our world with this tracker

    Everyone has heard scary stories about ghosts and different creepy spirits. Now, with this ghost scanner & spirit radar you can find them by yourself and have your own ghost hunting adventure. This is app gives you a chance to feel what it's like to be an observer of paranormal activity, find some real ghosts and hunt them like a spirits' catcher.

    The new ghost radar is more than a usual ghost detector: you can scan spirit monsters, shoot ghosts and spirits on your way. Tap the ghost detector to look around and search for creatures. Have fun with an exciting twist of paranormal apps, scary pranks and scary games in your device - Ghost GO: Ghost Detector Game!
  • Cute Pet Puppies Мод APK 1.0.4 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Cute Pet Puppies Мод APK 1.0.4 [Unlimited money]


    Running has never been this fun! Meet the cutest, cuddliest, and most loyal pet of all time: puppies! You'll never get tired running around the neighborhood when you know that your lovable pets are there by your side. Customize the appearance of your own virtual Pomeranian pup! Dress him up in costumes and accessories. Unlock other dog breeds as you run across roadblocks, obstructions, and some seriously bad road conditions. Remember, this isn't just a walk in the park...get ready for some adorable puppy action!

    How to play:
    Tilt your device to control your pup.
    Swipe the screen to jump or slide under obstacles.
    Swipe left or right around corners to turn.
    Timing is very important, so stay alert to avoid any road accidents!
    Collect as many coins as you can - you'll need them to unlock cute costumes for your little buddy and other dog breeds!

    - 4 different running locations: suburbs, city, forest, “doggy land”
    - 4 other cute puppies to unlock and play with!
    - 10 cute and unique puppy costumes
    - Lots of different power-ups to unlock and upgrade as you play
    - Utility items for purchase that aid puppies in their extra-energetic sprint!
    - Bonus item lottery for daily players
    - Bonus rewards for unlocked missions

    ** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **
  • Army Shooter: President Rescue Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Army Shooter: President Rescue Мод APK 1.0 [Unlimited money]


    City is under attack and terrorist have taken hold of all the ways in. President is in the hostile situation and prisoner inside the president house. Special force commander smash your way in and sweep off all terrorists from the city. Destroy their weapons, bunkers and shoot down their snipers and rescue the president. In this special army operation everything is on stake, terrorist have the upper hand. They are equipped with fully automatic and assault rifles which are deadly. They also have build strong check post and have assigned many soldiers to each way point. These soldiers are specially trained and elite killers. Break in the city with your shooters team and show ultimate shooting skills to kill all these enemy of your country. Shoot with precision and save bullets to kill more.

    Clear the High Way

    Special force soldier take out your sniper rifles and ride on the army's vehicle roof top and shoot the terrorist on the highway to clear your way in the city. Aim at target and shoot with precision to prove yourself the best super sniper.

    Destroy Terrorist Bunker

    Take your position on a building and take each shot to kill. Demolish the terrorists check post to clear your path. Use ultimate military shooter skills to take the situation in under control.

    Destroy 2nd Check Post

    There's another rebels post which is highly guarded with heavy gunners. Strike with professional commando team and take them down.

    Roof Top Sniping
    Extreme sniper take your position on a building's roof top and aim at terrorist base in the city and shoot with fury and kill them all to complete your mission's duty.

    Clear President's House Roof Top

    Beware snipers ahead! They are very professional and kill with the blink of eye. Super soldier hide and shoot the sniper and kill them. This will help counter terrorist team to move forward quickly.

    Garden Assault

    Frontline soldier do some extreme shooting and attack the terrorist in the garden in front of president house. Clear the garden and alert the SWAT team to break-in the president house.

    Rescue the President

    Shoot at will and kill whatever stops you! Break in the president house perform best war action and shoot with precision and secure the president.

    This shooting simulator game is extreme war and adventure game. Now download this gun warfare game and have fun!
  • Alien Space Shooter 3D Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Alien Space Shooter 3D Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money]


    An Epic Space Aliens Coalition becomes the last hope of survival of the Galaxy as the highly specialized The Space enemies are planning an attack on the Earth and are equipped with futuristic war machinery. Aliens want to rule the Galaxy and are all ready for destruction and chaos. In this epic space combat, you are the only hope and now you have been assigned this mission to hunt down the lethal Aliens and destroy the legendary space stations and be the real hero.

    · Experience the unlimited thrill of encountering the Aliens
    · Classic 3D action control
    · Realistic 3D graphics
    · Dynamic effects
  • Wonder Plane Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Wonder Plane Мод APK 1.2 [Unlimited money]


    Wonder Plane lets you explore a world of dazzling adventures and exciting rewards!
    Perform loopy stunts in your plane and collect shiny dazzling stars! Embark on a fun filled journey in your plane full of challenging obstacles!

    Complete heroic challenges and unlock achievements along the way!
    Complete courses and avoid the dangerous bombs to reach your destination. Earn stars to choose from 5 cute planes!

    Over 20 addictive levels with intuitive controls to keep you hooked on Wonder Plane for hours.
    Wonder Plane features massive highly detailed planes with ultra realistic physics. Take your seat in the cockpit and conquer the sky now!

    Fly your plane to be the best pilot on Wonder Plane today!

    If you face any problems while installation or while playing please report to us. We will resolve it at the earliest.
  • Pocket Tower Мод APK 1.5.18 [Unlimited money] 3.5

    Pocket Tower Мод APK 1.5.18 [Unlimited money]


    Trump isn't the only one who can build a tower! Construct your skyscraper and build your business empire from a Tiny Tower to the Tallest Building one tap at a time!

    Pocket Tower is an easy to play game that puts you in charge of building a skyscraper a floor at a time, look after business management and take it to the top of the charts while taking care of all your cute residents.

    It's snowing! Celebrate the holiday update with new VIP's, 20 more floors of addictive fun and daily gifts to unwrap. Let the Building Manager and Elevator Attendant take care of everything while you celebrate with your family and friends in your city and enjoy the holidays together!

    ★ Build up your skyscraper floor by floor with businesses, shops and services for your tower residents

    ★ Collect profits and make Bux, attract new residents to work in your skyscraper

    ★ Manage your tower residents and help them find their dream job! Remember a happy worker will improve your profits

    ★ Make friends and join together to create cities and rule the leaderboards

    ★ Complete Daily Quests and earn Bux tips from VIP visitors and tower residents

    Increase your skyscaper's potential with loads of upgrades:

    • Enhance your Tower Lift
    • Raise your Business potential (Quality, Service, Entertainment, Exclusive, Warranty)
    • Take advantage of Upgrades (Marketing, PR, Hall, Business)
    • Get your Technical Upgrades in gear (Truck, Collector & Lorry)

    Meet other Pocket Tower builders and share your friends code:


    OS Version: Android 4.03+
    Device: Dual-core processor, 512 MB Ram
    Optimized for: Samsung Galaxy S2, Note 1
    Wifi: Required

    Privacy Policy: http://creative-mobile.com/privacy-policy/
    Terms of Use: http://creative-mobile.com/terms-of-use/
  • Magnate Мод APK 1.01.048 [Free purchase][Free shopping] 3.8

    Magnate Мод APK 1.01.048 [Free purchase][Free shopping]


    Welcome Boss! Are you ready to make a ridiculous amount of money, no matter what it takes? Have you ever felt you are the smartest one around? This is your chance to prove it.

    Start working on the trenches doing some dirty jobs at first and you'll soon make a fortune. Reinvest your hard earned money in your own “clean” businesses, and ultimately become a real Magnate.

    You'll own casinos, resorts, islands... you name it. Hire helpful Con Artists to run your underworld operations and upgrade your businesses to max out your revenues. Just keep taping to make more money!

    With enough dough you'll get your own Godfather to back you up and boost your earnings. Then no one will get in your way to insane fame and fortune. You wanted success? Here it is. This is the most flagrant and outrageous idle management game out there.
  • Tap Craft - Clicker Мод APK 1.0.91 [Unlimited money] 3.6

    Tap Craft - Clicker Мод APK 1.0.91 [Unlimited money]


    By the consequenses you are now a smith who have to create the most powerfull armor and legendary weapon! Take a tempered blade to your hand, dress a shiny armor and do not allow the monsters to pass! Became a hero which all the world needs!
    • More 100 different items available to craft.
    • Develop your hero learning a new talents.
    • Overcome a great numbers of monsers with the mighty bosses.
    • Every click is a key to the victory so do not waste your time!
    Try a new clicker Tap Craft. How far you can get? How good are you in smithing and combat? Let's check!
  • Blocky City: Ultimate Police 2 Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money] 3.8

    Blocky City: Ultimate Police 2 Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money]


    The big 3D blocky city is always noisy and full of scary places and scary streets. In this perfect blocky police car simulator you are a real police officer who is part of the police officer squad from the big 3D blocky city. Perform some high speed racing in this craft car cop simulator. Watch out for the urban city cars in this car driving simulator. Police car games have never been this fun as with this amazing car driving simulator!

    The prisoners of the ultimate craft prison have broken out and it is your job as a real police officer who is part of the police officer squad to catch them! Hit the streets in this craft car cop simulator and hop in your craft cop car as a real police car driver. Perform high speed racing in the streets of this car driving simulator. This game is the best of all police car games!

    Main Features of Blocky City: Ultimate Police 2
    ✔ Become a member of the police officer squad in this blocky police car simulator!
    ✔ Outstanding police car driver levels!
    ✔ Put the wanted criminals back in the ultimate craft prison in this craft car cop simulator!
    ✔ Amazing police officer squad cars for some high speed racing!
    ✔ More car driving simulator games and police car games are coming soon!
  • ヴィーナススクランブル Мод APK 1.25.0 [Unlimited money] 4.0

    ヴィーナススクランブル Мод APK 1.25.0 [Unlimited money]


    Icha Love Harlem RPG in close contact with the sexy goddess Blueprint sends!

    A dream-like life with goddesses !?
    Icha Love Harlem RPG “Venus Scramble” (“Buiran” for short)
    Enjoy a harem life full of love with beautiful goddesses! Watch out for the gorgeous voice actors who play the goddesses!

    ◆ “Live2D” moves cute & sexy goddesses with expressive expressions!
    Talk to the goddess, touch it, and enjoy communication! In the conversation event, the parameters of the goddess change depending on the choices. Dye the goddess in your color!

    ◆ Like a paradise! Enjoy a bit of romantic love at “Vena Palace”!
    In "Vena Palace," a sexy "Palace Goddess" is waiting for you.
    Deepening the commuting relationship is waiting for thrilling development ... maybe !?

    ◆ Lovely goddesses dance! Enjoy a flashy holy war with easy operation!
    Challenge the goddess raised and the flashy holy war!
    It's easy even for beginners. Various ways of fighting are possible with auto play!
    Enjoy a powerful holy war with your beloved goddesses!

    * Compatible OS version: 4.2 or later (excluding some models)
    * Some models may not work with the recommended version or higher.
    * The OS released as a beta version is not supported.
    * Even if you are using a compatible OS or model, the app may not work properly due to your usage status or model-specific factors.

    Ⓒ2019 BLUE PRINT Inc.
  • 中華少女と秘密のレシピ(美少女✕料理ゲーム) Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money] 3.9

    中華少女と秘密のレシピ(美少女✕料理ゲーム) Мод APK 1.1 [Unlimited money]




  • 重生!蛮荒行星 Мод APK 1.3.6 3.5

    重生!蛮荒行星 Мод APK 1.3.6


    ◇◆Super fascination! ! The simulation game that the player is full of praise ◆◇
    Become a novice god, to rebuild a dry planet like a desert planet!
    It is a "placement type" planet rebirth simulation game of the simple & content component.

    The goddess of the gods, one accidentally made the green planet into the desert!
    As a novice god, you are appointed to rejoin the planet with the goddess of the goddess "Little La Mi"!

    【How to play】
    ■ Let's green into the land of the desert!
    ・If you touch the land that has become a desert, you can use the power of the gods to green the earth.
    ・If you continue to green the vast territory, you will find a village or street that has become ruined!

    ■ Reborn towns increase population and get specialties!
    ・If you regenerate into a ruined town street, there will be a planet resident living in it, and the population will gradually increase bit by bit.
    ・Thanks to your residents, they will be sent to you in the town on a regular basis.
    ・If you help the troubled town residents, it will raise the level of the town and change its appearance!
    ・Maybe there may be newer and more special products...?

    ■ To strengthen the power of the gods!
    ・Transfer the products we received to the residents who are troubled somewhere!
    ・If you help people, you will be able to gather a grateful heart, and then your "God of Heaven" will be promoted!
    ・Get new abilities by upgrading your level, then reproduce the planet more efficiently!

    ■ There are many levels in the territory
    ・Disrupt the reborn rock or magma, it must be destroyed by the power of the gods!
    ・Save the trapped animals and get a little warmth.
    ・If you hold a festival in an incredible temple, your popularity will increase in one breath!
    ・Mysterious relics scattered on the planet. If you are born again, the new ability will be...?
  • I am Death Мод APK 1.2.2 3.8

    I am Death Мод APK 1.2.2


    Женщина показала мне грустное лицо.

    Она посмотрела на меня и
    держал меня крепко.
    Она была теплой и мягкой.
    С тех пор,
    она стала моей мамой.

    Это приложение является японской переведенной версией.

    ◆ ◇ Обзор ◇ ◆

    В снежный день,
    вдруг мальчик появляется перед комнатой женщины.

    С тех пор она решила поднять его, и он зовет свою мать.

    Она и этот маленький мальчик есть определенные способности.

    Женщина всегда окружена «душ».
    Тем не менее, маленький мальчик может говорить с «душ».

    Не только это,
    после «душа», которые говорили с маленьким мальчиком,
    сразу же привели к месту ..

    ◆ ◇ Это рекомендуется для тех, кто ◇ ◆

    · Любит мифы
    · Любит байки
    · Не хватает времени, но хочет играть в игры
    · Хочет сделать простые и легкие игры
    · Любит японские игры


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